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Posted:Jun 21, 2020 12:39 pm
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2020 9:22 pm

[bling 76]
Got a call last night from a guy I met here online last year. A 2nd year college student. The Glory Hole is very close TCU. He had been online for awhile and never had any luck and one night he said he had a hard on that wouldn't go down and he was tired of jacking off, so he read my profile and thought he would just find what went on here. We chatted and it wasn't long before he was knocking at the door and came in and walked the GH and unzipped and pushed his pants down and he wasn't kidding, he was horny as hell and rock hard. He wanted watch some ass fucking videos and I had that going and gave him some very deep throat, head. He was around 7", but very thick. He came quickly and knew that if he stayed there, I would know that he wanted seconds So I did.Since then he's become a regular. He called last night and wanted bring two of his buddies with him. One of the guys was graduating. Both had never had head from a guy or visited a GH. But he said they were so horny and since nobody was going bars or anything, he said they were ready get some head from whoever and they liked the fact that it wasn't gonna be face face. . They got here and 3 were the other side of the GH. and nobody was moving the front, my regular said if nobody wants their dick sucked I'm going first and one the guys said Fuck that, I'm so ready, and he stepped and started undoing his belt and I reached through and felt of his crotch and he was hard. He said you won't believe this video, these guys are fucking her brains out . It's a video of different girls from different nations and they are with two guys and doing double penetration. Pretty rough stuff, but the women are loving it. The other guys were looking over his shoulder. First guy said , if any one of you touches my ass with your dick I'm, knocking your lights out . Which made me and the other guys laugh. He had about the same size cock as my friend. Big head and low hangers. He came in about 5 min. Saying shit, over and over and when he backed away, he said this booth is open now, who's next. The second guy, said he was gonna wait because he was almost ready to cum and he wanted my friend to go ahead so he could calm down..So my friend came and was hard and I gave him slow, fast, slow fast, slow fast head the way he likes it, while holding his ass. I gave him head for quite a while and one of the guys, the one who was waiting, said " are you making a movie" hurry , your gonna wear him out and I'm not gonna get any head. Everyone laughed. He came real quick after that and the 3rd guy came and I don't think he lasted a minute. He started saying SHIT as well. I had put some hand towels there and I thought they were drying off, but the first guy said I've still got a hard on and he asked my friend if I was into seconds and I put my hand through the Glory Hole and grabbed his dick and pulled him through and he went again in about 3 min. Then my friend wanted to go again. Lasted about the same and the third guy tried , but he just couldn't get that second nut, he said he was getting raw. So he said I"ll save it for next time. My friend said if you served Pizza as well as the GH, this place would be full. They wanted to know the closest Pizza joint and I told them and they were on their way. My friend messaged me later and said the guys had a really good time and were not nervous or anything and wanted to do it again. The 3rd guy told them while they were having Pizza that he thought he could go again now and wanted to back by and they said NO. Save it.
AH, youth. Nothing like it.
Posted:Jun 11, 2020 11:22 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2020 9:43 am

