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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act III)  

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3/19/2020 7:34 pm
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act III)

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IIThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IV

* What started o-ut as a beautiful summers morning turned into an overcast, dark afternoon threatening rain. I was parked outside of MJ’s place waiting for her with the local radio station playing i-n the background. Matching the dark skies, The Weeknd was currently rolling through the dark a-nd sultry track, The Hills. The slow moving heavy organ/synth layer matched the feel of the air ... heavy a-nd thick . O-n a cheerier note, Meg was heading o-ut to shop for a few new items a-nd I had agreed to accompany her. I had nothing better to do especially anything that could match spending an afternoon giving Meg m-y opinion o-n an article of clothing. She was fun, spontaneous a-nd always an adventure to be around. She approached m-y car with a slight devilish smile a-nd a slow sultry walk . The music i-n m-y car suddenly changed, Meg had previously paired her phone with m-y sound system a-nd was overriding m-y selection by casting Rihanna’s Umbrella;

Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other

You can stand under m-y Umbrella
You can stand under m-y Umbrella

She opened the door a-nd with a sultry swing of her hips she glided into the passenger seat while matching Rihanna lyric for lyric. I can only stare i-n awe by being i-n the presence of someone who makes looking gorgeous effortless a-nd second nature. “Hi hun, I hoped you wouldn’t mind. Sometimes I need m-y Rhi-Rhi ... you know how it is !” I nodded, of course I knew how it was ... if it got her motor running then it got m-y motor running. ‘Cause it’s like that!

* We found a parking spot a-t the mall a-nd headed inside i-n search of La Vie en Rose. Meg wanting to get something comfortable to sleep i-n decided to browse the lingerie section as her first option. A-t t-wo o’clock i-n the afternoon during the week the number of shoppers would be minimal, especially shopping for lingerie. MJ walked over t-o the sleepwear section a-nd picked o-ut a light coloured floral pattern soft v-neckline nightie. The sales clerk with a name tag that read “Shane” called o-ut t-o MJ asking if she needed any help. Meg held o-ut the nightie she picked o-ut a-nd asked if there was somewhere where she could try it on. I noticed Shane was looking her u-p a-nd down while she explained where the change rooms were located. She continued t-o stare as Meg walked away towards the change room. She called o-ut, “Take your time ... it’s usually dead i-n here around this time of day.” Meg turned a-nd waved, “Thanks !” I asked Shane if it was okay t-o accompany Meg t-o give her m-y opinion. Shane replied, “Of course, if he’s not happy then she’s usually not happy !” She seemed friendly with long auburn coloured hair adorned i-n natural long flat curls. She had her hair pulled back to one side over her shoulder revealing a shaved portion above her right ear tracing back to her neck . She was 5ft 3inches with a soft complexion a-nd a round sensuous face. Her almond shaped brown eyes, accentuated with a dark eyeliner a-nd mascara, looked slightly hazel i-n this light. They were expressive eyes which would reflect her thoughts like a mood ring. She had sensuous expressive lips that curled slightly i-n the corners when she was amused. It spoke of an underlying smouldering desire hidden behind a warm a-nd inviting smile. She moved fluidly like a predator stalking her prey as she came from behind the counter to watch m-e follow MJ into the change room. I glanced back a-nd noticed she was still looking i-n the direction of the change room wearing a devilish grin.

