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trump supporter psychology ...they need your support
Posted:May 25, 2020 7:36 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2020 4:44 am
Given the trump supporters extreme devotion and unwavering admiration for their highly unpredictable, ineffective, and inflammatory leader, we turn to the field of psychology for scientific explanations based on precise quantitative data and established theoretical frameworks.

In a paper published in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology, Psychologist and UC Santa Cruz professor Thomas Pettigrew argues that five major psychological phenomena can help explain this exceptional political event. See: Social Psychological Perspectives on trump Supporters - Thomas F. Pettigrew

Supporters, we do feel your pain and stand with you in the effort to put in place the resources you require to prosper and live fully.

1. Authoritarian Personality Syndrome
Authoritarianism refers to the advocacy or enforcement of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom, and is commonly associated with a lack of concern for the opinions or needs of others. Authoritarian personality syndrome—a well-studied and globally-prevalent condition—is a state of mind that is characterized by belief in total and complete obedience to one’s authority. Those with the syndrome often display aggression toward outgroup members, submissiveness to authority, resistance to new experiences, and a rigid hierarchical view of society. The syndrome is often triggered by fear, making it easy for leaders who exaggerate threat or fear monger to gain their allegiance.

Although authoritarian personality is found among liberals, it is more common among the right-wing around the world. President trump’s speeches, which are laced with absolutist terms like “losers” and “complete disasters,” are naturally appealing to those with the syndrome.

While research showed that Republican voters in the U.S. scored higher than Democrats on measures of authoritarianism before trump emerged on the political scene, a Politico survey found that high authoritarians greatly favored then-candidate trump, which led to a correct prediction that he would win the election, despite the polls saying otherwise.

2. Social dominance orientation
Social dominance orientation SDO, which is distinct but related to authoritarian personality syndrome—refers to people who have a preference for the societal hierarchy of groups, specifically with a structure in which the high-status groups have dominance over the low-status ones. Those with SDO are typically dominant, tough-minded, and driven by self-interest.

In trump’s speeches, he appeals to those with SDO by repeatedly making a clear distinction between groups that have a generally higher status in society (White), and those groups that are typically thought of as belonging to a lower status (immigrants and minorities).

A survey of US adults published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that those who scored high on both SDO and authoritarianism were those who intended vote for trump in the election.

3. Prejudice
It would be grossly unfair and inaccurate say that every one of trump’s supporters have prejudice against ethnic and religious minorities, but it would be equally inaccurate say that many do not. It is a well-known fact that the Republican party, going at least as far back Richard Nixon’s “southern strategy,” used strategies that appealed bigotry, such as lacing speeches with “whistles”—code words that signaled prejudice toward minorities that were designed to be heard by racists but no one else.

While the whistles of the past were more subtle, trump’s are sometimes shockingly direct. There’s no denying that he routinely appeals to bigoted supporters when he calls Muslims “dangerous” and Mexican immigrants “ ” and “murderers,” often in a blanketed fashion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a new study has shown that support for trump is correlated with a standard scale of modern racism.

4. Intergroup contact
Intergroup contact refers to contact with members of groups that are outside one’s own, which has been experimentally shown to reduce prejudice. As such, it’s important to note that there is growing evidence that trump’s white supporters have experienced significantly less contact with minorities than other Americans. For example, a study found that “…the racial and ethnic isolation of Whites at the zip-code level is one of the strongest predictors of trump support.” This correlation persisted while controlling for dozens of other variables. In agreement with this finding, the same researchers found that support for trump increased with the voters’ physical distance from the Mexican border.

5. Relative deprivation
Relative deprivation refers to the experience of being deprived of something to which one believes they are entitled. It is the discontent felt when one compares their position in life to others who they feel are equal or inferior but have unfairly had more success than them.

Common explanations for trump’s popularity among non-bigoted voters involve economics. There is no doubt that some trump supporters are simply angry that American jobs are being lost to Mexico and China, which is certainly understandable, although these loyalists often ignore the fact that some of these careers are actually being lost due to the accelerating pace of automation.

