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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act II)  

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3/3/2020 1:42 pm
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act II)

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act III

* “Wake u-p Maggie, I really got somthin’ t-o say t-o you ”. The raspy voice of a young Rod Stewart greeted m-e t-his morning as the alarm clock signalled a start t-o the day. Just like every other day but the song playing t-his morning appeared t-o be foreshadowing an upcoming event. After our first encounter MJ a-nd I had corresponded over the past several weeks about some of the other interests t-hat we had i-n common. I had recounted m-y ongoing bisexual exploration while she spoke of her desires t-o further explore her sexual curiosities a-nd fantasies. We weren’t exclusive a-nd we weren’t a c-ouple. We were close friends discussing a-nd experiencing an aspect of each others different sexual exploration together. Over casual c-hat we talked about m-y bisexual experiences which consisted mostly of exploring with other males along with having an ongoing a-nd casual relationship with a bi-curious c-ouple. MJ’s experiences included a regular ‘hung bull’ friend with whom she explored raw physical s-ex. He treated her with respect while he gave her gratification she had never experienced. She too had a regular c-ouple whom had integrated her into various fantasies scenarios. Now divorced, Meg was living her life on her terms. She was i-n her sexual peak, i-n her early 40’s, a-nd vowed t-o experience as many of her desires a-nd fantasies as she could. Exploring with other like minded people was an unexpected added bonus.

* Meg had several<b> boyfriends </font></b>before meeting a-nd marrying her future husband a-t the age of 24. She had a reputation for being o-ne hundred percent committed t-o whom she was d-ating. If you were d-ating her she focused only on you. While some may have labelled her a ‘good g-irl’ they had little idea of her sexual curiosities a-nd imagination. She had a strong sexual appetite t-hat put her partners through their paces. Unfortunately, most of her partners were attracted t-o an image of Meg. They envisioned themselves as the ‘H-igh S-chool Quarterback’ d-ating the ‘Head Cheerleader’, a narrow role t-o p-lay with way too much scrutiny. Meg subconsciously assumed whatever role was expected of her a-nd ignored those fantasies a-nd desires swimming just be-low the surface. She would explore these when she was alone, metaphorically scratching t-hat ‘itch’ t-hat needed t-o be scratched. Not wanting t-o betray the image her partners had of her Meg never communicated those fantasies. In her mind it was a small sacrifice t-o make t-o keep the relationship status quo. After all, they were just fantasies, right? What mattered was right h-ere a-nd right now. But being a vassal of someones idea of her sexuality wasn’t going t-o be enough anymore. She desired t-o explore those thoughts daydreams t-hat turned her on. She was going t-o do it her way.

* MJ had explored some of her fantasies a-nd curiosities but t-his bisexual idea was intriguing. Not just her bisexuality but also those of the opposite sex. When we discussed m-y s-ame s-ex experiences a-nd fantasies Meg discovered it was a surprising turn on for her. The mental image of t-wo men exchanging blow jobs seemed sensuous a-nd ‘dirty’. Titillating a-nd forbidden. It wasn’t like t-hat with women for her. She wasn’t attracted t-o women but i-n the moment she would contribute t-o another woman’s orgasm ... even orally as she reminisced o-ne evening. T-hat l-ine between genders a-nd partners blurred when she focused on orgasms, deriving pleasure from others pleasure. For m-e, man on man action had been more about satisfying base urges than exploring bisexuality. M-y encounters t-o date had been mostly anonymous or semi-anonymous. I had yet t-o experience a bisexual encounter with someone with whom I’ve shared a connection. MJ’s experiences were similar. She was curious t-o explore t-his dynamic with others with whom she shared a connection a-nd also with others she found t-o be attractive ... a win-win a-nd win situation.

* We discussed our fantasies a-nd curiosities a-nd also discussed some of our bucket-list items. MJ had some exposure t-o the sub / d-om experience with a casual p-lay c-ouple a-nd wished t-o explore t-his further. I had mentioned an affinity for MMF g-roup p-lay which MJ also found erotic a-nd wanted explore. T-his became the seed of an idea. Almost a-t the s-ame time we both mentioned how h-ot it would be t-o have an MMF encounter with someone we both found attractive a-nd was also bisexual. T-his was when we decided t-o create a couples profile a-nd advertise for bisexual men interested i-n a casual M-M-F encounter. She would be dominate a-nd both him a-nd I would be subservient t-o her wishes a-nd/or demands. We cast a wide net encouraging age ranges from 30 t-o 60 t-o inquire. Our tagline was we’re not sure precisely whom we are looking for but we will know when we find him. The essential qualifications were we both had t-o find him attractive or desirable, had t-o be bisexual and had t-o be able t-o ‘top’ ... and also not i-n a current relationship.

