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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act IV )  

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3/29/2020 9:39 pm
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act IV )

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IIIThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act V

* A young Ian Astbury confidently approaches the microphone. He grabs the microphone stand, looks left, looks right and then with a flick of his neck he snaps his long dark hair back launching into the lyrics;

Hot sticky scenes,
you know what I mean

We were both sipping a beer and watching old footage of The Cult performing their 80’s hit ‘Rain’ on the pub’s TV. Without realizing it, Meg and I simultaneously echoed the chorus, “Here comes the rain ... Here she comes again”. Anyone who lived though the Eighties era would know the lyrics. During their hey day The Cult could be heard playing i-n almost every club i-n the Western world. Meg and I were enjoying a quick lunch before heading o-ut t-o o-ne of the local suburban nature trails. The municipal government took good care of the city’s recreational facilities grooming the trails i-n the winter for cross-country skiing and maintaining the trails for ruts and overgrowth during the summer months. The trails were popular enough t-o warrant their upkeep but did not see a lot of foot traffic making long, peaceful, uninterrupted walks possible. Fresh air, sunshine and MJ ... some call it a trifecta.

* We paid the bill and left for the trail each supplied with a bottle of water and a full stomach. When we pulled into the trail parking lot MJ remarked, “I see only t-wo other cars here today.” I replied, “It looks like we may have o-ne of the trails all t-o ourselves.” Again, that mischievous grin appeared. I had initially planned t-o get some fresh air and exercise this afternoon but deep down inside I think I knew better. MJ was spontaneous with a high sex drive and a naughty side. When she asks you t-o go along with her it’s usually an adventure and best t-o be prepared for one. As a just-in-case scenario, I had a bottle of lube and box of condoms i-n the trunk of m-y car. When we got o-ut of the car I went around back and put several condoms and the bottle of lube i-n m-y pocket. We then walked over t-o the map of trails located i-n the parking lot and studied the t-wo different trails and several tributaries.

* Along with the nature trails usually used by most people for recreation there were also known areas off the main trails clandestinely used by bisexual or gay guys. It’s not well known but it’s known i-n certain circles with most trying t-o be as discreet. The southern trail wound through a thick tree canopy followed by a marshy area with a floating wooden bridge i-n sections connecting a wooden pathway erected both on and i-n the swampy areas. It was popular with mountain bikers mostly for being the longest of the trails a-t five Km (or approx three miles). The northern trail wound through a marshy area followed by mostly open spaces until the trail turned south through a thick tree covered area. The trails were widened and well marked but there were areas, mostly game trails, that veered off the trail. This trail looped back onto itself where a fork appeared about half a kilometre (or three-hundred yards) from the parking lot. On either side of this initial fork were paths that led t-o more secluded areas used by the previously mentioned groups. They were usually well hidden and hard t-o spot but they were there. I had met some guys on previous outings when o-ut for solitary walks. It could be arousing t-o meet some random guy, jerk off or exchange blow jobs and then go your o-wn way.

* We decided on the northern trail and started o-ut towards the initial fork. We turned right a-t the fork and continued on a leisurely pace while the sun continued t-o shine through the intermittent cloudy periods. Meg wore a slightly loose pair of shorts (with thong underwear underneath), a tight tank top and a sports bra holding i-n her voluptuous breasts. I loved t-o lounge behind her while she swung her hips navigating the terrain with her lovely legs and shapely behind. Through a small clearing we caught a glimpse of a figure moving i-n the southern direction on the opposite loop from us. Close enough that he might have also spotted o-ur movement. We continued o-ur walk stopping occasionally for a sip of water. On o-ur last stop I heard a twig snap behind us alerting me t-o the possibility the previous figure had made a short cut through the trees i-n an attempt t-o join the segment we were currently walking. It would put him approx five minutes behind us so we continued on.

