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Consolidated All-Star Post  

nosnowforme 64F  
518 posts
3/13/2020 3:21 pm
Consolidated All-Star Post

I have consolidated my -Stars posting be inclusive. Formatting is less than ideal, but I do trust you can navigate.

Who is this person you might wonder, no fear he shows himslef clearly:
"How many times have you been called a cunt you dumb fuck"

Caretajoinus Love the frustrated lads, they always have great material
Now drink your prune juice and shut the fuck up

Recent Moronic attempt goes desertlover482
Well, aren't you the clever one ....and just be clear...I never said I had her permission in my profile. So, I guess that ends this little foray for us. I will not bother you again. Sincerely, Rich

Deserved of Honorable Mention and not in a good way

It can be so awesome when they reveal their true selves. In his case, the photo actually showed it straight away.

And they wonder why they dont get 'laid'
Ok then,apparently your not someone that I would waste my time with!!!!! Have a good boring life!!! B I T C H !!!!!
Wow! You're the kind who make the sexual experience on here such a painful thing. What a bitch!
Fuck you bitch
Sounds like a bit of PROJECTION to me...... Get lost.

sailorguy1900 well, enough women on here have thought otherwise and fucked me. You really need to get a life, you saggy

Deserved of Honorable Mention and not in a good way

come bend over my desk for a bit and let's get acquainted :-
Caucasian, blue eyes, 5ft in, 190lbs, business exec
My real name is David. I also use - newsroomguy

*this is why he has yet meet anyone

Just in from Teocalli93

....I am looking for a discreet/periodic fuck buddy. Sex and NSA. No dating/going , etc. Get together when lives/schedules permit and do it again if we enjoy each other. I am away from Tucson on a trip right now and will be back late December. If interested, let know and we can arrange meet. Thanks

My retort:
You are pathetic

You do not belong on this site. Go to Match or the others. AdultFriendFinder is for
Make/ players embrace the life style.

Poor guy is so upset with himself, he cant even spell


Standard nonsense about how awesome he is etc in prior messages

Me: It is always fun draw out the actual personality of an individual ...you really have no chance of meeting anyone

LUSTYPAIR: I get at least fifty messages a you are not as smart as you think you are.good luck

: Fifty

Lets take a the first correspondence of our 'friend' Silverado640:

" there Nos, Am I kind hearted? yes, Freaky with mild kink? yes...and if you are submissive then hold to your boot straps, dominant and fun to be around. in town on the 4th & 5th with a splash of 6th, next week for days on this trip. Bring all your toys, lotions and silk rope if that rocks your boat. For hours of lusty ravishing your body...every inch of you....after a drink in the hotel bar and conversation to dispel any thoughts or notions of yes or no. 6,1, 225 lbs, handsome and full of energy. Too many have fallen for me after they get some good love, attention and affection, including fun and playful banter. Additionally it keeps bitter & sour ladies, gays and other undesirables showing the true hurt and wounded souls away from further problems and issues I don't wish to deal with. Whatever your past has been, take the road and appreciate life. Most likely being here at AdultFriendFinder is not for you, however I did find my prior wife here many ago. No doubt you have many redeeming values, your beauty and attractive appearance is one, let it shine through, beauty and brains is a fabulous combo. Sound good?"

What an absolute pile ~^~

Mysterygypsy A really sad day for the human race First contact follows:

What's up? You wanna ? 8/25/20 8:23 am

"What's up? You wanna ?" Wow! is, at best, truly pathetic. I would suggest re/visiting<b> therapy </font></b>and coupling with some deep study of social interaction. 8/25/20 8:32 am

Here's an idea you witch, go die in a fire... 8/25/20 8:33 am

I signed off with: Please for your own sake and those around you think about it

When your make believe couple profile begins unravel Toyforhim31, what is left to do? Well of course you stroke your own ego, and whatever else comes up
We retired well too. And I have a masters degree. Honors English for good measure. I have learned clear communication is critical in all relationships.

New 'guy' on the block LookingUandMe
his reaction is of a closeted gay republican
...not there is anything wrong with that

"Good morning beautiful! I like your profile and pictures"
No cock pic profiles
"Wow your a bitch!"
Very sweet! ...your mom would be proud

Had never received a word previously from this charmer sugardad52000 and never responded to the first and weeks later the second one arrives. His 2 messages follow chronologically:
"If we were together I would put my arms around you and let you know everything is going to be ok kisses"
"pathetic stop viewing my profile looser"
So much for being a comfort And no clue that an algorithm is manipulating his actions.