* Over the next c-ouple of months we sifted through the responses. There were many as you could imagine. We posed for a profile pic with MJ i-n her curve hugging lingerie i-n several poses while I positioned m-y nude self strategically i-n the frame so as t-o not obstruct her view. Remember when I mentioned how gorgeous MJ’s long shapely legs were? They were highlighted i-n white stockings with a matching white lace garter. I-n some pics her shapely breasts were on display a-nd i-n others prominently displayed i-n her form fitting D cup matching bra. Reviewing the responses, several of the profiles caught our eye, several more would require a bit more information while the rest where either missing information or seemed misleading. I won’t bore anyone with the tedious details of arranging meetings, some of which happened a-nd some of which didn’t, over coffee, over beer, over casual conversations a-nd the impressions gathered throughout. Let’s just say we eventually met o-ne guy whom we both liked a-nd found attractive.

* His n-ame was Brad, short for Bradley. I-n his early 40’s he was five feet 'e-leven-inches' , had blondish/brownish, slightly long a-nd slightly unruly, unkempt hair. Besides his expressive attractive grin his appeal was bolstered by his robin-egg blue eyes. They were smiling eyes slightly down turned i-n the corners similar t-o a younger Hugh Grant. MJ liked his 5 o’clock shadow a-nd complimented him on it. Our first meeting took place a-t an outdoor patio on Sparks Street i-n downtown Ottawa, a block away from the historic Parliament of Canada buildings whose copper roof blue-green patina bore a resemble t-o Brad’s eye colour. He had a lighthearted laid back attitude t-hat immediately put us at ease, especially myself. He would make direct eye c-ontact with a smile whenever he was asked a question. He a-lso emitted a form of calm confidence o-ne would not mistake for arrogance. It was reflected i-n his handshake. Firm but not hard. Someone with nothing t-o prove. Although he obviously found MJ attractive he didn’t leer, stare or ogle over her assets. When he talked t-o m-e his gaze seemed t-o linger for an additional half second. We were forming a connection. Over appetizers a-nd a beer (a glass of Chardonnay for MJ) we chatted about current events eventually broaching the subject of our reasons for meeting. We discussed our boundaries and roles while laying out the premise of our fantasy i-n detail. The basis of our fantasy would be for MJ t-o assume the role of Queen Bee, figuratively of course, while us drones would service her needs and desires. We built i-n inclusions for her t-o put us on ‘auto pilot’ with our instructions. Why interrupt sensuous erotic p-lay t-o give us directions when we could be pre-programmed t-o perform certain tasks ? It also allowed for a little improvisation. Brad was intrigued and excited. He mentioned i-n his profile about having previous MMF encounters but t-his was going t-o be a different experience ... for him ... for m-e ... a-nd for MJ.

* Before we were ready t-o act upon our shared fantasy we decided t-o stage an informal meeting i-n a semi-public area. We wanted t-his fantasy t-o be more than just physical s-ex. We wanted t-o get t-o know Brad a bit more t-o gauge his comfort level with bisexual exploration a-nd also t-o give us all a chance t-o share more of ourselves as we got t-o know each other on a deeper level. Meg devised the idea of taking i-n a cultural event. She felt it would be a better, quieter venue t-o gauge each other, engage i-n small talk a-nd just get a general feel for the different sides of our personalities. I was on m-y way t-o pick u-p Meg with plans t-o meet Brad i-n the parking lot o-f the Canadian Museum of Science Technology. With the window down, I was getting myself pumped u-p by blaring the Prophets of Rage. Chuck D was rhymin’ ..

When I walk around, people stare m-e down
Don't make a sound, I stand m-y ground
I fight back (Fight back)
And it's like t-hat ('Cause it's like that)

I derive raw energy from heavy music. It gets m-y heart pounding especially Tom Morello’s magnificent guitar riffs combined with Rage’s hard hitting rhythm section. It’s m-y go-to energizer. Some days I change it u-p and rock o-ut t-o Gauchos de Acero, a t-hree piece metal band from Salta, Argentina. Their d-rop-tuned ‘Información Demente’ also never fails t-o get m-y fist pumping. Rock o-ut with your cock o-ut ... well a-t l-east the first part !

* I switched over t-o the radio as I approached Meg’s building. Surreptitiously, m-y phone rang as I pulled u-p t-o the building. It was MJ inquiring about m-y ‘20’. I told her I just pulled u-p prompting, “I’ll be out i-n a second.” Meanwhile, Dallas Green i-n his latest project, City & Colour, were playing Wasted Love while I caught myself daydreaming about the different things Meg might choose t-o wear today. A moment later she appeared a-nd took a seat o-n the passenger side. She was wearing a black skirt cut above the knee a-nd a white silk blouse accentuated with a classic pair of black suede pumps. Conservatively sensual. As I pulled away from Meg’s building the GPS calculated t-hat we would arrive t-welve t-o f-ifteen minutes early. I shared t-his sentiment with MJ w-ho casually quipped, “If we do get there early I have an idea t-o kill some time while we’re waiting.” I marveled a-t how spontaneous MJ could be. I wondered what she might have i-n mind. I consciously put m-y foot down on the gas peddle i-n a subtle attempt t-o get there early.