* Meg, declaring she had t-o pee, pointed t-o a path that led north from the current tail i-n the direction of the heavier wooded area. When we stepped off the trail I reached back and broke a twig standing t-o o-ne side. A foot or t-wo further I also broke another c-ouple of twigs giving a visual clue t-o anyone following which direction we were headed. A few minutes on the path brought us t-o a semi secluded area with small copses of trees located a few metres or yards next t-o each other. We chose a small grove and walked behind a large tree. Meg pulled down her shorts and thong and leaned back with her feet spread apart. She reached u-p and grabbed a tree branch t-o hold on t-o as she squatted down careful t-o get her pee stream lower than her shorts which she kept bunched above her knees. She let o-ut a long yellow stream of urine, took o-ut a tissue and gave her thing a light pat with the tissue. She stood u-p and pulled u-p her thong and shorts while folding the tissue and putting it i-n her shorts pocket. I said t-o her, “Girl, you even pee sexy !” She winked and said, “I bet you do t-o !” Watching her had also given me the urge t-o pee so I unzipped and pulled o-ut m-y semi hard cock. Meg watched as I held on t-o a thick yellow stream gushing o-ut of m-y cock. She came over and held on t-o it angling the stream on different things. She asked, “Ever write your name i-n the snow ?” I chuckled and replied with, “It’s a rite of passage. Every who experiences winter makes an attempt.” She quickly added, “Unless you’re a girl ... then punctuation is the best you can manage !” When I finished she shook my thing a few times. She also took o-ut the tissue from her pocket and unfolded t-o a different area and lightly tapped the tip of m-y cock. She then folded it back u-p and put it back i-n her pocket. I was still chuckling a-t the punctuation remark.

* I heard a twig snap and realized the person following the trail must have followed the clues I left. I turned around and saw him standing about 10 metres (or approx 30 feet) away from us with a visible bulge i-n his pants. “How are you guys doing ?”, he asked. “Good ... just o-ut for a walk and heard nature calling !”, I replied. “Nice day for that !”, he said. MJ and I both nodded. “It’s quite private i-n this far, isn’it it ?”, I asked. He quickly responded, “Oh yes, especially this time of year and with hardly any cars i-n the parking lot it should be very private i-n here.” Using this as a cue I pulled down m-y pants and asked him t-o join us. As he got closer he could see m-y cock getting harder as his bulge started t-o grow. “I’m fully bisexual and she’s always on the look o-ut for huge cocks !”, I said. “Well, you’re both i-n luck today !”, he replied and continued with, “I’m also bisexual and love t-o fuck guys. I’m also i-n the ten plus range.” I heard Meg audibly gasp as she heard this. I felt the familiar nervousness and elation a-t the thought of being fucked by such a huge cock. “I’ll ask if you can go slow t-o start with. Use lots of lube and pull o-ut the first t-wo or three times applying more lube each time. If you take your time and work it all the way in, leave it there for a few seconds you should be able t-o go t-o town on me when I’m fully loosened up.” He replied with, “This is where having a huge cock comes into play. I find it’s best if I start with you on your back. Not a good idea here but you can rest on o-ne of those fallen tree stumps and I can hold your legs while I work it i-n you. It’s a good position t-o get used t-o the size.” I nodded as he got closer t-o us. I could see the outline of something huge running down his leg through the tight pair of jeans he was wearing.

* He came u-p t-o m-e and shook m-y hand and then pulled down his pants instructing me t-o suck on his cock. Standing back a few feet rubbing her hands over her crotch and breasts Meg got turned on by the display unfolding i-n front of her. Her o-wn live personal porno. I grabbed the base of his cock and wrapped m-y lips around the head before proceeding t-o suck on it. I was simultaneously stroking the base of his cock and sucking the head while his cock got bigger with every stroke. T-o speed things u-p I wet t-wo fingers with spit and while caressing his balls slipped o-ne finger i-n his ass followed shortly by the second one. His cock got instantly fully erect. MJ was watching with her shorts and thong around her ankles working t-wo fingers i-n her pussy while occasionally rubbing her clit. He backed me u-p against a large fallen tree that I leaned back on. I took o-ut the lube and condoms and handed them t-o him while I took m-y pants and underwear off over m-y shoes. He pulled on a condom and squirted lube on his cock before he picked me u-p by m-y legs. He pulled me closer t-o him until I felt the head of his cock touching m-y ass ring. He then moved i-n and pushed his rock hard cock into m-y ass o-ne inch a-t a time pausing after every three inches t-o pull o-ut and apply more lube. Meg was getting turned on by hearing m-y gasps every time he sunk his cock deeper i-n me. She was rubbing herself with vigour. When he worked his cock all the way i-n he paused for twenty seconds before slowly starting t-o work his cock i-n and o-ut of me. I was now completely relaxed and fully open for the full length of his cock.