* Meg called m-e into the change room a-nd closed the door behind me. She reached u-p a-nd kissed m-e passionately. Without hesitation I put m-y arms around her resting both hands o-n her ass cheeks a-nd pulled her closer. I returned her passionate kisses accompanied with probing tongue action. This was a spontaneous act t-hat caught m-e by surprise but turned m-e o-n immensely. I-t had the hallmarks of a spur of the moment decision. Both of o-ur desires increased as Meg reached down a-nd undid the belt around her Capri’s letting them drop to the ground. She slid down to her knees a-nd undid m-y pants pulling them to m-y ankles. She put her hand o-n m-y almost hard cock, licked her lips a-nd slid her moist wet mouth over m-y growing member. I had m-y eyes closed while Meg was moving her mouth u-p a-nd down o-n m-y shaft when we heard a light tap o-n the door followed by, “Is everything going okay i-n there ? I can give a second opinion if you need it.” As Meg had her mouth full I replied with, “Thanks but she’s just changing right now. Maybe i-n a few minutes ?” “That’s okay, just let m-e know if you need any help. I’ll be outside here ... ensuring your privacy.” The last part of this sentence trailed off into a sultry suggestion. Meg looked u-p with m-y cock i-n her mouth a-nd arched her eyebrow. I understood her unspoken query ... is she, Shane, suggesting what I think she’s suggesting ? Meg had her panties down working t-wo fingers inside her glistening love canal. With a glance I could see the moisture coating her fingers was getting wetter a-nd slicker. She stood u-p a-nd moved towards the stool located next to the wall length mirror. Meg loved to watch a cock slamming into her. She loved mirror sex. Sensing her urgency I quickly got behind her while she bent over the stool exposing her glistening a-nd closely shaved pussy. I reached down a-nd pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing both of her holes. Like catnip, the view of Meg’s exposed holes ramped u-p m-y growing sexual appetite as m-y rock hard cock would testify. Meg let o-ut a small audible gasp when I slid m-y cock inside her. Outside, I heard a small audible, “Mmmm” which could only have come from Shane.

* Correctly guessing what was taking place i-n the change room Shane tapped o-n the door a-nd quietly whispered, “It’s okay, the store is empty. Mind if I watch ?” I shrugged m-y shoulders signalling to Meg t-hat I was okay with it. Meg replied, “No, we don’t mind. Please come in.” Shane opened the door a-nd stepped inside. She let o-ut a long exhale as she caught site of a half naked Meg bent over a stool coupled with m-e behind her a-nd m-y pants around m-y ankles exposing m-y cock protruding from her sopping wet hole. Shane pulled down her skirt a-nd panties displaying a bald freshly shaved pussy. She moved i-n front of Meg a-nd spread her legs wide open. While m-y cock was going i-n a-nd o-ut of her, MJ had spread open Shane’s pussy lips a-nd was working her tongue over he clit. Shane had her head tilted back enjoying being pleasured by MJ who was now working t-wo fingers inside her while licking her clit. Shane had one eye slightly open watching m-e fuck Meg with increased vigour. She encouraged m-e with, “Yeah, fuck that pussy good a-nd hard. Give it t-o her.” She lifted her top a-nd flipped her bra over her tits motioning for m-e to grab a-nd caress her exposed D cup firm, round breasts. She was built to fuck . Slightly shorter than Meg she was a small feisty package of sensuality desirable by both sexes. I could tell Meg was highly aroused. She was ‘creaming’ o-n m-y cock more than normal. This was turning m-e o-n exponentially. I had one hand o-n Meg’s hip fucking her doggy-style while m-y other hand was groping a-nd caressing Shane’s big firm tits. Meg was licking Shane’s pussy while she ground her pussy into MJ’s face. Without warning I shot a huge pent u-p load of cum deep inside MJ. She pushed herself back against m-e while I continued to pump semen into her. When I finished I gave her a hard slap o-n her ass leaving a slight red mark .

* After I had finished a-nd pulled o-ut Shane stepped away from MJ a-nd said to me, “Okay. Now go outside a-nd keep an eye o-n the store. Let m-e know if we get any customers. This shouldn’t take too long.” She picked u-p the plastic bag that she had brought into the change room with her a-nd took o-ut what appeared to be a harness of some sort. She stepped into it a-nd fastened the snaps. I closed the door a-nd kept an eye o-n the still empty store. Meanwhile, Shane took o-ut an e-ight inch dildo a-nd fastened it place o-n the harness she was now wearing. She then stood i-n front of a still bent over MJ motioning for her to suck o-n her member. Meg spit o-n i-t a-nd swallowed as much as she could. Shane then got behind Meg a-nd grabbed a handful of her hair a-nd tugged o-n it keeping MJ i-n a position with her back arched. Shane then slid her unit inside of Meg thrusting her hips forward and pumping the dildo i-n a-nd o-ut of Meg. She would occasionally give Meg hard slaps o-n her ass which I could hear i-n the hallway. Meg was getting immensely turned o-n by being ‘man-handled’ by Shane. Shane was crowing, “Yeah, bitch ... take m-y cock a-nd tell m-e how much you want it.” This was followed by another loud slap o-n Meg’s ass cheeks which were turning a light shade of red. Her dildo was coated i-n a combination of Meg’s natural lube a-nd m-y cum making an audible wet slurping sound as she continued to fuck Meg deep a-nd hard.

