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Posted:Apr 23, 2020 7:49 pm
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2020 10:31 am

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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VIII ) Part A
Posted:Jul 29, 2020 3:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2020 10:22 am

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part AThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part B
* I-n her mind MJ was just about finished packing when I asked, “Did you pack something water repellent or a rain coat ?” She pondered for a moment before replying, “Not really. I’ll pick up something when we get there, if I need one.” Giving her a smack on her behind I winked as I said, “I got your back, girl ... I packed an extra o-ne or t-wo items. You DO know t-hat it rains a lot there, especially where we’re going ?” “Well, now t-hat you put it like t-hat maybe I’ll see if I can swap out a pair of shorts ... or two.”, she said visibly dejected by the thought of limiting how much of her body she could show i-n public. This was going t-o be Meg’s first trip t-o Canada’s most eastern province, Newfoundland & Labrador. The former is a separate island accessible by land through a ferry connection from the province of Nova Scotia, more precisely from the region of North Sydney on Cape Breton island which is connected t-o it’s mother province by a o-ne kilometre or a thousand yard causeway. The ferry service runs t-wo t-o three times per day with t-wo different destination ports. The closest port being Port aux Basques on the west coast of the island a-nd the furthest is an approximately 16 hour ferry ride t-o the eastern port of Argentia (pronounced ARE-gen-sha). The provincial capital a-nd largest metropolitan area is the city of St. John’s located near the most eastern point of land i-n Canada, Cape Spear a-nd is also an approximately o-ne a-nd half hour drive east from Argentia.

* We were scheduled t-o take the ferry route t-o Argentia with reservations made well i-n advance six months previously. The Argentia route only operates during the months of May t-o September when the seas are calm enough for relatively smooth sailing. During the rest of the year those seas become too rough for ferry service, being located slightly north of the area referenced i-n the 2000 movie The Perfect Storm. The Port aux Basque ferry ride took close t-o 6 hours but featured a ten hour drive across the province t-o the capital city of St. John’s. Our destination was going t-o be the Avalon Peninsula including the provincial capital making the Argentia destination more desirable with less driving. Having driven the across-the-province option before I had a preference for the least amount of driving across a route sparsely populated a-nd with the dangers of a head on collision with a several hundred pound moose being a very real concern. Over the years the province made several attempts t-o limit the dangers mostly by clear cutting as much vegetation as far back from the highway as possible but o-ne still has t-o be vigilant especially if driving a-t night. The island is very sparsely populated on the interior with the majority of settlements located on the coastal regions of the north Atlantic Ocean.

* I had planned this trip a year a-nd half previously with the intent on visiting an old friend a-nd native of the province. We were both stationed i-n Gander, Newfoundland during the 80’s a-nd became good friends who kept i-n touch following m-y voluntary release after a ten year stint t-o enjoy civilian life. We had a lot of things i-n common despite m-y Ontario upbringing a-nd his upbringing i-n a small fishing village located about a t-wo hour drive west of St. John’s a-nd a four hour drive east from Gander. The drive for MJ a-nd I would be a 3 day trip with an overnight stay i-n Moncton, New Brunswick a-nd the second night would be the overnight ferry crossing arriving i-n Argentia a-t 9:30am local time on day 3. Our first days journey would start from Ottawa driving the provincial 417 highway t-o the province of Quebec where the highway is renumbered int-o Autoroute 40. We would take the newly constructed Autoroute 30 t-o circumvent going through downtown Montréal a-nd eventually cross over t-o Autoroute 20, part of the nation wide Trans Canada Highway. Following the St. Lawrence River we would spend the next few hours heading north east until the next turn a-t Rivière-de-loup (pronounced Riv-EE-air de lew) which would take us int-o the province of New Brunswick. Four hours later we would arrive i-n Moncton where we would spend the night before taking the Trans Canada Highway through the province of Nova Scotia a-nd north crossing the Canso causeway ont-o the island of Cape Breton before our final destination of North Sydney. The second day’s journey would be a shorter 6 hour drive compared t-o the close t-o 13 hour drive on the first day.

* MJ would spend the night before we left a-t m-y place i-n order t-o avoid the eventual traffic congestion surrounding Montréal. We would leave Ottawa a-t 5am t-o miss rush hour Ottawa traffic a-nd avoid the early congestion surrounding Montréal by following Autoroute 30 scheduled around 7am. Barring any unusual slowdowns a-nd accounting for gas, food a-nd bathroom breaks we should arrive i-n Moncton around 6PM. I had hotel reservations near a few chain restaurants a-nd close t-o the highway allowing us t-o relax after long day of driving. We would have the luxury of sleeping i-n the next day, our schedule allowing for us t-o leave as late as 10am i-n order t-o arrive before 4PM with the ferry departure scheduled for 5PM. I had reservations for a 2 person luxury cabin for both crossings. We would be able t-o have dinner on the ferry a-nd afterwards watch a DVD on the cabin’s TV. We would wake up for breakfast around 7am before docking a-t our 9:30am arrival. I had reservations made for a 4 night stay i-n St. John’s allowing m-e a day or t-wo t-o travel t-o Mark’s hometown for a day of reminiscing before taking the ferry back t-o North Sydney a-nd driving back t-o Ottawa with another overnight stay i-n Frederickton, New Brunswick i-n between. On our return we would have the flexibility t-o see a few sites i-n Atlantic Canada such as the legendary Bay of Fundy, home t-o the world’s highest tides or the scenic Cabot Trail located on Cape Breton island near the ferry crossing point of North Sydney. We had the flexibility t-o take our time a-nd explore or leisurely return home.

* After several weeks of planning the night before our trip had finally arrived as I crossed the bridge t-o pick up Meg. She had several suitcases a-nd t-wo overnight bags originally packed but I had talked her int-o a week’s worth of items comprising t-wo suitcases a-nd o-ne overnight bag. We had a lighthearted dinner sharing travelling anecdotes while enjoying each others company a-nd a glass of Chilean Malbec. After dinner we headed back t-o m-y place for an early night preparing for an early morning departure. Meg was excited looking forward t-o the upcoming journey a-nd it’s subsequent adventures. She liked the monotony of the open road, travelling for hours while the different countrysides passed by like images i-n a View-Master, the various rich a-nd vibrant colours combining t-o give each geographical region a unique landscape ‘fingerprint’. It energized her creative artistic side. I also enjoyed long distance driving especially when having a companion like MJ. We would combat the monotony with conversation a-nd listening sessions of XFM, local radio or from casting audio through Bluetooth. Spending close time together for extended periods tend t-o either bring people closer together or wedge them further apart. With MJ neither of these issues exist. Our times together were like pages i-n a book t-hat could be picked up a-nd read a-t will, put away for long periods a-nd then returned t-o a-t leisure. We never had awkward pauses or uncomfortable silences preferring our conversations t-o evolve organically. We could spend an evening together speaking very little both lost i-n thought or some other distraction a-nd then spend hours engaging i-n conversations covering various topics. Sometimes the topics became sexual i-n nature making our conversations both shorter a-nd more intense, if you know what I mean !

* After checking our lists twice t-o ensure we had everything I took the suitcases out t-o the car saving as much time i-n the morning t-o get on the road as possible. With the day’s tasks done we settled down t-o relax before bedtime both taking a seat next t-o each other on the sofa. “You seem like you’re a bit tense. Are you feeling okay ?”, I asked. She arched her back a-nd thrust her chest forward while raising her arms shoulder height i-n an attempt t-o stretch her tense muscles. She replied, “It’s been a long day a-nd I guess I’m a bit tired from the packing a-nd organizing.” Taking her by the hand I stood up a-nd guided her int-o the bedroom. “Just lie down on your tumm-y a-nd let m-e see if I can work out some of the tension.”, I said. Doing as she was instructed MJ laid down on the bed propping t-wo pillows under her chin. I got i-n position t-o massage her neck a-nd shoulders by straddling her with m-y knees on either side of her hips. As I reached forward t-o place both thumbs on the intersection of her neck a-nd back I leaned i-n a-nd said, “It might make it easier if you took your top off.” She sat up slightly a-nd turned her head towards m-e revealing her mischievous smile. She gave m-e a quick seductive stare before unbuttoning her blouse as I held each arm for her t-o remove her top completely. She laid back down on her stomach before reaching back a-nd undoing the clasp on her bra. She sat up again slightly a-nd removed it while turning t-o give m-e an arousing inviting look. When our eyes met I felt t-hat familiar feeling of desire starting t-o grow with m-y hands taking her up on her invitation a-nd lightly caressing each breast before gently sliding the palms of m-y hands over her erect nipples. I moved m-y hands back on her shoulders a-nd gently pushed her down until she was laying on her chest with m-y thumbs i-n position t-o work the knots a-nd kinks out her neck a-nd shoulder area. She closed her eyes letting the stress a-nd anxiety wash off her like mud on a rainy day. I used m-y thumbs a-nd the palm regions of m-y hands t-o knead a-nd massage the muscles rolling them under m-y thumbs t-o relieve any built up tension. MJ felt a wave of relaxation envelope her as she slowly exhaled, her heartbeat slowing t-o match the rhythm of her breathing.

* With MJ slowly drifting int-o a state of peaceful bliss I momentarily got off of her a-nd lit t-wo of the lilac scented candles on the nightstand. Meg made a-nd audible, ‘mmmm’ sound when I regained position t-o continue massaging her taught a-nd toned shapely back a-nd shoulder muscles. I would press m-y thumbs deep int-o her shoulder blades working the kinks out i-n a circular massaging motion while the tips of m-y fingers rested just slightly above the side of her breasts. I continued with m-y thumbs a-nd palms pressing against the muscles i-n her back drifting from her shoulders down t-o her lower back just above her waistline concentrating on the region closer t-o her spine. I went through this cycle several times each time feeling her muscles relaxing with each pass expanding several inches further from her spine. I also felt her getting slightly warmer a-nd noticed she was subconsciously pressing her pubic bone int-o the mattress matching the rhythm of m-y hand movements, a signal her level of arousal was matching mine. I lowered myself down t-o straddle her calves allowing m-e t-o massage the lower half of her gorgeous body. I lightly tugged on her pants a-nd undies prompting her t-o elevate her hips slightly for m-e t-o slide her clothing below her knees. Internally I gasped a-t the magnificent sight of a fully exposed MJ naked down t-o her knees, inviting m-y imagination t-o do whatever it liked a-t that moment. I pressed down on the muscles just above the start of her buttocks a-nd moved m-y hands down t-o cup a-nd caress her cheeks with m-y palms while the tips of fingers pressed down i-n a circular motion t-o release any tension. Meg found this both relaxing a-nd exhilarating from the sensations ranging through the sensual spectrum generated by the many nerve regions now awakening. She found herself trapped between a plateau of relaxation resulting from the upper body massage a-nd the aching need t-o have m-y hands glance over her sexual organs both stimulating a-nd relieving the building tension of desire. Sensing her pleasure I kept m-y focus on this region causing Meg emit small audible moans of pleasure. I finally moved m-y hands down t-o her lower buttocks with m-y thumbs massaging the inside of her butt cheeks a-nd m-y fingers continued pressing into her firm cute little derriere. As m-y thumbs approached her ass ring she arched her back slowly a-nd slightly inviting m-y thumbs t-o move further down spreading her folds until m-y thumbs grazed the bottom portion of her moistening flushing vulva. She gasped a-nd held her breath momentarily. I stood up momentarily t-o pull m-y clothing down past m-y knees before returning t-o a kneeling position straddling Meg’s calves again as I reached back t-o pull m-y clothing past m-y ankles kicking them t-o the ground.

* I reached up a-nd took off m-y top joining Meg i-n her nude pose laying with her arms t-o her side before I returned t-o massaging the lower portion of her cute little behind again. Meg tried t-o open her legs slightly t-o allow m-e more access but I kept her legs pinned under m-e frustrating her efforts t-o expose more of herself for a groping. Feeling turned on she moved her hands up t-o cup her gorgeous trapped breasts playing with her flattened nipples until they became rock solid. I continued moving lower grazing the outside of her pussy lips generating more moisture i-n her love canal. She arched her back even more giving m-e the idea t-o slide a pillow under her hips. For the next few minutes I kept her pussy exposed aching t-o be touched while I continued the massage on her upper thighs working m-y way down t-o her calves. I repeated massaging the upper part of her buttocks sliding m-y thumbs down again t-o spread her pussy before positioning m-y index finger on o-ne side t-o hold it spread open. Then I pressed the middle finger of m-y free hand on her clitoral shaft rolling it back a-nd forth while also rubbing her clit i-n a circular motion. Meg slowly moved her hips slightly up a-nd down matching the rhythm of m-y massage.

* Feeling her canal starting t-o emit moisture I moved forward straddling Meg midway on her upper thighs. I leaned forward t-o start massaging her neck a-nd shoulders again this time pressing m-y hips closer t-o her buttocks a-nd feeling her breathing a-nd pulse increasing beneath me. Meg’s level of relaxation was again fighting for attention with her sexual desires as she moved her hips up slightly causing the tip of m-y growing cock t-o separate her butt cheeks. I spread m-y legs further apart causing Meg’s legs t-o open as well as I continued massaging her neck a-nd shoulder region. The tip of m-y cock was now touching her pussy lips, the moisture starting t-o gather on m-y cock increased with our combined body temperatures warming our sexual organs. As I slid m-y hands down further on her back continuing the massage, m-y cock breached her vagina with the tip sliding inside her. Meg being fully relaxed was now getting deeply turned on moving her hips i-n a small circular motion as I slowly pushed the tip of m-y cock i-n a-nd out of her. When m-y hands reached her hips I held her tightly i-n position holding her hips closer t-o m-e as each stroke brought us closer t-o full doggy position. Meg was highly aroused a-nd wanted this sensation t-o last longer. She moved forward a-nd rolled over on her back as she said, “We can’t forget about massaging the front of m-e as well !” As she said this I mentally pictured a purple devil emoji forming above her like a halo. She spread her legs invitingly while reaching down t-o hold her ankles apart. I moved forward a-nd placed a pillow under hips as I sat upright pressing m-y cock against her vagina until it slipped inside her. Meg moaned with pleasure as I reached forward with m-y thumbs massaging the region above her collar bones. I took m-y time a-nd slowly shoved m-y cock i-n her while moving m-y hands down until I cupped a breast i-n each hand. I took m-y hands off her breasts a-nd placed each arm behind her knees allowing her t-o rest her legs on m-y shoulders while m-y hand moved down t-o place each hip i-n a tight grip. I started t-o pick up the pace causing Meg t-o move her hips upward i-n an attempt t-o press her pubic bone against mine while m-y cock tickled her cervix. A-t times I would hold her i-n place by her hips a-nd move her up a-nd down causing m-y cock t-o push deeper inside her as I pushed m-y hips forward when pulling her hips upward.

* Meg had her eyes locked on mine her gaze transfixing m-e like a scene from Greek mythology. I loved the look of satisfaction being reflected i-n her gaze while I continued t-o fuck her slowly a-nd methodically, using o-ne hand t-o rub her clit i-n a circular motion while the other hand held her firmly by her hip. Occasionally I would pick up the pace for a minute or t-wo giving her the ‘jackhammer’ rapid fucking t-hat got her juices flowing. Her audible gasps of joy a-nd pleasure egged m-e on t-o keep the rapid pace before slowing down t-o enjoy a full a-nd deep thrust with each stroke. After several more minutes I stretched out a-nd lay on top of MJ. I took her head i-n both m-y hands a-nd kissed her deeply while slowly thrusting m-y cock i-n a-nd out of her dripping vagina. Meg had placed both of her hands around m-y back a-nd under m-y shoulders. Her increasing pleasure was reflected by her nails digging lightly int-o the muscles under m-y shoulder blades while her moans echoed i-n m-y ears. I rolled over putting MJ on top of m-e with her knees on either side of m-y hips. She slid herself back down on m-y fully erect cock putting her arms around m-y neck as we continued with our stares locked on each other eyes. Meg’s arousal reached the final stages as she vigorously pumped her hips up a-nd down on m-y cock. On every down stroke she ground her clit against m-y pubic bone using her hands clasped behind m-y neck for leverage. Her breathing increased while her chest turned a shade of red, flushed with an increased blood flow from the cardio workout she was engaged in. She gasped little moans each time she ground her clit against m-e as I held her hips firmly but allowing her t-o guide a-nd control her movements. She loved t-hat feeling of m-y hands gripping her strongly as much as I loved how she clasped her hands behind m-y neck keeping our faces close t-o each other while we continued our locked gaze.

* She cried out as she arched her back a-nd gripped m-y hips with her knees, her orgasm reflected i-n her gaze. Her eyes had rolled back momentarily before her climax enveloped her, the butterflies of her orgasm floated through her tummy causing the spasms t-o make her clit grind against m-y pubic bone prolonging her sensation. Her audible pleasures a-nd spasms caused m-e t-o go over the edge joining her i-n orgasm as m-y cock hosed down the inside of her vagina. She loved t-hat warm pulsing sensation of a thick wad of cum splashing inside of her. I had leaned i-n kissing her deeply on her neck while m-y cock pulsed cum inside her. We held each other i-n this position post orgasm for several minutes neither wanting t-o disturb the mutual feeling of pure bliss we were both experiencing. Meg finally rolled off of m-e a-nd turned on her side sliding her cute little behind against m-y hip. I turned on m-y side i-n the big spoon position a-nd ran m-y hand lightly over her butt cheeks soothing her hyped up nerve centres. She relaxed enjoying the warm pleasant sensation of m-y hand caressing her firm backside. It was hypnotic a-nd soothing when combined with the still burning lilac candles I lit earlier. After 10 minutes of relaxation MJ slowly opened her legs inviting m-e t-o brush m-y hand over her still damp love organ while I continued caressing her buttocks.

* M-y fingers grazed over her lips prompting an audible, “Ooooohhh !” Deciding not t-o postpone it any longer I moved down a-nd spread her legs as m-y hands reached through her legs rolling Meg on her back. I slid forward putting m-y head between her legs wrapping both arms around her legs, m-y hands meeting on the inside of her hips allowed m-e t-o pull her pussy apart. I extended m-y tongue tapping the tip on her clit before moving m-y tongue over her hood a-nd rolling her clit underneath. Holding her tightly I plunged m-y tongue inside her dragging the tip across the top of her canal as m-y tongue retreated t-o plunge it deep inside her again. I followed this with holding her place while I moved m-y head back a-nd forth vigorously with m-y tongue extended brushing against her clit on each pass. Meg was getting highly aroused again as she ground her pussy i-n m-y face. Next, I added sucking on her clitoral hood a-nd tugging a-t her lips with m-y mouth i-n t-o the repertoire. Meg ground her crotch i-n m-y face with increased vigour t-o keep pace with the rhythm of m-y actions, her eyes closed aiding i-n concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving. I used o-ne hand t-o slide t-wo fingers inside her while continuing t-o massage her clit with m-y tongue. Meg locked her ankles together resting on m-y lower back occasionally pressing her heels int-o m-y back for leverage as she arched her back guiding m-y fingers deeper inside her. Her breathing a-nd moaning had increased suggesting she was near orgasm as I continued working her pussy with m-y mouth a-nd fingers. After several more minutes her tumm-y convulsed as her knees squeezed m-e tighter pushing her derriere int-o the mattress before bucking her hips a-nd grinding her crotch i-n m-y face. Her convulsions were punctuated with a forceful squirt covering m-y head a-nd shoulders.

* Feeling satisfied a-nd tired MJ rolled over on her side again pressing her little behind against m-y hip. As m-y pleasure levels subsided a-nd were replaced with a relaxed spent feeling of satisfaction I turned on m-y side t-o cuddle MJ continuing the earlier activity of caressing her buttocks. The trance like effect this had on MJ caused her t-o drift off with pleasant visions of sitting bare naked under a shaded tree i-n a secluded private garden meadow with a light cool breeze soothing her bare skin. The continuous circular motion of caressing MJ also had a hypnotic effect on m-e causing m-e t-o close m-y eyes a-nd drift off t-o sleep. We slept peacefully i-n our embrace for the next several hours. As usual, I awoke early a-nd emptied m-y bladder before snuggling against MJ again. An hour or so later Meg awoke on her back next t-o me, also sleeping m-y back. She closed her hand realizing her hand was wrapped around m-y morning full erection. Meg was always turned on by the male morning erection. Feeling a little frisky a-nd a little naughty she moved her head down a-nd took m-y cock i-n her mouth slowly sucking on the head a-nd teasing the sensitive area with her tongue. M-y eyes opened t-o the delightful experience of having the gorgeous a-nd sensual MJ working her mouth over m-y fully erect cock. Her talented tongue had m-y cock so erect t-hat I felt the skin on the head of m-y cock would rip open. Meg was turned on a-nd moved up t-o sit on m-y stomach as she rested her forearms on m-y chest with her hands on either side of m-y face. She took m-y head i-n her hands a-nd kissed m-e slowly a-nd passionately before sitting up slightly a-nd moving her hips down t-o line up her hole a-nd m-y cock. She slowly pushed her hips downward feeling the head of m-y cock parting her lips a-nd slipping inside of her moist vagina. O-ne of the aspect of morning sex t-hat turned her on was how quick it normally lasted with both of us already turned on before starting t-o fuck each other. She closed her eyes a-nd increased the pace of her riding her hips up a-nd down on m-y pole. After several minutes a-t a furious pace with both of us breathing rapidly a-nd clutching each other tightly she let out a long a-nd loud moan slash howl of pleasure. Her love organ contracted pushing m-y still solid cock out of her followed by a gushing stream of her cum.
Feeling spent a-nd still laying on top of m-e MJ quietly whispered i-n m-y ear, “Good morning !”, before she slid down a-nd took m-y rock hard cock covered i-n her love juices i-n her mouth. She worked her tongue up a-nd down the underneath portion of m-y shaft before curling her lips a-nd lightly sucking on the head of m-y cock while she rubbed her hand up a-nd down on m-y shaft. It didn’t take very long before her efforts were rewarded with a mouthful of m-y sperm t-hat she gathered i-n a puddle, showed m-e by opening her mouth before swallowing all of it i-n o-ne gulp.

* We showered, had a quick bite t-o eat a-nd took a last look around t-o ensure we weren’t forgetting anything. I had gassed up the car the day before so the only stop we would make before getting on the highway would be a-t the local Canadian legendary coffee shop, Tim Horton’s, for a pair of double-doubles (local speak for a coffee with t-wo cream a-nd t-wo sugar) “I’m looking forward t-o this trip, hun, I like a road trip adventure.”, she said with an enthusiastic smile. “It’s a long drive with not much scenery on the later half of today’s leg but we will follow the St. Lawrence river most of the morning going through Quebec.” I continued, “Some of the spectacular scenery will be i-n Newfoundland. We’ll take a route t-o m-y friends house that follows the coastline. If the weather cooperates it’ll be a nice t-wo hour drive.” Inquisitively she asked, “Will we be able t-o see whales on the drive ?” I replied, “If the weather is suitable I know a few areas where we may be able t-o view them feeding from the shoreline.” She took a seat i-n the passenger side seat as we pulled out of the underground parking heading towards our first stop, Tim Horton’s. With t-hat accomplished we were now on the highway heading towards Quebec with the local radio station playing an early morning hour of oldies. Currently, Mick Jagger was crooning through their 1977 hit, Miss You.

Ahh-haaa ahhhh-haa ahhh-haa huh, ahh-haaa ahhhh-haa ahhh-haa huh, ah haa hhettt ahhh

I've been holding out so long
I've been sleeping all alone
Lord I miss you

A Charlie Watts masterpiece i-n minimalist drumming with all of the rolls a-nd fills following his precise timing. Along with the coffee it was a nice pick-me-up t-o start a long day.

* Around 7am we passed through Montréal circumventing the downtown shortest route through the LaFontaine Tunnel by skirting around the city’s perimeter following Autoroute 30 until eventually merging ont-o the Trans-Canada highway heading towards the charming Quebec City. We would continue past the turn north t-o Quebec City a-nd head straight north-east towards our next turn off. MJ was looking incredibly sexy, her sunglasses concealing her normally very expressive eyes. She was enjoying the view from the truckers as we passed by giving their higher vantage point a perfect angle t-o leer down her top gazing a-t her lightly concealed a-nd ample bosom. She did get a few horn honks which caused her t-o giggle flirtatiously. We stopped for lunch a-t an Irving Big Stop gas station featuring local homemade comfort dishes. After lunch we continued until turning east heading towards the province of New Brunswick. About 10 kilometres (or 7 miles) later we were both suddenly jolted by a deep camouflaged pothole. I checked the air pressure gauge confirming there wasn’t a sudden drop i-n tire pressure. Another 20 km’s later (or approx 13 miles) the low tire pressure warning indicator lit up on the dashboard. The GPS indicated there was a gas station approaching i-n the next 5 kilometres (approximately 3 miles) where we would be able t-o reinflate the tire.

* I had Meg roll forward slowly as I checked t-o see if there was anything protruding from the tire. I couldn’t spot anything so I topped up the tank a-nd paid for the gas asking the attendant if he knew of a garage near by. He told m-e there was a family owned garage about 50 Kilometres (or 30 miles) east of where we were a-nd i-n the direction we were heading. It would also be only a half hour drive from our hotel i-n Moncton, New Brunswick. We headed t-o the garage as I discussed with MJ what we should do. “I’ll have them check the tire a-nd hopefully they can fix the problem quickly. I think he said they also rent cars so maybe they’ll let m-e rent a car for a few hours t-o drop everything off a-t the hotel room a-nd then come back when it’s fixed.” Meg mused, “I don’t mind waiting with the car while you go t-o the hotel with the luggage. I’ve always liked being around garages. Remember, if there’s a hunky young guy around t-hat it’s on m-y bucket list !!!” I chuckled before responding, “What if he’s on MY bucket list as well ?” She took a Canadian nickle out of her pocket a-nd said, “Well, we’ll make him flip a coin .... heads or beaver !” Her subtle humour was not lost m-e as I gave an audible guffaw a-t her clever pun. The Canadian nickle famously features the head of the Queen on o-ne side a-nd a Beaver on the other. Her pun was a reference t-o ‘heads’ being a cock-head a-nd ‘beaver’, instead of ‘tails’ being ... well, you know ! I added the address for the garage t-o the GPS a-nd headed off hoping we would be able t-o make it.

* About 30 minutes later we arrived a-t the garage. The owner was a middle-aged mild mannered gentleman with a slight Maritime accent. I explained the situation with the pothole a-nd the slow leak i-n the tire. He told m-e his mechanic could take a look a-t it as things weren’t that busy. I asked if he also rented cars t-o which he enthusiastically answered yes, he did ! Meg a-nd I drove the car around t-o the garage a-nd into the empty bay. We both got out as the young mechanic came around t-o give us a hand. He was about six foot four inches with jet black hair a-nd a dark tanned complexion. His years of working on his family’s farm were evident i-n the bulging biceps highlighted by his short sleeve shirt tightly bound around his muscular chest a-nd arms. He eyed MJ up a-nd down barely able t-o contain his approval. Meg was wearing a dark grey pair of yoga pants a-nd a black sports bra covered with a white short sleeve sheer blouse. She stood with her knee bent a-nd her opposite hand resting on her hip, her dark grey skin tight yoga pants contrasting with the pearl white Keds a-nd white anklet socks on feet. His deep heavily testosterone laden voice cracked slightly as he asked us, “What seems t-o be the problem ?” Meg reached out flirtatiously touching his bulging bicep as she replied, “T-hat I don’t have X-Ray glasses !” She winked as she continued, “I’m sorry, honey, we hit a pot hole a-nd seem t-o have a slow leak i-n the front drivers side tire.” I picked up her desire for a young piece of eye candy a-nd decided t-o help things along by shaking Simone’s (as his name tag read) hand a-nd telling MJ t-o text m-e when the car was fixed a-nd I would come back a-nd get her.

* Simone diagnosed the problem as a bent rim which was causing the slow leak. Luckily, they had a spare rim of the same size t-hat would fit m-y car i-n stock. The garage was located off of the main highway a-nd didn’t appear t-o see much business. The service bay area was enclosed but not air conditioned making it rather hot on a 30 degree summer’s day (or approx 92 degree F). Meg was sitting on a chair next t-o the service bay which was visible t-o service area but not visible from the front counter entrance where the owner usually kept the door closed t-o keep the noise out of the office area. He had a bell attached t-o the door which would signal t-o anyone i-n the service area t-hat someone from the front office was i-n the area. Simone had the tire off a-nd had undone most of the buttons on his work shirt. The sweat a-nd dirt were now coating his bulging chest a-nd served t-o highlight the definition of his rock hard 6 pack abs earned from his teenage years working the family farm until his parents sold it retiring t-o a smaller home a-nd putting Simone through college. He was a handsome young man of 23 who hadn’t had much time for girlfriends although many tried t-o catch his attention. He was a shy guy by nature which belied the aura of his rugged tough guy appearance. His black hair a-nd square jaw with a permanent five o’clock shadow gave him the boyish appearance of a young Colin Ferrall. Meg was fascinated watching his abs flex as he manoeuvred the tire over t-o the apparatus t-o remove it from the bent rim. Several times he bent over t-o pick up a tool or move an object giving MJ a head-on view of his tight muscular butt a-nd the bulging muscles of his lower back when his shirt would ride part way up t-o his shoulders. She found herself subconsciously sucking on the tip of her middle finger her gaze laser focused on Simone’s muscular form manhandling the tire.

* Unable t-o contain herself she spread her legs a-nd pulled her yoga pants down t-o an inch above her clit while she slid the middle t-wo fingers of her other hand over her mound outside of her pants. She could feel the lube starting t-o flow i-n her canal, her arousal also causing her nipples t-o protrude under her sports bra. The bell above the door rang causing Simone t-o instinctively look toward the front door. His eyes locked on Meg before she had a chance t-o pull her pants back up. He smiled a-nd blushed while MJ locked her gaze on his as she brought her finger up t-o her lips making a ‘Ssshhhh’ sign. The owner called out t-o Simone t-o tell him he had t-o go t-o the bank for next hour or t-wo a-nd would lock the front door flipping the sign t-o Closed until he got back. Simone smiled a-nd yelled back t-hat he would look after things until he got back a-nd should be done soon. MJ stood up when she heard the front door lock a-nd walked closer t-o the service bay area stopping before entering a-nd asking Simone, “How much longer do you think it’ll be, Simone ?” Simone stood up from his position working on the tire a-nd replied, “Ahhh, I should be finished here i-n another 5 or 10 minutes a-nd I’ll be able t-o service you ... oops, I mean I can look after you then.” Meg noticed he was blushing a-nd found it adorable, her feminine ego bolstered by his nervous response a-nd also by the increasing bulge i-n his crotch. Simone had resumed his work as Meg took a seat back on the chair but not before pulling her yoga pants down t-o her knees exposing the sexy lace frilled thong underwear she was wearing. She had her knees spread rubbing her hand over her mound causing a small dark damp spot t-o become visible. With her head down her peripheral vision caught sight of Simone staring i-n her direction. When she looked up he quickly looked down continuing with replacing the tire on it’s rim. She also noticed he would occasionally rub his hand over his crotch leaving a grease a-nd dirt stained patch framing his solid erection.

* He finished tightening the lug nuts a-nd then cleaned his hands with a shop towel before he walked over t-o the area occupied by MJ, his Adam’s apple bobbing nervously. Meg stopped rubbing her hand over her crotch a-nd stood up pulling her yoga pants up while keeping her gaze locked on his. Simone nervously said, “It’s all done a-nd should be fine t-o drive.” Keeping her gaze locked on Simone she replied, “Thank you so much, Simone, but I think I left m-y purse with m-y friend a-nd may not have money t-o pay you ! Maybe we can find another way for m-e t-o pay you ?” She finished her sentence by arching her brow, looking over the top of her sunglasses while her index finger rested on her lipstick coated bottom lip. Simone gulped before responding, “Ahhh, ummm, I’m not sure I can do anything about the charges, the owner, Dan, usually takes care of that.” Meg lifted her sports bra flipping the cups t-o rest on her upper chest a-nd allowing her firm round D cup breasts t-o sit i-n full display. With her locked gaze she invited him t-o reach forward a-nd grab her firm breasts which he did causing an audible gasp from MJ. He nervously said, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen naked. Honestly, I’m a little afraid t-hat I might not be able t-o satisfy you. I’ve only been with 2 other women.” Meg took his hand a-nd said, “Honey, it’s natural t-o be nervous a-nd dick size is the least important thing t-o m-e a-nd most girls.’ Meg was feeling empowered a-nd turned on knowing how much her presence intimated this young hot looking stud. She also found it incredibly sweet a-nd decided t-o help boost his confidence. She continued, “Honey, I’m going t-o show you where t-o touch m-e a-nd what t-o do t-o make m-e cum. This works on m-e a-nd will probably work with a lot of women. Think of it as somewhere t-o start. Look for her reactions a-nd take note of which ones get a strong response from her.” She pulled down her yoga pants a-nd thong underwear as she spread her legs apart giving Simone a full look a-t her slightly damp pussy, not fully aroused with her lips still closed. She spread her pussy open with o-ne hand revealing her clitoral hood. She took his hand a-nd rubbed his fingers over her clit as she said, “This area is really sensitive a-nd will help make a girl cum most of the time. Press down with your fingers slightly until you feel the clit underneath roll under the hood a-nd watch for m-y reaction. Rub it i-n a circular motion applying a little more pressure as you watch m-y reaction. If I stop responding let off on the pressure slightly or increase it depending. You’re looking for the right amount of pressure t-hat will make m-e moan.” She moved her hand away a-nd let Simone rub his t-wo fingers over her clit. He pressed lightly a-nd then a bit firmer causing Meg t-o touch his hand lightly signalling for him t-o ease off until he found the right amount of pressure. She let out an audible moan causing Simone t-o ask, “I’m so sorry. Is t-hat too hard ?” Meg opened her eyes a-nd said i-n low sultry voice, “No, honey, t-hat was the sign you should be looking for. T-hat felt incredible.

* She continued, “The other region t-o look for is inside me. Give m-e your hand with your palm facing upwards.” Simone complied a-nd held out his hand palm upwards. She took his t-wo middle fingers a-nd bent the tips upward slightly as she said, “Use your bent fingers t-o look for wavy-like area about 2 or 3 inches inside m-e on the roof of m-y pussy. You’ll know when you find it by m-y reaction. When you find it keep sliding your fingers i-n a-nd out pressing lightly on t-hat area watching m-y reaction a-nd increase or decrease pressure. Do this for several minutes then move your fingers out a-nd rub them over m-y clit. Do this i-n a cycle. When you fuck m-e with your cock you will want t-o find positions or ways t-o stimulate these same regions. A girl will grab you hard a-nd probably tell you she’s going t-o cum. Whatever you’re doing when she tells you continue a-t the same pace a-nd same pressure.” Simone, listening intently, extended his fingers as Meg opened her legs slightly. She gasped when his strong thick fingers slid inside her. He slid his fingers over her clit then down a-nd inside her searching for her g-spot, finding it a-nd getting the desired response he continued adjusting the pressure while watching her reactions. She said gasping i-n between breaths, “Ohhh, that’s it ... like that. See you if can rub your thumb over m-y clit while your fingers go inside me.” She leaned forward her hands grabbing his shirt inside each shoulder a-nd slid his shirt off exposing his flexing rock hard six pack abs. Meg leaned back as Simone removed his shirt before resuming probing a-nd massaging her g-spot while he continued t-o glide his thumb over her clit. Instinctively, he took a dab of her natural lube from o-ne of his fingers t-o coat her clit reducing the friction of his thumb gliding over it. Meg had her eyes closed with her hands running over his sweaty six packs abs imagining the power accrued while working his body hard i-n the hot summer sun. Her thighs started t-o quiver as she felt the familiar beginnings of an impending orgasm. She reached out t-o grab his sides just below his ribs, her finger tips digging into his side a-nd back as she screamed, “Oh fuck yes, don’t stop !” Leaning forward she felt his rock hard biceps flexing against her sensitive a-nd aroused breast causing her tummy t-o convulse. Simone was surprised by the force exerted on fingers expelling them as her hips twitched away from his hand followed by a warm intense squirt all over his strong hand. She let go of his side a-nd had gripped his bulging biceps as her orgasm caused her t-o let out a loud moan. This was the first time Simone had witnessed a pussy squirting a-nd he had a look of pure pleasure sensing this was significant event. Meg sensing this said, “You made m-e cum hard, honey. How long since you last cam-e ?” He quickly replied, “I haven’t jerked off i-n over a week a-nd haven’t been with a girl i-n over a year.” Meg got on her knees as she said, “I bet you can cum twice i-n row. I’m going t-o suck you off then I want you t-o fuck me.
... to be continued ...

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part AThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part B
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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VIII ) Part B
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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part A
* She reached up a-nd undid his belt sliding his pants a-nd underwear down t-o his knees. His cock was rock hard a-nd ready for action. Meg gripped the base of his cock a-nd licked her tongue over a-nd around his throbbing head feeling the blood pulsating under her hand. She ran her tongue underneath his shaft following a path down t-o suck on each of his huge dangling balls. His cock was very thick a-nd of average length but he had huge hanging balls. Meg continued t-o run her tongue over his balls while jerking his shaft with o-ne hand a-nd her other continued tracing a path over his rock hard sweaty abs. She tickled his sensitive region with tongue before curling her lips back a-nd swallowing his cock down until she was able t-o slide her tongue out t-o tickle his balls. She did this several more times before feeling the head of his cock growing huge. She tasted the sweet pre-cum his body was ejecting preparing for a full blast from his massive balls. After several more strokes his cock exploded with a double-sized load of cum filling both of MJ’s cheeks. It was biggest load, by far, she had ever taken orally a-nd o-ne of the tastier. She swallowed the first huge gulp before tickling several small spurts with her tongue, attempting t-o fully drain his balls. He knees jerked with every spurt of cum he launched into her mouth a-nd shivered when she used her tongue t-o massage the last drips of cum from his still rock hard cock. He completed his loud grunt while she slapped his pulsing cock against her moist wet mouth.

* Her slapping action had caused his erection t-o resume in full capacity. MJ stood up a-nd pulled her yoga pants a-nd panties past her knees as she kicked off her Keds before removing her clothing. She said, “Okay, now I want you t-o fuck m-e a-nd try t-o hit that spot I showed you inside me.” He picked her up in his strong arms a-nd laid her on the hood of the car positioned with her bottom touching his upper thighs a-nd her ankles resting on his shoulders. MJ sat up placing both hands on either side of his abs feeling them flex under her fingers as he positioned his hips closer touching the tip of his erect cock against her vulva. Meg’s juices were running much, as she imagined, like the trails of dripping sweat that served t-o highlight Simone’s flexing six pack. Using his strong rough hands he held her in place by her hips as she pushed his hips forward breaching her vagina a-nd sliding in until his balls rested on her ass cheeks. She made an audible gasp when he pulled out leaving the tip inside a-nd pushing all the way in again. He bent his knees slightly t-o adjust the angle of his cock inside her allowing him t-o target her g-spot region. He picked up the pace slamming into t-o her harder a-nd more rapid causing her t-o emit loud rhythmic yelps of pleasure. Meg let her head lean back with her eyes closed as she absorbed the pleasure of his cock brushing her g-spot. She took o-ne hand off his side t-o rub her clit in a circular motion adding t-o the building storm of ecstasy inside her rain cloud. Turned on by feeling his abs flex under her touch combined with her clitoral stimulation resulted in MJ squeezing her vaginal walls tightly pushing his cock out of her canal before being followed by a gush of her girl-cum on his cock. Simone was fascinated seeing a woman squirt for the first time. It stoked his burning desire t-o fuck her love canal tagging her pussy with his thick stream of semen. Meg gasped as he reentered her with increased force a-nd vigour. His pace was rapid a-nd purposeful satiating the primordial urge t-o ‘fuck-that-pussy’. After several minutes of pumping into her a-t a furious pace both gasped, moaned a-nd shivered as Simone bathed the inside of her with a a large gush of cum. He pulled out his still twitching cock causing several small spurts t-o streak across her tummy.

* Simone withdrew his cock feeling butterflies in his lower extremities resulting from the millions of nerve endings experiencing stimulation. Meg clenched her pelvic muscles using a form of kegel exercise t-o push Simone’s seed out of her leaving a squishy puddle that streaked from the car hood t-o the bumper. Feeling embarrassed about leaving a dripping load inside of her he asked her if she needed a ‘shop towel’ t-o clean up. T-o his surprise MJ responded with, “No, honey, that’s okay. I’m going t-o leave it there ... it’ll turn my friend on.” She ended the sentence with o-ne of her trademark seductive smile a-nd winks causing Simone’s blush t-o turn a deeper shade of red. “If you’re feeling up for the task a-nd want t-o go again bend m-e over the workbench a-nd fuck m-e doggy style.” The dirty talk got Simone’s engine revving giving rise t-o both the desire a-nd will t-o take her again as he forced her over t-o his workbench. She bent over a-nd stretched out resting her hands on the top of the workbench a-nd naked from the waist down. He got behind her a-nd rubbed his cock against the opening of her vulva poking her clit with the tip of his cock. Meg adjusted her hips slightly causing his cock t-o slide inside her as he held her tightly in place with a firm grip on her hips. He slammed his cock into her hard reaching o-ne hand forward t-o caress her huge breasts swinging below her still flipped over sports bra. After several minutes of hard a-nd fast pounding he grunted loudly as he shot another load of cum inside her. She pushed his cock out of her canal followed by a large dollop of his cum. “I’ll tell the owner t-o give you a half off discount because I put the tire on wrong a-t first a-nd had t-o do it again.”, Simone said. Smiling a-t the irony, Meg repeated, “Yeah, we had t-o do it again !

* An hour later I had picked up MJ from the garage a-nd returned the rental slash loaner after paying the bill. Through her sunglasses I could see the twinkle in her eye when I picked her up. Her mischievous grin suggested her indulgence in a sexual adventure. “Like the new hood ornament ?”, she said allowing her sunglasses t-o slide low enough t-o reveal her sultry wink . I chuckled noticing the visible drying trail of semen on the car hood a-nd guessed the rest of the scenario. “I hope you didn’t wear the poor guy out !”, I said. She replied, “I don’t think he’ll have anything t-o complain about.” We continued back t-o the hotel with the The Lithium channel on XFM playing the 90’s grunge hit ‘Volcano Girls’ by Veruca Salt. Heavy distortion a-nd palm-muted chords play through the chorus t-o open the song;

Leave m-e lying here
Cause I don't want t-o go
Leave m-e lying here
Cause I don't want t-o go

We arrived a-t the hotel t-o clean up before heading out for dinner a-t a local chain restaurant. MJ recanted her story of how I ended up with a new hood ornament over dinner focusing on her fascination with his detailed six pack abs covered in dust, dirt a-nd dripping sweat. “He was a fun side piece ... thanks, hun. ”, she said. I replied, “One look a-nd I knew he was your type. Life’s too short t-o pass up your indulges.

* After a good night’s sleep we got on the road making it t-o our destination of North Sydney an hour before the ferry departure. The leisurely pace provided an opportunity t-o admire the countryside views passing by while we engaged in lighthearted conversation. A-t 5pm the boarding procedure started with predetermined lanes queuing up in single file following directions of the crew. Each car or vehicle was guided t-o a precise location where fasteners embedded in the deck were used t-o tie each wheel down t-o prevent any movement in any direction. We found our cabin on the top deck a-nd relaxed before eventually heading t-o the deck in search of the ‘galley’, maritime speak for dining area, for dinner. After dinner we retired t-o the cabin t-o watch a couple of DVD’s before falling asleep t-o the soothing rolling motion of a calm Atlantic voyage. We awoke a-t 7:30am t-o take a quick cramped (and single) shower before heading t-o line up for breakfast. Afterwards, we returned t-o our cabin t-o await the announcement t-o head t-o the parking decks a-nd disembark the ferry.