These trump supporters are experiencing relative deprivation, and are common among the swing states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. This kind of deprivation is specifically referred to as “relative,” as opposed to “absolute,” because the feeling is often based on a skewed perception of what one is entitled to.
trump bestows upon himself the Badge of Honor, just in time for Memroial Day
Posted:May 21, 2020 7:00 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2020 11:17 pm
trump remains devoid of showing any empathy, no less having any, and bestows upon himself a badge of honor

“I view it as a badge of honor”
trump explained:
“Really, it’s a badge of honor”
“When we have a lot of cases”
trump continued:
“I don’t look at that as a bad thing. I look at that as ...as being a good"

And a few days before bestowing upon himself yet another Darwin Award it was the opposite:
“the whole concept of tests aren’t necessarily great”
trump is not an acceptable answer
Posted:May 14, 2020 6:39 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2020 5:55 am
Such a great opportunity for a trump parrot ...must be seized
trump pressures ducey to bend over and take a viral load
Posted:May 7, 2020 6:12 am
Last Updated:May 14, 2020 9:47 pm
Hours after Doug Ducey, the Republican governor of Arizona, accelerated plans reopen businesses, saying the state was “headed in the right direction,” his administration halted the work of a team of experts projecting it was on a different — and much grimmer — course.

On Monday night, the eve of president trump’s visit the state, Ducey’s health department shut down the work of academic experts predicting the peak of the state’s coronavirus outbreak was still about weeks away.

“We’ve been asked by Department leadership ‘pause’ all current work on projections and modeling,” Steven Bailey, the bureau chief for public health statistics at the Arizona Department of Health Services, wrote the modeling team, composed of professionals from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, according email correspondence reviewed by The Washington Post.

The move to sideline academic experts in the middle of the pandemic reflects growing friction between plans to resume economic activity and the analysis of epidemiologists that underscores the dangers of rolling back restrictions. Officials in Arizona said they would rely on “real-time” information, as well as modeling conducted by federal agencies, which is not released publicly.

During his visit to Arizona on Tuesday, trump pressed states to pursue aggressive reopening strategies even as he acknowledged “some people will be affected badly.” Governors from Georgia to Iowa have stepped ahead of the recommendations of doctors and epidemiologists in their states, beginning phased reopenings before they met the administration’s nonbinding guidelines. Recent polling suggests they have done so against the wishes of most Americans, who support sweeping precautions to slow the spread of the virus.

But experts said Arizona’s dismissal of academics, whose analysis seems at odds with the state’s approach, marked an alarming turn against data-informed decision-making.

“The approach seems to be, ‘Shoot the — and quick,’ ” said Josiah D. Rich, an epidemiologist at Brown University.

The Arizona health department was pulling back “the special data sets which have been shared under this public health emergency effort,” according the Monday email from Bailey, which was first reported by an ABC affiliate in Phoenix.

The decision represented an abrupt turnaround from the state’s request for expert input about six weeks ago, when Bailey vowed the modelers would have “full, unfettered access confidential . . . data from the Department.”

“This is a situation that is unprecedented in living memory, and it is going become rapidly more dire in the coming days,” he wrote in previously unreported correspondence. “I cannot, therefore, overemphasize the importance of what we are requesting here.”
The move also troubled some federal lawmakers. “We can’t just remove scientific data and bury facts when it contradicts an agenda or narrative,” said Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.).

Will Humble, a former Arizona health director, said he was concerned by the timing of the abrupt suspension of the modeling work — hours after Ducey had announced plans to ease restrictions on restaurants and barbershops, among other retailers.
Several members of the modeling group, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of concerns about professional retribution, said the work was halted without advance notice. One said the timing of the president’s visit to the state was suspicious.
“The optics don’t look good,” the academic said.
Reached by phone, Bailey, the email’s author, declined to comment. He wrote in his Monday email that the partnership with the academics, who were volunteering their time, might resume with the onset of flu season later in the year.

Patrick Ptak, a spokesman for the governor, said the department’s determination “had nothing to do with” the president’s travel to Arizona, or the governor’s Monday announcement about new steps in the state’s gradual reopening. He said the decision was made by the state’s health director, Cara Christ, “after reviewing all of the data.”
Going forward, Arizona will use modeling developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that “ensures our hospitals have capacity for any situation,” Ptak said.

But Humble said the state is eluding accountability by relying on nonpublic modeling. The academic partnership yielded public reports, the most recent of which predicted that the state’s peak of cases would not arrive before mid-May.
Ptak said the state is working to see if Arizona-specific projections can be made public.

“Good practice is always to use multiple models and multiple inputs,” said Elizabeth Carlton, an assistant professor of environmental and occupational health at the Colorado School of Public Health. “A smart state program will consult a lot of different data sources.”

Efforts in other states to selectively interpret and display coronavirus cases to suit political ends are also raising concerns among epidemiologists.
Iowa experts who presented the state with models saying it was too early to reopen said they were ignored.
sucking trumps ass gets you what? ...excluding drd's
Posted:May 1, 2020 4:52 pm
Last Updated:May 3, 2020 7:44 am
A huge pile!