* Shane put her arms under Meg’s armpits a-nd locked her fingers together o-n the back of Meg’s head. She kicked the stool o-ut of the way a-nd pushed her forward with Meg’s erect nipples slamming against the wall. She released her locked fingers a-nd grabbed a handful of Meg’s hair holding her i-n place while she thrust the dildo into an almost standing Meg. With her hips pushing back against Shane, Meg let o-ut a loud audible gasp whenever the dildo slid inside of her slamming against her cervix. Shane whispered i-n Meg’s ear, “Take it all, bitch. Show m-e how much you want it.” This was a new dynamic for Meg. She had some bisexual experiences before but those were mostly soft sensual exchanges. She hadn’t been forcefully taken by a female a-nd this was exciting her more than she would have expected. With the dildo still firmly inside of her, Shane pushed Meg i-n front of the stool a-nd bent her over it again. She slapped her hard o-n her ass a-nd slammed into her while still holding a handful of her hair. She was tugging o-n Meg’s hair pulling her body back against the dildo shoved inside her. It was intense. Shane was getting more a-nd more turned o-n with her skirt o-n the ground a-nd the strap-on firmly attached to her hips. While thrusting into Meg Shane was occasionally rubbing her free hand over her clit. She was also getting turned o-n by man handling Meg. Meg could no longer contain herself a-nd quivered a-nd twitched as an intense orgasm enveloped her entire body. Shane, also turned on b-y Meg’s orgasm, pulled the dildo o-ut a-nd removed the strap-on harness. She stood i-n front of a still bent over Meg inviting her to stare a-t her swollen glistening pussy. Meg reached o-ut a-nd slid fingers inside of Shane. Shane shoved her crotch i-n her face allowing Meg run her tongue over her swollen clit while working her fingers inside of her. With her eyes closed a-nd head tilted back Shane moaned loudly as she squirted her love juices o-n Meg’s face a-nd arms.

* I remained standing outside imagining Meg getting worked over by the highly aroused a-nd shapely Shane. I heard their moans of pleasure a-nd smiled to myself. As much as I wanted to witness this encounter I knew it would be more intense for both of them if they had some privacy to pursue their carnal desires. Now both satisfied Meg stood u-p a-nd put her clothes back o-n while Shane packed u-p her accessories a-nd also dressed. She gave Meg a close hug a-nd kissed her passionately o-n the lips. Meg returned her passion a-nd ended the hug with a light slap o-n Shane’s shapely backside. They walked o-ut to a still empty store. Shane had the nightie i-n her hand that Meg was initially going to try on. She wrapped it u-p a-nd handed the bag to Meg stating it was a gift from her a-nd to think of her when she wears it. To m-y surprise, Shane grabbed m-e a-nd pulled m-e close to her. She kissed m-e slowly o-n the lips a-nd whispered i-n m-y ear, “Thank you. I really needed that.” I had to ask her, “Was today just o-ur lucky day or do you always carry it around with you ?” With a wink she whispered i-n a low voice, “You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve waited for an opportunity like this ... again !” Walking through the mall I noticed I had another erection happening thanks to Shane’s musk still clinging to Meg ... a female facial ! Did I mention that she was fun, spontaneous a-nd always an adventure to be around ?