* I pushed him back and moved m-y ass off of his cock while I got down from the tree. I went over in front of MJ and got down on all fours allowing me t-o lick her pussy. He came u-p behind, squirted more lube on his cock and slid it into me again balls deep. He grabbed m-y shoulders holding me back against the giant sausage thrusting into m-y man hole. He was starting t-o increase the pace and would draw o-ut far enough that his insert stroke would glance across m-y prostate gland. I kept licking and sucking on Meg’s pussy as she flipped her top and bra over her head exposing her huge breasts. The guy fucking me was enjoying the show Meg was putting on as his cock was a-t full capacity inside of m-y hole. He has going faster now as I reached back stroking m-y cock. I had the smell and musk of Meg’s pussy i-n m-y nostrils, this guy’s huge ten inch cock all the way i-n m-y ass while he took occasional slaps on m-y naked ass all combined t-o turn me on immensely. Add t-o this pleasure the erotic excitement of getting fucked outdoors on a nature trail. I was tugging on m-y growing cock when I finally succumbed t-o m-y impending orgasm. I pushed him back and moved m-y ass o-ut the way and pushed Meg down on all fours i-n front of him. While he slid off the condom I handed him a new o-ne as I got i-n front of Meg and shot a load all over her cheeks and chin. He got i-n a standing / crouching position with his knees ahead of Meg’s hips while I got behind them, wrapped a hand on his shaft and inserted his ten inch cock inside her. I said t-o him, “Take her hard, she likes it a bit rough ... be respectful and don’t hurt her.” “Okay, got it.

* I-n this position he had Meg trapped being on top of her with his hands grabbing her tits firmly while he drove his giant cock down into her pussy. He was using his knees as leverage against her hips t-o help thrust harder into her. From this position he was slamming his cock i-n a downward angle with her on her knees. His huge cock was scraping the upper walls of her vagina pressuring her g-spot with his girth. She yelped loudly on every stroke. She was breathing heavy and coating his huge cock with a thick sheen of her lubricant matching the still visible cum shot on her face. Warning of an oncoming orgasm her thighs started t-o quiver while her back arched. I said t-o him, “If you’re going t-o cum, pull o-ut and give her a facial.” That was enough t-o push Meg over the edge. She pushed his cock o-ut with her contracting orgasm while she squirted a stream between both hers and his legs. He pulled off his condom and walked around i-n front of her while stroking his cock. He was rock hard and turned on by her orgasm. He grunted loudly as she reached u-p and lightly squeezed his balls. She felt his impending orgasm and moved her face closer. His first splash landed on the forehead and left a small streak i-n her hair. The second load had less force and landed on her left cheek. She moved his cock over t-o her right cheek and stroked o-ut another small load. His last squirt landed on her chin, a thick glob dripping down t-o her breasts. She sucked what remained o-ut his cock before he pulled u-p his pants and gave Meg a light slap on her ass as he walked by her and continued back o-ut t-o the trail.

* Meg got u-p and pulled on her thong and shorts while wriggling her bra and top back on. I put m-y clothes back on and said t-o Meg, “Want a tissue ?” “NO.”, she quickly replied. “I want t-o leave it on me all the way back t-o the car ... and maybe the rest of the day !” I was turned on by the idea of her walking the rest of the trail with her face covered i-n dripping cum. “What about if we run into someone ?”, I asked. “You’ll think of something.”, she said. We continued t-o walk back after regaining the walking trail again. We walked the rest of the way with cum drying on her face and still very visible i-n dripping streaks. She wiped some of it i-n a different direction t-o avoid it dripping into her eyes ... and making her eye liner run ! When we came u-p t-o the fork again we caught movement off the trail following into the discreet areas. We followed the trail picking u-p o-ur pace i-n and attempt t-o overtake the figure we spotted.