Another lad that sees himself as a ! He digs a hole that would make OSHA weep.
Q: "Just a thought.. why would you want take the word of some random / possibly on our acumen?"
A: I didn't provide , just simply placed him in the round receptacle. If I had answered, it would have went something like this ...Thank you for the tongue in cheek insult. I trust my own abilities to divinate the land here, much more than your ability to obfuscate it

Amazing a real ! Unfortunately for her he opened his mouth. This was meant be something erotic ...Pussy ? is this revisited? Sewhoe:
Do you enjoy naughty talk? I would enjoy the thought of making you feel tingles down in those panties. What do you enjoy, beautiful?
....we wake slowly. You feel my hands running up your thigh. We both know where its going. Your body responds meeting my hands movement.... gracefully you part your legs allowing access the morning excitement. My fingers part your wet pussy lips and proceed deeper inside the sweet hole writhing be be in soon. I cant wait.... You feel my weight as I lay down on top of you gently but intently...my hard cock pressing into your thighs. You know soon Ill be stretching you open.
... in turn, you aggressively push off. You want the control. Looking into Laurels eyes, she knows you want to deny the sex right now. Instead, you motion to her to get the ropes. I submissively get and sit on the stool beside the bed where you've cuckolded before. You tie my wrists and ankles tightly...then anchor them to the chair taking away all possibility of pleasuring myself as I watch you begin to lick Laurel. I know her pussy....its responding eagerly to your tongue.

Another fake couple into the circular file hornyhappysluts:
All of standard nonsense including the infamous ..."but we sent a photo"

Lionofchocolate Exact opposite of how he professes to be. It really is mostly a tragic comedy here (daily):
- not one to bicker with anyone so, we both will find what we see..
A month later (drunken grammar?)
-I guess you just like Hanging around reading profiles with no real intention on meeting a talking

I am so flattered by you langart
Do you like the excitement of having a man’s you don’t know well stiff erection sliding into you from behind? Ah . will be your fwb. Fuck you whenever. No stringS

Apparently I am 'not the smartest' Unaware of the proper usage of Your v Youre, and the grammar thislife81
your on a sex dating website for cheaters,swingers and hookups and your looking for a real relationship. Not smartest are yha!

Block Head thick6ingirth
My cock is hard and waiting to slide deep inside you I'll write back soon so we can enjoy each others bodies. Licks & hard cock Mikey !!!

The Traveler Ploy & Mixed with the Sexless Marriage ('s not a sales tool!), tallhandsome2019
there! Love your pic and profile my profile says I’m 42 but I’m 51. I’m told I . Nice guy, well educated, here to support my mom for her surgery, returning to nyc area Sunday. I’m back several times a year to visit. Have long been in a sexless marriage, so would love to fill void if it goes there. Otherwise I’d enjoy spending some of my downtime this wee.. nearly every night, with an interesting, well educated woman... seems like you I’m staying at the Omni Wednesday through Sunday. Care ? Happy share my pics once we . I’m told I’m “easy on the eyes”
My wife & I have had a sexless marriage for ~ . Unfortunately she suffers from anxiety & depression. For I begged her go counseling with and for herself. Finally got her join for ~20 sessions in 20. In the FIRST minutes of the FIRST session, our therapist turned my wife and said “you need meds and your own therapist”. For 6 months the therapist & I pleaded with her go. She finally listened, saw a 0% improvement, then went cold turkey and stopped taking meds. For 6 I’ve asked my wife if she loves and she says “I don’t know”. She gives the same answer “do you want work our marriage”?
So I returned alone our therapist give her an update and she said “you need give her an ultimatum about meds/therapy and when (not if) she refuses, you need move out.” She thinks it’s best for my 3 if I leave my wife, and shockingly, she even suggested I start thinking about dating. It was clear in my 1 on 1 session my therapist does not like/respect my wife and thinks she is not good for or the .
So... ’s the background. I came AZ a week ago be with my mom ahead of a surgery tomorrow. I’ll have a lot of downtime through Sunday, so a few days ago I joined AdultFriendFinder for the first time. Sorry to be so long winded... ’s how I came to AdultFriendFinder.

The AdultFriendFinder Fake Couple Paradigm, OMG these dudes are so pitiful azcouple78
my well I thought I sent you an invite come Cliff Castle casino this past weekend then realized I had the wrong location. Orme is really close and Oro Valley is clear down by Tucson so was trying apologize but it seems I didn't get the invite sent you?
I don’t even understand what you are saying but no I’m not sending photos. Please remove from your contacts as you were only contacted by mistake.
Sorry my dear but my wife tried explain you and now it is the husband here. if you are good we are good. we are not asking for anything from you. you go ahead and know what you know.

