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Random Thoughts  

opentoitifsheis 55M  
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1/7/2021 7:45 pm
Random Thoughts

I watched a very Tech Savy person in his profession show how he was watching all the Georgia ballots counted on Election Night. And showed how 30,000 votes for Donald were switched Joe. Total tabulations hour by hour should never ever show negative numbers. Yet at a certain time and others Donald and Joes votes were switched then all this updated. Yeah elaborate voter fraud.

The person sitting at Pelosi's desk is now known as an Antifa Member. Hmmm. How many others inciting the crowd to enter thru barricades were also Antifa?

All Pence had to do was to say those states electors in question cannot be certified by disagreements in Congress so those electors would be sent back home to their states for the State Legislators to figure out what to do, or even do that states election again. That was his role in this proceeding.

If those in Capitol Hill do indeed use the 25th amendment to remove Donald asap with only less than 2 weeks left. The Republican Party as all knows it to exist today will dissolve. Those elected as republicans will soon find out they have little to even none base or support for funding or future elections. What is not really taught in schools anymore is the real history. This country went thru many rebellions during the British rule and occupation. A Revolution. Other rebellions after that. Finally a Civil war of states against states and household members fighting each other. It can all happen again.

So Double WOW if you go to info war s and choose to the ENTIRE SPEECH Donald gave today Jan6 you will see in up to 2 hours he correctly laid out all the voter fraud occurring in precise measurements.....
Absolute Manufactured Steal.....

Regarding the woman shot in the Capitol. From numerous angles I see from info wars and others she is climbing thru a hallway window. Shot to her. But no ricochet back into the room. Meaning she was shot from the room outside. Observe the closest person to her from second by second pause.

SO ANTIFA can have a silent vigil outside a state reps office at night actually pounding on the door and windows trying to gain entrance.........
But 1 Million Don Supporters peacefully assembling in a Public Place are not allowed,...........??

Wow, so before the voting is even over in GA we know now that for the November election 20,000 Plus votes were cast by people who no longer lived in GA. They lived in another state, but were encouraged to go ahead and cast a vote in GA anyway. No widespread Voter Fraud my Ass...

Many thoughts and prayers for all the dozens and dozens of businesses in downtown historic touristy Nashville TN for the Senseless car bombing. Buildings will be condemned. Hundreds and Hundreds of people now instantly out of wor

As Republicans began pushing back against the rigged election, a quote about voting from Joseph Stalin began circulating on social media. "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything,"
The men who were party that conversation were the ‘Troika’ of Central Committee leaders, Kamenev, Zinoviev, and Stalin, who temporarily governed the USSR after Lenin. Since Stalin had Kamenev and Zinoviev killed, his secretary was one of the few hear him say it.

Who?? Counted?? The Votes?? In the questionable states, and others?
Why are so many of you of know of stuff in the works so silent?? Afraid be Disappeared by others?? The Nightly Daily Prime Time News Outlets programmed you so expertly over the last 4 that you were fighting against fascists of WWII. Which was so correctly Wrong. Fascists died off in 1945. You have been lied . YOU have been supporting the new world order Communists Marxists who want one government control of everything. And everything works so perfectly. In fact you have been facing off against Pre 1776 Patriots who know what the British Empire did suppress people and their votes if they allowed them be counted. So if you say you are fighting against the fascists, than means you are exactly fighting for the COMMUNISTS who believe no one has the right personal property except what they say is allowed. Homes and Businesses would be Redistributed. You think you are fighting a good fight, but in fact, you are only making HISTORY to Repeat. Hiding behind masks, using extreme violence instead of debating, you are the new age Brown Shirts which gave way to the Nazis. Yes you have become Them. Communism Failed. Ask any modern day today real time Successful Russian Citizen.

So now it seem RE the Pennsylvania Election, 245,000 belong to one one only person regarding the Names on the Ballot. Widespread Voter Fraud.

Re Michigan with the Election. It seems a District Attorney up there somewhere sees that Joe won by lets say about 150,000 votes. Yet he claims he can prove that over 400,000 Illegal Ballots were thrown into the mix the night of the Election. Including Hundreds of Thousands with no other info anywhere than a single check for Joe only. No others selected on the ballots for any other races. Hmmm. And in no time in History has a candidate ever gained the most votes ever cast for the person, while losing the 3 states that seem to always determine outcomes and losing Seats in the House of Representatives.

