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newcassie 62T
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3/15/2021 8:36 pm

I was still living in my house in Berkeley, so I was younger than 33. I had never thought about cross dressing, done any, or had any interest in it. I think once I bought a transvestite magazine, and I liked<b> getting off </font></b>it.

The house was 800 square feet, and is now worth 1.2 million dollars. If only I'd kept it. But no washer so I was loading up go the laundromat. Pulling clothes out of the wicker barrel hamper suddenly I was holding a paid of red panty hose. Without thinking I put them on, and became instantly aroused. an alarming degree.

I came in the pantyhose within a few minutes, then lay there and wondered if this had any meaning. I was bi so it didn't make me question my sexuality. It was a simple fact.

A long period of theft ensued. I spent finding lingerie women were throwing out, and I'm afraid sometimes pulling something I had have out of a laundry basket. There's no way she could still be wearing it at that weight.

For a while it was a thrill walk into the lingerie section. Heck, it still is. I bought unmentionables and tried to guess my size. Turns out there is no way to tell from a size, you just have to eyeball it. I thought I was an 8, but I don't think I've seen more than a couple of items labeled that.

Sometimes I hit and found my favorite black bra and way too many thongs. I was branching out, putting together little outfits. I'm the worst guy clothes shopper in the world, but somehow I always know what I like in lingerie. I dressed in front of the mirrored closet in the room I rented in Orinda. It never failed to turn me on.

I could never stop myself from masturbating on video. My freshman year I got one on the first small portable video recorder and camera and took it to my room. I connected the recorder with my tiny TV and turned on the cam. After playing with feedback effects by pointing the camera at the screen for half an hour, I turned the camera on myself.

Instant electricity. My eyes glued to the cock on the screen as it grew and leaked. It became a habit that sticks.

looking4more773 68M  
60 posts
4/17/2021 9:49 am

I've only worn panties, but the sight of a gurl in panties and more never ceases to arouse me! Thanks for sharing your story....would love to hear, and see, more!

Chris202974 67M

8/31/2021 5:30 pm

Nice Story in my youth girdles were the thing always loved the push of the tummy from the panels

fngforsx 65M  
28 posts
9/16/2021 11:01 am

Luv your sexy story.

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