Another Fake Couple [ they weren't given my ] Nmcb61
I've tried times download a picture
Now I tried you about times

Butt Hurt, katman07
Good luck in finding your perfect guy. Seems, you'll need it. BTW Don't know where the prowess is in my profile?

WTH, bebenbeben35
hello there, you are beautiful and your age

Jerk, 6imitebite9:
Its a fuck site.. why dont you go christian singles before you get ass fucked!

Likes bugger donkeys, donckydick69:
merry christmas and a happy cumming new

Rainbow, day2day7:
Any interest in starting a new life? Consider clean, somewhat educated, home owner.

Virgin, georgiaboy3:
I have never even kissed a woman before much less done anything else with one so yes I a virgin. I have been on this site for and everything I have tried has failed. I thought asking for advice was my next best bet. I desperately this site work for as it is my best and only option. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated thank you for listening

Fake couples abound, redman51:
My wife and I are too games thank you anyway

Cock profile photo explanation (?) Daytime8:
My photo is way due to my line on work

Sweet talker with poor comprehension too, exzavior3
Your very pretty and delightful I bet in bed and in person. I would like a discrete continuous thing too

Added a cock pic profile to friends collective and of a terrible housekeeper (will remove soon): chrisrogers551

Not a clue at 50+ , 69LuvnCowboy2: Id love experience satisfying you. How do I get the opportunity. Hope you reply and have a awesome day.

Not a clue in the ways of the universe, Beentheredone3 :
I would love eat you and enjoy one another.

When they wander off of the path of what they attempt portray. And then dig a deeper hole launching into a non-apology Kiley80 :
...I was persistent

At 53 the basics of an introduction still elude, DarianSD69:
What’s up with you tomorrow? let's get naked : )

And then the true colors come into bloom, Coming4U43 :
Have we moved past the A.F.F name for me? Nothing worse than a crass cunt from canada. Larry

"I am respectable" could you imagine such thing could be false? Amazing turn of events LondonBroil777:
But Id rather show my dick since this is a Sex site. Then wear a frumpy outfit from the 70's . Good Luck

The real man appears jgjamminjg :
2/19/2019 :25 am
No penis shot. Golf trophy. a act.
2/20/2019 7:24 am
I am a 68 yr./O. retired salesman.
Semi pro golfer (amateur status)
Political conservative, etc.
I am very sexual, passionate. a classic romantic.
I seek a woman of substance share life's passions.
's it. No agendas or weird crap. a good guy
2/20/2019 :00 am
I'll you a plane Tucson. one or nights of awesome passion. I can promise you a good time. Good food, whatever else. wine , , ( legal here). I am very handsome and fit. lots of wor Charming and educated. Good TV with lots of movies. We will have lots of fun.
Geoff jg.sorensen at
2/24/2019 1:33 pm
Now it's time fuck you ,
fuck you hard, I don't mean maybe.
First we'll start with doggie style,
's try way for awhile.
Holding on pear shaped mounds,
I love hear those sloshing sounds.
You say , feels good,
gives even harder wood.
On your back now, side side
in and , smooth easy glide
.Now it's time for me .
In your or on your bum
you take my cock deep in your mouth,
careful , try not ralph.
I pull it and on your tits,
pearl neckless, puttin' on the Ritz.
3/1/2019 6: am
Are you testing my brains or speaking in code? My deduction is you are a "working " for "hourly wages". Is correct?
3/1/2019 2:54 pm
OK, you've convinced . you are just a typical fucked up bitch/cunt
You wouldn't know a good man if he rode up on an Arabian stallion, with jewel encrusted tack and a chariot full of presents. What a bore. sheesh!

nosnowforme 64F  
463 posts
12/27/2020 3:52 pm

After two years of fielding responses from suitors of all shapes, I am saddened to report that greater than 99 percent of these are not dissimilar to those already within the all-star list.

nosnowforme 64F  
463 posts
7/21/2020 6:50 pm

They actually write things like this at 60+
"Ladies who want to have her pussy licked and maybe your ass as well"
Ahhh yeah that should increase sales for you

jajo696 66F  
2971 posts
3/13/2020 9:07 pm

A lot of winners here..for sure. As BJ says......" the odds are good here....but the good are odd "

Ugh ~~

nosnowforme 64F  
463 posts
3/13/2020 3:24 pm

The humor factor is grand

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