UPDATE: Our pressure worked! The scumbag is begrudgingly returning the cash.

Dallas billionaire Monty Bennett, whose companies Ashford Inc. and Ashford Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust, controls a chain of 8 hotels that together collected $58 million in PPP loans and have applied for as much as $6 million in PPP loans funded by the CARES Act, making it collectively the single largest participant in the Program.

Business Insider broke the news last week that Bennett's companies had paid $50,000 a pair of trump's fundraisers lobby the administration for relief from the PPP, originally slated help small businesses. Bennett donated $50,000 the trump campaign's main fundraising committee, trump victory.

Last year Ashford and its subsidiaries had a combined revenue of over $2 billion through a portfolio that includes 0 hotels, primarily operated under premium brands like Intercontinental, Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.

The PPP became a flashpoint in the public debate over federal bailouts for businesses, as large chains and profitable ventures like Shake Shack and the Los Angeles Lakers drained the fund before small businesses could get relief.

Late Thursday, Douglas Kessler, the president and CEO of Bennett's largest hotel branch, Ashford Hospitality Trust, resigned from the company. Kessler left, according to a statement, "to pursue other professional opportunities."

Apparently the swamp is fully contained in trumps ass.
trump md injects the kool-aid and is honored with yet another Darwin Award
Posted:Apr 25, 2020 6:41 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2020 4:45 am
The White House delivered an abrupt 22-minute briefing following a day of media criticism over trump's disinfectant remarks the previous night. trump cuts the press questions and storms out of COVID-19 briefing early after disinfectant backlash.

He refused to answer questions about his comments on people injecting bleach or directly shining UV light on their bodies to kill the virus.

Several of Trump's closest advisers inside and outside of the White House have urged him to stop his marathon televised briefings to save his poll numbers [note: not lives]

When the president has lost the confidence of the people and when his words and actions are doing far more harm than good, there can be little justification for him to stay in office.

Will he resign? ...we can only pray trump finds the courage for self-realization of his incompetence.

Yumi ...A Real First Lady
Posted:Apr 20, 2020 4:49 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2020 11:22 am
Maryland owes a debt of gratitude to the people of South Korea, Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said Monday after securing 500,000 coronavirus tests from the country over the weekend.

But Hogan acknowledged Monday that the deal would not have come together if it weren’t for his wife, first lady Yumi Hogan.

Yumi joined the governor Saturday to welcome a Boeing 777, the first-ever Korean Air passenger plane to land at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, which the governor said was carrying more tests than “four of the top five states in America” combined have completed.

The delivery was the culmination of what Hogan labeled “Operation Enduring Friendship,” which started March 28, when he asked his wife to join him on a call with the Korean ambassador to the United States.

During the call, Hogan said they spoke of the special relationship between Maryland and the Republic of Korea, a bond created because of Yumi Hogan.

“Most importantly, I want to thank Maryland’s first lady, my wife, Yumi,” Hogan said, his voice slightly cracking. “She truly is a champion of this Operation Enduring Friendship.”

Yumi Hogan is believed to be the first Korean American first lady of any state and has been the catalyst for “the special bond” between Maryland and South Korea, where Yumi Hogan has almost taken on a celebrity status.

Gov. Hogan said he has been referred to as the “han kuk sah we,” the -in-law of South Korea, most recently by South Korean President Moon Jae-in in a videotaped greeting during a National Governors Association event last winter.

“I considered it quite an honor for him to say that that night, but I had no idea just how much that would truly come to mean these two very long months later,” Hogan said, standing near his wife at Monday’s news conference.

Before her marriage to Hogan in 2004, Yumi Hogan was a single mother of three daughters.

She grew up in a rural area on a chicken farm outside Seoul and immigrated to the United States in her 20s with her first husband, the father of her three daughters, to work in blue-collar family businesses.

Living first in Texas and then California, Yumi later divorced and moved to Howard County for its schools. In Maryland, she sought out rural areas that reminded her of home, inspiring her abstract landscapes. She taught art in her basement and worked as a cashier, trying to provide for her daughters.

She became a citizen in 1994 and met Hogan six years later at an art show.

In 2008, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Two years later, she received a master’s degree from American University.

Her work, using traditional sumi ink and hanji paper, has been displayed locally and around the world.

Since her husband took office in 2015, Yumi Hogan has hosted a delegation from South Korea at the governor’s mansion, served her own kimchi at a celebration of the Lunar New Year and impressed guests at a cookout with her traditional pork bulgogi.

