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Just some random thoughts while I wait...
Posted:Jan 16, 2021 1:20 am
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2021 4:59 pm

This is gonna be a bitching post So...you've been duly notified.

The head of HR called on me on Thursday asking if we could meet today. On a Saturday. Of course I could have declined, but considering we're quite close (as far as colleagues go, I suppose) I agreed. So I met her for lunch earlier and as expected, it was a 70% gossip session, and 30% of it was spent discussing a few things privy to work. Workwise, it was fairly productive meeting. I've been put on hold on a few things and it was good to know I can now move forward. It also provided a good break from the boys at home. As much as I like them both around, they can get quite tiring.

I also bought a few sports bras recently. The old ones were getting, well...old and...not so fun to wear anymore so I started out getting just one, and wore it to the gym once, found that I liked it and ended up buying a few online. I've been to the gym 3 times this week and found that I was perhaps, a bit hasty. They support me fine if I'm just lifting weights. But any little movement, and the girls are literally bouncing around in every direction. (I'm talking about my tits, by the way ). It's ridiculous how little support there is considering how much uplift the bras provide. Like I was walking from the gym to the nearest bus stop and my tits were bouncing with each step, I got tired when I got to the bus stop. LOL

Annnnyways. Getting back to how it's tiring with the boys at home..

Ok, back story - uh...I guess we start from the top. Last weekend we had a fairly big argument. All 3 of us. The bf has been staying over for a good 3 weeks now and, I think it's just the space. I mean, it's hard enough sometimes with the husband. Throw in another person into the mix...but these things happen. We all understand that and it's all..part of it, I suppose. So anyhow, we spent the weekend bickering and arguing, it was between the husband and I in the beginning, then the bf interjected to try and ease tensions, but somehow or rather, we all got mad at each other.

We then decided to take the whole of last Sunday to give ourselves some space. The husband went cycling, I don't know what the bf did, but I didn't want to stay home so I left for the gym in the morning, and met Mr Greek after. We spent the whole afternoon hanging out (which we don't do enough, to be honest) and I am super appreciative of him taking time off to hang out with me. 

Anyhow. By the time I got back it was evening and the boys were already home. We had decent talk after and made up pretty well, to be honest.  Like all post fight make ups, it was all tense, awkward and....cordial, right up til bedtime. And then, I'm telling ya, make up sex, F T W. LOL. I'm almost tempted to say, it almost makes fighting well worth it. Buuut....nah. I'm gonna retract that . I used to deliberately pick fights with the husband just for the make up sex. LOL Yes yes....issues, you say?  But its not the same, is it? I guess the emotional investment going into the fight goes into the make up sex too. But daaaamn Sunday AND Monday make up sex was fan-fucking-tastic. 

Which also made me realise how distinctive our individual preferences are, and how it has changed over time. The bf has developed a liking to having me squat over him. Sometimes he lifts his head up and tongue fuck me but mostly, he just lays there, watching. He even came once while I stroked him off, squatting over his face. . The husband's thing was always me straddling him, riding roughly. He liked to get tit slapped. Is that even a thing? I dunno. But it's his thing. Lately, he's been really liking the reverse cowgirl, especially when I'm leaning forward. Apparently he likes seeing the ass. . Standing sex was always my thing. I still enjoy it. But lately...getting rough seems to be...getting me off.

For some reason (well, for many obvious reasons) I've always had an issue to admitting to that. But it is what it is. . Lately we've developed this game where the husband and bf stand by one side of the bed and they take turns, and I especially like when they drag me across the bed to pass me between themselves .

Ok, I'm smiling to myself just thinking about it so...let's digress a little. I got up to some naughty fun this week too. I met up mr Greek again midweek just to show my appreciation for him spending time with me last weekend. Well, it wasn't planned originally. I was working from home on Thursday and stepped out in the late afternoon to go grocery shopping. He texted me asking where was and what I was up to and I told him, and he suggested he'd come by and join me cos he had time before had to go bak to his restaurant. Not wanting to be ungrateful cos he DID take time off the weekend past to spend time with me, I agreed.

The store I had originally planned to go to was nearby, but since I was meeting him, I decided on the fly to meet him at another store. Last thing I want is for the neighbours, husband or bf to all bump into each other . I told him where we'd meet and took a cab down. By the time we met, I was midway through my list of times to get. We chatted a bit while I finished up my list and he suggested coffee after. I don't know why we bothered, cos barely 3 mins after sitting, we were making our way out, into a cab, back to his place.

Now this, I've never done before - I still had my bags of groceries in hand in the cab when he leaned in to kiss me. I leaned back and next thing I knew he was sliding his hands up my shorts and fingering me in a cab, while I was still holding on to my bags of groceries. LOL. . We got back to his place, fucked twice....actually, we tried for a third time but we ran out of time and he had to go back to work. He was nice enough to send me back one his way out, and when I got back, I was struggling to explain how my grocery run was 3 hours long.

So yeah, that's been my week. Ever piling workload, weekend meeting's, secret rendezvous and two guys at home keeping me occupied

Hope yours went well. Stay safe y'all
CMNF? Does this count? It does...right?
Posted:Jan 11, 2021 6:49 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2021 11:27 pm

This is the weirdest thing that’s happened in...well, I wanted finish that sentence by saying “in the last year”, but that’s too bold a statement to make, considering some of the strange shit that’s happened. Ok, let’s try that again. This is the strangest thing that’s happened this year 😊.

One of the weeknights this week, I was prepping dinner while the husband was in the room working. He had a video call so he had the door closed, mainly cos of the noise, but also cos I was naked all day (the weather has been good) and refused to put anything on, which is usually the case when we’re all home. The bf was scheduled back too but I was midway through cooking so I knew I had time. So the only thing I had on was an apron (cos I know the perils of pan frying nude😝).

All of a sudden the main door opens and I hear the bf’s voice along with a few other voices. A split second later I hear a unison of “whoa!” and “!”, and I turn my head and see the bf and two of his friends standing by the doorway of the kitchen looking in. I just swore once cos I was trying not burn what I was pan frying. LOL. His two friends took that as a cue and ducked back into the living room while the bf came over giggling and apologising. He could have gave me a bit of warning! Before I even finished cooking, they were back and talking and laughing sheepishly and i was actually more embarrassed at not having enough food for everyone than anything else.

