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The perfect load  

orallyfixated708 60M
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10/13/2021 2:54 pm
The perfect load

I was being my usual naked cock sucking self at Romantix in Gary. In the theater, I enjoy being naked and going from cock cock orally pleasuring any man wants . I had taken a few loads and my legs and ass were covered in the sticky, slimy, smelly mixture of cum and spit on the floor. I was gestured over the back row and sat between an older mans legs. He had a cock but i all men, no exceptions. 's completely dark inside and when the door opens most guys cover up as not be seen. I dont. i want be seen.

A guy entered and stood near the door. He was watching me this cock, staring at me. He pulled out his cock and I noticed was pretty big and I was hoping was mine next. The older guy grunted and grabbed my head. His legs shook as the first of several shots entered my mouth, I always moan when a guy cums. I love the feeling.

After finishing with him, he thanked me, and I crawled over the new guy was hard and stroking. As i got closer he put his hand out and said "wait". I realized he didn't want a blow job and was about cum. I hear him whisper " beg for " I did as I was told. "I want your cum ", and folded my hands like i was praying. I repeated over and over, quietly, on my knees hands folded awaiting my reward. He stepped forward and grabbed my hair, I whimpered and closed my eyes. What happened next was perfect.

He grunted very loudly while furiously jerking his cock. The first squirt was heavy. I've had hundreds of loads shot on my face but this was by far the heaviest. It was so hot and wet and dense. It splashed across my face, into my hair and down my back. The second shot was just as intense. He was very loud just before each shot of the load. It landed perfectly in the center of my face and hair. I knew I had to endure the entire ejaculation. With my hands still folded i moaned " oh my god" as another squirt caught me in the eye and into my open mouth. I was a cum covered mess but he wasn't done. He still had a couple more shot left and let me all of as he moved closer when the load subsided. He gasped, shoot off the excess onto my face and popped his cock into his pants. He apologized. I thanked him and called him . I couldn't see.

I found my was a seat. Everyone was watching and commenting. I started jerkoff blinded by cum. felt so amazing. A gigantic load all for me and now i get masturbate in all of my glory while being<b> watched. </font></b>I found my poppers and took a big . Cum was dripping everywhere. I was out of control. Jerking like and animal, licking the cum as dribbled down my face, hallucinating from poppers. I shot my load and let out a huge groan, screaming "oh my god"

The relief was tremendous but now i had leave. Guys had come in and out watching the show I had put on. One guy wanted his dick sucked with the cum on my face but I was gassed. I dressed and left as much cum as possible on my face. With it drying and my eyes stinging I walked into the store to the stares and comments of patrons. I walked outside into my car, fully covered in cum.

It took me almost and hour in the car to get to the point i could see clearly enough to drive. I left most of it on my face to dry.

My most memorable cum load

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