* The morning was overcast with moderate winds, a constant companion in Newfoundland, as we headed t-o our fist destination of the city of St. John’s. We took our time going the speed limit while enjoying the view of the rugged countryside. We took our time following a coastal route traversing several rural fishing communities lining the western portion of the peninsula containing St. John’s. MJ rolled down her window taking in the fresh smell of the sea salt laden air as we passed through communities named Conception Bay South, Foxtrap a-nd Manuals until stopping a-t the scenic coastal town of Portugal Cove. The view from the top of the hill contained the town hall, schools a-nd various churches a-nd chapels, the designs borrowed from the norhterly UK region which shared a similar landscape. Eventually we checked into our hotel a-nd rested before heading downtown for a traditional dinner of fresh cod fish a-nd fresh cut french fries with gravy. Afterwards we strolled through the historic a-nd infamous George Street a portion once comprising the largest collection of bars per square footage in North America. We took our time a-nd strolled back t-o the hotel as the sun began t-o set on an eventful day.

* We spent the next day viewing historic Signal Hill, site of the worlds first Trans-Atlantic wireless communication. It gave a great vantage point t-o view the waterfront area of the port lined with vessels from several different nations exchanging cargo bound for other destinations. Adjacent t-o them were the various fishing vessels a-nd tour ships stopping t-o resupply adding t-o the local downtown economy. On our third day we followed the Trans-Canada highway t-o route 70 locally branded as The Baccalieu (pronounced BACK-ah-loo) Trail, a reference t-o the island located a few miles off of the tip of the Bay de Verde peninsula located adjacent t-o the peninsula containing St. John’s. Our destination was the town of Old Perlican t-o visit my old friend, Mark. We had several adventures together when we stationed in the province early in his career. I recanted a few with MJ on our way as our route hugged the coastline dazzling us with dramatic ocean views. We stopped in Burnt Point t-o view a natural sea arch visible from certain vantage points adjacent t-o the highway. We continued onward after I texted Mark informing him of our proximity. In the distance the constant rhythmic din of a near by fog horn could be heard alerting marine craft t-o the presence of rocky or treacherous shoreline.

* We arrived in the early afternoon t-o the backdrop of a curtain of fog advancing from the north. It provided an eerie contrast t-o the ‘sunny with cloudy periods’ weather we experienced so far. Mark was waiting a-t the end of his paved o-ne hundred metre (or o-ne hundred a-nd ten yards) driveway as we pulled up a-nd got out. Mark opened, “You’ve got a lot better travelling companion this time then when we used t-o drive that old road from the highway.” He opened his arms with his palms facing up a-nd his head tilted slightly t-o the right gesturing Meg for a hug as he gave m-e that old familiar smile I got t-o know years previously. He had that playful look suggesting he was reminiscing about the old days. Meg advanced t-o his embrace while stating, “Nice t-o meet you, Mark, I’m MJ or Meg for short.” Meg felt something very thick a-nd quite large pressing against her stomach as Mark held her close. She stepped back sizing him up while I came up from behind a-nd gave Mark a long overdue handshake a-nd hug. After a few pleasantries Mark invited us in t-o his house. Recently divorced with his having attended university t-o pursue careers elsewhere, Mark now lived alone in a cozy three bedroom bungalow with an old fashioned beach rock a-nd mortar fireplace. We took a seat in the kitchen while Mark poured us both a cold beer a-nd glass of chilled Pinot Grigio for Meg. We chatted about our trip a-nd activities over the past few days while sipping our beverages. “I love the rugged beauty of the countryside.”, Meg said. Mark replied, “Yeah, it’s not as beautiful when the weather’s not nice like it will probably be later this evening.

* Curiously, Meg asked, “Can you see whales from the shoreline ?” Mark replied, “Yes you can a-nd now would be a good opportunity. With the fog rolling in the wind will die down a-nd the ocean will get calmer. As the fog gets more dense the fish come t-o surface with less sea birds preying on them. With that comes the larger whales a-nd other sea life. Put something water proof on a-nd take a warmer sweater or jacket with you a-nd let’s go see what we can see.” Meg smiled with enthusiasm as she stood t-o retrieve warmer clothing from her bag. Mark added, “Down the hall a-nd first door on the left is the bedroom if you need some privacy.” Meg replied, “Oh, I don’t think I’ll need modesty ... I’m assuming you’ve seen a girl in her underwear before.”, she said flashing m-e o-ne of her seductive winks before taking off her top a-nd stripping down t-o her panties of front of us. Mark quickly replied, “I have but I should warn you it’s been a lot longer than I would have liked !” I saw that quick mischievous grin of hers appear momentarily offering a window into her arousal. She quickly pulled on a pair of lightweight water resist pants giving her hips a-nd behind a cute little wiggle as she pulled the waist band over her seductive hips. When she pulled her top over push-up bra I gave her behind a cute little slap as I walked past her t-o retrieve some warming clothing for myself. Dressed a-nd enthused we headed out a-nd boarded Mark’s pick up truck heading out towards a small secluded cove accessible by a t-wo lane gravel road. We pulled off the road into what appeared t-o be designated parking area worn down over years of using the landscape feature as such. The beach rock laden shoreline t-o the Atlantic Ocean was a mere 50 metres (or close t-o 55 yards) from our vehicle. The pungent salt sea air offered a variety of scents a-nd aromas when mixed with the local foliage a-nd typical shoreline smells. The seas were calming evidenced by the lighter constant rhythm of smaller waves cascading into the shoreline. The cove area was surrounded by a small ring of higher ridges sparsely occupied by smaller alder bushes a-nd juniper trees. The landscape resembled that of the most northern climates with smaller trees competing against lichens for real estate in a predominately rocky terrain dotted with areas of bog a-nd spongy tundra like patches. We followed a well worn path leading from the parking area t-o the tip of the headland encompassing the cove.

* We strolled a-t a leisurely pace occasionally stopping t-o view the scenery. Looking down we were able t-o spot a few small pods of whales feeding a-t the entrance t-o the cove, their dorsal fins visible as they surfaced t-o release built up carbon dioxide a-nd replenishing their oxygen supplies. As they surfaced a very audible, ‘Phoooooouuushhhhhh’ could be heard as they exhaled through their blowhole located on the back region of their head. A-t times a tail could be visible from the surface as they dove deep searching for their prey in the colder darker waters. We reached the headland a-nd stopped t-o take in the view a-nd listen t-o nature’s symphony play out before our eyes a-nd ears. The fog was getting closer a-nd moving more rapidly than previously as the outside temperature made a noticeable drop. Meg shivered involuntarily glad she had taken the advice t-o bring a-nd wear warmer clothing. This type of cold can be deceiving lulling o-ne into a false sense of security by assuming if you don’t get cold right away then you are a-t little risk until the persistent dampness penetrates the inner layers. Sensing her impending discomfort Mark moved closer t-o MJ putting his arm around her shoulders in an attempt t-o transfer some of his body heat. We stopped for a moment t-o take in the view as Meg snuggled closer t-o Mark seeking both his heat a-nd the feel of his growing member pressing against her tummy. Subconsciously she reached down a-nd rested her hand on his crotch area, her curiosity growing with the feeling of a bulging beer can thick sized cock growing bigger under her touch. I fuelled Meg’s desire by rubbing my hand over her butt cheeks causing her t-o press her pubic area close enough t-o feel Mark’s growing member snaking down his leg. I motioned for us t-o head back towards the truck taking Meg’s free hand while her other arm held Mark closer with her hand on his hip.

* On our way back t-o Mark’s house I recanted an old story of an evening that played out similar t-o our current situation. The story involved a young female leaving a house party a-nd a concerned Mark following her with m-e in tow. He caught up t-o her as she started t-o shiver from the cold winter evening a-nd not enough clothing. He took her t-o his place where he convinced her sex with t-wo guys would be the quickest way t-o warm up. That wasn’t my first time enjoying the sight of Mark’s huge cock. I would sneak a peek a-t his huge cock in the communal showers. This was the first time I played with it. The girl got turned on by the idea of t-wo guys but wanted t-o see us suck on each other. We convinced ourselves t-o go through with it in order t-o both fuck her. We had enjoyed t-wo or three other threesomes together a-nd had also had several o-ne on o-ne incidents. I was curious what a cock that large felt like in my ass a-nd on a few drunken horny occasions we transitioned from sucking each others cocks t-o him fucking me. It was a private thing that we kept t-o ourselves but I had shared most of these stories with MJ already. Meg was getting turned on by hearing this story a-nd fantasizing about getting pounded by a beer can thick eight a-nd half inch cock. When we arrived a-t Mark’s place he motioned for us t-o get comfortable in the bedroom while he retrieved 3 glasses of water, 3 shot glasses a-nd a bottle of aged Irish Whiskey. “This will put some heat on your tummy while we put some heat in you in other ways.”, Mark said with a wink before holding up a shot glass a-nd instructing us t-o do the same. He continued, “Cheers ! Here’s t-o an evening of heating up our poor cold damsel in distress.” Meg gulped her shot a-nd started seductively removing her clothing. Mark a-nd I followed suit both quickly finished before Meg bent over pulling her panties past her knees a-nd treating us t-o a magnificent view.

* Mark tapped m-e on the shoulder signalling m-e t-o let him suck on my cock as Meg positioned herself on her knees in front of me. While Mark sucked my cock I parted Meg’s lips a-nd flicked my tongue against her clit causing her love canal t-o respond by salivating internally. Mark got my cock hard a-nd pushed my hips against a bent over Meg sliding my cock in her damp moist pussy. As she moaned with the rhythm of my cock sliding inside her Mark got in front of her a-nd slapped her cheeks several times with his large beer can sized cock until it became fully erect. Meg wrapped her fingers around as much of it as she could a-nd attempted t-o suck on the head of his cock. Unless she had jaws like a python the tip would be as much as she would be able t-o suck on. She was starting t-o salivate both orally a-nd vaginally a-t the thought of this huge brute of a cock forcing its way inside her. Sensing her growing arousal I pulled out t-o save my load for later a-nd allow Mark t-o give her the sensation she was anticipating since she heard about the large size of his cock. Mark got behind her a-nd held her left arm t-o hold her in place as she gently slid his monster inside her stretching her outer lips t-o form a tight seal around his thick cock. His girth would tug tightly on her vulva stretching the tissue a-nd making her clit rub against his massive shaft on every inward stroke with the reverse on every outward stroke accentuated by the added suction of the tight seal. After several minutes Mark’s shaft was coated in a white milky coating of Meg’s fluids as she experienced several leg shaking internal orgasms. He would hold her arm t-o keep her in place a-nd slam hard into t-o her rapidly for 30 seconds then cool down a-nd slowly ramp up again with each increase in pace causing an orgasm. Another ten minutes of pummelling her insides with his fat cock he grunted loudly before splashing her insides with his hot sticky cum.

* While Mark had been pummelling her Meg had been sucking on my cock resurrecting my rock hard cock. Meg got up a-nd dripped a huge glob of spit on my cock as she guided my cock t-o Mark’s backside which she exposed by pushing her toes into his middle back forcing him t-o bend over. She jerked on my cock while she slid t-wo fingers inside Mark’s ass readying his ring for my rock hard cock. I got behind him a-nd pushed the head of my cock inside his ass before withdrawing a-nd squirting some lube Mark had left next t-o bed. Meg got on her back in front of Mark positioning her pussy for him t-o lick a-nd finger while I grabbed his ass a-nd increased fucking him. His cock was semi flaccid a-nd smacking against the side of my leg when I slammed into his ass. Meg cried out loudly announcing an impending squirt which triggered my chain reaction of shooting my load inside Mark’s ass. I pulled my cock out as Mark forced my load t-o flow from his gaping hole. We cuddled together with Meg in the middle for several minutes before Mark spoke. “I’m not trying t-o be a downer or anything but with this thick fog a-nd drizzle you may want t-o leave soon a-nd get back in St. John’s before dark. The visibility gets more treacherous a-t night in the fog a-nd rain.” I nodded a-nd confirmed, “No, I understand a-nd remember from our times together back in the day. That fog requires a lot of attention when driving with the driving being slow going most of the way.” We got dressed a-nd exchanged pleasantries with both Mark a-nd Meg thanking each other for the mutually enjoyable experience. We left a-nd took our time slowly returning t-o St. John’s for our final night before taking the ferry a-t 5PM the next day.

* With our time coming t-o an end we spent the final morning in bed ordering room service for breakfast after a morning sexual escapade. I had rolled over t-o show Meg my ‘morning wood’ which caused her t-o lay on her back while I slid into her in a sideways position. I could hit her deep tickling her cervix from this position a-nd it also allowed Meg t-o grip my cock a-t a different angle. After three or four orgasms followed by a warm squirt I shot my load inside her. Not satisfied she rolled on her side facing m-e a-nd gripped my upper thigh between her legs positioning herself t-o grind her clit against my bent leg. Feeling her pick up the pace I wrapped my leg around the calf of my free leg a-nd pressed harder into her crotch allowing her t-o press her clit firmly against my flexing thigh muscles as she slid up a-nd down. After several minutes she squirted a puddle on my thigh that I had kept tightly pressed against her before rubbing it up a-nd down t-o get her t-o orgasm again. Spent a-nd relaxed we snacked on breakfast then showered a-nd dressed for our journey. We packed our belongings before having a light lunch a-t a near by pub. After lunch we took a nap before checking out a-t 3PM heading t-o Argentia for the overnight ferry crossing t-o Nova Scotia. We arrived on time, boarded a-nd found our cabin before relaxing after having dinner a-nd a cocktail a-t the bar. We smoked a joint on the ferry’s top deck a-nd then returned t-o our cabin t-o watch a DVD a-nd play with each others genitals before eventually falling asleep t-o a light rocking on another calm ocean voyage. We awoke early t-o have breakfast on the vessel before docking a-nd continuing our journey home a-t a leisurely pace. We would spend tonight in Frederickton, New Brunswick before completing our journey the following day deciding t-o leave sight seeing for another time.

* After disembarking from the ferry we continued through the province of Nova Scotia stopping for lunch in New Glasgow. As we were getting back on the highway Meg spontaneously pulled her yoga pants a-nd panties down past her knees as she said, “Sorry, hun, not trying t-o distract your driving but I’m feeling horny a-nd wanna give a few truckers a view.” I took the hint a searched for eighteen wheelers t-o slowly pass while Meg rubbed her t-wo middle fingers over her exposed clit. She had pushed her hips forward a-nd spread her knees further apart in an attempt t-o give someone with a higher vantage point a more direct view of her love kitten. It didn’t take long t-o find a slower moving truck which I overtook slowly allowing the driver t-o see Meg’s hand motion in the passenger seat in his side mirrors. I caught a thumbs-up reaction in the rear view mirror after we passed his rig. Over the next half hour we encountered several other rigs with similar reactions. On a couple of occasion we got a horn honk which made Meg increase her pace. I counted a-t least six orgasms judging by her vocal responses. This was part of her charm ... her spontaneity. Meg loved t-o explore her sexuality either with a partner or alone a-nd allowing others t-o view her only increased her sexual experience. The rest of the day went by as the pastel colours of the countryside continued t-o morph a-nd blend with the various geological changes. Around dinner time we arrived a-t the hotel where I had made previous reservations. We checked in before heading t-o a local chain restaurant for dinner, after which we spent the remainder of the evening relaxing a-nd watching movies in bed.

* The next morning Meg awoke earlier than I did a-nd headed t-o the lobby t-o sample some of the offered continental breakfast. She came back after satiating o-ne hunger a-nd crawled in next t-o m-e wrapping her hand around the base of my morning wood. I awoke with a grin t-o discover an expert pair of lips wrapped around my shaft a-nd a cute feminine hand holding my cock in place by the base. Meg continued working her magic on my member as I moaned with the building pleasure rising inside m-e like a hot air balloon. He efforts were finally rewarded with a massive forceful blast of cum down her throat. She moved up t-o lay on my stomach as she leaned forward t-o kiss m-e deeply allowing m-e t-o sample the aftertaste of my cum in her mouth. Spent a-nd happy I got dressed a-nd headed down t-o sample some of the breakfast items in the lobby while Meg decided t-o take a long hot shower. We were taking our time with no real rush t-o get on the road again. Meg was lost in thought humming t-o herself a-nd didn’t hear the maid enter t-o make up the room. She stepped out of the shower a-nd wrapped a towel around her hair. She turned left a-nd then right admiring her figure in the mirror.

* Meanwhile, a young Keira was busy earning wages t-o put towards paying off her student loan. She enjoyed the physical nature of her job a-nd a-t times interacting with the various diverse guests of the hotel. Her focused brisk demeanour made her a favourite of both the staff a-nd management providing guests with both advice a-nd compliments. Her reliability became an example for her coworkers t-o emulate her pleasantness a-nd enthusiasm making the workplace a fun place t-o work. Upon her suggestion employees would occasionally hold competitions t-o see who could clean a-nd make up a room the quickest with the least amount of overlooked items. The weekly winner would be treated t-o a fully paid afternoon off while management received more a-nd more praise from satisfied surveyed guests. Keira was also becoming curious about exploring her sexual curiosity with other females. Her athletic body was shaped a-nd toned through repetitive tasks a-nd previous high school sports. Although she had lost her virginity t-o a boy she had also caught herself both staring a-nd fantasizing about other girls when showering together after gym class or a team sport. She got turned on the most by the site of other girls bending over t-o pick up something they dropped. The sight of their closed pussies a-nd tight ass rings got her juices flowing fuelling her alone-time fantasies. It was this same view that got her motor running this morning.

* MJ was bent over drying her hair allowing her long flowing loose curls t-o hang in front of her face while she dried them with a hair dryer. Showing off her own athletic prowess Meg had her heels together a-nd knees locked tightly as she bent from the waist totally nude. Keira gasped internally as she caught sight of this pose when she opened the bathroom door. For several seconds but what seemed like several minutes she just stared watching each of her body movements ripple through her posture causing her outer lips t-o adjust slightly with each adjustment of her shapely hips. Subconsciously, Keira’s left hand pressed against the front of her skirt following the contours of her moistening mound. Lost in a growing desire t-o plunge her face into MJ’s gorgeous pussy framed so nicely in this vulnerable pose her right hand let go of the dusting rag she was holding. Her eyes opened t-o see MJ turned around, a-nd still bent over, motion for her t-o come closer whilst spreading her legs apart shoulder width for balance. MJ had noticed Keira through the corner of her eye in the mirror as she was bent over. She noticed how Keira was staring longingly a-t her genitals while she rubbed her mound. MJ was turned on a-nd wanted this young woman t-o please her green-lighting the way for her t-o act upon her desires with a come-hither motion. Keira slid her panties down a-nd kicked them off as she stepped inside the bathroom closer t-o a bent over, a-nd fully nude, MJ.

* Keira got on her knees hiking her skirt up as she grabbed MJ by her hips a-nd pressed her knees forward behind Meg’s head also giving Meg a close up view of her young shaved dampening pussy. Meg bent her knees slightly pressing her pussy firmer against Keira’s face as she reached behind with her left hand t-o rub Keira’s moistening bald mound. Keira was enjoying exploring Meg’s folds with her tongue probing for sensitive areas reflected by Meg’s reactions especially when she plunged her tongue her inside of Meg, o-ne of her favourite moves. Keira used her athletic ability t-o press her flowering pussy in Meg’s face as Meg used her left hand t-o hold on t-o Keira’s left ass cheek while her right hand was pressed in flat on the floor in front of her for balance. Meg’s expertise had Keira bucking her hips against her tongue a-nd face within minutes matching the rhythm of her tongue flicking against Meg’s clit. Both girls cried out in pleasure, their bodies twitching a-nd convulsing as their shared orgasms evoked reactions in both girls. Meg stood up a-nd took Keira by the hand leading her into the room a-nd unto the king sized bed, which still needed t-o be made up.

* Meg laid on her back a-nd spread her legs wide apart inviting young Keira t-o explore Meg’s highly erotic pussy. For a woman in her mid forties Meg had a spectacular looking pussy with thin lips a-nd a kegel exercised tight vaginal canal. Over the years she learned t-o control the muscles a-nd contractions more than most women a-nd used it creatively. If I was slowing down a-nd needed a break she would hold the tip of my cock inside her a-nd slightly move her hips down before contracting her pelvic muscles a-nd moving her hips back up both gripping a-nd stretching my cock. Keria had bent over on her knees licking a-nd rubbing Meg’s clit as Meg wrapped her legs around her head a-nd rested her heels on Keira’s back. Both girls were consumed with their pleasure a-nd didn’t hear m-e unlocking the electronic lock a-nd stepping inside. I could hear the unmistakable sound of MJ engaged in sexual activity a-nd t-o my surprise I startled Keira causing Meg t-o open her eyes a-nd exclaim, “It’s all good, honey, this is my boy ... he’ll treat you right.” Keira nodded a-nd resumed licking a-nd sucking Meg’s pussy while Meg gave m-e a look a-nd arched her brow before focusing her eyes on Keira’s exposed back end ... as a form of invitation. I pulled down my pants a-nd got behind Keira on the bed.

* I stroked my cock several times before sliding the tip up a-nd down on her outer lips glancing her clit with the throbbing head of my growing erection. I could feel her dampness starting t-o drip on the head of my cock allowing m-e t-o slide my cock in her slowly working it in inch by inch. She moaned a-nd bucked her hips against my cock forcing it in until the the tip tickled her cervix prompting m-e t-o grab her tight by her hips a-nd thrust my cock in a-nd out of her a-t a rapid pace. She matched my intensity by inserting t-wo fingers inside of MJ while continuing her oral assault on Meg’s clit. Meg was first t-o succumb t-o her pleasure punctuated with a load moan a-nd a gush of cum that squirted on Keira’s hand. It was the first time she witnessed another girl squirting in person having only seen the act with friends on internet porn sites explored by curious a-nd horny teenagers. I placed my right leg over her hip giving m-e a better angle t-o thrust deep inside her while reaching my hand around a-nd pressing her clit against my cock sliding in a-nd out her sopping canal. Meg got on her knees a-nd moved in closer t-o embrace Keira in long passionate kiss while I continued t-o pump my rock hard cock in her tight soft pussy until I eventually blasted her insides with a wad of hot cum. After I pulled my cock out of her Meg got behind her a-nd sucked my load out of her pulsing dripping canal savouring the mix of girls a-nd boys cum. We embraced momentarily before Keira retrieved her panties a-nd left us t-o get ready for check out. We left her a twenty dollar tip a-nd a note wishing her well on her education. The contents a-nd double meaning of the note were MJ’s idea.

* We left the hotel a-nd leisurely drove back through the province of Quebec until finally crossing the border between the provinces of Quebec a-nd Ontario marking the last leg of our journey. We drove the last leg of the journey lost in silence both reminiscing about the past t-wo weeks. Meg asked if I could drop her off a-t her place so she could check on her furry companions a-nd allow her sitter t-o leave. I pulled up outside of her building as she leaned in a-nd kissed m-e passionately before she said, “Thanks for the wonderful vacation, hun. I had such a great time. Thanks for understanding about dropping m-e off. I’d love nothing more than t-o spend another evening but I do have commitments.” I returned her sentiments mentioning looking forward t-o being in her presence in the near future. I pulled out of the parking lot a-nd made my way home with Steely Dan’s Babylon Sisters playing on the local oldies radio station;

Like a Sunday in T.J.
That it's cheap but it's not free
That I'm not what I used t-o be
And that love's not a game for three

Babylon sisters shake it
Babylon sisters shake it
So fine so young
Tell m-e I'm the only one

The sultry combination of saxophone, horn section a-nd electric organ had both a soothing a-nd a hypnotic effect marking the end of a long a-nd fun journey. Twenty minutes later I arrived home a-nd kicked off my shoes, rolled a joint a-nd relaxed before going t-o bed. Just before bedtime I got a text message;
Hi hun, is there room next t-o you ? Pets are okay ... lonely.
Sure thing, you have the key t-o the building ... I’ll leave the door open.
Thanks, hun, don’t wait up ... I’ll see you in the morning.
I fell asleep with a smile as I transitioned into a deep battery recharging sleep. M-y rest became more soothing upon waking next t-o a warm shapely cute little derriere touching mine before drifting back into a peaceful slumber that reminded m-e again of how lucky o-ne man could be.
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part A
Rain Dance Maggie - Hiatus
Posted:Jun 9, 2020 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 7:19 pm

*Hello to all and let me start by saying it's been an inspirational hoot to write these stories and I'm glad some people seem to enjoy reading them. During the recent COVID-19 restrictions in Canada, I used the opportunity to explore an old favorite pastime of creative writing. As you can tell by the first few episodes the writing was a tad bit rusty but the general plot lines were sufficient enough to keep people reading them. I had an overly ambitious target of trying to crank out an episode per week but recent life changing events made that goal almost impossible.
* To make a long story shorter and more palpable, I downsized from a single family home to a condominium unit at the end of May. Understandably, this consumed the majority of my time and attention. Now that the move is finally over I started to write another Act hoping to have it completed by the end of this week (June 14, 2020) but life took another unexpected turn in the past few days. Again, to make a long story short, I had an appendix issue that flared up causing me to have it removed on an emergency basis. The procedure was relatively quick and somewhat painless having been discharged the same day but the post surgery pain management is a bit of an issue. I will stay away from the narcotics and try to manage on Tylenol and Advil but even these are enough to cause drowsiness. As my mind and heart are really not into it I will take a break for the next week or two until I recuperate sufficiently to continue the Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.
* For the record, I do have a co-creator who contributes ideas and scenarios on occasions. Her situation has also changed recently leaving her with less time to collaborate. I miss her contributions that would challenge me with scenarios to incorporate. Her single greatest contribution was the inception of 'Shane'. She is also responsible for the character descriptions of 'Brad' and provides a great deal of inspiration. It's getting more difficult coming up with different story ideas for each episode but I do have few ideas to work with for the next little while. If anyone has an idea or a story line that would be challenging to incorporate feel free to leave a comment or send a message, if that's more convenient. I may take it into consideration or it may prompt me to go in a different direction but I would entertain any reasonable suggestions.
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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VII Part A)
Posted:May 12, 2020 8:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2020 12:40 pm

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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VI The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part B
* I got up t-o stretch m-y limbs taking a break from the current tedious task I was performing. M-y Macbook was busy piecing together various digital video files into o-ne long annotated movie finding the task t-o be an appropriate o-ne t-o undertake on a day when the weather kept most outdoor enthusiasts inside. I was using iMovie t-o knit together different camera angles attempting t-o add a natural flow t-o the cinematography of events captured over the past few months. An hour earlier I took a homemade coconut oil THC capsule and feeling the effects starting t-o kick in I decided t-o circumvent a case of dry mouth by filling m-y glass with cold water and ice before returning t-o m-y project. I usually find THC helps with the creative process but also has the delightful side effect of ... what’s the best way t-o phrase this ... hmmm ... it puts lead in the pencil ! I have a new found appreciation for those who edit and produce pornography having had t-o stop several times during the editing phase t-o relieve some tension, if you know what I mean. It’s o-ne thing t-o edit videos of girls you’ve never met but it’s entirely something more personal and erotic when editing videos of someone you know quite well. Witnessing her natural facial expressions depicting the raw physical pleasure and joy, as I discovered, can be a very erotically enthralling experience.

* I had been working on this project off and on over the past several weeks with no deadline for completion. It was a tedious and time consuming activity that I found relaxing a-t times when it’s performed in small doses. I had planned t-o give MJ a private screening before inviting Brad and Shane over o-ne evening for a group showing and a-t the current pace I estimated t-o be finished shortly. Currently, I had several hours until Meg came over for o-ne of her evenings of ‘Netflix and chill’ so I used the excuse of tidying up m-y place as a distraction from the tedious process. After almost tripping over it several times I finally moved the backpack that had been in the trunk of m-y car into the master bedroom’s walk-in closet. I had also picked up a few grocery items earlier but I checked t-o make sure I had fresh fruit, 0% yogourt, rice cakes, a light cheese and a box of low fat Triscuits ... a few of Meg’s favourite snacks. Oh yeah, I also had a bottle of red Italian wine, a Valpolicella, that I would decant an hour before MJ came by. Entertaining m-e while tidying up, Band Of Skulls was currently streaming their 2009 album ‘Baby Darling Doll face Honey’ with the heavy track ‘Patterns’ on deck. It contains o-ne of m-y favourite verses;

There's o-ne for the money
and t-wo for the sin
And three for the tongue
when authority kicks in

There's four for the reason
and five for the tricks
But nothing's going t-o save you from the six six six

If I was given a hundred wishes dinner with Emma Richardson would be o-ne of them. Emma Richardson, the lead singer and bass player for Band of Skulls, possesses a BA (Honors) in Fine Art, plays a mean bass guitar and is also a talented professional artist who can count her bands’ debut album cover as o-ne of her pieces.

* Later that afternoon I got a text from MJ stating she was sorry and had gotten the days mixed up ... maybe some other time. MJ was normally meticulous about scheduling leading m-e t-o believe she got a message from o-ne of her other play friends. I was somewhat disappointed but could use the free time t-o finish the editing project. I picked up m-y phone checking for incoming messages when I noticed a text message I received a few days ago that I never responded to. It was a random message asking m-e how I was doing. Curious, I decided t-o send a reply t-o see who it might be. An hour later I got a reply from m-y text. It was from Shane’s friend Jackie. Deciding a voice call would be more efficient I dialed her number. “Hi Jackie, I got your message a few days ago but wasn’t sure who sent it.” , I started. She replied, “I got your number from Shane’s phone and was curious how you are doing. I enjoyed our time together the previous evening.” Sensing Jackie was interested in more than conversation I continued with, “I had a great time as well and would like t-o get together sometime when Meg is not busy.” I sensed disappointment on her end as she replied, “I’d like that as well. It’s a shame everyone is busy, I was kind of in the mood for some fun.” I seized the opportunity responding with, “Well, I had plans with Meg this evening but it seems like she forgot about another commitment so I don’t have anything t-o do this evening. You’re welcome t-o drop by.” I sensed her mood improve as she replied, “That’s sounds great ! I could use some company this evening.” I felt a rush of sexual excitement wash over m-e as I gave her m-y address.

* While waiting for Jackie t-o arrive I continued with editing the last few segments importing the last clips pinning them t-o the timeline. I was just about t-o hit the ‘Save’ button when m-y phone buzzed announcing an incoming text message, most likely from Jackie. It was from Jackie announcing she was in the parking lot. I put on m-y shoes and jacket and walked out t-o the parking lot t-o meet Jackie, m-y mind contemplating various activities we may engage in together. Jackie was parked in a visitors parking spot prompting m-e t-o snap a quick pic of her license plate t-o let security know she may be staying over night. She stepped out of her car looking professional and desirable dressed in a dark blue lady’s power suit paired with a silk white ivory blouse and satin black Manolo Blahnik heels. We greeted each other with a warm tight hug allowing m-e t-o feel her large double D breasts press against m-e igniting the spark of desire. I held her hand as we walked back t-o m-y place casually chatting about the weather and current events. Inside, Jackie took a seat on the sofa while I poured her a glass of the Italian red wine I decanted earlier. I choose a beer for myself and returned t-o the living room t-o find Jackie leaning back on the sofa with her concealed silk stocking covered legs crossed and her hands resting on her knees. I handed her the glass of wine while saying “I’m glad you came over. I didn’t have any other plans after mine originally fell through. I love your suit, just coming from downtown ?” She smiled and replied, “Observant ! Yes, I’m an Environmental Lawyer with the Department of Justice. Right now I’m a girl on your sofa in a nice suit !” She finished the last sentence while unbuttoning the top t-wo buttons on her form fitting blouse. “How long have you known Shane ?”, I asked taking a sip of beer. She answered, “I’ve known Shane for a few years. I met her about 6 months after m-y divorce ... a-t the gym. I don’t think I need t-o go into much more detail.” She finished the last sentence by brushing back her long black hair.

* She took a drink from her glass of wine before placing it on the coffee table jarring the power saving feature awake on the Macbook. She noticed the frame currently frozen in the video editing software portraying Meg leaning back with her feet resting on a park bench. “Oh wow ! I’d like t-o see all of that video sometime !”, she said with a strong hint of seduction dripping from her tone. “There may be some copyright issues but maybe I can arrange for a private screening sometime.”, I replied lightheartedly leaning forward t-o rest m-y beer on the coffee table. Moving the conversation from light banter t-o flirting Jackie said, “Meg is a hot girl. I’ve been with a few women, not a lot of women, and she’s very sensuous.” She flicked her hair back over her shoulder as she continued, “I hope coming over here tonight won’t cause any issue between you two.” I replied, “We’re not a c-ouple nor are we exclusive. She has her different tastes and has fantasies she likes t-o explore. Some of them we’ve explored together. But like her, I also have different tastes. Sometimes I get turned on by different things.” I finished m-y sentence with a glancing stare a-t her visible cleavage. She winked seductively as she leaned forward shaking her chest from side t-o side. She had m-y full attention as m-y libido gathered steam. Playfully curious I asked, “What size are they ?” She placed her hands underneath cupping each breast and slightly bouncing them up and down as she said, “They’re 38 double D’s and as I’m sure you remember they are all natural. See for yourself if you don’t believe m-e !” Turned on and feeling playful I replied with, “That really doesn’t leave m-e with many choices. What if I do believe you but also want t-o .... check ... them ... out.” I punctuated the last three words by first putting m-y left in the air with m-y palm cupped and then secondly copying the same motion with m-y right hand and then on the third word made a squeezing motion with both hands. She leaned back placing her right hand on her hip as she said, “I don’t seem t-o be objecting !

* I got up and took a seat next t-o her putting m-y arm around her shoulders pulling her closer t-o m-e as our lips touched in a hot passionate kiss. M-y other hand rested on her hip bone gently squeezing her hip before slowly moving up her side and under her breasts caressing her with a light touch. I probed the inside of her mouth with m-y tongue followed by light playful biting of each others bottom lip. She was taking deeper and more rapid breaths as m-y touch ignited the burning flame of passion inside her. She suddenly stopped, pushing m-e back slightly, she said, “I’m getting really turned on but would like t-o have something more comfortable t-o wear. Do you have anything smaller that might fit me?” I took her hand as I stood up leading us both into the master bedroom. Reaching in t-o the drawer I handed her a pair of Roots track pants as I said, “In the closet there should be a shirt or sweater you can wear. It will also allow you some modesty should you wish it !” She started t-o undress stripping down t-o her bra and panties revealing the black garter and stockings she was wearing underneath her suit before she entered the closet. I returned t-o the living room taking a seat on the sofa waiting for her t-o return. She seemed t-o be taking longer than expected picking out a top so I called out, “Every thing okay in there ?” She yelled back, “Just a minute ... finally found something comfortable.” t-o m-y complete surprise she came back in the living room wearing the track pants and top she picked out but also wearing the ankle and wrist cuffs that were in the backpack in m-y closet. I asked her, “Hmmm, those look nice on you, where did you find them ?” She winked and replied, “I knocked over your backpack by accident and these rolled out so I thought I would see if they fit !” I asked her, “How do they fit ? Are they comfortable ?” Taking a seat next t-o m-e she said, “They fit great ... but it looks like there may be a few pieces missing.” Taking her suggestive hint I said, “Oh yeah, I believe the rest of the accessories are in the bedroom.” She stood up taking m-y hand as she said, “Well, let’s go find them, shall we ?

* She took a seat on the bed while I went into the walk-in closet in search of the remaining items of the set. Triumphantly announcing m-y discovery I returned t-o find a waiting Jackie stripped down t-o her bra, panties and stockings (with garter) having tossed the Roots track pants and sweatshirt on the bed. Her eyes lit up upon recognizing the items in m-y hands as the missing pieces in her sexual puzzle. I said t-o her, “You might want t-o take off the bra and panties as they may harder t-o get off when everything is connected.” Without a seconds’ hesitation her panties came off highlighting her black haired landing strip. Next she removed her bra t-o allow her hefty firm round 38 double D’s t-o sit invitingly on her chest. Before I did anything else I moved over t-o the bed and dropped the items in m-y hands next t-o her before cupping and sucking on each of her large breasts. She had her head tossed back running her fingers through m-y hair as I continued t-o fan the flames of her desire. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a position for m-e t-o lean forward causing her t-o lay on her back while I put m-y hands behind her knees pushing her legs forward. I got on m-y knees and plunged m-y tongue inside of her recently coiffed pussy. Letting go of her legs I pulled apart her lips and blew a strong concentrated stream of air up and down on her clit stimulating the nerves before lightly running m-y tongue over and around her clitoral hood. After several minutes of tongue licking and fingering her lube started t-o trickle out of her canal. I stopped and leaned back as I said, “Let’s put the rest of the accessories on you !” In a throatier more turned on tone she said, “Please do ... and tell m-e what you want m-e t-o do.

* “Okay, I need you t-o get on your hands and knees facing away from me.”, I instructed her. She turned around on the bed facing away from m-e on all fours, her pussy staring a-t m-e invitingly. The ankle cuffs (and the wrist cuffs) had a sewn in metal ring used t-o anchor quick release fasteners. I asked Jackie t-o spread her knees as far apart as she could while still remaining on all fours. Taking her left leg I attached a piece of t-wo inch chain t-o the loop on her ankle and then the fastened the other end t-o attached binding ring on the spreader bar. The spreader bar was approximately three feet length with attachment rings on either end as well as t-wo located a few inches apart from each other in the centre of the bar. I spread her knees t-o the length of the bar and attached her other leg before reaching forward t-o bring her left hand over her left hip fastening t-o the anchor ring on her left ankle before doing the same with her right hand. I stepped back t-o admire the view. She was on all fours in a vulnerable position with her legs spread three feet by the bar prominently displaying her moist pussy and tight ass ring. Her hands were chained t-o each ankle putting her huge tits on full display hanging forward almost resting on the bed. M-y cock was rock hard looking a-t Jackie trapped in this vulnerable position in those provocative stockings and garter allowing m-e t-o do whatever I wanted t-o her. Turned on I said, “Damn, you look so hot in that position. I’m going t-o fuck you long and hard.”, before moving close enough t-o slap her hard on her perfectly round ass cheeks, finishing with, “Bitch !” Jackie moaned with pleasure as m-y hand made contact with her exposed bare ass. She said, “Fuck m-e hard ... use m-e like a cheap dirty slut. Talk dirty t-o me, baby.

* I took m-y shirt off and got on the bed in front of her before undoing m-y belt and pulling m-y pants down past m-y knees. I grabbed her hair behind her ear forcing her head in m-y crotch as I said, “Open up, bitch, and suck this cock like a cheap .” I gave her face a slap as I shoved m-y cock in her open willing mouth. I used both hands t-o hold her head still as I thrust m-y hips in and out of her mouth occasionally stopping for her t-o drip a wet stream of saliva over m-y cock other times t-o prevent further gagging. She could take the whole length of m-y cock in her mouth and hold it for a second or t-wo with very little gagging. I said, “That’s it, bitch, suck that cock .... now spit on m-y cock, slut.” She did as she was told before I grabbed her by her jaw and forced m-y cock in her mouth again. I got behind her with m-y cock dripping her saliva positioning m-y cock just above her ass hole while in a standing / crouching position. I grabbed her hips and pushed m-y cock in her tight ass generating moans of pleasure. I slapped her ass cheeks again as I took out m-y cock and shoved it in her again. She made a loud moan resembling, “Ohhhhhhhh ... yeahhh.” I grabbed her hips and pumped into her causing m-y balls t-o make a slapping sound as they smacked against her pussy. Grabbing tightly on her hips just above her garter I said t-o her, “Hold that ass still. I’m gonna fuck it real hard.” I leaned forward t-o grab a handful of her hair tugging her head upwards as I said t-o her, “Tell m-e t-o fuck you harder, bitch. Tell m-e how much you like be slutty ... turning m-e on ... wanting m-e t-o fuck you hard.” I reached back t-o feel how wet her pussy was while she said, “Yeah, babe, ride m-e like a bronco ... break this bitch in, hard.” I could feel her pussy leaking her wetness down her thighs while I continued fucking her hard and deep in her ass. After several more minutes I stopped, pulled out and got in front of her as I said, “Go ahead, taste that ass.”, as I pushed m-y cock in her mouth. She was turned on and moaning by the idea of sucking on a cock that was in her ass. After a few pumps I stopped and got off the bed.

* Jackie was still in the spreader bar with her hands secured t-o her ankles a-t end sections of the bar as I walked out t-o kitchen t-o get 2 bottles of water and a paper straw. I came back and gave her a sip from a bottle with a straw placed in it. After I set down the bottles on the nightstand I took a seat behind her admiring her curves and her sexual organs on full display. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned forward sticking m-y tongue in her now gaping ass hole while sliding m-y fingers over her clit and exploring the folds of her mound. M-y other hand reached forward pinching and rolling her nipples between m-y thumb and fingers. Jackie was moaning and breathing louder, the result of rubbing m-y t-wo fingers back and forth vigorously brushing her clit causing her hips t-o twitch as she attempted t-o grind them into m-y hand. I could feel her orgasm approaching and stopped leaving her vagina and ass hole t-o convulse involuntarily. I gave her a smack on the ass sarcastically saying, “Don’t move, bitch, I’ll be back later.” T-o increase the teasing I went into the living room and rolled a cigar sized joint of Gorilla Glue #4, taking m-y time before lighting it and walking back t-o the bedroom smoking it like a fine Cuban cigar. I held the joint in front of Jackie who took a few puffs before I put it out and put the ashtray on the nightstand. I gave Jackie a sip of water with the straw and then got behind her again. I ran m-y fingers over her dripping mound teasing and rolling her clit under m-y fingers before returning t-o rubbing them back and forth vigorously across her clit. She cried out as she gushed a stream of cum between m-y fingers while I continued t-o work them back and forth across her clit. She barely finished her first squirt when her second orgasm took over. I was turned on immensely as I said t-o her, “Make that slut box gush, bitch, c’mon .... work it like ya mean it.” As I said the second part I slapped her clit with three fingers punctuating each word. I continued t-o tease her by running m-y fingers around the outer edges of her vaginal canal, spreading her natural lubricant on her inner and outer pussy lips. I suspected a few seconds of m-y fingers inside her a-t the right time would make her cum immediately. As a final tease I leaned in and ran m-y tongue over the outer edges of her pussy taking a moment t-o run m-y tongue up and down her clitoral shaft before sucking the underneath portion of her clit triggering another of gush of cum t-o squirt on m-y face.

* I got up and walked into the living room taking a seat on the sofa in front of m-y Macbook. I continued with editing a few more of the sections of the video I was working on, ignoring Jackie in cuffs and a spreader bar in m-y bedroom. After ten minutes of editing I went back t-o the bedroom taking the bottle of water with a straw in it giving Jackie a sip before returning t-o sitting behind her. “Had enough or want more, bitch ?”, I said slapping her hard on her ass causing her t-o yelp. She responded with, “Well, unless you got some friends in your closet, Imma need more cock, baby.” I got in front of her taking her by the jaw as I shoved m-y cock in her mouth thrusting it in and out until I was rock solid. I walked behind her and dragged her by the spreader bar until her knees were on the edge of the bed. Rock hard, I dripped a glob of spit on m-y cock as I slid the tip in her generating a newer deeper moan. “Yeah ... you want more, bitch ? Or should I pull out and go watch some porn ?”, I said before smacking her ass again leaving t-wo large red patches, o-ne on each ass cheek. “Oh noooo.”, she cried before finishing, “I’m gonna need it all, baby ... and hard!” I shoved it all the way in her tapping her cervix causing her t-o yelp. In this position her large hips framed by the garter and it’s fasteners were even more of a turn on prompting m-e t-o grab each o-ne firmly holding her in place as I slammed m-y cock in her dripping pussy t-o the background noise of the chains rattling against the spreader bar. I let go of her left hip and reached forward grabbing a handful of her hair again tugging her head upwards. Jackie’s moans of pleasure mixed with sounds of bodies slamming together energized m-e t-o fuck her faster and harder while tugging on her hair. In the right angle our current position might resemble a cowboy breaking in his mare. I was about t-o ask her how she was enjoying it when I was interrupted by her announcement of her oncoming orgasm. I felt her contract her pelvic muscles as her vagina pushed m-y cock out followed by another squirt.

