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Late coming home  

nottybabygurl69 46F  
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10/29/2020 12:49 am
Late coming home

It's 6pm Friday and you are late. You've hurried as much as you can, but you made me wait for you and I am pissed. You run through the door, out of breath from trying to get home quickly and avoid punishment.

I'm waiting in my chair, watching the door, belt folded in half in my hand. Slowly slapping the leather armrest. Whack, Whack Whack.

I rise to my feet as you open the door. I can see the fear in your eyes as you rush through the door. "I'm sorry Daddy", you bleat breathlessly.

"Be Silent!" I roar. " On your knees!."

You freeze, standing there defiantly.

A slow grin spreads across my face. " now your really in trouble Pet!'

I move into you, grab your waist with one hand and grab your hair with the other hand. I love to watch your eyes as you feel me controlling you. I lift you by your hair. Not too high, but enough so that you need to be on your tip toes. I can feel your heart beating and see your chest rising and falling.

My lips are inches from yours, so I give you a hard kiss and end with a forceful lip bite. I can feel you wince and hear a muffled whimper.

"Strip you slut." I give your hair a quick tug to make sure I have your attention. You unbutton your blouse, take off your bra and wriggle out of your skirt.

Looks like it was "No Panties Friday."

My eyes dance over your body, over every curve.

You're going to pay for making wait. I pull your hair snapping your head back. You gasp with pain as I slowly pull your hair down, forcing you to your knees. Once down, I slide the belt across your face. Draw it down your neck. Stroke your breasts with it.

Then a quick slap across your breast with the belt that leaves a stinging red mark. "You little Slut! Never make Daddy wait!" I slide the belt across your shoulder and down across your other breast. Then a backhanded slap across your breast. I love the little gasps you make as I punish you. Slowly drawing the black leather across your face and neck, then a sharp stinging whip across your breasts. Holding your head by your hair so I can watch the pain in your face as I whip you over and over.

You nipples are erect and hard now, so I pause and give them a long hard pinch and a quick twist. Your moans are making me hard, so I force your head into my crotch so you can feel my hardness in your mouth.

The only reason your hands are free are so you can undo my pants and you know this, so you unbutton my pants, unzip , and take my cock into your mouth.

"Take it you fucking slut. Choke on it." I pull your hair, forcing it deeper into your mouth, down your throat. Your lips move further down my shaft as you choke and cough on my cock. I'm so turned by your choking that I jam my cock down your throat and hold you there until you wheeze and gasp for air.

I pull your head off my cock so you can see my erectness and I slap your face with it a few times before forcing your mouth onto me again. Saliva running down your chin, and tears running down your face. I love the way my cock looks in your mouth and I love the look in your eyes as you try to take it , but can't and still try for more.

"Slut, go get your collar and leash."

You crawl on fours over to the chest of sin, open it and bring your leash and collar by picking it up with your teeth. You crawl back with your sweet ass tantalizing me as you crawl towards . The black leather and chrome collar sparkles as the leash drags across the floor.

"Assume the position" I demand. You drop the leash at my feet, bow your head and keep your ass ; ready for me to do with as I please. I kneel down and clasp the collar around your neck. Gazing at your body pleases me and I accidentally tighten the collar too hard and you cough and choke. You look so sexy there with black and chrome around your neck. Your ass , just yearning to be played with.

You know you are not allowed to move in this position. At least not until I've allowed it.

I see you've brought my favorite leash. The one with the wide leather grip. Wide, but lighter leather that provides a nice sting rather than a heavy blow. I give your ass several whips just to make sure you're paying attention. I like to slide the leather down your back first so you can feel it. So you are forced to wait for it. Then a pause. Then a quick flip of the wrist and a sting to your ass. Welts rise and your body quivers after each<b> whipping.

</font></b>You re-adjust your position slightly, thinking I won't notice, but hoping that I do.

I see everything because I am your Daddy. I freeze as I watch you move ever so slightly out of place. Suddenly there is no sound, as if the entire world is frozen, and you start to get afraid. Start to wonder " fuck, what is going to happen next?" You know something is wrong and aren't quite sure what the punishment will be.

After 15 seconds of silence and not moving, the tension is unbearable for you. I lean down and clip the leash to your collar.

"You broke the rules my Pet. My rules, my punishment. You are mine. Your pussy is mine. Your mouth is mine. Your ass is mine. And I always take what is mine..."