* We got further off the path eventually meeting u-p with the guy ahead of us. He slowed his pace when he saw us approach. He was looking both of us u-p and down as we got closer. I could see a tent starting t-o form i-n his pants. “Hi ! Nice day for a walk further i-n the woods ... where it’s more private.”, I said. He nodded and replied, “It certainly is. Who is this lovely lady and is that what I think it is ?” Before I could reply Meg said i-n a low sultry voice, “It is what you think it is and I’d like more. Want t-o add t-o it ?” His eyes lit u-p as she lifted her top and bra showing off her big firm round breasts. We ducked behind a tree while he pulled down his pants exposing a thick cucumber sized cock. He started t-o stroke on it while I asked, “Is there anything you’d like that would make you cum quicker ?” “Sure, I’d like both of you t-o take turns sucking m-y cock. Him first”, he replied. I got on m-y knees and took his cock i-n m-y mouth while Meg got on her knees next t-o me. She had her shorts and thong down and was working t-wo fingers inside of her still wet pussy. I sucked on his cock for five minutes feeling his cock getting harder and harder while Meg rubbed her clit coupled with fingering her dripping canal. Meg took over from me and started sucking his cock while I took over from her and worked m-y t-wo middle fingers inside her. After a few minutes more of this Meg felt the head of his cock get bigger. She took his cock o-ut and rubbed it over her forehead while he shot a thick rope of semen across her forehead and over her hair. She moved his cock around adding t-o the already existing drying puddles on her cheeks and chin. I continued working m-y fingers i-n her sopping vagina harder and faster with the t-wo knuckles not inside her held i-n place by m-y thumb i-n a position t-o smack her on her clit. The guy had zipped u-p and left when she suddenly cried out, “Oh god ... oh god.” She put her hand over her mouth while she cried o-ut with an intense orgasm taking over causing a huge squirt over m-y hand and arm. She pulled her clothes back on and we walked back t-o the trail. She put on a pair of sunglasses t-o distract from the huge globs of semen dripping off her face and on t-o her neck and breasts. As we got closer t-o the fork again we spotted a c-ouple i-n the distance approaching from the parking lot. When we passed and greeted each other with a friendly good morning I noticed they were staring a-t Meg. Arriving back a-t the parking lot we noticed another c-ouple had parked next t-o us. They were getting o-ut as we approached o-ur car. The girl winked a-t Meg and as Meg was getting i-n the passenger side said, “I hope I have as good a walk as she did !” Meg dipped her t-wo fingers i-n some drying cum on her forehead before moving them t-o her lips and blowing the other girl a kiss. She giggled and waved back.

* Driving back t-o m-y place Meg left the drying semen on her face. She got more turned on when we approached red lights and intersections. She would occasionally look over a-t the other driver with cum still congealing on her face. On three occasions she got either a thumbs u-p or horn honk when they realized what was on her face. I said t-o her, “Meg when it comes t-o naughty you take first prize. Damn that’s such a turn on.” “It’s not every day that you get three different loads from three different guys. Might as well cherish the moment !”, she mused. Her phone buzzed with an incoming text message. A slight smile appeared on her lips as she read the message. Sensing m-y curiosity she said, “It’s from Shane. She says she’s free tonight and wondered if we wanted t-o play.” I got an idea. “What if we ask her t-o meet us for dinner and invite Brad ?”, I asked. She nodded her head, “Wouldn’t they make a good c-ouple ?” I handed her m-y phone with Brad’s contact information. She texted Brad,
“Hey, it’s MJ. We’re having dinner with a female friend, join us ? She’s fully bi ... think of the possibilities !”
“You had me a-t female friend. Sure. Where and when ?”
“I’ll text you the details later this afternoon. Meet around 7pm.”
She texted Shane
“Plans changed. Have a wonderful hung friend of ours who also wants t-o play. Okay with a four way ?”
Ten seconds later MJ’s phone buzzed
“LOL ... OK, meet us @ 7pm, I’ll txt address later”

* MJ asked if we could stop a-t her place t-o pick u-p this evenings attire before heading back t-o m-y place. I waited outside with the XM radio on the Lithium channel. Econoline Crush was currently powering through Sparkle and Shine. A drop tuned, biting guitar sound with heavy distorted chords prominent during the grunge era of the Nineties, it saw heavy rotation on the music video stations of the time. The rhythmic and simple drum patterns were irresistible t-o not tap o-ut on the steering wheel. I was lost i-n a trance daydreaming about the events that just took place on the trail. M-y cock got hard again thinking about that huge 10 inch cock fucking m-y ass ... just like Brad did previously on o-ur three way evening. I was getting turned on by the thought of getting fucked by Brad. He had a huge cock that was a fun challenge. He was also patient and reasonably gentle with something so huge, unless you wanted him t-o unleash it all, then it got intense. M-y daydream was broken by o-ne of m-y favourites playing on XM radio. The band was named ‘Mobile’ and the song was called ‘Montreal Calling’. It starts with a fast tempo progressing bass line. The heavy distorted guitars kick i-n playing standard 3 chord change patterns. During the chorus all instruments stop and start on the same beat with each chord change punctuating the lyrics, alternatively sung with a higher pitched harmonic voice singing the 2nd t-wo lines;

Take me take me get me o-ut of here
Come down please come help me out
Take me take me get me o-ut of here
Come down please come help me out

It has a heavy tom oriented drum pattern played on a clear white Ludwig Vistalite 6 piece kit that accentuates the bass line ... very catchy. As Meg approached the car I turned down the volume. She got i-n and tossed an overnight bag i-n the back seat. As she took a seat i-n the passenger side she said, “I hear the Lithium channel, do I not ?” “Yes, I got an offer for half price on a year’s subscription and bit. They were just playing Montreal Calling.”, I replied. Every time I hear that song I’m reminded of driving though New Brunswick and Quebec returning from a trip t-o the East coast of Canada. Approaching Montreal meant Forty-Five t-o Sixty minutes until the Ontario border and another of the same distance until returning t-o Ottawa, the nation’s capital city. Funny how some songs have the ability t-o transport a person back i-n time t-o when it became most memorable. An auditory bookmark.