I heated some leftovers and It was a good 10-mins before we got everything out the dining table and by that time, I had given the idea of putting anything . And just when things couldn’t get more awkward/funny/weird, the husband came out of the room dressed in his work shirt and tie, tucked into his boxers. Lol

The look his face was fucking priceless. of us spent a good few minutes laughing it off before we sat down for dinner. So the husband sat down for dinner in his shirt and boxers, the bf and his friends were fully clothed and I sat there butt naked and we had a surprisingly fun dinner. The evening wasn’t too sexed , but there were more than a few times the bf’s friends were just staring I’ve always wondered - I’m already naked. What else is there stare at?! Lol. But anyhow. We had a few drinks after and the bf’s friends left after an hour and a half or so. The bf gave a massage (which is always welcomed) for my troubles and I was a bit too tired to have anything happen after. It was a surprisingly fun experience. 😊
Spitroasting and Cameltoeing - One way to see this year out
Posted:Dec 29, 2020 7:42 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2021 11:26 pm

Alrighty. Work-day/blog-day

Its the last week of the year already! The last week or so has literally flown by.  The bf is staying with us so that would explain the time flying by. The good news is, I have my boys with me. It's been a whole year since he's been with us. The bad news is, I've got my boys with me . Staying with guys can be...challenging. LOL

Like, how can i feel like I've been massaged and yet feel sore at the same time? My breasts though, i don't think it was ever this massaged. Ever.  My right nipple is literally, sore. Like raw/sore. So now i'm home alone trying reply some email while i wait for a work call, and i'm icing my right nipple at the same time. LOL. The shit you put up with, eh? . The husband went out cycling with some of his friends and i sent the bf out for his waxing appointment. I'm actually enjoying the house myself for a bit.

Speaking of which, i had a delivery last evening. We all knew we had a delivery coming so we were all supposed be waiting for it. But...one of the drawbacks of having guys around is....well, we kinda got distracted. We were supposed watch Jurassic World (One of the newer ones...i can't recall which one..) but we didin't even get through the first minutes before we were all over each other. Well, I'll have you know that, at the very least, there was eating involved. LOL (Yes yes...that was a lame joke, but i couldn't resist)

Anyways. The theme this week appears be spitroasting. (oh damn....there's a rude Christmas joke in there... ).  Last week was all dp, this week appears be different. Not a bad thing. Christmas-y i suppose . (Oko..I'll stop with the bad jokes). Amidst the flipping around, or being flipped around, I was half trying to listen out for the knock on the door. Good news is, the delivery guy didn't show up while we were in the middle of it. When we were done, the husband was in the kitchen and the bf ran off to the toilet, i was lazing on the couch, the doorbell rings. I looked up and neither of the boys were moving, so i got up, picked up the husband's t-shirt off the floor, threw it on and answered the door. The tshirt was kind of short so I hunched over, trying not to flash him my pussy. Turns out, as i collected the delivery from him, I looked up and saw him looking down the top. He didn't even notice , noticing him staring down my top. . I collected the food, closed the door behind and the boys were laughing away. Apparently it's a thing. Like an online thing where you deliberately flash the delivery guy. People do that and film it. Huh. The shit that goes one these days. I genuinely did not know that

Anyhow. We didn't get through dinner in one go either. I had a bit of cum on my face and hair that i didn't notice (I'm quite certain the delivery guy didn't either. He wasn't looking up ). The bf pointed out and apparently, that's nasty. LOL. AND, apparently nasty is a big turn on. We made it back the couch before we finished dinner later in the night On a sidenote, is it possible get carpel tunnel syndrome from jerking off? I think i might have lay off that for a bit....my wrists hurt.

I'll leave with another gym story . Funniest thing I've heard for awhile now. I went to the gym with a friend of mine. I'm trying to put on a bit more muscles so this friend of mine, who's gay, has agreed to train with . Anyways. We were deadlifting, then moving on that....leg extension machine. Midway through a set, he literally screams, "oh my gawd! Can you stop camel toeing me?!" LOL

Minus the...melodrama, which he has a habit of, it wasn't like I was intending to cameltoe anyone. Of course the screams brought attention, and...followed by half hour of awkwardness. What? Of course I finished my workout I thought that was funny. I've never heard it used like that before

Okok, keeping it short. Ish. Happy New Year one and all!
Let's all hope and pray next year brings about a recovery from this one.
Hoe! Hoe! Hoe! Merrrty Fucking Christmas! Or merry Christmas fucking...
Posted:Dec 24, 2020 10:09 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 6:53 am

Either way is good.

This is a strange blog. Or actually, a strange entry. Before moving on, a bit of background -

The bf flew in (finally!) last week. He went through the swab test before he left, tested negative before flying out, and he had to go through another test before being let out and coming over. So that, was that. It was a bit awkward at first, like it’s been over a year since we last been with each other physically, and in a nutshell, so much has changed, and yet so much hasn’t. It’s strange.

Anyhow. So he moved in with the husband and I early this week and this past week, the sex has been intense, to say the least. I’m actually sore I. The nether regions. Like, really. My push and ass feels tired. Lol. I haven’t had so much dp in such a short duration. Ever. 😳. Don’t get wrong, I’m definitely not complaining. It’s nice to have my two guys around 😉 But I’m now sitting up at 2am in the morning on Christmas Day thinking about fucking. How the fuck is that possible? We literally just spent the entire evening fucking each other silly. They’re both sleeping, and I’m sitting up trying to wonder why I still wanna ride someone silly. Doesn’t make sense. I’m half a second away from texting the fwb (which will be redundant cos he’ll be busy with his fiancé) and/or mr Greek. I don’t need to, but I don’t know why my thoughts are taking me there. Hmmm....

I should be tired. We literally soaked the sheets through a few times over earlier. Yet here I am, pondering away. Ah well. Maybe the festive season makes us all a little hornier😝.

Ah...either way. Merry Christmas yall!!
Hope everyone has a good, cheerful one, despite our current situation.
Fetishes and Fantasies. Well, just one of each...
Posted:Dec 21, 2020 4:30 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 6:54 am

my gawd! Lemme just say there's nothing better feeling than the shower after a long-ass day
I have a late call tonight so I left the office at 3pm, thinking I'd the gym then get home in time for my call at 7pm. I was already running around the first half of the day so by the time I changed into my gym clothes, my work clothes were already....well, to me, not wearable. I wasn't gonna wear them again, so I scrunched them into a ball and dumped them into my bag.

Halfway through my workout, already working a sweat, I get a call from work asking head back in clarify some info. I had be present log into the system to retrieve said info, so I cursed my luck, left my bags in the gym and ran back to office. (it's about 10mins away ). I go back in, thinking it's a 5-minute thing, ends being held back half an hour. By this time, I'm already cold, in my sports bra and tights, perspiration dried , trying tell them very patiently, that I want get the fuck out of there. Cursing my luck more for leaving the bags in the gym, cos at this point, I was ready go home, I ran back the gym. Thinking I was already back there, I finished my workout and rushed home.

