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How do you praise someone's partner without coming across as a douche?  

partygald 38F
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8/20/2015 11:48 pm

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4/27/2016 1:18 am

How do you praise someone's partner without coming across as a douche?

The fiance and I attended one of our friend's 's birthday party awhile ago. While we were there, they showed us around and we, together with 2 other couples, ended up seated around in their living room, looking through some of their photo albums. As with these things these days, it's all digitized and we were going through it via their tv, so all of us were looking at it. We went through some of their holiday pictures, some of which showed them by the beach, and a few other pictures of them really dressed up. Naturally, they were posing in some of their photos.

I thought they looked good. Some of the pictures were obviously taken without their around, showing the wife in a really skimpy bathing suit, and then showing them both really dressed up for a night out. When we came upon these photos, I teased them about it, and told them that they looked good. Then the male half of the other couple also praised them. I think it could be the way in which he said it, but there was an awkward silence for a split second, before we moved on. That got the fiance and me talking about it after. How should a guy praise his friend's wife/partner without having it come across as...lecherous? I guess it can be done, but it's a little tricky, isn't it?

On to something a little more straightforward.
There's this guy who lives in the same building as I do. I see him and his wife at times and when we do see each other, we make it a point to be friendly. We're neighbors after all. The thing about him is, he's always coming across as trying to hit on me. You know? What makes it even more obvious is, he's only super "friendly" when I bump into him alone, without his wife. A few days ago, I bumped into him downstairs and he was a little extra chatty. Asked me if I partied, where I'd go to party, if I wanted to go to the beach with him or not. I declined, and was about to run off when he insisted I take his number cos he has "house parties", and that "I should attend sometime". When I refused, he shove his card into my hands. Seriously, some people. I think it's a little...ok, a lot disrespectful to his own wife. I don't know. It's just me.

I was talking to someone recently and this term came up. That conversation reminded me of an old friend I had recently met on my very recent trip to Bali. I'm familiar with the term, but to have someone actually do it to you literally, I found it quite funny. This guy in question came up to me a few times from behind, and literally stuck his face up my butt, and go "brrbrrbrrbrrrr!" LOL I can understand it as a sort of a joke. But on a few occasions, in between foreplay, he'd do the same thing. Midway going down on me, or while we're fucking and he'd do it to my breasts. It's really not sexy. At all. LOL
Funny as fuck though.

There was something else but I'm running out of time. I'll blog again soon. I hope
Have a good weekend all! Happy fucking weekend! Literally.

shakeurbonbons 36M  
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8/21/2015 5:11 am

Well perhaps the male shd compliment the couple as a whole... Lessens the effect of seeming pervy. I get away with it

Motorboating - its an acquired taste perhaps. Not one i would like to do.... I just prefer to lick away

shadylover4u 46M
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8/25/2015 3:23 pm

motorboating....sorry i read the whole blog....everything above the motorboat was very deep and sex for thought, but motorboating....damn....wth

when you said that a guy did that to you....all i could think of was..FART...lol

sorry did not mean to be gross....

ABBC12356 37M
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3/13/2016 2:07 pm


discreteSteve62 52M
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4/11/2016 8:52 pm

It can be a puzzle figuring out how to compliment someone without it coming off as an attempt to hit on them. Finding a good solution depends on the situation, and for some situations there just isn't a good answer.

One safety valve is to mention one's partner as part of the compliment. Examples:
- That's a great outfit. I wish I could find something like it for my wife.
- I love your hair color. It's just what my wife was trying for last time she had her hair colored.

Sometimes that just doesn't fly, however. I wouldn't try this:
- Wow, great ass, just like my wife's!

Some people are naturally gracious about compliments, which makes things easier. I complimented my personal trainer with something like, "Your legs are amazing. How much of that is hard work and how much is good genes?" (She said it was mostly hard work.)

Complimenting people on things that are easy to change, like clothing, is a lot safer. That can be combined with references to one's partner: "That's a great dress. Where did you get it? I'd like to get my wife something like it."

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