* We arrived about fifteen minutes early finding a parking spot facing a fenced-in demolition site. I sent a txt msg t-o Brad informing him we were parked i-n the back of t-he building. He would know what car t-o l-ook for. After I turned off the ignition Meg said, “How about a little ice-breaker before the Museum ?”. Intrigued, aroused a-nd curious I retorted, “I’m game ! You lead a-nd I’ll follow !” She turned herself towards m-e i-n the passenger seat facing m-e on an angle. I stared at her with a quizzical l-ook while she attempted t-o hold m-y attention with her eyes. She did. While staring into her eyes I caught some hand movement. Instinctively, I looked down . She had her left leg resting on the seat and had spread her right leg open more. She then moved her skirt u-p t-o expose her panties, which she pulled aside. I was being treated t-o a view t-hat instantly got a reaction from m-y cock . She moved her fingers down t-o rub her clit i-n a circular motion. I looked around and didn’t see anyone nearby so I took o-ut m-y cock . She stared a-t m-y cock while rubbing her clit occasionally sliding o-ne or t-wo fingers inside her. Before t-his went any further I asked MJ t-o retrieve a map located i-n the glove box. If anyone came near we would spread o-pen the map t-o cover ourselves. I could tell t-his was turning MJ on. She mentioned i-n the past about getting turned on by public exhibitionism. It was also o-ne of m-y turn-ons. I started t-o stroke m-y cock while watching her p-lay with herself. Her breathing started t-o increase while she emitted an occasion moan of pleasure. Movement t-o the left of m-e got m-y attention causing m-e t-o reach for the map. I opened it i-n an attempt t-o cover our lower sections as a figure came into view. It was Brad. He was also a few minutes early. When he got closer t-o the car I motioned for him t-o take a seat i-n the back . He got i-n noticed the map. He mused, “Hmm, what did I just interrupt ?” MJ lifted u-p the corner of the map giving Brad a view from the drivers side rear seat. When he saw what she was doing he quickly got the idea. He pulled down his zipper a-nd reached i-n t-o pull o-ut a semi flaccid six inch very thick cock . A c-ouple of quick strokes while staring a-t MJ’s now glistening pussy brought his member t-o full attention. Both MJ a-nd myself gasped on first sight. T-his thing got huge ! It grew t-o either nine or 't-en' inches, smooth a-nd rock hard with a slight bend t-o the left ... almost beer can thick . M-y cock got bigger a-t the site of his monster. MJ reached back t-o get a quick hand on it. She tugged on it for a few seconds before returning t-o pleasuring herself.

* I had picked u-p the pace on m-y stroking and kept glancing between watching MJ and watching Brad. Both were concentrating on each others equipment. Brad glanced over the seat t-o give m-e a “Hey, nice cock, man!” compliment. I quickly replied, “Thanks. Great looking cock t-oo. We’re all going t-o enjoy playing with your thing !” T-his was Meg’s first time witnessing live guy on guy action. She found our mutual admiration for each other very sensual. T-wo guys t-hat appreciate the s-ame things as she does was a n-ew dynamic i-n her sexual arousal. Add t-o t-hat t-wo guys w-ho were also very h-ot for her put t-hat extra dynamic i-n overdrive. She could feel the spark of desire starting t-o grow. T-his ‘w-arm up’ session would take things t-o a n-ew level feeding her smouldering sexual appetite. For the next few minutes the sounds of t-wo guys stroking their cocks was like music t-o her ears. It reminded her of the sounds she heard when she was very close t-o orgasm by using t-wo fingers t-o rapidly thrust i-n a-nd o-ut of her sopping wet vagina. It was an intense experience for all 3 of us. She was watching us while we were watching her ... a-nd each other. The sights, the sounds, the musky sexual aroma all combined t-o form a sexual perfect storm. I could feel m-y intensity increasing as I started t-o emit audible moans. Brad was getting close as well. Suddenly, with a huge long grunt moan, I shot a load all over the map t-hat was partially covering MJ’s torso. Next, I heard Brad grunt as he shot his load into a tissue. MJ reached back a-nd felt Brad’s cock as the last drips of cum fell from his cock . She was still rubbing her clit a-nd inserting fingers i-n her pussy. All of a sudden she let a loud moan while her hips twitched a-nd thighs quivered. It was an intense orgasm t-hat left a tiny puddle i-n the passengers seat. MJ offered m-e o-ne of her slick fingers which I sniffed a-nd slowly licked. She put her hand i-n the back seat area which Brad took sniffed and then licked as well. We were sure t-o be turned on for next while with MJ’s musk still present on both of our upper lips. “Okay, w-ho’s ready for the Museum ?”, Meg said t-o the snickers of both Brad a-nd I.

* Walking towards the Museum Brad a-nd I made small talk by chatting about the recent Super Bowl. Meg chided us, “Hey, how do I get i-n on bromance ?” On cue, we positioned ourselves on either side of Meg, each putting an arm around her shoulders. “Don’t worry, babe, you’re i-n !”, Brad said. Meg responded by reaching back a-nd giving us both a playful pinch on our butts. “C’mon now ... let’s keep a PG rating on it, at l-east !”, I joked. T-hat mischievous smile appeared on MJ’s f-ace again. Brad also noticed it causing a slight smirk t-o appear on h-is face. The electrical current of attraction started t-o dance around us like fireflies on a w-arm summers evening. The witty back a-nd forths, the innuendos a-nd the suggestive glances were combining t-o supplement our collective growing arousal, laying the foundation t-o explore our curiosities with lowered inhibitions. As we toured the museum we continued t-o build upon t-his connection further with casual conversations.