So now I was sweaty, again, with no spare clothes change into. my way out from the gym, I called the husband while waiting for my cab and explained/complained about what happened. He got super excited and told he'll see at home. I thought he was weird but brushed it off. The minute I got through the front door, he jumped on me and started kissing me and tearing my clothes off. I wasn't really in the mood cos I was clammy as fuck, all I wanted do was jump into the shower. Ok, then I thought I COULD do with a quicky before my work call, so I dragged him into the shower. Before I could turn the shower, he was his knees and was trying very hard go down .

I was like, "whoa!!! Stop!!"

Now, I understand this is one of his "thing", but gawd damn I wasn't comfortable with that AT . LOL
Which then got thinking - I guess this is my limit. LOL. A lot of the other times when he requests that I not shower (yes....eeeeeww ), I guess I was kinda ok with it. Not my thing, but still ok. The eternal question, myself, was, was I ok taste myself. The answer was a straight no, so I really couldn't. I HAD disappoint him. LOL.

So yeah, now nice and clean, I sent him out get us dinner while I take my call (and type this out) LOL
Sooo.....all in all, big day for eh? I found my limit THAT. LOL

other news -
I went the park with a friend, with the idea of trail running a few weeks ago. That was the idea at least, and the sun was blazing and it was humid as hell when I left the house, so I dressed for it. I wore a pair of short white running shorts and a yellow tank top over my sports bra. The husband dropped off and the idea was, he was gonna pick us 4 hours later at another spot. SO we had plenty of time get there. Like I said, that was the idea.

We got there, warmed , started running and realised neither of us knew the route. We then tried google-mapping it, but we kinda fucked that too, so we ended walking and trying figure it out. About 45mins in, we came back the same spot where we started. . Undeterred, we soldiered . Half hour in the other direction, it started thundering and drizzling. This was a forested area (as much of a forested area as we could find on this island ) so, we agreed it was the last place we wanted be when it starts pouring. SOOoo, we turned back and headed where we started.

I tried calling the husband but he wasn't answering. By the time we got the entrance, it started raining. Of course, like calm adults, we panicked. LOL. We tried getting a cab, but the app kept searching, and then it started pouring. Like heavy. In between our own laughter and trying shelter our phones, AND trying get a cab, we were the side of the road by the entrance of the carpark. There wasn't any shelter in sight and we were really, getting royally soaked.

Then a car pulled with 3 guys inside. Well, 3 Japanese boys. They saw us, drove and offered drive us the nearest shelter, or at least that was the initial offer. Now, I understand, in hindsight, how that wasn't the best thing do. 2 ladies jumping into a car with 3 guys. But of course we jumped in.

It was then that we found out that they were professional footballers. Apparently they were playing for a team here but they were scheduled to go back to Japan in a few weeks. Now here I was not even aware that there was a professional football league here, let alone being in a car with....3 pretty boys of said league. And I emphasise, boys - the one doing the driving was 22. The other 2 were 19. . They seemed nice enough. Like really nice. Except they kept staring at my friend's cleavage. LOL

Admittedly, it was hard to not look cos she was just wearing a sports bra and she's...quite gifted in the tit department
After we got out, she swore it was my cameltoe that got them to stop. LOL And I didn't even know it was possible to get a cameltoe in those shorts, let alone show. But either way.

They dropped us off at a station close to where we lived and we swapped numbers. Naturally. I HAD to show a bit of gratitude. don't judge. . I dropped them a text again thanking them and their individual replies were cordial, and that was it. I don't think either of them will ever make a move, and I don't think I have the time initiate anything, but I gotta admit, that little incident has got digging the gangbang fantasies. .

At some point, don't we have gangbang fantasies about being in one with a football team? No? Uh...well....okay then
I'll just leave it at that....
We are all creatures of habit. Aren't we?
Posted:Dec 12, 2020 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2020 2:53 am

It's been a heck of a week. Why is it that every year-end, it's "supposed" be slower, yet year on year, it just doesn't seem be that way. . I suppose I should be glad I’m still employed....going by the look of things. 

Speaking of which - one of the weeknights I came back home late cos I ended work late. I stepped in the front door and I heard the husband on the phone. I figured it was a work and left him alone. Without saying a thing, I closed the front door, and stripped. It wasn’t sexual or anything, it’s just a habit - first thing I do when I get home, I take off my clothes. In this case,  I’ve been in office attire the whole day, I don’t want spend another minute in them. I leave my pile of clothes at the bottom of the stairs and make my way into the kitchen to drop off a few things into the fridge, and grab myself a nice cold drink. 

The husband must have heard me cos I stepped out of the kitchen and he was in the living room, still on his , with his back towards me. All of a sudden I hear “whoa!!” And he turned to face me. He then started laughing and I hear laughing from his phone as well. Apparently, he was on a video . Thankfully it wasn'a work , but he was talking one of his golfing buddies. I was surprised how embarrassed I got the moment I realised what happened. . I think it’s more do with knowing who it was than anything else. The husband got a kick out of it and assured me how more popular I’ve suddenly become . Lol. Now every time his friend calls, he asks if I'm around -_-

I'm rarely on any form of social media. I find i don't have the energy for that outside of work cos I do that for work a fair bit. But anyhow. A couple of days ago, I chanced upon a post from the fwb. He was on a "staycation" and had posted a few pictures of him and his fiance. THey had checked themselves into a hotel room for a few days apparently. What got me was, I actually recognised the room! LOL. It's the same hotel and I even think the same room we had used previously! I mean, what are the odds?! I mean, the view from the balcony is the same! Overlooking a fairly prominent landmark. That was the exact spot when i got my upper back against the wall, with both my ankles over his shoulders and i was hanging onto his neck for dear life, getting sandwiched between him and the wall. Heh...good times. Maybe that's why I'm not on social media. Gets a bit awkward when i see shit like this. It just reminds me of the noise I made that night. And I get super self conscious about the noises I make

I guess that's...habitual as well...? Hmm....I don't know. I think I'm at least a little bit different when I'm with different people.
Flatter to deceive  . I Is NOT Impressed...
Posted:Dec 5, 2020 1:42 am
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2020 7:20 pm

The husband and I met with this other couple (Jeff and M) Tuesday . The husband was the one doing most of the planning cos it’s his idea and they’re more his friends. At least they started out as his friends first but we've known each other for a little over a year now. Anyhow. The husband got us together last week for dinner under the pretext of swinging. At least that’s the idea put forth to . We met them twice last week; for dinner once, and had them over for drinks again and it went as well as one could have hoped. They were both fairly attractive, both closer the husband's age than mine, clean, healthy, and very open about what they were looking for and expecting. paper, it really seemed like a good match. 