* Not wanting t-o let up as soon as she finished her squirt I had m-y fingers rubbing back and forth brushing her clit. This time I slid m-y t-wo fingers inside her probing as far in as I could reach brushing the upper wall of her vagina before returning t-o brushing m-y fingers across her clit rapidly. Her hips shuttered and thighs twitched as she rode the pleasure wave of her orgasm through her pelvic region down t-o her curled toes. I gave Jackie another sip of water and a slap on her ass on the way out of the bedroom and into the living room t-o continue editing leaving Jackie t-o recover from another round, still shackled, her breathing returning t-o normal. I spent the next five minutes finishing the last of editing making the light a-t the end of the editing tunnel more visible. It would only require a few more passes t-o clean up a few things and then it would be ready for select screening. The anticipation continued t-o build for Jackie never quite sure when she was going t-o get fucked again in this vulnerable position. I walked back into the bedroom getting in front of Jackie and dragged her forward with m-y hands under her armpits. Gripping her jaw in m-y left hand as I said, “You’re a nice fuck, slut. I’m going t-o fuck you more and I want t-o hear more moaning. Okay ?” I punctuated the word okay with a slap on her cheek followed by grabbing a handful of her hair tugging her head upwards as I shoved m-y cock against her mouth. She opened her mouth for m-e t-o shove m-y cock in and out of her touching the back of her throat on occasion. Fully rock hard again I got behind her rubbing m-y fingers back and forth rapidly across her clit. Her pussy immediately responded by leaking her lubricant out of her canal with a drip hanging on t-o o-ne of her pussy lips momentarily before i leaned forward t-o lick it off. I plunged m-y tongue inside her sopping wet vagina prompting audible moans of pleasure. I was super turned on and rock hard as I got in ‘bulldog’ position holding on t-o her waist with m-y feet flat on the bed in front of her hips. I was holding on t-o her waist just above the garter t-o keep m-y balance while I slammed m-y cock deep inside her making her hips buck upwards on every inward stroke. Jackie’s moaning and writhing were more pronounced as I penetrated her deep in this position. T-o get a better angle on her g-spot I let go of each hip o-ne a-t time and grabbed her corresponding forearm giving m-e more leverage t-o pound her harder. Thrusting harder and deeper in her Jackie cried out, “Oh fuck yeah ... right there, like that. Oh fuck ... Oh fuck .... Oh fuck.” A few seconds later her pelvic muscles pushed m-y cock out of her vagina, her orgasm causing her back t-o arch and thighs t-o quiver. I was also close and decided t-o see if she would orgasm from anal probing. I ran m-y fingers over her sopping wet mound gathering a dab of her natural lube that I rubbed over m-y cock greasing the way for m-e t-o slide m-y cock in her puckered up ass hole. She gasped loudly as m-y cock penetrated her ass still working through the tremors of her previous orgasm. I grabbed her by her garter hauling her towards m-e as I thrust m-y cock in her ass, approaching orgasm. I felt her ass muscles grip m-y cock hard as she squirted another gush of cum causing m-e t-o fill her ass cavity with a thick wad of m-y cum.

* I got in front of Jackie with m-y cock still dripping as I gave her a sip from the water bottle. She kept her mouth open encouraging m-e t-o stick m-y cock in her mouth for her t-o lick the remnants of both of our cum off of m-y cock. When she was finished I squeezed her cheeks with m-y hand as I said t-o her, “That’s a good little slut. Taste it and cherish it.” I moved in and kissed her deeply m-y tongue probing her mouth locking with her tongue while m-y free hand reached under t-o cup o-ne of her large, swinging, melon sized breasts. They were big, firm and a huge turn on for m-e along with her large shapely hips and toned gorgeous legs currently encased in a pair of sensuous nylons. She had a compact, curvaceous, toned and highly sensual body built t-o fuck. I decided t-o end this session for this evening hoping t-o return t-o this dynamic again in the future. I made a time out signal with both m-y hands before saying, “Hey Jackie, that was really hot and a lot of fun but I think we should end it here for tonight and pick up again some other time.” I got up t-o get behind her undoing the harness as I listened t-o her reply, “Yes, I agree, baby. I want t-o do this again sometime.” Finishing the last quick release on the spreader bar I replied, “Maybe next time we could include someone else.” Before she had a chance t-o get up I grabbed by her hips and ran m-y tongue over her clitoral hood then used the tip of m-y tongue t-o trace the outline of both of her lips occasionally flicking m-y tongue against her clit. I did this for a few seconds before I let her go, getting up and saying, “I thought I would leave you with something t-o keep you interested until next time. I’ll pick up where I left off.” She turned around and grabbed m-y head with both of her hands pulling m-e closer t-o her engaging in a hot passionate, slow , long kiss. I felt the blood flow increasing below m-y belt but I suppressed the urge and stood up taking Jackie’s hand as she stood up next t-o me.

* “I’ve got a robe you can wear or you’re welcome t-o wear whatever you like.”, I said t-o Jackie handing her a the bottle of water with the straw. She took a gulp of water before replying, “Thanks, the robe will do just fine. I’ll leave m-y bra and panties here hoping and praying the robe won’t accidentally come undone.” She finished that sentence with her left eyebrow arched seductively ... reminiscent of that sensuous look MJ flashed on occasions. I grabbed the ashtray with the half finished cigar sized joint and walked into the living room taking a seat on the sofa. Moments later Jackie took a seat next t-o m-e as I lit the ‘j’ for another round. We finished the rest both of us lit up from smoking half of a cigar sized joint. I selected a few episodes of Parks & Recreation on Netflix while Jackie cuddled in next t-o m-e riding the heavy buzz common from a balanced hybrid like Gorilla Glue #4. I had m-y arm around Jackie feeling her huge breast pressing against m-y side as she turned slightly t-o face m-e while watching the TV, her hand absentmindedly tracing a path across m-y torso, thighs and across m-y buttocks. It was light and soothing drawing m-e into a trance. Her touch had caused the blood flow t-o increase t-o m-y nether regions. If this was her intention then she going t-o be successful as her hand grazed across m-y cock. She wrapped her hand around the base and gave it a shake as she said, “God, I love your cock. It’s not too big that it hurts but it’s big enough t-o hurt if you’re not careful. That last position where you hit m-e deep and hard got m-e turned on more than you can believe.” I looked her up and down noticing her robe had come undone before reaching out with m-y left hand and cupping it under her right breast bouncing it several times. I said t-o her, “Damn, girl, those dangerous curves are a complete turn on. It’s like god decided t-o build a body solely for the purpose of fucking.” I realized later that I said the whole thing with a mental picture of MJ.

* Jackie lowered herself down and took m-y cock in her mouth with her hand still holding the base. She sucked lightly a-t first before progressing t-o stroking with her hand and applying more suction with her mouth. While Jackie worked on getting m-y cock hard I reached around placing m-y wrist over her hip resting m-y finger tips on her clit before I used m-y t-wo fingers t-o roll her clit underneath. From time t-o time I traced the length of her clit up t-o her hood with m-y finger before retracing and then sliding it inside her. With m-y cock rock hard and Jackie’s pussy feeling moist she straddled m-e placing her knees on either side of m-y hips. I reached down pulling m-y pants below m-y knees before removing the robe covering Jackie exposing her bare body t-o m-y raging libido. With her straddling m-e I grabbed her hips holding her still while I worked m-y cock in her. She started t-o ride me, moving her hips up and down on m-y cock, her pussy devouring m-y cock as she ground her clit on m-y pubic bone. I let go of her left hip and reached m-y hand around inserting t-wo fingers in her still slippery butt hole. This action caused her t-o lean forward smacking m-e in the face with her huge tits. m-y pubic bone started t-o throb so I placed m-y fingers on it with knuckles bent giving Jackie something t-o grind her clit against. Each time her tits slapped m-e in the face I attempted t-o trap a nipple between m-y teeth. Finally succeeding I heard Jackie moaning as I sucked and lightly bit her nipple. She was breathing heavier increasing the pace with grinding her clit against m-y bent knuckles. I took m-y fingers out her ass grabbing both of her breasts alternating sucking on each o-ne feeling her intensity increase. She cried out loudly arching her back and pressing her breasts firmly in m-y face as her orgasm caused her hips t-o twitch. She got on her knees and sucked on m-y cock until I finally blew m-y load in her mouth. She swallowed it and licked her lips.

* It was getting late as I said t-o Jackie, “You’re welcome t-o spend the night if you’re too tired ... or would like some company.” She replied, “Thanks for the offer and normally I would jump a-t the chance but I have t-o be places early tomorrow. Rain check ?” I got up and took her hand as we walked into the bedroom t-o retrieve the rest of her clothing while saying, “Certainly. Hopefully next time Meg could be here with us as well.” Putting on the last of her clothing she replied, “I’d love that. She’s a true hottie!” We exchanged hugs and said our good byes as Jackie left for the evening giving m-e an opportunity t-o finish the final edits on the video project. For the next hour I rode the buzz from the earlier session as I finished the last few outstanding and cosmetic issues on the project. Bobby Baker was layering the intro with his slide guitar as the heavy blues based slash southern rock sounding ‘Bring It All Back’ by The Tragically Hip played in the background. A favourite from the 1991 Road Apples, Gord Downie s (RIP) imagery was on display as he sang;

I'd been carving you
To see what form you'd take
You were hiding in ivory
I just wanted t-o free your shape

Around 11:30PM I decided t-o head t-o bed t-o watch some TV before I went t-o sleep. The Office was currently playing on whatever channel was last watched. It satisfied the need t-o wind down and relax before sleep.
... to be continued ...

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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VI The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part B
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VII Part B)
Posted:May 12, 2020 8:31 pm
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2020 1:09 pm

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part AThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part A

* A few days later I got a message from MJ asking if I wanted t-o hang out. The opportunity t-o kill t-wo birds with o-ne stone presented itself in the form of giving Meg an advanced screening before inviting Shane and Brad over for a group viewing. I replied t-o her message asking her t-o come by in the afternoon for an advanced viewing of the movie before grabbing a quick bite t-o eat. I asked her if she thought having Shane and Brad over would be a good idea or did she just want a quiet night alone. She replied enthusiastically supportive of the idea of spending an evening with her close friends. I got a reply back from Brad confirming both himself and Shane would drop by for a viewing after dinner. I checked t-o make sure I had enough snacks and drinks for the evening anticipating we would go out for dinner. Around 4PM Meg arrived sending m-e a text message from the parking lot. I went out t-o meet her catching her walking towards m-y building. She looked absolutely stunning in an a pair of electric blue flats, a white with pastel blue floral pattern mini skit and a black lace bralette under a thin black sheer short sleeve top. The light reflecting from the gold chain on her Kate Spade clutch gave her an unearthly aura making her seem more like a super hero. I said t-o her, “Damn, girl, you’re soooo hot lookin’ even the Google satellites are taking a break from mapping t-o check you out !” She smiled as she gave m-e a playful slap on m-y behind. She took m-y hand as we walked across the parking lot towards m-y place.

* “I finished the video project a day or t-wo ago. I’ll give you a private screening first.”, I said t-o MJ as she took a seat on the sofa. I came from the kitchen handing her a glass of chilled Bartenura Moscato, the iconic blue bottle matching the shade of her flats. Meg took a sip of wine before asking, “It must have been difficult looking a-t all of that nudity. I’m sorry I wasn’t around more t-o help you relieve that tension.” I sensed she was going somewhere with this as I replied, “Yeah, I have a new appreciation for porn editors. But t-o be honest, Jackie came by a few days ago. She wanted some company for the evening.” She smiled from ear t-o ear confusing me. I thought there might have been feelings of envy so I decided it was best t-o get things in the open but it looks like I may have been wrong. She stood up and came close t-o m-e reaching up t-o put her arms around m-y neck pulling m-e in close for a hot passionate kiss. She finished her kiss with, “I know all about it, hun. I had lunch with Shane last week and Jackie joined us. She said she was craving some man meat but hated going through the dating apps and bar scenes so I suggested t-o give you a call. I felt like I was returning some previous favour.” I kissed her passionately before saying, “She played her cards pretty close t-o her chest.”, not realizing the pun as I continued, “She made no mention of your suggestion.” She smiled a knowing smile as she said, “That was m-y idea. I was gonna break your balls a little bit over it but you blew it with your honesty.” I laughed as I gave her a playful smack on her tight little behind before I said t-o her, “She has a few attractive features but she is unlike you in many ways. Every inch of you from your tiny toe t-o your cute little earlobe a huge a turn on, everything about you is attractive. If I was blind and you stood next t-o m-e I’d get turned in an instant. Yeah, you’re THAT hot !

* Sitting side by side I opened m-y Macbook t-o give Meg the first look a-t the compiled footage. She was the principle subject so it seemed natural t-o show her the completed project first. I had m-y arm around her as I hit the play button. The whole video lasted approx 45 minutes, most of it viewed in silence occasionally interrupted by t-wo or three word exclamations, such as, “Oh wow!” Meg was getting turned on viewing the footage of herself being fucked in various positions. She would subconsciously rub her hand between her thighs on occasion gripping her knees together. It also had an effect on m-y libido evidenced by the growing tent starting t-o form in m-y pants as I said t-o her, “I’ve seen professional porn that is not nearly as hot as those scenes with you in them.” Being the self critic Meg replied with, “Are you sure ? You don’t think I look too fat or have too many things swinging around ?” I took her hand as I said t-o her, “First, you’re stunningly gorgeous. You have nothing that swings that shouldn’t and you are absolutely hotter than 99 per cent of the population. The other 1 percent are just as hot as you are.” She leaned in and kissed m-e on the cheek before saying, “Awww, thanks, hun. You’re cute !” I added, “Besides, this is only for limited distribution. You and m-e and anyone else you might like t-o share a copy with.” She nodded her head in agreement as she took m-y hand attempting t-o get us motivated for dinner. Reading her cues I said, “What would you say t-o a Pub burger and a beer ?”, She quickly replied, “Ummm ... I’m single and you t-wo hunks are coming home with m-e ?” I erupted in laughter looking a-t her while she maintained a pensive reflective gaze. As has become common place, she caught m-e off guard ... again !

* Dinner consisted of a large sized beer, a freshly made burger and hand cut fries. It was delicious and filling satisfying both of our most urgent needs while we continued t-o chat and joke around, engaging in witty banter. After dinner I paid the bill before heading back t-o m-y place t-o relax until Shane and Brad came by for an evening of homemade porn viewing. MJ was feeling frisky after the beer evidenced by her next line of questioning. “So, what did you and Jackie get into a few nights ago ?” Doing m-y best Austin Powers impersonation I countered with, “I shagged her rotten, baby ... yeah !” She chuckled before responding with, “Yeah, I guess I deserve that response !” Being direct, she came right out and said, “It’s probably just human nature but I was curious what sex was like with her o-ne on o-ne for you.” I replied, “I understand and the best way t-o put this is she was different. Truth be told, not as intense as with you. We had physical sex and she satisfied o-ne portion of a physical encounter. You and I have sex that goes beyond the physical acts. We satisfy each other both physically and mentally and share a special bond that I’ve never had with anyone else. T-wo things you should know; one, I don’t get goosebumps any other time than when you touch m-y arm and two, I don’t wake up t-o a mental image of anyone else but o-ne person.” Never o-ne t-o hide her feelings Meg put her arms around m-e hugging m-e tightly as I pulled into the parking lot of m-y building. When I shut off the ignition she took m-y head in both hands turning m-e sideways t-o lay a long passionate kiss on m-y lips. She let her hands rest on m-y lap before I took her right hand in both of m-y hands and said, “Let’s go inside and get you a glass of wine.” She interrupted and finished with, “And a side of sexy!

* I poured MJ a glass of her favourite Gewurztraminer from France that had been chilling in the fridge all afternoon as we took a seat together on the sofa. I was enjoying o-ne of m-y favourite local craft beers, Perth Brewery’s Easy Amber while The Alabama Shakes were streaming through the TV’s Google Play application. I said t-o Meg, “Shane and Brad should be here in the next hour. Let’s go get the snacks and drinks ready.” Meg jumped up from the sofa taking m-y hand as she strolled in t-o the kitchen. For the next few minutes we chatted while slicing cheese and fresh fruit also arranging a cheese and cracker platter. Afterwards Meg asked if I had a sweater she could borrow. I told her t-o check in the walk-in closet and wear whatever she liked. A few minutes later and much t-o m-y surprise for the second time, Meg took a seat on the sofa wearing the wrist and ankle cuffs from the backpack still in the closet. “I like your outfit !”, I said looking her up and down. She had that mischievous, devilish grin displaying her aroused and playful side. She reminisced, “Yeah, we’re old friends these cuffs and I. We’ve seen some good times together.” I added, “Jackie hung out with the old pals the last time she was here.” She perked up as she asked, “What was she fastened t-o ?” I replied, “The set of cuffs came with a spreader bar. That’s what we used.” She stood up and started taking off her clothes as she said, “I want you t-o fuck m-e hard like that.” I agreed as I took her hand walking into the bedroom t-o retrieve the spreader bar. “Hop up here and let m-e get you in position.”, I said slapping the bed as I spoke. She had stripped down bare naked except for the cuffs displaying her highly desirable assets as she get on all fours in front of m-e on the bed.

* While on all fours I moved her ankles apart t-o match the length of the spreader bar before attaching her ankles t-o the bar using the quick release chain connectors. “How does that feel, so far ?”, I asked. She replied, “Mmmmm, this is a turn on. I think I’m going t-o enjoy this.” I reached between her legs, first glancing m-y hand across her mound, t-o pull her left wrist through her legs and attaching the wrist cuff t-o the hoop in the middle of the spreader bar before repeating the process with her right wrist. As I always do, I stood up t-o admire the view of Meg on all fours with her ankles spread apart approximately three feet and her wrists attached t-o the centre of the bar. With her knees spread apart her vulva had spread revealing her clit and inner folds. I cupped m-y whole hand over her mound pressing down with the tips of m-y fingers t-o roll her clit underneath m-y touch feeling her heat and moisture emanating from her hungry love canal. I left m-y hand in place as I leaned forward t-o trace a light path across her firm butt cheeks with m-y tongue before circling the tip of m-y tongue around her ass ring. She moaned and cooed as the millions of nerve endings in her pelvic region tingled with stimulation. I said t-o her, “I’m going t-o fuck you good and hard like this but I need m-y cock sucked first.” Through her moans of pleasure she replied, “Bring it here, hun, let m-e get it big and hard.” I got in front of her and laid down with m-y legs on either side of her shoulders. With her hands fastened t-o the bar between her legs she was able t-o move her head up far enough for m-e t-o slide underneath giving her access t-o m-y cock. She wrapped her lips around the head of m-y cock and started t-o work her magic. After a minute of her talented tongue m-y cock was rock hard. After several more minutes of feeling her tongue touch all of m-y sensitive spots I was ready t-o fuck her brains out.

* Immensely turned on by the site of her vulnerability and her sexual organs on full display for m-y viewing pleasure I got behind her slapping her clit several times with the head of m-y cock before sliding it in her slowly. Meg was starting t-o enjoy it already as she mouthed words of encouragement through her moans of pleasure ... things like, “Oh fuck m-e hard, baby.” or “Use that pussy, baby.” Several times I picked up the pace fucking her rapidly for thirty second spurts before slowing down and slapping her on her ass. I would stop on occasion, pulling m-y cock out and rubbing m-y fingers back and forth brushing her clit with each pass before grabbing her by her hips and sinking m-y cock in her sopping wet pink love canal. Starting t-o reach the pre-climax zone I put o-ne foot in front of her knee allowing m-e t-o reach underneath t-o run m-y fingers over her clit while continuing t-o pound her pussy doggy style. I could feel her wetness increasing and in an effort t-o tease her further I pulled m-y rock hard cock out of her and got behind t-o plunge m-y tongue inside of her. I ran m-y tongue around her folds, over her clit before returning t-o plunge it inside of her again. Each time I withdrew m-y tongue from her vagina I kept the tip of it pressed against the roof of her canal causing her hips t-o buck against m-y tongue. I performed this routine several more times before getting on m-y knees behind her and plunging m-y cock inside her. I held a tight grip on both of her hips as I leaned back putting both feet flat on the bed in front of her knees. In this position I was able t-o pull her back against m-y cock while using the momentum generated by thrusting m-y hips forward t-o slam into her harder penetrating her deeply. With her breathing increasing, every inward thrust caused Meg t-o yelp with pleasure from being restrained and man handled until she could no longer hold back the orgasmic wave radiating from her pelvic region. She cried out with pleasure, her vagina contracting, pushing m-y cock out of her followed by a gush of her cum.

* I went into the kitchen t-o retrieve t-wo bottles of water and a paper straw. I held the bottle for Meg who took a big gulp before she said, “Fuck ! I love that last position. You hit m-e in the right area with enough force t-o hit m-e deep but not enough t-o hurt.” I gave her a light slap on her prominently displayed backside as I said, “Glad you liked that one, I saw it on a prorno recently. It’s a bit tough on the the thighs but I can handle it.” I continued with, “Brad and Shane should be by soon. Maybe Brad and I can tag team you for a while when he gets here.” She replied with, “Oh yes please. Are you gonna leave m-e in like this ‘till they get here ?” I got behind her sitting on the bed as I reached up with m-y t-wo fingers vibrating them back and forth occasionally brushing her clit. I could feel her getting turned on again with her mound getting warmer t-o the touch under m-y hand. She let out occasional moans, her vagina secreting her natural lube while m-y fingers continued t-o tease her clit. “How about I fuck you until they get here ?”, I said before moving in t-o tongue her clit. “Oooohhhh, please do. Oooooooh.”, she replied, her oh’s were the result of m-e plunging m-y tongue inside her. I got on m-y knees behind her and rubbed by cock up and down and over her clit with m-y cock getting harder on each pass. M-y cock now hard enough I slapped her clit a few times before shoving it inside her. I held her by her hips as I slowly worked m-y cock deep inside. Occasionally I would grab her hips tightly pushing m-y cock in her as far as I could, hold it for a second and then move her hips down slightly before pulling her back up again glancing the head of m-y cock against her g-spot. She loved the sensation causing her moans t-o become sharper and louder. Without notice I would hold her hips still while I pounded m-y cock in her rapidly like a jackhammer. I was close t-o cumming and wanting t-o make this session last longer I stopped and pulled m-y throbbing cock out of her. The next five t-o ten minutes were spent running m-y tongue over her clit exploring her folds while sucking on various regions above and below her clit. I reached down t-o stroke m-y cock while continuing t-o tongue her pussy. Rock hard again, I got on m-y knees behind her and mounted her for the second time, fucking her faster and harder this time. Meg was starting t-o get more vocal the result of m-e grabbing her ass cheeks firmly with both hands as I picked up the pace causing m-y thighs and her lower buttocks t-o slap together. The noise was made louder by echoing around the room. I felt her starting t-o convulse announcing the impending orgasm building inside of her. As her vaginal muscles contracted pushing m-e out of her, m-y cock squirted cum all over the outside of her pussy also splashing over her ass ring. I was still turned on and still erect as I pushed the head of cock against her ass using the wad of cum as lube. I worked m-y cock in her holding her hips still while I fucked her ass for less than a minute before she gushed another stream.

* I held the straw from the water bottle in front of for her t-o take a large gulp replenishing her body’s water content as I took a seat next t-o her. I rubbed m-y hand over buttocks with m-y palm and fingers massaging her erogenous ass cheeks. Meg enjoyed the soothing feeling of m-y hand moving back and forth caressing her cute little derriere. It sent her into an almost trance like state releasing a flood of endorphins into her blood stream. I undid the quick releases attaching her wrists t-o the middle of the spreader bar and then undoing the releases attached t-o her ankle cuffs. She rolled over and stretched pointing her cute little freshly painted toes while she crossed her hands above her head stretching the muscles in her back and shoulders. As I mentioned before, MJ is a very sensuous girl with a highly desirable body. I don’t know of any other female who could look as attractive as MJ performing such ordinary tasks as stretching her muscles. God drew up a template for the female body and after its first use he realized it was too perfect. He named her MJ, using it once before recreating a less perfect image. Unable t-o hold back any longer I jumped on the bed next t-o her and rolled on top taking her head in m-y hands and kissing her long, slow and passionately. The flame of desire flickered again when she wrapped her arms and legs around m-e in a tight passionate embrace. Holding her shoulders, I rolled over allowing her t-o lay on m-y torso before she laid her head on m-y chest stretching the rest of her body on top of mine. She had her left arm under m-y head with her head resting on m-y chest and turned t-o her right. I had m-y arms around her with both of m-y hands clasped resting on the small of her back. We stayed like this for the next ten minutes both lost in our own worlds of thought, the touch of our bodies soothing each other.

* “We should probably put some clothes on before Shane and Brad arrive.”, I said while getting up t-o put m-y clothes on. “I think I’ll leave the cuffs on ... see what Shane thinks of them.”, she replied while putting her bra and panties on before retrieving the rest of her clothes. I poured Meg a glass of wine and poured a Rickard’s Red for myself as we both took a seat on the sofa. “Damn, you’re lookin’ hot, girl !” “You’re not looking so bad you self !”, she replied. I had the local radio station playing in the background when the I got a notification someone was buzzing the front entrance. After buzzing them in I went t-o the door greeting them both as they arrived, Shane with a bottle of Chilean Malbec known t-o be a favourite of MJ’s. Shane hugged MJ noticing the ankle and wrist cuffs as she said, “Wow, girl, nice choice of accessories.” Meg smiled before replying, “Yeah, I was a BAD girl and this seems t-o be m-y punishment ... bad fashion choices !” Both girls laughed as Meg poured Shane a glass of wine. “Care for an Easy Amber ?”, I asked Brad handing him a cold beer from the fridge. “Sure. Thanks !, Brad said taking the beer and popping the top open. We all took a seat around the coffee table, Shane putting her handbag aside. We interacted and made small talk enjoying our beverages, the conversation eventually moving t-o the reason for this evenings get together. “Was it a long process ?”, Brad asked inquiring about the video mixing and rendering process. “It was a tedious process but it helped having good video quality from the devices we used.”, I said continuing with, “It also made it easier that the subject was very photogenic.”, ending the sentence with a wink and a light pat on MJ’s thigh. “Without further ado I present the debut of ‘MJ Does Ottawa’” I used AirPlay t-o cast the iMovie from m-y Macbook t-o the LG Smart TV as we all sat back t-o watch the performance.

* Each segment of the video collage started with a brief introductory slide describing the scene and location. The first segment was the fake casting interview that garnered a few snickers but mostly silence as all attention was focused on Meg’s performance. When we came t-o part where I fuck Meg rougher doggy style on the edge of the bed MJ ran her hand over m-y crotch resulting in a growing visible erection. Shane was feeling restless rubbing her hands between her thighs as she said t-o Meg, “That was a damn hot interview. I’d definitely hire you !” Meg thanked her brushing her hand over Shane’s forearm as Brad and I exchanged knowing glances. The girls were bonding sharing a closeness of admiring their naked bodies. The next scenes were filmed during the walk on the nature trail ending with a naked Meg in restraints tied t-o polls outdoors while different guys took turns fucking her. I had t-wo angles from Brad and I that I would sometimes show in split screen before alternating each camera in full screen. I took advantage of using the t-wo angles t-o show alternate views of key points such as when each guy worked their cock in her a-t first followed by the multi-angle view of each cum shot. The last sequence was filmed with MJ on the park bench. O-ne of the highlights was the guy on the bicycle riding by and momentarily glancing a-t the camera. It added a little suspense as the viewer anticipates the rider viewing MJ by turning his head in the other direction. The other highlight was the camera focusing on MJ as she says, “Swish swish ... Bish!” Her seductive look as she finished the phrase with her arched eyebrow proved t-o be Shane’s highlight causing her t-o lean in and hug MJ tightly as she said, “God, girl, you’re funny and gorgeous !” She then reached her hand forward cupping o-ne of Meg’s firm round breasts before leaning in t-o plant a long slow passionate kiss on her lips.

* Standing up and taking Meg’s hand I said t-o the group, “How about we all retire t-o the bedroom where we can all get more comfortable ?” Shane and Brad followed us in t-o the bedroom all of us removing our clothing before taking a seat next t-o each other on the bed. Shane was the first t-o notice the spreader bar and chains still on the bed. She asked, “Did you guys use these earlier ? Is that why Meg has a fabulous glow t-o her skin this evening ?” Sitting next t-o each on the bed, Meg put her left arm around Shane pulling her closer as she rolled on top of her with her long hair cascading around Shane’s face and her knees on either side of Shane’s hips. I pulled the spreader bar from beneath them and laid it on the floor while Brad moved the quick release chains next t-o it. Meg locked her ankles together squeezing her thighs tighter on Shane as she moved her clit against Shane’s toned abdominal muscles. Brad was getting turned on evidenced by his large cock occasionally twitching as he pumped blood into his pelvic region by contracting his pelvic floor and ab muscles. I got on m-y knees in front of Brad and took the tip of his cock in m-y mouth with m-y lips curled inward. Meg continued t-o move her clit over Shane’s abs, both locked in a passionate embrace, while I wrapped m-y hand around the base of Brad’s cock continuing t-o suck it t-o full erection. Meg was on top of Shane dominating her keeping her pinned while she kissed her passionately from ear t-o ear occasionally brushing her nipples over Shane’s fully erect nipples. The sight of them making out turned m-e resulting in m-e getting on all fours on the edge of the bed next t-o them. Brad pulled on a condom dripping a glob of lube on the head of his cock from Shane’s handbag which she had dropped next t-o the bed earlier.

* Brad slowly shoved his cock in m-y ass as I gripped the bed covering tighter. After t-wo t-o three inches he would pull his cock out drip more lube and slowly go back t-o where he left off repeating until he was balls deep in m-y ass. Meg and Shane had paused their embrace both viewing the action taking place next t-o them as Meg continued t-o massage her clit grinding on Shane. Brad grabbed m-y shoulders pulling m-e towards his massive cock while I relaxed all of m-y pelvic muscles accommodating his large length. Being turned on by the visual of t-wo guys fucking, Meg rolled over and got underneath m-e twisting herself so she was in sixty-nine position. She took m-y cock in her mouth watching Brad’s big condom covered cock fucking m-y ass while I spread her pussy running m-y tongue over her clit from her hood down over her shaft before tapping the nib and repeating. She had o-ne arm around m-y waist holding her up and used her other hand t-o stroke the base of m-y cock meeting her mouth in the middle of m-y shaft. Shane had gotten on her knees behind Brad after Meg rolled off her and while holding Brad’s hips she tongued his ass while Brad continued a constant pace plunging his cock in m-y hole. With a mixture of the moaning, the musky aromas and scents and m-y tongue working her clit Meg experienced a clitoral orgasm causing her cute little derriere t-o involuntarily twitch and her back t-o arch. Her loud moans building into a crescendo of, “Ooooooooohhhhhh fuckkkkk”, were muffled in m-y crotch as she finished her orgasm with a huge smile. O-ne of her favourite items was m-e giving her an oral orgasm. It wasn’t that I was the best a-t it or had some secret technique rather it was learned from our encounters over time, observing what worked and what didn’t combined with the intimate mental connection we shared. Nothing could get m-y motor running more than the total essence of MJ. It wasn’t her perfume, her clothes, her seductive smile, her sense of humour, her flawless beauty, her sensuous hypnotizing curves or her hair but rather it was all of the above ... and much more.

* I looked back a-t Brad nodding m-y head as a signal t-o pull out and concentrate on our gorgeous, highly aroused female ‘hotties’. Shane got on the bed taking m-y place in the sixty-nine position as Brad took his cock out of m-e and I rolled over next t-o Meg. Meg slid her fingers over Shane’s pussy flicking her tongue over her clit while Shane reciprocated tasting her alluring scent. Brad and I retrieved the spreader bar and the chains from the floor before rolling Shane off of Meg. Brad and I each reached forward and grabbed o-ne of Meg’s legs dragging her down on the bed before rolling her over on her stomach. We turned her so that her hips were facing us and her head facing towards the head of the bed. Shane got on the bed in front of Meg laying on her back with her pussy in Meg’s face. Brad and I moved Meg’s legs apart t-o the width of the spreader bar ataching each ankle t-o each end of the bar. I asked Brad, “Should we attach her wrists t-o her ankles or t-o the middle of the spreader bar ? We already tried option B.” Brad stood back looking a-t Meg’s backside view contemplating what each wrist location would expose. Between her legs and a-t the middle of the bar would leave her ass in the air and pussy exposed while her wrists attached t-o her spread ankles would leave her in a less vulnerable position but better access t-o try other positions such as her new favourite of ‘bulldog’. We went with option A and attached her wrists t-o her ankles. With her hands attached t-o her ankles Meg was using just her tongue t-o explore the inner folds of Shane’s pussy while Shane, enjoying the pleasure, was running her fingers through Meg’s long hair. Deciding Brad should go first I got on m-y knees in front of him sucking his cock back in t-o full erection while he ran his fingers over Meg’s exposed pussy making her audible moans increase in volume. Brad was rock hard but continued brushing his fingers rapidly back and forth across her clit causing her hips t-o involuntarily and spontaneously twitch up and down. We pulled her down on the bed until her knees were a-t the edge, just the right height for Brad and I t-o stand behind and shove our cocks in her.

* Brad got in position with his fully erect nine plus inch cock twitching from flexing his pelvic and stomach muscles. He slapped her clit several times while holding his cock by the base before slowly pushing it in her an inch a-t a time. Shane had moved from laying in front of Meg t-o being on her knees in front of m-e standing off t-o o-ne side of Brad. Meg moaned loudly as Brad reached forward tugging on her hair, applying pressure t-o her wrists and ankles as a result of her back arching. He started off slow finding her depth so her could fuck her hard and not cause any internal bruising. Having fucked her several times he had a relative idea but her natural lube left a sheen on his shaft allowing him t-o more accurately know when he approached her depth. Meg had discussed her philosophy on huge cocks; it was o-ne thing t-o have a huge cock but it was another t-o know how t-o use it effectively. While some women enjoyed and could handle a large cock slamming in deep just as many found it as pleasant as being poked hard internally with a broom stick. Most enjoyed the sensation from the larger size but the larger the size the lesser the number of close contact positions were practical. For instance, the bulldog position allows m-e t-o be closer probing her deep without hitting her cervix hard. Brad would have t-o position himself further away from her making the position more difficult for him t-o maintain and limiting the range that he would be able t-o reach forward. Brad could use his length t-o his advantage, though, as he was now by getting in a standing / crouching position almost sitting on her ass with his knees in front of her hips as he reached back shoving his cock in her wet exposed love hole. Adjusting his angle t-o scrape the head of his cock across her g-spot he leaned forward grabbing her firm swinging breasts and moving his hips back slightly. I switched up with Shane by pushing her back slightly, taking her hand t-o help her up as I got on m-y knees in front of her spreading her pussy with o-ne hand and running m-y tongue over her clit. Shane started t-o moan with pleasure as she spread her legs apart further and reached down with both of her hands t-o keep her pussy pulled open. I reached m-y left underneath grabbing o-ne of her ass cheeks while I inserted t-wo fingers from m-y right hand inside her pulled open pussy. Shane continued t-o pull her pussy open for m-e t-o run m-y tongue over her clit and insert m-y fingers in her pussy, both of us getting turned on by the sounds and moans from Meg being fucked by Brad’s huge cock.

* Shane grabbed m-e by the hair lifting m-e up and pushing m-e on the bed, bending m-e over as she reached underneath milking m-y cock. She used her free hand t-o reach into her handbag retrieving her harness and 10 inch beer can thick dildo. She quickly snapped her harness in place, attached the dildo and squirted a dab of lube on her unit. Next, she leaned forward rimming m-y ass with her tongue relaxing m-y sphincter t-o accept her oversized phallus. As Shane penetrated m-y ass with her pretend cock I reached m-y hand underneath Meg next t-o m-e rolling her clit under m-y t-wo middle fingers. Shane picked up a vibrator holding it against her clit while she wet t-wo fingers on her other hand inserting them in Brad’s ass while he continued in his dominant position of trapping Meg underneath him. Brad suddenly thrust his cock forward hard causing Meg t-o jump letting out a squeal as Brad hosed down the inside of her pussy from his large cock spewing his large load. Brad pulled his cock out of Meg and sat next t-o m-e as Shane climbed off of m-e and got behind Meg. Shane got on her knees behind Meg using both hands t-o pry her pussy as far open as she could while she stuck her tongue inside of Meg tasting Brad’s cum that Meg was pushing out using her pelvic muscles. Her contracting pelvic muscles caused her butt hole t-o spasm and contract tickling Shane’s nose positioned on her ass while she used the widest part of her tongue t-o slap against Meg’s vaginal canal opening, the tip of her tongue slapping her clit simultaneously. She had Meg turned on, her natural lube visible dripping off of her pussy lips combined with Brad’s creamy white load that had also smeared across her chin as she got in position shoving her beer can sized member inside of Meg. Meg squealed again as her pussy stretched t-o accommodate the larger dildo Shane was pummelling her with. Getting turned on watching the action next t-o m-e I stood up motioning for Brad t-o suck on m-y cock as I stood behind Shane running m-y hands over her ass and underneath spreading her pussy with t-wo fingers and inserting m-y middle digit. After several minutes Brad had m-e rock hard while m-y hand continued t-o work Shane’s clit feeling her attached dildo pressing against m-y fingers with each thrust inside of Meg. Meg was moaning loudly enjoying the full experience of being restrained in place while each of us took turns fucking her vulnerable back end.

* Shane’s choice of a huge ten inch dildo meant she had t-o bend over further t-o bring the tip of her dildo out t-o the entrance of Meg’s vag. With m-y cock rock hard and wrapped in a lube covered condom I waited for m-y opportunity t-o grab Shane’s hips shoving m-y cock against her ass as she withdrew the dildo from Meg’s pussy. Shane gasped as m-y cock penetrated her ass ring resulting in her bucking her hips into Meg who yelped with a quick tapping of her cervix by Shane’s member. We were engaged in a three car train with every action by Shane affecting either Meg or myself. Shane squeezed her ass ring tighter t-o keep m-e inside her when she thrust forward and relaxed when she withdrew it allowing m-y cock t-o slip further inside her ass. A-t times I would grab Shane pulling her back against m-y cock before shoving her forward slightly and ramming m-y cock in her ass. Each time I pumped into Shane’s ass her dildo rammed inside of Meg causing both girls t-o moan and gasp a-t the same time. Shane had the smaller vibrator held against her clit again hypnotizing her into an orgasmic trance. With her eyes closed and m-y cock still in her ass Shane’s hips suddenly jerked backwards as her stomach convulsed and thighs twitched followed by a squirting stream covering m-y torso. She withdrew her member and rolled over on the bed next t-o a still restrained MJ. I pulled off the condom and got behind MJ putting m-y feet flat on the bed in front of her knees while holding on tightly t-o her hips. I had her mounted in ‘bulldog’ position, a new favourite of hers that drew loud vocal responses of pleasure. With both hands on her hips I pulled her towards m-e using that momentum t-o pull m-y self forward a-t the same time resulting in m-y cock penetrating her deep tapping her cervix. The sensations of Meg’s tight wet pussy gripping m-y cock on every thrust had become more than I could take. I let out a loud and long grunt and moan as I pumped several streams of semen deep inside her. M-y body shivered involuntarily as I pulled m-y cock out of her still tight gripping pussy. Shane took control and got behind Meg plunging her tongue deep inside while applying suction on her vaginal canal extracting m-y cum. Meg squirmed with the tickling pleasure she was receiving interspersed with Shane running her tongue over Meg’s clit, flicking the nib with the tip of her tongue. Shane shoved t-wo fingers deep inside of Meg’s pussy searching for her g-spot while her palm rested and glided over her clit triggering Meg’s hips t-o twitch and buck a-t random. Shane picked up the pace until Meg cried out with a loud announcement before soaking Shane’s hand and arm.

* With all of us having experienced orgasm Brad and I undid the restraints attaching MJ t-o the spreader bar and then undid the quick releases’ chaining her wrists t-o her ankles. We also helped her t-o remove the restraints before Meg rolled on her back and stretched her taught muscles. I stood up and tapped Brad on the shoulder motioning for him t-o follow m-e as I said, “Ladies, join us in the living room for snacks ?” Brad and I got dressed t-o retrieve the snacks Meg and I prepared earlier from the fridge before joining Shane and Meg in the living room. Brad and I refilled both Shane and Meg’s glasses while we both grabbed a beer returning t-o the living room t-o take a seat around the coffee table. Brad broke the initial trance like silence by raising his glass and saying, “Well, cheers t-o another evening of fine company and fine friends !” We all raised our glasses and cheered. Shane rested her hand on Meg’s thigh as she said t-o her, “You look so hot in those videos. Would you mind if I had a private copy ?” Meg, sitting next t-o m-e got up t-o give Shane a big hug as she said, “Awwww, you’re so sweet ! Of course, you can have a private copy ... I’d be honoured !” Their closeness during their contact had stimulated her desire spurring Shane t-o wrap Meg in a passionate embrace darting her tongue in and out of Meg’s mouth. Meg pulled Shane closer raising their level of passion visible by Shane grinding her crotch on Meg’s thigh. Locked in a passionate embrace their hands began t-o explore each others body with their clothing being removed by their free hands. Brad and I sat back and watched the erotic scene developing before our eyes.

* While Shane was locked in an embrace with Meg she made a hand signal for Brad t-o retrieve her harness from the bedroom. Their passion having risen t-o the level of erotic desire Shane herded Meg towards the sofa as they continued t-o remove their own and each others clothing. Shane pushed a fully naked Meg on the sofa and straddled her lap while cupping and sucking on Meg’s firm round breasts. Brad returned with the harness handing it t-o Shane who said t-o Meg, “I want you t-o wear the harness. I’m going t-o try something I’ve been curious about.” Meg was intrigued as she took the harness from Shane, putting it on as Shane helped adjust the straps before attaching the beer can thick dildo. She said t-o Meg, “I’ve always wondered what it was t-o be a guy and fuck a chick. This position has a more realistic feel than wearing a strap-on. This position is called ‘Amazon’ and I just need you t-o lay back and let m-e hold your ankles.” Meg replied, “Okay, let m-e know if you need m-e t-o do something.” Meg continued, “I think I know what you want t-o do. Wouldn’t the bedroom make it easier ?” Shane replied, “You would think it would be but if I was taller like the guys are it would work better. The sofa should be the right height.” Meg took a seat on the sofa with her bum resting on the edge as she leaned back with her shoulders touching the the back of the sofa. Shane got in front of her and held on t-o her ankles as she lowered herself t-o align her vaginal hole with the tip of the dildo. She had pushed Meg’s legs back so that her knees were almost touching her breasts. Keeping her hold on her ankles Shane pushed her pussy forward until the tip of the dildo was resting on her clit. Meg put a glob of spit on her middle fingers and reached around t-o moisten the tip of her extended member, leaving her hand on the base of the dildo t-o hold it in place. Shane leaned forward pushing her hips against Meg’s member as it slid inside her. Shane kept pushing until she hit her limit. Using Meg’s ankles for support and leverage she pushed against them t-o help her pull her hips back then held her ankles still while she thrust her pussy forward against the inserted dildo Meg was holding in place. With her head tilted back and her eyes closed Shane continued her steady pace for the next ten t-o fifteen minutes until she finally succumbed t-o her building orgasm. Her knees slammed together t-wo or three times during her vaginal orgasmic contractions before she leaned forward with her knees spread and gushed a stream of cum over Meg’s pelvis.

* Brad and I were turned on by the display taking place making the conscious choice earlier t-o observe and not participate as we both sat naked stroking our cocks in arousal. Meg undid the snaps holding the harness on her as she lifted her cute little butt t-o slide the harness and attached dildo t-o the ground. Brad got t-o Meg first and pulled her hips t-o the edge of the sofa while he got on his knees probing and licking her pussy. I got underneath Brad and sucked his big cock until he was fully erect before getting on the sofa behind Meg allowing her t-o lean back against m-y chest while I fondled her breasts. Brad grabbed his big dick in o-ne hand while holding Meg’s knee with his other for leverage as he pushed his massive cock inside her. He start slowly marking her depth on his shaft with her natural lubricant holding her knee in o-ne hand and rubbing the other over her exposed clit. Wanting t-o get a better view Shane got under Brand shoving her tongue in his ass while occasionally stopping t-o look between his legs a-t the close up action. As Brad picked up the pace and Meg’s moaning became louder and more constant Shane reached underneath his balls t-o stroke on the bottom exposed part of Brad’s shaft. Sensing Meg was getting close Brad pulled his massive cock out and let it fall slapping against her clit with a heavy thud. This caused Meg t-o squeal and buck her hips. Shane used the base of his hard cock t-o whip Meg’s clit a-t the same time stroking the base of his massive cock. Meg let out a forceful squirt accompanied by a loud squeal as Brad simultaneously sprayed a load of cum across her clit and stomach with the force of a garden hose.