She hauled her own kimchi fridge to the governor’s mansion when the couple first moved in.
trump fans attempt to disprove natural selection in Ohio
Posted:Apr 16, 2020 4:27 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2020 10:56 am
April Fifteenth 2020
trump fans in Ohio embark a protest of which they do not understand

Surely at least a few will ultimately be unsuccessful.

Let us pray the experiment does not reach those beyond the rail car ...sadly it will

The irony with the Shaun of the Dead imagery is uncanny.
trumps ego will delay your stimulus check
Posted:Apr 15, 2020 6:40 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2020 6:36 am
The economic impact of COVID-19 is gargantuan and the decline is tragically affecting the lives of millions of Americans. 17 million have filed for unemployment in the last three weeks, there are mile long lines at food banks, and nearly one third of Americans didn’t pay their rent in April. After finally passing the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which includes the disbursement of $1,200 stimulus checks to many individuals, the Treasury Department has decided to stop the printing presses momentarily. Why?

The issue boils down to a simple question: What matters more during a crisis, getting stimulus checks to individuals in need as quickly as possible or ensuring that the checks bear trump’s name? Sadly, the Treasury Department and trump believe the latter.

trump is not legally authorized to sign stimulus check disbursements. Putting trump’s name on the checks is neither required nor in keeping with protocol. In fact, having his name appear in the “memo” section is a sneaky workaround

The Treasury Department has instructed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to print trumps name on the “memo” line of the stimulus checks it will soon mail out to tens of millions of people. According to multiple IRS officials, this decision will delay the issuance of paper checks as the IRS information technology team needs to make a programming change before the checks are passed to the Bureau of Fiscal Service for printing and issuing. Chad Hooper, national president of the IRS's Professional Managers Association, told The Washington Post that “any last minute request like this will create a downstream snarl that will result in a delay.”
trump: a once-a-century threat to life and livelihood ...and you thought it was COVID
Posted:Apr 10, 2020 7:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2020 7:01 pm

In his daily briefings on the coronavirus, President trump has brandished all the familiar tools in his rhetorical arsenal: belittling Democratic governors, demonizing the media, trading in innuendo and bulldozing over the guidance of experts.

It’s the kind of performance the president relishes, but one that has his advisers and Republican allies worried.

As unemployment soars and the death toll skyrockets, and new polls show support for the president’s handling of the crisis sagging, White House allies and Republican lawmakers increasingly believe the briefings are hurting the president more than helping him. Many view the sessions as a kind of original sin from which all of his missteps flow, once he gets through his prepared script and turns to his preferred style of extemporaneous bluster and invective.

Mr. trump “sometimes drowns out his own message,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who has become one of the president’s informal counselors and told him “a once-a-week show” could be more effective. Representative Susan Brooks of Indiana said “they’re going on too long.” Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia said the briefings were “going off the rails a little bit” and suggested that he should “let the health professional’s guide where we’re going to go.”

Even the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board chastised the president for his behavior at the briefings. “Covid-19 isn’t shifty Schiff,” it wrote in an editorial on Thursday, using Mr. trump’s nickname for Representative Adam Schiff. “It’s a once-a-century threat to American life and livelihood.”

With only intermittent attempts to adapt to a moment of crisis, Mr. trump is effectively wagering that he can win re-election in the midst of a national emergency on a platform of polarization.

In interviews, Republican lawmakers, administration officials and members of his re-election campaign said they wanted Mr. trump to limit his error-filled appearances at the West Wing briefings and move more aggressively to prepare for the looming recession. Some even suggested he summon a broader range of the country’s leaders, including former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, in an all-hands-on-deck moment to respond to the national emergency.

The consternation reflects a new sense of urgency over Mr. trump’s re-election efforts as Joseph R. Biden Jr. emerges as his likely Democratic challenger. Three new polls this week show Mr. Biden leading the president, and the trump campaign’s internal surveys show he has mostly lost the initial bump he received early in the crisis, according to three people briefed on the numbers. Public polls show he badly trails the nation’s governors and his own medical experts in terms of whom Americans trust most for guidance.

“I told him your opponent is no longer Joe Biden — it’s this virus,” Mr. Graham said.

One of Mr. trump’s top political advisers, speaking on the condition of anonymity so as not to anger the president, was even blunter, arguing that the White House was handing Mr. Biden ammunition each night by sending the president out to the cameras.

Vice President Mike Pence, this adviser said, should be the M.C. because he projects more empathy than the president, rarely makes mistakes and, as a former governor and the chief of the coronavirus task force, has a better grasp on the details of the response.

