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Night out as a hotwife  

ngocanh4u 37F
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3/23/2020 1:33 pm
Night out as a hotwife

I could tell right from the moment Mr. X picked me for dinner, just from the way he was looking at that he couldn't wait fuck . And he couldn't keep his hands off , groping and squeezing my ass as we walked into the restaurant, and grabbing a feel of my braless breasts every moment he could while we ate dinner. Just as I had planned, when he was stroking his hand my thighs, he realized that I wasn't wearing any panties, and just make certain he knew, I pulled my skirt and flashed him my bare pussy. From that moment , he couldn't stop reaching his hand under my dress and fingering my now soaked pussy, bringing his fingers his nose give them a long lingering sniff before he licked them. He even made lick my own juices from his fingers, letting enjoy my musky aroma by spreading my own pussy juices under my nostrils. After the flirting and groping and drinks--a pre-dinner cocktail plus two glasses of wine during dinner--I was feeling drunk and horny and ready get fucked by my favorite huge cock, and so I went the bathroom and texted my husband: "Going have sex in car. Can't wait." He texted back right away: "Yes of course!" When I went back the table, I gave Mr. X the eye signal that I wanted leave right at that moment and so we skipped dessert and he asked for the check immediately!

We were so horny that we couldn't even wait get out of the parking lot before we were making out and groping each other, but his car was parked close a busy street with lots of people walking by, so we drove a few blocks and found a secluded parking space. I was so horny that I would have been happy fuck even if people were walking by watching us through the car window (!) but we didn't want get arrested, so we moved. But I kept stroking his hard cock through his pants, and before he had even stopped the car I had unzipped his pants and pulled his 8" shaft out. The slit was leaking so much pre-cum that it coated the swollen tip, which I sucked right into my mouth and pushed as far down my throat as I could. He was particularly excited and used both of his hands to grab my hair and jam my head and down his enormous tool. He was pumping my head and down until I was gagging and sputtering, and the choking noises I was making seemed turn him even more. It had been so long since I had sucked his cock, and the sense of raw animal lust and danger of suffocating made even hornier. When I reached between my own legs rub myself, somehow the way that he was using my throat and giving me such a hard face fucking, as soon as I touched myself, I came. My convulsions triggered him and he thrust upwards at the same time that he pushed hard with both hands on the back of my head, driving my mouth the way down his balls--the farthest I had ever swallowed his fully erect cock. His long spurts of cum came retching back out of my throat and after he released my head I was coughing and drooling sperm and saliva over the front of my black dress.

Mr. X then threw face down the driver seat with my ass facing , getting out of the car and fucking doggy style from outside. I was amazed that he was still hard after coming, but he was definitely hornier than usual that night, attacking like a beast. His cock seemed even harder than when he was fucking my mouth and throat, and he kept ramming in and out of me like an crazed animal through another orgasm that was so strong that I blacked out for a bit, slowly coming back consciousness just before he came for a second time deep inside me.

It took me a few minutes, while he had collapsed on top of me, both of us panting, to realize that he had just cum inside me without putting on a condom. He grinned and told me I just gave you a baby. I did not have heart to tell him I cannot get pregnant, so I just said finally a real man impregnate me.
As Mr. X's cock slowly shrank and pulled out of my cunt, I could feel his sperm leak out between my hot swollen lips, a cool liquid stream trickling down my thighs. We kissed and cuddled in the car for a few more minutes before he drove me home. I appreciated how tender he was treating me, but I was also happy inside that my husband encourage and enjoy this. In fact, I sincerely felt closer to my husband as another man pulled his cock from my pussy.

