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Regrets ?  

p4n1h3r 56M  
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1/29/2020 9:42 pm
Regrets ?

* As the title suggests this post is about a event occurred in early 20's. It's something I think about till this day as I regret a decision not made. Or maybe it was a decision made. It depends upon how you it. At the end of the story you can decide. This event also occurred before I was ready to acknowledge bisexual curiosity.
* During this particular summer I lived in a dormitory building with rooms normally shared by up to 4 people. Ninety- percent of the time these rooms were either empty or occupied by tenant. This time they were mostly single occupancy. The design of the dorm had 2 rooms sharing a bathroom between them. The doors had locks on either side, both inside and . I was sharing a bathroom with a guy whom I seldom spoke with. We didn't have a lot in common but I did take a shine his girlfriend at the time. She was a tall bosomy brunette with big athletic hips. Her prize possession was what most young males coveted ... her rather large chest. She was Nineteen, probably 5'10 and I'm going guess a chest size of 38 EE or larger. They were firm and all natural matching her friendly, perky personality. She was of the first people I met when I arrived at the dorm. Her smile was the first thing that caught eye. Her ample chest was the second. As we walked down the hall that first day I stopped to take a drink of water from the fountain allowing get a at her full figure. Luckily, I was wearing baggy trousers as, embarrassment, a large protrusion appeared the front of trousers. When I later spotted her at in the hallway going into her<b> boyfriends </font></b>room heart sank. Her boyfriend, neighbour, was not someone I got along with or someone I liked. We had a cordial relationship and I wondered what she saw in him as he never seemed appreciate her. He never complimented her.
* Friday afternoon I stopped at the bar for a few beers before returning to the dorm before dinner. I went to room get changed. I had so I went I the bathroom. I locked the door neighbours room and took member. I finished up and after a of quick 'shakes' ... I shook it a little more ... then a little more .. I thought of Lisa, the large chested brunette. I suddenly became aware of where I was, stopped and put it back in pants. Coming back reality I could hear music coming from neighbours room and decided give a neighbourly 'hello'. I tapped on the door and opened it. I was immediately shocked and overwhelmed. surprise, Chris was sitting on the edge of his bed with his pants down around his ankles. He was stroking his cock and didn't stop at first. After a second or but what seemed like 5 minutes he looked up. I blushed, quickly closed the door and left the dorm. All I could think of was the size of thing I just witnessed. I thought they existed in fantasy or porno mags. It was huge ! It must have been or inches and was as round as 'tall ' beer can. He could barely get his hand around it. That image was burned into brain ! His hand rubbing up and down but leaving 80% of his shaft untouched made want run over and with it. I now realize he was sending a signal but the time it never occurred act on it. Whenever we saw each other from that point forward it was awkward with a quick acknowledgement of each others presence. He did try mention something about it drunken night at the bar. He started off with a hinting threat of 'seeing something' .. I quickly changed the subject as if I had no idea what he was talking about. I then knew what Lisa saw in him. He was a jerk ... but damn he had an impressive sized cock. It became fodder for many jerk-off fantasies. Playing with his cock and playing with her tits. He eventually left the organization and Lisa was single.
* I was seeing Tina. A small blonde didn't have a firm grasp on reality but did love get fucked doggy style. I would consider myself above average penis size and girth but not by much. She would bury her a pillow when I fucked her doggy style. I asked her if she did because it hurt. I didn't want it be painful for her. She told I was bigger than what she was and she was just enjoying it. She never had this reaction when I was on top her but she was much shorter than I was making it harder see eye eye. Our routine was a half hour of traditional with on top. I always considered this a up. A few minutes break then she would get on the floor on all fours with her dripping pussy spread wide for plunder. She always loved round 2 ! This was around the time Lisa became single. She started a friend of mine was the closest thing I met a pervert time. I say this jokingly because he talked a lot about ... about different kinds of ... about different sexual fantasies. He was also quite funny so we did spend a few Friday evenings drinking and laughing together. He made no secret about his desire for girlfriend, Tina.
* During the fall we were all rearranged in the dormitory and assigned rooms. Tina and Lisa now shared a bathroom between them which meant Mike (Lisa's boyfriend) and I saw more of each other. Mike would joke about swapping and I had admit ... I did get turned on by the idea. I wondered how could I best approach the subject with Tina. I made the odd innuendo and there gauge her reaction but I was still unclear how go about this. During night I mentioned about having others around ... no reaction. Another drunken evening I made a suggestion about her and Lisa making out. She got upset and accused me of just wanting fuck her neighbour, Lisa. She wasn't wrong but she never came out say she was opposed it or opposed . What we both never acknowledged was things were about come an end. the end of the year things were being rearranged and restructured. Most of us would be moving other areas and our of friends would be dispersed. We never talked about it.
* evening with a week or left before our disbanded Tina and I had a nice dinner together. We knew things were coming to an end and didn't want to spend the remainder of time depressed about it so we filled the remaining time as if nothing was about to change. We went back to the dorm and started to make out. We got naked ... Tina got on all fours on the floor. I had mentioned to Mike how much she loves this position. He would get jealous and beg me to let him fuck her. I told him I couldn't control as it would be her decision and the times I brought it up didn't go very well. I now walked over lock the door our room the shared bathroom. I hesitated for a second. I knew Mike was with Lisa her room. It was a Saturday night so I thought if they're home they're probably naked. Should I not lock it fully ? She I just pretend lock it ? I had so many thoughts and options running through mind. The fantasy of seeing Lisa butt naked ... sticking rock hard cock her .. watching her huge tits bounce around as she was getting fucked. I got more and more turned on. hand grabbed now rock hard throbbing, pulsating cock. other hand involuntarily reached down and locked the door. other hand reached down and locked the door. No, 's not a mis-print. I typed it twice for emphasis. I went back and got behind Tina. I started fuck her doggy style. MIke, the bathroom, heard us and started pounding on the door. He had tried open the door first and now was demanding we let him in. I could hear Lisa asking what was going on. I got more turned on by the idea of them on the other side of the door ... listening.
* All of fantasies ... seeing Lisa naked, Lisa, seeing Mike naked, seeing Lisa getting fucked, seeing Tina getting fucked ... maybe Tina and Lisa make ? Maybe Mike and I make ? It all ended with the simple turn of of knob. I knew all of heart it would have been deceitful and I probably would have lived regret it. Did I regret turning the lock on the door? NO. I regret not communicating this desire or fantasy with Tina. knows? She might have been into it but wanted ask first.

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