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I love to tell stories of my cocksucking adventures.
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summoned to perform my life's mission
Posted:Dec 11, 2021 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:20 am

summoned to pleasure him while he was on lunch. he works close to home, It gave me less then one hours to make him nut twice.

I look at pleasuring cock as my mission, my loves work. I have sucked cock hundreds of times and I work to get better each time. I have now become very good at taking cum in my throat.

I arrived and was ready. His meaty thighs spread wide, on his phone watching his favorite, gloryhole porn, seated in the love seat where i have serviced him over 100 times. I immediately strip and take my rightful place place sitting on the floor between his legs. Hi scent fills my nostrils and it instantly fills my mind with the wonderful feeling i get while i suck cock.

just using my mouth, i place his flaccid beautiful black cock into my mouth. he moans slightly. Using my style of lightly sucking at first, i can feel him begin to grow. his black manhood getting harder and harder. i love the feeling. I gives me tremendous pride knowing i give black cock the pleasure it deserves. It give my life value. it what i was born to do. i feel perfect.

i work deeper and deeper in my throat. I believe i must suffer for the black cocks pleasure. the discomfort of gagging, drooling, gasping, my neck hurting from the repetitive chicken-head bobbing, impaling my head onto 's magnificent manhood so he experiences the beat head ever. black cock deserves the best.

after several popper hits, says "take you last breath bitch" and i inhale deeply and force his cock into my throat. I can continue to fuck his cock with my throat with a technique i have perfected. He grunts like an animal, i choke but keep it on my throat. I struggle but i maintain my technique as i feel his cock pulsate in my throat. his nut breeding like the cunt i am. I must suffer for black cock. my suffering bring pleasure to superior black men. reparations with my faggot mouth.

As 's last pump of cum is released into my throat, i slowly withdraw my head. no cum remains, its is all injected into . i have no control of myself. i am a black cocksucker

I sit between his legs, slowly stroking my cock, whispering my love for his manhood over and over. he lets be the person i was born to be.

a few minutes later i get him hard again. my mission continues
Being sacrificed to the god of cock
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 8:28 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2022 12:21 pm

It has been several years since I've been to the 15th street theater. The last time I went behind the theater and climbed naked onto the doctors table. I hung my head over the edge and waited. Two guys followed me. The fist guy knew exactly how to use a faggot and fucked my mouth mercilessly while the second guy played with my cock and body. hanging upside down and being face fucked disorienting and amazing. I love the feeling of being out of control and used. Drool cascading into my nose, choking me, into my eyes blinding me. I gagged over and over. The cock didn't care. The feeling of letting myself go and be used by greedy horny men is magical. Others joined and were enjoying my being abused.

The first cock about to cum. He grabbed my arms and held them down as he pounded my throat and held his cock as deep as it could go. I could feel his dick pulsate in my throat as the nut injected into my stomach. I struggled but he wouldnt let me stop. I had to take the load. He finished his ejaculation an immediately walked away. I was left gasping but it was not over for me.

the next cock was a mexican uncut. He lasted about 30 seconds and unloaded his balls in my mouth. Sometimes i like a quick nut, especially if there is a line. The next older man just wanted to jerkoff and cum on my face. My eyes were burning from the drool and cum. I kept calling him daddy and kept my arms extended at my sides in a crucifixion pose. I felt like i being offered up to the god of cock and used like the cunt i am.

After a while i arose from my sacrifice. I still and covered in drool and cum. I dressed and walked to the booths to show off. Everyone knew what a i had been. I stood in he shopping area and finally in the parking lot doing the walk of shame. My clothes were soaked in the delicious combo of saliva and cum. I love driving home smelling like a dirty and still in a state of grace.
The perfect load
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 2:54 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:20 am

I was being my usual naked cock sucking self at Romantix in Gary. In the theater, I enjoy being naked and going from cock cock orally pleasuring any man wants . I had taken a few loads and my legs and ass were covered in the sticky, slimy, smelly mixture of cum and spit on the floor. I was gestured over the back row and sat between an older mans legs. He had a cock but i all men, no exceptions. 's completely dark inside and when the door opens most guys cover up as not be seen. I dont. i want be seen.

