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Looking for .... Anal Training  

nmsir 61M  
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6/20/2020 3:51 pm
Looking for .... Anal Training

after some foreplay
when your wet and hot
I would lube your asshole
then run my fingers around it ..round and round he asshole
then run my fingers un and down over it..
relax it..after a bit ,,when it relaxes a finger tip will slowly go it..and the we just deep rubbing it
not hurry..and rub o t round and and down and soon the finger will follow the fingertip into your ass
you will let out a moan ..and we continue teasing your asshole
after a while the finger will be the way in your tight asshole
then we add more lube and work it back in and out and around the outer rim
rubbing 2 fingers now..soon your ass will relax and accept the 2 fingers..just the tip at first
but as we tease it it will relax and soon 2 fingers will be inside,
then work them and turn them in semi circle and poop in they go, PAINLESSLY
then we move on a 3rd finger and after you have relaxed and grow accustomed to 3 fingers


I would pull my fingers out of your ass, and have you suck my cock and get it wet with your spit..then I would have you bend over doggie and drop some more lub your asshole
then as I talked you in soft soothing voice I would start rubbing my cock over your asshole and down..then round the outside.. and down with just a little bit of pressure your ass hole.
rub the head of my cock,, and down and as your ass relaxed.it would open and suck the tip of my cock into it..
with the tip in.. I would push it in and pull it out ...just barley moving my hips...
in and out..watching the head slowly going in just a bit deeper with each stroke
then your ass would relax and the head would pop in to your ass
now we stop and just let your ass grow accustomed to the head in your ass..
after a few minutes I would start to push it in and out again..and also encourage your to feel free and push back my cock if you wanted
slowly the shaft would start go in your hot tight wet willing asshole..I would now grab your hips and hold you
my cock would now the inter splinter ring..so we would going in and out slowly
every 3 or 4th stroke.. I would pull it completely out and go back into your ass.
letting it relax..then with just a bit of resistance from your inter splinter ..
I would tell you to push yourself back my cock..so you can control the stroke
as you push back on my cock..we both feel you ass relax and my cock pops almost 1/2 way in
once again we stop and let you grow accustomed to a cock in your ass

you should know I am the one your mommy warned you about...lol

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