Got together this week with a guy that I've chatted with for a couple of months. Finally the times worked out. He wanted to try out the Glory Hole. It was after 7PM when he knocked at the front door. I unlocked it and he walked in. The Glory Hole is about 2 or 3 steps inside the front door. He closed and locked the door and walked up to the cut outs. I had some really agressive porn on with guys and one girl and the guys were really turning her inside out. He stood there in front of the cut outs which means he wanted me to take him out, otherwise he would have unzipped and had it already out. I played with him through his pants and could feel that he was gonna have a thick coc His belt was a little unique, so i let him know that he could undo it and he did and I pulled his pants and jockeys down and his dick was already about 90% hard. Nice, around 7" and really thick with a huge mushroom head that hung over the shaft all the way around. I started giving him very slow head on just the head for a while and then without any warning I sunk the bottom which brought out a yummy sound from him. I don't think he was aware that he was making those sounds. I stayed all the way down and did some oral tricks that I like to do and then started some full length motions. I reached around and got a hold of his very nice ass and I could tell he liked that. I was feeling of those mounds and slowly going up and down at the same time on his cock and every now and then I would drag my tongue up the backside of his cock on the way back up. With my hand on his ass i would push him forward and back until he started it on his own and he did some face fucking for a while. I was wondering if he wanted my hands to go further on his ass, so I ran my fingers down the crack of his ass and pushed and pulled my fingers along the crack and eventually pushed a finger in, and he was squeezing his ass together and the tip of my finger touched him on his asshole and his dick got harder than it was. So I would push the tip of my finger in about a inch and he couldn't keep his ass still. The whole time i was giving him the slow treatment on his coc At one time he said " TOO MUCH TEETH" and I immediately said "TOO MUCH COCK" and he laughed and I did too, as much as you can laugh with a cock in your mouth. He kept moving and pointing his cock in different directions and I was changing as well. At one time he stopped and stepped out of his pants and shoes. A couple of times he was up on his toes. I got the feeling he didn't want it to end and I was in no hurry myself. With my finger going in & out of his ass and now I was going faster on his cock with as much pressure as I could give, I felt his body start to shake and his ass squeezed down on my finger and he started to cum. BIG TIME! This went on for a while. Quite a load, indeed. Normally after you cum, if you back away, that means you are gonna try for a second nut, so when he stayed there and I was all the way down, swallowed him and wasn't moving because of the sensitivity issue. Just lightly moved my tongue around the base, not the head. Kept this going for a couple of minutes while he was still watching the gang bang porn. I felt his dick getting harder and I started some light full length head and reached for his ass again and when I touched him again with the tip of my finger, his dick got rock hard. i was really getting into the second go round when I heard a sliding sound and something the doorknob hard and slid off. He said, " MY FOOT HAS GONE SLEEP", and then I felt his body move away from my hand and his cock came out and I heard a whooshing sound and then a big boom as he landed his ass the floor. He lost his balance and fell backwards into a bookstand and slid down until he the floor. I pushed the Glory Hole out of the way and looked around and saw him the floor and asked if he was ok. He said he thought he had rolled his ankle. i asked him to give me his left leg and I massaged it and was pushing down on his veins toward his feet. He stayed on the floor with me rubbing his leg for about 5 min. Then he got up and got dressed and after a little chichat , he left. He sent a pic of his ankle at home with a big knot of the side. Told him to put ice it. The next day, he sent a picture and it had swelled big time. i told him about compression socks and he said he would get some when he went and got a brace. Yesterday he said it still hurt when he walked on it, but he thought it might be a little better. We decided that the next time would be with him getting completely naked and laying back on the sofa in front of the tv. Better safe than sorry.

Two, Two, Two dicks in one.
Posted:May 14, 2020 1:52 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 4:27 pm

Got together today May with guys that I've known for some time. We've talked about getting together for some time. Both guys can pretty quick, so we worked where both would be here sitting the sofa, one each end. and I was in the middle. I gave head each one and edge them close and then turn the other end. Did this several times. One of the guys wanted me try and suck both dicks the same time, so I had each guy put a leg the other guy and scoot until their balls were packed against each other. i gave head both guys for a while and then he wanted try it standing and they were side by side turned the center were I was Again I was able suck both. One of the guys said he was gonna , so I went him and sank the bottom, just in time as he grabbed my head and gave me a couple of pumps and he came big time. Huge load. I stayed the bottom, swallowed, he was breathing hard and fast and said he felt weak in the knees. I stayed at the bottom until he quieted down and his breathing slowed and he slowly, very slowly pulled . He got dressed and left. I went to the other guy and he laid back against one end of the sofa and said " Make it last"
I played with his nipples, ass and gave him very slow head He loves to have his ass played with. I dragged it for another min. before he grabbed my head and pushed all the way in and started moaning over and over. I told him he had been saving that one up. He said he had. Both are wanting to do it again, maybe have 3 or 4 guys here. I can't wait.
How my Glory Hole works.
Posted:Feb 11, 2020 9:18 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2020 1:45 pm

