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I love to share
Posted:Mar 15, 2018 12:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 8:20 pm

I walked into the bedroom. The party had already started. She walks up to me and give me a hug. Her bare breasts pressed against me. We kissed each other on both cheeks.We walked towards the bed. I could see various toys and lube spread out around the room. I pulled out my own toy and lube. Smirking, I set them down and undress.

I crawl on the bed towards him. She was already sucking and licking his big dick. I lifted your balls, running my tongue around them. I sucked them in, my mouth meeting hers as she held you deep in her throat. Playing with both our pussies, I hear you moaning and muttering. You pull my body on top of yours and start sucking my clit. I suck your dick into my mouth, going deep, as I'm riding your face.

Licking, sucking and biting , oh so deliciously, I cum as a vibrator is shoved into me. She is behind me fucking me as you eat my pussy. She works my spots as I buck and twist. I keep cumming, trying my best to keep you in my throat. My head bobbing up and down, hands squeezing and pulling on your balls. I go deeper, making my muscles throb around your dick. Soon I can't take anymore and move off your face. She takes my spot.

Her moans get louder as you devour her pussy. I maneuvered around so I could play with my pussy, watch and still have some dick in my mouth. She was playing with her titties as she ride your face. You pulled both of us off you. In a instant, you had me on my back and was inside of me. Legs pulled apart wide, as you pounded my pussy. Going so deep, it was all I could do, not to scream.

I lost track of everything, as you roughly provided what I've been needing. My body starts to shake as my pussy clamps down hard on your dick. Over and over I cum as I plead and beg for you not to stop. Shit! You stroke your dick in and out, each time hitting up against my cervix. I want to cry it's so good. I squirt all over his dick. My pussy squeezing your dick so tightly, it's a struggle to pull out.

Your dick still hard, glistening with my juices. She licks it clean and take you deep in her throat. She's giving you such sloppy good head. Your fingers stroke m pussy as she slurps you down. You pull away to get behind her. Hand on her neck, pushing her down. She's whimpering and moaning. It's so hot seeing you, fuck her. Watching her throw her ass back. Seeing how good you feel to her.

You feel how hot it gets me, as my pussy throb around your fingers. Seeing her cum on your dick, pushes me over the edge. You pull me to you. I watch as your dick disappear inside of her. You do a few slow strokes, then the next minute you have me bent over. You slide in deep. My mind is in a haze as you nail me hard from behind. She starts working a toy in my ass.

They double team me, taking both my ass and my pussy hard. I'm screaming incoherently as I cum harder than I've ever came in my life. I start seeing stars and fucking rainbows. My whole body clamped down. They kept going until I begged for them to stop. I was going through a thing. The aftershocks of my orgasm were strong. My body shaking and tears down my face.

When I came back, you were knee deep in her ass. The pleasure on her face was close to what I felt. Watching you fuck her ass, almost made me want to beg for it. Cause while the toy felt great in my ass, your dick is definitely way bigger. Soon she's cumming as you take her ass. You forced another out her, as she screams and pleads for you to fuck her ass harder. She throws her ass back harder on your dick. She really makes me want to try it. But no.

We hop in the shower and get cleaned up. You want me to stay longer, but I can't. We all agree that this definitely have to happen again. Walking out on shaky legs, I've got the biggest grin. You may just get me into anal.
Of course this would happen
Posted:Sep 16, 2017 12:31 am
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2017 6:03 pm

Tonight I had another round of mind blowing sex from the guy in the last two post. Even though I had to leave to pick up my little one, I left well satisfied. A hour after I get home and tuck my in bed I get a call.

Come to find out, he got a wife. Now I'm like come on, the least you could do was warn or prepare me. I hate a liar, absolutely, totally HATE a liar. It doesn't matter if you fuck good or give great head. It doesn't matter if you spend money on me or any of that materialistic shit. You lied to me. I can't get past that.

If we're just fucking, don't lie. Just tell the truth. The truth I can handle. I like making decisions with full knowledge of what I'm getting into. Now I have to interject that if it was a one night stand I wouldn't give two fucks. Fuck if I care that you're married. But choices was taken out my hands.

So when his wife unexpectedly called me tonight, I told her the truth. Yeah, I fucked your husband several times, we went out, he took me shopping and paid a bill. I gave up places, times and everything else just cause HE wasn't honest.