I saw the Christmas / Bethlehem Star Tonight an hour after sunset /21/2020
The Alignment of Jupiter with Saturn behind of which they are both reflecting so much sunlight they become the brightest star in the sky. the SouthWest from my location. Not as spectacular as promoted. Yet walking out into the back yard with no lights on. They were well brighter than all other stars present. An hour later they set over the horizon and I understood. If I were " world" in a past time, and had been trained extensively on how use the stars for locations and navigation, then ONE, that could not be explained and then set in the distance Leading Exactly a certain place on the horizon.... Yeah I understand. Happens only so many so centuries apart.

Recent this weekend a Judge in Michigan allowed part of a court proceeding be released public. Man files suit that he saw his vote being changed by the Dominion Machines. Third Party Highly Credentialed Credited Tech Firm was asked examine the machines in full. Their final conclusion is that they are designed on purpose create errors that can then be manipulated by the software or human interference. Running over 60% of errors of votes changed in that one county. See the ongoing lawsuit. These same machines were famously used by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. They were also rejected by the State of Texas after proper examination.

Whoops its now 19 Sovereign States have signed onto the Texas Lawsuit against 4 states with City States that overrule the rest of their state entirely for making changes that violated both State and Federal Rules.
No Wide Spread Voter Fraud??

And In Georgia we now know that up to 66,000 TEENS voted illegally by way of stealing in ballots choose you know..
YET Biden won that state by less than that margin.

I would not cry a single tear or lose a wink of sleep if ALL THE POLL WORKERS NATIONWIDE who did participate in any means of any simple voter fraud that let a tidal wave of voter fraud... If ALL Of THEM got Covid in the Most Extreme Form and Die. Especially those people in every state who pretended some elderly person voting for them in their place thus denying that Senior Citizen from the Right Vote by being told "Thank You, Sir, Mam, but you have already voted and its registered. Thank You." Yes this happened in Many States.

Its now known, but not by main stream daily or nightly news that in Detroit they brought in all the voting prescient's inside under one Roof claiming that was Covid Safe. Thousands of people together. And the republican poll watchers were pushed out on the very boundaries. Mmmm. Yet sworn legal court affidavits that they still saw.... in ballot counters scanning the same ballots that failed repeatedly up a dozen times in a row until they finally voted Biden. And all the others that had physical problems and could not be scanned had be redone exactly on another ballot then scanned exactly as the poll watcher saw the selections on the ballot. This process requires by state and federal law the candidates of both parties see and sign off on every single ballot being redone count. Except ONLY Democrat Poll Watchers Were Allowed At These Tables...
And similar Instances All Over Georgia Too.

So now we have up to a Dozen Sworn Affidavits by Contract US Postal Truck Drivers stating they know their trailers were full of In Ballots that they were transporting from one state another. Why was the US Postal Service doing this? One driver in particular is confident he had Hundreds of Thousands of In Ballots he was taking from NYC Philly. (Across State Lines) Yet when he docked and checked in his Trailer he brought went missing shortly afterwards.

Other People ready appear in court with Sworn Affidavits state they Seen First Hand Dominion Voting Machine Techs working with the Machines inserting other drives the very night ongoing of Election Night.

Wisconsin Seems have had Thousands of Drop Off Boxes for in Ballots all over the state. Yet the State does not allow them. Who picked them up? Where did they go? Who counted them?

Pennsylvania Supreme Court HALTED the Election Rule
On election night at a certain time frame about from Philly about 350,000 votes for Biden came streaming in ONLY 3,500 total for Trump. Bullshit.

The Founding Fathers who suffered thru the World Domination British having all rights and Voting Rights to even have Troops quartered on their land or in their home. ( fill in the blank). To create the Electoral Collage so Certain States could not Automatically Rule Over other States by population only. Republic vs Mob Rule Athenian Democracy.... Now it seems Certain States are totally run by a one party rule from one City Only within that state. Its time to set those States free from One Party Mob Rule by Separating themselves Free from that City. It be its one governing body like DC yet the rest of the State is what continues as the State we know it. I think Benjamin Franklin would soundly Approve.