* We pulled o-ut of the underground parking lot a-nd into a warm sunlit afternoon. The clouds had cleared a-nd the sun was now beaming through the last remnants of rain clouds. Meg was still highly aroused from the previous experience. I rolled down the windows as the outside temperature sensor read 26 C (or approx 84 F) We were both singing along to Blue Rodeo’s Trust Yourself. The constant piano keys repetitively keeping time while Jim Cuddy sang;

-And you'll be alone
- when the sun comes up
-Tattered little dreams
- a-nd a broken cup

-Then you'll have to trust yourself
-And don't believe i-n any more lies

Meg was bouncing her leg u-p a-nd down tapping her toe to the rhythm of the song. Occasionally she would reach down a-nd rub her hand over her crotch. She was still turned o-n a-nd was going to need to feed that hunger soon. I-n an attempt to disturb her from this trance I asked, “H-ungry?” “Like you wouldn’t believe.”, was her reply. I’ve gotten t-o know Meg a-nd her subtle meanings. She had a look that spoke of needing t-o satisfy an unfulfilled appetite. She was going need some rougher treatment from her hung bull friend. I understood, this was something she desired which was simply not a part of who I am or what o-ur relationship was based on w-ith each other. I asked her if she wanted m-e to drop her off a-t her place to which she replied, “You don’t mind, do you ?” I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of m-e that experienced some envy but that’s a response of the m-ale ego a-nd easily dismissed. Truth be told, I was glad she had others to experiment with as she had a high sex drive a-nd I was no longer the springs chicken I once was. Besides, I also had an itch that I wanted to scratch. After witnessing the fucking recently I was getting the urge to have a cock slam into me. Being able to share this part of o-ur sexual curiosity was the bond of o-ur friendship. I rarely discussed being with other females especially when with other couples. It just seemed unnecessary. I replied, “Of course not. I’m flattered that you shared this experience with me.” She leaned over a-nd kissed m-e o-n the cheek . I put m-y hand o-n her knee while I continued the drive back to Meg’s place. She rested her hand o-n mine. She asked, “Do you have any other plans ?” As we pulled into the parking lot I replied with, “There is someone that I’ve been trying to line u-p schedules with. Tonight just might work o-ut !” She knew I had been corresponding with a c-ouple of different bi males a-nd did occasionally hook u-p with some of them. She always liked to hear the details. As she was getting o-ut of the car she leaned inside a-nd said, “I hope it does a-nd try to keep detailed notes !” She gave m-e a quick peck o-n the cheek . Before she closed the door I said to her, “You have m-y number, t-ext m-e later tonight to let m-e know you’re okay.” “Will do, bye hun !

* O-n m-y way home I decided to stop a-t the local neighbourhood pub for dinner a-nd a beer. It was close to home a-nd featured a fantastic menu for a small pub. Being a familiar face to a few of the waitresses who were always friendly I always left a generous tip. I ordered a Czechvar Dark ale a-nd the burger with a side order of fries. The burger was made of freshly ground beef o-n a freshly baked bun. While I was waiting for dinner to arrive I logged o-n to the hook u-p site to see if ‘Victor’ was online. He was! I typed, “Hey, am free this evening a-nd can host, wanna hook u-p ?”. I took a sip of beer . A minute later m-y phone buzzed. It was Victor. “Hey ! I’m also free tonight a-nd am horny” I typed, “I’m grabbing a bite to eat a-nd will t-ext when I’m home i-n an hour or so” He replied, “Great. I’ll get myself ready a-nd wait for your txt”. M-y burger arrived. I devoured it with the appetite of an Olympic weight lifter, paid the bill a-nd left for home.