* We all took a seat around the coffee table each gathering our possessions scattered throughout the room and pulling our clothing back on. It had been another memorable evening of firsts and pleasures seguing into Meg’s question t-o Shane, “What was it like ? Was what you expected ?” Shane replied, “It was kind of what I was expecting but a way lot more fun. Especially when you’re drilling a hot chick! Am I right, guys ?” She looked around the room as she finished catching the visible nods of both Brad and I and a blush appearing on MJ’s face.

* I had brewed a pot of coffee earlier and with the carafe, cream and sugar on a serving tray I placed it on the coffee table while everyone continued t-o converse about the events of the evening. The conversation was flowing more freely and lightheartedly with all of our sexual needs satiated. “The hottest part of that interview video you guys did was the part where Meg climbs on top of you and as she leans in closer t-o you ... all we hear is a soft voice saying ‘Suffer’. That part really turned m-e on !” I leaned forward and kissed MJ behind her ear as I said t-o Shane, “You’re not the only o-ne !” t-o the amusement of all present. After another hour of light conversation Shane stood up announcing it was time t-o call it night. She had left her car a-t Brad’s place and was most likely going t-o spend the night. Slightly bemused I wondered if Brad woke up with a morning erection how far away does Shane have t-o be t-o not get poked by it ? The immediate answer that came t-o m-e was a-t least ten inches ! I’m not sure if Brad had the same arrangement as we did but if I wake up with an erection I have the green light t-o ravage MJ. Having exchanged our good night hugs and well wishes I locked the door behind Shane and Brad before taking a seat next t-o the gorgeous and highly desirable MJ. “Mind if I spend the night ?”, Meg asked while turning t-o face m-e on the sofa. With the light source directly behind her casting an aura of mystery around her Meg resembled a fine art painting, a vision of beauty ... a dream I could reach out and touch. I finally replied, “Sure, no problem. You know I always sleep better when you’re here.” She smiled as she stated, “Every time we chat you end with ‘Sweet Dreams’ and I usually do. I wanted t-o return the favour.” That night I slept peacefully with m-y sensuous friend, MJ, sleeping next t-o me. It really was a sweet dream.
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part AThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part A
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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VI )
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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act V The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part A

* The end of the summer approaching was o-n full display, reflected in the longer shadows cast in the late afternoon sun. Today, rays of sunshine beamed through the leaves of the large maple and oak trees that lined the dual use bicycle and walking path. The city had many of these pathways interspersed throughout different neighbourhoods and cultural attractions with most seeing moderate use as people adjusted their routines for the upcoming fall season. With nothing o-n our calendars MJ and I decided o-n taking a late afternoon stroll o-n the path that wound along the banks of the river. Meg, looking stunning in a powder blue and white floral pattern mini skirt paired with a silk white top and a thin short sleeve black sweater, strolled beside m-e in a comfortable pair of satin black flats. Over her shoulder she wore a black Kate Spade chain clutch that reflected the sun in a sparkling pattern emanating from the gold chain. A light breeze coming off the river swept a strand of hair across Meg’s face causing her t-o brush it aside as she said, “My favourite time of year will be here soon.” I nodded m-y head in agreement replying, “It’s m-y favourite time as well. I love the colours and the crisp fall air, the smell of fires in fireplaces ... brings back a lot of memories.” She nodded in agreement lost in her own thoughts as we continued our walk o-n the path breathing in the crisper cooler air. She looked up and said, “It’s been quite a memorable spring and summer. I have you and m-y new friends t-o thank for some of them.” “I think we can all agree it was a collaborative effort but I agree we’ve had memorable moments in the time we’ve known each other. Your company is always memorable” She reached her hand out t-o hold mine generating the familiar sparks of attraction. I found it enticing that after several months of sexual exploration and intimacy her touch still gave m-e goosebumps. I sensed Meg felt this also judging by her simultaneous slightly amorous displays. Quoting Forrest Gump, “We were like peas and carrots.”

* Meg had been feeling playful all afternoon allowing her inhibitions t-o lower amid the peaceful sun filled stroll. Occasional breezes coming off the river scattered the loose piles of twigs and leaves lining the pathway keeping the temperature a-t an invigoratingly comfortable level. Fifteen minutes into our walk we encountered our second fellow pedestrians as we approached an upcoming bend in the river. When we passed the other c-ouple a gust of wind lifted Meg’s skirt before her free hand was quick enough t-o conceal a partial bum cheek. She wore black thong underwear treating anyone behind her t-o a quick glimpse of a portion of her cute derriere. “Maybe a mini skirt wasn’t the best selection for this walk.”, she said finally getting her skirt back in place. I replied, “I think anyone walking behind would disagree !” In a low soft voice I sang a lyric from the Tragically Hip’s Lionized, “There’s a cold wind blowing over your private parts ...” Her mischievous grin appeared as she released her hand playfully slapping m-y backside. We continued our walk approaching an upcoming bend in the river that featured a shaded rest area with a secluded park bench off t-o o-ne side surrounded by several large trees. Directly across from the park bench and adjacent t-o the river bank a small lookout area that took advantage of the view of the river had been erected twenty plus years previously. If you came around the corner from either direction the lookout would be the first scene visible.

* Meg, while holding m-y hand, took a seat o-n the park bench with m-e taking a seat o-n her left side before she mused, “There doesn’t seem t-o be many people that take this path this time of year.” I nodded m-y head responding with, “I’ve noticed that as well. It’s out of the way for most people unless you live close by and even then there are paths and trails closer. I think this path sees more traffic o-n weekends and evenings during the summer.” She turned towards m-e with a slight smile and said, “It’s a nice view. Why don’t you stand over by the lookout and let m-e know what that view is like ?” It sounded like a reasonable request for t-wo people who had no where in particular t-o be. Earlier, I let Brad know I would drop off his tools that were still in m-y trunk later that afternoon. We had another t-wo hours before that rough time frame and as Brad had no plans and was going t-o be home all day there was no rush. I strolled across the path t-o the lookout area stopping t-o admire the scenery. I stood with m-y hands o-n the safety rail overlooking the river taking in the serene view while a cool breeze swept over me. I turned around and leaned against the rail glancing in both directions of the path before m-y eye was drawn t-o movement in the direction of the park bench.

* MJ had leaned back with both of her feet resting o-n the park bench. She had her knees together but that didn’t hide the view of her thong underwear visible between her shins. Coyly she called out, “What’s the view like ?” I took out m-y cell phone and focused it o-n Meg before replying, “It’s looking good from over here, although the view is a bit obstructed.” She smiled, opened her legs shoulder width apart and flipped her skirt above her hips causing a predictable Pavlovian response visible in m-y pants. I involuntarily exclaimed, “Wow.” She licked her t-wo fingers o-n her right hand while her left hand pulled her panties t-o o-ne side showing off her gorgeous erotically pleasing love mound. She started swirling her fingers in a circular motion over her clitoral hood her performance captured by the cell phone cam. She increased the pace occasionally allowing her fingers t-o slip inside before returning t-o lightly slap her clit then repeating the movements. She looked up periodically while brushing her fingers back and forth over her clit vigorously with her lower lip trapped between her teeth. Motion t-o m-y right caught m-y eye as I kept the phone trained o-n MJ. A guy o-n a bicycle drove by giving m-e a cursory glance but not noticing MJ o-n the park bench. He would had t-o have been practically directly in front of the bench t-o see her. Almost being viewed turned Meg o-n spurring her t-o focus o-n her masturbating harder knowing I would alert her if anyone walked by. Her fingers were moist and slippery causing the sounds of her actions t-o be amplified.

* She reached in her purse and took out a small pocket sized vibrator turning it o-n and holding it tight against her clit with three fingers while the remaining fingers kept her thong pulled t-o o-ne side. I kept the camera trained o-n her as she inserted t-wo fingers inside her a-t a rapid pace glancing her g-spot while her other hand held the vibrator steady. She had her eyes closed and was biting her bottom lip when her hips shuddered, her thighs twitched ... her tummy contracted before she loudly exclaimed, “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh !” She dropped the vibrator and put her hand over her mouth while she completed her orgasm squirting a puddle o-n the ground in front of the park bench. She rested her feet o-n the ground before reaching down and wrapping her vibrator in a tissue putting it back her purse then returning with her sunglasses. I had a raging boner and as I kept the camera pointed a-t her she slowly licked her index and middle fingers before staring into the camera softly mouthing, “Swish Swish ... Bish !”, ending the phrase with her left eyebrow arched provocatively t-o match her smile. Pure gold ! I had discovered how erotic being teased could be from MJ. She would put o-n these displays knowing how much I wanted t-o just take her right there and bend her over the park bench, ripping off her thong, flipping her skirt over her firm buttocks as I take out m-y rock hard cock and mount her like animals do o-n a farm. Of course, I would return the teasing whenever the chance presented itself. She loved t-o be teased and taught m-e how much tastier the morsels are when you savour them for long periods before devouring them, metaphorically speaking, of course.

* We walked back t-o the parking lot both aroused from MJ’s impromptu performance. I opened the passenger side for Meg before taking a seat behind the wheel. Next stop was Brad’s place t-o drop off his tools still in m-y trunk from our previous adventure. Meg had her phone paired with m-y entertainment system filling the car cabin with Missy Elliot. With her hands hovering above her thighs she swayed her hips and shoulders back forth in her seat matching the groove while Missy sang;

Is it worth it?
Let m-e work it
I put m-y thing down, flip it and reverse it

MJ was a naturally sensuous person who looked sexy and provocative performing everyday normal activities. She was definitely working it channelling Missy while continuing t-o tease and turn m-e on. Several minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of Brad’s place. I asked MJ if she wanted t-o come in with m-e but she assumed I was just dropping off a few items and preferred t-o let the music play. “I’ll leave the keys in the ignition and should be back in a minute or two. Stay sexy !” She winked as I closed the car door and headed towards Brad’s after I retrieved his tools from the trunk. The Bey-hive had taken over m-y car with “Single Ladies” audible as I climbed the stairs t-o Brad’s place.

* I tapped lightly causing the front door t-o swing open. “Brad ?”, I called out stepping inside and closing the door behind me. I could hear a rhythmic constant sound coming from the sofa. Curiously, I approached the sofa and caught sight of Brad with headphones plugged into his laptop and porn displaying o-n the screen. He must have caught m-y refection in the laptop screen causing him t-o turn around revealing the huge erection he was stroking with vigour. Slightly embarrassed he said, “Sorry, man, I thought you were dropping by later on.” Turned o-n a-t the sight of Brad’s big cock I replied, “No problem. Want some help with that ?” He quickly replied, “Sure ! Blow job ?” I enthusiastically nodded m-y head while typing o-n m-y phone, “Giving a BJ, join us ?” I pulled down m-y pants letting m-y semi-erect cock flop around while I got o-n m-y knees taking the head of his cock in m-y mouth. I was sucking o-n his cock when a knock came o-n the door prompting Brad t-o yell, “Come in, it’s open.” Meg opened the door and was treated t-o a view that got her motor running ... even more ! Thunder storms of desire were starting t-o form in her love cloud.

* While I was sucking Brad’s cock Meg got o-n her knees next t-o m-e and sucked o-n m-y cock. I was getting more and more turned o-n by sucking o-n and stroking Brad’s huge cock as Meg continued giving m-e a world class blow job. She was hitting all the right spots adopting a few techniques both Brad and I had demonstrated for her previously. Meg was also getting turned o-n viewing the t-wo fully erect cocks in her presence. She had o-ne hand o-n the base of m-y cock and the other was busy petting her crotch. Brad had left the porn playing o-n his laptop aiding in his rock hard erection. I could hear the erotic sounds of people fucking coming from Brad’s laptop which when added t-o Meg’s highly arousing blow job combined t-o bring m-e closer t-o the edge. Meg tasted m-y pre-cum prompting her t-o stop and state, “I want your cum o-n Brad’s cock.”,before returning t-o sucking o-n m-y cock. I could feel m-y desire growing exponentially with this request as evidenced by the swelling of the head of m-y cock. Meg realized I was very close and stopped sucking o-n m-e before I stood up prompting Brad t-o also stand up. I moved close enough t-o Brad so that our cocks were touching. I rested m-y cock o-n top of his larger member and wrapped m-y hands around both cocks stroking up and down o-n our shafts in unison. M-y load came out covering the shaft of Brad’s cock in a cum glaze. Meg witnessing o-ne guy shooting his load o-n another cock for the first time was turned o-n more than she had realized. Her skirt and thong came off immediately.

* She got o-n all fours and said, “Brad, fuck m-e ... quick !” Brad got the idea, she wanted t-o use m-y cum as lube. He got in position behind her slapping her clit several times before slowly shoving his cock in her until he filled her completely. He left it in her for a few seconds allowing her t-o grow accustomed t-o his girth. She was reaching level nine out of ten o-n her turned o-n scale realizing m-y cum greased the way for Brad’s oversized cock t-o penetrate her before she was prepared. Her natural lube started t-o flow freely as Brad slowly started drawing his cock partially out of her pussy before ramming it in t-o her cervix. He was careful not cause bruising by easing up the closer he got t-o her limit now visible by the different shade of cum mixed with her lube o-n his cock ... like a dipstick. Her breathing and moaning were increasing with each stroke as I crawled underneath Meg moving m-y head in position t-o roll her clit under m-y tongue. I held o-n t-o her thighs putting m-e in a position run m-y tongue across her pussy down t-o Brad’s balls. I could taste her wetness gushing from her pussy mixed with a salty undertone of m-y own cum. Brad was getting excited aided by m-y licking of his balls making the moaning from Meg louder and more intense. She couldn’t take anymore as she pushed his cock out of her pussy releasing a gush of cum over Brad’s cock. I rolled over and got o-n m-y knees in front of Brad with m-y hand o-n the base of his cock. Meg turned around and crawled over next t-o m-e putting her arm around m-y shoulders as I sucked o-n Brad’s cock. She moved m-y head up and down o-n Brad’s shaft until I felt the head of his cock getting bigger. I switched with Meg who took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could stroking his shaft simultaneously. Brad grunted loudly with his hips twitching as he shot his load in Meg’s mouth filling her cheeks with his large load. She stroked it a few more times before slowly moving her mouth off of his cock trailing her tongue t-o catch every drop. She turned her head t-o show m-e his load before she swallowed it in o-ne gulp, afterwords licking her lips. I leaned in and kissed her passionately probing her mouth with m-y tongue tasting the salty remnants of Brad’s cum.

* Meg was first t-o speak, “That was an unexpected surprise ... in more ways than o-ne !” I replied, “I have t-o agree ! Where did that idea come from ?” She thought about it for a few seconds before responding with, “I think it was something I saw in a porno ... something that turned m-e on. I wanted t-o know what it would feel like.” Brad chimed in, “It was a first for m-e as well. It felt like sliding m-y cock in t-o a very tight pussy. I’ve never been able t-o get this thing in a pussy without lots of foreplay or lube.” Meg said, “It was something I was curious about and am glad you guys gave m-e an opportunity t-o experience it.” After a few more minutes of small talk Meg and I dressed leaving a grateful Brad with a pleasant interruption. We took our respective seats in m-y car before I turned t-o Meg and said, “Two, so far this afternoon ! By the way, kudos o-n the blow job ... damn, that felt good !” “Thanks, hun. You’ve got a great cock t-o suck. It’s not too big that I can’t get it in m-y mouth and long enough t-o deep throat, although I’m not there yet.” I pulled out of the parking with Stevie Ray Vaughn playing Pride & Joy o-n the radio as we continued o-n our way back t-o m-y place t-o clean up before heading out for a bite t-o eat. When we arrived a-t m-y place we both took a shower together and relaxed before heading out. Meg had a few chores t-o finish a-t home and had her furry friends t-o tend t-o so I chose a local chain restaurant closer t-o Meg’s place for dinner. We had pleasant conversations over dinner with MJ sharing several humorous anecdotes. After dinner I dropped Meg a-t her place. She leaned in t-o kiss m-e o-n the cheek before getting out of the passenger side car door while she said, “Keep next Saturday open.” I bowed m-y head before replying, “Yes, ma lady. Your wish is m-y command.”

* We continued t-o exchange periodic messages throughout the rest of the week. They were mostly friendly and generic in nature, such as, “How are you?”, “It’s a nice day.”, etc. O-n Friday I got a message with a request. “Hi hun ! Take m-e for a drive in the country tomorrow afternoon ?” I responded with, “Love it ! How about dinner in Perth ?” Perth is a small picturesque Ontario town located approximately an hour south west of Ottawa. Her response was a o-ne character emoji of a red heart. I replied, “Pick you up @ 4:30PM” I got another emoji symbol as a response ... an OK sign followed by a purple devil emoji. The drive t-o Perth would be scenic after the first half hour o-n a four lane highway. The second half wound through the predominately farm land area of southern Ontario densely populated with pine, cedar and oak trees. Fertile ground for previous generations whose sweat and toil were o-n display by the tree clearing necessary t-o sustain a multi-acre family farm. There would be minimal traffic o-n this route o-n a late Saturday afternoon making for a peaceful relaxing drive.

* Saturday turned out t-o be another sunny beautiful afternoon as I got ready t-o pick MJ for dinner. O-n the way across the city I decided t-o relax by playing a few tracks from Stone Sour, a side project for Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Jim Root. Through Glass was the current track:

'Cause I'm looking a-t you through the glass
Don't know how much time has passed
All I know is that it feels like forever,
but no o-ne ever tells you
That forever feels like home,
sitting all alone
inside your head

One of their better songs it was the mellowest track o-n this disc with the first half played o-n acoustic guitar. I pulled into the parking lot before texting MJ letting her know I was outside. A few minutes later she appeared in a blue and white vertically striped top paired with a light yellow midi skirt cinched with thin black belt. Her black flats had silver ankle straps that matched her silver Tiffany & Co bangle o-n her wrist. As she took a seat in the passenger side seat she said, “Hi hun. I sooo needed some away time. Thanks for this” I replied, “It’s a nice little town. The local brewery makes o-ne of m-y favourite beers ... Easy Amber.” We continued o-n in silence for the next little while both enjoying the relaxing view.

* Meg broke the silence by asking, “What do you think of m-y skirt ?” I quickly glanced down a-t her skirt before returning m-y eyes back o-n the road and said, “You pull off so many different colours. Is there anything you don’t look good in ?” She reached over and put her hand o-n m-y forearm then said, “That’s sweet, hun. Hmm, I never noticed that before” I momentarily took m-y eyes off the wheel t-o glance in Meg’s direction. T-o m-y surprise she had lifted her skirt up t-o her hips showing off her leopard print panties. With a sly sensuous grin she asked, “Did you notice this before ?” For another second I took m-y eyes off of the road t-o glance in her direction quickly noticing she had pulled her panties t-o o-ne side displaying her highly desirable love organ. I moved m-y eyes back t-o the road but not before witnessing her sliding her fingers over her mildly aroused mound. I felt the carnal desires starting t-o build in m-y loins. She was attempting t-o tease m-e and was doing a very fine job of it. It took all of m-y self control t-o not reach m-y hand over t-o pet her small gorgeous love kitten. She knew this and t-o increase her level of teasing she said, “Distracted driving can cost you demerit points o-n your license. You need t-o focus o-n the road” She knew I was turned on, she knew I wanted t-o reach over and touch her but she also knew I would return her tease by resisting the urge. She was laying a broad foundation for an evening of sexual exploration with subtle visual teasing. She flipped her skirt back down and continued with conversation pointing out scenery or making observations as if nothing had happened.

* We drove through the town of Perth following the GPS t-o a public parking lot located next t-o a canal. It was a nice evening, pleasant enough for a quick stroll along the canal before dinner. “I hope you’re coming back t-o m-y place after dinner.” I replied, “Sure. I don’t have any other plans for the rest of the weekend.” She took m-y hand as we continued our stroll before asking, “Do you ever watch girl-on-girl porn ?” It seemed like an out-of-the-blue question prompting m-e t-o reply, “Honestly, it’s something I’ve been watching more of lately. I like watching the interaction, it’s a real turn on.” She nodded and continued, “Right? It never turned m-e o-n before until recently now it’s something I watch more of.” I continued with, “Yeah, we need t-o get you more of that action !” Imitating a stereotypical ‘surfer dude’ she replied with, “Yeaaaahh, brah !” And so continued our evening as we both enjoyed a beer over fajitas for dinner. Afterwards we took another stroll through the main thoroughfare before returning t-o the parking lot. I unlocked the doors and held the door for MJ before walking around t-o the drivers side. The drive back saw sparse traffic as the sun approached the horizon. We listened t-o the radio station interspersed with chatting and recounting childhood stories. It turned t-o be a great Saturday afternoon with a relaxing Saturday evening planned back a-t Meg’s place.

* An hour later we arrived a-t Meg’s place as dusk was transitioning t-o night. I took a seat o-n her sofa while she went into the master bedroom t-o change into something more comfortable. I found the remote for her sound system and tuned in the local radio station. As I took a seat o-n the sofa I noticed Meg standing in the hallway wearing nothing but a smile. She called out coyly, “This too comfortable, do ya think ?” I replied, “Hmmm, probably too comfortable for the beach but just right for a night of watching or making porn !” She laughed her seductive laugh before returning moments later wearing another white cotton one-size-too-small t-shirt combined with a pair of curve hugging grey yoga pants ... of course, bra less. She was working with all her assets this evening leaving very little t-o the imagination but leaving everything t-o the imagination. She took her time crossing the living room t-o take a seat next t-o m-e o-n the sofa. She was parading her sensuality in front of m-e teasing m-e with her sensuous curves, swaying her hips seductively while I drank in the tempting view. Playing her game I resisted every urge t-o pounce o-n her and rip every article of clothing off of her body, ravaging her with the hot burning passion of a thousand suns. With MJ less is more. Taking a seat beside m-e o-n m-y left she turned towards m-e slightly bending her right leg and crossing her left leg over her foot. She had her right hand o-n her neck resting her elbow in the sofa while her left hand rested o-n her hip. In this pose the light was casting shadows over her body highlighting and accentuating her alluring features as I sat transfixed caught in a daze. She might have been saying something but I wasn’t sure until she broke the spell with a quick wiggle of her chest. I rested m-y hand o-n her leg and as I looked up m-y eyes were drawn t-o her seductive insinuating smile.

* “What would you like t-o see ?”, she said with a sly bewitching smile. “Hmm, you mean like world peace ... a man o-n mars ? Or do you mean things like t-wo eggs sunny side up ? T-wo cantaloupes ? T-wo owls also known as a nice pair of hooters ?”, I replied t-o her amused grin. She straightened her back pushing her chest forward slightly before replying, “Hah ... hah! I was referring t-o something o-n Netflix or o-n Prime. I’m not sure what YOU were referring to.” She winked. “Would you object t-o a few episodes of Parks & Recreation ?”, I inquired. She said, “I’ve watched o-ne or t-wo episodes before but I’m not very familiar with it.” “It’s well written. I get a kick out of a few of the recurring characters. Plus ... Amy Poehler !”, I exclaimed. She nodded, “Yeah, she’s funny ... loved her o-n SNL.” She swivelled t-o face the TV leaning back as she continued, “Oh ... and I invited Shane over little later. Hope you don’t mind ?” She was working her teasing t-o a new level with this declaration knowing Shane coming over was most likely not t-o bake cookies. Damn, this girl knew what buttons push sitting back in skin tight clothing making allusions t-o evening of group sexual exploration. I selected a c-ouple of episodes of Parks & Recreation that featured the recurring character Jean-Ralphio Saperstein. (You t-ube has a decent montage of his appearances ... search for his name)

* After several episodes Meg’s phone buzzed with an incoming text message. She picked up her phone, checked the message, smiled and put her phone back down before satisfying m-y curiosity. “It’s just Shane saying she’s outside and will be here in a minute or two.”, she said. I nodded still laughing a-t the antics of Jean-Ralphio. Moments later the door bell rang announcing the arrival of Shane. M-y curiosity was piqued wondering how much and what exactly had she planned with Shane. MJ got up t-o answer the door in an outfit I’m sure Shane was going t-o approve of. MJ and Shane walked into the living room followed by a shorter voluptuous friend. Her name was Jacqueline or Jackie for short. Casually dressed she was five feet t-wo inches with 38-26-38 measurements. Her 34 double D’s were the first thing I noticed. The second was her resemblance of a mid thirties Jennifer Love Hewitt complete with combed forward bangs. She had a genuine smile but couldn’t disguise her surveying MJ in her one-size-too-small bra-less white cotton t-shirt. When introduced they hugged causing their breasts t-o press together. I got turned o-n by the reaction MJ was displaying in her t-shirt. She took Jackie’s hand and led her into the living room where we all took a seat while MJ went t-o the kitchen t-o retrieve our drink orders. I introduced myself prompting Jackie t-o come over and give m-e a warm hug allowing m-e t-o judge how her firm round breasts felt t-o the touch. Judging by the gorgeous hot women whom I had the pleasure of being in the company of I was about t-o participate in something seldomly experienced by the modern day human male ... an F-F-F-M with three highly desirable females.

* We sat in a circle chatting with the level of flirting increasing while Meg and Jackie spent more time engaging each other in their own conversations ranging from fashion t-o celebrities. They seemed t-o have several common interests learned from conversing about each others likes and dislikes. Shane was particularly focused o-n the dynamic developing through their conversations revealing some of the relationship and history between Jackie and Shane. Jackie was fully bisexual and could be considered Shane’s current ‘main squeeze’. She was in her mid 30’s, divorced and currently lived alone. Deciding t-o spice up the conversation I asked Jackie, “Did Shane also ‘ensure your privacy’ while you were in the change room ?” All eyes swivelled t-o face Shane awaiting her response. She broke into a large seductive grin complimenting her seductive aura o-n display as she said, “That offer is only available for eligible customers.” Realizing the attention had now shifted t-o her Jackie said, “Shane told m-e that story recently. Whew! I asked her if she read that story in Penthouse forum!” We all chuckled with Meg taking Jackie’s hand before she stood up stating, “Let m-e show you around, Jackie.” Both Shane and I had our eyes glued t-o both of their figures as Meg led Jackie around her home giving her the grand tour. They continued t-o touch each other inadvertently, innocently flirting under the veiled pretext of a guided tour. I could tell Meg found her attractive as evidenced by her body language flaunting her obvious desires ranging from her staring glances t-o her light touch each time they laughed. Their chemistry was becoming more prominent.

* While Meg led Jackie around her home Shane took a seat next t-o me. She rested her hand o-n m-y knee as she said, “I hope you don’t mind m-e bringing m-y girl over. I thought they would hit it off.” I replied, “Oh, I don’t mind in the least, Shane. She’s attractive. I can only imagine the fun you t-wo have together.” She moved her hand further up m-y thigh replying, “She does like the real thing o-n occasion. ” I smiled as she continued with a change in demeanour, “That was really hot the last time we had a four way.” Feeling a connection I nodded enthusiastically saying, “I know ! I’ve had intense sex before but that was something special. I felt like we could easily change partners without ever changing partners.” Shane was resting her hand o-n m-y crotch rubbing it over m-y unit causing the outline t-o become more visible. She had turned t-o face m-e staring in m-y eyes as she said, “I want t-o see m-y girl getting fucked by you.” She winked before she said, “Maybe we should start t-o get them interested ! I may like girls but, like m-y girl, sometimes I like the real thing.” I was turned on. I found Shane attractive from the first moment we met her a-t the mall and now I was going put m-y cock in her again. We were both turned o-n by the idea of us being intimate with each other possibly because we seemed unlikely as partners turning us o-n even more ... like breaking the rules.

* I reached forward putting both hands o-n either side of Shane’s face pulling her closer t-o m-e as we continued t-o stare deeply into each others eyes. It was in character with the intense sexual relationship we’ve enjoyed with each other t-o date. She had m-y zipper down and reached inside m-y shorts t-o retrieve m-y growing cock. I groped her breasts while we continued with our lips locked in a passionate embrace. Shane turned t-o face m-e before kneeling o-n the sofa with her knees o-n either side of m-y hips. She leaned forward kissing m-e again deeply with her firm round breasts pressing against m-y chest. M-y hands were following the contours of her body firmly grabbing her buttocks and breasts as our passion heated up. “Oh wow! Leave the room for t-wo minutes and look what happens !”, Meg said coming into the living room hand in hand with Jacqueline. Shane stopped momentarily looking back while she replied, “Someone had t-o get this party started !” Taking this remark as a cue Jackie pulled Meg close t-o her and wrapped her in a hot passionate kiss. Both were using their hands t-o explore the other girls assets. With their lips touching they used their hands t-o remove the bottom half of their clothing. I said t-o Shane, “You need t-o see this.” Shane turned t-o catch a glimpse of both Meg and Jackie groping each other’s breasts while Jackie rubbed her slit over Meg extended thigh. They removed their remaining clothing momentarily breaking their embrace while I stood up t-o remove m-y pants persuading Shane t-o do the same. She pushed m-e back down o-n the couch and got o-n her knees between m-y legs t-o suck m-y cock.

* M-y cock got harder witnessing Jackie and Meg groping and grinding o-n each other. Meg pushed Jackie over t-o the love seat and straddled her o-n the chair. Meg’s long hair fell forward as she leaned in t-o lock tongues and mouths with Jackie. Jackie was grabbing handfuls of Meg’s ample bosom occasionally pinching and caressing her nipples. Meg would sporadically move from a passionate kiss t-o suckling and groping Jackie’s larger chest. She would lean her chest down brushing her nipples over Jackie’s erect nipples both of them moaning transmitting their growing desires. Shane was getting turned o-n listening t-o the interaction taking place behind her as she increased the pace and suction she was applying t-o m-y cock. I stood up motioning for her t-o get in doggy style position o-n the floor. She got o-n all fours in front the love seat occupied by Meg and Jackie so she could reach forward and touch both girls bodies. She got in position and slid her fingers inside of Jackie as I got behind her and shoved m-y cock in her. This was the second time I had fucked her feeling m-y erection continuing t-o hold rock hard as I picked up the pace fucking her deep. Meg slid down putting her feet o-n the floor and moving back t-o give Shane direct access t-o lick Jackie’s pussy. She had her legs straddling Shane still underneath her. I stopped, pulled out and reached forward t-o grab Meg by her hips pulling her backwards until she was sitting o-n Shane’s buttocks as I got back in position and stuck m-y cock in Shane’s pussy again. I held o-n t-o Meg keeping her sitting while I fucked Shane. I pushed Meg’s head forward as she straddled Shane with her pussy resting slightly above Shane’s butt hole. Being taller I was able t-o take m-y cock out of Shane and hold Meg still while I stuck m-y cock in her. This was another new experience for Meg who had her firm tits resting o-n Shane’s back. With every stroke pushing her slightly forward Meg’s clit would rub against Shane’s spine. I fucked Meg in this position for several minutes before returning t-o Shane. Meg crawled off of Shane and got underneath in a position t-o lick her clit while I fucked her pussy. I reached forward grabbing Shane’s swinging breasts as I pumped harder and faster in her slippery canal.

* Shane moaned loudly her thighs shuddering pushing m-y cock out of her before coating m-y torso in her cum. Shane continued t-o stimulate Jackie building o-n the arousal started by Meg. Jackie was moaning louder broadcasting her sexual pleasure t-o the room as Shane worked her tongue over clit with her fingers rapidly thrusting in and out of her. Meg got o-n all fours behind Shane who was o-n all fours in front of Jackie in the love seat. Joining the train I got behind Meg sticking m-y cock in her causing her t-o gasp while she continued t-o lick Shane’s freshly satisfied pussy and ass hole. Shane let out an audible ‘Ooooh’ every time Meg penetrated her ass with her tongue. I had a tight grip o-n Meg’s hips as I fucked her harder and faster continuing the pace I worked up t-o with Shane. Jackie squealed announcing a powerful vaginal and clitoral orgasm compliments of Shane’s talented tongue and fingers. With their orgasms completed Shane and Jackie moved in position t-o grope and caress Meg while I continued fucking her. Shane was groping each breast pinching her swinging nipples while Jackie got underneath her running her tongue over Meg’s clit and over m-y exposed shaft. She was getting turned o-n from the taste of MJ’s sweet musk. Getting closer t-o orgasm and feeling m-y desire increase I wet both of m-y thumbs before inserting them in her ass hole while I grabbed tightly o-n t-o her butt cheeks holding her place. She moaned loudly while I picked up the pace. I felt m-y orgasm nearing and announced it t-o the room before pulling out and standing up. “Who wants it ?”, I said holding m-y cock tightly o-n the cusp of spewing m-y goo. Jackie got in front of m-e as I asked, “Where do you want it ?” She replied, “Facial !”, as I stroked m-y cock several times before spouting a thick rope of cum over her face and hair. The second spurt splashed o-n her ample chest before she leaned in sucking the remnants from the tip of m-y cock. Meg leaned down and licked m-y cum off of Jackie’s forehead using her tongue t-o clean the splashes off her cheeks before sliding down the lick the drips o-n her breasts. Shane sat down o-n the love seat allowing her breathing and heart rate t-o settle down. Meg and I took a seat o-n the sofa together while Shane and Jackie cuddled in the love seat.

* Deciding we needed more intimacy Meg suggested we all convene in the bedroom while she refreshed our drinks bringing them into the bedroom placing them o-n the nightstand. Shane laid down first o-n the left side of the bed prompting m-e t-o take the right hand side. Jackie and Shane cuddled up t-o us respectively. If such a thing as a thought bubble existed above m-e it would have read, ‘Thank you, Jesus, for these six perfect breasts in front of me’. I was in bed with three gorgeous highly desirable women. Jackie rolled over Shane t-o lay in the middle of Shane and I. Feeling the urge t-o explore with Jackie I sat up slightly and looked directly a-t Shane. We stared into each others eyes for what seemed like minutes but in reality was 2 seconds a-t most each, again, oddly understanding the unspoken request with a subtle glance a-t Jackie before returning t-o stare a-t Shane. I was asking Shane for her permission sensing a relationship between them. Shane nodded. I leaned over and placed m-y right hand o-n Jackie’s cheek turning her head towards m-e for a long slow passionate kiss. Meg got turned o-n sensing another opportunity t-o interact with her new friend and rolled between Jackie’s legs resting her cheek o-n her thigh. Shane leaned in t-o cup and suck o-n o-ne of her large breasts causing Jackie t-o arch her back slightly. Her movement prompted Meg t-o lightly run her tongue over Jackie’s mound pressing her tongue in deeper searching for her clitoral hood. In response Jackie spread her legs while her breathing increased from our stimulating her with caressing and passionate kissing. We were a slow moving mound of pleasure all seeking pleasure from each other.

* Shane rolled over standing up t-o get the bag she brought with her. It contained her harness, dildo and several vibrators of varying lengths and features among other items. Some with variable speeds, some smaller and o-ne set small enough t-o fit over t-wo fingers like a large ring. She put o-n her harness and selected the large nine inch fat dildo t-o attach t-o it before getting o-n the bed in a kneeling position behind Meg. She reached back and grabbed her lube dropping the bottle next t-o her before reaching down t-o lift Meg up by her hips while Meg continued eating Jackie’s muffin. Meg was running her tongue over her clit until she stopped with the tip of Jackie’s clit a-t a relative six o’clock position so she could reach her tongue back t-o tap the tip of her clit before running her tongue up her shaft. When Jackie would arch her back Meg would hold her hips and plunge her tongue inside her followed by her head moving back and forth keeping her tongue stiff t-o brush against her clit o-n each pass. Shane squirted lube o-n the dildo before slapping Meg’s clit several times with it. She slowly slid her fat long dildo inside MJ. While Shane worked each inch in her Meg rocked her hips up and down helping her Shane’s member slide inside her before her natural lube started t-o flow. I was sucking and caressing her large breasts feeling the blood starting t-o flow t-o m-y crotch partially fuelled by the visual of Shane pounding Meg and her facial expressions reflecting the pleasure she was experiencing. Jackie motioned for m-e t-o come closer as she whispered, “Can I blow you ?” I nodded yes and straddled her chest pushing m-y hips forward for her t-o position her mouth t-o receive m-y growing cock. She wrapped her hand o-n the base and started t-o suck me. She wasn’t as good as Meg but she knew what she was doing. I may be biased but Meg was better because of our unspoken bond and our months of exploration with each other.

* After several minutes m-y cock was rock hard, a prospect that excited Shane more than anyone. She wanted m-e t-o fuck her friend while she fucked Meg staring a-t each other again. I got rock hard a-t the thought of watching Meg getting fucked, while fucking Jackie and while reflecting our pleasure in a locked stare with Shane . It was intimate and intense. Jackie got o-n all fours facing Mj both kissing passionately as I slid m-y cock inside Jackie’s now thoroughly prepared sopping wet pussy. She had larger hips giving m-e more t-o grab as I thrust m-y cock in her t-o balls deep. Both of their breasts were swinging back and forth from the motion of both being fucked a-t the same time. It was made even hotter by each girl reaching out t-o caress each other’s huge breasts. Taking a metaphorically dip in the pool I wet m-y thumb inserting it in Jackie’s ass. I didn’t get any resistance giving m-e reason t-o wet t-wo fingers inserting both in her hole while still fucking her dripping wet pussy. After twenty seconds of m-y fingers in her ass I pulled m-y dripping cock out of her and placed the tip of m-y cock against her ass. She moved herself backwards upon m-y cock causing the tip t-o slide in her ass. I looked up a-t Shane who was rubbing her clit while fucking Meg and motioned for her t-o toss m-e the bottle of lube. I squirted more lube o-n m-y cock and stood up putting m-y knees in front of Jackie’s hips sliding m-y cock in her ass as I held her tight by her breasts. I picked up the pace fucking her ass, m-y passion increasing by periodically glancing a-t Meg and Jackie making out before returning t-o the locked gaze of Shane. She was getting turned o-n watching m-e fuck her girl and vice versa.

* I was approaching orgasm for the second time that evening with a growing passion resulting from a collective engagement of sexual activity. Shane could sense m-e coming close causing her t-o increase the pace of her own clit rubbing. She picked up o-ne of the smaller vibrators and held it against her clit moaning with pleasure. M-y appetite increased as I caught a glimpse of Meg in throes of passion totally focused o-n the girl in front of her and her huge swinging tits. I shot m-y load in Jackie’s ass grunting and moaning loudly. M-y pleasure set off a chain reaction causing Shane t-o cry out loudly tearing the harness from her hips before leaning back with her pussy convulsing releasing a small stream of cum. After Shane and I finished our orgasms Jackie and Meg got t-o their knees and embraced each other exchanging passionate kisses and probing tongues, their hands probing and caressing each other. Locked in an embrace both inserted t-wo fingers in the others vagina rapidly slamming and probing their sensitive spots with vigour while occasionally brushing their nipples against each other. Shane took a spot next t-o m-e watching both girls exchange their passion locked in an embrace. Meg pushed Jackie down t-o the floor and got between her legs in a position that resembled t-wo V’s lined up sideways. They held hands and both laid back with Jackie o-n her back and Meg o-n her side. They used their hands as leverage allowing them t-o grind their clits against each other. Both rotated their hips up and down and back a-t forth leaving a trail of their natural lube o-n each others inner thighs. Following Shane’s lead I moved over next t-o Meg in a position t-o suck o-n and grope her breasts. Both girls were moaning loudly exclaiming their pleasure. Meg was first t-o announce her orgasm had arrived as she squirted her fluid all over Jackie’s closely shaved pussy. Jackie rolled over allowing Shane t-o slip between her legs lapping her tongue all over her pussy. She inserted her fingers in Jackie while licking her clit garnering passionate moans also causing her t-o arch her back. Without warning Jackie announced, “Ohhhhh god, Ohhhh god .. .I’m gonna cum ... Ohhh” Shane moved up t-o hold her as her body convulsed with a powerful orgasm. We were all spent coated in a light film of perspiration while endorphins raced through our bloodstreams enhancing our collective euphoria.

* Relaxing after a vigorous workout we all enjoyed a large gulp of cold water from the pitcher Meg retrieved moments earlier. She had taken Jackie by the hand with her in the kitchen t-o replenish our drinks and t-o fix a light snack. Jackie followed up with a plate of cheese and crackers while Meg had a plate of sliced fresh fruit complete with a small bowl of light chocolate dip. We sat in a circle around the snacks chatting, eating and glancing a-t each others naked bodies as I felt like the luckiest man o-n earth. Being playful, Jackie took a piece of fruit dipped it in the chocolate sauce and held it between her teeth. Shane nodded slightly t-o Meg as a signal t-o ‘go for it’ of which Meg did taking the piece of fruit in her mouth. As she did Jackie leaned forward and kissed her o-n the lips ... passionately. Their mutual attraction was visible t-o both Shane and I who was also enjoying watching both girls flirt and bond. Shane leaned in for a piece of fruit dipping it the chocolate dip. She joined in o-n the playfulness by smearing the chocolate across o-ne of Jackie’s nipples her other hand giving Meg a slight tap o-n her cute tight little derriere. Meg leaned forward cupping Jackie’s breast and placing her mouth o-n her chocolate smeared nipple. Jackie flipped her hair back as she reached out t-o caress Meg’s beautiful breasts. Feeling more aroused Jackie moved forward pushing Meg o-n her back as she straddled her tummy with her hair cascading around Meg face. She leaned in t-o kiss her with their nipples pressing against each others firm round breasts. Getting turned o-n Shane got in front of m-e t-o suck m-y cock as I continued t-o watch m-y own private porno in front of me.

* Jackie was laying o-n top of Meg kissing and exchanging tongues with her while her hips were still above Meg treating Shane and I t-o a view of both of her holes. Being super turned o-n Meg wrapped her legs around Jackie’s hips grinding her pubic bone against Jackie’s well toned thigh muscle. Shane had gotten m-e rock hard again aided by the visuals of Meg and her new playmate engaged in a hot passionate embrace. Shane told m-e t-o fuck her girl while she retrieved and put her strap-on back on. I got behind Jackie shoving m-y cock in her still sopping wet love canal as Shane reached her hand down t-o Meg. Shane helped Meg get out from under Jackie whose tits were flying back and forth from m-y pounding her doggy style and moved Meg t-o the right side of Jackie. She got behind Meg and reached her arms under armpits locking her fingers behind her head before pushing her forward bending her over Jackie’s bent over frame. Meg’s tits were resting o-n Jackie’s lower back as Shane got behind with a dab of lube o-n her member and inserted it a bent over MJ. Shane let go of her grip and grabbed Meg by both hips thrusting her dildo in and out of MJ. For the next few minutes the room was filled with the sound of t-wo wet slurping pussies being fucked. After several more minutes Shane reached over and smacked m-e o-n the ass as she said, “C’mon, let’s switch.

* I got behind a bent over Meg shoving m-y cock in her as Shane did the same with Jackie. Shane reached forward and grabbed a handful of Jackie’s hair tugging her head upwards and holding her steady. Taking her cue I did the same with Meg and added a playful slap o-n her gorgeous ass. Meg was loving the closeness and the interactions of us all, her pussy starting t-o drip extra natural lube. Jackie was breathing heavier as Shane worked her harder tugging her head back o-n occasion. She turned o-n another vibrator and held it against her clit as she released her hold o-n Jackie. She used her free hand t-o slap Jackie’s ass hard leaving a red hand print. I reached down and grabbed Meg’s left arm pulling it back t-o hold her still while I continued t-o slam m-y cock in her with m-y other hand still tugging her head upwards by her hair. Their increased breathing caused Shane and I speed up our fucking matching each other’s rhythm. Meg had her other arm draped over Jackie reaching around t-o pinch her nipples and cup her breasts. Getting more and more turned o-n by the visual and audio stimulation I could no longer hold back as I let go m-y third load of cum for the evening announcing m-y finality with a loud grunt. Jackie was next t-o orgasm as her body convulsed with her third and most powerful orgasm of the evening. Shane pulled her dildo out of Jackie while continuing t-o hold the vibrator against her clit until she also succumbed orgasm number three.

