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surprise for you baby!!  

notaneasylay6 48F  
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8/27/2017 8:58 pm
surprise for you baby!!

she finds a note that says he has a surprise for her and to wear something pretty.. so she laughs out loud.. that could mean anything with her husband.. so she runs to grab a shower... and washes up using her vanilla soap.. her new fragrance that he loves to smell her in.. gets out of the shower rubbing all over to get dry.. sprays on vanilla scent.. all the places he likes it best.. a little sparkle on the naked shoulders and legs..

goes into the walk in closet he had specially made for her. that was a surprise as well as the lingerie that he put it into it.. she slips into her thigh high stockings and her garter belt, that goes over her black lace thong, then a black lace push up bra.. pushing her large breast almost to the top and spilling out.. over top of it she puts on her new red teddy with the black lace insets, ties it up nice and tight in the front. leaving her breast tops exposed. reaching for her thigh long black dress.. will just cover the tops of the stockings when she is standing..

looks in the mirror and admires herself momentarily, thinks he will enjoy.. slips into some high heels and walks into bedroom to apply make up.

just finishes a light make up when her husband walks in the room and takes a lazy look of her body. smiles and leans in to kiss her freshly lipsticked lips. your smoking hot baby..

do you trust me he asks?
she smiles and says yes of course.. OK get on the bed baby.. i'm going to tie you to the bed. just your hands.. i want your legs free.. my surprise is someone that is going to join us today.

as they have had several male partners over the years she doesn't think anything of it. so she gets on the bed.. and he ties her to the bed.. leaning over and kissing her deeply.. plunging his tongue inside her mouth.. hands rubbing her breast.. tweaking the nipples.. feeling them get hard against the palm of his hand. moving his hands down to grab her thighs and wrap them around his hips.. ramming his pelvis into her.. both still fully clothed. kissing deeply. then he leverages up and is on his knees..
i know you said you didn't want to have sex with a woman.. and i'm not asking you to.. but i am asking you to let her do things to you. i think you will enjoy it and you don't have to touch her, just let her touch you. and let me watch. she squirms.. not sure about this Hun.. i'm not into woman...

i know your not Hun.. lets just try it to see if you enjoy.
OK but just this one. and i'm not touching her. yes yes i know dear.. that's why your tired up. he winks at her.

"ok you can come in" he calls

in walks a sexy brunette.. she smiles at me and proceeds to climb on the bed. on my right side. and asks permission to touch my body. i hesitate.. and she tells me if she does something i don't like to just tell her and she will stop.. but she really wants to touch me and watch my husband fuck me. I tell her to go ahead.

she leans over and pulls the cup of my bra down.. exposing my breast and my hard larger nipple..
she touches it with her finger.. just rubbing the tip.. then takes it between her 2 fingers.. rubs it back and forth. then pinching it a bit.. then leans in and takes in between her lips.. licking the tip.. then wrapping her lips around it and sucking on it softly..
her other hand moves over to my other breast and pulls that cup down as well.. so not both breast are bared for her.
my husband is watching the whole time, is sitting down at the foot of the bed.. slowly taking off his tie.. watching the whole time. his already impressive erection is getting bigger if possible.
her mouth is sucking my nipple hard.. and not gonna lie. she is very good at it. with her other hand she is plucking my other nipple.. pulling it away from my body and letting it go to snap back. i'm moaning loudly. chest is lifting off the bed.. to get more into her mouth maybe.. she lets go of the other nipple and when she pulls her lips off my first nipple you can hear the smack noise with her mouth..
she leans over the bed and starts to suck my other nipple. sucks it hard into her mouth.. i moan and wiggle.. god this feels good i say.. my husband is now rubbing my feet.. and my calfs
the hand that is not supporting her weight is now moving down my body.. one finger tracing a line down to my pussy,, she slips it between my lips.. pulls her mouth off my nipple to tell me that im very wet.. and she is going to taste my pussy in a minute.. this pleases my husband as he starts rubbing my thigh harder.. i can see he is starting to unbutton his shirt,, her mouth leaves my nipple and follows the trail first done by her finger. she moves til she is kneeling between my legs.. presses them apart.. and starts to lick my clit..
softly and slowly at first.. and then faster.. my husband watches the whole time.. tells her i like it licked slower.. softer. makes her hum.. and oh so wet. so she starts licking slow.. im getting so wet.. you can hear the soft noises as she licks and sucks my clit.. im moaning loudly.. saying that i want to cum so bad.
he walks up and leans down and trust his tongue into my mouth.. so i have now 2 mouths inside me.. because she sees him doing this and she does the same to my pussy. that is so unbelievably erotic.. his hand moves to my breast and with one on each breast he rubs my nipples.. and she moves back to my clit.. this is all so much.. so much sensation.. so a few more minutes of this and i cum on her tongue.. moaning deeply on his tongue.. he removes all of his clothes and he then lays down on the bed... lifts me up til i am laying on him.. and he sticks his cock inside me from under me.. so i'm laying on him, and he is laying on the bed.. pussy still exposed and his cock inside me..
she wiggles around until she is between both sets of legs.. and starts licking my pussy again while my husband is fucking me.. oh god.. i whimper.. he whispers in my ear that this is so hot and he wont last long.. he is going to cum inside of me and she can then lick it all up.. she wants to and he starts pumping hard.. moaning in her ear.. the pressure inside her pussy and the tongue outside is too much for me. and I cums again.. squeezing his cock.. making him cum inside me.
he pulls out of my pussy and watches while the other girl cleans up all of the cum with her tongue..

omg that feels good.. i'm so wet.. she puts a finger inside my pussy.. and another inside my asshole.. never had that before and it feels so good. she tells me she wants me to cum one more time before she goes.. so she starts fucking my pussy and my ass with her hand.. plunging into both.. sucking my clit hard into her mouth.. i'm practically incoherent now i'm moaning so much. my hands hands are rubbing my nipples.. his mouth on my neck sucking that one special spot there. with the 5 ways of the 2 of them stimulating my body it doesn't take long and i'm screaming through another orgasm.

Thanks for stopping by, please comment whether you liked it or not.. but please keep it positive and sexy...lol


notaneasylay6 48F  
36 posts
6/7/2019 5:57 pm

lol awe thanks Kinky

Thanks for stopping by, please comment whether you liked it or not.. but please keep it positive and sexy...lol


KinkyNL1981 39M  
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6/7/2019 5:26 pm

You are an excellent writer Notan; keep it up because that's what it made me 😘

tyme2tryme 61M  
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3/1/2018 7:00 pm


notaneasylay6 48F  
36 posts
8/29/2017 2:29 pm


Thanks for stopping by, please comment whether you liked it or not.. but please keep it positive and sexy...lol


Pepperstarr 49M/48F  
105 posts
8/29/2017 2:16 pm

Fiction or fantasy

notaneasylay6 48F  
36 posts
8/28/2017 6:24 pm

blushes.. glad you all liked it

Thanks for stopping by, please comment whether you liked it or not.. but please keep it positive and sexy...lol


Italian_inLondon 44M
11 posts
8/28/2017 6:10 pm

mmm I came twice reading this...

Fleshswing2007 49M
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8/27/2017 10:23 pm

that was pretty hot

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