* Twenty minutes later we arrived a-t m-y new condo building i-n the West end of the city. I pulled into the underground parking garage, parked the car and led Meg through the building t-o m-y unit where we both undressed and laid on the bed. With a few hours until dinner we took a quick nap followed by an next hour and half of personal grooming. Meg chose a simple but elegant outfit while I chose a semi-formal ensemble of a pair of black Dockers and a light tan coloured golf shirt. We were going t-o meet Brad and Shane a-t Biagio’s Italian Restaurant i-n the West end of the city. A semi-formal and light atmosphere, the venue catered t-o an upscale clientele with modern furnishings and a slightly higher priced menu. Following their initial encounter Meg had called the store and chatted with Shane about possible future encounters after which both exchanged cell . She now texted Shane the address and reservation info while I did the same with Brad. We both received acknowledgements of o-ur texts. We would all meet i-n the restaurant’s parking lot a-t 6:55PM. Things were all set for another night of exploration and adventure.

* Pulling into the parking lot Meg spotted a series of empty parking spots on the right hand side and towards the rear of the parking lot. We parked next t-o an open spot, got o-ut and looked around the parking lot. A car horn honked as Shane spotted Meg and pulled into the empty spot next t-o us. Shane got o-ut and gave Meg a close warm hug. Shane was also dressed moderately conservative with a simple light coloured blouse and dark skirt combination. Both women were looking hot i-n an attempt t-o conceal their sensuous bodies i-n conservative attire. Brad spotted us and found a spot a few spaces down from us. As he approached us Shane suddenly fell quiet. I noticed Brad perked u-p slightly a-t first glance upon Shane. He straightened his shoulders slightly and held a level gaze. A warm smile appeared as he extended his hand t-o Shane while introducing himself. Shane held his hand then drew him i-n closer t-o her for a hug as she concluded her<b> introduction. </font></b>Both Meg and I exchanged glances with slightly raised eyebrows, both of us noticing the chemistry they were developing.

* After a few minutes of nervous laughter and innuendos o-ur drink orders arrived, a good way t-o start an evening by lowering o-ur inhibitions. Over dinner we chatted about how we all came t-o know each other. It got erotic a-t times while trying t-o keep most of the colourful language t-o ourselves. We didn’t delve into the details of o-ur encounter with Shane but gave Brad a broad condensed version t-o which he raised his glass for a toast. After o-ur collective toast Shane announced a trip t-o the restroom while resting her hand on Brad’s thigh. Being next t-o Shane Brad stood u-p and pulled back the chair for Shane. She stood u-p and placed a light kiss on Brad’s cheek causing her breasts t-o rub against his side as she strode past t-o the ladies room. Meg could no longer contain her curiosity and asked, “So, what do you think of Shane ?” “She’s something special is the best description I can give a-t the moment ! I felt a connection with her immediately.”, he continued. “Those 34 D’s though ... I can’t wait t-o see them i-n action.” MJ responded, “She is intense and fun t-o be around. I bet you t-wo will have a great time tonight.” A-t that moment Shane returned prompting Brad t-o stand u-p and push Shane’s chair i-n for her. We had ordered four coffees with neither of us having any room for dessert. Before the coffees arrived I raised m-y glass and said, “Here’s t-o a wonderful evening with four like minded and intimate friends.” We all cheered and drank the remnants i-n o-ur glasses.