* After the museum we decided t-o take i-n an early dinner before heading back t-o Brad’s place. We dined at a local Mexican restaurant over fajitas, Coronas Margaritas. The innuendos a-nd flirting continued over dinner with MJ leading the conversations while Los Lobos were playing i-n the background. Along with Corona buzz, the blues based “Hearts of Stone” had a hypnotic effect on us. A B.B. King sounding guitar riff coupled with a low octave blues voice singing;

I wandered down
T-his lonely trail
Some twenty s-even hours a day
But all I see
Are prints i-n the dirt
Where others tried t-o find their way

After we finished our meal we raised our glasses t-o an evening of shared sexual exploration. We p-aid the bill a-nd walked o-ut into the early evening with o-ne appetite satisfied a-nd another soon t-o be. While we were walking back t-o the car Meg asked, “Guys ... I want you t-wo t-o teach m-e a few things about giving the perfect blow job.” After a few seconds pause Brad spoke first, “We can certainly show you what areas are more sensitive ... a-nd we CAN let you practice !” He finished the last sentence with a wink t-hat got a slight smirk from Meg. “I’ve got a c-ouple of go- moves t-hat usually work . I’ll show you on Brad you can finish on him !” Meg emitted a long, slow ,”Mmmmm” We could both tell she was getting more more turned on with the direction of the conversation. A-nd she wasn’t the o-nly o-ne. I was looking forward t-o sucking on Brad’s huge dick . We were going t-o have t-o make sure Meg was good a-nd ready for his monster. We were off t-o a good start.

* On our way t-o Brad’s place I decided to turn on some mood setting music. Shirley Manson was currently seductively crooning through the 1998 Garbage 2.0 album. The lyrics a-nd orchestration on t-his piece were subliminally sensual suggestive. The layered a-nd synthesized heavy electronica mix was showcased i-n the song Sleep Together;

The emptiness
The craziness
Satisfy m-y hungriness
Darling how would it feel?

If we sleep together, will you like m-e better?
If we cum together, we'll go down forever
If we sleep together, will I like you better?
If we cum together
Prove it now or never

The suggestive nature of the material on t-his album laid an intriguing foundation for an evening of sexual exploration. Plus, Shirley Manson i-s the epitome of the g-irl next door ... damn sexy as hell with an arousing singing voice. Perfect mental stimulation.

* We arrived at Brad’s place about t-en minutes later. It was a w-arm sultry evening matching our collective moods. The evening was progressing towards an ethereal mixture of sultry seduction a-nd carnal desires. We took an extra second when glancing a-t each other as our minds wound through the endless combination of possibilities. T-his was o-ne of the more arousing aspects of already being familiar a-nd comfortable with each other while standing on the threshold of sexual exploration. As we kicked back on the sofa, each with a drink, I pulled o-ut a nugget of G-irl Scout Cookies, a familiar favourite, a-nd twisted u-p a 3 person joint. It was the spark t-hat started the next phase of the evening. Brad opened with, “This is probably as good a time as any t-o discuss the ground rules of the evening.” MJ lead with, “Well, the basic premise is I am the Queen Bee a-nd you both are m-y worker bees ... m-y drones. I will ask, you will do. I will tell, you will do. Sound okay, so far?” We both nodded i-n agreement. We had discussed t-his portion previously but i-n an effort t-o ensure we were all on the s-ame page MJ reviewed a-nd continued with, “I will also have certain tasks t-hat will give you guys leeway t-o make decisions based on the moment ... t-o improvise as you see fit.” Our minds start t-o run over the possibilities. For clarification I added, “Things like ‘Get m-e ready t-o be fucked’ would be a typical task . Of course t-his means perform oral on her t-o get her sopping wet a-nd ready. There will also be visual clues like her rolling on top of o-ne of us. The other should find a way t-o incorporate himself a-nd do things like hold her in place while the other guy fucks her” Brad nodded added, “The s-ame with if she wants guy on guy action a-nd lays i-n front of us it’s understood the guy being the bottom eats her pussy t-o get her ready for the guy w-ho i-s being the top t-o fuck her” MJ replied with, “This is all great. We’re all on the page. The last caveat I want t-o add i-s the sign t-o touch, lick or eat m-y pussy i-s when I point t-o it a-nd point t-o whom I want. The s-ame would be with both of you. If I point t-o your cock a-nd the other guy it means t-o suck his cock . I like t-o use hand signals sometimes”, she shrugged.