A guy entered and stood near the door. He was watching me this cock, staring at me. He pulled out his cock and I noticed was pretty big and I was hoping was mine next. The older guy grunted and grabbed my head. His legs shook as the first of several shots entered my mouth, I always moan when a guy cums. I love the feeling.

After finishing with him, he thanked me, and I crawled over the new guy was hard and stroking. As i got closer he put his hand out and said "wait". I realized he didn't want a blow job and was about cum. I hear him whisper " beg for " I did as I was told. "I want your cum ", and folded my hands like i was praying. I repeated over and over, quietly, on my knees hands folded awaiting my reward. He stepped forward and grabbed my hair, I whimpered and closed my eyes. What happened next was perfect.

He grunted very loudly while furiously jerking his cock. The first squirt was heavy. I've had hundreds of loads shot on my face but this was by far the heaviest. It was so hot and wet and dense. It splashed across my face, into my hair and down my back. The second shot was just as intense. He was very loud just before each shot of the load. It landed perfectly in the center of my face and hair. I knew I had to endure the entire ejaculation. With my hands still folded i moaned " oh my god" as another squirt caught me in the eye and into my open mouth. I was a cum covered mess but he wasn't done. He still had a couple more shot left and let me all of as he moved closer when the load subsided. He gasped, shoot off the excess onto my face and popped his cock into his pants. He apologized. I thanked him and called him . I couldn't see.

I found my was a seat. Everyone was watching and commenting. I started jerkoff blinded by cum. felt so amazing. A gigantic load all for me and now i get masturbate in all of my glory while being watched. I found my poppers and took a big . Cum was dripping everywhere. I was out of control. Jerking like and animal, licking the cum as dribbled down my face, hallucinating from poppers. I shot my load and let out a huge groan, screaming "oh my god"

The relief was tremendous but now i had leave. Guys had come in and out watching the show I had put on. One guy wanted his dick sucked with the cum on my face but I was gassed. I dressed and left as much cum as possible on my face. With it drying and my eyes stinging I walked into the store to the stares and comments of patrons. I walked outside into my car, fully covered in cum.

It took me almost and hour in the car to get to the point i could see clearly enough to drive. I left most of it on my face to dry.

My most memorable cum load
popper heaven
Posted:Oct 10, 2021 6:06 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:20 am
I discovered poppers several years ago. The effects are amazing. Everything becomes so intense, so strong. When I I lose my mind with pleasure. I take a , hold in and like an animal. The maximum results are when i exhale. Everything is X. I never want end

When i suck cock I go into a different world. I can take cock immediately down my throat, i moan and groan like a . take control. nothing else exists except for the pleasure of a man in my mouth. I drool incessantly, dripping down my chin. I hallucinate. With my eyes closed, i see a vision of myself sucking cock right in front of me. Sometimes im wearing a pig nose. It's memorizing. It make me feel like im it the perfect place. Everything is right, everything is perfect. Its what i was born do. My cocksucking is perfect. I'm perfect.

I wonder sometime whether is not the gateway hell
sucked daddy again
Posted:Oct 10, 2021 6:05 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:20 am
I just spent 2 hours orally pleasuring my black friends cock. I've sucked him over 0 times. He nutted in my throat pretty quickly the first time. I could feel his cock pulsing as he bred me.

Afterwards we both smoked a cigarette and relaxed. I always stay naked on the floor between his legs staring at his beautiful cock, told him i loved his cock over and over while i kissed him gently and nuzzled his groin. I love his smell. He played on his phone and ignored me.

I couldn't help myself and started to slowly suck him again, he got hard and we both poppers. He was watching porn on my phone and watched me throat him. When he got close cummimg, he took a big of poppers. That's my signal. I took a deep breath and took him deep in my throat. he grunted like and animal. i held him in my throat and i could feel his cock pulsing while be bred my faggot throat a second time. I could suck his cock all day. I need more cock
trance-like cocksucking
Posted:Sep 12, 2021 5:49 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:20 am

I went to my favorite adult theater in Indiana, romantix. I go naked and waited for a hard cock to gesture me over. A man stroking in the front row wanted my services. i got comfortable between his legs and began my rhythmic, repetitive, consistent oral service. I locked eyes with a guy towards the back who was stroking and enjoying the show i was performing.

