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Profile turnoffs and suggestions  

nostalgic68 61M
112 posts
2/12/2019 6:30 am
Profile turnoffs and suggestions

First it must be noted that I am a standard member. If I view your full profile, it means I spent my earned points to look at it. And in that I have just about earned and used all my points up, it is particularly frustrating to spend the last of them to read at the end of a profile two things that should have been noted first. One, age limit. Two, denial of married/coupled men. Sigh!

However, I am immediately only referring to what is viewable in the quick glance profile so graciously afforded us by AdultFriendFinder. Two things I noted in a profile this morning that sort of bristled my<b> feathers </font></b>was an immediate requirement of being 7" or more... and THICK. Then the addition of "doe nation."

Ok, I am not naive. I suppose men here put such things as, DD and bigger only. And more than likely a picture of their manhood (to impress the ladies) and some slutty comment about how they are going to F you (also thinking to impress the ladies).

Maybe its because I have had too much education and written, edited, read too many books. But as they say, honey attracts one thing, BS attracts another. It is just that it amazes me some of what is written here. Ok, I get it. I'm old school. I was raised where a man held the door open for the person behind them and he always paid for the meal. And unless he was at some sleazy dive bar, his vocabulary wasn't offensive. Be that as it may, I think respectfulness and being a gentleman or lady still advances one's chances on sites like this.

So... what are your turn offs that you see in profiles? Or do you even read them instead of looking at only the picture and/or location? What encourages you to contact someone here? Enquiring minds would really like to know.

PS Feel free to critique and criticize my own profile.

smartasswoman 63F  
33614 posts
2/12/2019 8:55 pm

Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad to know that info is viewable in the capsule profile that everyone is able to see. Hopefully nobody's wasting their points on trying to read the rest of it.

smartasswoman 63F  
33614 posts
2/12/2019 4:58 pm

I think you've given people something to think about here, with regards to putting any dealbreakers early in their profile so that standard members will see it in the "Preview mode".

Can I ask you whether standard members see the status update on the profile? Mine says "Just here to blog, thanks" but I still get a fair number of messages - which mystifies me.

nostalgic68 replies on 2/12/2019 6:12 pm:
Yes. And each time you update, when approved, others should see it. I was told that sometimes the status updates hang for a while.

Someone commented somewhere today that people think no matter what your status reads or what your profile states, they think it is a sex site so they can still pursue despite being outside of the perimeters. C'est la vie in the WWW world.

nostalgic68 replies on 2/12/2019 6:17 pm:
PS Your "glance" profile is limited to reading: I'm here to stay connected with blog friends. I'm not actively meeting people from the site at this point. If you...more

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