I don't like surprises. I don't like things to just pop up, unless it's some dick. Let a chick know you're up to shady shit.
So frustrating
Posted:Sep 6, 2017 12:59 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2019 5:34 pm

I watch you with your friends. Disappointed because I thought I would be getting a rough fucking. I wore a very short dress and high heel boots. Something that was easily accessible. I try to make small talk but I'm tense and achy. You keep standing over me. My eyes are drawn to one thing. I lick then bite my lip. My body language screaming that I just want to be fuck.

Smirking you lean close and slip your hand up my thigh. Your grin widens as you realize I don't have any panties on. Discretely you start rubbing my clit. I can't stop the moans that slip out. I push you away, then got up and headed to the kitchen. In hot pursuit, you grab me from behind and pushed me into the counter.

Biting and sucking on my neck, as your fingers thrust into my pussy. There's no resistance as you play my body like a fiddle. My pussy starts to clamp down and you pull away. Yanking me back from the edge just as I was about to cum. I whimpered in protest as you turned me to face you.

Catching my mouth with yours, you give me deep kisses that make my pussy gush. I take your dick out, stroking it gently as you play with my clit. You pull away from me again. Taking my hands, you put them behind me and tell me not to move. Your fingers goes back to my clit, rubbing harder and faster.

I'm in a frenzy. I just need to cum so badly. Right as I tense up, you stop again. I almost cry. I feel so empty and I need you to fill me up. You grab me by the hair and pull me back into the living room. Everyone stops talking.

You push me into a chair. Using my hair, you tilt my head back. Your hard dick brushes against my mouth. I don't care that people are watching. I take you in deep, till my nose rested against your pubic hair. Looking into your eyes, I swallow and take you in my throat. I slide up and down, twirling my tongue around.

You gripped my hair tightly and rammed into my mouth. Fucking my throat hard and deep. One hand pushes my thighs apart. The room could see how wet I was. Knuckle deep in my pussy, the only thing heard was my moans and the sounds coming from my pussy.

I'm so close. Soon my body is bucking against your hand. I'm cumming with your dick in my throat while people are watching. I don't give a fuck. Right now, I'm just your eager little slut willing to do whatever it took to feel your dick in me. You slide out my mouth and fix your clothes. You place a small kiss on top of my head. The room continues on like didn't shit happen.

Sigh. I have such a greedy little pussy. Cause you would think I would be satisfied. But no. I'm sitting there thinking," What, no dick?" So yeah, I pouted until we left. We parted ways with me telling him, he could have gave me some dick. I mean, he didn't even nut. So I felt like I should have, at the very least, gotten some dick. He just laughs and tells me, I can only get dick when he lets me. I could only laugh.
Beast mode
Posted:Sep 4, 2017 4:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2020 6:47 pm

Grabbing my hair, you pull me into a dark corner. Pushing me into the wall, fingers pulling up my dress. Urgent kisses. You bite my lip and consume my mouth. Your fingers roughly find my clit. You moan as you rub and stroke. My pussy gushes at the rough treatment of it.Lost in your kisses and your wicked fingers, I don't care that we're in public. The possibility of being caught makes me burn hotter. Sharp bites and slow licks, makes me melt against you.

The things you whisper in my ear, makes me want to submit. I need to be your slut, your toy. My whimpers get louder as you thrust your fingers deep in me. I can't fight the overwhelming need to cum. I shake and shudder as your control washes over me. I slump against you and you are the only thing holding me up.

We head to the car to find a more secluded area. As I drive, you keep me on edge. Stroking my clit, bringing me closer. There's no protesting this, you won't wait til we get situated. You take, plundering my pussy. I'm so relieved to park.

Body shaking with need. I'm so lost. All I can think about is cumming. You assert your dominance over me and I give up all control to you. Moving my body the way you want it, you slide your head between my thighs. Aggressively, you attack my pussy with your mouth. Bites and licks. Sucking my clit. Sticking your tongue deep in my pussy hole. My eyes roll back. I beg and plead to cum.

Stopping, you climb up my body giving me tiny bites along the way. So much passion in a kiss. It swept me up and took me away. Holding hair tightly, you yank my head up. Bites and sucks down my neck. The pain that you give only makes the pleasure that much sweeter. Nipping at my nipples and sucking on them hard. You make me feel like dessert the way you taste me as if you can't get enough.