Yet the publicity-obsessed president is unlikely to relinquish his grip on the evening sessions: Mr. trump has told aides he relishes the free television time and boffo ratings that come with his appearances, administration officials say.

He also views it as an opportunity to put forth his version of events and rebut the negative coverage he is receiving, as he showed in a tweet Thursday afternoon. On a day that New York State reported 799 deaths from the coronavirus in a 24-hour period, Mr. trump’s focus was on himself, and his feuds.

There is some preliminary evidence that Mr. trump is heeding the Republicans’ concerns. On Wednesday and Thursday, Mr. trump made what were for him relatively brief appearances before leaving the room and turning the podium over to Mr. Pence and Drs. Anthony S. Fauci and Deborah Birx. Whether it lasts remains to be seen.

Deep divisions remain in the White House and the Republican Party over how quickly to ease social distancing orders and urge Americans to return to school and work. Some who have Mr. trump’s ear, like Mr. Graham, are urging prudence. But a number of Republican lawmakers and Fox News personalities are lobbying the president to reopen the economy as quickly as possible.

Amid the conflicting advice, the president’s gut instincts and fondness for showmanship have won out, prompting him to frequently contradict or simply obscure the scientists who polls show are most trusted by voters.

And it’s not just an overwhelming majority of voters who believe the medical experts should be center stage: Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, personally urged Mr. trump at the start of the crisis to let Drs. Fauci and Birx be the face of the response, according to a Republican official familiar with their conversation.

Judd Deere, a White House spokesman, said: “Any suggestion that President trump is struggling on tone or message is completely false. During these difficult times, Americans are receiving comfort, hope and resources from their president, as well as their local officials, and Americans are responding in unprecedented ways.”

Some of Mr. trump’s aides have quietly suggested to him that he ratchet back his public attacks on the governors who have emerged as leaders in the response to the virus. But they acknowledge their efforts can be something of a fool’s errand; the president has his style and he won’t change, they say.

His attacks on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, a popular Democrat and potential vice-presidential pick for Mr. Biden — whom Mr. trump called a “half-Whit” and “that woman” — were of particular concern to some aides and political advisers, who believe he risked alienating voters in a pivotal state.

Representative Paul Mitchell, a Michigan Republican, said he had contacted a senior White House official, as well as Ms. Whitmer herself, to express his unhappiness about their mutual sniping.

“It is not helpful to hurl names and talk about badly about people,” Mr. Mitchell said. “We need to focus on the problem.”

At Mr. trump’s re-election campaign, staff members have closely monitored internal polling data showing an erosion of the gains Mr. trump made immediately after he put social distancing guidelines in place. Advisers are torn between knowing that a less abrasive approach would help Mr. trump and their awareness that he can’t tolerate criticism, regardless of the setting.

Mr. trump’s limited gains in the polls are all the more striking when compared with those made by governors in both parties; many are enjoying double-digit gains in their approval ratings. And Mr. trump’s penchant for ad hominem attacks, Republicans say, illustrates why he has little room for growth among the electorate.

“He can’t escape his instincts, his desire to put people down, like Mitt Romney, or to talk about his ratings,” said former Representative Carlos Curbelo, a Florida Republican. “That’s why he’s not getting the George W. Bush post-9/11 treatment. A leader in this sort of crisis should have a 75-to-80-percent approval rating.”

That would prove difficult for even a more conventional president at a time the country is so politically divided, but a number of prominent Republicans believe Mr. trump has hurt himself by making only the most halting attempts at demonstrating an above-the-fray unity.

For example, aides to both Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama said that neither had been asked by the White House to do anything to aid the response to the crisis.

“The model of Obama asking Bush and Clinton to work on Haiti is a really good model,” said former Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee, recalling how Mr. Obama deployed Mr. Bush and former President Bill Clinton to lead the United States’ assistance to Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake there.

But Mr. Haslam and other Republicans believe Mr. trump needs to go much further. Mr. Haslam called for creating a recovery team and installing “the economic equivalent of Dr. Fauci” as its leader. Asked whom he had in mind, Mr. Haslam suggested Mitch Daniels, who previously served as the governor of Indiana, the head of the Office of Management and Budget and as chief executive of the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

A number of senators, including Mr. Graham, are also pushing for a sort of economic task force to complement the virus task force.

“The administration needs to be thinking through what does it look like to get back to business,” said Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, suggesting that it should “give a lot of thought to how we scale back up economically, because that’s going to be the next big challenge for us.”

The health of the economy may pose the biggest challenge to Mr. trump’s re-election.