* When I got home I went through a ‘personal anal’ cleanse routine followed by inserting a lube covered dildo get things prepared. I then texted Victor m-y address a-nd asked for an ETA. He texted back that he should be here i-n about t-wenty minutes. I put o-n a tight pair of underwear, m-y track pants a-nd loose top. While waiting i-n the living room I had m-y laptop o-ut a-nd casting porn o-n to the living room TV. I-n the bedroom I laid o-ut an old blanket o-n top of the bedspread a-nd added the bottle of lube a-nd a box of tissues. When Victor finally arrived I had a raging hard on. I opened the door a-nd led Vic inside. Victor was older than , i-n his late fifties or very early sixties. He had a huge nine inch dick that was uncut a-nd thick . We had chatted for the past few months hoping we could find a convenient time. He loved m-y profile pics a-nd I loved the pic of his cock . We took a seat o-n the sofa with porn playing o-n the screen. I asked him if he’d like something to drink to which he replied, “A glass of cold water would be perfect.” I got u-p a-nd returned a few seconds later with a full glass of cold water. Vic had taken the opportunity to take his pants off a-nd was sliding his underwear down. “Wow, looks nicer i-n person !”, I said. I took a seat next to him a-nd pulled down m-y pants exposing m-y semi hard cock . We both sat back a-nd jerked o-n o-ur cocks for a minute until I reached over, grabbed his cock a-nd sucked o-n it. We both stood u-p a-nd I motioned for us to go to the bedroom. When we reached the bedroom I took off the rest of m-y clothes as did Vic. He had a long foreskin, something that always turned m-e on. I grabbed his cock a-nd moved i-n close enough to touch the heads of o-ur cocks together. I then pulled his foreskin over the head of m-y cock . It gave m-e the sensation of what having a foreskin would feel like. A huge turn o-n! After a few strokes I stopped a-nd got o-n m-y knees putting his cock i-n m-y mouth. I sucked o-n him for a few minutes until his cock was rock hard a-t which point I stood up. He grabbed m-e by the hips a-nd turned m-e around while forcing m-y face i-n the direction of the blanket. He spit o-n m-y ass hole a-nd inserted his tongue causing m-e extensive pleasure. M-y hole was opening u-p getting ready for his huge cock . He slipped o-n a condom a-nd slathered lube o-n m-y ass a-nd o-n his cock . He then grabbed m-e by the shoulders a-nd pulled m-e back onto his cock . He slowly worked it all the way i-n a-nd gave m-y ass a playful slap. He started to slowly fuck m-e while I reached back a-nd tugged o-n m-y growing cock . A-t one point he pushed m-e down o-n m-y<b> stomach </font></b>a-nd spread m-y legs apart while continuing to pound m-y ass. After a few minutes he rolled over onto his back a-nd I got o-n top of him i-n reverse cowgirl (boy?) position. While riding u-p a-nd down o-n his cock I was also stroking m-y own erect cock . Just before Vic shot his load I suddenly squirted a forcible wad of cum that splashed off of m-y forehead. It had a lot of force behind it. Vic then filled the condom as he shot his load before he took his cock o-ut of m-y ass. It was relatively quick but still very enjoyable. Vic cleaned up, got dressed a-nd said his good byes o-n his way o-ut the door. It’s how it is with guys. Quick, to the point a-nd go your own way.

* After Vic left I smoked a joint a-nd poured a cold beer. I sat back a-nd watched an old favourite movie, Fargo. Along with The Big Lebowski it was one of the Cohen brothers movies that were part of m-y cult favourites collection. Close to midnight I decided it was time to call it a night. I was getting into bed when m-y phone buzzed. It was Meg. “Just saying I’m OK ! Is the other side of your bed empty ?” I texted back, “Glad to hear a-nd yes it is. Key is i-n mailbox.” She replied, “Tks. Am tired a-nd kinda lonely, sleep only ?” “I’d love to have just your company”, I sent back . I left the key to the front door i-n the mailbox a-nd went back to get into bed after leaving the light o-n i-n the en-suite bathroom. I woke u-p i-n the middle of the night with Meg i-n a deep sleep next to me. I got u-p a-nd turned the light off i-n the bathroom a-nd then got back into bed moving over next to Meg. She had turned o-n her side putting herself i-n the right position for m-e to cuddle u-p next to her. She was soft, toned, sensuous a-nd alluring. S-ugar a-nd spice a-nd everything nice. It was the most peaceful sleep I had i-n weeks.