* Jackie asked Meg, “Did he cum in you ?”, t-o which Meg nodded her head. Jackie moved in closer kissing Meg while she pushed her down o-n her back, her breasts resting o-n Meg’s tummy. She moved down, parted Meg’s lips and licked her clit before plunging her tongue inside of Meg tasting the salty remnants of m-y dripping cum leaking out of her. Shane and I got o-n either side of Meg t-o caress and fondle her firm breasts edging Meg closer t-o her third orgasm. Jackie inserted her fingers in Meg and held a vibrator t-o her clit handed t-o her by Shane. The wet sloppy sound of her vagina being worked over sent MJ over the edge once again. That sound turned her o-n so much that little further effort was required t-o get her off. She let out a loud and long howl as she squirted all over Jackie’s face and chest. It was the most she had ever squirted and the longest. Jackie laid o-n top of Meg as she completed her orgasm savouring the intimacy she just shared with another female.

* A few minutes later we were all relaxing in the afterglow of another group orgasm. After re-hydrating all four of us laid back o-n the bed with our respective partners cuddled next t-o us in the middle while they both held hands. For the next hour we made small talk allowing our senses t-o return t-o normal gradually. Sensing Meg’s tiredness Shane and Jackie got dressed as they announced it was time t-o leave. Shane gave MJ a soft sensuous kiss and a long passionate hug before saying, “Come see m-e a-t work sometime, sugar. We’ll do lunch !” Shane gave m-e a hug and kiss while MJ and Jackie hugged and held each others hand before they both exclaimed how great it was t-o meet each other. With o-ne final kiss o-n the cheek Jackie took Shane’s hand as she led her out t-o their car. Taking a seat next t-o each other in the bedroom Meg said, “Damn, that girl was hot ... and you fucked her t-wo times tonight !” Wearing a playful pout she said, “How come she gets all the attention ?” With a playful grin m-y only response was (and could be), “I’ll have t-o find some way t-o make it up t-o you !” She laughed, tilted her head back before staring intensely into m-y eyes with her eyebrow arched as she said, “I’m sure you’ll find a way !
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act V The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part A
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act V )
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Last Updated:Jul 30, 2020 6:04 pm

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IV The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VI

* “Hey! Brad, can you hand m-e a nail ?”, I asked bent over with a hammer in o-ne hand while holding a thin log in the other. Brad handed m-e a nail t-o secure o-ne end of the log against the tree trunk before handing m-e another t-o secure the other end. I had fastened the log approximately t-wo feet in front of and o-ne foot below a previous log that was secured t-o the trunks of t-wo other trees. That pole was fastened a-t a height of about 1 metre (or three feet) and had another the same length fastened a-t ground level. We finished our task and gathered our tools t-o head back t-o m-y car before the impending rain clouds moved in. Walking back Brad said, “I’m glad I could help out. You guys have become close friends ... always enjoy lending a hand t-o friends.” I responded with a generous thank you and a quick query about his availability for next Saturday afternoon. “I checked m-y calendar and I have nothing on the horizon for next week. Besides, I wouldn’t miss it for the world !” We tossed the tools in the trunk and took our respective seats in the car. “I’ll drop you off a-t your place as I have t-o head out t-o finish a few more chores this afternoon. Thanks, again, for your help.”, I said

* We were driving back in the direction of Brad’s apartment with the windows down and Metric playing on the local radio station. The enigmatic and highly artistic Emily Haines was seducing our ears powering through ‘Sick Muse’;

Watch out, Cupid
Stuck m-e with a sickness
Pull your little arrows out
Let m-e live m-y life

Played in the key of A it accentuated and complimented Emily’s soprano range. During the rest of the drive back t-o Brad’s place we continued with small talk about local events, the Ottawa Senators and various other miscellaneous topics. Eventually, I dropped Brad off before picking up a few things along the way heading back t-o m-y place. I still had time t-o relax before MJ stopped by for evening of ‘Netflix and chill’. Knowing MJ it would be wise t-o rest up before she came by.

* Around seven PM I got a text message from Meg, “On m-y way over, should be there in 40 min. Got a small surprise for you !” Reading the last part of that message caused a stirring in m-y loins. Meg and I had a relationship that could be best described as ‘mentally intimate’. And by that I mean we felt comfortable discussing almost anything around each other. MJ was not the type t-o beat around the bush or hint a-t things, she was direct and t-o the point. If you annoyed her she told you so. If you said something truly funny she laughed. If she was horny she would tell you although she might not come right out with that exact phrase but her version would not be ambiguous. I felt comfortable talking dirty t-o her if I was in the mood but would usually lead with something similar to, “Damn, you got m-e turned on !” She would do similar with me. In her youth she would have ignored those types of comments but now in her sexual peak she took them as both a compliment and a challenge. She also enjoyed the same dynamic with m-e in that she felt comfortable talking dirty t-o m-e and got aroused by how freely the language came t-o her. She found it refreshing t-o let her ‘naughty girl’ side loose uninhibited, t-o think her naughty or dirty thoughts out loud. Those who knew her in her youth would have been shocked t-o hear the language and phrases she would use. Knowing this only served t-o increase her arousal. She was a little sexual vixen hidden in plain sight.

* What Meg didn’t realize was that I also had a small surprise for her. I had recently bought a Pentax digital SLR camera complete with UHD video capability. It shot fantastic video. I had a small adaptable tripod on the coffee table holding m-y Samsung S9 phone. Standing off t-o o-ne side behind the coffee table I had the digital SLR mounted on it’s tripod. I got a text message from MJ that asked m-e t-o meet her outside. I went out t-o the parking lot spotting MJ’s car in the visitor lot as she waved a-t me. When I got closer t-o the car she rolled down her window and asked if I liked fruit. Quizzically I responded with, “Yes, I love fruit.” She rolled up her window and stepped out of her car with her back turned t-o me. She was wearing a short dark red skirt, a pair of ivory coloured pumps and a ‘one size too small’ thin white cotton t-shirt. When she turned around she pointed a-t what was most obvious in this too tight t-shirt with no bra and said, “How do you like these melons ? Surprise !” Quickly, I replied, “Damn girl, if Helen of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships ... I think we need t-o rewrite those history books ‘cuz those beauties could launch an Armada !” Quoting an old Seinfeld episode she pointed a-t her chest and replied, “They’re real ... and they’re spectacular!” She knew she had the upper hand as she knew fully well how much I wanted t-o reach out and grab both of those beautiful round, firm melons but in an effort t-o tease her I wouldn’t. This increased her arousal even more as her nipples could attest. They were firm enough t-o cut glass ! I put m-y arm around her shoulder as we walked back t-o m-y condo unit assuming there were probably a few sets of eyes on her while crossing the parking lot. I said t-o her in a low voice, “I also have a surprise for you !” She inquired, “What is it ? You know I hate suspense !” I gave in, “Well, you remember that fantasy we talked about long ago where you fictitiously answer an ad for a porno shoot because you needed the rent money ? I’ve got the cameras set up. A-ll you have t-o do is follow along and pretend you’re answering an ad. Wait outside while I get the camera rolling and bring you in for your audition. Your name is Mona L.” She nodded her head and waited outside m-y door.

* With Meg waiting outside I picked up the camera and gave a quick commentary. “I’m meeting with a potential today who will be interviewing for a chance t-o break into the adult film industry. She’s waiting outside. Follow m-e and let’s go bring in Mona, I believe her name is. It says on her application form ... ahh ... here it is ...Mona L.” I gave the door a light tap t-o let MJ know I was about t-o start recording her. I opened the door and trained the camera on her while commenting, “Wow, you’re gorgeous Mona ! Come in, please, and make your self comfortable on the sofa.” Meg strutted over and sat on the sofa crossing her legs as she did so. She straightened her shoulders causing her too tight t-shirt t-o cling even tighter t-o her body. The dark outline of her perfect ‘silver dollar’ sized nipples were highly visible through the light cotton fabric. I started the interview with the camera trained on her from the knees up. I started, “First, why do you want t-o be in the adult film industry, if you don’t mind m-e asking ?” She lead with, “Well ... I guess because I like sex and honestly I need the money right now.” “That’s understandable, I hear that story a lot. For the record we need t-o get some of this paperwork out of the way. You are above the age of Nineteen ? You don’t need t-o answer that as you look twenty-eight maybe twenty-nine a-t most. That’s the age I’ll put on the form, twenty-eight. You are a legal resident of Canada ?” She nodded her head. “And you’re name is Mona L.”, I asked. “Correct. M-y last name is Lot.” As I wrote this down on a fake application sheet I marvelled a-t her cleverness. She stated her full name as Mona Lot ! I continued with the monologue, “Okay. I have the cameras rolling for an audition for Mona Lot for a chance t-o work in the adult industry. What we are doing today is making a demo tape that I’ll distribute t-o producers in the industry. If they like what they see you can expect t-o make anywhere from o-ne thousand t-o five thousands dollars day depending upon how much you are willing t-o do on cam.” She nodded. “I take it you’ve done things like blow jobs ?” She nodded yes. “ Been with multiple guys a-t once ?” She nodded yes again. “Have you done anal ?” Again, she nodded yes. “Like it ?” She shrugged her shoulders as if t-o say, “Meh!”.

* I finished writing and looked up and said, “Okay, now what I need for you t-o do is stand up in front of the camera.” She stood up. “Okay, turn around slowly t-o give the producers a full view.” She did. “Now, this next part is up t-o you. Because that top doesn’t leave much t-o the imagination you can take it off or leave a little mystery by keeping it on. Anyone can already tell those are spectacular through your t-shirt. Most producers don’t get t-o see this angle so maybe teasing them a bit might prompt them t-o interview you because of it.” She replied, “I like that idea. I’ll leave m-y top on but just t-o clear up any doubts ...” She pulled her t-shirt up t-o her chin allowing her gorgeous all natural breasts t-o sit firmly in plain view on her chest like t-wo fine cantaloupes. After a few seconds of flashing her tits a-t me, and the cameras, she pulled her top back down. “Okay. Can you come closer ? What size are they ?” She replied, “34 D cup” She came within a foot of m-e before I reached out and felt both of her magnificent breasts. She then moved back and sat down on the sofa kicking off her shoes and removing the short skirt she was wearing. “Okay, now I want you t-o stand up, turn around and bend over.” She did. “Now reach back and pull down your panties.” She slowly pulled her panties down past her knees and then kicked them off while still bent over. “Okay, now reach back and pull both of your ass cheeks apart and hold it for a few seconds.” She did this exposing her freshly shaved pussy and her erotic butt hole. M-y cock got hard instantly from this view. There is no other pose that gets m-y motor running more than this view. The animal lust was building inside of m-e like a pressure cooker.

* I sat down opposite of her on the sofa and trained the phone on her midsection. “Do you masturbate ?” She giggled and responded “Of course I do ! Why? Is that next ?” I replied, “Correct. Do you normally just use your hand or do you like t-o use a toy ?” She said, “I’m comfortable with both but I don’t have a toy with me.” I reached down next t-o the coffee table and handed her a small ‘silver bullet’ sized vibrator. She took it, put her feet up on the sofa, leaned back and started running the vibrator over her clit occasionally slipping t-wo fingers inside of her canal. She had her eyes closed moaning lightly as I moved in closer with the phone cam t-o get a close up view. M-y tent pole was quite visible thanks t-o the view of Meg showing off her skills while her exquisite breasts were tightly bound by her t-shirt. I got on m-y knees in front of Meg holding the phone a mere foot from her t-o get an extreme close up on her pussy. Moisture was starting t-o glisten on a trail being traced by her probing fingers while she kept the silver bullet pressed against her clit. She glanced into the camera lens and asked innocently, “How am I doing ? Is this okay ?” I replied, “Beautiful, Mona ... you’re doing great.” MJ continued for several more minutes.

* “Okay, Mona, now I’m going t-o need you t-o hold the camera and point it down here.”, I said referencing her vagina. She took the phone while I moved in t-o spread her lips with o-ne hand before moderately blowing in a concentrated stream of air up and down on her clit several times. Having lightly teased her clitoral nerves I lightly ran m-y tongue up and down her shaft. After thirty seconds I switched t-o lightly sucking on the underneath part of her clit while running m-y tongue on the bottom portion and up t-o the tip of her clit. Meg was moaning with every wave of pleasure emanating from her clitoral region. I moved back up placing the tip of m-y tongue on the tip of her clit and ran m-y mouth up t-o her hood followed by several back and forth flicks of m-y tongue. Getting wetter, m-y tongue followed the trail of her moisture tracing the curves of her vaginal canal probing deep inside her. I applied pressure on the top of her canal when withdrawing m-y tongue. I grabbed her by the hips holding her in place while I plunged m-y tongue deep inside her, withdrew it and repeated plunging m-y tongue again. She loved this change up contributing t-o her building orgasm which stimulated a different nerve region. M-y animal desire was also growing, the result of gripping her toned feminine curves while inhaling her intoxicating musk and tasting her love juices. Her heavy breathing and moaning continued while she held the camera steady capturing the moment. We were both breathing heavier as I inserted t-wo fingers inside her vagina while I kept m-y tongue positioned above her clit tapping the tip lightly for several more minutes.

* I took the phone from Meg t-o get a close up of her pussy before I stood up offering her m-y other hand t-o help her sit up. As she sat up I said, “The producers are also going t-o want t-o see how well you work with male talent.” She said coyly, “Okay.” I continued, “Today that talent is going t-o be me. So, I’m going t-o need you t-o get in front of the camera and suck on m-y cock, okay ?” She nodded her head as she got on her knees in front of me. With the phone focused on her she reached up and undid m-y pants pulling them past m-y knees. She did the same with m-y underwear while m-y cock sprang out in a mildly erect state. She grabbed it by base and took the tip inside of her mouth with her lips curled back over her teeth applying a light, wet suction technique. She bobbed her head up and down on m-y cock while tracing her tongue up and down on the underneath part of m-y cock, massaging it on each upstroke. As I got harder she moved her hand up further on m-y shaft applying a slightly stronger grip on the thickest part of m-y cock just before the circumcision mark before relaxing her grip again. She would apply pressure with her tongue a-t the same time applying more suction as she pulled her head back. It was a different technique that felt incredible. On every tongue stroke she pressed the tip of her tongue on m-y sensitive region just below the head. I was rock hard and extremely turned along with Meg who was also running fingers over her clit and inside her dripping canal. We were both turned on t-o maximum levels.

* I moved back and said t-o MJ, “Okay let’s do the next part of your audition in the bedroom.”, as I picked up the tripod and DSLR camera. I handed Meg the phone with instructions t-o capture things from her perspective. She turned the camera t-o face herself posing for a naked selfie while I set up the camera in the bedroom next t-o the bed. I got undressed and called Meg in while I laid on m-y back in front of the camera with m-y erection standing like a flagpole. Meg got closer and handed m-e the phone as she climbed up and straddled m-e with her long hair falling forward partially covering her still-covered-in-a-tight t-shirt breasts. “On or off ?”, she asked me. I replied, “You know how much it will drive m-e crazy not being able t-o lick and suck your gorgeous nipples.” She slid down on m-y cock without taking her eyes off of mine and whispered, “Suffer !” With her hands on m-y chest she slid her hips up and down on m-y cock occasionally taking all of m-e in her t-o her cervix while grinding her clit on m-y pubic bone. Every time she brought her hips back up she clenched m-y cock with her tight wet grip. She would then relax and drive herself down hard and deep. I held the phone on her capturing her moments of sexual ecstasy while also maintaining a trance-like stare on her firm tightly covered breasts bouncing under a straining fabric. Her ass and pussy were on full display for the camera positioned directly behind her. This was going t-o make for another erotic evening in the future when we would watch it together.

* “Are you close?”, Meg asked while panting heavily and dripping a small stream downward between m-y thigh and tickling m-y ball sack. I pulled out and said, “No, I could go longer.” before holding her shoulders and rolling her over. I got up and stood a-t the edge of the mattress facing the tripod sideways. I trained the phone cam on Meg’s ass as she moved back on all fours until her knees were on the edge of the bed. I handed her the phone asking her t-o keep the cam on her face while I grabbed her by the hips and slid m-y cock inside her. I started t-o pick up the pace feeling the powerful overwhelming primordial desire t-o fuck. I put m-y knee on the edge of the bed and put o-ne hand around her waist resting on her pussy while I grabbed a handful of her hair and lightly tugged her head back. I moved m-y hand up t-o put a glob of spit on m-y fingers before reaching down t-o rub her clit under m-y middle finger. Occasionally i would swirl m-y index and middle fingers clockwise followed by a back and forth stroke over hit clitoral hood. She kept the phone focused on her while she moaned with the intense pleasure overtaking her. She was liking the rougher interaction of m-e slamming hard and deep into her doggy style. She was secreting a milky coloured fluid on m-y cock while deeply concentrating on the pleasure building inside her like a volcano. I let go of her hair momentarily grabbing the camera and tripod behind m-e t-o get a close up of m-y cock going in and out of her. I set the camera back down on an angle as I reached m-y hand forward and grabbed a handful of her hair tugging her her head slightly upwards while I continued t-o fuck her doggy style. She was set over the edge when I let go and grabbed her ass with both hands and held in her place by inserting both of m-y thumbs in her ass hole while tightly grabbing her ass cheeks. The sound of her lower butt and m-y upper thighs slapping together had increased in both tempo and audible intensity causing MJ t-o cry out loudly before her pelvic muscles pushed m-e out of her vagina. She squirted her cum over m-y cock coating the lower portion of m-y torso. The sight of her cum on m-e had m-e turned on making m-e groan loudly as I grabbed m-y cock and stroked it. MJ turned around and held the cam out from her capturing her as she moved in closer, removed m-y hands and sucked on m-y cock. I grunted loudly as I shot several globs of cum in Meg’s mouth. She gathered it in a puddle in her mouth and opened it t-o display m-y load for the cam. She continued t-o film while she swallowed and licked her lips.

* I turned off the cam and Meg shut off the phone camera app as both her and I lay back on the bed. I got up and returned with t-wo cold glasses of orange juice handing o-ne t-o Meg as I took a sip from the other. On m-y way back with the OJ I stopped t-o pick up the ‘silver bullet’ sensing I was going t-o need it in the not too distant future. It might have been an unspoken understanding but we both considered that first fuck as a warm-up session for Meg. As I laid back down Meg turned in and cuddled next t-o m-e while taking m-y arm and hand in both of her hand. She draped her bent leg over m-y thigh. She felt warm and smooth. She said, “I liked the rougher stuff as a change up but I hope you don’t think that’s m-y only turn on or interest. You stimulate m-e in ways no o-ne else can ... don’t change. I just thought you should know that.” After a seconds pause I responded with, “That’s a nice thing t-o say, Meg and I do appreciate it. For the record that was all me. Maybe it was the result of playing a part but, damn, I was so turned on the animal instinct took over. I just wanted t-o fuck you hard and deep.” She countered, “If it’s a side I haven’t seen yet then I salute it. Just keep being you.” I was instantly reminded of the line from Buffalo Springfield’s Mr. Soul;
She said, "You're strange,
but don't change",
and I let her

After a brief moment I replied with, “The same goes for you. Keep on being MJ ... she’s someone special.” MJ let go of m-y hand and rolled on top m-e placing both hands on either side of m-y face while she leaned in and kissed m-e passionately. I held her by her hips as she sat up slightly, her calves on either side of m-y hips, and stared into m-y eyes.

* Her gaze reflected her growing sexual hunger. She slowly started t-o grind her pelvic region against m-y stomach. I placed o-ne hand on the small of her back pressing down slightly while she continued t-o rub her clit against m-y stomach. A few minutes later I put m-y other arm around her shoulder and rolled her over on her back with m-y torso resting between her legs. I took her face in both m-y hands and leaned in t-o kiss her passionately before sliding down slowly t-o her pubic region kissing different regions of her body on m-y way down. Meg moaned passionately as m-y hands reached up t-o caress each breast and nipple. Allowing a small drip of saliva t-o form a-t the tip of m-y tongue I lightly ran it up and down her clit causing waves of pleasure t-o envelop her pubic region. I traced the outlines of her vaginal lips with m-y tongue followed by a slight insertion of m-y tongue in her canal. I started slowly adding a tiny bit of pressure with each cycle of tonguing her clit, tracing the folds and outlines of her swelling pussy lips and then inserting m-y tongue partially in her vagina. As her wetness grew I added sucking on regions of her pussy including her inner folds and underneath her clit. Her arousal activity increased causing her t-o grind her pubic region on m-y face and mouth.

* I retrieved the ‘silver bullet’ from the nightstand, turned it on and held it against her throbbing clit while occasionally flicking m-y tongue against the tip. Her hip movement increased as I inserted t-wo fingers slightly bent upwards inside her. While holding the vibrator against her clit I picked up the pace of thrusting m-y fingers inside her occasionally stopping with m-y fingers buried up t-o m-y knuckles making a ‘come here’ motion probing her g-spot. Her hips rhythmically pushed against the fingers working inside her. Sensing her arousal building t-o a crescendo I increased the pace t-o almost twice her heartbeat continuing t-o roll her clit under the vibrator pressed against it. Her increased breathing, her moaning with pleasure, the feel of her desirable body next t-o me, her arousal including her reactions and the musky sexy aroma in m-y nostrils all combined t-o resurrect m-y erection. I put the vibrator down, lifted her hips and placed a pillow under ass, pushed her knees forward till they were touching the outside of her breasts, rubbed m-y thumbs over her nipples while the rest of m-y hand kept her legs bent forward and slid m-y erect cock inside her. She was sopping wet and close t-o orgasm increasing m-y arousal as I slammed m-y cock in her bucking upwards pressuring her g-spot. I moved m-y hands down from holding her knees t-o get a hard tight grip on her hips. I would roll them forward and upwards each time I thrust into her and then press down slightly moving her back in place for the next cycle continuing t-o pick up the pace t-o match our increased heartbeats. Meg was moaning loudly with each insertion increasing the sensations contributing t-o her impending orgasm.

* She felt it first in the arches of her feet as a warm wave of pleasure raced down her legs through her hips and erupted in her pelvic area. This was followed by contractions starting in her thighs and tummy moving into her vaginal canal pushing m-y cock out of her. She cried out with passion giving a voice t-o the pleasure her orgasm enveloped her with as she squirted her juices on m-e for a second time. While she relaxed I rested m-y hand on her warm wet pussy feeling the small after tremors echoing throughout her torso. She started t-o relax and rested her hips back down on the pillow I had placed under her ass earlier. She was still in a state of arousal transitioning from solely focused on her orgasm t-o an awareness of her surroundings. Feeling m-y hand resting on her vagina and still in a state of semi arousal she seductively moved her hips against m-y hand intrigued by the sensations of her slippery, swollen and fully flowered pussy being massaged by m-y bare hand. I rolled her clit under m-y thumb garnering a low throaty, “Mmmmmm” Feeling still frisky myself I used m-y middle t-wo fingers t-o slide insider her, effortlessly, with m-y thumb still on her clitoral hood. With m-y fingers deep inside her and rubbing in and out pressing her g-spot I kept m-y thumb aligned with her clit matching up and down stimulation with each in and out stroke of m-y hand. I slowly picked up the pace t-o a moderate tempo. She started t-o secrete a flow of lubrication as her hips attempted t-o match the rhythm of m-y hand working on her. She was breathing more rapidly and moaning louder and more rapidly with each stroke. She was still so highly aroused from her last orgasm that she felt this o-ne building on her previous one. Because she was so slippery and so wet m-y hand was able t-o glide both inside her and over her clit with absolutely no friction. This was a new area for her, she had never tried three in a row before. After sixty seconds a-t a more rapid pace her thighs twitched, her tummy contracted as the wave of her third orgasm pushed through her pelvis expelling m-y fingers followed by her third squirt in a row ... another first !

* I left m-y dripping hand on her soft, toned thigh while I moved up and cuddled next t-o her with her laid on her back completely spent. She lifted her hips slightly prompting m-e t-o remove the pillow under her backside as she turned slightly on her side allowing m-e t-o place m-y damp hand around her waist gripping her hip. I pulled her close t-o m-e in a warm embrace placing m-y other arm under her shoulder and wrapping around t-o embrace and grip her breasts. I held her tightly with m-y leg bent resting on her thigh. She felt safe and secure in a warm cocoon as her pleasure centres and blood flow returned t-o normal. It allowed her t-o savour and enjoy every sensation without any inhibition while feeling wrapped in a protective shell. After a minute or t-wo I relaxed m-y embrace as her breathing returned t-o normal. While on her side I took m-y hand that was gripping her hip and lightly traced a path from her buttocks, across her hip up t-o her shoulder and then back down under her breasts and across her torso before returning t-o her hip. The light sensation of m-y touch soothingly tracing her sensitive regions had a deep relaxing and hypnotic effect on her releasing a rush of endorphins in her bloodstream. Happy, relaxed, spent and daydreaming she slowly drifted off into recuperative sleep.

* I slowly got up as t-o not disturb her and found a blanket in the closet t-o put over her as I went into the kitchen and sliced several strawberries, a kiwi, a pineapple ring and several chunks of mango. I got out t-wo plates and placed equal portions of sliced fruit on each plate and topped each plate with a few spoonfuls of vanilla yogourt. I put both plates, cutlery and t-wo glasses of water on a tray and returned t-o the bedroom. I set the tray down on the nightstand as I crawled under the blanket next t-o a lightly dozing MJ. She stirred when I rested m-y hand on her hip. She opened her eyes, turned her head towards m-e and smiled before saying, “Hi hun ... you wore m-e out !” She reached her arms above her head and pointed her toes as she stretched. I had m-y hand on her torso feeling her muscles grow taught as she yawned stretching her limbs and torso. I said t-o her, “Feeling a bit peckish ?” She sat up and rested her back against the headboard. She sat forward momentarily as I placed a pillow behind her back and handed her a glass of water. She took a gulp of water and replied, “Thanks, hun and yes a light snack would be perfect !” She handed m-e her glass which I swapped for a plate of fruit. She finished her snack and handed m-e her plate. I took the dishes into the kitchen before returning a few moments later with an ashtray and pre-rolled joint of Blue Dream. We sat back, smoked up and relaxed with m-y arm around her shoulder as I loaded up Netflix on the bedroom TV. Feeling high and euphoric from the mind blowing sex and that particular strain of herb we both chuckled a-t the antics of Derek Zoolander. We finished the movie around 1am after which I said, “It’s late and you are more than welcome t-o spend the night here.” She replied, “Thanks, hun, you don’t mind ? What about m-y car ?” I answered, “Of course I don’t mind. I usually sleep more peacefully when you’re here. And I already notified the board you would probably leave your car in visitors parking overnight.” She said, “Thanks, babe, I always sleep better next t-o you as well.” I turned off the light and turned on m-y side as Meg snuggled up behind me.

* Meg awoke first and silently crept out of bed t-o prepare breakfast. I awoke t-o the smell of coffee and bacon as m-y eyes focused on the tray of breakfast in front of me. Light, fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, slices of buttered toast and sliced fresh fruit complete with a cup of coffee. She took a seat next t-o m-e with a cup of coffee while I devoured the delicious breakfast she prepared. Occasionally she took a nip of a piece of bacon or took a forkful of eggs. She would tip her head back slightly while I fed her slices of fruit. I loved sharing with MJ, there was something bonding about sharing a plate of food together. After breakfast I took the tray into the kitchen before joining MJ in the shower. As we sat on the bed with Meg drying her hair in a towel I said t-o her, “Thanks for great night again, Meg, you’re always a fun adventure t-o be around. Over the next little while I’ll edit the videos together and have you over for a personal screening !” She stopped drying her hair, looked a-t m-e and said, “I always have a great time with you. You treat m-e like no o-ne ever has or can. ” I replied, “It’s something else we have in common.” “Listen, hun, I hate t-o run but I do have furry dependants who are going t-o need some attention soon.”, she said. I replied, “Of course, I understand.” while handing her m-y powder blue Eddie Bauer hoodie I continued, “Here, you might want this as it’s a little chilly this morning ... and you’re top IS pretty thin !” She took it and thanked m-e for thinking of her. Before she left I asked, “You’re free this Saturday ?” Curiously she replied, “I’m pretty sure I am but I’ll make sure I am. Why ?” “Nothing really ... just have have some plans for us ... that you’ll probably enjoy.” With a wink she replied, “My calendar is cleared !

* During the rest of the week I kept in contact with Brad t-o help with the planning and other details. We worked up our requirement list and both went about fulfilling it during the week making sure each item was up t-o spec. I was in charge of picking up the remaining hardware items, a task I finished before the middle of the week. On Thursday I texted Brad, “Any outstanding issues ?” A few minutes later Brad texted, “No. Personnel issues all cleared up, instructions sent and ack’ed. Will send loc. and details Friday.” I replied, “Great. Am picking up hardware and will start marking tomorrow. Thanks again.” He texted, “NP”, shorthand for No Problem. Even with all of the detailed planning things could still go wrong. The best we could do was plan things t-o be flexible enough t-o change on a moments notice. On Friday I crossed the last task off the list by completing the markings. It was vital t-o all of the planning so I ensured it was done right by going over a second and a third time. Things were all in place for the upcoming event. I crossed m-y fingers hoping everything would go as planned.

* On Saturday morning I texted MJ, “Lunch ? And then a walk on a beautiful afternoon ?” A few minutes later I got a reply, “YES ! Meet m-e a-t m-y place.” I replied, “On m-y way.” I grabbed m-y jacket and headed out t-o m-y car. Before getting in I checked t-o make sure I had a few bottles of water and other supplies in the trunk. I then headed over t-o Meg’s place. On the way over I switched on XM radio and tuned t-o o-ne of the heavy metal channels currently playing an hour of old school 80’s Metallica. With the windows down I cranked up the volume on ‘Leper Messiah”. A scathing rebuke of TV evangelists, popular a-t the time, who extort money from their followers through their faith. The title is a lyric from Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie. It was turning out t-o be a pleasant Saturday afternoon as I pulled into the parking lot a-t Meg’s place. I texted her t-o let her know I was outside and received a reply inviting m-e inside t-o wait for her, she was going t-o be a few more minutes.
I took a seat on the sofa while Meg finished getting herself ready. I called out, “Hey MJ, it might get a bit warm this afternoon. I suggest t-o wear something loose.” She replied, “Yeah, I’m o-ne step ahead of you. Wearing m-y looser shorts that you like so much !” “Aren’t those the ones you wore on our last outdoor walk ? The ones you dubbed as your lucky shorts ?”, I queried. She laughed and said, “Yes, those ones. I call them lucky because of what you did t-o me. The most memorable outdoor walk t-o date !” I smiled t-o myself.

* With Meg composed and ready we headed out t-o the car on our way for an afternoon walk in the outdoors. On our way t-o the nature trail Meg asked, “Something seems different. I can’t put m-y finger on it but is there anything I should know ?” Not sure how t-o react I quickly debated a suitable response. Dismissing her intuition would only raise red flags for her. Never dismiss a woman’s intuition. I knew I couldn’t lie t-o her, not because she had some sort of lie detector but because I had too much respect for her t-o deceive her. Besides, no matter how clever I may have thought I could be she would see through it plainer than the living room window. The best I could hope for was t-o be vague enough t-o pique her curiosity while still maintaining some semblance of the truth. I finally replied, “I know there’s not point saying ‘no’ because you’d see through that like a screen door. A-ll I can say is trust m-e !” She paused and with a devilish grin said, “Like, I won’t cum in your mouth, kind of trust m-e ?” I laughed, “Yeah ... but not quite like that !” The conversation was changed thanks t-o the Lithium channel’s choice of Velvet Revolver’s 2004 hit Big Machine. It was an old favourite. I’m a fan of almost anything that features Guns ‘N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan. I turned up the volume singing along with the chorus;

It's a big machine, it's a big machine
We're all slaves t-o a big machine
All tied up t-o a big machine

Meg stared out the window lost in her own thoughts as we continued the drive t-o the nature trail parking lot. The Killers were now playing their catchy and least known, “Smile Like You Mean It” while I ran through the mental checklist of today’s events.

* I pulled into the parking lot seeking an area in the shade. We got out and stretched before I walked around t-o the trunk retrieving m-y backpack as we headed off in the direction of the trail. Meg was leading with m-e catching up after retrieving the backpack ensuring it contained the necessary items. Meg remarked, “That backpack looks a little heavy ? Will we be doing any prospecting today, old timer ?” Stroking m-y chin I mused, “On the lookout for a diamond in the rough.” She winked a-t m-e and said, “I found o-ne !” I chuckled and gave her a small light slap on her backside. She looked over a-t m-e with her flirtatious grin emitting a quick, “Ooooh !” We continued on our way following the trail further and deeper into uninhabited areas. We stopped, a-t o-ne point, while I took t-wo bottles of water out of the backpack handing o-ne t-o Meg while I hydrated with mine. We continued on the trail while I pondered how much longer until we reach the checkpoint, calculating a-t least another ten minutes. We came up t-o a small red plastic ribbon tied t-o a tree branch, a sign t-o stop for another sip of water. I also took out m-y cell phone appearing t-o be checking the time. Clandestinely, I sent a prepared text message announcing our location. After another t-wo or three minutes walking, much of which I spent gazing a-t Meg’s hips sway back and forth as she navigated the trail, we came upon another red tape ribbon tied t-o a tree branch.

* We stopped again as I took out the water bottles again and also a folded black silk scarf that I put it in m-y pocket. Meg had a drink and handed m-e bottle when I said, “Okay, Meg, I’m going t-o need you t-o trust m-e again.” Puzzled and with a smirk she said, “Hmmm, okay. What are you up t-o ?” She finished her sentence with a hand on her hip and her head tilted slightly t-o same side. I said mysteriously, “All will be revealed shortly. In the meantime can you turn around and keep your hands by your side ?” Sensing some form of p-lay she turned her back t-o m-e and gave her hips and backside a quick back and forth shake. I took out the scarf, unfolded it and then folded it again a few times before stepping behind MJ and putting the scarf around her head covering only her eyes. I tied it tight fastening a knot then asked her if she was able t-o see anything. She replied that she couldn’t. Brad then moved in from his hiding spot and stood on o-ne side of MJ while I stood on the other with both of our arms around her shoulders. I said t-o MJ, “Okay, we’re going t-o guide you so you don’t trip or fall. You’re going t-o have t-o trust us.” She started t-o get excited pondering the different scenarios we may have in mind for her but was curious why she was blindfolded. Oddly, she found it turned her on not knowing what was going t-o happen only trusting it was going t-o be something she was going t-o enjoy. Admittedly, she did enjoy our previous outdoor walk !

* After another ten minutes of Brad and I guiding Meg further into the wilderness off of the seldom used nature trail we came t-o our destination. Brad had spent the morning getting the final touches ready. In front of us were the three poles that we fastened t-o the trunks of four close together cedar trees. Over the top pole Brad had draped the folded fleece blanket over the centre part of the pole. We guided Meg closer t-o the logs until she was about a foot away from the folded fleece blanket. Meg could feel her arousal growing as her imagination was starting t-o take over. With her eyes covered her other senses were becoming more acute. She thought she recognized the scent from the other male but wasn’t one-hundred percent sure. She also thought she could hear movement or hushed talk in the distance. Her imagination was making her arousal even greater as she could feel the rain clouds of desire starting t-o gather in her love cloud. I took off m-y backpack and laid it on the ground next t-o the lower pole. Brad had already briefed everyone on etiquette and outlined the plan in detail with everyone so everyone was on the same page.

* Brad signalled for the four other guys t-o come forward and help us with the fastenings. Each guy got in their position while Brad and I positioned ourselves on either side of Meg. I said t-o her, “We need you t-o put your hands above your head.” Meg was turned on sensing more than the three of us were present. She still didn’t know what the plan was but was eagerly anticipating sexual activity. Keeping it a mystery was playing into o-ne of her traits ... she loved t-o be teased. With her hands above her head Brad and I removed her top allowing her nipples t-o become erect as the cool breeze blew over them like a wet kiss. We then pulled down her shorts and panties down t-o her ankles and over each running shoe, o-ne a-t a time. She stood almost completely naked in the woods feeling her damp vagina start t-o salivate realizing she was stark naked in front of more than t-wo other guys. She imagined there could be 30 or 40 people all watching her. We moved her close enough that her stomach was now touching the folded blanket. I reached into the backpack and took out a set of leather arm and also leg restraints and handed them out t-o each of the other four guys. Brad got behind Meg pushed her head forward while lifting her left arm for the guy manning that restraint t-o take her hand and secure the restraint t-o her arm while also tugging down on it before securing it t-o the forward pole. He did the same with her right arm. He then did the same with each leg ensuring her legs were spread far apart. We stood back and both admired the view.

* Meg was blindfolded, bent over a pole with her hands tied t-o a pole t-wo feet in front while her legs were fastened t-o the ground level pole with her legs spread far apart. Meg was extremely turned on imagining how vulnerable she must be, bent over naked with her pussy on full display, her tits hanging freely from her chest and tied t-o trees by all her limbs. Brad had given the guys instructions. After she was tied they were t-o use a sterile wipes on their hands allowing them t-o air dry. They were instructed t-o use lube if putting their fingers in her. Basically, before anything went in her, put lube on it. Brad explained she was going t-o have a lot of action today and any tiny kind of friction or irritation would get worked over many times which could leave her sore or uncomfortable. Brad and I had also, over the past t-wo weeks, found these guys, had gotten them tested for std’s and sti’ (all clean) and explained t-o them what the rules were, the main o-ne being if they hear ‘ouch’ or ‘stop’ then t-o stop immediately. We had t-o scrap o-ne of the guys for being too aggressive. The main qualities these guys shared were they were all bi, all clean, they loved t-o fuck pussy and all were all decently hung but none above seven inches. Bigger guys would be more likely t-o unintentionally cause a tiny tear, scratch or friction irritation. Not as much of a concern if it’s just o-ne on o-ne but several huge hung guys ran the risk of it becoming too uncomfortable.

* Meg was now turned on by the slight chill she felt, although it was relatively warm outside. He nipples had contracted and were fully erect. I started by dabbing lube on m-y fingers and rubbing m-y hand up and down and over her clit before slowly slipping o-ne finger inside her. I removed it and traced her lips with m-y finger and rolled her clit under fingers before slipping t-wo fingers in side her. She secreted her natural lube as m-y fingers glided in and out of her. I inserted m-y t-wo middle fingers as deep as I could probing the top region of her canal like I was searching for her belly button. I picked up the pace until I could see her juice starting t-o drip from her pussy. I reached into the backpack and pulled out her butt plug that I lathered with lube and slid into her ass. With her pussy sopping wet and her plug inserted t-o enhance her pleasure I stepped back for the first guy t-o approach. He was the youngest a-t twenty-seven with a six inch cock and a lot of stamina. We chose him t-o go first as he was most likely going t-o cum quickly and could probably get a-t the back of the line for another turn. He bent down and licked her pussy for a minute or t-wo savouring her scent and taste. Her musk got his cock even harder as he pulled down his pants and mounted her while she was tied in place bent over a log naked in the forest.

* He pumped on her for over ten minutes with Meg moaning and gasping as he fucked her hard. He reached forward and grabbed her hair pulling her head back as he fucked her with all he had. Just before he came he pulled out, got in front of her, grabbed her by the hair t-o hold her still while he shot his load all over her face and hair. Now finished, he went back t-o the top of the trail t-o keep lookout and send the other guy in for his turn. The second guy was bigger a-t six ft three with a lean athletic body he was hung a-t seven inches. He did the same by licking her pussy a few times. He also pulled out her plug and slowly put it back in her again before sliding his cock in her. Meg was gushing a-t being taken again and after fifteen minutes she pushed his cock out and squirted between their legs. He slid it back in and continued while Meg moaned, yelped and gasped until he too stood in front of her, held her by her hair and shot his load over her face. The third guy approached and pulled out her butt plug. He slid it back in a-t the same time he slid his cock in her. He was the smallest, cock wise, slightly larger than the butt plug in her ass. He fucked her for ten minutes causing her t-o squirt again before he pulled out the butt plug and shoved his cock in her ass. Originally we said no anal due t-o her not having enough experience thinking the butt plug would probably feel better. Neither MJ, Brad or myself had a problem with him as he wasn’t that huge and this would be something different for her today. She moaned with each stroke as he fucked her ass slapping it on several occasions. He did the same as the other by shooting a load on her face. The fourth guy lubed his fingers and finger fucked her for few minutes causing her t-o squirt a third time before fucking her for twenty minutes. He lasted the longest and kept a steady pace as she moaned with each trust. He changed it up by holding her head still while he shot a load in her mouth ... which she swallowed. He went back t-o the trail t-o send the first guy back for another turn. The young guy came back and lubed his fingers t-o finger fuck her. I told him the angle t-o use which he did causing a gush of cum t-o erupt from her before he shoved his cock in her again. With a tight grip on her ass cheeks he stood on his toes t-o fuck downwards on her a-t a fast pace. Meg was howling with pleasure causing him t-o continue his pace until he shot all of his load deep inside her. He turned t-o us with a ‘sorry’ look. We waved off his concerns as he pulled out and pulled his pants up. I said t-o him, “We’ll be about another twenty minutes. Can you look out for us and tell the other guy her can go ?” Enthusiastically nodding his head he relied, “Sure .. no problem. Least I can do for letting m-e go twice and cumming inside her. I’ll never forget this day !”

* I placed a paper straw in a bottle of water t-o give Meg a drink as we all took a break. Meg was still turned on and still securely tied t-o the trees with everything exposed. I got behind her and slid m-y fingers inside her while she moaned with more pleasure. She just fucked four guys five times and was going t-o get more. I had been filming the whole encounter along with Brad, t-wo angles were better than one. I had put down m-y phone now that I was going t-o have a turn on her. It was such a turn on t-o watch her from different angles getting fucked by different guys. The sight of her tied up bent over with her tits bouncing back and forth while getting pummelled by large men had m-y erection in the diamond level of hardness. Meg was moaning loudly as the sixth cock in the past t-wo hours penetrated and fucked her love hole. I grabbed her hips and pushed down on her ass while I stood on m-y toes fucking her in a downward motion. After a few minutes in this position I pulled m-y cock out and pulled out her butt plug. I then slid m-y cock in her with m-e knees bent hitting the lower part of her vagina closer t-o her butt plug that I slid in an angle toward m-y cock. M-y cock was going in her upwards while the plug was going in her ass in a downward motion. Meg loved this sensation, it was the first time she experienced it. Imagine someone inserting their thumb in your vagina and index finger in your ass and then trying t-o make the ‘OK’ symbol with their thumb and finger. This was how this sensation felt. I picked up the pace as Meg got more and more turned on which turned m-e on even more. She pushed m-e out of vagina as she squirted for a another time. I quickly shoved m-y cock back in her and grabbed her ass cheeks tightly as I fucked MJ a-t moderate pace. M-y breathing increased until I grunted before pulling out and shooing a load over her ass.

* I stepped back while Brad dropped his pants allowing his semi hard nine inch cock t-o swing between his legs. I dropped t-o m-y knees and took his cock in m-y mouth sucking him t-o erection. Slathering a glob of lube on his erect cock Brad got behind MJ and slowly shoved his rock hard beer can sized cock in her dripping wet pussy. He took his time and pushed in t-o her half way without slamming in t-o her too hard. He kept a moderate pace sliding it in hard until he almost hit her cervix then he would slow down and tap it lightly before pulling back out. He was giving her the sensation of being filled without risking harming her. A sexual cool down. I got underneath Brad and licked his balls while he continued sliding into her. I moved forward holding onto MJ’s thighs so I could lick on her clit increasing her moaning while both her breathing and Brad’s pace picked up. I reached o-ne hand forward t-o grab o-ne of her swinging breasts. She was aching for someone t-o do that all afternoon turning her pleasure up another notch. Brad continued his routine, with a tight grip on her hips, of sliding into her without hitting her cervix before glancing across her g-spot on his outward stroke until MJ cried out through her moaning, “Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Right there ... I’m cumming !” Brad pulled out as MJ squirted for the final time that afternoon. While Meg returned from her orgasm Brad and I undid the harnesses holding her arms in place. She stood up and stretched while we undid the ones around her ankles. I handed her a bottle of Gatorade from the backpack that was in a section with a thermal lined pouch and an ice pack. We helped her take off her shoes o-ne a-t a time while she put her panties and shorts back on. She put her top back on turned around and said, “Wow ... all I can say is wow ! You guys crossed another off of m-y bucket list. Maybe a couple, we may have t-o go t-o video replay !” We all laughed. She took the lid off her Gatorade drinking down a long gulp before she continued, “Gang bang ... check. Fucked in restraints ... check ... outdoors ... bonus ! I was about t-o say I don’t know how t-o thank you t-wo but I think I just did !” We laughed again before Brad gave her a good bye hug as we headed back out t-o towards the trail.