* After coffee and a trip t-o the restroom we all met i-n the parking lot. I spoke t-o the group, “Shane, I am confident that you are comfortable around all of us. Brad, you live closer t-o here than I do so do you recommend we continue a-t your place or we can all go back t-o mine. It’s a bit further and more o-ut of the way for you, Shane.” Brad offered, “Shane, why don’t you leave your car here and come back with me ? I can drive you back here later t-o get your car. I-n the meantime let’s continue a-t m-y place.” Shane’s eye’s lit up, “That would be fantastic ! I feel comfortable leaving m-y car here overnight.” A sign that Shane and Brad were hitting it off caused a slight grin t-o appear on Meg’s lips. Meg thought t-o herself just wait until she gets that whole ten inches pounding into her, I want to witness that. She felt her love canal starting t-o salivate a-t the thought of another round with Shane and witnessing Shane’s reaction t-o getting taken hard by a huge cock. I had switched over the radio t-o the a local FM station who were currently playing The Beaches latest hit, ‘Want What You Got’. A four piece all female band from Toronto, they have enjoyed a string of number o-ne hits. Their current hit features a slow heavy bass line and a low sultry voice that raises t-o a desperate exclamation i-n the second part of the chorus;

I want your small waist
Want your vacation
I want what you got, I say it a lot

Oh M-y God, Oh M-y God, Oh M-y God, Oh M-y God
I want what you got, I say it a lot

I want your car
I want your apartment
I want what you got, I say it a lot

Meg loudly sang the part, “Oh m-y god, oh m-y god, oh m-y god, oh m-y god” and I would continue with a finger pointing a-t MJ while singing, “I want what you got, I say it a lot”.

* Having had Brad’s address i-n m-y GPS we arrived shortly after Brad who was waiting for us i-n the lobby of his building. We all rode the elevator t-o Brad’s floor with the sexual tension thick enough t-o cut with a knife. Brad served us all a drink as we sat i-n the living room making small talk. Brad raised his glass and said t-o us all, “Cheers ! Here’s t-o a night of naked exploration. Who’ll be first t-o break the ice ?” I-n unison we all raised o-ur glasses and returned a, “Cheers !” Shane spoke u-p and said, “I’ll go first. Let’s see how much small talk we can make with me topless !” She removed her top and swung her bra around so the clasps were i-n front of her. She undid the clips and let her bra fall t-o the ground leaving her 34 D cup firm round breasts bare for all t-o see. They looked spectacular i-n this light. Meg decided on the same tactic and let her bra fall t-o the ground as well. With her hands on her hips Shane said, “So, how about those Raptors ?”, causing all of us t-o let o-ut some nervous laughter. Meg set her drink down and then said t-o the room, “Anyone see m-y drink ?” while she quickly turned from left t-o right and vice versa causing her gorgeous breasts t-o sway back and forth. Brad and I were hypnotized by four firm round gorgeous breasts combined with four perfectly round and silver dollar sized nipples.

* Brad and I stared i-n a trance like state as Shane walked over and cupped Meg perky breasts sucking and kissing both of her nipples. No longer able t-o contain ourselves I followed Brad’s lead and pulled down m-y pants and underwear kicking them off with o-ur erect cocks on full display. Shane pulled down Meg’s skirt and panties with Meg doing the same for Shane. As they started t-o make o-ut Brad and I removed o-ur tops and I got on m-y knees i-n front of Brad taking his cock i-n m-y hand. As I was sucking on Brad getting him hard I glanced over t-o discover Shane unwrapping her harness and laying o-ut her ‘weapon’ for the evening, a beer can thick ten inch dildo. Brad was also getting turned on by the direction Shane and Meg were taking as Meg grabbed Shane by the shoulders and passionately kissed her over and over allowing her passion t-o grow. With each flick of her hair she would alternate between kissing Shane on her left side then back t-o her right. Shane was gripping Meg hard by the hips pulling her crotch closer t-o her o-wn while returning Meg’s passion. Taking a cue from the girls I stood u-p and looked Brad i-n the eye and shrugged m-y shoulders i-n a “Why not?” expression. Brad pulled me closer and grabbed m-y cock with o-ne hand while reaching o-ut with his other t-o pull m-y head closer t-o his. I grabbed his cock as well and leaned i-n while he slid his tongue i-n m-y mouth. I had never experienced arousal a-t kissing a man before but I was certainly feeling it now. I kissed him back as m-y cock got harder matching the raging boner I was also holding.

* Shane put on her harness, strapped on her dildo and pushed Meg down on all fours. She stood i-n front of her again commanding her t-o suck on her member. Meg suppressed her gag reflex t-o swallow as much of Shane’s member as she could. Each time she pulled it o-ut coated i-n a thick blanket of her saliva Meg would summon another mouthful of spit and drip it on Shane’s love hammer. Meanwhile, Brad sensing m-y appetite, got on all fours displaying his hole t-o me. I slipped on a condom, squirted a dab of lube on m-y cock and i-n m-y hand and then got behind Brad slapping a dab of lube on his ass ring. I worked m-y cock slowly i-n Brad for an inch, held it and then for another inch. I then pulled o-ut and applied more lube and went back t-o the same routine until I was all the way i-n him. I looked over and noticed Shane had a handful of Meg’s hair from behind and was tugging on it causing Meg t-o arch her back. Shane then slid the huge ten inch, beer can thick cock inside Meg until she bottomed o-ut leaving a portion exposed. Meg squirmed t-o accommodate the huge girth now filling the inner and narrower section of her vagina. On each outward thrust the glean from Meg’s pussy juices sparkled from the reflecting candle light Brad lit earlier. I had m-y hands on Brad’s hips while I leaned back and pumped m-y cock i-n his ass. We were all enjoying every second of pleasure collectively.

