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fantasy come to life  

orallyfixated708 60M  
3 posts
7/12/2021 5:16 pm
fantasy come to life

I had the incredible opportunity a few years ago to participate in my ultimate<b> fantasy. </font></b>I had a black cock in Robbins who loved my oral service. As I serviced him he would skype with a friend of his and tell him how awesome i was. He would tease him that he couldnt get a white boy faggot like me. I loved being humiliated.

During the football season, I was told to come over to his house and some of his friends would stop by. None of these guys are gay, they all are very horny black dudes who love to get off. My job was to service each guy, fetch beers, light smokes, hit poppers, all while naked as they watched football. I had a piss jug and i held their cocks while they pissed so they wouldnt have to get up. I went from one cock to another servicing then until they came or i was offered to another cock. As one cock nutted, i would move to the next cock. At times it was non-stop sucking. I was also required to sit quietly and wait for orders.

The men were eager to take their pleasure from my mouth. They didnt hold back calling me names or making me deepthroat. I was taking opioids so i could go longer and deeper. It lasted 3 hours and i was spent. I wasnt allowed to touch myself so i would run to get a beer or pickup garbagr with a hardon and they would laugh. They were very mean and racial. It was like i didnt have feelings. a mindless cunt to be used.

In the end i was allowed to stroke myself after everyone left. i whimpered like a faggot furiously beating my little white cock just to cum so i could stop the endless sensation of my need for cock.

My guy asked me what i thought of it. I told him it was heaven. He shook his head in disgust. I serviced him dozens of other times until he moved to greenbay.

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