* We headed back t-o the trail feeling much different than when we arrived earlier. Meg still had globs of other men’s semen drying in her hair and dripping down her face. She felt like she had been used but didn’t feel uncomfortable. She felt both empowered and slutty a-t the same time. During our walk back t-o the parking lot I filled her in on the planning Brad and I put into this adventure. How we scouted and constructed the site during the week and the clandestine text messages t-o coordinate our planning. MJ was impressed and said, “You guys went t-o all that trouble t-o plan this event all for m-e ?” I replied, “Of course we did ! Spending time around you is like a fantasy for Brad and I so we wanted t-o return the favour.” “Awww, that’s really sweet.”, she said before standing on her toes t-o kiss m-e on the cheek. We continued t-o walk back t-o the parking lot, Meg with cum still visible on her face and in her hair keeping her aroused enough make the warm tingling in pelvic region pleasurable. She said, “Nice touch letting the young bull go twice.” I looked a-t her and said, “How did you know ?” She replied, “Easy, he was quicker and more eager than the others ... and I recognized his scent during his second turn. He’s going t-o have quite a story t-o tell.” I smiled and said, “I wonder if anyone will believe him ?” MJ shivered slightly as a wave of pleasure raced through her a-t the thought of being someone’s sexual fantasy for years t-o come. It was a powerful turn on.

* I tossed the backpack in the trunk before taking a seat behind the wheel with the next destination set for Meg’s place. She was going back t-o her place t-o get cleaned up before I led her off for o-ne more surprise. When we arrived a-t her place she took a shower while I made her a quick snack consisting of a BLT, bacon almost well done ... not too crispy, a handful of Miss Vickies potato chips on the side and a strawberry/banana yogourt. She devoured the snack and dried her hair while I said t-o her, “Almost time t-o go. We have o-ne more surprise for you ... t-wo actually but I’ll get t-o that later. Wearing something light and comfortable.” She stood in the bedroom doorway with her hand on her hip as she said, “You know how much I hate suspense !” I quickly countered with, “But you know how much you love t-o be teased !” Her devilish grin appeared. “Okay. Will I need t-o be blindfolded again ?” I grinned while replying, “Only if you want t-o wear it !” We got in the car as I drove her off t-o her next location.

* I pulled in t-o the parking lot, parked the car and turned t-o MJ handing her an envelope. She said, “Okay, I think you can tell m-e now. What’s going on ?” I said t-o her, “Open the envelope. It’s a voucher for an hour of spa time followed m-y a mani/pedi. It’s all prepaid and a gift from Brad and I.” She could barely contain her excitement. After today’s adventure her nerve endings and synapses were relaxing and returning t-o normal. What better way t-o absorb her sexual pleasure than t-o pair it with a full body massage centred solely on relaxation! The manicure and pedicure afterwards were just cherries on the sundae. Before she got out of the car I said t-o her, “I’ll be back t-o pick you up in an hour and a half which will give you another hour and a half before we meet Brad and Shane for dinner.” She wrapped both arms around m-y neck m-e kissing m-e passionately on the lips. She preferred t-o show her appreciation using deeds instead of words.
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IV The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VI
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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act IV )
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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IIIThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act V

* A young Ian Astbury confidently approaches the microphone. He grabs the microphone stand, looks left, looks right and then with a flick of his neck he snaps his long dark hair back launching into the lyrics;

Hot sticky scenes,
you know what I mean

We were both sipping a beer and watching old footage of The Cult performing their 80’s hit ‘Rain’ on the pub’s TV. Without realizing it, Meg and I simultaneously echoed the chorus, “Here comes the rain ... Here she comes again”. Anyone who lived though the Eighties era would know the lyrics. During their hey day The Cult could be heard playing i-n almost every club i-n the Western world. Meg and I were enjoying a quick lunch before heading o-ut t-o o-ne of the local suburban nature trails. The municipal government took good care of the city’s recreational facilities grooming the trails i-n the winter for cross-country skiing and maintaining the trails for ruts and overgrowth during the summer months. The trails were popular enough t-o warrant their upkeep but did not see a lot of foot traffic making long, peaceful, uninterrupted walks possible. Fresh air, sunshine and MJ ... some call it a trifecta.

* We paid the bill and left for the trail each supplied with a bottle of water and a full stomach. When we pulled into the trail parking lot MJ remarked, “I see only t-wo other cars here today.” I replied, “It looks like we may have o-ne of the trails all t-o ourselves.” Again, that mischievous grin appeared. I had initially planned t-o get some fresh air and exercise this afternoon but deep down inside I think I knew better. MJ was spontaneous with a high sex drive and a naughty side. When she asks you t-o go along with her it’s usually an adventure and best t-o be prepared for one. As a just-in-case scenario, I had a bottle of lube and box of condoms i-n the trunk of m-y car. When we got o-ut of the car I went around back and put several condoms and the bottle of lube i-n m-y pocket. We then walked over t-o the map of trails located i-n the parking lot and studied the t-wo different trails and several tributaries.

* Along with the nature trails usually used by most people for recreation there were also known areas off the main trails clandestinely used by bisexual or gay guys. It’s not well known but it’s known i-n certain circles with most trying t-o be as discreet. The southern trail wound through a thick tree canopy followed by a marshy area with a floating wooden bridge i-n sections connecting a wooden pathway erected both on and i-n the swampy areas. It was popular with mountain bikers mostly for being the longest of the trails a-t five Km (or approx three miles). The northern trail wound through a marshy area followed by mostly open spaces until the trail turned south through a thick tree covered area. The trails were widened and well marked but there were areas, mostly game trails, that veered off the trail. This trail looped back onto itself where a fork appeared about half a kilometre (or three-hundred yards) from the parking lot. On either side of this initial fork were paths that led t-o more secluded areas used by the previously mentioned groups. They were usually well hidden and hard t-o spot but they were there. I had met some guys on previous outings when o-ut for solitary walks. It could be arousing t-o meet some random guy, jerk off or exchange blow jobs and then go your o-wn way.

* We decided on the northern trail and started o-ut towards the initial fork. We turned right a-t the fork and continued on a leisurely pace while the sun continued t-o shine through the intermittent cloudy periods. Meg wore a slightly loose pair of shorts (with thong underwear underneath), a tight tank top and a sports bra holding i-n her voluptuous breasts. I loved t-o lounge behind her while she swung her hips navigating the terrain with her lovely legs and shapely behind. Through a small clearing we caught a glimpse of a figure moving i-n the southern direction on the opposite loop from us. Close enough that he might have also spotted o-ur movement. We continued o-ur walk stopping occasionally for a sip of water. On o-ur last stop I heard a twig snap behind us alerting me t-o the possibility the previous figure had made a short cut through the trees i-n an attempt t-o join the segment we were currently walking. It would put him approx five minutes behind us so we continued on.

* Meg, declaring she had t-o pee, pointed t-o a path that led north from the current tail i-n the direction of the heavier wooded area. When we stepped off the trail I reached back and broke a twig standing t-o o-ne side. A foot or t-wo further I also broke another c-ouple of twigs giving a visual clue t-o anyone following which direction we were headed. A few minutes on the path brought us t-o a semi secluded area with small copses of trees located a few metres or yards next t-o each other. We chose a small grove and walked behind a large tree. Meg pulled down her shorts and thong and leaned back with her feet spread apart. She reached u-p and grabbed a tree branch t-o hold on t-o as she squatted down careful t-o get her pee stream lower than her shorts which she kept bunched above her knees. She let o-ut a long yellow stream of urine, took o-ut a tissue and gave her thing a light pat with the tissue. She stood u-p and pulled u-p her thong and shorts while folding the tissue and putting it i-n her shorts pocket. I said t-o her, “Girl, you even pee sexy !” She winked and said, “I bet you do t-o !” Watching her had also given me the urge t-o pee so I unzipped and pulled o-ut m-y semi hard cock. Meg watched as I held on t-o a thick yellow stream gushing o-ut of m-y cock. She came over and held on t-o it angling the stream on different things. She asked, “Ever write your name i-n the snow ?” I chuckled and replied with, “It’s a rite of passage. Every who experiences winter makes an attempt.” She quickly added, “Unless you’re a girl ... then punctuation is the best you can manage !” When I finished she shook my thing a few times. She also took o-ut the tissue from her pocket and unfolded t-o a different area and lightly tapped the tip of m-y cock. She then folded it back u-p and put it back i-n her pocket. I was still chuckling a-t the punctuation remark.

* I heard a twig snap and realized the person following the trail must have followed the clues I left. I turned around and saw him standing about 10 metres (or approx 30 feet) away from us with a visible bulge i-n his pants. “How are you guys doing ?”, he asked. “Good ... just o-ut for a walk and heard nature calling !”, I replied. “Nice day for that !”, he said. MJ and I both nodded. “It’s quite private i-n this far, isn’it it ?”, I asked. He quickly responded, “Oh yes, especially this time of year and with hardly any cars i-n the parking lot it should be very private i-n here.” Using this as a cue I pulled down m-y pants and asked him t-o join us. As he got closer he could see m-y cock getting harder as his bulge started t-o grow. “I’m fully bisexual and she’s always on the look o-ut for huge cocks !”, I said. “Well, you’re both i-n luck today !”, he replied and continued with, “I’m also bisexual and love t-o fuck guys. I’m also i-n the ten plus range.” I heard Meg audibly gasp as she heard this. I felt the familiar nervousness and elation a-t the thought of being fucked by such a huge cock. “I’ll ask if you can go slow t-o start with. Use lots of lube and pull o-ut the first t-wo or three times applying more lube each time. If you take your time and work it all the way in, leave it there for a few seconds you should be able t-o go t-o town on me when I’m fully loosened up.” He replied with, “This is where having a huge cock comes into play. I find it’s best if I start with you on your back. Not a good idea here but you can rest on o-ne of those fallen tree stumps and I can hold your legs while I work it i-n you. It’s a good position t-o get used t-o the size.” I nodded as he got closer t-o us. I could see the outline of something huge running down his leg through the tight pair of jeans he was wearing.

* He came u-p t-o m-e and shook m-y hand and then pulled down his pants instructing me t-o suck on his cock. Standing back a few feet rubbing her hands over her crotch and breasts Meg got turned on by the display unfolding i-n front of her. Her o-wn live personal porno. I grabbed the base of his cock and wrapped m-y lips around the head before proceeding t-o suck on it. I was simultaneously stroking the base of his cock and sucking the head while his cock got bigger with every stroke. T-o speed things u-p I wet t-wo fingers with spit and while caressing his balls slipped o-ne finger i-n his ass followed shortly by the second one. His cock got instantly fully erect. MJ was watching with her shorts and thong around her ankles working t-wo fingers i-n her pussy while occasionally rubbing her clit. He backed me u-p against a large fallen tree that I leaned back on. I took o-ut the lube and condoms and handed them t-o him while I took m-y pants and underwear off over m-y shoes. He pulled on a condom and squirted lube on his cock before he picked me u-p by m-y legs. He pulled me closer t-o him until I felt the head of his cock touching m-y ass ring. He then moved i-n and pushed his rock hard cock into m-y ass o-ne inch a-t a time pausing after every three inches t-o pull o-ut and apply more lube. Meg was getting turned on by hearing m-y gasps every time he sunk his cock deeper i-n me. She was rubbing herself with vigour. When he worked his cock all the way i-n he paused for twenty seconds before slowly starting t-o work his cock i-n and o-ut of me. I was now completely relaxed and fully open for the full length of his cock.

* I pushed him back and moved m-y ass off of his cock while I got down from the tree. I went over in front of MJ and got down on all fours allowing me t-o lick her pussy. He came u-p behind, squirted more lube on his cock and slid it into me again balls deep. He grabbed m-y shoulders holding me back against the giant sausage thrusting into m-y man hole. He was starting t-o increase the pace and would draw o-ut far enough that his insert stroke would glance across m-y prostate gland. I kept licking and sucking on Meg’s pussy as she flipped her top and bra over her head exposing her huge breasts. The guy fucking me was enjoying the show Meg was putting on as his cock was a-t full capacity inside of m-y hole. He has going faster now as I reached back stroking m-y cock. I had the smell and musk of Meg’s pussy i-n m-y nostrils, this guy’s huge ten inch cock all the way i-n m-y ass while he took occasional slaps on m-y naked ass all combined t-o turn me on immensely. Add t-o this pleasure the erotic excitement of getting fucked outdoors on a nature trail. I was tugging on m-y growing cock when I finally succumbed t-o m-y impending orgasm. I pushed him back and moved m-y ass o-ut the way and pushed Meg down on all fours i-n front of him. While he slid off the condom I handed him a new o-ne as I got i-n front of Meg and shot a load all over her cheeks and chin. He got i-n a standing / crouching position with his knees ahead of Meg’s hips while I got behind them, wrapped a hand on his shaft and inserted his ten inch cock inside her. I said t-o him, “Take her hard, she likes it a bit rough ... be respectful and don’t hurt her.” “Okay, got it.

* I-n this position he had Meg trapped being on top of her with his hands grabbing her tits firmly while he drove his giant cock down into her pussy. He was using his knees as leverage against her hips t-o help thrust harder into her. From this position he was slamming his cock i-n a downward angle with her on her knees. His huge cock was scraping the upper walls of her vagina pressuring her g-spot with his girth. She yelped loudly on every stroke. She was breathing heavy and coating his huge cock with a thick sheen of her lubricant matching the still visible cum shot on her face. Warning of an oncoming orgasm her thighs started t-o quiver while her back arched. I said t-o him, “If you’re going t-o cum, pull o-ut and give her a facial.” That was enough t-o push Meg over the edge. She pushed his cock o-ut with her contracting orgasm while she squirted a stream between both hers and his legs. He pulled off his condom and walked around i-n front of her while stroking his cock. He was rock hard and turned on by her orgasm. He grunted loudly as she reached u-p and lightly squeezed his balls. She felt his impending orgasm and moved her face closer. His first splash landed on the forehead and left a small streak i-n her hair. The second load had less force and landed on her left cheek. She moved his cock over t-o her right cheek and stroked o-ut another small load. His last squirt landed on her chin, a thick glob dripping down t-o her breasts. She sucked what remained o-ut his cock before he pulled u-p his pants and gave Meg a light slap on her ass as he walked by her and continued back o-ut t-o the trail.

* Meg got u-p and pulled on her thong and shorts while wriggling her bra and top back on. I put m-y clothes back on and said t-o Meg, “Want a tissue ?” “NO.”, she quickly replied. “I want t-o leave it on me all the way back t-o the car ... and maybe the rest of the day !” I was turned on by the idea of her walking the rest of the trail with her face covered i-n dripping cum. “What about if we run into someone ?”, I asked. “You’ll think of something.”, she said. We continued t-o walk back after regaining the walking trail again. We walked the rest of the way with cum drying on her face and still very visible i-n dripping streaks. She wiped some of it i-n a different direction t-o avoid it dripping into her eyes ... and making her eye liner run ! When we came u-p t-o the fork again we caught movement off the trail following into the discreet areas. We followed the trail picking u-p o-ur pace i-n and attempt t-o overtake the figure we spotted.

* We got further off the path eventually meeting u-p with the guy ahead of us. He slowed his pace when he saw us approach. He was looking both of us u-p and down as we got closer. I could see a tent starting t-o form i-n his pants. “Hi ! Nice day for a walk further i-n the woods ... where it’s more private.”, I said. He nodded and replied, “It certainly is. Who is this lovely lady and is that what I think it is ?” Before I could reply Meg said i-n a low sultry voice, “It is what you think it is and I’d like more. Want t-o add t-o it ?” His eyes lit u-p as she lifted her top and bra showing off her big firm round breasts. We ducked behind a tree while he pulled down his pants exposing a thick cucumber sized cock. He started t-o stroke on it while I asked, “Is there anything you’d like that would make you cum quicker ?” “Sure, I’d like both of you t-o take turns sucking m-y cock. Him first”, he replied. I got on m-y knees and took his cock i-n m-y mouth while Meg got on her knees next t-o me. She had her shorts and thong down and was working t-wo fingers inside of her still wet pussy. I sucked on his cock for five minutes feeling his cock getting harder and harder while Meg rubbed her clit coupled with fingering her dripping canal. Meg took over from me and started sucking his cock while I took over from her and worked m-y t-wo middle fingers inside her. After a few minutes more of this Meg felt the head of his cock get bigger. She took his cock o-ut and rubbed it over her forehead while he shot a thick rope of semen across her forehead and over her hair. She moved his cock around adding t-o the already existing drying puddles on her cheeks and chin. I continued working m-y fingers i-n her sopping vagina harder and faster with the t-wo knuckles not inside her held i-n place by m-y thumb i-n a position t-o smack her on her clit. The guy had zipped u-p and left when she suddenly cried out, “Oh god ... oh god.” She put her hand over her mouth while she cried o-ut with an intense orgasm taking over causing a huge squirt over m-y hand and arm. She pulled her clothes back on and we walked back t-o the trail. She put on a pair of sunglasses t-o distract from the huge globs of semen dripping off her face and on t-o her neck and breasts. As we got closer t-o the fork again we spotted a c-ouple i-n the distance approaching from the parking lot. When we passed and greeted each other with a friendly good morning I noticed they were staring a-t Meg. Arriving back a-t the parking lot we noticed another c-ouple had parked next t-o us. They were getting o-ut as we approached o-ur car. The girl winked a-t Meg and as Meg was getting i-n the passenger side said, “I hope I have as good a walk as she did !” Meg dipped her t-wo fingers i-n some drying cum on her forehead before moving them t-o her lips and blowing the other girl a kiss. She giggled and waved back.

* Driving back t-o m-y place Meg left the drying semen on her face. She got more turned on when we approached red lights and intersections. She would occasionally look over a-t the other driver with cum still congealing on her face. On three occasions she got either a thumbs u-p or horn honk when they realized what was on her face. I said t-o her, “Meg when it comes t-o naughty you take first prize. Damn that’s such a turn on.” “It’s not every day that you get three different loads from three different guys. Might as well cherish the moment !”, she mused. Her phone buzzed with an incoming text message. A slight smile appeared on her lips as she read the message. Sensing m-y curiosity she said, “It’s from Shane. She says she’s free tonight and wondered if we wanted t-o play.” I got an idea. “What if we ask her t-o meet us for dinner and invite Brad ?”, I asked. She nodded her head, “Wouldn’t they make a good c-ouple ?” I handed her m-y phone with Brad’s contact information. She texted Brad,
“Hey, it’s MJ. We’re having dinner with a female friend, join us ? She’s fully bi ... think of the possibilities !”
“You had me a-t female friend. Sure. Where and when ?”
“I’ll text you the details later this afternoon. Meet around 7pm.”
She texted Shane
“Plans changed. Have a wonderful hung friend of ours who also wants t-o play. Okay with a four way ?”
Ten seconds later MJ’s phone buzzed
“LOL ... OK, meet us @ 7pm, I’ll txt address later”

* MJ asked if we could stop a-t her place t-o pick u-p this evenings attire before heading back t-o m-y place. I waited outside with the XM radio on the Lithium channel. Econoline Crush was currently powering through Sparkle and Shine. A drop tuned, biting guitar sound with heavy distorted chords prominent during the grunge era of the Nineties, it saw heavy rotation on the music video stations of the time. The rhythmic and simple drum patterns were irresistible t-o not tap o-ut on the steering wheel. I was lost i-n a trance daydreaming about the events that just took place on the trail. M-y cock got hard again thinking about that huge 10 inch cock fucking m-y ass ... just like Brad did previously on o-ur three way evening. I was getting turned on by the thought of getting fucked by Brad. He had a huge cock that was a fun challenge. He was also patient and reasonably gentle with something so huge, unless you wanted him t-o unleash it all, then it got intense. M-y daydream was broken by o-ne of m-y favourites playing on XM radio. The band was named ‘Mobile’ and the song was called ‘Montreal Calling’. It starts with a fast tempo progressing bass line. The heavy distorted guitars kick i-n playing standard 3 chord change patterns. During the chorus all instruments stop and start on the same beat with each chord change punctuating the lyrics, alternatively sung with a higher pitched harmonic voice singing the 2nd t-wo lines;

Take me take me get me o-ut of here
Come down please come help me out
Take me take me get me o-ut of here
Come down please come help me out

It has a heavy tom oriented drum pattern played on a clear white Ludwig Vistalite 6 piece kit that accentuates the bass line ... very catchy. As Meg approached the car I turned down the volume. She got i-n and tossed an overnight bag i-n the back seat. As she took a seat i-n the passenger side she said, “I hear the Lithium channel, do I not ?” “Yes, I got an offer for half price on a year’s subscription and bit. They were just playing Montreal Calling.”, I replied. Every time I hear that song I’m reminded of driving though New Brunswick and Quebec returning from a trip t-o the East coast of Canada. Approaching Montreal meant Forty-Five t-o Sixty minutes until the Ontario border and another of the same distance until returning t-o Ottawa, the nation’s capital city. Funny how some songs have the ability t-o transport a person back i-n time t-o when it became most memorable. An auditory bookmark.

* Twenty minutes later we arrived a-t m-y new condo building i-n the West end of the city. I pulled into the underground parking garage, parked the car and led Meg through the building t-o m-y unit where we both undressed and laid on the bed. With a few hours until dinner we took a quick nap followed by an next hour and half of personal grooming. Meg chose a simple but elegant outfit while I chose a semi-formal ensemble of a pair of black Dockers and a light tan coloured golf shirt. We were going t-o meet Brad and Shane a-t Biagio’s Italian Restaurant i-n the West end of the city. A semi-formal and light atmosphere, the venue catered t-o an upscale clientele with modern furnishings and a slightly higher priced menu. Following their initial encounter Meg had called the store and chatted with Shane about possible future encounters after which both exchanged cell . She now texted Shane the address and reservation info while I did the same with Brad. We both received acknowledgements of o-ur texts. We would all meet i-n the restaurant’s parking lot a-t 6:55PM. Things were all set for another night of exploration and adventure.

* Pulling into the parking lot Meg spotted a series of empty parking spots on the right hand side and towards the rear of the parking lot. We parked next t-o an open spot, got o-ut and looked around the parking lot. A car horn honked as Shane spotted Meg and pulled into the empty spot next t-o us. Shane got o-ut and gave Meg a close warm hug. Shane was also dressed moderately conservative with a simple light coloured blouse and dark skirt combination. Both women were looking hot i-n an attempt t-o conceal their sensuous bodies i-n conservative attire. Brad spotted us and found a spot a few spaces down from us. As he approached us Shane suddenly fell quiet. I noticed Brad perked u-p slightly a-t first glance upon Shane. He straightened his shoulders slightly and held a level gaze. A warm smile appeared as he extended his hand t-o Shane while introducing himself. Shane held his hand then drew him i-n closer t-o her for a hug as she concluded her introduction. Both Meg and I exchanged glances with slightly raised eyebrows, both of us noticing the chemistry they were developing.

* After a few minutes of nervous laughter and innuendos o-ur drink orders arrived, a good way t-o start an evening by lowering o-ur inhibitions. Over dinner we chatted about how we all came t-o know each other. It got erotic a-t times while trying t-o keep most of the colourful language t-o ourselves. We didn’t delve into the details of o-ur encounter with Shane but gave Brad a broad condensed version t-o which he raised his glass for a toast. After o-ur collective toast Shane announced a trip t-o the restroom while resting her hand on Brad’s thigh. Being next t-o Shane Brad stood u-p and pulled back the chair for Shane. She stood u-p and placed a light kiss on Brad’s cheek causing her breasts t-o rub against his side as she strode past t-o the ladies room. Meg could no longer contain her curiosity and asked, “So, what do you think of Shane ?” “She’s something special is the best description I can give a-t the moment ! I felt a connection with her immediately.”, he continued. “Those 34 D’s though ... I can’t wait t-o see them i-n action.” MJ responded, “She is intense and fun t-o be around. I bet you t-wo will have a great time tonight.” A-t that moment Shane returned prompting Brad t-o stand u-p and push Shane’s chair i-n for her. We had ordered four coffees with neither of us having any room for dessert. Before the coffees arrived I raised m-y glass and said, “Here’s t-o a wonderful evening with four like minded and intimate friends.” We all cheered and drank the remnants i-n o-ur glasses.

* After coffee and a trip t-o the restroom we all met i-n the parking lot. I spoke t-o the group, “Shane, I am confident that you are comfortable around all of us. Brad, you live closer t-o here than I do so do you recommend we continue a-t your place or we can all go back t-o mine. It’s a bit further and more o-ut of the way for you, Shane.” Brad offered, “Shane, why don’t you leave your car here and come back with me ? I can drive you back here later t-o get your car. I-n the meantime let’s continue a-t m-y place.” Shane’s eye’s lit up, “That would be fantastic ! I feel comfortable leaving m-y car here overnight.” A sign that Shane and Brad were hitting it off caused a slight grin t-o appear on Meg’s lips. Meg thought t-o herself just wait until she gets that whole ten inches pounding into her, I want to witness that. She felt her love canal starting t-o salivate a-t the thought of another round with Shane and witnessing Shane’s reaction t-o getting taken hard by a huge cock. I had switched over the radio t-o the a local FM station who were currently playing The Beaches latest hit, ‘Want What You Got’. A four piece all female band from Toronto, they have enjoyed a string of number o-ne hits. Their current hit features a slow heavy bass line and a low sultry voice that raises t-o a desperate exclamation i-n the second part of the chorus;

I want your small waist
Want your vacation
I want what you got, I say it a lot

Oh M-y God, Oh M-y God, Oh M-y God, Oh M-y God
I want what you got, I say it a lot

I want your car
I want your apartment
I want what you got, I say it a lot

Meg loudly sang the part, “Oh m-y god, oh m-y god, oh m-y god, oh m-y god” and I would continue with a finger pointing a-t MJ while singing, “I want what you got, I say it a lot”.

* Having had Brad’s address i-n m-y GPS we arrived shortly after Brad who was waiting for us i-n the lobby of his building. We all rode the elevator t-o Brad’s floor with the sexual tension thick enough t-o cut with a knife. Brad served us all a drink as we sat i-n the living room making small talk. Brad raised his glass and said t-o us all, “Cheers ! Here’s t-o a night of naked exploration. Who’ll be first t-o break the ice ?” I-n unison we all raised o-ur glasses and returned a, “Cheers !” Shane spoke u-p and said, “I’ll go first. Let’s see how much small talk we can make with me topless !” She removed her top and swung her bra around so the clasps were i-n front of her. She undid the clips and let her bra fall t-o the ground leaving her 34 D cup firm round breasts bare for all t-o see. They looked spectacular i-n this light. Meg decided on the same tactic and let her bra fall t-o the ground as well. With her hands on her hips Shane said, “So, how about those Raptors ?”, causing all of us t-o let o-ut some nervous laughter. Meg set her drink down and then said t-o the room, “Anyone see m-y drink ?” while she quickly turned from left t-o right and vice versa causing her gorgeous breasts t-o sway back and forth. Brad and I were hypnotized by four firm round gorgeous breasts combined with four perfectly round and silver dollar sized nipples.

* Brad and I stared i-n a trance like state as Shane walked over and cupped Meg perky breasts sucking and kissing both of her nipples. No longer able t-o contain ourselves I followed Brad’s lead and pulled down m-y pants and underwear kicking them off with o-ur erect cocks on full display. Shane pulled down Meg’s skirt and panties with Meg doing the same for Shane. As they started t-o make o-ut Brad and I removed o-ur tops and I got on m-y knees i-n front of Brad taking his cock i-n m-y hand. As I was sucking on Brad getting him hard I glanced over t-o discover Shane unwrapping her harness and laying o-ut her ‘weapon’ for the evening, a beer can thick ten inch dildo. Brad was also getting turned on by the direction Shane and Meg were taking as Meg grabbed Shane by the shoulders and passionately kissed her over and over allowing her passion t-o grow. With each flick of her hair she would alternate between kissing Shane on her left side then back t-o her right. Shane was gripping Meg hard by the hips pulling her crotch closer t-o her o-wn while returning Meg’s passion. Taking a cue from the girls I stood u-p and looked Brad i-n the eye and shrugged m-y shoulders i-n a “Why not?” expression. Brad pulled me closer and grabbed m-y cock with o-ne hand while reaching o-ut with his other t-o pull m-y head closer t-o his. I grabbed his cock as well and leaned i-n while he slid his tongue i-n m-y mouth. I had never experienced arousal a-t kissing a man before but I was certainly feeling it now. I kissed him back as m-y cock got harder matching the raging boner I was also holding.

* Shane put on her harness, strapped on her dildo and pushed Meg down on all fours. She stood i-n front of her again commanding her t-o suck on her member. Meg suppressed her gag reflex t-o swallow as much of Shane’s member as she could. Each time she pulled it o-ut coated i-n a thick blanket of her saliva Meg would summon another mouthful of spit and drip it on Shane’s love hammer. Meanwhile, Brad sensing m-y appetite, got on all fours displaying his hole t-o me. I slipped on a condom, squirted a dab of lube on m-y cock and i-n m-y hand and then got behind Brad slapping a dab of lube on his ass ring. I worked m-y cock slowly i-n Brad for an inch, held it and then for another inch. I then pulled o-ut and applied more lube and went back t-o the same routine until I was all the way i-n him. I looked over and noticed Shane had a handful of Meg’s hair from behind and was tugging on it causing Meg t-o arch her back. Shane then slid the huge ten inch, beer can thick cock inside Meg until she bottomed o-ut leaving a portion exposed. Meg squirmed t-o accommodate the huge girth now filling the inner and narrower section of her vagina. On each outward thrust the glean from Meg’s pussy juices sparkled from the reflecting candle light Brad lit earlier. I had m-y hands on Brad’s hips while I leaned back and pumped m-y cock i-n his ass. We were all enjoying every second of pleasure collectively.

* Shane and I locked gazes while we were both fucking a person i-n front of us. Shane noticed me glancing a-t Meg while she glanced a-t Brad with her raw sexual hunger on display. We looked a-t each other again and both nodded quizzically t-o each other strangely understanding each other. We both pulled o-ut while Shane stood u-p behind Meg and told her t-o move forward. I did the same with Brad and we both got on o-ur knees again and inserted o-ur members i-n the partner i-n front of us. Meg and Brad stared deeply into each other eyes as both were getting penetrated a-t the same time. Only mere centimetres (or an inch or two) apart they locked gazes before each strained forward t-o kiss o-ne another. They swapped tongues while Shane and I continued t-o lock o-ur eyes on each other both experiencing each others pleasure through o-ur gazes. Every wave of pleasure I was receiving from pumping m-y cock into Brad’s muscular butt hole was being reflected i-n m-y eyes. Shane was slapping Meg on the ass and rubbing her o-wn clit a-t the same time still managing t-o maintain a locked stare with me. Shane reached down a grabbed Meg by the hair pulling her back from Brad. She reached her other hand around Meg and held her fingers against Meg’s clit t-o hold her place while she pumped away on her. Meg got turned on by the man-handling Shane was giving her becoming the first of the evening t-o writhe i-n ecstasy succumbing t-o her vaginal orgasm. Her loud vocal responses and cries increased m-y existing desire causing me become the second of the evening as I filled the condom inserted i-n Brad’s ass.

* Meg and I got u-p from o-ur positions with me getting i-n front of a stood u-p Brad and Meg rolling between Shane’s legs. Shane had previously undone her harness, letting it t-o fall t-o the ground, leaving her bare pussy exposed for Meg t-o p-lay with. I sucked on Brad’s cock getting it hard while Meg licked and sucked on Shane’s pussy getting it sopping wet for the next onslaught. Meg was also working t-wo fingers inside of Shane evident by the dark swollen condition of her aroused pussy. I moved back from Brad allowing him t-o move i-n next t-o Meg who was still licking Shane’s pussy. Brad moved Shane over t-o the sofa where she laid back leaving her ass dangling over the edge. His huge cock was only slightly thinner and slightly shorter than the dildo Shane brought with her. Brad moved i-n between Shane’s legs holding them u-p for Shane t-o wrap her arms around her knees and hold her feet with her legs spread wide open. Meg slid a pillow under Shane’s ass t-o give Brad more access. Shane gasped as each inch went i-n further and further until he filled her completely. He was kneeling while Shane was on her back with her hips elevated by a pillow. Taking advantage of the left bending curve i-n his cock he moved slightly t-o his left and twisted his cock i-n her making the bend i-n his shaft face upwards. He did an almost sideways back and forth thrusting his huge cock i-n her with the head gouging the upper wall of her canal causing a very pleasant pressure on her g-spot with every stroke. Meg got on the sofa behind Shane and allowed her t-o lean back on her. Meg caressed each breast and reached down t-o rub her clit feeling the massive cock penetrating around her fingers. After ten minutes of constant pounding Shane cried o-ut as she squirted her cum all over Brad’s cock. She twitched and bucked her hips against Brad’s still hard cock resting next t-o her after her pelvic muscles pushed his girth out. Before anyone had a chance I quickly moved i-n and sucked on Brad’s cock still glistening with Shane’s juices. His cock got bigger until I felt the head growing i-n size. I tongued the sensitive region with the tip of m-y tongue causing a gush of semen t-o flow into m-y mouth. I closed m-y lips around his head and sucked him dry, collecting a huge wad first before swallowing it i-n o-ne gulp.

* We took a break and hydrated with large gulps of water. We were all spent and perspiring from the previous intense round of sexual gratification. Brad and I took a seat next t-o each other’s respective female partners. I put m-y arm around Meg while Brad rested his hand on Shane’s thigh who i-n turn rested her hand on Brad’s thigh. Brad innocently brushed his hand over Shane’s pubic region causing her t-o move her hips upward making contact with Brad’s hand. Brad put his hand down further and rested his middle finger on her clit. She moved her hips u-p and down making contact with Brad’s index finger also causing it t-o slip inside her. Meg, watching and getting turned on, leaned over and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I moved m-y hand down and brushed her landing strip. She moved her hips u-p t-o meet m-y hand. I swirled m-y fingers i-n a counter clockwise motion tracing the outline of her clitoral hood. She moved her hips u-p and down causing m-y finger t-o also slip inside of her. Both girls breathing started t-o increase as both Brad and I moved down t-o run o-ur tongues over their clits. We were also inserting o-ur fingers i-n their pussies while licking their clits. I’m not sure if Brad did but occasionally I plunged m-y tongue into Meg’s love canal ... it drove her nuts.

* Shane stood u-p and motioned for us all t-o get closer. Brad got down and licked Shane’s pussy while Meg stretched o-ut next t-o Brad so she could suck his cock while I licked her pussy. This also put me next t-o Shane who reached over and started t-o suck on m-y cock. We were all interconnected i-n a circle each with another persons genitals t-o p-lay with. Brad and I continued getting Shane and Meg dripping wet and moaning with pleasure. They also had both of o-ur cocks hard again. Brad got on a chair facing us while Shane stood u-p and faced us while lower herself down on Brad’s cock. She bounced u-p and down a few times getting him harder then she moved off and lowered her ass down on his cock. She bit her lip and held herself i-n position adjusting t-o the girth occupying her tight ass. Meg, who was sucking on m-y cock, grabbed me by the cock and led me over next t-o Shane and Brad on the chair. She sucked on me till I was rock hard then I moved i-n and stuck m-y cock i-n Shane’s pussy. Shane was getting double penetrated bouncing u-p and down on Brad’s cock causing m-y cock t-o slip i-n and o-ut of her vagina. Meg moved i-n closer and rubbed Shane’s clit while she continued t-o ride both of o-ur cocks. She pushed me o-ut of her canal and released an orgasmic stream all over m-y cock and also on Brad’s cock which had slipped o-ut of her ass. She quivered and bucked and then got off of Brad’s still rock hard cock. When Shane got off I took over and sucked on his cock t-o keep it hard. It was now Meg’s turn. She got u-p and mounted herself on Brad’s huge cock. She slid down his pole coating it i-n a sheen of her lubricant. She then moved off and inserted his wet cock i-n her ass until she bottomed out. Shane took m-y cock i-n her mouth and sucked on while Meg rode Brad’s pole. Shane got me rock hard again before I moved forward and stuck m-y cock i-n Meg’s exposed pussy. Meg was riding u-p and down on Brad’s cock i-n her ass while m-y cock slipped i-n and o-ut of her pussy. Shane moved i-n closer and stroked and rubbed Meg’s clit while I continued t-o pound it with m-y cock. After several minutes of double penetration Meg experienced the same reaction quivering and twitching while gushing a stream on m-y cock.

* Brad was still huge after Meg got off his tool. I still had a raging erection as well. Brad came over and put m-y cock i-n his mouth. He sucked on it and stroked the base of m-y cock with his free hand. With gripping pressure on each u-p stroke his hand and mouth met i-n the middle of m-y shaft. I was standing and Brad was kneeling. Shane put the strap on and got behind me shoving her huge dildo i-n m-y ass. She pumped i-n and o-ut while Brad continued t-o suck m-y cock until I shot another load deep down Brad’s throat. We switched it u-p with Meg now sucking on Brad’s cock while Shane got behind him and inserted her member i-n Brad’s ass. Brad let o-ut a loud howl as he shot a huge load all over Meg’s face. Being turned on I moved i-n and licked the cum off of Meg face kissing her each time with a mouthful of Brad’s cum.

* We all took a seat next t-o o-ur respective partners all of us spent from an intense second round. Brad got u-p and went into the kitchen. Hearing plates and cutlery Shane got u-p t-o lend a hand. They returned a few minutes later with a plate of cheese and crackers, fresh cut fruit and a bowl of honey roasted peanuts. We reclined and dined on the snacks i-n front of us regaining o-ur energy levels. Shane cuddled u-p next t-o Brad who had his arm around her waist. They did look good together while both sharing much of the same interests. I was reminded of how lucky a person has t-o be t-o struck by lightning. What are the odds of four people being struck with the same bolt ?
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IIIThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act V
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... I Got the Webcam Blues ...
Posted:Mar 25, 2020 10:39 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2020 2:32 pm

* After several frustrating months of trying determine why the webcam in my laptop doesn't seem to function properly I've determined the issue is with this site. Of course, this is mostly my opinion but I have run several different tests on several different platforms with AdultFriendFinder consistently displaying the same issue. I believe the issue is the result of using an outdated code base.

* First, the issue is with displaying my laptop's webcam on AdultFriendFinder. I have tried on other 'cam' sites and this issue is mostly with AdultFriendFinder. The issue being approximately 5 seconds after starting a webcam broadcast the camera shuts off. This is consistent using Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu) and also on a Samsung tablet running Android OS. The exception seems to be Microsoft Edge (and possibly IE) obviously on Windows 10. This issue is most closely related to Adobe Flash and web browser manufacturers limiting support for a vulnerable code base.

* In order to isolate the issue being with my laptop's webcam I also installed and configured an application that allowed me to select an Android devices' camera as if it is a locally attached webcam. The behaviour was exactly the same. The device would work with other sites but would shut off automatically after approx 5 seconds on AdultFriendFinder when using the same above mentioned platforms and browser combinations.

* The bottom line is the IM and the 'broadcast' both use an underlying Flash based mechanism that many browsers are deprecating for security concerns. Many of the modern day browsers share some of the underlying security code base making the compatibility base of browsers very narrow. Google has announced as of December 2020 they will no longer provide any form of support for Flash based environments. It'll be interesting to see if this will be enough to force developers to switch to a more modern HTML 5 code base for the IM .
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act III)
Posted:Mar 19, 2020 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2020 6:39 pm

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IIThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IV

* What started o-ut as a beautiful summers morning turned into an overcast, dark afternoon threatening rain. I was parked outside of MJ’s place waiting for her with the local radio station playing i-n the background. Matching the dark skies, The Weeknd was currently rolling through the dark a-nd sultry track, The Hills. The slow moving heavy organ/synth layer matched the feel of the air ... heavy a-nd thick . O-n a cheerier note, Meg was heading o-ut to shop for a few new items a-nd I had agreed to accompany her. I had nothing better to do especially anything that could match spending an afternoon giving Meg m-y opinion o-n an article of clothing. She was fun, spontaneous a-nd always an adventure to be around. She approached m-y car with a slight devilish smile a-nd a slow sultry walk . The music i-n m-y car suddenly changed, Meg had previously paired her phone with m-y sound system a-nd was overriding m-y selection by casting Rihanna’s Umbrella;

Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other

You can stand under m-y Umbrella
You can stand under m-y Umbrella

She opened the door a-nd with a sultry swing of her hips she glided into the passenger seat while matching Rihanna lyric for lyric. I can only stare i-n awe by being i-n the presence of someone who makes looking gorgeous effortless a-nd second nature. “Hi hun, I hoped you wouldn’t mind. Sometimes I need m-y Rhi-Rhi ... you know how it is !” I nodded, of course I knew how it was ... if it got her motor running then it got m-y motor running. ‘Cause it’s like that!

* We found a parking spot a-t the mall a-nd headed inside i-n search of La Vie en Rose. Meg wanting to get something comfortable to sleep i-n decided to browse the lingerie section as her first option. A-t t-wo o’clock i-n the afternoon during the week the number of shoppers would be minimal, especially shopping for lingerie. MJ walked over t-o the sleepwear section a-nd picked o-ut a light coloured floral pattern soft v-neckline nightie. The sales clerk with a name tag that read “Shane” called o-ut t-o MJ asking if she needed any help. Meg held o-ut the nightie she picked o-ut a-nd asked if there was somewhere where she could try it on. I noticed Shane was looking her u-p a-nd down while she explained where the change rooms were located. She continued t-o stare as Meg walked away towards the change room. She called o-ut, “Take your time ... it’s usually dead i-n here around this time of day.” Meg turned a-nd waved, “Thanks !” I asked Shane if it was okay t-o accompany Meg t-o give her m-y opinion. Shane replied, “Of course, if he’s not happy then she’s usually not happy !” She seemed friendly with long auburn coloured hair adorned i-n natural long flat curls. She had her hair pulled back to one side over her shoulder revealing a shaved portion above her right ear tracing back to her neck . She was 5ft 3inches with a soft complexion a-nd a round sensuous face. Her almond shaped brown eyes, accentuated with a dark eyeliner a-nd mascara, looked slightly hazel i-n this light. They were expressive eyes which would reflect her thoughts like a mood ring. She had sensuous expressive lips that curled slightly i-n the corners when she was amused. It spoke of an underlying smouldering desire hidden behind a warm a-nd inviting smile. She moved fluidly like a predator stalking her prey as she came from behind the counter to watch m-e follow MJ into the change room. I glanced back a-nd noticed she was still looking i-n the direction of the change room wearing a devilish grin.

* Meg called m-e into the change room a-nd closed the door behind me. She reached u-p a-nd kissed m-e passionately. Without hesitation I put m-y arms around her resting both hands o-n her ass cheeks a-nd pulled her closer. I returned her passionate kisses accompanied with probing tongue action. This was a spontaneous act t-hat caught m-e by surprise but turned m-e o-n immensely. I-t had the hallmarks of a spur of the moment decision. Both of o-ur desires increased as Meg reached down a-nd undid the belt around her Capri’s letting them drop to the ground. She slid down to her knees a-nd undid m-y pants pulling them to m-y ankles. She put her hand o-n m-y almost hard cock, licked her lips a-nd slid her moist wet mouth over m-y growing member. I had m-y eyes closed while Meg was moving her mouth u-p a-nd down o-n m-y shaft when we heard a light tap o-n the door followed by, “Is everything going okay i-n there ? I can give a second opinion if you need it.” As Meg had her mouth full I replied with, “Thanks but she’s just changing right now. Maybe i-n a few minutes ?” “That’s okay, just let m-e know if you need any help. I’ll be outside here ... ensuring your privacy.” The last part of this sentence trailed off into a sultry suggestion. Meg looked u-p with m-y cock i-n her mouth a-nd arched her eyebrow. I understood her unspoken query ... is she, Shane, suggesting what I think she’s suggesting ? Meg had her panties down working t-wo fingers inside her glistening love canal. With a glance I could see the moisture coating her fingers was getting wetter a-nd slicker. She stood u-p a-nd moved towards the stool located next to the wall length mirror. Meg loved to watch a cock slamming into her. She loved mirror sex. Sensing her urgency I quickly got behind her while she bent over the stool exposing her glistening a-nd closely shaved pussy. I reached down a-nd pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing both of her holes. Like catnip, the view of Meg’s exposed holes ramped u-p m-y growing sexual appetite as m-y rock hard cock would testify. Meg let o-ut a small audible gasp when I slid m-y cock inside her. Outside, I heard a small audible, “Mmmm” which could only have come from Shane.

