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8/23/2014 8:56 pm

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I feel her next to me in our sleep. We nuzzle and nestle together, naked
and intertwined after the beauty of our love making. Waking only
momentarily, I see her lying on her back, her breasts rise and fall to
the slow rhythm of her breathing. I cuddle closer to her right side, my
face nuzzling under her right breast, my right hand finding her left
breast. Her delicate right arm falls behind my back, pulling me in
closer. Again, I drift back to sleep, cradled next to my beautiful

Slowly waking, I feel movement next to me. I haven't moved much since
last drifting away, except my right leg that was over her is now under
her bent knee. I wake a little more, realizing the movement I feel is my
love masturbating. How wonderful!

Not wishing to interrupt her, I give her left breast a slight squeeze.
Her response is a moan of pleasure. I then move slightly to suckle her
right breast, still giving the other a light, steady grip. Another moan,
deeper than the first, her left hand quickening it's pace between her
lovely legs and her other lightly gripping the back of my head tell me
she's enjoying herself. After a few moments of suckling, I crawl up to
her ear, planting light kisses upon her soft skin along the way.

Upon reaching her ear, I lightly suck in the earlobe, causing another
deep moan. I whisper into her ear. I tell her how beautiful and sexy she
is. I tell her how beautiful and sexy her masturbation is. I tell how
wonderful I feel to be able to witness such a beautiful and sexy thing,
all the while lightly massaging her breasts and kissing at her ear and
neck. Her pace quickens and her breathing becomes more laboured and her
moans, much louder now than my whispering, fill the otherwise noiseless
My eyes are wide awake now,nibbling the tips of her firm 34c breast her moans
become louder and louder oh god yes she screams,her hand grips my hair as I
watch her about to explode still nibbling her breast squeezing with out
warning releasing my hair,throws the sheet off the bed the bed then straddles my
penis growing to its full 15 inch length taking it in her hot wet cum filled cunt
still wanting more as i'm reaching to continue squeezing her breast she screams
fuck me fuck me hard.My fingers trace down her back reaching the succulent apple
but of hers gently squeezing with two fingers of my right hand i began tracing her
anus before entering rubbing the bottom of her pussy.Then slowly my finger begins to invade
her honey hole while we're fucking the morning away slowly but deeper and deeper my finger
goes in she tells me don't stop faster and faster deeper the sweat begins to pour off
our bodies shes cum once again,from this point i;m rolling her over still deep inside
continually stroking,her legs rapped around me I CUM.Kissing her sweet lips her shoulders
her firm breast her tummy between her legs,as her heart still races from the passion
of that morning.

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