But I was a little non committal about the whole thing, mainly cos I’ve already got a few....things going on on the side with the fwb, mr Greek, the new guy from mr Greek’s restaurant, the ex gf, AND the bf flying in end of the month.  . I told the husband about it but he seemed super excited about the whole thing so we met them again to move things forward. 
We took a day off and went to the beach. I thought it was a fantastic idea thinking it’d be fairly empty on a weekday afternoon, and the beach gave everyone a good opportunity to gauge how we’d feel with each other with less clothes on. Sooooo....the beach. 

First up, it was crowded as fuck. We couldn’t find any space at the bar/club that we went to, and there weren't a lot of good spaces on the actual beach. So we decided on renting bikes to cycle. I had already stripped down to my thong bikini so I just cycled in that. 

Then there’s this group of...younger guys who literally followed behind us for a good hour as we cycled. I brushed it off at first, thinking it was...kinda normal and funny. Then an hour in and I turned and they were STILL there? Fuck it. We returned the bikes and decided we’d go someplace else. We ended up back at their place for dinner straight from the beach. I would have liked to go back, wash up and change, but the conversation and flirting was going well so I didn’t want to break the flow. I had thought that we were all going to together, but I was wrong (I realised later that I had it in my head and I should have at least discussed it with the husband, but anyhoo). They were more interested in a straight swap. I then wanted stay in the living room where we started, mainly cos I wanted watch the husband get off . Then Jeff suggested we move somewhere else. I was about reject the idea flat out but he leaned in and whispered into my ear how he wanted to fuck in every corner of the house. 

I kinda knew it wasn’t gonna happen, but at the time, in that mood, it sounded fucking fantastic. Lol. I locked eyes with the husband and we both exchanged nods and smiles, so it was good. He dragged the kitchen first and we made good use of a bar stool. I was in an awkward position for a while and the side of my back was starting to ache so I stopped him, grabbed a bottle of water and told him let’s move back to the living room. I passed their bedroom and saw the husband already crouching over M and humping away. Side note: I realised I don’t see that (the sight of the husband from behind, crouched over) often. Maybe not enough...? Anyways. He looked different. Like...not familiar enough to be automatically recognisable. Anyways. 

I had a bottle of water in my right and Jeff’s dick in my left and I led him to the window. It was dark inside but we were still just on the third floor. There were groups of people, just walking by downstairs, dirent;y outside the window but floors down. I drew the curtains back, pushed the windows open, leaned my head out the window and arched my back. I thought if we were gonna do this, might as well fucking enjoy myself. . I told him we’ll start here, then it’s the rest of the house, just as he had promised earlier. The rubber slid on quickly and even quicker still, he was sliding himself inside from behind. I could hear the skin--skin slaps coming from the bedroom, and the husband grunting along with M's moanings, and that was a huge turn on. 

At this point we were also contributing the skin--skin slapping symphony. He was trying hard slam into as hard as he could, but his rhythm was off. It was really quite...weird. Like disrupting weird. Plus he was trying squeeze my ass with one hand ahd was literally clawing my tit with the other. I grabbed his hand and moved them my hips, so he'd have better leverage, and so that fucking clawing thing would stop. That worked ok for a while. 

i wanted to stay by the window so i moved to his tv console, which was directly beside the window. He held my left leg while I leaned the console and he slid inside again. Just as it was starting feel good, he let out a moan and went from 100 miles an hour literally a dead stop, then dropped my leg down. I was like, WTF? He said his arm gave way. LOLI also found out that he had blown his load and was done. 

I don't know if i consciously tried to hide my disappointment or not at the time, but i just stood there and smiled. Like, a resigned smile. He was such a nice guy, and we had such a good build . Ah well....we sat and for a bit, and thankfully, the husband came out with M and we just sat there in the living room, chatting. The conversation was good. The sex, not so much. The husband tried make it when we got back cos I couldnt wait and started rambling and complaining him the minute we stepped out of their house. LOL. I just kept complaining, i didn't even realise how awkward the cab ride was. LOL

At the very least, the husband had a good time. And i also realise that when that happens, sex at home, our sex, is really good. So yeah, I've been milking that for a few days now. He didn't even say anything when I told him I was spending thursday evening at Mr Greek's place. He DID give me a large hicky  my left breast though. I think it's him marking, but it's a sensitive issue with him so i left it at that . Mr Greek though, thinks he's doing something right cos I was at his place thursday night, and then again Friday afternoon. I felt like I needed a bit of variety this week. 

Speaking of which, my boss recently moved here. She used sit in one of the offices in China but I guess taking everything into consideration, she's now based here. I've been going into the office this week, and my work is such that I have busier mornings and evenings, and my afternoons are usually quite light. I've been using this time to go to the gym. (I've been going to a few different gyms. The one close to the office has unfortunately closed. Tough times...). Anyhow. I the gym, work a sweat, shower and head back the office. Not a big secret, but i don't like wearing anything under my clothes, especially after I'm done at the gym. I'm still perspiring, adrenaline still pumping, plus it's just plainly more comfortable. I throw on my work clothes on, just without anything under. 

Thursday i get an email from the boss asking if i have time for a quick "catch ". The office is pretty empty these days so we spoke in a corner of the pantry. She basically asked if i "would consider not making some of the other colleagues uncomfortable". LOL.    Long story short, i told her i won't go in as often. But IF/WHEN i did, I'd make sure my nipples are not protruding, and my ass or anything else isn't showing
Welcome to Thighland
Posted:Nov 28, 2020 12:36 am
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2020 5:30 pm

I don't know what it is but uh...I guess I just like'em thick. LOL
So apparently I got two likes/fetishes/preferrences/weaknesses of late. Thick thighs and uh...married men. . Two separate incidences.

I've been complaining the ex girlfriend about how I don't have anywhere where I can train comfortably cos the gym that I have been going the past year has closed down. Yeah. Tough times hitting everyone I suppose. It wasn't a hint or anything, but she offered the gym she's working at as an alternative. It's not a long term thing realistically cos it's really out of the way, but she offered so I checked it out earlier this week.