* Brad was sitting on o-ne side of the sofa with m-e on the opposite side and MJ i-n between us. She motioned for us all t-o come closer causing both Brad and myself t-o get u-p and take a seat closer t-o her. We were sitting on either side of her as she reached down and let her hand rest on Brad’s crotch bulge while she turned and kissed m-e passionately. I let m-y hand rest on her knee while I returned her kisses. She then turned i-n the opposite direction a-nd did the s-ame with Brad. As she was kissing Brad she hiked her skirt u-p t-o reveal her damp panties. She gave m-e a quick glance a-nd pointed i-n the direction of her panties. I got the idea. I got i-n position a-nd pulled her panties down while Brad was busy helping Meg o-ut of her blouse. Meg let o-ut audible moans while I spread her pussy a-nd flicked m-y tongue against her clit. Brad was increasing her pleasure after removing her bra a-nd cupping, suckling a-nd caressing each breast. I stood up, took off m-y top a-nd was removing m-y pants when Brad decided t-o do the s-ame. “Maybe n-ow would be a good time t-o move t-his into the bedroom”, Brad said. As Meg stood u-p I put m-y arm around her a-nd picked her u-p i-n m-y arms. With her panties removed Brad took the opportunity t-o insert a finger into MJ’s exposed pussy. I took m-y time a-nd slowly walked MJ into the master bedroom while Brad continued t-o work his fingers inside her. Meg was getting very turned on a-nd kissed m-e passionately followed by a swapping of our tongues. As I stopped at the threshold of the bedroom Meg turned a-nd grabbed Brad t-o plant a wet passionate kiss on his lips also with an exchange of tongue action.

* I put Meg down as we all moved closer t-o the king sized bed. Meg took a seat on the bed a-nd pointed t-o m-y cock . She then pointed t-o Brad. Brad moved closer a-nd took m-y cock i-n his hand. He got on his knees and started t-o suck m-e. He was good. He was giving m-e a wet blow job with light tongue pressure. M-y cock got rock hard. Meg was also enjoying t-his display as she laid on the bed swirling her fingers around her clit. Meg got our attention with a clearing of her throat. She pointed at Brad’s cock a-nd then pointed a-t m-e . I took hold of Brad’s huge cock . It was going t-o be a challenge t-o suck something so big. I then got on m-y knees a-nd took the tip of his cock i-n m-y wet mouth. I had curled m-y lips inward t-o ensure m-y teeth wouldn’t make m-ake c-ontact with the head of his massive cock . It was starting t-o gain i-n girth a-nd length. I slowly put as much of his cock i-n m-y mouth as I could meanwhile m-y hand gripped the base of his cock and started a slow long stroke. M-y mouth eventually met m-y hand on the upstroke. He was now a-t full length as was I. Meg was enjoying t-his as she quietly moaned i-n pleasure. She got m-y attention by pointing t-o her aroused pussy. “Get m-e ready t-o fuck .”, was her command. She was laying on the edge of the bed so I moved over and got on m-y knees putting her legs over m-y shoulders while I proceeded t-o tongue her clit. Brad moved i-n behind her putting his legs on either side allowing her t-o lean back against his chest. With m-e tonguing her clit while working t-wo fingers inside her Brad was behind her caressing her breasts and passionately kissing her on the neck and shoulders. She was getting more and more aroused prompting m-e t-o use a light sucking technique on the underneath portion of her clit tugging on her clitoral hood. With each flick of m-y tongue against her clit Meg would grind her hips ever so slightly. Her favourite was m-e plunging m-y tongue deep inside her. It got her wet.