You move, taking away your touch that I've come to need. I reach out, only to have you pull me on top of you. My pussy in your face and your dick in my mouth. Like a man possessed you devoured me. Fingers knuckle deep as you try to stretch my pussy out. I cum and cum again. Needing and wanting more of you, of this. The only thing stopping the screams is your dick in my throat.

You command me to move and I hurry to obey. You get out the car and come over to my side. You pull me out the car by my hair and bend me over the hood of the car. All this build up and I wasn't ready. I'm in bliss as you forced your way in my pussy. Feeling me stretch around your width brought so much pleasure. You ride me hard, slapping my ass, as you beat my pussy up.

My body keeps cumming, getting tighter around your dick. Pulling out, you bend down and start licking from bottom to top. Fucking both my pussy and ass with your tongue and fingers. Hours we stayed like this , you taking every orgasm that you can squeeze out of my body. As the sun started coming up, we exchange numbers and parted ways. My body sore in the greatest way possible.

Today, your marks are all over my body. I can't move without having flashbacks of last night. It's rare that I find a truly dominant man that can give me what I need and want. I can see myself calling him and putting him on the team. Cause you don't pass up great sex like that.
It's my birthday, b*#=]<>
Posted:Jul 21, 2017 5:39 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 9:32 pm

This year has been really hard for me. I've lost a lot but I gain a lot. Most of this year has been shrouded in grief and soul breaking heartache. But like Maya would say, "Still I rise." So I rise from the ashes, shake myself off and be me.
Today's my birthday and the turn up is real. Wilding out and getting into trouble is on the menu. My sex drive is up, I'm ready to shake my ass and jump on some dick. Today pushing everything negative out and just enjoy myself. I'm getting white girl wasted.
Father's day
Posted:Jun 18, 2017 6:42 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2017 6:43 am

Strong mind
You taught me that
"Words have meaning"
You drilled in my head

Played chess in the winter
Explored book fairs in the summer
Our debates were always heated
Logical, was what you were

You spoiled me
Gave me everything
Taught me what a man
Suppose to be

I miss you
RIP 2014
I don't get it
Posted:May 25, 2017 4:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2017 9:12 pm

I'm a single parent of a . At certain times, I go out and get wild and crazy. But I don't do shit around my . I'm only posting this after several different guys have asked to do sexual things while my was present, because they couldn't fit in with my schedule.

I make time to be alone, so I can have adult time. If you can't fit into my alone time,then please find another chick. I will not ever put my in any kind of unhealthy or unsafe or adult situation knowingly.

When a guy approaches me in this aspect, I wonder what the fuck is wrong with this person. I wonder at their own parenting skills if they feel like it's acceptable to fuck people around their .

The door is always open. There is always another girl to fuck. I'm not forcing another to get in where they fit in at. Don't be a weirdo, it's not that serious. What are you, a perv (I mean perv in the most absolute bad way)?

Before I asked if guys know that they are being creepy. This is a case in point subject. It doesn't make me feel comfortable or safe knowing a person like this and I wouldn't want to meet them in real life.
Posted:May 14, 2017 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2020 5:50 pm

When I think of you, lavender comes to mind.
Calming and soothing is what you are.
While I'm full of fiery passion,
You're cooling waters.

You are who I inspire to be.
My superwoman always getting the job done.
Your strength amazes me
I was in awe of you

Every day has been a knife to my heart since you left.
Time heals all wounds. It doesn't for me.
As time goes on, the pain deepens, grows sharper.
I just get better at hiding it.

You're never far from my thoughts
I carry you with me always
You were my greatest blessing
I will always love you
RIP 2/19/17
Creep alert
Posted:Apr 27, 2017 11:41 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2017 7:05 pm

Do guys know when they are being creepy? There has been plenty of times that I've gotten turned off,because the guy was acting in a creepy and/or stalker like fashion. Now I know that since I'm on the internet that I will run into my fair share of weirdos, it's to be expected.

But on a sex site, where one is trying to get a female to fuck you, one would think one would try to put their best foot forward. Making a female feel unsafe and uncomfortable, will not accomplish anything, so why do it. It defeats the purpose.

There're guys that complain that they can't find any real women on here. I can't help but wonder how creepy was their approach? How unsafe or uncomfortable they've made a woman feel?
Dick pics
Posted:Apr 27, 2017 11:15 pm
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2020 7:20 pm

I'll admit it, I'm a perv. I like viewing dick pics. It gives me a chance to see what a guy is working with. I do dislike surprises. I like to know upfront what I'm dealing with and if I can work with it.