Mr. Toomey said he “won’t be surprised if we have 25 percent unemployment,” which would match the height of the Great Depression, by the start of the summer. But he said that if voters believed “the president has handled this well under the circumstances, and we’re on a good path, he has a shot.”

Other Republicans are more skeptical that Mr. trump can win if he’s still saddled with double-digit unemployment in November. “I think that makes it really hard,” said Tony Fratto, a former Bush administration official.

And then there’s the matter of Mr. trump and his conduct at the daily briefings.

Mr. Toomey has been outspoken about the need for Americans to wear masks when they leave home. Last week he had a 20-minute conversation with the president, whom he described as “thoughtful and engaged.”

By week’s end, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had issued guidelines: People should wear “cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.” The agency’s decision was based in part on recent studies showing that people without symptoms can give the virus to others.

But in the same briefing where he announced the guidelines, Mr. trump diminished the move as “a recommendation.”

“I just don’t want to wear one myself,” he said, explaining that he had no symptoms. “I am feeling good.”
$243,151.65 was it worth it? No but at least the scumbag is gone
Posted:Apr 8, 2020 6:27 pm
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2020 7:46 am

The recently resigned acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly's Monday trip Guam where he addressed the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and slammed their former commander, cost the Defense Department an estimated $243,000, according a Navy official.

Modly's remarks led his resignation a day later.
Modly traveled Guam aboard a C-37B VIP aircraft a modified Gulfstream jet. It costs $6,946.19 per hour fly and the flight time for the Guam trip was about 35 hours for a total cost of $243,1.65.
The cost of the trip was first reported by USA Today.
The recently resigned acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly's Monday trip to Guam where he addressed the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and slammed their former commander, cost the Defense Department an estimated $243,000, according to a Navy official.
Modly's remarks led to his resignation a day later.

Modly traveled to Guam aboard a C-37B VIP aircraft a modified Gulfstream jet. It costs $6,946.19 per hour to fly and the flight time for the Guam trip was about 35 hours for a total cost of $243,1.65.

Modly's resignation came just over a week after Capt. Brett Crozier, the then-commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, sent a memo warning of coronavirus spreading among the sailors on the aircraft carrier. The memo leaked, prompting Modly remove Crozier from command and fly Guam address the ship in remarks that included calling Crozier "stupid."
While not explicitly mentioning Modly or his resignation, the Navy's top admiral, Chief of Naval Operation Adm. Mike Gilday, sent a message to the Navy on Wednesday acknowledging that "the events of the past week have been difficult for our Navy and our nation."

"The events of the past week have been difficult for our Navy and our nation. We will learn from them. But make no mistake, we are moving forward. The Navy has our orders and we are executing them," Gilday wrote.

Two-hundred eighty- sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for coronavirus and 93% of the ship's crew have been tested as of Wednesday, according the Navy.

Nearly a week after Modly fired Crozier for too widely disseminating a memo calling for the urgent evacuation of the ship's crew, the Navy has only evacuated 2,329 of the aircraft carrier's nearly 4,800 sailors.