It was a weekday and I made my way down after work, so by the time I got there it was closer 9pm. She was busy training someone so I did my workout and she came to join me after. I was midway through my workout so we ended up just doing our own thing. By the time we were both done it was past 10.30pm, there wasn't anyone else around so she locked the front door and we both hit the showers. I really wasn't planning on anything happening at all, but I was already in the shower, and I heard her come in. I didn't bother closing the door to my shower cubicle, so I spun round and caught her stripping down. I stood there and starred at her for a fairly long time and it reminded me how thick she was. She's super butch, and she used to be a National power lifter so she was always broad. But as I was starring at her, she just reminded me how much thicker she was compared to most guys who work out.

She was standing there topless with her back facing me. The moment she reached for her tights, I stepped out of the shower towards her and I got to her exactly when she was bent over as she was removing her tights. I put my hands on her hips and she stood up. I went "no no no..." and gestured with my hands on her upper back to bend over again. It took awhile cos physically, I really couldn't push her at all. LOL. She got it after a few seconds, kicked her tights off, bent forwards with her legs straight, and slightly apart, and rested her hands on her legs. I buried my face between her ass cheeks and ate her out. It sounds a heck of a lot nastier but, damn that smell of sweat and possibly a long day, and just her scent - it was intoxicating. I had progressed from playing with her clit to tongue fucking her furiously, when she stood up, pulled me up and over to one of the benches, and finger fucked me til I came. It was...fucking hot. Tasting her tongue while she fingered me was always one of the highlights when we used to date. I tried to keep up with her by finger fucking her while she finger fucked me but I just couldn't keep up. She got to cum twice, I wen t down on her again after that while she was laid out on the bench. We showered, and left close to midnight.

It's those thick thighs I tell ya. Every time I see her I want to stick my face between those beautiful thick thighs. . Fucking kryptonite, I tell ya...

Similarly, but one a completely separate note, I've been visiting Mr Greek quite often in the past few weeks. For a few reasons - I've been heading into the office a little more often these days. So I usually pop out for a late lunch and have a few hours off the afternoon. It works out cos I've also been having late calls and I've been taking them in the office. Secondly, I like the location of his restaurant cos it's really outside of where the people I know would normally go for lunch. So its almost certain I wouldn't bump into anyone I know, or would know me. Plus the food is good so....win win. What normally happens is, I'd go in as the lunch crowd dissipates, then we'd leave as soon as he can, quick drive back to his place, and then he drops me back at work before heading back to his restaurant. What can I say, I find it hard to say no to him when he's really, really good when he's got his head between my thighs. Like, really good....

Anyhow. one of the times I was there, some guy came by and chatted me up. Somehow or rather I ended up giving him my number and he's been texting me on and off. He's kinda of cute, a few years younger than I am, but kinda left it at that. Our text conversations have always been...a little flirty, but nothing too raunchy, and naturally, we'd take a few days to complete a single conversation. I've never thought twice about it, plus he's been interesting enough to keep the conversation going. It wasn't only after I saw him a about a week ago at the restaurant with his wife and that I actually found myself a little more intrigued.

We saw each other that particular day, so naturally when he started with his flirting, I asked, and that's when I found out they were his family. I then found myself flirting a little more than what I'd normally would. The husband says that's my "thing". Married men and women. Of course, I denied it in front of him but I think we both know he's right . Nothing's happened as yet, but we both know we're both married, but he doesn't know my other half knows. He's one of those that keeps everything a secret. Maybe that's why I find it so exciting . Fuck is wrong with me eh? LOL

And, doesn't hurt that he's in pretty good shape, and he doesn't look like he skips leg days so... big plus.

Anyhow. On to other news. This might end up as nothing considering I won't have time come year end. The boyfriend is finally coming in. He's getting his clearances and making all the necessary arrangements for his travel, but it looks like we're not going home til after next quarter, maybe even longer. So he's got his clearances, there fore he's gonna fly in mid December. The husband is scheduled to travel again next Feb or March, so we should get a good month together before anything changes. It'll be good to have him here again

Til the next one. Thanks for reading!!
Drunk Fucking Ain't Worth a Damn. It's true
Posted:Nov 18, 2020 11:16 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2020 5:28 pm

I can’t feel my legs. Or actually, I CAN feel them, and they feel....heavy. It’s been sooo long, but I went the gym with a friend of mine two days ago and we squatted like crazy. It wasn’t my max but it was close it, but it was the volume though. I think we completed 10 sets of 10 reps for squats alone. Then there’s a few other leg exercises. Now I’m sitting here waiting for my work call start and my entire lower half feels like dead weight. 

At least I’m working from home. I like working from home. I haven’t been dressed day and I’m still productive. Lol. Stepped out of the shower this morning and just didn’t feel like putting anything , so I didn’t. Actually, come think of it, I haven’t been clothed since I got home last evening. I wonder how long I can keep this .... . Although I need prep dinner soon so that might change...cooking nude is...or can be dangerous. 

Being nude day does have it’s other dangers. We have a wooden bench in the corner of the balcony. I usually don’t sit on it but was trying hide in the shadows early this morning when I was sitting there with my coffee and I had a splinter stab in the ass . I managed pull it out but it still stings. Hmph. Anyhow. 

The husband and I went out for a wedding dinner last weekend. It was an ex colleague of ours so we both knew him, but this person was more the husband’s friend than mine. I've always thought he was a bit of a shmuck so i wasn't really interested in going, but the husband insisted so i literally dragged my feet the whole way. When we got there, we had make small talk (ain't that the worst though?) with some people that i knew and i've always found that be easier  do when i'm mildly intoxicated.

SSooo....i kept hounding one cute waiter to keep refilling my glass(s). It was a bad idea from the get go, but they were serving champagne and whiskey before dinner kicked off so that's what i had. Then my evening was saved slightly when the husband's golfing instructor/buddy of his showed . We ( 3 of us) had a thing going for a short while but i had quite that cos, as cute and funny as he is, gawd damn he has some serious issues. Granted, we do, but his was clearly not something we (the husband and i) were willing put with so we kinda distanced ourselves from him for a while. But! Here he was, in his devilish charming glory. 
Anyways. By the time we were seated for dinner, i didn't even realise I had switched wine, and was switching between my whiskey and wine glasses in front of . In hindsight, I don't remember seeing anyone filling it . I empty my glasses, put it down, reach for them again and it's filled again! MAgic! lol
At our table, i was sandwiched between the husband and his friend, and they were talking about something else entirely when i interrupted their conversation by saying how no one really wants be here. Weddings are boring. . Now, at that point, i knew i was getting be mildly inebriated but i was still consciously aware of what i was saying. I was in that....happy stage. . I'll spare you on what exactly was said at the time cos the husband was slightly annoyed, but he essentially asked what I'd rather be doing instead of sitting there and drinking, cos he mentioned I was clearly "enjoying myself", in air inverted commas the way people do when trying be sarcastic.