I've tried to tell everyone how the Glory Hole works in my profile and I still get a lot of questions, so here's how it worked yesterday Monday Feb. 10. A married guy that I met here online called. He has my number and will call if he doesn't see me online. He said he was horny as fuck His wife is ill and they don't have sex anymore. When she was sexually active, she would give him head, but he couldn't cum in her mouth and she never swallowed either. Never met anyone that enjoys oral more than this guy. He wanted to cum by at 1PM,I asked if he could do a 1:30PM and he said no problem. He likes to watch gang bang porn. He parked directly in front and walked up and knocked and I unlocked the front door. He came in and the Glory Hole is two steps inside with two cut out's, one at eye level and the lower one for " BIG JIM and the TWINS " He closed the door and walked up to the cut outs and was looking through at the porn while undoing his pants. He is above average endowed and wears those Under Armour underwear.He said he gets a hard on so easy that he needs to wear those so it won't show. He was pulling on his underwear when I reached through and helped pull them down and his cock popped out was rock hard and staring me in the face. He pushed his pants down and moved up and his cock came right through the cut out. I played with him a little, cupping his low hangers and rubbing that area underneath his balls. He already was leaking pre-cum and I rubbed it all over the head, which is huge, just like a mushroom. I leaned forward and put the tip right up against my mouth and pressed forward, but I kept my mouth together and wouldn't let it go in. I went back and forth trying to push his cock in, but I wouldn't let it. Then without any warning, I relaxed and went to the bottom and he let out a long drawn out " F U C K ". I preceded to give him slow, medium and fast head. Never staying on the same rhythm very long with out changing. Went to the bottom and came slowly up then went down the back side of his cock on that vein and went to his balls and took both inside my mouth and used my tongue to go around both and licked underneath them with my tongue while both were in my mouth, which drives him crazy.I got him close several times and backed off and just went down on his low hangers. He likes to hold my head still and just let be inside of me with out me moving while he just watches porn, but can feel his cock inside. When he wants to cum, he starts moving with me being still and right before he explodes he grabs my head and I'm at the bottom of his 8" thick cock, he explodes and I swallow and stay there, without moving until he's not so sensitive, then he decides if he wants to go again or not. Yesterday he only came once as he said his boss was in the office and he had better get back.I gave him a hand towel, He tidied up and pulled his pants up said through the Glory Hole as he left, that his knees were so week, he hoped he could get to the car, he was laughing the whole time.
That's what happened yesterday and will happen again when he checks in.

How to win a Academy Award while role playing!!
Posted:Oct 24, 2019 3:46 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2020 2:30 pm

A married guy here in Ft. Worth that I've messaged with for a while, but it's never worked until today. He's married and his wife has lost interest in sex. He is into role playing and had described what he wanted to happen. He wanted a Doctor and patient scene that he had seen on porn between a man as the patient and the Doctor had been a shemale. He arrived at the appointed time for his appt. I met him at the door wearing scrubs and invited him in. There is a small desk in the living room and I had him sit in a chair the desk I asked him what seemed be the problem and he said he had been having trouble gettilng a erection since his wife no longer wanted to have sex al all and he wanted find if that was normal or was there something wrong. Besides not getting completely hard, it was difficult to . I told him that men reacted differently to this problem and would like to give him a physical and check him out first and then see if there was anything that I might suggest. He said fine. I told him first, to strip down to his underwear and while he was doing that I went and turned on the dvd player and had a shemale tape on and had in on pause. When he was down to his Jockey's, I had him lay down on his stomach on the sofa a and proceeded to feel of his neck, shoulders, back, rubbing his muscle's from shoulder to waist with pressure. I told him that he was very, very tense. I did the same with his legs and would pressure rub each vein in his leg from thigh calf. Applied pressure to his feet and felt and rubbed each one and then went to his buttocks through the the Jocky's, and felt for lumps or anything and pulled his cheeks apart from the outside of his shorts and felt though the material and told him to turn over. He turned over and he had a semi erection and I told him that was a good sign. I did the thing again with his legs and when I got to his upper thighs,, the top of my hand bumped the bulge where his balls were and his cock jumped and again I said that was a good sign. I felt of his arms, neck and chest. a lot of attention to his nipples and when they got rock hard, I told him that when they got in that state, that his brain was thinking erotic thoughts which were natural. I wet fingers and got each nipple very wet and rubbed and flicked fingers across each nipple for a while I got a soft moan from him and I told him that nipples were a very erotic part of his body and his sexual partner should play with them because that turned him on. His cock was rock hard and twitching every now and then.I told him I was going to pull his shorts down and turn on some erotic porn for him to watch as he had kept his eyes closed. When I got back to the sofa, he was watching the porn and I slowly pulled him shorts down and his cock was pointing down and I dragged his shorts down and took about a minute to just get them past the head and when I did it popped straight up. I told him that he had a very nice size cock and was very thick and most women would love to have someone that was hung like that. I proceeded examine his balls and felt neath them with them, pressing in with finger tips. He sorta lifted his hips up a little and I pushed my finger through underneath his balls I got his ass and just tapped it a of times with just the bottom of finger and he made the biggest jump and moan so far, so I knew he was ass sensitive. I told him the only thing left was see him reach a climax be wasn't sure that he could. I moved his leg up and bent it against the back of the sofa and the other on the floor and laid down between his legs and took his cock in hand and without warning went the bottom as fast as I could and stayed there and ran tongue down toward his low hangers. He raised half way up and took in a huge breath and fell back. I came up and went down again and then went down on of his balls and eventually had both in and ran my tongue down on the taint. He was breathing extremely loud at this time and couldn't lay still. i let the first ball go with a popping sound and then he other and went to his cock and did slow, very slow, from head the bottom and back runs and when I ran tongue completely around the head, making circle's, over and over, I knew it wouldn't be very long and so with hand i went down and slipped my hand and cupped his balls and extended a finger I could tap his ass like before and when I did that he exploded and started say " F--, but caught him self and just moaned. I drained him and had a hand towel and dried him off and put his shorts back on arranged his cock in them where it was pointing down as before and got up and went back to the desk and took up some paper and said I couldn't see or find anything wrong, but it might take several appt's be sure. So I told him to check his schedule and my office and we would set up his next appt. As he was leaving he said " Thank You Doctor." I told him I wouldn't him until his last appt., and I could see the tiniest smile on his .
I never knew it was so much fun to "Heal" people