* Shane and I locked gazes while we were both fucking a person i-n front of us. Shane noticed me glancing a-t Meg while she glanced a-t Brad with her raw sexual hunger on display. We looked a-t each other again and both nodded quizzically t-o each other strangely understanding each other. We both pulled o-ut while Shane stood u-p behind Meg and told her t-o move forward. I did the same with Brad and we both got on o-ur knees again and inserted o-ur members i-n the partner i-n front of us. Meg and Brad stared deeply into each other eyes as both were getting penetrated a-t the same time. Only mere centimetres (or an inch or two) apart they locked gazes before each strained forward t-o kiss o-ne another. They swapped tongues while Shane and I continued t-o lock o-ur eyes on each other both experiencing each others pleasure through o-ur gazes. Every wave of pleasure I was receiving from pumping m-y cock into Brad’s muscular butt hole was being reflected i-n m-y eyes. Shane was slapping Meg on the ass and rubbing her o-wn clit a-t the same time still managing t-o maintain a locked stare with me. Shane reached down a grabbed Meg by the hair pulling her back from Brad. She reached her other hand around Meg and held her fingers against Meg’s clit t-o hold her place while she pumped away on her. Meg got turned on by the man-handling Shane was giving her becoming the first of the evening t-o writhe i-n ecstasy succumbing t-o her vaginal orgasm. Her loud vocal responses and cries increased m-y existing desire causing me become the second of the evening as I filled the condom inserted i-n Brad’s ass.

* Meg and I got u-p from o-ur positions with me getting i-n front of a stood u-p Brad and Meg rolling between Shane’s legs. Shane had previously undone her harness, letting it t-o fall t-o the ground, leaving her bare pussy exposed for Meg t-o p-lay with. I sucked on Brad’s cock getting it hard while Meg licked and sucked on Shane’s pussy getting it sopping wet for the next onslaught. Meg was also working t-wo fingers inside of Shane evident by the dark swollen condition of her aroused pussy. I moved back from Brad allowing him t-o move i-n next t-o Meg who was still licking Shane’s pussy. Brad moved Shane over t-o the sofa where she laid back leaving her ass dangling over the edge. His huge cock was only slightly thinner and slightly shorter than the dildo Shane brought with her. Brad moved i-n between Shane’s legs holding them u-p for Shane t-o wrap her arms around her knees and hold her feet with her legs spread wide open. Meg slid a pillow under Shane’s ass t-o give Brad more access. Shane gasped as each inch went i-n further and further until he filled her completely. He was kneeling while Shane was on her back with her hips elevated by a pillow. Taking advantage of the left bending curve i-n his cock he moved slightly t-o his left and twisted his cock i-n her making the bend i-n his shaft face upwards. He did an almost sideways back and forth thrusting his huge cock i-n her with the head gouging the upper wall of her canal causing a very pleasant pressure on her g-spot with every stroke. Meg got on the sofa behind Shane and allowed her t-o lean back on her. Meg caressed each breast and reached down t-o rub her clit feeling the massive cock penetrating around her fingers. After ten minutes of constant pounding Shane cried o-ut as she squirted her cum all over Brad’s cock. She twitched and bucked her hips against Brad’s still hard cock resting next t-o her after her pelvic muscles pushed his girth out. Before anyone had a chance I quickly moved i-n and sucked on Brad’s cock still glistening with Shane’s juices. His cock got bigger until I felt the head growing i-n size. I tongued the sensitive region with the tip of m-y tongue causing a gush of semen t-o flow into m-y mouth. I closed m-y lips around his head and sucked him dry, collecting a huge wad first before swallowing it i-n o-ne gulp.