It surprised that I actually took a few seconds to think about it, before replying quite calmly, “I’d rather be at home sucking dick”. That caught him off guard, and i could see him clearly evaluating his emotions cos he went from being annoyed to something else entirely. LOL. Before he replied, i turned to his friend and apologised, and changed what i said to "sucking dicks", plural, just so he wouldn't be left out. I was giggling to myself when the husband asked for 5 mins to say goodbye to the groom. LOL
We got and left our table at the same time, the husband heading towards where the bride and groom were, and i headed towards the bathroom. I was walking quite slowly cos i was in killer heels, aaand the room was literally moving by now. LOL. The friend came by and offered his arm so i grabbed it and we went to the bathroom. What i wasn't expecting was him actually following me IN to the cubicle in the bathroom! I had to go so i sat and pee'd while he dropped his pants and stroked himself right in front of me. Which is always a weird sight when you're emptying your bladder -_-  I managed to push him off long enough til we got to the carpark. They were talking the whole time so by the time i got to the car, i was ushered into the backseat instead of the front. The husband then took the keys and i don't remember the journey back at all. LOL  I remember my dress being pulled off before we even left the carpark. Best thing about that was watching the husband watching me through the rear view mirror while i had a head between my legs.  That got me hotter than expected. 

When we got in, i let my dress fall to the floor. I wanted to tell them to sit by the stairs cos i really wanted to suck dicks, but the husband lifted me over his shoulder, walked me the stairs and threw onto the bed. (Which is always fun )  I didn't know if it was that, or the alcohol, probably both, but the bedroom was literally spinning at that point. I tried to gather my bearings but the husband pulled from the ankles, dragged the edge of the bed and started fucking there and then. Don't know if that's what they planned, by they both took turns, tagging in and out fucking missionary. It was almost frustrating cos the room was spinning so much at some point i lost track of who's who. LOL.  It DID feel good, but i was struggling cum. 
The next morning, we were sitting by the kitchen counter talking, i mentioned that i had wanted a dick in my mouth while the other was inside me. They told me i did, and a bunch of other fun things that i really don't remember.  They even told me i kept screaming "deeper! Fuck! Deeper", all of which, of course, i denied LOL. I really don't remember. So....in hindsight, fucking while intoxicated isn't fun. At all. 

The complete inhibition WAS fun, but it would be better off if i actually can remember any of it. I HAVE to remember that next time.
Boating trip & Big Tits
Posted:Nov 2, 2020 9:26 am
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2020 5:26 pm

Let’s start with Halloween. Naturally there was no big party. It’s not celebrated hugely here (well, not at least 😝) and in these days, even less so. Let’s just admit it, it’s just one more day dress like a slut in public anyway. Lol. At least in the clubs when they were open. Ah well, the times we live in and the good ol days.

Anyhow. I spent Halloween a friends....well, the husband’s friend’s sailboat. It was supposed be a boys-only fishing trip, but one of his friends, the owner of the sailboat, his wife was joining, so then the invite extended out and I thought it’d be a good time cement our make after our brawl, so we went. There were 6 of us in total; the owners of the boat, whom I’ve know for years, another couple (I know the guy well enough, his girlfriend I was meeting the first time) and us. I knew them pretty well cos they were the husband’s buddies, so I knew realistically, there wasn’t gonna be much fishing. Just a fair bit of drinking 😋. I naturally tagged along cos I had secret hopes of getting a good, all around tan.

We sailed out quite far. Well it was far. Far out enough we didn’t see any other boats anywhere near us. the guys helped out during the sail out, and I offered too but seeing how I know fuck about sailing, they kinda declined. Lol. I even offered help out prepping food but there was no prepping while we were moving. The husband then suggested I just go lay out in front and enjoy the ride, so I did. P, the other lady joined and we laid out towels and soaked in the sun. Which wasn’t really there cos it was cloudy. I was thinking about it the whole time so it didn’t take long before I asked P if I could take my top off. Figured it’s her boat too, I’d best ask. She said of course, so I did. She kept her swimsuit on for awhile longer before she too removed them. I could sense the other girl was getting a little awkward so I made it a point to tell her if she didn’t want to, it was okay. She looked like she thought about it for awhile and then took her top off as well, but I really think she just didn’t want to be left out cos she did not seem comfortable at all. Lol.

Either way, the guys didn’t complain. After we stopped, we ended sitting around the main area just drinking and chatting. I don’t even remember when or how, but by the time the sun was beginning set, I had already taken off my bottoms and was sitting around nude. The guy who wasn’t sailing ended drinking a bit too much and he “retired” early. By the time we got back it was already dark and we were dehydrated. It was a good, clean fun day out. 😊. Which reminds - awkward girl was awkward the whole day. Which was a bit odd cos I thought she had beautiful breasts. I’m sure everyone did. The husband sure did 😋. They were large, full, and very even. I’m literally tit envious. Lol
Which then prompted the idea of implants. I’ve entertained the idea before, and I think I’m still on the same page. Of course I’d like bigger, more even, gravity defying tits. But I sure as hell am not willing go through with surgery. And then there’s the healing process. Yikes. Don’t think I can go through of that. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyhow. That was Halloween. Not too exciting. No dress this year. Okay...that’s not entirely true. We have been role playing a few times so far, so I Guess that make ip for it...?

Moving 😝
I don’t know what it is about VOLs that really get but I do detest them so. I used just wear seamless undies but they still show. Then it’s thomgs and gstrings, but those show too. So since... god know when. Years ago. I’ve always gone without undies, especially with anything tight, like literally all exercise gear. The issue with that is, it almost always will result in cameltoes. Which in itself shouldn’t be that big a deal, except people make it a big deal. 🙄🙄🙄. I understand the urge to look, but don’t act lo awkward about it. Lol. Some people, I tell ya....