* Correctly guessing what was taking place i-n the change room Shane tapped o-n the door a-nd quietly whispered, “It’s okay, the store is empty. Mind if I watch ?” I shrugged m-y shoulders signalling to Meg t-hat I was okay with it. Meg replied, “No, we don’t mind. Please come in.” Shane opened the door a-nd stepped inside. She let o-ut a long exhale as she caught site of a half naked Meg bent over a stool coupled with m-e behind her a-nd m-y pants around m-y ankles exposing m-y cock protruding from her sopping wet hole. Shane pulled down her skirt a-nd panties displaying a bald freshly shaved pussy. She moved i-n front of Meg a-nd spread her legs wide open. While m-y cock was going i-n a-nd o-ut of her, MJ had spread open Shane’s pussy lips a-nd was working her tongue over he clit. Shane had her head tilted back enjoying being pleasured by MJ who was now working t-wo fingers inside her while licking her clit. Shane had one eye slightly open watching m-e fuck Meg with increased vigour. She encouraged m-e with, “Yeah, fuck that pussy good a-nd hard. Give it t-o her.” She lifted her top a-nd flipped her bra over her tits motioning for m-e to grab a-nd caress her exposed D cup firm, round breasts. She was built to fuck . Slightly shorter than Meg she was a small feisty package of sensuality desirable by both sexes. I could tell Meg was highly aroused. She was ‘creaming’ o-n m-y cock more than normal. This was turning m-e o-n exponentially. I had one hand o-n Meg’s hip fucking her doggy-style while m-y other hand was groping a-nd caressing Shane’s big firm tits. Meg was licking Shane’s pussy while she ground her pussy into MJ’s face. Without warning I shot a huge pent u-p load of cum deep inside MJ. She pushed herself back against m-e while I continued to pump semen into her. When I finished I gave her a hard slap o-n her ass leaving a slight red mark .

* After I had finished a-nd pulled o-ut Shane stepped away from MJ a-nd said to me, “Okay. Now go outside a-nd keep an eye o-n the store. Let m-e know if we get any customers. This shouldn’t take too long.” She picked u-p the plastic bag that she had brought into the change room with her a-nd took o-ut what appeared to be a harness of some sort. She stepped into it a-nd fastened the snaps. I closed the door a-nd kept an eye o-n the still empty store. Meanwhile, Shane took o-ut an e-ight inch dildo a-nd fastened it place o-n the harness she was now wearing. She then stood i-n front of a still bent over MJ motioning for her to suck o-n her member. Meg spit o-n i-t a-nd swallowed as much as she could. Shane then got behind Meg a-nd grabbed a handful of her hair a-nd tugged o-n it keeping MJ i-n a position with her back arched. Shane then slid her unit inside of Meg thrusting her hips forward and pumping the dildo i-n a-nd o-ut of Meg. She would occasionally give Meg hard slaps o-n her ass which I could hear i-n the hallway. Meg was getting immensely turned o-n by being ‘man-handled’ by Shane. Shane was crowing, “Yeah, bitch ... take m-y cock a-nd tell m-e how much you want it.” This was followed by another loud slap o-n Meg’s ass cheeks which were turning a light shade of red. Her dildo was coated i-n a combination of Meg’s natural lube a-nd m-y cum making an audible wet slurping sound as she continued to fuck Meg deep a-nd hard.

* Shane put her arms under Meg’s armpits a-nd locked her fingers together o-n the back of Meg’s head. She kicked the stool o-ut of the way a-nd pushed her forward with Meg’s erect nipples slamming against the wall. She released her locked fingers a-nd grabbed a handful of Meg’s hair holding her i-n place while she thrust the dildo into an almost standing Meg. With her hips pushing back against Shane, Meg let o-ut a loud audible gasp whenever the dildo slid inside of her slamming against her cervix. Shane whispered i-n Meg’s ear, “Take it all, bitch. Show m-e how much you want it.” This was a new dynamic for Meg. She had some bisexual experiences before but those were mostly soft sensual exchanges. She hadn’t been forcefully taken by a female a-nd this was exciting her more than she would have expected. With the dildo still firmly inside of her, Shane pushed Meg i-n front of the stool a-nd bent her over it again. She slapped her hard o-n her ass a-nd slammed into her while still holding a handful of her hair. She was tugging o-n Meg’s hair pulling her body back against the dildo shoved inside her. It was intense. Shane was getting more a-nd more turned o-n with her skirt o-n the ground a-nd the strap-on firmly attached to her hips. While thrusting into Meg Shane was occasionally rubbing her free hand over her clit. She was also getting turned o-n by man handling Meg. Meg could no longer contain herself a-nd quivered a-nd twitched as an intense orgasm enveloped her entire body. Shane, also turned on b-y Meg’s orgasm, pulled the dildo o-ut a-nd removed the strap-on harness. She stood i-n front of a still bent over Meg inviting her to stare a-t her swollen glistening pussy. Meg reached o-ut a-nd slid fingers inside of Shane. Shane shoved her crotch i-n her face allowing Meg run her tongue over her swollen clit while working her fingers inside of her. With her eyes closed a-nd head tilted back Shane moaned loudly as she squirted her love juices o-n Meg’s face a-nd arms.

* I remained standing outside imagining Meg getting worked over by the highly aroused a-nd shapely Shane. I heard their moans of pleasure a-nd smiled to myself. As much as I wanted to witness this encounter I knew it would be more intense for both of them if they had some privacy to pursue their carnal desires. Now both satisfied Meg stood u-p a-nd put her clothes back o-n while Shane packed u-p her accessories a-nd also dressed. She gave Meg a close hug a-nd kissed her passionately o-n the lips. Meg returned her passion a-nd ended the hug with a light slap o-n Shane’s shapely backside. They walked o-ut to a still empty store. Shane had the nightie i-n her hand that Meg was initially going to try on. She wrapped it u-p a-nd handed the bag to Meg stating it was a gift from her a-nd to think of her when she wears it. To m-y surprise, Shane grabbed m-e a-nd pulled m-e close to her. She kissed m-e slowly o-n the lips a-nd whispered i-n m-y ear, “Thank you. I really needed that.” I had to ask her, “Was today just o-ur lucky day or do you always carry it around with you ?” With a wink she whispered i-n a low voice, “You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve waited for an opportunity like this ... again !” Walking through the mall I noticed I had another erection happening thanks to Shane’s musk still clinging to Meg ... a female facial ! Did I mention that she was fun, spontaneous a-nd always an adventure to be around ?

* We pulled o-ut of the underground parking lot a-nd into a warm sunlit afternoon. The clouds had cleared a-nd the sun was now beaming through the last remnants of rain clouds. Meg was still highly aroused from the previous experience. I rolled down the windows as the outside temperature sensor read 26 C (or approx 84 F) We were both singing along to Blue Rodeo’s Trust Yourself. The constant piano keys repetitively keeping time while Jim Cuddy sang;

-And you'll be alone
- when the sun comes up
-Tattered little dreams
- a-nd a broken cup

-Then you'll have to trust yourself
-And don't believe i-n any more lies

Meg was bouncing her leg u-p a-nd down tapping her toe to the rhythm of the song. Occasionally she would reach down a-nd rub her hand over her crotch. She was still turned o-n a-nd was going to need to feed that hunger soon. I-n an attempt to disturb her from this trance I asked, “H-ungry?” “Like you wouldn’t believe.”, was her reply. I’ve gotten t-o know Meg a-nd her subtle meanings. She had a look that spoke of needing t-o satisfy an unfulfilled appetite. She was going need some rougher treatment from her hung bull friend. I understood, this was something she desired which was simply not a part of who I am or what o-ur relationship was based on w-ith each other. I asked her if she wanted m-e to drop her off a-t her place to which she replied, “You don’t mind, do you ?” I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of m-e that experienced some envy but that’s a response of the m-ale ego a-nd easily dismissed. Truth be told, I was glad she had others to experiment with as she had a high sex drive a-nd I was no longer the springs chicken I once was. Besides, I also had an itch that I wanted to scratch. After witnessing the fucking recently I was getting the urge to have a cock slam into me. Being able to share this part of o-ur sexual curiosity was the bond of o-ur friendship. I rarely discussed being with other females especially when with other couples. It just seemed unnecessary. I replied, “Of course not. I’m flattered that you shared this experience with me.” She leaned over a-nd kissed m-e o-n the cheek . I put m-y hand o-n her knee while I continued the drive back to Meg’s place. She rested her hand o-n mine. She asked, “Do you have any other plans ?” As we pulled into the parking lot I replied with, “There is someone that I’ve been trying to line u-p schedules with. Tonight just might work o-ut !” She knew I had been corresponding with a c-ouple of different bi males a-nd did occasionally hook u-p with some of them. She always liked to hear the details. As she was getting o-ut of the car she leaned inside a-nd said, “I hope it does a-nd try to keep detailed notes !” She gave m-e a quick peck o-n the cheek . Before she closed the door I said to her, “You have m-y number, t-ext m-e later tonight to let m-e know you’re okay.” “Will do, bye hun !

* O-n m-y way home I decided to stop a-t the local neighbourhood pub for dinner a-nd a beer. It was close to home a-nd featured a fantastic menu for a small pub. Being a familiar face to a few of the waitresses who were always friendly I always left a generous tip. I ordered a Czechvar Dark ale a-nd the burger with a side order of fries. The burger was made of freshly ground beef o-n a freshly baked bun. While I was waiting for dinner to arrive I logged o-n to the hook u-p site to see if ‘Victor’ was online. He was! I typed, “Hey, am free this evening a-nd can host, wanna hook u-p ?”. I took a sip of beer . A minute later m-y phone buzzed. It was Victor. “Hey ! I’m also free tonight a-nd am horny” I typed, “I’m grabbing a bite to eat a-nd will t-ext when I’m home i-n an hour or so” He replied, “Great. I’ll get myself ready a-nd wait for your txt”. M-y burger arrived. I devoured it with the appetite of an Olympic weight lifter, paid the bill a-nd left for home.

* When I got home I went through a ‘personal anal’ cleanse routine followed by inserting a lube covered dildo get things prepared. I then texted Victor m-y address a-nd asked for an ETA. He texted back that he should be here i-n about t-wenty minutes. I put o-n a tight pair of underwear, m-y track pants a-nd loose top. While waiting i-n the living room I had m-y laptop o-ut a-nd casting porn o-n to the living room TV. I-n the bedroom I laid o-ut an old blanket o-n top of the bedspread a-nd added the bottle of lube a-nd a box of tissues. When Victor finally arrived I had a raging hard on. I opened the door a-nd led Vic inside. Victor was older than , i-n his late fifties or very early sixties. He had a huge nine inch dick that was uncut a-nd thick . We had chatted for the past few months hoping we could find a convenient time. He loved m-y profile pics a-nd I loved the pic of his cock . We took a seat o-n the sofa with porn playing o-n the screen. I asked him if he’d like something to drink to which he replied, “A glass of cold water would be perfect.” I got u-p a-nd returned a few seconds later with a full glass of cold water. Vic had taken the opportunity to take his pants off a-nd was sliding his underwear down. “Wow, looks nicer i-n person !”, I said. I took a seat next to him a-nd pulled down m-y pants exposing m-y semi hard cock . We both sat back a-nd jerked o-n o-ur cocks for a minute until I reached over, grabbed his cock a-nd sucked o-n it. We both stood u-p a-nd I motioned for us to go to the bedroom. When we reached the bedroom I took off the rest of m-y clothes as did Vic. He had a long foreskin, something that always turned m-e on. I grabbed his cock a-nd moved i-n close enough to touch the heads of o-ur cocks together. I then pulled his foreskin over the head of m-y cock . It gave m-e the sensation of what having a foreskin would feel like. A huge turn o-n! After a few strokes I stopped a-nd got o-n m-y knees putting his cock i-n m-y mouth. I sucked o-n him for a few minutes until his cock was rock hard a-t which point I stood up. He grabbed m-e by the hips a-nd turned m-e around while forcing m-y face i-n the direction of the blanket. He spit o-n m-y ass hole a-nd inserted his tongue causing m-e extensive pleasure. M-y hole was opening u-p getting ready for his huge cock . He slipped o-n a condom a-nd slathered lube o-n m-y ass a-nd o-n his cock . He then grabbed m-e by the shoulders a-nd pulled m-e back onto his cock . He slowly worked it all the way i-n a-nd gave m-y ass a playful slap. He started to slowly fuck m-e while I reached back a-nd tugged o-n m-y growing cock . A-t one point he pushed m-e down o-n m-y stomach a-nd spread m-y legs apart while continuing to pound m-y ass. After a few minutes he rolled over onto his back a-nd I got o-n top of him i-n reverse cowgirl (boy?) position. While riding u-p a-nd down o-n his cock I was also stroking m-y own erect cock . Just before Vic shot his load I suddenly squirted a forcible wad of cum that splashed off of m-y forehead. It had a lot of force behind it. Vic then filled the condom as he shot his load before he took his cock o-ut of m-y ass. It was relatively quick but still very enjoyable. Vic cleaned up, got dressed a-nd said his good byes o-n his way o-ut the door. It’s how it is with guys. Quick, to the point a-nd go your own way.

* After Vic left I smoked a joint a-nd poured a cold beer. I sat back a-nd watched an old favourite movie, Fargo. Along with The Big Lebowski it was one of the Cohen brothers movies that were part of m-y cult favourites collection. Close to midnight I decided it was time to call it a night. I was getting into bed when m-y phone buzzed. It was Meg. “Just saying I’m OK ! Is the other side of your bed empty ?” I texted back, “Glad to hear a-nd yes it is. Key is i-n mailbox.” She replied, “Tks. Am tired a-nd kinda lonely, sleep only ?” “I’d love to have just your company”, I sent back . I left the key to the front door i-n the mailbox a-nd went back to get into bed after leaving the light o-n i-n the en-suite bathroom. I woke u-p i-n the middle of the night with Meg i-n a deep sleep next to me. I got u-p a-nd turned the light off i-n the bathroom a-nd then got back into bed moving over next to Meg. She had turned o-n her side putting herself i-n the right position for m-e to cuddle u-p next to her. She was soft, toned, sensuous a-nd alluring. S-ugar a-nd spice a-nd everything nice. It was the most peaceful sleep I had i-n weeks.

* Several hours later I woke u-p o-n m-y back with Meg turned towards m-e resting her bent leg o-n m-y thigh. Her warm touch was a perfect stimulate to the ‘morning wood’ phenomenon I was now experiencing. Meg felt m-e move a-nd moved her hand down over m-y torso. She moved her leg upwards a-nd brushed against m-y morning hard-on. Instinctively, she turned o-n her back putting her right leg i-n a bent position with her foot resting o-n the bed a-nd her legs spread slightly. She reached down a-nd stroked m-y cock . To judge her preparedness I brushed m-y hand over his pussy a-nd felt her misty morning dew. She was wet and also turned on. She loved the idea of being used first thing i-n the morning a-nd discovering m-y raging hard o-n had her mojo running. I rolled o-n t-o m-y side a-nd moved m-y rock-hard cock closer to her yearning hole. I had m-y cock i-n m-y hand a-nd slapped her pussy a few times with it, slapping her o-n her clit. She loved how much she could turn m-e o-n first thing i-n the morning, her worst time of day by her thinking but the most natural i-n m-y mind. I find a woman is her sexiest when she is her most natural with all her flaws a-nd imperfections o-n full display like badges of honour ... beauty is a collection of imperfections.

* I reached underneath Meg a-nd put a pillow under her hips while moving her right leg over m-y right hip ... lining u-p for ‘sloppy side-ways’ ! I grabbed her right hip a-nd locked m-y legs around her left leg keeping her legs spread while I pushed the head of m-y cock inside her. I pulled it o-ut a-nd slapped her o-n the clit again before inserting it an extra inch each time until I was balls deep i-n her. I moved m-y right elbow in front of her right thigh holding her i-n place with her left leg scissor-locked between m-y legs. M-y right hand was i-n perfect position to rub her clit while I gripped her left hip with m-y left arm underneath her. This was going to be a long slow fuck . I kept a slow rhythm approximately three quarters of her heartbeat rate or to the tempo of ‘Beast of Burden’ by The Rolling Stones. After ten minutes I increased the pace to slowly start matching her heartbeat. She was loving having her clit rolled back a-nd forth while I slammed into her. After her previous nights encounter she was still very tight. It was something she took pride in. She could really work it to her, or more precisely to my, advantage by exercising a tight grip a-t the right time. She was doing this now after being slowly a-nd patiently fucked for a long period. It turned m-e o-n immensely as she would forcefully push m-y cock part way o-ut of her vagina a-nd then relax for m-e to thrust i-n deep. It felt like getting a really warm a-nd wet hand job. I couldn’t take it any longer a-nd shot a load deep inside her. She always got turned o-n by an early morning cum shot inside her. I pulled m-y cock o-ut but kept her i-n position rubbing her clit. She started to buck her hips upwards willing m-y fingers to slip inside her cum dripping pussy. I worked t-wo fingers i-n her a-nd thrust i-n deep rubbing against the top of her sopping canal. I picked u-p the pace as she picked u-p the frequency of her hips grinding a-nd bucking against m-y fingers. She tried to get her left leg free for more leverage but I kept it trapped i-n place preventing her from being able to fully grind o-n m-y hand. She found it both frustrating a-nd super erotic a-t the same time. After several more minutes her tummy convulsed, her pussy gripped o-n to m-y fingers hard as she pushed m-y hand o-ut with her pelvic muscles signalling an intense squirt approaching. Her hips bucked forward a-nd her thighs clenched together before a full a-nd forceful squirt coated m-y forearm a-nd hand. She had let o-ut a very loud moan of pleasure that I would replay i-n m-y mind for many nights to come. I finally let go of her a-nd moved u-p to cuddle i-n beside her. I moved her over so I would have the wet spot, if there was going to be one. We both fell back asleep for another hour or .

* I woke u-p first a-nd put o-n a pot of coffee before getting o-ut eggs, bread, milk, cinnamon, butter a-nd maple syrup. I prepared the eggs, milk a-nd cinnamon for french toast while putting o-n several slices of bacon i-n another pan. I cooked the bacon to well done, a preference of both of ours, a-nd put the slices of french toast i-n the oven until all eight slices were done. More than enough but better more than not enough ! I put together t-wo plates with t-wo slices of french toast, syrup, t-wo slices of bacon a-nd a few slices of fresh orange a-nd pineapple. Along with t-wo cups of coffee, I brought the tray of food into the bedroom a-nd placed it i-n front of Meg who was now sitting u-p i-n bed. She had worked u-p an appetite a-nd devoured breakfast almost as quick as i did. I removed the dishes while Meg got u-p a-nd took a quick shower. I joined her after I put away the dishes. It was a nice way to start the morning a-nd a better way to continue it ! She soaped m-y body a-nd I soaped hers making sure to touch every curve. Eventually we got o-ut of the shower, dried off a-nd sat naked next to each other o-n the bed.

* I flicked o-n the TV a-nd flipped through a few channels eventually settling o-n an episode of HBO’s ‘Ballers’ with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnston. I can admit to finding him attractive. If he was bi I’d love to have an evening with him ! Meg was also a fan of his .. physique. I-n this episode his character is caught fucking a friend i-n an office. As the camera panned down to show his truly magnificent butt I noticed Meg subconsciously touched herself. After the episode was over I got an idea. “Hey Meg, wanna have a contest ?”, I asked. She came back with, “Sure ... is sex involved i-n any way ?” I chucked a-nd said, “Would you have it any other way ?” “Of course, not !” “Okay. The rules are quite simple. We both start masturbating together a-nd whoever finishes first has to take care of the dinner.”, was m-y offer. She replied with, “This is going to be so easy. I’ll let you know what I want for dinner !” This was the fun dynamic of being comfortable with each other. I believe we all share the c-hild like curiosity of the others’ sex organs a-nd experiences. There was something forbidden or naughty about masturbation making it even more of a turn on. I loved watching Meg p-lay with herself. It was another huge turn o-n for m-e watching her as she pushed the right buttons of her sexuality dialing u-p an orgasm. It’s such a connection o-n a personal level watching each others techniques. I-n order to tip the scales i-n m-y favour I did put o-n a series of double penetration videos, a favourite of Megs. I was more transfixed watching Meg than the porn playing. She would occasionally glance a-t m-e with that sexual hunger burning i-n her eyes. A-t times she couldn’t help herself a-nd leaned over to suck o-n m-y cock for a minute or t-wo before returning her pleasure. I would occasionally do the same a-nd periodically rub m-y fingers over her clit a-nd inside her canal or roll between her legs a-nd flick m-y tongue over her clit. We spent the next few hours lightly playing with each, recounting sexual experiences a-nd watching porn. She wanted t-o know the details of m-y encounter with Vic. I warned her there wasn’t really much t-o share as m-y encounters with guys tended t-o be transactional i-n nature. She did give an audible response when I told her about the ‘docking station’ sensation. She mentioned she would have loved to have stroked both cocks a-t once while connected by his foreskin. Meg getting turned o-n by m-e getting turned o-n had turned m-e o-n even more. My breathing increased while I let out a few premature moans signalling an impending cum shot. Meg realizing my orgasm was imminent got o-n her hands a-nd knees i-n front of m-e providing a target to aim my cum a-t. She loved having a load of cum squirt o-n her. Meg won a-nd I shot a load all over her face. Not being a sore loser I went into en-suite a-nd drew a warm bubble bath, lit a c-ouple of scented candles a-nd returned with hot cup of Chamomile tea. I called Meg into the bathroom a-nd handed her a soft fresh bath towel. “Relax ... take your time a-nd enjoy. I’ll be i-n the bed room, holla if need anything !”, I said before she reached u-p a-nd kissed m-e passionately. Did I mention Meg was fun, spontaneous a-nd always an adventure to be around ?
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IIThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IV
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act II)
Posted:Mar 3, 2020 1:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2020 6:38 pm

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act III

* “Wake u-p Maggie, I really got somthin’ t-o say t-o you ”. The raspy voice of a young Rod Stewart greeted m-e t-his morning as the alarm clock signalled a start t-o the day. Just like every other day but the song playing t-his morning appeared t-o be foreshadowing an upcoming event. After our first encounter MJ a-nd I had corresponded over the past several weeks about some of the other interests t-hat we had i-n common. I had recounted m-y ongoing bisexual exploration while she spoke of her desires t-o further explore her sexual curiosities a-nd fantasies. We weren’t exclusive a-nd we weren’t a c-ouple. We were close friends discussing a-nd experiencing an aspect of each others different sexual exploration together. Over casual c-hat we talked about m-y bisexual experiences which consisted mostly of exploring with other males along with having an ongoing a-nd casual relationship with a bi-curious c-ouple. MJ’s experiences included a regular ‘hung bull’ friend with whom she explored raw physical s-ex. He treated her with respect while he gave her gratification she had never experienced. She too had a regular c-ouple whom had integrated her into various fantasies scenarios. Now divorced, Meg was living her life on her terms. She was i-n her sexual peak, i-n her early 40’s, a-nd vowed t-o experience as many of her desires a-nd fantasies as she could. Exploring with other like minded people was an unexpected added bonus.

* Meg had several boyfriends before meeting a-nd marrying her future husband a-t the age of 24. She had a reputation for being o-ne hundred percent committed t-o whom she was d-ating. If you were d-ating her she focused only on you. While some may have labelled her a ‘good g-irl’ they had little idea of her sexual curiosities a-nd imagination. She had a strong sexual appetite t-hat put her partners through their paces. Unfortunately, most of her partners were attracted t-o an image of Meg. They envisioned themselves as the ‘H-igh S-chool Quarterback’ d-ating the ‘Head Cheerleader’, a narrow role t-o p-lay with way too much scrutiny. Meg subconsciously assumed whatever role was expected of her a-nd ignored those fantasies a-nd desires swimming just be-low the surface. She would explore these when she was alone, metaphorically scratching t-hat ‘itch’ t-hat needed t-o be scratched. Not wanting t-o betray the image her partners had of her Meg never communicated those fantasies. In her mind it was a small sacrifice t-o make t-o keep the relationship status quo. After all, they were just fantasies, right? What mattered was right h-ere a-nd right now. But being a vassal of someones idea of her sexuality wasn’t going t-o be enough anymore. She desired t-o explore those thoughts daydreams t-hat turned her on. She was going t-o do it her way.

* MJ had explored some of her fantasies a-nd curiosities but t-his bisexual idea was intriguing. Not just her bisexuality but also those of the opposite sex. When we discussed m-y s-ame s-ex experiences a-nd fantasies Meg discovered it was a surprising turn on for her. The mental image of t-wo men exchanging blow jobs seemed sensuous a-nd ‘dirty’. Titillating a-nd forbidden. It wasn’t like t-hat with women for her. She wasn’t attracted t-o women but i-n the moment she would contribute t-o another woman’s orgasm ... even orally as she reminisced o-ne evening. T-hat l-ine between genders a-nd partners blurred when she focused on orgasms, deriving pleasure from others pleasure. For m-e, man on man action had been more about satisfying base urges than exploring bisexuality. M-y encounters t-o date had been mostly anonymous or semi-anonymous. I had yet t-o experience a bisexual encounter with someone with whom I’ve shared a connection. MJ’s experiences were similar. She was curious t-o explore t-his dynamic with others with whom she shared a connection a-nd also with others she found t-o be attractive ... a win-win a-nd win situation.

* We discussed our fantasies a-nd curiosities a-nd also discussed some of our bucket-list items. MJ had some exposure t-o the sub / d-om experience with a casual p-lay c-ouple a-nd wished t-o explore t-his further. I had mentioned an affinity for MMF g-roup p-lay which MJ also found erotic a-nd wanted explore. T-his became the seed of an idea. Almost a-t the s-ame time we both mentioned how h-ot it would be t-o have an MMF encounter with someone we both found attractive a-nd was also bisexual. T-his was when we decided t-o create a couples profile a-nd advertise for bisexual men interested i-n a casual M-M-F encounter. She would be dominate a-nd both him a-nd I would be subservient t-o her wishes a-nd/or demands. We cast a wide net encouraging age ranges from 30 t-o 60 t-o inquire. Our tagline was we’re not sure precisely whom we are looking for but we will know when we find him. The essential qualifications were we both had t-o find him attractive or desirable, had t-o be bisexual and had t-o be able t-o ‘top’ ... and also not i-n a current relationship.

* Over the next c-ouple of months we sifted through the responses. There were many as you could imagine. We posed for a profile pic with MJ i-n her curve hugging lingerie i-n several poses while I positioned m-y nude self strategically i-n the frame so as t-o not obstruct her view. Remember when I mentioned how gorgeous MJ’s long shapely legs were? They were highlighted i-n white stockings with a matching white lace garter. I-n some pics her shapely breasts were on display a-nd i-n others prominently displayed i-n her form fitting D cup matching bra. Reviewing the responses, several of the profiles caught our eye, several more would require a bit more information while the rest where either missing information or seemed misleading. I won’t bore anyone with the tedious details of arranging meetings, some of which happened a-nd some of which didn’t, over coffee, over beer, over casual conversations a-nd the impressions gathered throughout. Let’s just say we eventually met o-ne guy whom we both liked a-nd found attractive.

* His n-ame was Brad, short for Bradley. I-n his early 40’s he was five feet 'e-leven-inches' , had blondish/brownish, slightly long a-nd slightly unruly, unkempt hair. Besides his expressive attractive grin his appeal was bolstered by his robin-egg blue eyes. They were smiling eyes slightly down turned i-n the corners similar t-o a younger Hugh Grant. MJ liked his 5 o’clock shadow a-nd complimented him on it. Our first meeting took place a-t an outdoor patio on Sparks Street i-n downtown Ottawa, a block away from the historic Parliament of Canada buildings whose copper roof blue-green patina bore a resemble t-o Brad’s eye colour. He had a lighthearted laid back attitude t-hat immediately put us at ease, especially myself. He would make direct eye c-ontact with a smile whenever he was asked a question. He a-lso emitted a form of calm confidence o-ne would not mistake for arrogance. It was reflected i-n his handshake. Firm but not hard. Someone with nothing t-o prove. Although he obviously found MJ attractive he didn’t leer, stare or ogle over her assets. When he talked t-o m-e his gaze seemed t-o linger for an additional half second. We were forming a connection. Over appetizers a-nd a beer (a glass of Chardonnay for MJ) we chatted about current events eventually broaching the subject of our reasons for meeting. We discussed our boundaries and roles while laying out the premise of our fantasy i-n detail. The basis of our fantasy would be for MJ t-o assume the role of Queen Bee, figuratively of course, while us drones would service her needs and desires. We built i-n inclusions for her t-o put us on ‘auto pilot’ with our instructions. Why interrupt sensuous erotic p-lay t-o give us directions when we could be pre-programmed t-o perform certain tasks ? It also allowed for a little improvisation. Brad was intrigued and excited. He mentioned i-n his profile about having previous MMF encounters but t-his was going t-o be a different experience ... for him ... for m-e ... a-nd for MJ.

* Before we were ready t-o act upon our shared fantasy we decided t-o stage an informal meeting i-n a semi-public area. We wanted t-his fantasy t-o be more than just physical s-ex. We wanted t-o get t-o know Brad a bit more t-o gauge his comfort level with bisexual exploration a-nd also t-o give us all a chance t-o share more of ourselves as we got t-o know each other on a deeper level. Meg devised the idea of taking i-n a cultural event. She felt it would be a better, quieter venue t-o gauge each other, engage i-n small talk a-nd just get a general feel for the different sides of our personalities. I was on m-y way t-o pick u-p Meg with plans t-o meet Brad i-n the parking lot o-f the Canadian Museum of Science Technology. With the window down, I was getting myself pumped u-p by blaring the Prophets of Rage. Chuck D was rhymin’ ..

When I walk around, people stare m-e down
Don't make a sound, I stand m-y ground
I fight back (Fight back)
And it's like t-hat ('Cause it's like that)

I derive raw energy from heavy music. It gets m-y heart pounding especially Tom Morello’s magnificent guitar riffs combined with Rage’s hard hitting rhythm section. It’s m-y go-to energizer. Some days I change it u-p and rock o-ut t-o Gauchos de Acero, a t-hree piece metal band from Salta, Argentina. Their d-rop-tuned ‘Información Demente’ also never fails t-o get m-y fist pumping. Rock o-ut with your cock o-ut ... well a-t l-east the first part !

* I switched over t-o the radio as I approached Meg’s building. Surreptitiously, m-y phone rang as I pulled u-p t-o the building. It was MJ inquiring about m-y ‘20’. I told her I just pulled u-p prompting, “I’ll be out i-n a second.” Meanwhile, Dallas Green i-n his latest project, City & Colour, were playing Wasted Love while I caught myself daydreaming about the different things Meg might choose t-o wear today. A moment later she appeared a-nd took a seat o-n the passenger side. She was wearing a black skirt cut above the knee a-nd a white silk blouse accentuated with a classic pair of black suede pumps. Conservatively sensual. As I pulled away from Meg’s building the GPS calculated t-hat we would arrive t-welve t-o f-ifteen minutes early. I shared t-his sentiment with MJ w-ho casually quipped, “If we do get there early I have an idea t-o kill some time while we’re waiting.” I marveled a-t how spontaneous MJ could be. I wondered what she might have i-n mind. I consciously put m-y foot down on the gas peddle i-n a subtle attempt t-o get there early.

* We arrived about fifteen minutes early finding a parking spot facing a fenced-in demolition site. I sent a txt msg t-o Brad informing him we were parked i-n the back of t-he building. He would know what car t-o l-ook for. After I turned off the ignition Meg said, “How about a little ice-breaker before the Museum ?”. Intrigued, aroused a-nd curious I retorted, “I’m game ! You lead a-nd I’ll follow !” She turned herself towards m-e i-n the passenger seat facing m-e on an angle. I stared at her with a quizzical l-ook while she attempted t-o hold m-y attention with her eyes. She did. While staring into her eyes I caught some hand movement. Instinctively, I looked down . She had her left leg resting on the seat and had spread her right leg open more. She then moved her skirt u-p t-o expose her panties, which she pulled aside. I was being treated t-o a view t-hat instantly got a reaction from m-y cock . She moved her fingers down t-o rub her clit i-n a circular motion. I looked around and didn’t see anyone nearby so I took o-ut m-y cock . She stared a-t m-y cock while rubbing her clit occasionally sliding o-ne or t-wo fingers inside her. Before t-his went any further I asked MJ t-o retrieve a map located i-n the glove box. If anyone came near we would spread o-pen the map t-o cover ourselves. I could tell t-his was turning MJ on. She mentioned i-n the past about getting turned on by public exhibitionism. It was also o-ne of m-y turn-ons. I started t-o stroke m-y cock while watching her p-lay with herself. Her breathing started t-o increase while she emitted an occasion moan of pleasure. Movement t-o the left of m-e got m-y attention causing m-e t-o reach for the map. I opened it i-n an attempt t-o cover our lower sections as a figure came into view. It was Brad. He was also a few minutes early. When he got closer t-o the car I motioned for him t-o take a seat i-n the back . He got i-n noticed the map. He mused, “Hmm, what did I just interrupt ?” MJ lifted u-p the corner of the map giving Brad a view from the drivers side rear seat. When he saw what she was doing he quickly got the idea. He pulled down his zipper a-nd reached i-n t-o pull o-ut a semi flaccid six inch very thick cock . A c-ouple of quick strokes while staring a-t MJ’s now glistening pussy brought his member t-o full attention. Both MJ a-nd myself gasped on first sight. T-his thing got huge ! It grew t-o either nine or 't-en' inches, smooth a-nd rock hard with a slight bend t-o the left ... almost beer can thick . M-y cock got bigger a-t the site of his monster. MJ reached back t-o get a quick hand on it. She tugged on it for a few seconds before returning t-o pleasuring herself.

* I had picked u-p the pace on m-y stroking and kept glancing between watching MJ and watching Brad. Both were concentrating on each others equipment. Brad glanced over the seat t-o give m-e a “Hey, nice cock, man!” compliment. I quickly replied, “Thanks. Great looking cock t-oo. We’re all going t-o enjoy playing with your thing !” T-his was Meg’s first time witnessing live guy on guy action. She found our mutual admiration for each other very sensual. T-wo guys t-hat appreciate the s-ame things as she does was a n-ew dynamic i-n her sexual arousal. Add t-o t-hat t-wo guys w-ho were also very h-ot for her put t-hat extra dynamic i-n overdrive. She could feel the spark of desire starting t-o grow. T-his ‘w-arm up’ session would take things t-o a n-ew level feeding her smouldering sexual appetite. For the next few minutes the sounds of t-wo guys stroking their cocks was like music t-o her ears. It reminded her of the sounds she heard when she was very close t-o orgasm by using t-wo fingers t-o rapidly thrust i-n a-nd o-ut of her sopping wet vagina. It was an intense experience for all 3 of us. She was watching us while we were watching her ... a-nd each other. The sights, the sounds, the musky sexual aroma all combined t-o form a sexual perfect storm. I could feel m-y intensity increasing as I started t-o emit audible moans. Brad was getting close as well. Suddenly, with a huge long grunt moan, I shot a load all over the map t-hat was partially covering MJ’s torso. Next, I heard Brad grunt as he shot his load into a tissue. MJ reached back a-nd felt Brad’s cock as the last drips of cum fell from his cock . She was still rubbing her clit a-nd inserting fingers i-n her pussy. All of a sudden she let a loud moan while her hips twitched a-nd thighs quivered. It was an intense orgasm t-hat left a tiny puddle i-n the passengers seat. MJ offered m-e o-ne of her slick fingers which I sniffed a-nd slowly licked. She put her hand i-n the back seat area which Brad took sniffed and then licked as well. We were sure t-o be turned on for next while with MJ’s musk still present on both of our upper lips. “Okay, w-ho’s ready for the Museum ?”, Meg said t-o the snickers of both Brad a-nd I.

* Walking towards the Museum Brad a-nd I made small talk by chatting about the recent Super Bowl. Meg chided us, “Hey, how do I get i-n on bromance ?” On cue, we positioned ourselves on either side of Meg, each putting an arm around her shoulders. “Don’t worry, babe, you’re i-n !”, Brad said. Meg responded by reaching back a-nd giving us both a playful pinch on our butts. “C’mon now ... let’s keep a PG rating on it, at l-east !”, I joked. T-hat mischievous smile appeared on MJ’s f-ace again. Brad also noticed it causing a slight smirk t-o appear on h-is face. The electrical current of attraction started t-o dance around us like fireflies on a w-arm summers evening. The witty back a-nd forths, the innuendos a-nd the suggestive glances were combining t-o supplement our collective growing arousal, laying the foundation t-o explore our curiosities with lowered inhibitions. As we toured the museum we continued t-o build upon t-his connection further with casual conversations.

* After the museum we decided t-o take i-n an early dinner before heading back t-o Brad’s place. We dined at a local Mexican restaurant over fajitas, Coronas Margaritas. The innuendos a-nd flirting continued over dinner with MJ leading the conversations while Los Lobos were playing i-n the background. Along with Corona buzz, the blues based “Hearts of Stone” had a hypnotic effect on us. A B.B. King sounding guitar riff coupled with a low octave blues voice singing;

I wandered down
T-his lonely trail
Some twenty s-even hours a day
But all I see
Are prints i-n the dirt
Where others tried t-o find their way

After we finished our meal we raised our glasses t-o an evening of shared sexual exploration. We p-aid the bill a-nd walked o-ut into the early evening with o-ne appetite satisfied a-nd another soon t-o be. While we were walking back t-o the car Meg asked, “Guys ... I want you t-wo t-o teach m-e a few things about giving the perfect blow job.” After a few seconds pause Brad spoke first, “We can certainly show you what areas are more sensitive ... a-nd we CAN let you practice !” He finished the last sentence with a wink t-hat got a slight smirk from Meg. “I’ve got a c-ouple of go- moves t-hat usually work . I’ll show you on Brad you can finish on him !” Meg emitted a long, slow ,”Mmmmm” We could both tell she was getting more more turned on with the direction of the conversation. A-nd she wasn’t the o-nly o-ne. I was looking forward t-o sucking on Brad’s huge dick . We were going t-o have t-o make sure Meg was good a-nd ready for his monster. We were off t-o a good start.

* On our way t-o Brad’s place I decided to turn on some mood setting music. Shirley Manson was currently seductively crooning through the 1998 Garbage 2.0 album. The lyrics a-nd orchestration on t-his piece were subliminally sensual suggestive. The layered a-nd synthesized heavy electronica mix was showcased i-n the song Sleep Together;

The emptiness
The craziness
Satisfy m-y hungriness
Darling how would it feel?

If we sleep together, will you like m-e better?
If we cum together, we'll go down forever
If we sleep together, will I like you better?
If we cum together
Prove it now or never

The suggestive nature of the material on t-his album laid an intriguing foundation for an evening of sexual exploration. Plus, Shirley Manson i-s the epitome of the g-irl next door ... damn sexy as hell with an arousing singing voice. Perfect mental stimulation.

* We arrived at Brad’s place about t-en minutes later. It was a w-arm sultry evening matching our collective moods. The evening was progressing towards an ethereal mixture of sultry seduction a-nd carnal desires. We took an extra second when glancing a-t each other as our minds wound through the endless combination of possibilities. T-his was o-ne of the more arousing aspects of already being familiar a-nd comfortable with each other while standing on the threshold of sexual exploration. As we kicked back on the sofa, each with a drink, I pulled o-ut a nugget of G-irl Scout Cookies, a familiar favourite, a-nd twisted u-p a 3 person joint. It was the spark t-hat started the next phase of the evening. Brad opened with, “This is probably as good a time as any t-o discuss the ground rules of the evening.” MJ lead with, “Well, the basic premise is I am the Queen Bee a-nd you both are m-y worker bees ... m-y drones. I will ask, you will do. I will tell, you will do. Sound okay, so far?” We both nodded i-n agreement. We had discussed t-his portion previously but i-n an effort t-o ensure we were all on the s-ame page MJ reviewed a-nd continued with, “I will also have certain tasks t-hat will give you guys leeway t-o make decisions based on the moment ... t-o improvise as you see fit.” Our minds start t-o run over the possibilities. For clarification I added, “Things like ‘Get m-e ready t-o be fucked’ would be a typical task . Of course t-his means perform oral on her t-o get her sopping wet a-nd ready. There will also be visual clues like her rolling on top of o-ne of us. The other should find a way t-o incorporate himself a-nd do things like hold her in place while the other guy fucks her” Brad nodded added, “The s-ame with if she wants guy on guy action a-nd lays i-n front of us it’s understood the guy being the bottom eats her pussy t-o get her ready for the guy w-ho i-s being the top t-o fuck her” MJ replied with, “This is all great. We’re all on the page. The last caveat I want t-o add i-s the sign t-o touch, lick or eat m-y pussy i-s when I point t-o it a-nd point t-o whom I want. The s-ame would be with both of you. If I point t-o your cock a-nd the other guy it means t-o suck his cock . I like t-o use hand signals sometimes”, she shrugged.

* Brad was sitting on o-ne side of the sofa with m-e on the opposite side and MJ i-n between us. She motioned for us all t-o come closer causing both Brad and myself t-o get u-p and take a seat closer t-o her. We were sitting on either side of her as she reached down and let her hand rest on Brad’s crotch bulge while she turned and kissed m-e passionately. I let m-y hand rest on her knee while I returned her kisses. She then turned i-n the opposite direction a-nd did the s-ame with Brad. As she was kissing Brad she hiked her skirt u-p t-o reveal her damp panties. She gave m-e a quick glance a-nd pointed i-n the direction of her panties. I got the idea. I got i-n position a-nd pulled her panties down while Brad was busy helping Meg o-ut of her blouse. Meg let o-ut audible moans while I spread her pussy a-nd flicked m-y tongue against her clit. Brad was increasing her pleasure after removing her bra a-nd cupping, suckling a-nd caressing each breast. I stood up, took off m-y top a-nd was removing m-y pants when Brad decided t-o do the s-ame. “Maybe n-ow would be a good time t-o move t-his into the bedroom”, Brad said. As Meg stood u-p I put m-y arm around her a-nd picked her u-p i-n m-y arms. With her panties removed Brad took the opportunity t-o insert a finger into MJ’s exposed pussy. I took m-y time a-nd slowly walked MJ into the master bedroom while Brad continued t-o work his fingers inside her. Meg was getting very turned on a-nd kissed m-e passionately followed by a swapping of our tongues. As I stopped at the threshold of the bedroom Meg turned a-nd grabbed Brad t-o plant a wet passionate kiss on his lips also with an exchange of tongue action.

* I put Meg down as we all moved closer t-o the king sized bed. Meg took a seat on the bed a-nd pointed t-o m-y cock . She then pointed t-o Brad. Brad moved closer a-nd took m-y cock i-n his hand. He got on his knees and started t-o suck m-e. He was good. He was giving m-e a wet blow job with light tongue pressure. M-y cock got rock hard. Meg was also enjoying t-his display as she laid on the bed swirling her fingers around her clit. Meg got our attention with a clearing of her throat. She pointed at Brad’s cock a-nd then pointed a-t m-e . I took hold of Brad’s huge cock . It was going t-o be a challenge t-o suck something so big. I then got on m-y knees a-nd took the tip of his cock i-n m-y wet mouth. I had curled m-y lips inward t-o ensure m-y teeth wouldn’t make m-ake c-ontact with the head of his massive cock . It was starting t-o gain i-n girth a-nd length. I slowly put as much of his cock i-n m-y mouth as I could meanwhile m-y hand gripped the base of his cock and started a slow long stroke. M-y mouth eventually met m-y hand on the upstroke. He was now a-t full length as was I. Meg was enjoying t-his as she quietly moaned i-n pleasure. She got m-y attention by pointing t-o her aroused pussy. “Get m-e ready t-o fuck .”, was her command. She was laying on the edge of the bed so I moved over and got on m-y knees putting her legs over m-y shoulders while I proceeded t-o tongue her clit. Brad moved i-n behind her putting his legs on either side allowing her t-o lean back against his chest. With m-e tonguing her clit while working t-wo fingers inside her Brad was behind her caressing her breasts and passionately kissing her on the neck and shoulders. She was getting more and more aroused prompting m-e t-o use a light sucking technique on the underneath portion of her clit tugging on her clitoral hood. With each flick of m-y tongue against her clit Meg would grind her hips ever so slightly. Her favourite was m-e plunging m-y tongue deep inside her. It got her wet.

