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Germany again  

oralb4both 68M  
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8/14/2021 5:16 am
Germany again

I have returned to Germany and my wife. I did enjoy my time in the States for the most part. I did not do all that I wanted to do but at least I was able to wear panties everyday after arriving in the USA. I did continue that for a week after getting back to Germany. It was very nice. I am not sure if my wife noticed and said nothing but I also did not parade around in just my panties. I did sleep in just the panties and it was very nice whenever I wear something feminine. I was going to go to my favorite pornokino a few days ago but that plan did not work out. When I go there I sometimes see couples there but mostly there is only hard cocks to see. That is fine but not the same as seeing a woman with or without a guy. Most times I do wear<b> lingerie </font></b>under my street clothes and will remove my top to show my camisole and to be able to freely play with my nipples. Although I have no problem sucking a cock in front of others I find the there is more action at the gloryhole. This is fine with me because I just want the cock to suck on and have no attraction to the guy. Also some guys want to kiss and hug, not my thing so the wall helps control that. A hard cock is all that I need. The cock cumming shows that I did good enough to get it to climax. Sometime soon I hope to talk to the wife about taking overnight trips do another area so that I can fully enjoy my crossdressing even if only to stay in the hotel and have fun with my toys. If the hotel is near a porno theater I may go there dressed but I do not want any problems on the street getting there so I will most likely just wear<b> lingerie </font></b>under my street clothes.

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