I recently bought tights online. They’re obviously knock offs from a more popular brand. It’s not blatant, but the designs are almost identical. Anyhow. I ordered a few and they came. I wore a baby blue exercise shorts and a matching sports bra to cycle on Sunday. That was the first time I wore them. It was hot AF on Sunday and I was sweating through them in no time. It was about an hour in when we stopped for a drink. It was a double whammy. First , the cameltoe was....intense. Lol. Even I couldn’t stop staring. I tried to adjust but every time I start pedalling, the shorts just buries itself in there. Then the top reacts to sweat by sticking to the skin. It’s supposed to be Lycra fibre but them being knock offs, they were just thin and...well, pokies galore. Of course, after I got going again, and with fatigue setting in, I really couldn’t be bothered but it was almost comical how many heads I managed to inadvertently turn. Heh. So...if you were blinded by a lcameltoe+police combo, uh....wel.greeting!🖖. Lol
Sex as Therapy? Hmm...
Posted:Oct 22, 2020 6:25 am
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2020 9:29 am

Fuck. I was halfway through and the page reloaded. This is somewhat what my life is about at the moment.
Had a huge fight with the husband over the weekend. I packed some clothes, took off on Sunday evening and checked myself in a hotel room. I just checked out earlier this afternoon and am now crashing at a friend's place. I think this is a better option for me. Fucking hotel rooms are costly these days. And, I really can't trust myself with myself. Things aren't so bad (I won't bore you with the details) but I think the husband and I just need some time off from each other.

So Sunday night til Monday morning was good. I was productive with work, and I had time to think and process. Then I had a work call cancelled and I went to the pool to relax. Then things got...well, all kinds of fucked up. . I had my phone with me mostly for work, just in case I had to respond to something. But, the mood has been....ok. Three words sum up how I felt at the time. How I'm still feeling, actually.
Frustration. Anger. Horny.

So, deliberately not allowing myself to think, I started scrolling through my contacts and a few quick texts to a few people later, I fixed myself up a nasty cocktail (pun soooooo intended LO of...mindless debauchery.

First was naturally the fwb. Usually our texts to each other are generic, and vague, at best. This one started out the same way.
Me - I'm in this hotel. Come over?
Fwb, roughly 5mins later - Nice. Let me get back to you later today
Me - Need pounding. P O U N D I N G. Won't wait.
Fwb, immediate reply - Done. Be there by 7pm. Won't stay

A few more similar messages went out. A few more replies later, I found myself planning my schedule like I do with work. All of a sudden, I wasn't in a daze anymore, and that was it. I went to the supermarket and got myself some fruits and two bottles of wine, with the intent of it being all for myself. I was in the middle of dinner when the doorbell rang. I went to open it and as soon as he saw me standing there naked, the fwb barged in and closed the door behind him. We exchanged kisses and I told him to go shower, cos he felt clammy. I turned and walk back into the room. Two steps in and he picks me up and throws me onto the bed. It caught me off guard so I screamed

I bounced onto the bed, then Iturned around to face him. He was already kicking off his pants and underwear by then. How the fuck did he move so fast? LOL. He reached towards me, put his hands under legs grabbing my hips, and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. By the time I reached the edge, his mouth was already covering my pussy and he was tongue fucking me. All in one motion. I tried to sit up but every time I moved, he pulled my hips so I fell backwards back down, and he pressed my thighs towards my chest. At some points, I can't even remember if or when he was tonguing my pussy or ass, but by the time he stood up, I could feel the inside of my thighs soaking wet. He pulled my hips closer to the edge again and without skipping a beat, slammed his dick into me.

It. was. hard. I could feel the tip of his dick poking my insides. he just kept slamming his hips into mine. I could feel his balls slapping my asshole. I wasn't even conscious of it at the time, but I started clawing at his chest, digging into it with my nails. He grabbed my arms, pressed them down beside my hips, under my legs, then moved his hands to press my legs towards my head and continued slamming into me. He was pounding so hard, every few seconds, he had to pull me back towards the edge of the bed cos I was sliding up. I could feel my breasts just bouncing around uncontrollably in every direction. LOL. I also couldn't help thinking, at the time, the husband would have loved to see this

I wanted to tell him to pull my hair, and at some point, squeeze my tits, but all I did was moan louder, egging him on. The louder I moaned, the harder he was slamming into me. I looked up at him, and wanted to tell him to turn me over, but before anything, he cupped his hand over my mouth, then felt his thrusts go shorter and faster, then he pulled out at blew his load on my tummy. He then collapsed on me, and then rolled to the side. It was then that I realised that we were both gasping for air. LOL. We stayed there for a few minutes not saying anything. When we both sat up, and he was saying something but I just turned and slapped him in the face. Even I was surprised by it.

He actually looked shocked, and then angry. I just told him to go shower, I'm gonna finish my dinner, then I want my desert by the window, from behind, and he can only leave after he cum on my face. He looked like he was about to say something, but swallowed his words, jumped into the shower and came out smelling good. We sat down, chatted a bit while I shared some fruits with him. While he finished up, I crawled very slowly to where he sat, started with his balls, then sucked him again til he was hard. Second round was good. He lasted a bit longer. There was a lot of hair pulling and ass slapping. I came twice before he withdrew his dick, pulled me by the hair and pressed me down on my knees and came on my face. It wasn't a big load, but at least he kept his promise. I sent him on his way after that.

I showered and dozed off for a bit before my phone rang and one of my ex girlfriend came by. We keep promising we won't see each other after each time but we don't keep that promise. She spent the night. It was frantic. We kept fucking, summing, then falling asleep before we wake after a few hours to do that all over again. So that was my Monday.

Tuesday I went to look for Mr Greek at his restaurant. I'd like to say I was a bit surprised by my own behaviour but I wasn't. I texted him before and he asked me over. I joined the lunch crowd, but it was a bit...weird being in tiny denim shorts and a backless bodysuit, sitting a corner eating alone. It wasn't being alone that had me feeling weird, it was me being Soo damn obvious. It was to be honest, quite embarrassing. But. Nevertheless, got his and a few other people's attention. I actually gave another person my number

He spent the entire afternoon with me back at his place before he had to run off to manage the dinner crowd. I told him he can meet me at my hotel room after he was done, and he agreed. He suggested igo back and rest a little. I agreed. I went back to my room, met up another fwb of mine. He was my first boy toy. The first guy, actually, person who was almost 10 years younger that me. Anyhow. The sex wasn't great. I mean it was physical. But something was obviously lacking. I made him fuck me three times, milked him dry, went for dinner, then back to my room and polished off the remaining wine.

By the time mr Greek showed up, I was half drunk. I feel bad that that was the second time he actually ate me out after I had sex with someone else. It's not....a proud moment, but then again, the entire week isn't a proud moment. Drunk sex is..well, it CAN be enjoyable, but I mostly slept through the night. LOL

He left on Wednesday morning, but insisted he stay to keep me company. I told him I had to work but I had to get him gone. Late morning the fwb came back again, and THAT is always good fucking. I'm at least glad I had a good night's sleep before that. I milked him dry that morning. After he left, I was prepping to check out but got a call from another guy. This is the fob's friend. I don't know if they spoke to one another, or if it was all planned. I didn't care. I squeezed him in in the afternoon.

