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I wrote these for a AFF friend.  

notdw 55M  
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6/19/2021 5:03 pm
I wrote these for a AFF friend.

Your meeting me at a motel and when you get my room the door is open and the lights are off. On the bed is a blind fold and rope. You don't see but hear my voice and I tell you put the blindfold on and then hold your arms out. A rope goes over your wrists and I tighten it. I get you up and push you a wall put your hands over your head and tie you there. I pull your shirt over your head and out of the way I pull your pants and panties down and then off. You feel my mouth on a nipple and hands touching you moving up and down your body. One hand rubs your Clit while the other your ass. I insert my fingers in one hole and then the other, sliding them in and out working them back and forth faster and faster making you start to squirm and moan it feels really good. After I've had some fun fingering you I Take you down and putting you on the bed hands still tied, your legs spread open my fingers and tongue continue with your pussy. Your almost ready cum but I Don't let you. I pull you down the floor and put you on your knees. I slip my cock into your mouth and you eagerly take it in. I Move deeper and deeper into your mouth until you start to choke on it. Have You been a bad girl I ask? Yes you say? Then you need a<b> spanking </font></b>I tell you. I Flipping you over and Spank you hard turning your Ass a nice shade of red. I Stick my cock into you all the while still smacking your ass. I ask Did you bring toys? Yes, Good. After I've finished with you I see that your not quite done So I grab the toy, lube it up and insert it and bang you with it until you beg stop, I continue on until you cum. After everything is done you look at and smile a very happy lady.

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