I take the leash and lead you into the bedroom, crawling on all fours behind . As I sit on the bed, I pull on the leash, leading you onto my lap. "You've been a naughty girl and need punishing, you little Slut."

I take my bare hand and rub your ass. It's already sore from the previous whipping; hot and an angry pink. I slide my hand over your cheek and down slowly into your slit so I can enjoy how wet you get when being punished. You moan as I slide down and rub slow circles around your clit. I move my hand slowly back aross your sweet ass and smack it. Hard, so you gasp.

Drawing back, I pause. So you can anticipate the next sweet release of pain and yet you aren't quite sure when it's coming. Over and over. Swatting your sexy ass, then rubbing it. Feeling the soft smoothness and the heat coming off of it. So sexy. The feeling of your ass in my hand makes me rock hard.

Now is Daddy's fun time. I abruptly pull you off my lap with the leash, pulling you onto the bed. The leash handle fits nicely on the hook on the headboard and I pull your body down the bed so the leash is taut against your neck... Choking you ever so slightly.

I break out the purple bondage tape. Pulling you onto your side as the leash chokes you, I force your head onto my cock again. I kneel across you and use this time to bring your hands and knees together and wrap them with the purple bondage tape so that your knees are forced backwards, exposing your damp pussy. Fuck yes. You are helpless now, being choked by the collar and leash. Knees and arms taped together.

I rub my cock over your face a few more times because I love your tongue on my cock. Give you a few more cock slaps, then I move down to the bed.

Your sopping wet pussy needs some use, or abuse rather. I pat it a few times to make sure you know who is in control. I love to rub that clit for you. Press in hard, rubbing in circles. Then slapping it. Your groans and whimpers make me push harder. I lean in and lick your slit, then up to your clit, torturing you with my tongue. Feeling you move against me, trying to get away and not be able to is powerful. Teasing your clit so you are so close to cumming, then stopping and watching you try to push against me. As you try to move down you get choked and have to move back up, or try to.

Finally you beg for me to fuck you.. "Fuck me Daddy, Please Fuck me!." So I move my tongue back into your clit and tantalize it even more. I put two fingers into your dripping pussy and fuck you with them mercilessly. In and out, so fucking deep inside you. I can feel you getting close so I torture you more by rubbing your asshole with my pinky, before slowly sliding it inside you. I finger bang you faster and faster, with your body shaking as I finger your pussy and asshole at the same time. "Please Daddy, may I cum? Please, Please?"


I slap your sweet pussy a few more times, and I've got a raging hard on. I move up close to you and plunge my cock into you and you moan and gasp with the force of being filled with cock.

I raise up and slam my cock into you over and over, faster and faster. "Take it you dirty Slut, take it, take it!"

"Fuck me Daddy, yes, fuck me so hard & deep!"

Pressing in so hard and grinding my cock into your fucking pussy. "Do you like that you fucking Slut? Do you feel that? Take my cock you filthy dirty Slut, take it!" I'm grunting like a primal animal as I fuck you so fast and so hard. " Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, take it you Slut. Fuck yes, Fuck yes!"

Slapping your tits with one hand as I support myself with the other. Pinching your nipples., fucking you so hard, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

"Fuck yes, Fuck yes!" I cum and pump hot cum into your fucking pussy, thrust after thrust, load after load. The feeling of me emptying into you takes you over the edge. "Please let me cum Daddy, please let me cum."

"Cum you little Slut, cum you dirty cum Slut. Fucking do it." Waves of pleasure wash over you as your body shakes with spasm after spasm of orgasm. Your body writhes as I finally allow you to cum hard, over and over.

"Fuck yes, Daddy Fuck yes, so good, thank you Daddy"

"You are welcome my Pet"

I pull my spent cock out of your throbbing pussy and move so you can clean both our juices off of my dripping cock. Eagerly you move onto it, licking it, sucking it, cleaning it off.

"That's my Good Girl!'

LTool 55M
14 posts
11/2/2020 3:41 am

sooo hot ,,,,,as usual Notty. So hot!!
have me up n playing now

nottybabygurl69 replies on 11/3/2020 2:29 am:
Ty Ty! Always love your comments

Sgajohn2 48M
26 posts
11/1/2020 1:07 pm

Great story Notty, you did it again. Very hot and connects so well with the reader.. Love your mind. Keep it up.

nottybabygurl69 replies on 11/2/2020 2:18 am:
Ty so much, love to hear your feedback.

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