The Navy initially said that it had intended to move 2,700 sailors ashore by April 3. Officials say the process has been slowed due to testing as the government of Guam is requiring that sailors test negative before they can be moved into hotels on the island.
trump baselessly disputes HHS IG report and repeats false claims
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 6:00 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2020 8:25 pm
Fact checking trump's claims the HHS IG report
At Monday's briefing, Fox News correspondent Kristin Fisher asked the president about a recently released report from the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General which details challenges facing hospitals in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, including shortages of supplies and equipment, as well as prolonged wait times to get testing results.
In response, trump said, "It's just wrong. Did I hear the word 'inspector general,' really? It's wrong."
When pushed on the fact that the report was released by his own administration, trump suggested the findings were politically motivated, asking, "Well where did he come from, the inspector general? What's his name?" trump later added, "So give me the name of the inspector general. Could politics be entered into that?"
Facts First: There's no evidence to suggest anything about the report is wrong, or that it was somehow politically motivated. The report was independently launched by the HHS OIG and based on interviews conducted between March 23 and 27 with administrators at more than 300 hospitals across 46 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. The report found hospitals faced testing shortages and longer than usual wait times for coronavirus test results.
The report's findings of shortages at key hospitals also corroborated previous press reports from hospitals in New York and elsewhere, which are facing severe shortages of vital medical equipment. According to the HHS report, its purpose is to provide a snapshot of hospitals' experiences amid a growing number of coronavirus cases and doesn't serve as a review of the department's response to the outbreak.
The senior HHS OIG officials who oversaw this watchdog report are both women: Ann Maxwell, the assistant inspector general for evaluation and inspections, and Christi Grimm, the principal deputy inspector general. Grimm, whose name is on the report, is a career official who entered her current role in January but has been with HHS since 1999, serving under both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Coronavirus tests
On Monday, trump claimed, as he did last week, that his administration had initially been burdened by an "obsolete" test for the coronavirus.
"Initially speaking, the tests were old, obsolete, and not really prepared," he said Monday.
Facts First: The faulty initial test for the coronavirus was created during trump's administration, in early 2020, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since this is a new virus that was first identified this year, the tests couldn't possibly be "old" or "obsolete."
"He is lying. He is lying 100%. He is lying because he is trying to shift blame to others, even if the attempt is totally nonsensical," Gregg Gonsalves, an assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases at the Yale School of Public Health, said of a previous version of trump's claim.
The claim "doesn't make sense because it is false," Tara Smith, an epidemiology professor at Kent State University, said of a previous version of the claim. "This a new virus."
Sticking to past practice, the CDC created its own test for the coronavirus rather than use the test being distributed by the World Health Organization. The CDC began developing its test in January 2020 and announced on February 5 that it would begin shipping test kits to public health labs around the US.
Soon after that, there were reports that some of the test kits were not working properly. The CDC admitted the problem on February . It announced February 28 that it had manufactured brand new, functional test kits that addressed the problem, which had been caused by a flaw in one of the components of the original test.

trump on performance of the small business lending program
During Monday's White House coronavirus task force briefing, trump claimed that the Paycheck Protection Program -- a small businesses lending program -- has "really been performing well."
trump said there were a few "minor glitches that have already been taken care of."
Facts First: CNN has reported significant issues the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), with system wide failures as lenders process these loans.
Days after the launch of the Small Business Administration's rollout of the PPP, there are still delays in the system lenders use upload loan application information and the money is still largely not going out the businesses that need it yet.
According an industry source who spoke CNN, major system-wide failures continue crop in the PPP system, including shutdowns preventing the submission of applications from lenders on their system known as E-Tran. These issues have slowed down the ability for banks participate in the loan program, this source tells CNN.
Additionally, several bank executives tell CNN they want the Treasury Department or the Small Business Administration offer more guidance how they are supposed disburse funds. CNN reporting indicates there are also concerns among lenders who say they won't cut checks until there is clear guidance on how they should distribute the money.
read more about the early glitches in the small business lending program, read here and here.

Plane passengers being tested for the coronavirus
Asked about the possibility of restrictions on travel between coronavirus hotspots, trump said: "There's also testing done when people get onto those planes and also when people get off the planes."
Facts First: There is no evidence that plane passengers in the US are being tested for the coronavirus at all, let alone both when they get on and get off the plane. While it is theoretically possible this is happening under the radar at a particular airport, it is certainly not happening widely.
trump might have meant to refer to screening -- which involves questioning and sometimes temperature checks -- rather than actual testing, but major US airlines are not doing screening, either. Some plane passengers are being subjected to government screening upon landing, but most passengers are not -- and this screening, unlike testing, cannot conclusively determine whether someone has the virus.

The Obama administration and H1N1
trump slammed the Obama administration for its handling of the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic in 2009.
"The other administration, they didn't even know -- it was like they didn't even know it was here," he said.
Facts First: It's not true that the Obama administration did not notice H1N1 or take significant action to fight the pandemic.
On April 26, 2009, less than two weeks after the first US cases of H1N1 were confirmed, the Obama administration declared a public health emergency. Two days later, the Obama administration made an initial $1.5 billion funding request to Congress. (Congress ultimately allocated $7.7 billion.) On that same day, the Food and Drug Administration approved the CDC's test; the CDC began distributing the tests domestically and internationally on May 1, 2009.
In October 2009, President Barack Obama declared a national emergency to allow hospitals more flexibility for a possible flood of H1N1 patients.
The Obama administration did face criticism over the pace of its vaccination effort, but the suggestion that the administration seemed not to notice H1N1 is unfounded.
trump also said Monday that ",000 people" died in the H1N1 pandemic. The CDC estimates that ,469 people were killed by H1N1 between April 2009 and April 2010. Its estimate range is a minimum of 8,868 a maximum of 18,306, so trump's ",000" figure is plausible, but it's worth noting that it's toward the high end.