I checked out after and came straight over to my good friends place. And this is where I'm at. She and I agreed that that should be it. Soo...at least that's out of the system.....riight?

I guess I should update if this was good therapy
Fuuuuck me. What. A. Day.
Posted:Oct 7, 2020 11:02 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 4:49 am

I spent the whole day with the fwb today. He suggested, and I actually thought it was nice so I agreed. I mean, we HAD to do something aside from meeting in hotel rooms, his place or mine so, a day out sounded fun. 😋. We were supposed to go Kayaking, but Long story short, the people we rented the kayaks from told us that my swimwear wasn’t appropriate. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. It’s a high cut one piece, and mildly see through...mildly 😝. But I don’t even think it was that. I mean, after putting on the life jacket, you can’t really see. I think it’s the exposed asscheeks that was the issue. Apparently there’s an official law to that too. Fuuuucking ridiculous.

Anyhow. So that fucked up our Kayaking plans. We ended up going for brunch, and booking a hotel room in the process 😝. But anyhow, that wasn’t the point to this blog.

First thing I do when I got to the room, I stripped and jumped into the shower. It was scorching today, and all that running around was...sweaty. I was sitting on the bathroom floor, just letting the water run down on me. Of course he jumped in to join me, and before long I was squatting (I had to squat. He’s a lil tall 😉), he was standing in front of me and I had his dick in my mouth. It started off nice and slow, playing with his balls and all that. Then when I reached up to brush my hair back, he held my hands behind my head, moved me backwards so I was backed up against the wall, and started face fucking me. Then it got a bit more forceful and I had his dick halfway down my throat. Every time I was choking, especially with the running water, he pulled out, let me catch my breath, then shoved it back down. He alternated that with both slapping me with his hands and dick slapping me.

We’ve done that before, but today was a lil tougher than usual. My hands were still pressed behind my head so I couldn’t use them to balance, my thighs were starting to burn, then I felt his foot rubbing up against my pussy. I think it was the surprise of it, I jumped slightly, which prompted him to grip harder, holding me down. I then felt his toes pressing up against my ass first, then moving to my Pussy, and then, I was literally getting foot fucked. Or is that toe fucked. Lol. Whatever it was, fuuuck it was hot! Lol. He alternated between that and tapping my pussy with his feet. I can’t even remember actually showering. He grabbed me by the hair, dragged me out of the bathroom, lifted me up over his shoulders and threw me on the bed.

I let him fuck me hard. Lol. I can’t even remember how many times I came, but fuuuck I came hard on a few of them. He’s a big guy, and he was laying on top of me so heavily I swore I felt like I was buried into the bed. He held my legs up, pushed them to the side, flipped me over, pressed my face into the pillow, flipped me over here and there, all the time slamming his dick into me. Felt like my stomach was gonna turn. Lol. Fuck, that was brutal 😝

I returned the favour later in the afternoon. We came back from late lunch and he jumped right into bed. I told him to bring his head over the edge of the bed, then I walked over, pulled my skirt up high enough to cover his head and sat on his face. I let him eat me through my underwear. After it got soaked through, I took his tshirt off, used it like strap to loop behind his head, and sat on his face again, using his tshirt to pull him tighter in. I also whipped him a few time with his belt, and used it to tie his hands tightly behind his back, all the while straddling him and riding him hard. At some points, I even made him call me daddy. Lol. Which is strange as fuck as I type this, but fucking hell it was hot as fuck when it happened. Lol

I Guess that’s why he’s the fwb. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is that makes it different from the fun I have with the husband, cos I get up to similar hair pulling, face slapping fun. But nothing like this. I’ve never made anyone call me daddy before. Lol. I e also never been footfucked. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m gonna be thinking about this for awhile 😋
One Eyed Woody and Puppy Noses
Posted:Oct 5, 2020 2:41 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2021 5:29 pm

This is embarrassing. I’ve had to turn my phone down during meetings and even be very, very wary when I’m checking my phone for messages cos the husband keeps sending me dick pics. Lol. All I did was tell him how I loved it once. Once. 🙄 The spontaneity of it all. After a few years of being together, we’d still find ourselves doing this. Well, that was what I felt at THAT time. Now is getting a little out of hand. I mean....he IS in his late 50s. For fucks sake. Lol 🙄

Anyways. Two weekends ago we went cycling together. Well, more like I joined him and his regular cycling buddies. One of the reasons why he wanted to go Cycling was, he had just bought a new watch, one that tracks his heart rate, etc. One of them fancy ones. Before we left, he passed me his old heart rate monitor, the one with the strap that goes around your torso and mentioned how it’s be useful to check what my heart rate was. I should have realised what a bad idea it was when I realised how uncomfortable it felt after putting it on. But! Being such....brilliant dumbasses, I brushed it aside. Little did I know.

4 plus hours of cycling later, brushing off discomfort (adrenaline helped), I ended up with abbrasions on my upper ribs, right under the breasts 😑. As a result, wearing a bra has been impossible. Soooo...the past week has been interesting. Going braless all the time isn’t an issue. It’s something I do all the time. But having that imposed on me has been...interesting. I’ve also had to leave the house more. I’m going into the office and/or have meetings outside. I’ve noticed people starring more. That’s a given, knowing how people in this country get quite up tight in the sight of pokies. Lol. Sad, but true. Starting is one thing, reacting awkwardly is another. I can’t quite describe it but.... it’s just awkward.

What’s more interesting is, now that I’m subjected to not being able to wear it, I find myself looking at bras to buy. Like wtf right? Lol. Anyways. This is week two and I’m not even realising it anymore, but a colleague kept pointing out how the waiter kept talking to my right side boob during lunch. Lol. To be fair, it wasn’t a work lunch so we dressed down. 😝

The husband loves it though. We went furniture hunting yesterday and midway through, he made me take off my underwear (he was rather persuasive ..as he can be. 😋) He then went through the day trying to take photos and videos down my top and up my skirt. I was in a short denim skirt so that wasn’t hard, but that’s not the point. I didn’t even know he was into this before yesterday. And it wasn’t even posed shots. Just me going around looking at what we were supposed to look at, and him lurking around with his phone. Lol. He is sooo fucking embarrassing at times. But!! It got him riled up good and uh...the rewards of that was... a surprisingly hard dick. Lol. Who’d have thought. 😝

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