Doubling up: The only way to watch a football game!
Posted:Sep 23, 2019 9:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2020 3:57 pm

Got a call last Saturday from a married guy that I met here online right after I joined. He doesn't get any head at home and he lives close and was looking for someone who enjoyed giving it. We hit it off. When he's in a hurry, he likes to use the Glory Hole and when he has more time, he likes to lay back naked on the couch in front of the tv and receive. He's brought a friend of his from work who doesn't get any at home as well. He answered my ad and didn't want to see a pic of my cock, wasn't interested, didn't want to be behind the GH or return the favor. He only had 3 questions. 1. Do you deep throat. 2. Do you suck on the balls and 3. Do you swallow. We get along just fine.
Anyway, Saturday he asked if I was gonna watch the TCU game and I said " The Pope is not a Baptist, right? " And he said that's right and I said I will be watching. He said would you like some company and I told him sure. He wanted to bring his friend from work along as well. I thought we could get a pizza and some beer and he said they would bring it and I asked if their was anything else we needed and said how about a couple of blowjobs? I told him that I saw where they were on sale at Walmart and I would pick up a couple to have here. He laughed and said see ya later. He said they both were horny as fuck.
They got here a little before game time. I was in a pair of boxer's and a t shirt and they stripped down to underwear as well. We ate and had a couple of beers and watched the first part of the game, which sucked from the beginning to the end, the way. I put the pizza in the warming oven and we relaxed and were watching the game and my friend said this game couldn't get any worse, are you ready to give some head and he leaned back against one arm of the sofa and I got down and started giving him slow head. The other guy was in a recliner. I got my friend close and backed off and went over and did the same with his friend. Now my friend has a very large 7.5" x 6.5" cock and his friend has a very long 8", thick uncut. If I'm giving head to a guy, uncut is a plus. When I'm eating pussy, i prefer natural, but I won't turn down a bald one either. I went back and forth, edging them close, but never to a finish. We stopped at one point and finished the pizza. His friend said his dick was gonna smell like a Domino's Pizza for a week. I told him I would take care of that problem later. We took a couple more breaks and toward the end of the last quarter, my friend told me to lay down of the sofa with my head on one of the pillow arm rest and he got up on his knee's under my armpits and put his hands on the armrest beside my head and finished doing some face fucking. . After he came, he said don't move. He has his eyes closed and his head was hanging down and he said he was as weak as a kitten. His friend said " If y'all are through posing for HOLY PICTURES", I'd like to take his place, so he came over and finished the same way. He's the most vocal of the two and kept saying FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, over and over. He looked over at his friend and said DAMN, these blowjobs from Walmart are awesome, lets pick up some more before you take me home and I started laughing and his dick was still in my mouth and I pushed him away and he fell back on the sofa and we all had a good laugh. Had some handi wipes for the pizza guy and then they left with a promise to do it again. As they were ;leaving, his friend said to me, does that Walmart down here at Hemphill & Berry have those Blowjobs? Is that were you got em. I said that's the place. We high fived and they were gone and I had to clean the house and get ready because my lady friend was coming over that night to watch something she wanted to see on cable and she couldn't get it on hers. Fun day. I don't think I will ever watch a football game again without thinking about what happened today.
What happens when you don't sew up your boxer shorts.
Posted:Aug 30, 2019 11:05 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2020 3:58 pm