* MJ tapped m-e on the head signalling for m-e t-o discontinue. She rolled over and sat next t-o Brad. She then climbed on top of him and sat on his stomach leaving Brad’s cock exposed. I got the idea. I climbed on the bed and stretched o-ut putting myself between Brad’s legs. I was i-n position t-o suck his cock with a perfect view of MJ’s gorgeous ass. Brad was sucking on her nipples as MJ had leaned forward. She had her pussy exposed t-o m-e while I was sucking Brad’s cock prompting m-e t-o reach u-p slide a finger inside her. I continued t-o suck Brad’s cock a-nd rub MJ’s clit adding occasional penetration. Meg was sopping wet, Brad was rock hard a-nd I was enjoying servicing them both. Meg was ready. She sat u-p a-nd moved herself down t-o l-ine u-p Brad’s cock a-nd her pussy. I was holding Brad’s cock, it was a full nine a-nd half inches a-nd thick as a beer can. Meg was i-n for an experience. She got the tip of his cock against her vagina a-nd slowly lowered herself down on his huge pole. She now had a third of his cock inside her a-nd kept sliding down further. She h-it bottom a-nd held herself there. She slowly moved herself u-p un-til just the tip of his cock was inside her. She repeated t-his 3 or 4 more times Brad’s cock was covered i-n a sheen of her vaginal lubrication. I sat u-p a-nd moved i-n behind her putting m-y hands on either hip. As she started t-o pick u-p the pace I gave her a few light slaps on her ass causing her t-o emit a slight, “Ooooh!” sound. She was starting t-o focus on her pleasure as Brad was sucking on her nipples and rubbing her breasts. Meg had settled on a steady pace and was bucking her hips u-p and down taking i-n as much of Brads cock as she could handle. The juices were running down Brad’s huge cock and now was starting t-o cover his balls. I couldn’t resist and moved back so I could lick his balls. Her taste was turning m-e on immensely. Being close t-o both of their s-ex organs a-nd watching his huge cock penetrating her pussy had m-e rock hard. I sat u-p a-nd moved behind MJ again with m-y hands on her hips. I helped move her u-p and down while I reached around and rubbed her clit. Suddenly, I picked MJ u-p and moved her back a few inches so she was on her knees. I stuck m-y rock hard cock i-n her and fucked her vigorously while she sucked Brad’s cock . I pumped on her for a c-ouple of minutes a-nd then pulled o-ut before moving her hips back u-p t-o get on top of Brad’s cock . I helped her ride u-p a-nd down when Brad reached u-p a-nd grabbed her hips t-o hold her i-n place t-o pump into her hard from underneath. Meg was practically gushing. I held her u-p by her hips as Brad cupped her breasts while he gave her the ‘jackhammer’ from beneath. He was hitting her hard a-nd fast . MJ was letting o-ut loud moans of pleasure enjoying being held i-n place while his huge cock slammed into her deep a-nd hard. I let go of her hips giving MJ a chance t-o use her hips t-o ride u-p a-nd down on Brad. While Meg was riding Brad’s cock I reached m-y hand around with m-y knuckles facing her and pressed i-n on the top of her clit. I held m-y hand i-n place so Meg could rub h-er clit against m-y knuckles while going u-p down on Brad’s cock . She was now moaning loudly with pleasure a-nd without warning cried out, “I’m cumming .. oh god, oh god .. I’m cumming” Her hips bucked forward, her back arched while her knees gripped Brad’s side throwing Meg into state of spent bliss. We lay back on either side of Meg w-ho was covered i-n a light sheen of sexual perspiration. Brad had the foresight of putting a bottle of water a-nd glasses on the night stand. We all sat u-p and took a drink and gave a collective, “Whew”

* It was while we were relaxing on either side of MJ t-hat she sat u-p and said, “Okay, guys, now I want you t-o show m-e some cock sucking techniques I can use.” I started with, “Give m-e your fingers.” MJ put her middle and index fingers together and put them i-n front of m-e. “First, I’m going t-o show you how it feels t-o have teeth scrape across a cock . Then I’ll show you how it feels t-o have your teeth covered by your lips.” I took her fingers and put them i-n m-y mouth and sucked on them while applying suction. As I moved m-y head u-p and down on her fingers m-y teeth would lightly scrape her knuckles. “Ouch. I see what you mean .” I took her fingers out of m-y mouth and curled m-y lips inward t-o cover m-y teeth and sucked on her fingers again with light pressure. “Do you feel the difference ?”, I asked her t-o which she replied, “Ahh, yes. I can see how would feel more pleasurable.” Brad chimed i-n with, “The goal t-o use your tongue t-o stimulate the underneath portion that’s located just the head of the cock .” He grabbed his semi hard, huge cock a-nd held it u-p it pointing t-o the area he just described. It’s a patch of nerve endings approximately the size of a postage stamp located immediately b-elow the area where the ‘slit’ i-s located on the cock head. I continued with, “Once you have his cock rock hard use your hand t-o stroke from the bottom of his shaft u-ntil your hand and mouth almost meet. As he gets closer t-o cumming use t-his technique ... it works almost every time.” I showed h-er by putting her fingers i-n m-y mouth again. A-s I was moving m-y mouth upward I pushed m-y lower jaw a-nd the middle part of m-y tongue upwards while relaxing m-y upper jaw. T-his i-s followed with a down stroke by the hand on the penis shaft. The motion slightly resembles licking an ice cream cone if you were able t-o fit the ice cream inside your mouth. Meg pointed a-t Brad’s cock . I took his cock i-n m-y hand and lowered m-y mouth onto it. It was already quite large and not yet fully erect. I showed her the technique using Brad’s cock which gave Brad a huge erection. Meg was getting turned on and started t-o rub her fingers over her clit. “Do you want a turn ?”, I asked Meg. She just smiled and said, “No. You’re doing okay. I want your ass i-n the air and f-ace i-n m-y pussy.” I turned t-o Brad and said, “I’m game and should be ready. Just use lots of lube and start slow.” Brad nodded as I got on all fours directly i-n front of MJ. She was rubbing her pussy and pulled it apart as I put m-y tongue on her clit. Brad grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some i-n his hand which he rubbed all over his condom covered cock . He then squeezed out a dab and rubbed it on m-y ass ring. I continued t-o rub m-y tongue over Meg’s clit while occasionally plunging m-y tongue inside her.

* I felt the tip of Brad’s massive cock breaching m-y ass hole. It was big but he was taking his time. I kept licking and sucking on Meg’s pussy while Brad slowly worked the first 6 inches inside me. He paused for 20 or 30 seconds allowing m-e t-o get accustomed t-o his huge girth. Eventually he pushed all the way i-n and held it there. He slowly retracted and squirted a dab of lube on his almost fully exposed head. The sensation was pleasant a-s long as I continued t-o breathe steadily. He had his hands on m-y hips and held m-e i-n position while he started a slow pace of pumping on m-y ass. Meg was getting heavily aroused as Brad would periodically slap m-y ass while I continued t-o lick her clit. Brad was at maximum size and had picked u-p the pace more. I was enjoying the ride. It was turning m-e on t-o be getting fucked by a huge cock i-n front of MJ. It was even more of a turn on knowing she was going t-o get it next. “Brad, can you hand m-e the lube and the butt plug ?”, I asked. Brad pulled his cock out and got the butt plug designated as Meg’s along with the lube. He handed it t-o m-e and got back i-n position t-o slide his cock i-n m-y now gaping hole. I squirted a dab of lube on the plug and slowly inserted it i-n MJ while sliding t-wo fingers i-n and out of her pussy. Meg signaled for us t-o switch by slowly pushing m-y head away and turning t-o get on all fours. Brad pulled out of m-e and took off the condom. He then got behind MJ and slapped her pussy a c-ouple of times with his huge cock . He then slid it inside her while I rolled over a-nd moved myself i-n front of MJ. “You can practice the techniques we discussed earlier on m-y cock, if you wish.”, I said. MJ had a l-ook of bliss from the huge cock slamming into her as she reached forward t-o tug on m-y cock . She grabbed the shaft a-nd started t-o suck on the top half of m-y cock using her tongue t-o massage the underneath portion of m-y cock . She h-it the sensitive spot with a moist wet tongue a-nd a light tickling pressure. It felt incredible as the massive erection I was now sporting could attest . “Spit-roasted ... check !”, Meg said alerting us t-o a sexual bucket-list item fulfilled. “What do you think about t-his style ?”, Brad asked Meg as he pulled his cock o-ut of her pussy a-nd stood u-p hunched over placing his knees slightly ahead of her hips while grabbing on t-o her breasts. He was i-n a slight standing / slight crouching position t-hat looked erotic and primal from m-y point of view. He slid his beer can sized cock inside her again and started t-o pump faster into her. She stopped sucking m-e and let o-ut loud moans of pleasure. She had her eyes almost closed with complete focus on the pleasure she was receiving feeling like she was trapped i-n place by the position of Brad on top of her. I added t-o it by crawling underneath with m-y head u-nder her pussy. I pushed her thighs open a-nd moved both hands upwards t-o hold on t-o each ass cheek . While i-n position I had a clear view of her pussy bulging with the huge beer can sized object slamming i-n a-nd o-ut of her. I stuck m-y tongue o-ut a-nd rolled her clit u-nder it while also running it u-p a-nd down, continuing all the way t-o lick Brad’s balls while they slapped m-e i-n the f-ace . I got audible responses from both of them which egged m-e on t-o increase the pace. After 'T-en' t-o F-ifteen minutes more of position Brad was showing signs of fatigue. I moved down a-nd rolled from underneath t-o sit next t-o MJ. I tapped Brad a-nd moved over signalling him t-o lay down on his back . Meg took the opportunity t-o take a sip of water before returning t-o sit on Brad, facing him, while lowering her hips down over Brad’s erection. I reached un-derneath a-nd rubbed m-y hands over Meg’s nipples and caressed her breasts adding t-o her building pleasure. Meg looked a-t Brad a-nd then a-t m-y cock ... we both got the message. I moved forward giving Brad access t-o m-y cock which he took i-n o-ne hand while he sucked on it. He had great technique giving m-e a huge erection. While Meg was still riding Brad’s cock I got behind them a-nd pulled o-ut MJ’s butt plug. I squirted some lube on m-y condom covered cock a-nd spread Meg’s ass cheeks apart while Brad took over keeping a steady pace pounding her from underneath. Meg let o-ut a loud moan as I worked m-y cock i-n her ass while Brad continued. I grabbed on t-o her hips a-nd slowly started t-o fuck her ass making sure I o-nly went inside her for 3 t-o 4 inches, she hadn’t had much anal experience. T-his was also her first double penetration ... also known as a DP.

* We were all turned on by the different sensations all of us were experiencing. It was an erotic turn-on t-o feel m-y cock brushing against Brad’s monster, our balls glancing against each other. For MJ the sensation was unbelievable. Her pussy was stretched t-o maximum accommodating Brad’s huge cock while her ass was also stretched o-ut t-o accommodate m-y thick girth. All of the sensations, sights a-nd sounds had combined t-o build m-y arousal into a crescendo. I let o-ut a load groan a-nd grunt while I filled the condom with m-y cum. Meg felt m-y reaction causing her t-o buck violently while her thighs a-nd stomach quivered. She moaned loudly completely enveloped i-n a cocoon of sexual ecstasy. I left m-y cock i-n her ass while she completed her earth shattering orgasm. When she was finished she moved off of Brad leaving his huge cock, which was completely covered i-n her juices, exposed i-n plain view. I couldn’t h-elp myself a-nd moved i-n position t-o suck on his cock . I grabbed his shaft a-nd stroked u-p a-nd down while covering his cock with m-y mouth. Meg’s taste was swirling around inside m-y mouth as I continued t-o increase the pace. Suddenly, I felt Brad’s cock head get huge alerting m-e t-o an impending cum shot. I quickly debated whether I wanted t-o taste it or take a facial. I chose the first option a-nd licked his sensitive region with m-y tongue causing a gush of cum t-o fill m-y cheeks. He shot a huge built u-p load i-n m-y mouth which I savored for a second or t-wo before swallowing it. Meg, feeling relaxed a-nd satisfied sat u-p t-o allow her senses time t-o absorb her last experience. “Double-penetration ... check !”. We cheered MJ’s other bucket-list item fulfillment with a glass of water.

* Meg laid back as every nerve ending i-n her pleasure centres were starting t-o return t-o normal. Brad a-nd I laid on either side of her both spent from releasing our loads. Between Brad a-nd myself working her erotic zones a-nd her sexual athletic prowess Meg was slightly flushed covered i-n a thin sheen of perspiration. Brad made the first move by leaning i-n licking the perspiration off of her breast while lightly tracing his finger u-nder a-nd across her breasts a-nd nipples. I did the s-ame with her other breast. Her response was immediate causing her t-o take several deep breaths while she let o-ut a long sultry “MMMM” sound. We may have finished after shooting our loads but Meg was going t-o get a bonus round. While teasing her nipples a-nd caressing her breasts I moved m-y hand down and brushed her ‘landing strip’. Meg moved her hips upward t-o make c-ontact with m-y hand. Brad got u-p and walked over t-o the night stand. He returned with small pocket sized pink vibrator. He looked at both of us and explained, “It’s a left over from a previous relationship and I did sterilize it recently by running it u-nder h-ot water.” He handed m-e the vibrator and crawled i-n next t-o MJ. He rolled over and got between her legs. u-sing his left hand t-o spread open her pussy and inserting t-wo fingers from his right hand inside her. I placed the vibrator i-n front of Meg for her t-o suck on it which she did leaving a thin coating of saliva. I turned on the vibrator and held it against her clit, occasionally rolling her clit back and forth underneath. Meg bit her lower lip and laid back moaning with pleasure. While I was doing t-his Brad picked u-p the pace thrusting his fingers inside her. His fingers were slightly bent upwards stimulating the upper region of her canal while routinely brushing her g-spot region. He picked u-p the pace causing MJ t-o loudly moan while gripping the sheets tightly on either side of her. I continued t-o hold the vibrator on her clit while Brad now furiously slammed his fingers i-n a-nd o-ut of her sopping wet pussy, knuckles hitting her clit. The sound of his fingers sliding inside of her a-nd her wet flowing juices over his hand became an audible stimulation for MJ. She loved t-hat sound ... t-hat wet sloppy sound of his hand thrusting into her dripping canal. It turned her on as much as the pleasure she was receiving. Her breathing increased and her audible moans grew louder and louder u-ntil she howled, “Oh god, oh god ... I’m cumming.” As her hips bucked upwards she gushed a long wet stream t-hat squirted all over Brad’s f-ace a-nd hands. Her thighs twitched and her tummy rippled with a crushing orgasm she rarely experienced while continuing t-o squirt her fluids on Brad. I dropped the vibrator and held her while she worked through her orgasmic contractions. Brad was smiling from ear t-o ear covered i-n her love juices. Meg was now completely and absolutely spent. She laid back with a l-ook of calm bliss on her f-ace . Her body was flush and taught from the workout she just received.

* After a few minutes of recuperation Brad got u-p and went into the kitchen. We could hear him gathering plates and glasses as we both contemplated what he was u-p to. A minute later Brad returned with 3 beers, a small bowl of sliced strawberries and a container of a chocolate dipping sauce. He placed the platter of strawberries next t-o meg and handed each of us a beer. We clinked bottles and cheered t-o an evening of sexual exploration. Brad took a seat on o-ne side of Meg. He dipped a strawberry into the chocolate and held it i-n front of Meg leaned forward took a bite. He did a second time but time a small glob of chocolate landed on Meg’s breast just above her nipple. She arched an eyebrow and looked at m-e ... then looked down at her chocolate covered tit and then back at m-e again. Her slightly seductive smile was an invitation t-o lick the chocolate off her firm round breast.
Chocolate never tasted sweeter than it did at t-hat moment.
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act IThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act III
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act I)
Posted:Feb 10, 2020 9:31 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2020 6:38 pm

Rain Dance MaggieThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act II
* Rainy days, fresh cool rain falling w-arm pavement during a muggy summers afternoon. A sensory bookmark for memories. Rain, normally associated with sad emotions or memories, will today be associated with pleasure. As the rain fell on the windshield through the car radio came the slow melancholic notes of Dean DeLeo’s slide guitar wafting around the car cabin like a dense fog. The bass guitar and drums k-ick in foreshadowing the oncoming guttural lyrics from 90’s era grunge band Stone Temple Pilots. As Scott Weiland sings about the impending finality of his fictional relationship I couldn’t h-elp but think about the title of another of their hits in the 90’s. Big Bang B-aby. How apropos ! On this evenings agenda would be dinner with Megan Jane, aka Maggie Jane aka Maggie aka Mag aka Meg. She has many names. “Her name is what it means”. A symbolic lyric of her mysteriously cloaked sensuality. I c-all her MJ but I mostly c-all her Meg.

* A-t 5’6 and a healthy weight t-hat would put her i-n the Height and Weight Proportional category she had what would be described as an hourglass figure. 36-24-36, long dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes were among her other alluring assets. Her light hearted, flirtatious personality combined with a witty sarcastic sense of humour rounded o-ut the rest of her dynamic persona. She comes across demure, quiet, subdued but don’t be fooled by her calm nature. She gets what she wants. When those piecing blue eyes focus on you ... without speaking, just her determined stare focused on you directly ... you know you can’t refuse her. She is captivating.

* After several months of chatting we were going t-o meet i-n person over dinner. More precisely, dinner a-t Giovanni’s Restaurant on Preston Street, an area of Ottawa known as Little Italy. A cozy traditional Italian eatery. As I crossed the bridge from Ottawa to Gatineau into the province of Quebec I made a mental note of symbolically crossing a bridge. Our online flirtations would soon be transformed into a physical casual relationship. I was on m-y way t-o pick Meg both physically and philosophically. We made no plans and both promised there would be no expectations. We got along very well online but meeting in person would take on a different dynamic. We had exchanged pictures so there would be no surprises. At this point I made the conscious decision t-o not try t-o steer the evening in any direction. T-hat would be a recipe for disaster. Tonight had to go naturally, fluidly with unforced conversation. The main rule would be to react and not predict. Keep the conversation light, stay relaxed. L-ook for her cues and clues to make conversation choices. Hopefully, we will lay the ground work for more colourful conversation, inviting flirtations and stimulating anecdotes.

* Maggie Jane wore a dark electric blue dress cut above the knee showing part of what I can only imagine are silky smooth gorgeous thighs. I can’t h-elp but admire a nice pair of legs and Meg has them. Soft rounded knees, silky smooth skin, nicely tanned, nicely toned and femininely muscular. She wore a black belt cinched around her waist and accentuated with a matching shade of blue shoes with black highlights. Around her wrist she wore a thick Tiffany & Co. silver bangle. Her dress choice was a conscious decision to show off her assets. And she has assets. Besides the view her V neck showed her voice came as a pleasant surprise to me. Meg is a positive person with an uplifting personality. I wouldn’t c-all her bubbly as it implies her to be vapid. She is far from vapid. Her voice could be considered slightly raspy or throaty, almost hoarse at times. Similar to Courtney Love but softer and more feminine . When she got excited her voice would crack slightly. I found it adorable. But underneath, her voice had a soft alluring tone. It was a perfect contrast / combination of hoarse and soft. Light and dark . Ying and yang.

* When we arrived at Giovanni’s I stopped the car outside of the front door, put on m-y hazard lights, got ou-t and walked around to open the door for MJ. I held her hand while she got ou-t t-o wait for m-e t-o park the car. I had made the reservations under her name and told her she could take a seat inside or wait for me outside and I would join her after I parked the car. She decided to wait for me. Over dinner we shared a bottle of red wine and chatted about the latest current events. The conversation moved to chatting about work life signalling a cue for MJ to open the door for more flirtatious conversation by mentioning the old adage about all work and no p-lay. I mentioned there are many different forms of 'p-lay'. “It depends on what need you’re trying satisfy!”, I added. A light flickered i-n her eyes. Mischievous. It was quick and subtle. If you didn’t know her you might miss it ... but it was there. I felt like someone just planted the seed of desire i-n m-e. Further conversation would nurture it. The primordial need embedded i-n our genes for procreation would soon become our focus. Our primal instincts for mating. Consumption and satisfaction. Let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

* Building on our sexual allusions of witty banter interspersed with light conversation we both felt the seed of desire growing. “I thought about joining the PGA but m-y clubs are rated only for bedroom golf !”, I professed. She quickly retorted with, “I hope you at least got a hole-i n-one!” T-o which I replied, “I did but they only give trophies for a hole-i n-t-wo.” She giggled. We subconsciously started t-o touch more. “Let m-e refill your glass” Our hands touched and remain for an extra second. A laugh followed by a light touch on the arm. We felt the electricity between our touches. A-t times, without noticing, m-y breath would catch for a moment during these encounters. On her second glass of wine Meg’s devilishly playful side arose hovering beneath the surface. During the back-and-forth banter I felt her toes rubbing against the side of m-y calf. She kicked off one shoe and was teasing and tempting m-e with her touch the whole time wearing a devilish grin. She was subtle. An onlooker might miss t-hat grin for what it was but sitting in front of her there was no mistaking it and there was no chance of looking away. Transfixed by a heady combination of wine, her perfume, her foot touching m-y calf, her piercing blue eyes and her alluring devilish grin I felt like the ancient Greek mythology character, Odysseus, and his encounters with the Sirens known t-o lure sailors with their enchanted songs. Her presence was intoxicating. After dinner, I pa-id the b-ill and walked around t-o pull back the chair for Meg. As I pulled back her chair I offered m-y hand t-o h-elp her up. She stood up and leaned i-n t-o kiss m-e lightly on the neck just be-low m-y ear while her breast pressed against m-y arm. M-y pupils immediately dilated and m-y heartbeat picked up. T-hat electric touch. She's like a drug. As we got closer to the door I put m-y arm around her waist and firmly grab her hip. Not too tight, just a firm grasp ... a protective grasp. She reached around and put her arm around m-y waist playfully tickling m-y side as we walked down the street. It’s was such a nice evening we decided t-o walk t-o the park and sit for a few minutes.

* As we sat and enjoyed the beauty natures provides on a summers evening Meg rested her hand on m-y forearm. Y-ears of tapping rhythms and practising drum rolls have shaped and toned m-y forearms and wrists. I do have a larger palm than most with longer fingers. Someone in m-y youth once described them as guitar playing hands ... the hands of an artisan. Meg turned t-o m-e and sat sideways with her left leg bent and resting on the bench. She crossed her right leg over her left foot. As she held m-y hand she said, “Thanks for a nice evening. It may be the wine talking but I feel the most relaxed I’ve felt months.” I could see the light from the stars dancing in her eyes as they darted back and forth piercing into m-y soul waiting for m-y response. “I’m glad and I am also feeling relaxed ... de-stressed. Your company is like a fine deep tissue massage. Pleasant, soothing and rejuvenating.” I-t was the response she was searching for. She was about t-o open her inner self t-o m-e and needed reassurance of our mutual attraction and desires. I-n the universes' subtle way of foreshadowing, the silence t-hat followed m-y response was broken by the lyrics emanating from a nearby car radio, “I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready t-o let go”. I recognized the song from Cage The Elephant and i-n m-y mind gave the universe an appropriate wink . “What would you like t-o do, now ?”, I asked her as I rested m-y hand on her calf. Again, I’m enthralled with how soft and yet muscular her legs were. Shapely. Toned. Like those of a ballerina, strong and feminine.

* She replied with, “I have some ideas but I’d like to know what you want to do ?” The end of her sentence trailed off into a slight whisper. Her suggestive tone was inviting. The dance was beginning. “May I suggest we go back to m-y place, put the music on low, sample a light Ale and see where the conversation takes us ?”, was m-y reply. T-hat light danced i-n her eyes again. The flicker of mischief. God, she was striking ! “Perfect”, she said, “I like where this is headed.” I stood up and offered m-y hand, which she t-ook . I held strong as she used m-y hand t-o h-elp herself up. We turned and headed back towards where the car was parked. I-n a protective embrace I put m-y arm around her shoulders and slowed the pace down as we continued our walk . “If you could change one thing about yourself what would you change?”, she inquired. I had t-o ponder this question. We all have insecurities and issues with ourselves but I had never considered what would I want t-o change the most about myself. “I wish I could grow a lush, full thick beard ... like a Lumberjack!” It was a valid reply. “Why?”, was her only response. “Well, I think it would come in handy in the middle of a cold dark winter.” “Fair enough.”, was her reply which she expanded upon with, “I’m not a big fan of beards. I do have soft skin and I don’t like the feeling of steel wool rubbing against me.” Okay, my turn. “If you could cross one item off of your sexual bucket list what would it be?” It was a daring p-lay. Without flinching she mused, “Maybe I won’t tell you but someday maybe I’ll show you !” Sensing an upper hand she quipped, “What would one of your sexual bucket-list items be ?” Without hesitation, I caught her off guard with, “I’m looking directly at her!” We locked eyes for a second. I saw the captivating flashes of desire lighting up in her eyes and broke the spell with a wink . She exhaled.

* Several minutes later we arrived at m-y parked car. I opened the door for her and held her forearm as she got i-n the passenger side. I turned on the radio as Meg sat back her seat. Dear Rouge was playing Live Through The Night. A heady and heavy bass riff with light distortion punctuated by fast paced snare and drum sequences. A powerful female voice cries o-ut;

“Live like I'm higher
Feel like I'm lighter
Why don't you let m-e go?”

It’s hypnotic and mood setting. We decide to let the music fill in the time on the drive home. Next up, Death Cab for Cutie’s “Soul Meets Body”;

“I do believe it’s true
T-hat there are roads left i-n both of our shoes
But if the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes m-e too

So BROWN EYE’S I’ll hold you near
‘Cause your the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through m-y atmosphere”

Ben Gibbard, you magnificent bas-tard, I couldn’t have put it any better. Right now, MJ is like a melody softly soaring through m-y atmosphere. Her intoxicating mixture of sexual animal magnetism, flawless beauty and her sweet alluring scent were coming close to causing a sensory overload. I felt drunk on passion.

* 20 Minutes later we arrived at m-y place. I parked i-n the driveway and held open the door for Meg like a gentleman does t-o show his respect for his lady friend. The early afternoon rain shower had created a small puddle in the driveway directly in the path t-o the front steps. We both stopped and looked down a-t the puddle. MJ looked down again and then back m-e. Without hesitation I put m-y left arm behind her shoulders and reached down and picked her up by her legs with m-y right arm. As I picked her up our eyes locked on each other. As I carried her across the puddle she took m-y h-ead i-n both hands and pulled m-e closer t-o her while kissing m-e deeply. Her moist lips touched mine lightly a-t first then with more pressure ... more passion. Her hunger and desire were increasing as was mine feeling t-hat familiar stirring in m-y loins. Hormones were being released, blood flow was increasing, heartbeat was accelerating. I put her down on her feet and unlocked the door. Once inside we kicked off our shoes and I directed her t-o the Living Room. She took a seat on the sofa as I went into the kitchen and poured t-wo cold glasses of Lost Craft Crimzen Red Ale. I turned on the sound bar and turned down the volume. I asked MJ what would she like t-o listen t-o. She replied, “Anything’s fine with m-e.” “Just say Alexa p-lay blah blah blah and she will”, I countered. “Alexa, p-lay hits from the 80’s” , I heard Meg’s sultry voice profess. Phil Collins was lumbering through “In the Air Tonight” as I took a seat next to Meg. Either Phil or the Cosmos symbolically gave me confirmation about our impending deed. I could certainly feel it coming in the air tonight ! As she sipped her beer she remarked about being relaxed and could be more relaxed with some herbs. I took the hint and appeared a minute later with rolling papers and a fine bud of Blue Dream. A veteran toker I quickly twisted up a cigarette sized joint. I found an ashtray and opened the living room window as we smoked up. Occasionally, Meg would blow out a puff of smoke and kiss me on the lips. She was totally relaxed with all of her inhibitions safely on hold.

* When done we both sat back and relaxed. We had a cosmic connection, an unspoken cosmic connection. Meg threw her leg over mine and turned towards me. Our eyes locked onto each other as there was no longer any denying the hungers we both wish to satiate. I stared directly into her eyes and said to her, “You’ve never been more gorgeous or desirable than you are at this particular moment” She coyly bashed her eyelashes and tilted her head down while looking up with an innocent smile. M-y passion grew exponentially each second I stared into her eyes. I moved in closer and put m-y hand on the small of her back t-o pull her closer t-o m-e. I kissed her passionately on the lips. Our teeth gently nipped each others lip followed by our probing tongue. We circled our tongues around each other and kissed with mouths wide open. I closed m-y lips on her protruding tongue as she retracted it back in her mouth. I opened m-y mouth slightly and kissed her on the lips with m-y tongue protruding ... asking for an invitation to her moist wet mouth. She opened up and we locked tongues again in a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, m-y other hand lightly moved down on her side, then t-o her hip, then up and across her tummy with my palm grazing over her breast. I felt contact and immediately felt a response from her trapped nipple. Meg leaned in and put her hand behind my head keeping m-e close t-o her. I held her firm with one hand while gently moving m-y other hand up and down her side. I felt her hip, her side, her thigh and then moved m-y hand back up again following the same path. Our breathing increased with our kissing becoming more frequent and more passionate. I stood up and offered MJ m-y hand which she took as she stood up. I picked her up i-n m-y arms again and carried her into the bedroom. We stared directly into each others eyes as we crossed through the front hallway towards the master bedroom.

* I put her down inside the doorway and held her gently with both hands on either side of her f-ace kissing her passionately, slowly on the lips. Her arms were around m-y neck and she was standing on her toes to return m-y kiss. She reached back with her hands and slipped her dress over her shoulders allowing it t-o fall t-o the floor. I took a step back while she stepped o-ut of her dress and moved closer to m-e. After I took off m-y shirt and pants I moved her over t-o the bed where I sat her down and took a seat next her. I moved i-n t-o kiss her on of her nec-k . A light brushing with m-y lips and a quick little touch with the tip of m-y tongue. I kissed her more slowly on her neck and reached up to nibble playfully on her earlobe. Meanwhile m-y hand followed the curves and contours of her body with light touching. As I moved closer to some of the more sensitive areas I adjusted the pressure a little. Areas like behind the knee on the thigh area, behind the elbows, u-nder her breasts and on her hips. These are more sensitive areas t-hat require a more delicate touch. At times she gasped and took faster deeper breaths. Arousal wass building inside of her like a small grass fire on a windy da-y. Her passion flared. Every nerve ending in her body started to awaken. Her pleasure centres were reacting to the stimuli fuelling the animal like desires inside of her. From chatting with her I picked up t-hat she likes t-o be teased. More precisely, she told m-e she likes to be teased! Keeping this in mind I avoided her ‘special pleasure’ region building anticipation. I continued with kissing and caressing her body looking for her signals. Moving m-y hand across her tummy she arched her back t-o meet m-y hand, a cue t-o remove her bra ... which I did. I cupped one of her beautiful breasts and lightly kissed the nipple. I then placed m-y mouth over her nipple and applied light pressure with m-y lips using light suction. Her response was immediate ... again. Her nipples became erect as I swirled m-y tongue around them and took them into m-y mouth t-o suckle. Very light teasing pressure with m-y teeth followed up with a quick tongue bath caused her to skip a breath. I reached down and caressed her outer thigh. It was w-arm, she was getting very aroused. I still held off and instead grazed m-y hand past her inner thigh 2 inches below her panties after whick I moved on top of her and sat slightly upright. I held her head in m-y hands and moved m-y head towards hers touching foreheads together for several seconds. We stared deeply into each others eyes as m-y hand reached down t-o lightly brush above her panty line. Wait for the signal. Not there yet. I continued with caressing and brushing her erogenous zones occasionally tracing m-y hand across her midriff. As m-y hand glided again across her tummy she reached up and kissed m-e harder. Her hips moved ever so slightly upwards. T-hat’s her signal. My hand reached down t-o trace the outline of her panties. She moved herself towards m-y hand. M-y hand then slipped inside her panties and slowly moved towards her most sensitive area. M-y hand brushed over a neatly trimmed ‘landing zone’ and I felt her hips move upwards t-o meet m-y hand. M-y fingers brushed over her clit causing her t-o let o-ut an audible moan of pleasure. Her nipples were now fully erect while her hips moved slowly upwardly i-n a slight grinding motion. I sat up and lifted her hips slowly pulling her panties down .. down past her thighs ... down past her knees ... past her ankles ... now then completely off. She felt free t-o allow the carnal beast t-o take over now and guide her reactions. The beast needed t-o be fed and it needed pleasure.

* As I moved back down t-o kiss her neck and breasts again MJ ground her hips against m-y stomach. I moved down from kissing her breasts to lightly kissing on her tummy and then to a light kiss on her pubic bone region. Meanwhile, m-y hands were slowly tracing a path up and down on her hips and thighs and around to firmly grasp her buttocks. I am about to enter m-y favourite part of the evening ... performing oral on her. MJ kept grinding her hips against me as I moved down kissing her as I went. With my mouth now poised above her clitoris I looked down to admire the view. Damn, my cock just got bigger. M-y hands now congregated at her clit as I pulled it apart on both sides and flicked my tongue against it. She moaned. I then placed m-y tongue on her clitoral shaft and moved up and down applying light pressure feeling it roll un-der my tongue. I could sense the blood flow increasing. Occasionally I would let m-y tongue trace the outline and edges of her pussy lips followed by an insertion of m-y tongue in her sopping wet ‘pink umbrella’. I got a visible reaction to tickling the roof of her canal with the tip of my tongue. Take note: this is one of her sensitive spots. As I continued to probe with my tongue I tried to gauge her reaction making a mental map of her sensitive areas currently concentrating on her clitoral hood and surrounding region. I then applied sucking action. By applying light sucking action to her clitoral hood I am able to tug on t-hat region t-o expose more of her clit while also running m-y tongue underneath. Similar to sucking on the head of a cock and licking the head underneath, this seems to be a close female equivalent. As m-y tongue brushed against her clit she bucked again signalling a pleasure spot. More sucking action followed by a huge lick up and down and then start the cycle of exploring over again. As m-y tongue rolled over her clit I slid one finger inside slightly bent upwards. I followed the upper part of her canal with m-y finger searching for the bumpy wavelike area. I’ll know when I find it by her reaction. I got a reaction but am not sure which stimulus caused it. I stopped with m-y tongue momentarily and traced m-y finger inside her canal. T-hat was it. She groaned and bucked upwards slightly.

* I had t-wo fingers in her slightly spread apart as I continue t-o lick and suck on her clit. It’s drove her crazy judging by her moaning and the am-ount of wetness t-hat appeared. M-y hands reached up t-o occasionally cup a breast and caress a nipple. A light nipple pinch ... light pressure. I stopped licking her clit for a moment and moved up t-o concentrate on her breasts. I cupped each one individually and traced the outline with o-ne finger while licking and sucking on the nipple. I moved t-o the next breast t-o do the same but this time reached down and rolled her clit un-der m-y finger. She moaned with pleasure. This became a delightful distraction from clitoral stimulation for her. I kissed and sucked on each nipple again while m-y finger rubbed her clit and clitoral shaft. Occasionally m-y finger slid inside her causing her t-o gasp and move her hips upward. She had surrendered herself totally to her pleasure. She could only react to the pleasure overtaking her. I felt her getting very aroused as her heartbeat and breathing increased. Her sexual appetite was growing and could no longer be ignored. I left the bedroom door open so we could continue listening t-o the music playing in the living room. In the background I heard U2’s Surrender playing. A rhythmic beat with a catchy bass line. I noticed her toe started to move to the rhythm of the song. At this point I moved up and was now f-ace to f-ace with MJ. We locked eyes again. I kissed her passionately and deeply and then slowly inserted m-y rock hard throbbing cock inside her. She moved her hips upwardly and let o-ut a loud moan. I was now all the way in causing her t-o gasp. I felt the tip of m-y cock touching her cervix and backed o-ut a little bit. She was sopping wet but I still took m-y time. I moved ou-t and slowly went all the way i-n again. She moaned and bit her lip. For the next 2 minutes I slowly went in and ou-t, in and ou-t. She wanted m-e t-o pick up the pace but I kept the same slow rhythm. I could feel her secreting more and more of her wetness. After this initial period I picked up the pace slowly. I pumped a bit faster and a bit deeper. With each stroke she moaned and writhed. I wanted this t-o last as long as possible. We stared i-nto each others eyes the whole time. It was a magical experience. Every moment of pleasure was reflected back t-o each of us i-n our gazes. I kept caressing her breast while pumping in and o-ut on her. She wrapped her legs around m-y hips keeping m-e in place t-o ser-vice her desires. I could feel her intensity increase so I stopped. I moved down and spread her pussy wide. I inserted m-y tongue and she bucked and moaned. I put a pillow un-der her buttocks and continued to roll m-y tongue over her clitoral shaft. I inserted t-wo fingers t-o stimulate her pleasure centres we found earlier. She was now dripping wet so I moved back up and mounted her as she lay welcoming m-y cock inside her wide open exposed pussy ... again. This time I thrusted in deep and touched her cervix lightly. She moaned and pressed her hips up against mine holding herself in place. I grabbed both of her hips firmly. I held her in place while I ground m-y pubic bone against hers on every inward stroke stimulating her clit. Sensing m-y increased hunger her moaning became louder. Her pleasure whimpers with every thrust were turning me on immensely. I found a comfortable rhythm t-hat coincidentally matched the tempo of the Def Leppard's Hysteria ... which just happened be playing in the background. I saw her eyes roll back slightly as she recognized her song now playing. It had been a fantasy of MJ’s since she was a and first developed a sexual crush on a certain someone. Her early y-ears of exploring her sexuality through masturbating fantasies while Def Leppard played i-n the background became the foundation for this current sexual episode. As Hysteria continued in the background euphoria continued in the foreground. I continued t-o hold the current pace with MJ thrusting her hips upward t-o match m-y rhythm. Her clit ground against m-y pubic bone. She was now getting flush. I could see her chest and cheeks getting red and knew she was getting close. I held on and let ou-t grunts and groans of satisfaction as pure carnal pleasure enveloped me. Suddenly, her eyes rolled back revealing the whites of her eyes, her back arched and she loudly proclaimed, “ohhhhhhhhhh, god, I’m gonna c-um .. I'm gonna c-um”. With these words the head of m-y cock swelled t-o accommodate the impending flow of semen. I felt her vagina contract and grip m-y cock hard, then release as she bucked her hips upward. Her thighs quivered and her tummy twitched. I couldn’t hold on any longer and surrendered t-o m-y carnal desire. As I pulled ou-t c-um shot all over her stomach and breasts. She cooed and remarked how w-arm it felt on her. Laying back she started to catch her breath as her heartbeat slowed. She reached down and swirled the puddle of goo on her body. I reached over to brush the hair back from her and kissed her on the lips. In this light she looked satisfied and marvellous. But she wasn’t done yet. The beast inside her wanted more.

* I kissed her again and moved m-y hand down t-o touch her inner thigh area. She motioned her leg closer to m-y hand. I moved m-y hand slowly over her hips and across her tummy. She motioned her midsection upward. An involuntary response? I checked again by brushing my hand over her nipples. They responded positively! She needed t-o be teased. I kissed her on the neck again and lightly nibbled on her earlobe. I held her tighter and moved m-y hand up and down her side, hips and thigh occasionally brushing a nipple or part of her breast. I got an audible response. I continued t-o dart m-y tongue i-n and o-ut of her mouth while exploring her trigger regions again. Light caresses behind the knee on the thigh, behind the elbow, her breasts, across her tummy, over her shoulders. Light touching accompanied with incidental groping and grabbing mindful to avoid her most pleasureful region. The sparks started to fly again. T-hat sultry sexual l-ook reappeared on her f-ace. Her nipples were hard and erect but I needed her t-o make the move. M-y hand traced across her tummy and hovered momentarily over her pleasure region. She moved her hips upward t-o meet hand. She was ready. I moved on top of her and slid down to meet her vagina. I kissed her over and over on the way down and m-y hand rested lightly on her vulva. She was moist and turned on. I moved m-y mouth down t-o lick her stuff as she moved her hips up against m-y mouth. She pressed upwards. I held her hips and moved m-y mouth back and forth brushing her clit with glancing tongue blows. She ground her pubic region in m-y f-ace. God, her scent was intoxicating. I reached o-ut with m-y tongue to meet her upward thrusting hips causing m-y tongue to slip inside her. She moaned with pleasure. I held her i-n place by her hips and moved m-y mouth up and down on her clitoral hood. She wanted t-o fight it. She wanted t-o buck her hips but I held her i-n place. It turned her on immensely. I kept motioning up and down on her clit with m-y tongue, rolling it over and back and forth. I would then flick the tip of m-y tongue against the tip of her clit. She bucked involuntarily. We started a cycle of plunging m-y tongue inside her, tickling the upper region of her canal with m-y tongue, swirling m-y tongue around the edges of her lips, rolling her clit un-der m-y tongue and pressing down on her clit with m-y tongue as i moved it up and down. She was getting wetter and wetter. I added sucking into the mix. Sucking lightly on her clitoral hood and exploring underneath with m-y tongue. Next, I added t-wo fingers moving in and o-ut matching the rhythm of her breathing while rubbing m-y tongue up and down on her shaft periodically sucking on her clitoral hood. Her hips moved upwards to keep rhythm with the pace of m-y fingers going in and ou-t of her. I glanced down noticing her pussy has flowered completely. She was getting close again. Her pussy was practically gushing. Her moans of pleasure increased. I stopped inserting m-y fingers and grabbed her tightly by her hips forcing m-y tongue inside her as she pushed her pussy in m-y f-ace. I kept her i-n place while I used more pressure on her clit. I rolled her clit un-der m-y tongue and thrust m-y tongue inside her canal again. She writhed in pleasure while letting o-ut a loud cry of ecstasy. Her thighs quivered as her hips involuntarily bucked causing her small stomach spasms. It was an intense orgasm. Covered in a light sheen of perspiration, totally spent and totally relaxed she laid back allowing m-e to cuddle up next to her turning on her side for me t-o became her big spoon. I kissed the nape of her neck and placed m-y hand on her hip. Her breathing has slowed as she slowly drifted in t-o a peaceful daydream. While she rested I went into the master bathroom and drew a w-arm bath in the soaker tub lighting several scented candles. Lastly, I added a touch of bubble bath lotion to the tub and returned to cuddle in next to Meg. Several minutes later she awoke and lifted her head. She turned to me with a l-ook of satisfaction painted on her f-ace and whispered, “Sorry hun, I must have dozed off”. “Think nothing of it”, I replied. I then sat up and asked her to follow m-e. Slightly confused she got up and followed m-e into the bathroom. I handed her a towel and motioned to the tub. “For you.”, I said. She wrapped her arms around m-y neck and kissed m-e. As she got i-n the tub I could sense her adsorb all of the relaxation and warmth emanating from the soaker tub. I excused myself, went into the kitchen and turned on the kettle. Several minutes later I returned with a cup of Chamomile tea. Together with the vanilla scented candles, the bubble bath and the Chamomile tea her senses were stimulated to recall the good times and good things in her life. Sexual aroma therapy !

* It seems the universe does have a sense of humour. As Meg was relaxing in the tub, Alexa was still sorting through and playing hits from the 80’s. As I opened the bathroom door to return with the cup of tea, Frankie Goes to Hollywood was playing in the backgound.

Don’t do it
When you want to go to it
Don’t do it
When you want cum

I turned and replied to Alexa, “Great advice ... relax !”
Rain Dance MaggieThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act II
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