My cock offered me poppers and i took a massive hit. The head rush sent me into trance of mouth pleasure. Over and over, down to his balls, wetter and wetter as I stared into the eyes of the man watching me and stroking. He was totally fixated on me. He was slowing down his stroking to keep from coming. His mouth hung open, he loved my sucking. i was in heaven. singular minded, nothing else mattered but the cock in my mouth.

I could feel my guy getting closer. The video playing showed cum shots which always makes men shoot. I felt his cock head grow. he let out a guttural moan, he was cumming. I locked eyes with the other guy as my guy unloaded in my mouth, staring into his eyes as cum ejaculated into my mouth.

The guy stroking couldnt take it anymore and approached me as in sat on the floor. I begged for his cum as he shot a huge load on my face in front of the entire audience. I could hear their comments.

I sat on the floor covered in cum and jerked off like a dirty animal. my humiliation peaked after i shot my load. i sat their quietly, hoping for another cock.

I dressed and left, covered in cum and pathetic humiliation.
fantasy come to life
Posted:Jul 12, 2021 5:16 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:20 am

I had the incredible opportunity a few years ago to participate in my ultimate fantasy. I had a black cock in Robbins who loved my oral service. As I serviced him he would skype with a friend of his and tell him how awesome i was. He would tease him that he couldnt get a white boy faggot like me. I loved being humiliated.

During the football season, I was told to come over to his house and some of his friends would stop by. None of these guys are gay, they all are very horny black dudes who love to get off. My job was to service each guy, fetch beers, light smokes, hit poppers, all while naked as they watched football. I had a piss jug and i held their cocks while they pissed so they wouldnt have to get up. I went from one cock to another servicing then until they came or i was offered to another cock. As one cock nutted, i would move to the next cock. At times it was non-stop sucking. I was also required to sit quietly and wait for orders.

The men were eager to take their pleasure from my mouth. They didnt hold back calling me names or making me deepthroat. I was taking opioids so i could go longer and deeper. It lasted 3 hours and i was spent. I wasnt allowed to touch myself so i would run to get a beer or pickup garbagr with a hardon and they would laugh. They were very mean and racial. It was like i didnt have feelings. a mindless cunt to be used.

In the end i was allowed to stroke myself after everyone left. i whimpered like a faggot furiously beating my little white cock just to cum so i could stop the endless sensation of my need for cock.

My guy asked me what i thought of it. I told him it was heaven. He shook his head in disgust. I serviced him dozens of other times until he moved to greenbay.
cock and piss
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 3:22 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:20 am

I need to unload my balls to temper my obsession with cock. No matter how many cocks i have sucked, its never enough. I have sucked cocks all over the country. Hundreds in adult bookstores, bathrooms, woods, cars, alleys, wherever i could take a cock. I have also taken a man piss behind a home depot last summer.

We made arrangements, met at the closed store in the rear at midnight. I exited my car and approached his. I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth. I awaited my destiny. He whipped out his cock and withing seconds i was gagging on his salty urine, feeling it soak my clothes, smelling its bitter manliness and the feeling for submission and humiliation i love so much.

he let the last drop the ground and he left quickly, like he had committed a crime. I retreated to my car. I sat silently for a moment trying to see. His golden nectar stung my eyes. I drove home smelling like a dirty cunt.
Piss taker
Posted:Mar 11, 2021 9:00 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 2:18 pm

Last summer I had the privledge of taking a load of piss for the first time in a while. I chatted with a man who as it turned out, lived about a mile from me. We stumbled onto the idea of me going to his house and he would unload load his bladder all over me in his garage.

As i approached his house signaled me to park in the street. We went inside and i immediately dropped to my knees and open my mouth. I was panting with nervousness. He whipped it out after taking the last swig of beer but had some trouble getting it started. I was begging daddy for his nectar and he was getting hard. He relaxed as I waited, mouth open like a little faggot.

Finally the stream struck me in the face. I could smell the beer in his piss. It startled me and i gasped a bit then moaned in pleasure at finally being able to be a dirty . First stream hit my eyes, it burned a bit but i moved my head to take it in my mouth. My mouth quickly filled up and i let it stream down my face onto my shirt and shorts. Thesmell of pisxswas strong s he let out a groan. He aimed for my hair and sprayed me everywhere while laughing and calling me a dirty faggot.

