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🖥🖱🎬 Voyuerish  

pal334 67M  
52309 posts
10/12/2021 5:08 am

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10/13/2021 3:25 pm

🖥🖱🎬 Voyuerish

Voyeurism? This is a subject (s) that is fun to me. Of course you always have to be careful about minors. Do you like to watch or be<b> watched </font></b>while playing? I have to say that my favorite place is the balcony at my beach comdo in Puerto Rico. I have not been able to get there in several years due to hurricane damage and then of course this virus thing. At the apartment, the balcony is fairly large and over looks the beach. Oh so much fun, playing in the public in the sun. Most of the time this is what we consider a nude apartment. We do not have our selves exposed, but the sensation is so sexy. What is the most exciting place you have been voyuerish naughty ? Would you call the police if you saw a sexy couple being naughty in a secluded semi public place?

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pal334 67M  
45075 posts
10/12/2021 5:19 am

I must admit that the over view from the balcony is sexy also . [image]

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pal334 67M  
45075 posts
10/12/2021 5:20 am

So relaxing. [image]

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author51 58F  
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10/12/2021 5:41 am

I have done it on a balcony a few times and loved it. If they were doing it blatantly in public where there are a lot of people around, I would tell them to get a room first Pal...xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


staci_19702 51T
2536 posts
10/12/2021 7:17 am

Nothing like a little exhibition and voyuerism!! !

Have a great day! 💋

Blueyedguy823 55M
1004 posts
10/12/2021 7:38 am

Las Vegas... Up against the glass in our room at the Flamingo Hilton, looking across LV Blvd at Caesars Palace.

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2354 posts
10/12/2021 8:48 am

Never had the opportunity to do IT on a Balcony 😞 Patio in a fenced in backyard;numerous time 😁 WHY !!! Would I call the Police on Myself 🤔🤠

agelesssexylegs 78F
1059 posts
10/12/2021 9:05 am

Tend to stay clothed so my bits are kept where they use to be before age and gravity took their toll

scottv69 59M
5279 posts
10/12/2021 9:22 am

I've seen more sexy moments in public than you would believe and would never call the cops on a couple enjoying some naughty public fun.

Tmptrzz 59F  
104421 posts
10/12/2021 10:29 am

Voyeurism is a lot of fun makes me think of my high school days at the Drive In and how everyone was watching everyone else..

I hope you get to enjoy some of your favorite types of Voyeurism today..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

SimpleLatina 57F
3380 posts
10/12/2021 12:50 pm

Oh yes, the patios on those beach condos in Puerto Rico are perfect. A constant breeze, very warm, most of the time naked. Looking forward to it again

spunkycumfun 61M/66F  
39488 posts
10/12/2021 1:34 pm

Your Puertan Rican condo sounds a great place for a blogland bash!

sweet_VM 63F
81575 posts
10/12/2021 3:59 pm

Hi Pal. It sure can be. I do like to watch hugs V

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Erogedyne 69M
962 posts
10/12/2021 7:21 pm

One time, my GF and I fucked behind the backstage curtain at a club. My band was to play the second set. We hid between the equipment cases to be out of sight from the stage hands. The only thing between us and the audience was the curtain and the band members that were playing!

Nope, I would never call the cops on someone doing anything that wasn't hurting another person, or damaging someone else's property.

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