* MJ tapped m-e on the head signalling for m-e t-o discontinue. She rolled over and sat next t-o Brad. She then climbed on top of him and sat on his stomach leaving Brad’s cock exposed. I got the idea. I climbed on the bed and stretched o-ut putting myself between Brad’s legs. I was i-n position t-o suck his cock with a perfect view of MJ’s gorgeous ass. Brad was sucking on her nipples as MJ had leaned forward. She had her pussy exposed t-o m-e while I was sucking Brad’s cock prompting m-e t-o reach u-p slide a finger inside her. I continued t-o suck Brad’s cock a-nd rub MJ’s clit adding occasional penetration. Meg was sopping wet, Brad was rock hard a-nd I was enjoying servicing them both. Meg was ready. She sat u-p a-nd moved herself down t-o l-ine u-p Brad’s cock a-nd her pussy. I was holding Brad’s cock, it was a full nine a-nd half inches a-nd thick as a beer can. Meg was i-n for an experience. She got the tip of his cock against her vagina a-nd slowly lowered herself down on his huge pole. She now had a third of his cock inside her a-nd kept sliding down further. She h-it bottom a-nd held herself there. She slowly moved herself u-p un-til just the tip of his cock was inside her. She repeated t-his 3 or 4 more times Brad’s cock was covered i-n a sheen of her vaginal lubrication. I sat u-p a-nd moved i-n behind her putting m-y hands on either hip. As she started t-o pick u-p the pace I gave her a few light slaps on her ass causing her t-o emit a slight, “Ooooh!” sound. She was starting t-o focus on her pleasure as Brad was sucking on her nipples and rubbing her breasts. Meg had settled on a steady pace and was bucking her hips u-p and down taking i-n as much of Brads cock as she could handle. The juices were running down Brad’s huge cock and now was starting t-o cover his balls. I couldn’t resist and moved back so I could lick his balls. Her taste was turning m-e on immensely. Being close t-o both of their s-ex organs a-nd watching his huge cock penetrating her pussy had m-e rock hard. I sat u-p a-nd moved behind MJ again with m-y hands on her hips. I helped move her u-p and down while I reached around and rubbed her clit. Suddenly, I picked MJ u-p and moved her back a few inches so she was on her knees. I stuck m-y rock hard cock i-n her and fucked her vigorously while she sucked Brad’s cock . I pumped on her for a c-ouple of minutes a-nd then pulled o-ut before moving her hips back u-p t-o get on top of Brad’s cock . I helped her ride u-p a-nd down when Brad reached u-p a-nd grabbed her hips t-o hold her i-n place t-o pump into her hard from underneath. Meg was practically gushing. I held her u-p by her hips as Brad cupped her breasts while he gave her the ‘jackhammer’ from beneath. He was hitting her hard a-nd fast . MJ was letting o-ut loud moans of pleasure enjoying being held i-n place while his huge cock slammed into her deep a-nd hard. I let go of her hips giving MJ a chance t-o use her hips t-o ride u-p a-nd down on Brad. While Meg was riding Brad’s cock I reached m-y hand around with m-y knuckles facing her and pressed i-n on the top of her clit. I held m-y hand i-n place so Meg could rub h-er clit against m-y knuckles while going u-p down on Brad’s cock . She was now moaning loudly with pleasure a-nd without warning cried out, “I’m cumming .. oh god, oh god .. I’m cumming” Her hips bucked forward, her back arched while her knees gripped Brad’s side throwing Meg into state of spent bliss. We lay back on either side of Meg w-ho was covered i-n a light sheen of sexual perspiration. Brad had the foresight of putting a bottle of water a-nd glasses on the night stand. We all sat u-p and took a drink and gave a collective, “Whew”

* It was while we were relaxing on either side of MJ t-hat she sat u-p and said, “Okay, guys, now I want you t-o show m-e some cock sucking techniques I can use.” I started with, “Give m-e your fingers.” MJ put her middle and index fingers together and put them i-n front of m-e. “First, I’m going t-o show you how it feels t-o have teeth scrape across a cock . Then I’ll show you how it feels t-o have your teeth covered by your lips.” I took her fingers and put them i-n m-y mouth and sucked on them while applying suction. As I moved m-y head u-p and down on her fingers m-y teeth would lightly scrape her knuckles. “Ouch. I see what you mean .” I took her fingers out of m-y mouth and curled m-y lips inward t-o cover m-y teeth and sucked on her fingers again with light pressure. “Do you feel the difference ?”, I asked her t-o which she replied, “Ahh, yes. I can see how would feel more pleasurable.” Brad chimed i-n with, “The goal t-o use your tongue t-o stimulate the underneath portion that’s located just the head of the cock .” He grabbed his semi hard, huge cock a-nd held it u-p it pointing t-o the area he just described. It’s a patch of nerve endings approximately the size of a postage stamp located immediately b-elow the area where the ‘slit’ i-s located on the cock head. I continued with, “Once you have his cock rock hard use your hand t-o stroke from the bottom of his shaft u-ntil your hand and mouth almost meet. As he gets closer t-o cumming use t-his technique ... it works almost every time.” I showed h-er by putting her fingers i-n m-y mouth again. A-s I was moving m-y mouth upward I pushed m-y lower jaw a-nd the middle part of m-y tongue upwards while relaxing m-y upper jaw. T-his i-s followed with a down stroke by the hand on the penis shaft. The motion slightly resembles licking an ice cream cone if you were able t-o fit the ice cream inside your mouth. Meg pointed a-t Brad’s cock . I took his cock i-n m-y hand and lowered m-y mouth onto it. It was already quite large and not yet fully erect. I showed her the technique using Brad’s cock which gave Brad a huge erection. Meg was getting turned on and started t-o rub her fingers over her clit. “Do you want a turn ?”, I asked Meg. She just smiled and said, “No. You’re doing okay. I want your ass i-n the air and f-ace i-n m-y pussy.” I turned t-o Brad and said, “I’m game and should be ready. Just use lots of lube and start slow.” Brad nodded as I got on all fours directly i-n front of MJ. She was rubbing her pussy and pulled it apart as I put m-y tongue on her clit. Brad grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some i-n his hand which he rubbed all over his condom covered cock . He then squeezed out a dab and rubbed it on m-y ass ring. I continued t-o rub m-y tongue over Meg’s clit while occasionally plunging m-y tongue inside her.