A married guy that I had met online a while ago, once asked if I had ever been fucked and I said I had. That brought a story that he wanted to tell me about when he was in service and the only time he has ever had anal sex. He was stationed in Biloxi, Miss. at a AF Base. He had a guy he had met there for training and they had a weekend pass. Their first one and they decided to go to New Orleans. They got a room and of course went to the French Quarter, where he said they proceded to get very drunk and tried to pick up this girl that was very friendly toward them both and was kissing and feeling around and they thought it was a sure thing, but she got cold feet at the last moment and they went back to the room. He and his friend had both wore their civilian clothes for the first time since basic training and his friend had gained so much weight he had split the back side of his boxer shorts and they were laughing about all the fresh air getting in. After going to bed in one queen size bed, my friend woke up and thought he had to take a , but instead he had a raging hard on and I can tell you, that he is very well endowed. His friend had backed up to him and my friends hardon was poking him through that split in his shorts. He watched as his friend pulled one cheek away and tried to back up more and my friend asked him if he wanted to get fucked. When he spoke, he said the guy jumped and after a minute, he said quietly " I think so" So he pushed him on his stomach and got on top. He didn't have any lube except some spit. Now remember, this guy is huge. He started pushing in and this guy was like, ow, ow and he put some more spit on and tried again and after he got about half way in and he pulled out to put some more spit on it, the guy said your too big and he told him, you started this shit and I'm gonna finish it. And he said he was bigger than this guy and he was trying to get out from under him and my friend put a lot of spit on the tip and pushed hard and went all the way in and the guy let out huge breath and said "SHIT, THAT HURTS" STOP . STOP, TAKE IT OUT., My friend said he fucked him for about two minute's before cumming. Got up and took a shower and went he came back to bed his friend had his back to him and was on the far side of the bed. When they woke up the next morning, they never talked about it again. Both ended up going to different schools and bases and never saw each other again. But he said he has never forgotten how tight that ass was and how he could feel that guys ass squezzing down on his cock. Said he would never forget that as long as he lived. That was his first time and only time with anal sex. He had never met a woman who would let him fuck her in the ass. After we met and he had me perform oral sex on him through the Glory Hole while he watched ass fucking on video and he told me this story. We tried it at the Glory Hole and now when he's got a little bit more time to spend here, he likes to start out with head and go into anal later. If he's short on time, it's strictly oral. The man does like to fuck. safe of course. [bling 75] lol
What happens at My Glory Hole
Posted:Jul 21, 2019 10:00 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2019 7:55 pm

I've had so many questions about what goes on at the Glory Hole from both and and some couples as well. If they had never been or heard about them, they thought they would have give as well and just doesn't happen. I'm the giving, preferable someone is not getting any. Yesterday July 20, 20, I had a married guy wanted cum at 4PM on his way the gym. He always says cumming here is part of his up. He knocked once and walked in and the Glory Hole is right in front of him. He closed and locked the door and walked up the cut outs. at eye level watch some porn and the lower cut receive oral through. He walked up and unzipped and pushed his jeans and underwear down his knees and he was already hard enough stick through the opening. and was completely hard when I took hold of him. He doesn't get any head at home at all and looks forward getting it. He likes watch gang bang or she porn. He likes be edged, which means I get him close several times and back off. I gave him very slow head a while , going the bottom a of times and cumming up slow with a lot of attention with my tongue on vein along the back side. I like to take my tongue and make circles around the head, very slow and stay in all the way around. Do this several minutes and then completely sink the bottom, which always gets a big vocal "Shit" of him. Sometimes he likes reach through and hold my head and do some pumping, and he always stops when he gets close, when I'm getting him close, I'll stop and go down on his low hangers which he had never had done to him before and one time I finally was able to get both in my mouth and ran my tongue them on sensitive area and he came immediately with any warning and even surprised him. So I don't do I know he wants . Yesterday he finished while holding my head and pumping and told me over and over he was cumming. He loves I stay all the way down during this and never back away. He had told me he had been with woman would swallow and he never forgot feeling. Said there was nothing like it. Yesterday, I handed him a little hand towel and he tided up and said "God, I needed " and left. So this is what happens when you let me know you would like to try the GH . You the message saying , Hello, Howdy, etc. and I'll return with a couple of different times to arrive and you would pick and I would give you the address and You would park right in front and walk up and knock and you would hear the door open and then ======SEE ABOVE
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Overnight at Winstar Casino
Posted:Jul 14, 2019 5:36 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2020 12:13 pm