Trade with China
trump also spoke Monday about topics other than the coronavirus pandemic. He made false claims in rapid succession about trade with China.
Biggest trade deal
trump said, "We just signed a trade deal, it's the biggest deal probably ever made..."
Facts First: "Biggest" is vague, but experts say trump's "phase one" deal with China is not the biggest ever.
Alan Deardorff, a University of Michigan professor of international economics who focuses on trade, said it is smaller than both the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Uruguay Round that created the World Trade Organization in terms of the volume of trade they cover. Gary Clyde Hufbauer, a nonresident senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said that George W. Bush granting China the status of permanent normal trade relations in 2001 was "far bigger" than trump's China deal, covering a far greater number of subjects (tariffs, non-tariff barriers, investment and others).
Never spent money
trump said China is now going spend billions of dollars on US agriculture and other products, "whereas China never spent money in our country. We spent money."
Facts First: This is nonsense. Since 1995, China has spent at least $10 billion every year on imported US goods. Since 2011, it is more than $100 billion per year.
And that spending on imports doesn't include tens of billions of dollars in foreign direct investment by China in the United States.

Trade deficit
trump said, "We had a deficit, a trade deficit, with China for years, of $500 billion, $400 billion..."
Facts First: There has never been a $500 billion trade deficit with China. The 2018 deficit was about $381 billion when counting trade in both goods and services; the goods and services deficit fell about $308 billion in 2019.
The deficit with China has not been $500 billion even if you only count trade in goods and ignoring trade in services. The deficit did exceed $400 billion in 2018 if you only count trade in goods -- it was about $420 billion -- but that had never happened before.
Jared Kushner - How lucky we are to have him!
Posted:Apr 4, 2020 9:10 pm
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2020 6:32 am

How lucky we are!

The man and the hour have met.

In crises, there come moments that cry out for leadership. If only the right person will rise the call, then the course of history can be altered. Well, can there be any doubt that we have found that right person?

Into every age there comes this epoch-defining human being. The 19th century had Napoleon, the 18th, George Washington, the 20th, Einstein and Franklin Delano Roosevelt both. How lucky for the 21st century that we have someone who combines all their virtues and all their intellect and all their business acumen into a single slim body with a suit on it. And he’s barely 39 years old! And it just so happens, also, that he is the president’s -in-law!

What are the odds?

We would be fortunate if into this generation had been born a person capable of solving the problem of peace in the Middle East, or the opioid crisis, or how to make government work in an age of pandemic — but what are the odds that we would have all , and that they would turn out be the same man? Truly the gods have blessed us. Truly this is a towering intellect.

The amazing thing, too, is that if you were to listen to him talk, you would not think that this was a man who knew anything about anything. Perhaps to really understand his brilliance you must be related to him. At least there was one person who always believed in Jared Kushner, and fortunately for him, that person was the president’s -in-law, who through a strange coincidence was also himself.

Yes, thank heavens there was one person who always knew he could rise to any challenge, and that his mind was capable of absorbing any question, no matter how complex. Could Jared Kushner be the greatest genius who has ever lived? It’s a possibility that Jared Kushner cannot rule out. He has always basked in the serene confidence that he could do his own calculations and they would, in fact, be better than anyone else’s estimates. Just because they were different did not mean they were wrong. He is applying this approach now to a grave question: As Vanity Fair reported, he is “doing my own projections, and I’ve gotten a lot smarter about this. New York doesn’t need all the ventilators.” Thank goodness, because if someone is wrong about that, people will die.

Jared Kushner was wise enough to look at the problems that ultimately fall on a country’s government to solve, and think outside the box. Maybe, after all, the stockpile of ventilators and equipment was not for the states or the people who resided in them, but for some undefined “us” who was not the states! Maybe, after all, this is not a pandemic, in which people are dying, every day, but a good opportunity to teach recalcitrant states a lesson about leadership — and perhaps question the whole notion of whether we are a nation of states at all! Maybe, after all, this would be a good time to reframe governors seeking to save the lives of their citizens as freeloaders asking for some kind of handout! (”What you have all over the country is a lot of people are asking for things that they don’t necessarily need at the moment.") So many thoughts that would never have occurred to anyone else!

How fortunate we are to have someone leading us who is never in doubt and who always, as though by magic, alights on the one solution that has simultaneously never occurred to anyone and is absolutely correct. I am glad he does not combine humility with his other virtues, or he would have put someone else in charge, on the grounds that he could not possibly be the right person to solve every question. And then where would we be? Thank God that we elected a person who happened to know this wonderful man, whom otherwise no one would have elected or appointed to anything!

Thank you, Jared, for getting us to where we are now.

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