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Good Morning. What do You Drink????  

nicelipss66 44F
46581 posts
9/24/2016 9:26 am
Good Morning. What do You Drink????

In the mornings. What do You Drink, Coffee or Tea???

At parties or when out, What do You Drink, Beer or Mix drinks???

And how is your day or Saturday going??. I Hope that everything is going awesome for you and you day is rich on smiles and good things

Sending lots of hugs form VA in case you need one

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nicelipss66 44F
23697 posts
9/24/2016 9:27 am

I like coffee and also like my cognac

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rm_raging_hard1 50M
201 posts
9/24/2016 9:30 am

Coffee drinker, rum & coke or daiquiri sometimes beer depends on what I'm eating. Thanks for the well wishes and could you deliver that hug personally???

tommy609z 61M
577 posts
9/24/2016 9:34 am

coffee and vodka on the rocks and the occasional dirty martini.

weekend is going fine- waiting to see if Army- West Point can get to 4 wins tonight.
Ty you for asking and hugs back at you

BobsHere4You 60M

9/24/2016 9:37 am

I drink coffee in the mornings, and non-alcoholic beer when I go out.

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Leegs2012 47M
54518 posts
9/24/2016 9:38 am

I love Whisky! Getting naked and drinking whiskey is fun!!

ltrskr 72M  
4336 posts
9/24/2016 9:42 am

Coffee in the mornings, I like beer or wine, some mixed drinks in the evenings or parties!

"I only drink when I'm by myself or with somebody"

Have great weekend!

nicelipss66 44F
23697 posts
9/24/2016 9:47 am

    Quoting  :

Hard Cider, will look it up. not sure what that is.

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BDChester 58M
62 posts
9/24/2016 9:47 am

Coffee in the morning, Jack in the evening

raj81092 31M
42 posts
9/24/2016 9:55 am

your milk

Mgr70810 54M

9/24/2016 9:57 am

Deathwish coffee, two spoons of sugar, milk and a shot of Torani vanilla syrup refrigerated from the night prior...you asked.

Nola7011 64M
1022 posts
9/24/2016 10:01 am

Bottled water with a healthy dose of squeezed lemon.

People are strange when you're a stranger."

goodatpoetry2 70M
16574 posts
9/24/2016 10:06 am

It's coffee in the morning and quite a lot of it too.

I hardly ever go out, so it kind of depends what people I know may be drinking.
I really don't *usually* like the taste of beer, buy I'm also not that fond of *most* mixed drinks either...

LimerickJohn 66M
1047 posts
9/24/2016 10:08 am

Coffee all day long till 7pm. When out mine is Irish whiskey.

wjb1958 62M
3691 posts
9/24/2016 10:47 am

Coffee Beer and Crown Royal

texracer45 57M
151 posts
9/24/2016 11:09 am

Coffee and beer

nightsoul1962 58F
17862 posts
9/24/2016 11:55 am

Peach tea 24/7, very seldom a coffee, and if I go out I like Chivas Regal on the rocks.


K1ssGasm 49M

9/24/2016 12:00 pm

I drink more coffee than tea, but I do enjoy tea. Seems to be an evening drink for me when I do drink it. I typically only have one cup of coffee per day.

I like trying different beers from anywhere or breweries and something harder, I enjoy Chivas 18 y.o. on the rocks.

Years back, I tried mixing recipes at home of many of the most popular mixed drinks just to try some different things. I found that I really liked Moscow Mules, Gin & Tonics, 7&7's to name a few. Who doesn't like a good Margarita? There are quite a few mixed drinks that are awesome actually.

I most certainly enjoy a great wine too; red or white paired with a great meal -- Georgian, French, Italian, Argentinian, Chilean, South African, U.S., among many others.

What's going on? That is what Marvin Gaye wanted to know!

4 Non Blondes also wanted to know What's Up too; thus, got to feeling a little peculiar, so screamed from the top of the lungs... What's going on?

I don't know what's going on. I am so in deep with you. - The Cure

nicelipss66 44F
23697 posts
9/24/2016 12:11 pm

    Quoting nightsoul1962:
    Peach tea 24/7, very seldom a coffee, and if I go out I like Chivas Regal on the rocks.
Good to see you back honey!!!

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citizen4722 62M  
67455 posts
9/24/2016 12:53 pm

Sometimes tea and other times coffee. It depends what I've ran out of!
I usually have a beer if I'm at a party or in a pub.

pocogato12 68F  
33763 posts
9/24/2016 1:07 pm

    Quoting Leegs2012:
    I love Whisky! Getting naked and drinking whiskey is fun!!
It's fall and winter is coming. Let me get you the recipe for Broken Leg

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freddie8951 69M/67F
132 posts
9/24/2016 1:35 pm

love beer spotted cow my favorite

primetime7667 53M  
26 posts
9/24/2016 1:46 pm

Juice baby, maybe a pop or gatorade during the day, if im out, anything wet would do, hint hint ..

primetime7667 53M  
26 posts
9/24/2016 1:48 pm

Definitely need your hugs ...

Lonely16842 55M  
863 posts
9/24/2016 1:57 pm

Coffee in the morning.... at parties or when out it all depends on what mood strikes me...lol

venator51 69M
27 posts
9/24/2016 3:50 pm

AM: Coffee, black, strong, hot!

PM: Depends on company and activities planned or anticipated. Hanging out with the guys - dark beer or stout. Looking at mixing it up with the ladies - one drink of a good bourbon or single malt, then sparkling water or such for the duration. Like to be able to take of business, enjoy, and remember!

kzoopair 69M/67F
25849 posts
9/24/2016 7:31 pm

I drink tea in the morning. I like beer- Killian's is a favorite and I'm fond of Captain and Coke.

Today Pam and I went to South Bend to visit her daughter number two and our grandson. He's four years old and showed me how to play Pokemon Go. We had a lot of fun! Every time I see him he seems to have grown a foot.

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tickles4us 58M
7196 posts
9/24/2016 9:55 pm

Orange juice and ice water... I have to keep my cool.

Vive La Difference

HamburgDave2 76M
16567 posts
9/25/2016 5:42 am

Good Morning Thalia, Mornings I Drink Coffee, if I am Out usually Beer but sometimes Gin and Tonic

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oldbstrd55 63M
3118 posts
9/25/2016 7:03 am

I am a coffee drinker. At parties it's a toss up between beer, bourbon and coffee, depends on my mood and if I'm driving.

extra1980 57M
292 posts
9/25/2016 8:54 am

I drink tea, coffee when I am in Jamaica, when I go out scotch (single malt not that blended crap)

raj81092 31M
42 posts
9/26/2016 5:46 am


raj81092 31M
42 posts
9/26/2016 5:53 am

woooow my darling

Shots30 44M  
2299 posts
9/28/2016 7:48 pm

Hey Sexy

Typically Beer, but sometimes a mixed drink


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