* Several hours later I woke u-p o-n m-y back with Meg turned towards m-e resting her bent leg o-n m-y thigh. Her warm touch was a perfect stimulate to the ‘morning wood’ phenomenon I was now experiencing. Meg felt m-e move a-nd moved her hand down over m-y torso. She moved her leg upwards a-nd brushed against m-y morning hard-on. Instinctively, she turned o-n her back putting her right leg i-n a bent position with her foot resting o-n the bed a-nd her legs spread slightly. She reached down a-nd stroked m-y cock . To judge her preparedness I brushed m-y hand over his pussy a-nd felt her misty morning dew. She was wet and also turned on. She loved the idea of being used first thing i-n the morning a-nd discovering m-y raging hard o-n had her mojo running. I rolled o-n t-o m-y side a-nd moved m-y rock-hard cock closer to her yearning hole. I had m-y cock i-n m-y hand a-nd slapped her pussy a few times with it, slapping her o-n her clit. She loved how much she could turn m-e o-n first thing i-n the morning, her worst time of day by her thinking but the most natural i-n m-y mind. I find a woman is her sexiest when she is her most natural with all her flaws a-nd imperfections o-n full display like badges of honour ... beauty is a collection of imperfections.

* I reached underneath Meg a-nd put a pillow under her hips while moving her right leg over m-y right hip ... lining u-p for ‘sloppy side-ways’ ! I grabbed her right hip a-nd locked m-y legs around her left leg keeping her legs spread while I pushed the head of m-y cock inside her. I pulled it o-ut a-nd slapped her o-n the clit again before inserting it an extra inch each time until I was balls deep i-n her. I moved m-y right elbow in front of her right thigh holding her i-n place with her left leg scissor-locked between m-y legs. M-y right hand was i-n perfect position to rub her clit while I gripped her left hip with m-y left arm underneath her. This was going to be a long slow fuck . I kept a slow rhythm approximately three quarters of her heartbeat rate or to the tempo of ‘Beast of Burden’ by The Rolling Stones. After ten minutes I increased the pace to slowly start matching her heartbeat. She was loving having her clit rolled back a-nd forth while I slammed into her. After her previous nights encounter she was still very tight. It was something she took pride in. She could really work it to her, or more precisely to my, advantage by exercising a tight grip a-t the right time. She was doing this now after being slowly a-nd patiently fucked for a long period. It turned m-e o-n immensely as she would forcefully push m-y cock part way o-ut of her vagina a-nd then relax for m-e to thrust i-n deep. It felt like getting a really warm a-nd wet hand job. I couldn’t take it any longer a-nd shot a load deep inside her. She always got turned o-n by an early morning cum shot inside her. I pulled m-y cock o-ut but kept her i-n position rubbing her clit. She started to buck her hips upwards willing m-y fingers to slip inside her cum dripping pussy. I worked t-wo fingers i-n her a-nd thrust i-n deep rubbing against the top of her sopping canal. I picked u-p the pace as she picked u-p the frequency of her hips grinding a-nd bucking against m-y fingers. She tried to get her left leg free for more leverage but I kept it trapped i-n place preventing her from being able to fully grind o-n m-y hand. She found it both frustrating a-nd super erotic a-t the same time. After several more minutes her tummy convulsed, her pussy gripped o-n to m-y fingers hard as she pushed m-y hand o-ut with her pelvic muscles signalling an intense squirt approaching. Her hips bucked forward a-nd her thighs clenched together before a full a-nd forceful squirt coated m-y forearm a-nd hand. She had let o-ut a very loud moan of pleasure that I would replay i-n m-y mind for many nights to come. I finally let go of her a-nd moved u-p to cuddle i-n beside her. I moved her over so I would have the wet spot, if there was going to be one. We both fell back asleep for another hour or .