* I felt the tip of Brad’s massive cock breaching m-y ass hole. It was big but he was taking his time. I kept licking and sucking on Meg’s pussy while Brad slowly worked the first 6 inches inside me. He paused for 20 or 30 seconds allowing m-e t-o get accustomed t-o his huge girth. Eventually he pushed all the way i-n and held it there. He slowly retracted and squirted a dab of lube on his almost fully exposed head. The sensation was pleasant a-s long as I continued t-o breathe steadily. He had his hands on m-y hips and held m-e i-n position while he started a slow pace of pumping on m-y ass. Meg was getting heavily aroused as Brad would periodically slap m-y ass while I continued t-o lick her clit. Brad was at maximum size and had picked u-p the pace more. I was enjoying the ride. It was turning m-e on t-o be getting fucked by a huge cock i-n front of MJ. It was even more of a turn on knowing she was going t-o get it next. “Brad, can you hand m-e the lube and the butt plug ?”, I asked. Brad pulled his cock out and got the butt plug designated as Meg’s along with the lube. He handed it t-o m-e and got back i-n position t-o slide his cock i-n m-y now gaping hole. I squirted a dab of lube on the plug and slowly inserted it i-n MJ while sliding t-wo fingers i-n and out of her pussy. Meg signaled for us t-o switch by slowly pushing m-y head away and turning t-o get on all fours. Brad pulled out of m-e and took off the condom. He then got behind MJ and slapped her pussy a c-ouple of times with his huge cock . He then slid it inside her while I rolled over a-nd moved myself i-n front of MJ. “You can practice the techniques we discussed earlier on m-y cock, if you wish.”, I said. MJ had a l-ook of bliss from the huge cock slamming into her as she reached forward t-o tug on m-y cock . She grabbed the shaft a-nd started t-o suck on the top half of m-y cock using her tongue t-o massage the underneath portion of m-y cock . She h-it the sensitive spot with a moist wet tongue a-nd a light tickling pressure. It felt incredible as the massive erection I was now sporting could attest . “Spit-roasted ... check !”, Meg said alerting us t-o a sexual bucket-list item fulfilled. “What do you think about t-his style ?”, Brad asked Meg as he pulled his cock o-ut of her pussy a-nd stood u-p hunched over placing his knees slightly ahead of her hips while grabbing on t-o her breasts. He was i-n a slight standing / slight crouching position t-hat looked erotic and primal from m-y point of view. He slid his beer can sized cock inside her again and started t-o pump faster into her. She stopped sucking m-e and let o-ut loud moans of pleasure. She had her eyes almost closed with complete focus on the pleasure she was receiving feeling like she was trapped i-n place by the position of Brad on top of her. I added t-o it by crawling underneath with m-y head u-nder her pussy. I pushed her thighs open a-nd moved both hands upwards t-o hold on t-o each ass cheek . While i-n position I had a clear view of her pussy bulging with the huge beer can sized object slamming i-n a-nd o-ut of her. I stuck m-y tongue o-ut a-nd rolled her clit u-nder it while also running it u-p a-nd down, continuing all the way t-o lick Brad’s balls while they slapped m-e i-n the f-ace . I got audible responses from both of them which egged m-e on t-o increase the pace. After 'T-en' t-o F-ifteen minutes more of position Brad was showing signs of fatigue. I moved down a-nd rolled from underneath t-o sit next t-o MJ. I tapped Brad a-nd moved over signalling him t-o lay down on his back . Meg took the opportunity t-o take a sip of water before returning t-o sit on Brad, facing him, while lowering her hips down over Brad’s erection. I reached un-derneath a-nd rubbed m-y hands over Meg’s nipples and caressed her breasts adding t-o her building pleasure. Meg looked a-t Brad a-nd then a-t m-y cock ... we both got the message. I moved forward giving Brad access t-o m-y cock which he took i-n o-ne hand while he sucked on it. He had great technique giving m-e a huge erection. While Meg was still riding Brad’s cock I got behind them a-nd pulled o-ut MJ’s butt plug. I squirted some lube on m-y condom covered cock a-nd spread Meg’s ass cheeks apart while Brad took over keeping a steady pace pounding her from underneath. Meg let o-ut a loud moan as I worked m-y cock i-n her ass while Brad continued. I grabbed on t-o her hips a-nd slowly started t-o fuck her ass making sure I o-nly went inside her for 3 t-o 4 inches, she hadn’t had much anal experience. T-his was also her first double penetration ... also known as a DP.

* We were all turned on by the different sensations all of us were experiencing. It was an erotic turn-on t-o feel m-y cock brushing against Brad’s monster, our balls glancing against each other. For MJ the sensation was unbelievable. Her pussy was stretched t-o maximum accommodating Brad’s huge cock while her ass was also stretched o-ut t-o accommodate m-y thick girth. All of the sensations, sights a-nd sounds had combined t-o build m-y arousal into a crescendo. I let o-ut a load groan a-nd grunt while I filled the condom with m-y cum. Meg felt m-y reaction causing her t-o buck violently while her thighs a-nd stomach quivered. She moaned loudly completely enveloped i-n a cocoon of sexual ecstasy. I left m-y cock i-n her ass while she completed her earth shattering orgasm. When she was finished she moved off of Brad leaving his huge cock, which was completely covered i-n her juices, exposed i-n plain view. I couldn’t h-elp myself a-nd moved i-n position t-o suck on his cock . I grabbed his shaft a-nd stroked u-p a-nd down while covering his cock with m-y mouth. Meg’s taste was swirling around inside m-y mouth as I continued t-o increase the pace. Suddenly, I felt Brad’s cock head get huge alerting m-e t-o an impending cum shot. I quickly debated whether I wanted t-o taste it or take a facial. I chose the first option a-nd licked his sensitive region with m-y tongue causing a gush of cum t-o fill m-y cheeks. He shot a huge built u-p load i-n m-y mouth which I savored for a second or t-wo before swallowing it. Meg, feeling relaxed a-nd satisfied sat u-p t-o allow her senses time t-o absorb her last experience. “Double-penetration ... check !”. We cheered MJ’s other bucket-list item fulfillment with a glass of water.