The that I wrote about on July 4th, we got together again yesterday. I called them and told them that I had a free room for July . I asked if they wanted go and also I had some free buffet offers use as well. They said yes, but had pick up midday today. We had a lot of fun talking on the way up and checked in and checked our room which was very nice. The room we could get was non smoking king sized bed which was ok with us. We then went down their sister casino right on the Red River called the Border Casino. We played there for about 3 hours. I a $1,000.00 dollars on a $3.00 max bet at a Ruby Red Slot Machine. I was the that had that kind of luck. We went back and ate way too much food at the buffet. Then played again till about PM. Went the room and got undressed and the husband had came straight from work, so he wanted take a quick shower. While he was showering, I went over the wife and started giving her oral while she was watching some porn on a portable dvd player that they had brought. He came drying off and said it looked like we started without him. He came and sat on the bed and watched for a while playing with himself. This is the guy that doesn't give any oral at all. Even each other, that's why they answered my ad. She doesn't give him any anal either. He loves it. So he got up from the bed and I didn't much attention what he was doing and before long I felt him crawl on top of my back and he squatted on my legs and was pulling on a condom. He had some lube and started to push into me, and i stopped what i was doing and told him, he needed a lot more lube. He finally got lubed up enough to get all the way in and was fucking hard while I was giving her as many orgasm/s as she could take. They started cumming faster when he was fucking me and i was moaning into her pussy. He would stop and watch the porn several times, which would drive me up the wall and then continue without any warning, as if he had never stopped. When iit was all over, we took a shower and the sack. She slept in the middle and when I woke up, she was on my side with arm over my back. . They started playing around and he put her on her knees doggie style and started fuck her, no condom, I watched a little and then slid on my back up between his legs I could suck on her clit while he was fucking her. He would pull of her pussy and push it into my mouth and I got to taste all her juices off. She stays wet, which is a huge turn on. His low hangers were banging into my chin the whole time. I told him after, that it would give me a head ache. When he came, he pulled and shot all over her pussy and it rained down on my . My complexion should be flawless with all that protein. Checked out and sNot Bling Ownertopped at Bucky's for a coke and then home. Best overnight trip I've had in a long time.
Free Show Cumming back from Winstar Casino 7/4/19
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 3:52 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2020 12:14 pm

Got a late yesterday on the 4th. A married couple, the first I met here online called. The party and cook , they were going to got canceled so they were going to the Casino and wanted to know if I wanted to go as well. Of course I accepted. They wanted to eat at Mickey Mantle's cafe inside the Casino. They go there quite often. They each take 0.00 a piece and $5.00 slots until it's gone or win. I did the . We played for about a hour. I played a long time and won a $200.00 pot, but played it back in hoping for a bigger win. She won a $500.00 pot and was really happy. He played about as bad as I did. We played in a High Roller section that was near the cafe. After dinner, we were back on 35W heading to Fort Worth in their big Tahoe. I was in the jump seat as I'm tall. She was in the back with some pillows and leaning up against the corner. We were talking about what we had been doing and I was looking out the window to the right and when I looked back to the left. He had unzipped and was out and very hard. He asked me if I wanted desert (his wife doesn't give him any head at all) I grinned and said I really like to have a big desert after a big meal. His wife said, " Just don't bite him, I don't want to have a wreck.". I was giving him very slow head for quite a while, when I felt him speed up and the windows went down. I raised up and he had caught up to a truck and when I looked up at the truck, the driver gave me a thumbs up I looked in the back seat and she had raised her sundress and was rubbing her panties. I went back to work and she asked him if it felt good and he said " Hell Yes ". He told her that the truck driver was trying to tell him to pull over and she she said don't, just keep driving. When I got him to where he wanted to be, his whole body went very stiff and he pushed way back in the seat and I thought he might push the pedal all the way down, but he stayed in control. After a couple of loud MF'S, he calmed down. When we got to my house, she wanted to use the bathroom and I thought, cool, maybe I'm gonna get to eat some pussy too. But instead, since they are no longer on line, she wanted to see the profiles of people that I've met here online. She made a note of a couple and then they left. All in All, that's the way I like to celebrate the 4th.
First Time for Everything!
Posted:May 10, 2019 9:54 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2020 12:15 pm

