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Our encounter  

one4funow2016 59M
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2/26/2018 7:18 am
Our encounter

I’m an easygoing guy with a good disposition about life in general. Even keel type. I need to laugh and love on a regular basis. I always try to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

As to lovemaking and sex, I believe that there are many kinds of love…..deep love, infatuation, puppy love, love for another person just as a human being, a lover, etc.

I’m a patient lover. I think foreplay starts in the mind before it does in the body. Little texts throughout the day go a long way when we know we are going to be together soon. Flirting, telling each other what we are going to do to the other. When we finally do see each other, we kiss. I’m not talking about just kisses. I’m talking about deep kisses that take us to a completely different place. The, “I forgot where I was for a minute” kind of kiss. The kind of kiss that goes right to the soul.

There are many ways to make love. This is just one story. One fantasy.

We’ve met in a nice hotel room. We embrace. I feel your wonderful body against mine as we kiss (yep, one of those kisses!). We kick off our shoes and I cradle your great ass in both of my hands. Squeezing, running my fingers down. Down to that spot just inside your upper thigh. Teasingly close to your already wet pussy. I reach around and unzip your dress and slip it off of your shoulders as I kiss them. Your dress drops to the floor revealing your sexy undergarments that you have picked out and perfumed just for me. You take my shirt off and run your hands over my arm muscles and run your fingers through my chest hair. You drop to your knees as you unzip my pants and let them fall and start rubbing my cock through my underwear. As it grows, you pull my shorts down, gently grab my cock and look into my knowing eyes. Knowing that in the next few moments you will take it into your mouth and make me want you like I’ve never wanted another person before.

I stand you up and kiss your breasts just above your bra, your neck. I love your neck. Especially that spot that forms a wonderful cup just above your collarbone. I linger there, kissing and licking, while unhooking your bra. Your chest heaves. Our heart pounds. Now, your panties come off and I gently bring you to bed.

With you laying on your back, I begin to touch you ever so lightly. Not quite tickling. From your head to your toes. All over. I kiss your beautiful neck. Down to your now so sensitive breasts. Finally arriving at your nipples. Running my tongue around each of them. Sucking each into my mouth and pressing them just hard enough between my tongue and the roof of my mouth to make you moan. I kiss my way down to one of my favorite places, your belly. I love it! And now on to another of my favorite places, that spot where your leg meets your torso. It’s so sensitive! I kiss and lick that spot (trust me, you’ll love it!). I want your pussy now so badly! I teasingly kiss above, below, beside it. But, not directly on it. Yet. Slowly I’ll find that throbbing clit of yours. OMG, my most favorite spot of all! You start to writhe and moan uncontrollably. I slip two fingers into your wetness and you raise your ass off of the bed in pure passion. I find your G spot and begin to massage it as I lick wildly at your clit. You finally cum and squirt your wonderful juices all over me. Exhausted, we fall into each other’s arms and kiss and cuddle while recuperating for the next round.

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