* Meg laid back as every nerve ending i-n her pleasure centres were starting t-o return t-o normal. Brad a-nd I laid on either side of her both spent from releasing our loads. Between Brad a-nd myself working her erotic zones a-nd her sexual athletic prowess Meg was slightly flushed covered i-n a thin sheen of perspiration. Brad made the first move by leaning i-n licking the perspiration off of her breast while lightly tracing his finger u-nder a-nd across her breasts a-nd nipples. I did the s-ame with her other breast. Her response was immediate causing her t-o take several deep breaths while she let o-ut a long sultry “MMMM” sound. We may have finished after shooting our loads but Meg was going t-o get a bonus round. While teasing her nipples a-nd caressing her breasts I moved m-y hand down and brushed her ‘landing strip’. Meg moved her hips upward t-o make c-ontact with m-y hand. Brad got u-p and walked over t-o the night stand. He returned with small pocket sized pink vibrator. He looked at both of us and explained, “It’s a left over from a previous relationship and I did sterilize it recently by running it u-nder h-ot water.” He handed m-e the vibrator and crawled i-n next t-o MJ. He rolled over and got between her legs. u-sing his left hand t-o spread open her pussy and inserting t-wo fingers from his right hand inside her. I placed the vibrator i-n front of Meg for her t-o suck on it which she did leaving a thin coating of saliva. I turned on the vibrator and held it against her clit, occasionally rolling her clit back and forth underneath. Meg bit her lower lip and laid back moaning with pleasure. While I was doing t-his Brad picked u-p the pace thrusting his fingers inside her. His fingers were slightly bent upwards stimulating the upper region of her canal while routinely brushing her g-spot region. He picked u-p the pace causing MJ t-o loudly moan while gripping the sheets tightly on either side of her. I continued t-o hold the vibrator on her clit while Brad now furiously slammed his fingers i-n a-nd o-ut of her sopping wet pussy, knuckles hitting her clit. The sound of his fingers sliding inside of her a-nd her wet flowing juices over his hand became an audible stimulation for MJ. She loved t-hat sound ... t-hat wet sloppy sound of his hand thrusting into her dripping canal. It turned her on as much as the pleasure she was receiving. Her breathing increased and her audible moans grew louder and louder u-ntil she howled, “Oh god, oh god ... I’m cumming.” As her hips bucked upwards she gushed a long wet stream t-hat squirted all over Brad’s f-ace a-nd hands. Her thighs twitched and her tummy rippled with a crushing orgasm she rarely experienced while continuing t-o squirt her fluids on Brad. I dropped the vibrator and held her while she worked through her orgasmic contractions. Brad was smiling from ear t-o ear covered i-n her love juices. Meg was now completely and absolutely spent. She laid back with a l-ook of calm bliss on her f-ace . Her body was flush and taught from the workout she just received.

* After a few minutes of recuperation Brad got u-p and went into the kitchen. We could hear him gathering plates and glasses as we both contemplated what he was u-p to. A minute later Brad returned with 3 beers, a small bowl of sliced strawberries and a container of a chocolate dipping sauce. He placed the platter of strawberries next t-o meg and handed each of us a beer. We clinked bottles and cheered t-o an evening of sexual exploration. Brad took a seat on o-ne side of Meg. He dipped a strawberry into the chocolate and held it i-n front of Meg leaned forward took a bite. He did a second time but time a small glob of chocolate landed on Meg’s breast just above her nipple. She arched an eyebrow and looked at m-e ... then looked down at her chocolate covered tit and then back at m-e again. Her slightly seductive smile was an invitation t-o lick the chocolate off her firm round breast.
Chocolate never tasted sweeter than it did at t-hat moment.
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act III

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3/3/2020 6:08 pm

hot story

p4n1h3r replies on 3/3/2020 8:15 pm:
Thanks! Appreciate the comment.

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Here are url's to the songs mentioned in this story (They may or may not work in countries other than Canada;

Rod Stewart - Maggie May

Prophets of Rage - Fired A Shot

City & Colour - Wasted Love

Los Lobos - Hearts of Stone

Garbage - Sleep Together

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Ohhhh what an amazing story that delighted all my senses and holes. ❤️

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Thanks ! ... and now I have a very pleasant mental image !

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