The intensity of his stream died down but i moved closed to get every drop. Soon it was over and i reeked of urine. As he tucked his cock away i slowly stood up and was dripping with piss. It felt wonderful to be so violated, so humiliated, so beautiful.

he hit the garage door opened and ordered me out. I did the walk of shame in the dark soaked in another man's bodily waste. His garbage was my treasure.

I had no choice but to get into my car which immediately filled with the stench of beer piss. I made the seat wet. I could hardly see but i drove home. When i arrived the humiliation made me so hard I jerked off in my garage covered in piss, stinking like and animal and humiliated like i have never experienced. it was heaven
Posted:Nov 12, 2020 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 2:54 pm

the theater was dark. I would wait a second then grab the closest chair. There are about a dozen chairs, usually its only 4-5 guys in there. It has a definite smell of dried cum, a big turn on for me knowing guys have been shooting loads in there.

I see one guy stroking his hard cock. he's about 50 and glances at me then his cock. I get the hint and get on all fours crawl him. It's wet but I love it. I sit the floor between his legs and feel his cock. nice and hard. He moans as I put him in my mouth. I can glance around and see other guys jerking and watching suck. His cock tastes great and he smells good.

Deepthroating him brings him closer delivering that nut. I'm drooling wildly. Every bob and down i go balls deep. It's heaven. My guy tells he's going cum and i let out a moan that tells him he can cum in my mouth. I hear that gutteral groan as his cockhead grows quickly in my mouth. I slow my pace as i feel the first squirt shoot into my mouth. He lets loose and cums like an animal. one guy watching says "fuck yea". I love the feeling of a man cumming in my mouth.

. He thanks for the awesome blowjob and pulls his pants. I look for my next cock. A black man is seated my left and he waggles his hard cock at . I crawl him feeling the dried and wet cum the floor. It's my legs and arms and makes smell like a cunt.

The black guy has a beautiful cock. The rhythmic motion of sucking cock is is very comforting . rocking over and over, safe, loved and appreciated. The black cock loved my service and tells so. Everyone is watching, its cocksucking heaven

my bare ass is sliding in cum and spit. im drooling like an animal. He tells he's going cum and asks where i want it.

my face, make yours" is my reply. He stands and unloads his load my face. Squirt after squirt. The first one makes jump as i realize this is going be a huge load. Mouth open i whimper as my face is covered. Seconds later another guy stands and delivers his load on my face and hair. I'm a complete cum covered .

I'm my eyes, it burns. but that's the cost of being a cock . Another guy wants suck him. I again crawl across the floor and put him in my mouth. Cum and drool run down my chin and chest. I'm exhausted but work out another load from this cock. He cums in my mouth and I let it dribble down my chest.

I'm worn out and sit down in a chair again. Everyone is watching and word got around a guy was covered in cum in the theater. Guys stream in get a look. Im naked, jerking with cum and drool everywhere. Some whisper, one laughs. I'm in heaven.

I know I wont cum jerking off so I decide leave. Pulling my shirt it is immediately soaked in cum and drool and my humiliation. I have walk past the sales people and everyone in the store. They know what I have done. Glances, whispers, looks of disgust, I am a bookstore .
sucking daddy's cock part 3
Posted:Nov 2, 2020 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 2:55 pm

With Daddy's order, I begin the humiliating task of cleaning his apartment while naked and covered in piss. I am required to gather old drink cups, sandwich wrappers, bags, anything that needs to be thrown away and put it into two garbage bags.

I can hardly see as daddy's piss is still in my eyes. I whimper as i clean, exposed, naked, vulnerable, humiliated, as daddy livestreams my punishment. Bending over to pick up trash I am required to show my ass as daddy threatens to fuck me and breed my faggot white ass. Picking up the trash isn't as bad as the trash talking im subjected too.

Fat faggot, white trash garbage sissy. forced to spread my cheeks, show my hole, whimper like a bitch, clean like a maid.