* I woke u-p first a-nd put o-n a pot of coffee before getting o-ut eggs, bread, milk, cinnamon, butter a-nd maple syrup. I prepared the eggs, milk a-nd cinnamon for french toast while putting o-n several slices of bacon i-n another pan. I cooked the bacon to well done, a preference of both of ours, a-nd put the slices of french toast i-n the oven until all eight slices were done. More than enough but better more than not enough ! I put together t-wo plates with t-wo slices of french toast, syrup, t-wo slices of bacon a-nd a few slices of fresh orange a-nd pineapple. Along with t-wo cups of coffee, I brought the tray of food into the bedroom a-nd placed it i-n front of Meg who was now sitting u-p i-n bed. She had worked u-p an appetite a-nd devoured breakfast almost as quick as i did. I removed the dishes while Meg got u-p a-nd took a quick shower. I joined her after I put away the dishes. It was a nice way to start the morning a-nd a better way to continue it ! She soaped m-y body a-nd I soaped hers making sure to touch every curve. Eventually we got o-ut of the shower, dried off a-nd sat naked next to each other o-n the bed.

* I flicked o-n the TV a-nd flipped through a few channels eventually settling o-n an episode of HBO’s ‘Ballers’ with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnston. I can admit to finding him attractive. If he was bi I’d love to have an evening with him ! Meg was also a fan of his .. physique. I-n this episode his character is caught fucking a friend i-n an office. As the camera panned down to show his truly magnificent butt I noticed Meg subconsciously touched herself. After the episode was over I got an idea. “Hey Meg, wanna have a contest ?”, I asked. She came back with, “Sure ... is sex involved i-n any way ?” I chucked a-nd said, “Would you have it any other way ?” “Of course, not !” “Okay. The rules are quite simple. We both start masturbating together a-nd whoever finishes first has to take care of the dinner.”, was m-y offer. She replied with, “This is going to be so easy. I’ll let you know what I want for dinner !” This was the fun dynamic of being comfortable with each other. I believe we all share the c-hild like curiosity of the others’ sex organs a-nd experiences. There was something forbidden or naughty about masturbation making it even more of a turn on. I loved watching Meg p-lay with herself. It was another huge turn o-n for m-e watching her as she pushed the right buttons of her sexuality dialing u-p an orgasm. It’s such a connection o-n a personal level watching each others techniques. I-n order to tip the scales i-n m-y favour I did put o-n a series of double penetration videos, a favourite of Megs. I was more transfixed watching Meg than the porn playing. She would occasionally glance a-t m-e with that sexual hunger burning i-n her eyes. A-t times she couldn’t help herself a-nd leaned over to suck o-n m-y cock for a minute or t-wo before returning her pleasure. I would occasionally do the same a-nd periodically rub m-y fingers over her clit a-nd inside her canal or roll between her legs a-nd flick m-y tongue over her clit. We spent the next few hours lightly playing with each, recounting sexual experiences a-nd watching porn. She wanted t-o know the details of m-y encounter with Vic. I warned her there wasn’t really much t-o share as m-y encounters with guys tended t-o be transactional i-n nature. She did give an audible response when I told her about the ‘docking station’ sensation. She mentioned she would have loved to have stroked both cocks a-t once while connected by his foreskin. Meg getting turned o-n by m-e getting turned o-n had turned m-e o-n even more. My breathing increased while I let out a few premature moans signalling an impending cum shot. Meg realizing my orgasm was imminent got o-n her hands a-nd knees i-n front of m-e providing a target to aim my cum a-t. She loved having a load of cum squirt o-n her. Meg won a-nd I shot a load all over her face. Not being a sore loser I went into en-suite a-nd drew a warm bubble bath, lit a c-ouple of scented candles a-nd returned with hot cup of Chamomile tea. I called Meg into the bathroom a-nd handed her a soft fresh bath towel. “Relax ... take your time a-nd enjoy. I’ll be i-n the bed room, holla if need anything !”, I said before she reached u-p a-nd kissed m-e passionately. Did I mention Meg was fun, spontaneous a-nd always an adventure to be around ?
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IIThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IV

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I did try to put links for the song mentioned in this story.

Instead, here is a song list you can search for;

The Weeknd - The Hills
Rihanna - Umbrella
Blue Rodeo - Trust Yourself

and an honorable mention for Bob Dylan - The Man in Me (from The Big Lebowski soundtrack)

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