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Had a Tranny answer my ad tonight. She was 6'1", Blond/blue, 8'5" cock and 6'5" around. Her breasts were 36 D. Huge nipples got rock hard. She told me she just wanted to fuck, she didn't get all romantic. I told her was exactly what i wanted. I don't get into kissing and all . Just enjoy the act itself.
She wanted to get some head through the Glory Hole while watching some tranny's getting fucked on video. I gave her head for about min. and she said she has a hard time cumming by head alone and wanted to know if I liked to get fucked. She said she never wants to get fucked, but always likes to fuck. She had condoms in her purse and I had some lube. She wanted me on my knees on the sofa in front of the tv. Face down, ass up . I lubed myself and also lubed her after she got the condom on. Magnum XL. She said, hold on, this usually hurts. She started in and I had to stop and back away and put some more lube on and she started again. Had to stop 3 or 4 more times before we got enough lube on and she could finally get all the way in. I felt like I was stuffed, couldn't breathe, she was fucking me so fast and hard and it sounded like somebody walking fast with flip flops on. on a wet floor. I couldn't catch my breath for moaning " OH, OH , OH, over and over". She kept saying, " open ass , give it to me " I lost my hand hold on the sofa and slid down flat and she followed and her tits were banging against my back. I felt like i was impaled on a machine was never going to stop. She kept telling to " give her my ass, over and over. This went on for about 20 min. with a couple of stops while she was watching some orgasms on the video, which drove me up the wall with her big cock still inside me and not moving. When she would stop and watch, when there was a orgasm, her cock would twitch and I would jump and say " Oh". She was unaware of what she just did. She would start fucking full speed without any warning. Wish I could fuck fast, but I can't. She put a pillow on top of my head when we were through and she laid there inside me until the movie was over. I kept squeezing down on her cock and she told me several times it felt good. She kept her high heels on the whole time and with those long, lean legs, it was a turn on. Never knew I could get much pleasure out of being fucked,, but she was so good at it, it brought it out in me. . She asked if she could bring another tranny from Dallas with her sometime. The one from Dallas was only a top as well. So This might turn in something long term. Can't wait to feel full again.
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The Postman Does Ring Twice.
Posted:Apr 16, 2019 8:14 am
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2019 9:12 am

Last night I had a married hispanic lady here to help me behind the Glory Hole. She and her husband were the first couple I met here online. We had 3 guys cumming by. She doesn't give head to completion, even to her husband. She has to stay on the head or she will gag and throw up. Not something you want on your dick. She would give a little head on the head and I would go to the bottom and finish. She is amazed that I deep throated a 8" and swallowed as well when I was on the bottom. She left about 6:30PM. ?Then she and her husband called close o PM They had been out to dinner with a guy that works with her husband and his wife was out of town and she wanted to bring them both by. I gave head to her husband first, he loves to receive, when his wife gives him head, she stays on the head and finishes him off by jacking, which he calls a waste. He loves to cum in the throat big time. His friend was watching porn over his shoulder and was slowly jacking and when the first guy was through he backed out and the other guy came in and walked right up and he was hard as a rock and 8" and thick, and didn't last but about 2 min. The wife was sitting in a chair watching and laughed each time the guys were cumming and let out huge moans. Their friend got my number and wants to bring his brother by. Seems they have fucked several women together and neither gets head at home. Don't know why some women don't want to give head after they get married. Guys are gonna get some, one way or the other. The only thing that would have made it better, would have been if the wife had wanted to receive as well. That would have been hot with two men watching. I'm gonna see if I can arrange that next time. It will give me something to " SHOOT " for.
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How to Make a Woman Scream Twice During Sex!
Posted:Mar 30, 2019 4:52 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 7:45 am

First, fuck her ass very hard without any lubricant.>>!
Then walk over and wipe your dick on her drapes!...\8
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