When two bags are filled, I am required to sit between daddy's legs and light a cigarette. I pass it to him and I know what I am required to do. Tasting daddy's cock again makes me forget the humiliation. He grows in my mouth, i can feel him, his power, his control. His cock speaks to my mouth. I am helpless to stop. I bob on his cock, gagging like a faggot over and over, only stopping for a hit of poppers.

I'm in heaven. time passes but I'm not aware. It could be minutes, hours, my mind is completely controlled by my masters manhood in my mouth. I'm like a , safe, comfortable, nursing on my mommy for life's nourishment.

I can always tell when he's close. He becomes an animal. total disregard for my comfort. I can breath yet I dont pull away. I have learned to inhale deeply as he grabs my head and calls me faggot. his manhood slips just down my throat and the guttural noises fill my ears as I can feel his cock head grow just before he empties his second load down my throat.

The only mercy is he stops quickly. Pushing me away and telling me to leave in a dismissive, meanway. "get out you dirty fat old cunt". "and take my trash out with you" I dres quickly still gasping for air, trying to recover from the throat fucking.

I'm dress and leave, doing the walk of shame i've done over 100 times. The neighbors can hear everything. They know why I'm there. I dump the garbage in the trash to the snickers of the neighbors.

Why do I do this? Why can't I stop? I dont cum. I'm just used like a rag, treated like a maid, pissed on like a toilet, used over and over, then sent away to the public humiliation of being heard by the neighbors.

I cant stop. I love it. I love cock.
I love cock, part 2
Posted:Nov 1, 2020 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 2:55 pm
When daddy cums I am required sit very still between his legs and gently kiss his cock and balls. I moan and whimper as drool dribbles down my chin from pleasuring daddy and taking his nut. I know what's coming when he recovers. he loves humiliate .

" in the tub bitch" as I begin my crawl into his bathroom and kneel in his tub. i kneel naked and wait. he always makes wait. its more humiliation. Daddy Is a huge man. 6'5" 290 lbs of muscle black man. his cock, now limp but still glistening from my mouth, gets closer and i obediently open my mouth. He grabs his cock and slaps my face and calls a faggot. I love it. As i wait the flow of urine I feel proud and beautiful. This man gives his most precious bodily fluids. I am honored. My cock grows hard but I dont dare touch it.

I jump a bit every time the spray hits my face. I groan a bit. The smell is strong, the taste is bitter but I take every drop into my mouth until it is full then it dribbles down my chest. His stream is strong, he lets out a laugh. He aims for my eyes. It burns but I take it. He uses his cock like a hose to cover every inch of my body. HE loves to soak my hair.

His stream slows, i swallow as much as i can. The last drops he wipes on my mouth. I thank him profusely. I am cold, wet and stinking of piss, in a black man's apartment. I love it.
I love cock
Posted:Oct 30, 2020 5:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 2:54 pm

I have';t had a cock or pussy in my mouth in months. I love being an oral men and women. I have a black friend with a beautiful black cock who loves when I orally service him. It's pure heaven .

I get his place, he's single and its always messy. Without saying a word, I undress. He is already sitting naked the couch watching porn on his phone and texting friends about the faggot who is going be his . Sitting between his legs I light a cigarette and take a few hits before passing it him. My work begins. Smelling his balls excites me. his big black manhood hangs so handsomely, so beautifully, so perfectly. I place it in my mouth testing its delicious flavor as i moan in delight. lets out a groan as his cock slowly grows in my mouth.

I take a moment and stare it. take in its majesty, its power over . It makes me feel perfect, surrendering to it. I'ts a life force of its own, magical. "Suck it faggot" bellows as he shows his livestream viewers the white sissy sucking his cock. I gag over and over struggling get him in my throat where i know he wants be. I enjoy the challenge, the hardship, the drooling as i get it all the way down.

he offers me poppers. I take a very deep hit and my mind goes to a place of pure pleasure. I impale my mouth his cock over and over as I gasp for air and moan like a .

he loves this and forces my head balls deep over and over ignoring my struggling. I can hear him getting close. I've sucked his dick hundreds of times, i know when the load is coming. He pushes my head all the way down, i grab a last bit of air. I can feel his manhood pulsing in my throat as he breeds me. I have no control, his nut goes straight into my stomach.

i go limp as his cock pulses slower and slower and he lets out a mean grunt and lets go of my head. My time with is just beginning
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