* We took a break and hydrated with large gulps of water. We were all spent and perspiring from the previous intense round of sexual gratification. Brad and I took a seat next t-o each other’s respective female partners. I put m-y arm around Meg while Brad rested his hand on Shane’s thigh who i-n turn rested her hand on Brad’s thigh. Brad innocently brushed his hand over Shane’s pubic region causing her t-o move her hips upward making contact with Brad’s hand. Brad put his hand down further and rested his middle finger on her clit. She moved her hips u-p and down making contact with Brad’s index finger also causing it t-o slip inside her. Meg, watching and getting turned on, leaned over and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I moved m-y hand down and brushed her landing strip. She moved her hips u-p t-o meet m-y hand. I swirled m-y fingers i-n a counter clockwise motion tracing the outline of her clitoral hood. She moved her hips u-p and down causing m-y finger t-o also slip inside of her. Both girls breathing started t-o increase as both Brad and I moved down t-o run o-ur tongues over their clits. We were also inserting o-ur fingers i-n their pussies while licking their clits. I’m not sure if Brad did but occasionally I plunged m-y tongue into Meg’s love canal ... it drove her nuts.

* Shane stood u-p and motioned for us all t-o get closer. Brad got down and licked Shane’s pussy while Meg stretched o-ut next t-o Brad so she could suck his cock while I licked her pussy. This also put me next t-o Shane who reached over and started t-o suck on m-y cock. We were all interconnected i-n a circle each with another persons genitals t-o p-lay with. Brad and I continued getting Shane and Meg dripping wet and moaning with pleasure. They also had both of o-ur cocks hard again. Brad got on a chair facing us while Shane stood u-p and faced us while lower herself down on Brad’s cock. She bounced u-p and down a few times getting him harder then she moved off and lowered her ass down on his cock. She bit her lip and held herself i-n position adjusting t-o the girth occupying her tight ass. Meg, who was sucking on m-y cock, grabbed me by the cock and led me over next t-o Shane and Brad on the chair. She sucked on me till I was rock hard then I moved i-n and stuck m-y cock i-n Shane’s pussy. Shane was getting double penetrated bouncing u-p and down on Brad’s cock causing m-y cock t-o slip i-n and o-ut of her vagina. Meg moved i-n closer and rubbed Shane’s clit while she continued t-o ride both of o-ur cocks. She pushed me o-ut of her canal and released an orgasmic stream all over m-y cock and also on Brad’s cock which had slipped o-ut of her ass. She quivered and bucked and then got off of Brad’s still rock hard cock. When Shane got off I took over and sucked on his cock t-o keep it hard. It was now Meg’s turn. She got u-p and mounted herself on Brad’s huge cock. She slid down his pole coating it i-n a sheen of her lubricant. She then moved off and inserted his wet cock i-n her ass until she bottomed out. Shane took m-y cock i-n her mouth and sucked on while Meg rode Brad’s pole. Shane got me rock hard again before I moved forward and stuck m-y cock i-n Meg’s exposed pussy. Meg was riding u-p and down on Brad’s cock i-n her ass while m-y cock slipped i-n and o-ut of her pussy. Shane moved i-n closer and stroked and rubbed Meg’s clit while I continued t-o pound it with m-y cock. After several minutes of double penetration Meg experienced the same reaction quivering and twitching while gushing a stream on m-y cock.

* Brad was still huge after Meg got off his tool. I still had a raging erection as well. Brad came over and put m-y cock i-n his mouth. He sucked on it and stroked the base of m-y cock with his free hand. With gripping pressure on each u-p stroke his hand and mouth met i-n the middle of m-y shaft. I was standing and Brad was kneeling. Shane put the strap on and got behind me shoving her huge dildo i-n m-y ass. She pumped i-n and o-ut while Brad continued t-o suck m-y cock until I shot another load deep down Brad’s throat. We switched it u-p with Meg now sucking on Brad’s cock while Shane got behind him and inserted her member i-n Brad’s ass. Brad let o-ut a loud howl as he shot a huge load all over Meg’s face. Being turned on I moved i-n and licked the cum off of Meg face kissing her each time with a mouthful of Brad’s cum.

* We all took a seat next t-o o-ur respective partners all of us spent from an intense second round. Brad got u-p and went into the kitchen. Hearing plates and cutlery Shane got u-p t-o lend a hand. They returned a few minutes later with a plate of cheese and crackers, fresh cut fruit and a bowl of honey roasted peanuts. We reclined and dined on the snacks i-n front of us regaining o-ur energy levels. Shane cuddled u-p next t-o Brad who had his arm around her waist. They did look good together while both sharing much of the same interests. I was reminded of how lucky a person has t-o be t-o struck by lightning. What are the odds of four people being struck with the same bolt ?
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