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7/31/2020 8:05 pm
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She was the best ever. Best I ever saw, licked, sucked, fingered or gave a rim job. She asked me to teach her to squirt. She asked if I minded her fucking her husband on my blanket.

She called the other night. She asked if I remembered her fantasy. I said every word. Well, she had added some things. She wants 5 big boys, black and white. She needs 4 for playtime
but thinks an extra will be fine. They must be bi. She wants to practice at my apartment and then do it every two months in a very high-end hotel downtown. It would also include fine dining.

Fucking four guys was the same. The beginning is a little different and my part is expanded. As you know, I am the masseuse. Her husband and I are for security (plus a sheriff's deputy.

We can be naked and suck cock so the boys will be ready or suck each other but not her. except me. When she walks in (like she did before) she went to my room to undress. She came back out to inspect every hard johnson as it was being sucked. She was pleased and gave out little kisses.

She got on my massage table and she told the boys not too close. I gave her my special head to toe, both sides, fingering her pussy and butthole and licking her outer banks. Her tits stood at attention and demanded my tongue. Now she was ready. She wanted a BBC to start. I got to stand at the door and watch him plow her pussy. Hot. Then a BWC fucked her asshole.

She changed the play. She wanted the last three together. One in her mouth, one in her butthole and one in her pussy. Never seen anything like it.

She told me to set it up and I was given a budget of $20k . No money changed hands. If they pass their next test, 6 nights of heaven each year for two years.

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