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Asian Massage
Posted:Nov 13, 2019 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2021 9:38 pm

Today I was and about and knew I was in an area that had good Asian massage parlors. I found the that I heard of before and it was a few miles from location. I called and made an appointment. When I got there I was greeted at the door by a very attractive Asian woman. She escorted me a room and she left get ready and set up on the table. I went for a massage today because I wanted a great massage relieve all stress. Believe it or not, most of these places provide good massages. I wasn't looking for anything sexual, but of course I wouldn't turn it down either. She comes back into the room a begins to give me a very sensual, yet soothing massage. I was on stomach and after a long while she starts getting cozy with butt cheeks and occasionally I can feel her fingers gently go between cheeks. Well that's a spot for and I was getting aroused. She kept this up for a while. Then she would gently brush between legs touching balls. After a little of this teasing I raised butt give her better access and she went for it. Before I knew it she was gently caressing balls and cock. I was in heaven. Then it was time turn over and expose semi erect cock. She gave a little nod make sure that I wanted her with cock. Yes, I smiled back at her and she oiled up her hands and went work on cock. Wow she was so good. Slowly running her and up and down shaft and spending a little more time with the head. Now she begins softly touching by little butt hole while she is jerking hard cock and I am loving every minute of it. She can tell that I love having ass caressed and asks if I want some more. I said yes and then she shoves her little finger all the way into ass hitting prostate just right. I am moaning in ecstasy. She can sense body's reactions so well and before you know it her finger is fucking ass fast and hard. She slows up and lets recover a little and then shoves it in hard againv hitting prostate just right. Each stroke of her finger was pure pleasure. I didn't know how long I could take that. After some more finger fucking cum exploded all over the place. She was so into it that she even had a great smile on her . She cleaned up with a nice towel and I got dressed and left. I got her so I know request next time because I definitely will be back. This was of the best massage experiences I have ever had.
Awesome MFM, Fulfilling a Dream
Posted:Mar 30, 2019 12:00 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2019 1:05 pm

So I have had some MFMs in the past but they were nothing special. Well that changed the other night. So I met this guy online that wanted to get together to swap blow jobs. He said his friend new about his bi side and that she may watch but probably nothing more. I was game since I wanted my cock sucked and was in the mood to suck a hard cock myself. I arrived at their place and she greeted me at the door. Wow she was gorgeous. Small frame, thin, beautiful and ample breasts. She seemed a little nervous as was I and she grabbed my hand and wanted to give me some tips about what he liked. She led me to the bedroom where he was already naked and laying in bed. We introduced ourselves, I got naked and sat next to him. He had a nice body and a great cock. I soon got to work sucking and licking his big hard cock. Playing with the tip of his head and swallowing him down to his balls. As I was doing this his friend got a chair and sat down next to us to watch. She really seemed to enjoy seeing her BF getting his cock sucked by a guy. They started to kiss and I could tell they were both . She took her top off was was still too shy to expose her tits. He asked her to help with his cock and we traded his cock back and forth for a while and then both worked it together, our lips meeting along his hard shaft. I was so turned on by both of us sucking his hard cock and sharing it with such a gorgeous woman. My cock was so hard. After a while she directed him to suck my cock. We switched places and he started to suck me long and slow just as I like it. Then she went to work on his cock while he was swallowing mine. OMG this was so fucking . After a while I joined her on his cock again. I absolutely loved sharing a cock with a beautiful woman. I could tell that she loved cock and was an very gifted cock sucker. After a while he totally shocked by instructing her to suck my cock. What? Really? I was in total bliss as she began to suck my cock and deep throat my hard thick cock resting her lips on my balls. Feeling comfortable now she took off her bra and the most gorgeous large breasts were exposed. WOW could this get any better? I thought I would right then and there but I had to hold on. Her mouth and tongue were like velvet. As she was sucking her BF got behind her and started fucking her doggie. He started slow and then really started pounding away her pussy. Every time he pounded her, my cock was slammed down her throat. What a feeling as our threesome was in total rhythm. Naturally I had to tell him to keep pounding her pussy so I could experience her throat pounding down on my cock. A little while later he layed back down on the bed and I went to work on his cock again. This time I had the pleasure of tasting her sweet pussy juices on his cock. I truly have never tasted such a sweet pussy. I wanted to eat her pussy so badly. After I sucked off all her juices she sat on his cock and started bouncing up and down on him. I knew this was my chance. I shoved my head between them as best I could and started licking away at her pussy and his shaft. I have always wanted to be in a situation to have my tongue between a juicy pussy and a hard cock and now I was finally doing it. It was better than I could ever have imagined. So here I am going crazy with my tongue lapping up her juices as she just keeps cumming and licking his cock at the same time. She was in heaven loving the feeling of my tongue licking her as she was riding him. I then went to her tiny little ass hole and started to lick feverishly at her puckered button. After a while I started fucking her ass with my tongue. Again she cums and I go back to her pussy to get all her juices. He eventually came inside her and I just kept licking away. He was able to stay hard and just kept going at her. We kept going like this for about an hour. She had the best pussy I have every experienced. He wanted me to get off now so he asked her to suck my cock again. As she began sucking me he got behind her and this time he shoved his hard cock into her well licked out ass hole. She took it in the ass lick a pro. She was shortly cumming again but never stopped sucking my cock. Now she was determined to make me cum and really went to work on my cock. I couldn't take it any more and unloaded gobs of . WOW! We rested for a little while, got dressed, said our good byes and I left. Now I am hoping that they for round two.
What's up with couples?
Posted:Feb 8, 2019 2:23 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 7:54 am