There's nothing more disappointing to be vibing with someone and then realize the equipment won't work for you. When sucking dick, I would love for it to reach my the back of my throat. If it doesn't, I don't feel satisfied.

I know that most don't like unsolicited dick pics and please respect their preference. But I personally would prefer to see. I'm from the show me state(not really), so show me what you're working with.
A little alone time
Posted:Apr 21, 2017 1:48 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2017 8:08 am

Laying back, rubbing and pinching my nipples. Soft moans fills the air. I'm achy and needy. I slip my hands between my thighs. I sigh as my fingers find my clit.

I spread my wetness around and dip my finger inside. My muscles clenches and try to suck my finger in deeper. I add another finger and curl them into a hook. I stroke my spot slowly, taking my time to my release.

My other hand press on my clit, rubbing in lazy circles. My back arches off the bed, I bit my lower lip. My body is tense as I try to hold back my impending orgasm. My pussy getting so wet I can feel it dripping on the bed.

I rock and roll my hips, speeding the tempo up and increasing pressure. My heart beats faster as I feel my pussy getting tighter around my fingers. Soon my fingers are in a frenzy, rubbing and stroking my clit.

I made a low keening moan, as my body shakes and strains to get closer to the edge. A tightness builds up in my tummy. I burst, squirting all over my hand and the bed. As my body trembles from the aftershocks, I lightly tap my clit. My body tightens with each tap. I pinch my little nub and explode. I ride the waves of the explosion, squeezing out every bit of pleasure. I slump into the bed and nestled in deep.

I needed this
Posted:Apr 3, 2017 8:34 am
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2017 12:47 pm

My face is in the pillows, my ass up in the air wiggling. I'm eager for you to touch me, it's been so long. Each second feels like a year. Soon I'm whimpering, I need it so badly. You slap my ass and I moan.

I grip the sheets as you slide your dick between my pussy lips. You rub up against my clit. I can feel my wetness leaking out as you smear it all over, up and down. I arch my back to let you know I'm ready. You grip my hips and hold yourself at my entrance. My pussy clamps down on nothing but she knows you're right there.

You start forcing your way in,telling me how much you love how tight she is. The feel of you stretching me to my limits, feels me with such bliss. Soon your balls hit my clit as you root deep inside of me. My pussy sucks at your dick urging you to move.

You slow grind into me, giving me what I want but not what I need. I start begging for you to take me harder, to take me to the edge and help me leap off. You pull back and slam back into me. You lift my hips up and use my body. Fucking me harder. Forcing me to take it.

I shake and tremble. I try to stay relax as my whole body starts tingling. My eyes roll back. I bite my lip and hold onto the pillow. My body is overwhelmed by what you're doing. My body lock up, pussy clenching , then all the energy leaves me.

You pull out and lay beside me. Picking me up, you set me on your dick and tell me to ride you. I throw my pussy down, taking all of you. You meet each of my thrusts. Soon you have my arms gripped behind me. Taking charge you thrust up into me. Using me as you're own little fuckdoll.

Sweat drips down my body as you continue to slam me down on your dick. My pussy keeps cumming. I scream as you repeatedly hit my cervix. My attention is focused only on pleasing you, on being your slut.

You lift me off you and guide my mouth to your dick. I instantly suck you into my throat, licking at your balls and sliding back up. I swirl my tongue around your head and going back down. My head bobs up and down as the sounds of my slurping fills the room. Soon you're cumming and I drink it all down greedily.

A must
Posted:Jan 31, 2017 12:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2019 11:57 pm

It's kind of puzzling to me why I'm posting this, because,to me at least, it's common sense. But.... since sense is apparently not so common.

Condoms are a must for me. I hear excuses like I don't like the feeling, I'm allergic and other stupid things. Wah wah wah please cry me a fucking river. All the excuses in the world, it just sounds like a personal problem. So guess what? I don't fucking care.

I always wear condoms. Period. Point. Blank. The last thing I need is a disease or worst get pregnant by a fucktard.

I don't knock what others do. If you want to fuck someone without a condom, that's your prerogative. But I'm not that bitch. So please, pretty please, by pass me with that.


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