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New Job and more Sex for me the wife  

oldman1973 72M/35F  
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8/15/2019 8:45 pm

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7/22/2020 10:27 pm

New Job and more Sex for me the wife

This is Phon, I started a new job on August as a marketing manager for / renting houses

Yesterday Thursday I had to take people for my first house viewing, the owners were away so left the keys with . I went to pick up a couple their hotel, but only the man was in reception saying his wife was not well but he still wanted to see the house.

We got to the house and went in, he was happy with what he saw downstairs, we went upstairs with leading the way and him behind looking my legs and bum. We got to the master bedroom and he asked if I was wearing pantyhose or stockings, I said stocking as my husband loves to dress this way. He said pity you are married as I would love to unbutton you dress and take a and more. I found rather attractive and said you can do that anytime you want

He pulled me to him and kissed me putting his had up my dress then unbuttoned it and dropped it to the floor. I was wearing a very sexy black lacy suspender (garter) belt, black stockings with sheer seethrough pant and bra, I could see his cock was hard and felt it, dropped to my knees, pulled it the licked and sucked it. He then lay on the bed and got his tongue deep in my pussy. He then fucked in the pussy and ass and asked where I want him to , I said in my ass or mouth but not my pussy

We then sucked licked and fucked for about 1 hour, I took some pcs to show my husband and he took some to show his wife saying she was Bi and would love to be here too. He fired his load into my mouth then pushed his cock back in making sure I swallowed the load and cleaned his cock, it tasted good with the juice from my pussy and ass as well as his

We dressed and left to take him back to his hotel, I pulled over and got his cock again and sucked it deepthroat again, I love this fucking job he fired another load down my throat and said I was lucky to have a husband that is OK with her getting fucked, I said he watches having sex with other men lots and is happy seeing me getting hard 3 hole fucked

I made arrangements for him and his wife to visit us home the next evening for a 4 some session with me and husband

This will be a great job if this is anything to go by

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8/15/2019 8:47 pm

2guysforyou 39M/39M
11 posts
8/15/2019 8:58 pm

very nice
sounds like u got it good

dakish2 41M
5 posts
8/15/2019 9:10 pm

mmmmmmmm lucky you man

eddygesell48 56M
14 posts
8/16/2019 2:44 am

Cielo decime donde trabajas asi voy a ver una casa para comprar,y disfrutamos de rico sexo !

ClitLickB4DickU 61M
1203 posts
8/18/2019 7:48 pm

Mmmmm.......Wish you were My Realtor

oregon69guy 51M  
59 posts
9/9/2019 7:01 am


FirmHandsOnYou 48M  
42 posts
9/11/2019 1:33 am

Congrats on a job well done!!!

PusssyLicker069 45M
33 posts
9/12/2019 9:19 am

Love to fill your mouth Sexy

pom159632 24M
1 post
9/15/2019 2:34 am

Are you still looking for men?
I'd love if your wife would teach me all about sex.

oldman1973 replies on 10/3/2019 12:27 am:
She will be happy to do that and make you into a real dirty young man. But you need to become a paying member so we can contact you and arrange for your visit

619asianlover327 54M
2 posts
9/17/2019 8:54 am

so hot made me erupt thank you. we could role play a very similar encounter as i have a position that has let to memorable fun.

PusssyLicker069 45M
33 posts
10/10/2019 2:56 am

would love to see those lovely lips on my very hard cock

Bangitdown001 45M
4 posts
11/7/2019 2:44 am

I will upload pics i hope she is still wanting to have mind blowing sex

SlowHandOil 59M  
50 posts
3/9/2020 2:31 pm

Thanks Mo & Phon for sharing this very exciting encounter and pic. Hope you all had a great time together with your new friends and more to cum! I have been considering a rental property in CM for my retirement, so I hope that I find the right estate agency Warmest regards to you both.

LuvWmn_N_Sex 65M  
151 posts
5/26/2020 10:44 pm

Well done, Phon

I think that I need to do some serious "House Hunting" so that I can have some similar experiences. 's

mrinbtween 52M
17 posts
5/30/2020 4:03 pm

i would love to check out that real estate

timexxx691a 53M
78 posts
7/20/2020 8:05 pm

I was just wondering whether or not you've ever tried a "Snowball" yet? For those of you who've never heard of a "Snowball" before allow me to explain. A "Snowball" is what happens when a half of a couple sucks a cock & takes the entire load in their mouth.Then rather than swallow it or spit it out they kiss their partner and the two of them spit the cum back & forth between them un'till it's all gone.

oldman1973 replies on 7/22/2020 10:29 pm:
I slut Phon have done it many times with guys and other slut girls

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