So I have been trying to meet some couples for play time. I have done this before and it is so hot. I am bi so I love laying with both. Particularly if she gets into it and directs the mm action. But anyway I have started several conversations lately that show couples in the profile but then when I go to chat he says "she is no longer interested." Is this true of so many couples, or is this just a way for a single guy to try and hook up with another guy? I really don't care either way but it would be so much easier just to be honest in your profile. It is frustrating and I feel like I am wasting my time.
Exotic massage
Posted:Dec 7, 2018 2:52 pm
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2021 8:21 pm

So I was finally able to get in touch with a local lady for a massage today. I had herd lots of good things about her. She greeted me at the door with a nice hello and a big hug. We chatted a while then went to the massage room. Once I got naked and comfortable on the table she began with a real sensuous massage of my back side. Her stroke were firm yet tender and made my body shiver. Unlike others she got up on the table with me and massaged me from behind. So nice. Once she finished my back she took off her shirt and revealed her big somewhat saggy breasts and laid on my back rubbing her breasts all over my back and ass. So hot. Then she grabbed my cock from underneath and began to massage my now hard and throbbing cock from behind. I love that. It was so hot and I started to really gush pre-cum. She could tell I enjoyed it and brought me to the edge then stopped. Wow she was edging me. Most providers can't get you off quick enough. Not her, she enjoyed it. Then time to flip over and she is on top of me rubbing her beautiful breasts all over me while playing with my ass. Wow that was hot. But then she put my stiff cock between her gorgeous large tits an began to titty fuck me. She did this til I exploded all over her tits and belly. She took her time getting off of me. She obviously was enjoying it as much as me. She left the room, came back with a hot wash cloth and cleaned me up. I was in heaven. I can't wait to go back.
the spa
Posted:Dec 2, 2018 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Feb 6, 2020 7:26 pm

Last time I went to the spa i was hoping to find some stress release. Once I got there I took the customary shower and went into the hot tub. I few guys were walking around in their birthday suits and I couldnt help but stare at their cocks. I was wondering where everybody was going. Then I noticed guys going in and out of the sauna. I decided to check it out. there were about 5 guus sitting in there playing ith each others cocks. I decided to sit down remove my towel and see what would happen. Much to my delight the guy next to me started rubbing my cock. When he saw that I liked it he got down on his knees and began to suck me. I was in heaven. He took his time alternating between the tip of my cock, my balls as well as deep throat. I looked around and several others were either sucking cock, kissing or being sucked. What a picture. After a few minutes of this I blew my load down this guys throat. He cleaned me up good and left. After I relaxed a minute and com[posed myself and showered off and left. Can't wait to go back.
Sitting here alone
Posted:Nov 14, 2018 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2019 4:52 pm

So I alone and searching through this dating site. I really like this site since there appears to be a lot of real people on it. But there is a catch. I a free member and can't really access anything. Can't read profile, can't email and can only rarely . So I contemplate whether it is worth becoming a gold member. If I join will you want to chat with me, meet me, and hang out? Don't know the answer and don't want to be burned yet again.

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