So there were Over 300,000 questionable in ballots in PENNSYLVANIA there were questionable as Signatures or Selecting Biden Only on the entire ballot (no one else for any election race). Team Trump wants a recount and have those that cannot be verified as legit be thrown out. PA does the recount and counts them all again without verifying any. And they were mostly from Philly. Yet again... no widespread voter fraud be reported....
WOW so the Dominion Voting machines and Software were bought from HUGO CHAVEZ OF VENEZUELA..... No Wonder. And the Algorithms of the software can be changed ... Count One vote for Biden as 1-1/2 vote or 2 votes person, or for Trump be 1/2 vote per person cast...
So Many people were voting for Trump the Machines Crashed. So they shut down counting in those states, check your records, then opened back counting after observers left and bringing in vans and box trucks full of fake reproduced ballots of which Biden Only was the candidate. No other for federal or state anything.....
Yeah, I'm calling Bullshit.
So all you Libs, answer this after reading the above.
The Senate Retains.
The House Loses Dems.
And you are saying Trump Lost as he gained more votes overall from 2016, more votes from NYC than anticipated.
And all the LEGAL Affidavits by real people who are ready go into court and tell what they had been seen as downright illegal or questionable.

So today an FBI person fired by Trump was on record as stating that IF Trump really wished to win this election all he had to do was reveal the information known... But it would impact future intelligence gathering forever down the road.... I am saying from my knowledge it is a super secret government surveillance program designed to tap into land or cell to hear what opponents are saying live time. Reagan era to listen to the Soviets. And it has evolved and had a new name with each president since. Hillary is known to have used it to listen in to all the opponents against Bill, Bush used it for after 9-, Barak used it for his own agenda. Millions of mass produced in ballots dumped in battle ground states with only Joe as the single selected name on the ballot... This is why Trump is so pissed. He cannot reveal it without court order. I thin Yet for all of you... Since 9- every single phone call, email, , or other has been recorded into an unknown super secret high tech labyrinth that Bush started and Obama made time larger stronger. Somewhere out in Nevada or Utah. But you will never find confirmation on any search map. Just saying today... I now realize why he is so PISSED. He Knows.
Oh Yeah for all of you who posted things that you then deleted or took down... I may have been of the public feed... yet the original and other attempts have been catalogued and Saved......

Why you should fear the Vaccines being rushed out.
From Medical Employed members of my own family, "they are being rushed out too fast.".
Who is the Primary Overwhelming financial funder of all the Vaccine research?
Bill Gates of Microsoft
What has he Championed and Proclaimed for the last 20 ?
The World Wide HUMAN Population should be "Reduced" only 500 Million WORLD WIDE
If YOU were a Person of extreme financial resources who believed this your Soul. How would you do it? By being an Adolf employing people start shooting everyone with a bullet? Or you hire a world wide array of Doctors thinking they are saving the world to start injecting stuff into people that causes thing to happen down the road?
His vaccine company operating in Ethiopia was discontinued cause it caused so many young women be Infertile be pregnant.
Not a flaw. That was a trial run.
His vaccine company in India was kicked out of the country by causing so many cancers and other stuff.
Not a flaw. That was a trial run.
Whistleblower from Vaccine maker in Belgium alerted UK people that the vaccines were full of stuff cause other vaccines cause 90% of women be infertile, along with any man who too the vaccine who had intercourse with a woman to automatically cause her to be infertile. And lay down factors that cause severe cancers in people within of Injection.
Said alerted parties are taking Parliment Court STOP forced vaccines before 3rd party open access trials on said vaccines are performed to know if they are safe or not.

No "widespread voter fraud" they say.....
Trump leads PA by 3/4ths of the state then the late late late votes from Philly come into be counted. With issues. Votes after election night should not be counted by their supreme court.
More people voted in Wisconsin than registered voters....
Michigan voters were alerted to problems with votes counted and tried to force their way into voting places to observe themselves.
Republicans in Phoenix were profiled to be given Sharpie Markers to bleed thru the ballot then told to go ahead and press the GREEN Button of which threw out their entire ballot.
And Millions of Ballots ended up in all the key "battle ground states" of which upon the entire ballot only one single person was chosen. biden. No votes for senate or congress on federal or state level, or governor or mayor or other choices, only biden only selected upon Millions of In Ballots.
Only wide spread as far as any prime time or daily watched news anchor could spread their own ass cheeks.

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