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😋😲👀 Shame on you?  

pal334 66M  
45308 posts
6/7/2020 4:50 am

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6/8/2020 5:17 am

😋😲👀 Shame on you?

Pranks is the real subject. As long as they are not mean. they are like jokes, I like them, but I am not very good in keeping my composure "do them". Are you a prankster? If you are, do you have a style or type you prefer commit or be the victim of? What is the "worst" you have done or had done you? When the time is right, they are a great way lighten the atmosphere .

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pal334 66M  
40538 posts
6/7/2020 4:57 am

Sometimes they get out of hand a little [image]

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SimpleLatina 56F
2948 posts
6/7/2020 7:03 am

Pranks are fun, but I do dislike being the person pranked

Crazyfairy42574 46F  
481 posts
6/7/2020 7:09 am

Worst thing I ever did was prank my niece and her mom. My niece was 4, her mom was 21. We were having a party, I told my niece that I had to pee, to bring me the toilet.... she spent an hour trying to get it to the living room.....
Later that night after her mom was nice and drunk, I covered the toilet seat with saran wrap... 🤣🤣🤣

author51 57F  
96310 posts
6/7/2020 8:20 am

I love joking around a lot but have never really been into pulling pranks or having them pulled on me except for April Fool's Day...Good post..xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Tmptrzz 57F
81842 posts
6/7/2020 9:58 am

You know my hubby is always sneaking up on me scaring me. It sucks now because I can't do the same to him.. I hope you have a very relaxing day today..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

pocogato12 68F  
33754 posts
6/7/2020 2:17 pm

I pulled a lot of pranks at camp as a teneage but I the prank I loved the most I cannot publish

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sweet_VM 62F
80986 posts
6/7/2020 5:56 pm

Pranks when I was younger but not now. Hugs V

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