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Of COURSE I'd end up in a hotel room without any clothes...  

partygald 38F
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5/9/2014 10:29 am

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5/15/2014 11:29 pm

Of COURSE I'd end up in a hotel room without any clothes...

Aaaad hello again. Seems I'm logging on here for quite a bit lately and, why not another unplanned entry. If nothing else, at least it's cathartic. Had taken the evening off to send the gf to the airport earlier. At least we managed to make up after the humongous fight we had earlier this week. Make up sex was...angry. And a little rough, if I must admit. But I guess that's a given when you get involved with a full-fledged S&M practitioner

Had to run back to work after that cos I had a call to take and I figured I'd take it from the office. Had already planned on working late so that wasn't so bad. It was dark out and the entire area near the office was already dead quiet when I left. On the way out, I get a call from Mr Married asking if I was still in the office, and if I had wanted to grab a late night bite. I wasn't at all hungry but I guess we can figure out where this was heading On the way to meet him, I bumped into a really old friend of mine. Like from waaay back. We were close once and it was so strange how it felt like it was yesterday, and we chatted like it hasn't been close to 10 years since we last met. He was with his wife, and the 3 of us ended up having a drink to catch up. I texted Mr Married to let him know where we were so he could join us after. This old friend of mine, from way back, we (meaning our mutual friends) have always known of his....kinky penchant for anal sex. It was to the point where everyone who was close to him had taken to calling him anal, when we used to hang out. So while we were talking, I couldn't help but notice that his wife was this really petite, sweet, innocent looking thing, very pleasant, soft spoken and, well, really nice. Of course, my mind wandered and wondered if she was..giving up the back door.

I'd like to say she didn't look like she would have been, but then again, I know for a fact that you really can't tell by looks anymore. Or if ever. SO yea, already in general, I often look at people and wonder what kinda strange, twisted ways and how they get off...heheh. Hmm...

So anyhow, Mr Married showed up, we had a few drinks, hung around for a bit longer and we left. I had complained to him a few times throughout this week that I was tired, and had had a really long week. So when we left, I thought we'd just go back to my place and uh...aside from a good fuck, just chill. So I didn't question when we got to his car and he drove off. Turns out, he drove us to a really nice hotel. I thought, okay. Slightly different, a bit out of the blue, and quite pleasant. We check in, told the bellhop we'd get to the room ourselves, and took the lift up. There were a few other people in the lift, so nothing happened there. Lift door opens, we get out, I orientate myself so I know which direction our room would be, and walk on ahead of him. I turn around and saw that there was no one else, and that he was already undoing the buttons of his shirt.

Okay, figured two can play this game. I continue walking in front of him, slowed down a little, and reached behind and start unzipping my skirt. Two more steps and I wiggle out of my skirt and let it fall. I head him laugh a little behind me but didn't bother to turn around. I stepped out of my skirt, left it on the floor and continued walking towards our room. I start on the buttons of my blouse and work through them fast enough. Our room wasn't much further so by the time I got to the door, the buttons were undone and I was standing there with the front of my blouse open,in my underwear and heels. I turned around to face him, and he had deliberately slowed down, knowing that I had to wait for him with the key card to our room. Fine, I thought. He's in the mood for games I smiled, bite my lower lip, and removed my blouse and threw it on the floor in front of me. He already had his shirt unbuttoned and was stroking his already hard dick through his pants, and still he was taking his time. Okaaay...I smirked, undid my bra and hung it on the handle of the door. By this time he was probably just 6 steps away, but he stopped. The hallway was really brightly lit, and my skin was a little flushed from the alcohol I had, and I was basically naked, so I felt the chill from the air conditioning. He wasn't moving. I run my hands over my thighs, up over my belly and over my breasts and squeeze my already erected nipples (it was cold.. ) He moans, took one step forward. I wasn't waiting. I turn around, reach down to my waist and pulled my underwear down, sticking my ass up. I step out of my underwear, turned around and sling-shot it at him It hit him in his chest cos by this time he was literally in front of me. He pressed himself against me, and sandwiched me against the door. We locked lips and I felt him press his crotch into me.

I reached up and pulled his shirt back his shoulders, then reached down to undo his belt, then his pants. No way I'm standing butt naked, in my heels out here alone. I dived down to pull his pants down, when we hear a door latch click. We panicked, as we always do, in these situations. LOL I asked him for the key card, and he's trying to pull up his pants, cos the keycard was inside his pants pocket. By this time, I hear a door open and 2 voices. Aaaand then we hear the lift go "ding!", and more voices, indicating MORE people had come up. I don't know why (and it's laughable really) but I just turned to face to door LOL He nudged me aside, slipped the keycard in, and we pushed ourselves into the room. By this time I was laughing so damn hard I was hunched over. He closed the door shut, stood behind the door panting and laughing, and his pants dropped. He kicked them off, grabbed me, threw me on the bed and, well...ok. I was about to say fucked me silly, but honestly, the first round was...kinda premature

After I gave him his 10 minutes to recuperate, he did make me cum a few times so, that was very satisfying
It's always nice to fuck by a floor-to-ceiling window, watching the world go by Fast forward 2 hours, and he gets up to leave. And THEN, we realize that he had NOT picked up the clothes that I had left in the hallway. Of course, I send him out to check, and OF COURSE, they are gone. So now I am stuck in this room, alone, sitting by the window, butt naked and typing. I should also mention that he had got me a spa package for tomorrow, in this very hotel. One that I find, hard to go to now cos I don't have any clothes

He's gonna pop by again tomorrow so, he's gonna get me some clothes. He better, cos I'm not missing my day of pampering Now the next scary thing is, what on earth is he gonna get, that I kinda have to wear. Ah well..guess I'll find out tomorrow. Gonna hit the sack now. Hmm....nah. I am not going down in my bathrobe tomorrow
Til next time. Have a good weekend all!

1bighammer1000 55M
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5/9/2014 10:50 am

Being playful while playing does add a lot of adventure.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

hiddenmythology 41M
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5/9/2014 10:51 am

Great post and I love the idea of fucking by a floor to ceiling window!! That is the exhibitionist in me!


FunPleasurable 56M
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5/9/2014 10:54 am

I could just come over with some nice sports attire for you to wear.

Fun and Pleasure in Sunny Side Singapore. Come visit my blog and let's chat and explore.

shakeurbonbons 36M  
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5/9/2014 11:04 am

Which hotel did u say you were in again??

DuelEX 29M
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5/9/2014 3:41 pm

The title alone got me hooked.

partygald 38F
1813 posts
5/9/2014 11:11 pm

Haha! Thanks for all the comments
He must have popped into Nike and grabbed the first few garments he saw without putting in much thought cos he bought me a white tank top and pink spandex exercise shorts
I don't get it. Did he not see my heels?! (Which were the only thing I saved from last night)

So the spa was fun. Gotta say, I am feeling a tad more relaxed And we're prepping to check out now. I'm just gonna carry my heels in hand, head down and pretend my nipples aren't showing through my top Have a good weekend y'all!

maneo69 65M
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5/11/2014 5:58 pm

Such fun!

Sounds like the makings of a very memorable evening.

topherific 58M
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5/14/2014 7:22 pm

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