When I got home, I was a mess. The front of my black dress was covered with crusted dried sperm that I had not been able to swallow. My husband knew that I had not worn any panties to dinner, and so when he lifted the bottom of my skirt, he immediately saw Mr. Xs runny sperm still dribbling from my gaping cunt down the insides of my thighs over the white streaks of already dried cum. My pussy lips were swollen and red from the hard pounding that Mr. X's huge cock had given me, and when my husband told me to spread my lips with my fingers, he said could see the mixture of my juices and Mr. X's sperm drip out. I told my husband in a submissive, demure voice that I had let Mr. X cum inside me without wearing a condom. I immediately dropped to my knees and begged for his forgiveness. That seemed to trigger a cruel anger in him, and I felt a cold rush of fear as he threw me down on the floor and began ripping the dress from my body. He slapped my ass hard, shocking a loud gasp of pain from my lungs, calling me a slut and a . The words melted me, and I grovelled for his mercy, kissing his feet as he alternated between spanking my ass and slapping my face, each stinging blow drawing tears but also a cathartic purging of my guilt.

When he unzipped his pants, I could see that he was rock hard, his cock curving his stomach and leaking clear pre-cum. I begged to suck him but he slapped my face in answer, grabbing by my hair and ordering lick his ass instead. I eagerly began lapping at his brown hole, hoping for even more degrading and humiliating tasks, anything please and placate him. When he finally was satisfied with my licking and cleaning of his asshole, he pulled my head over his straining cock and began pumping it and down, his hands grasping fistfuls of my hair just like Mr. X had in the car. Although my husband cock isn't nearly as big as Mr. X's, the violence of his anger led a much harsher face fucking. I could feel my throat burning and the bile coming as he rammed his hips into my face at the same time that he used both hands to pump my head and down his shaft. I began gag, the burning mixture of the drinks and dinner I had with Mr. X retching even as my husband continued pump in and out of my throat. I was choking and gasping for air as my throat gagged and contracted involuntarily, but he wouldn't allow catch my breath before he again plunged his cock as deep as it would go down my throat. He called a slut and a , and told that he was going keep his cock the way down so he could enjoy how my throat muscles milked his cock as I gagged. I tried desperately breathe through my nose, trying get as much oxygen as I could as his cock filled my throat.

After a few more minutes of hard face fucking, he started coming deep inside my throat, the pulsing contractions of his cock and the sperm hitting my throat triggering more convulsive gagging. Still holding my hair with his left hand like a leash, he pulled out of my throat and mouth and gave a hard swinging slap with his right hand, sending saliva and sperm flying out of my mouth. I would have fallen over except he held by my hair, jerking before giving an even harder backhanded slap that sent the opposite way, my cheeks stinging. Again he jerked by my hair and kept from falling, slapping back and forth five or times until my cheeks were numb and I was blacking out.

He derisively called me "Mr. X's slut," telling me that I needed be punished for my being such a . "Are you going have his half-white baby?" He asked harshly. He said that I was lucky have such an understanding and forgiving husband, and I eagerly nodded in agreement, sincerely believing with every bit of my soul exactly that. This was what I craved so much more than when I returned home from a night with Mr. X and seeing he greet me with kindness and weak acceptance. I have always wanted this anger from he, a sign from him that he really is jealous of my indiscretions and that he would punish and absolve me of my<b> sins. </font></b>How could he really love me if he didn't feel any anger or jealousy? This was infinitely preferable the weak cuckold that he could sometimes become when faced with my lust for other men.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I grovelled again and again, so grateful for his punishment, even as he slapped me again and again. The stinging heat of my cheeks from his blows felt like the purest redemption for my<b> sins.

</font></b>The rest of the evening he gave me a bath and washed me, cleansing me and kissing me tenderly, welcoming me back into his loving and forgiving arms. What else could I ask for as a perfect ending to a perfect evening?

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3/23/2020 9:43 pm

*A Fuckin Hot Night*

Love The Details!!

It's Very Erotic!


cack1111 47M
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3/26/2020 10:35 pm

Very arousing, how do I get to be mr x?.

Upforitall46 61M  
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4/30/2020 1:09 pm

Very nice story, I may have taken you to the bathroom or a secluded hallway in the restaurant. Stairwells are good too...

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6/24/2020 7:43 am

Great story. Better than Porn.

SmokingOh 54M
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9/15/2020 10:19 am

great story telling you can read me a bed time story anytime you like.

FantasyFetishCpl 57M/46F  
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2/20/2021 9:37 am

Excellent writing! You are indeed a submissive cock-craving slut.

justme51 70M
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3/18/2021 2:39 pm

Beautiful story.

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

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