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Of soiled panties, and  

partygald 38F
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8/19/2015 4:52 am

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4/7/2016 9:37 pm

Of soiled panties, and

I had spent the weekend at the fiance's place and we went to work together from there. The weekend was...a little tiring. I usually don't go over. He spends time at my place instead. But with "the date" inching closer, I'd figure I'd try to ease myself into spending more time living together. And by god it was trying. We do spend a fair bit of time together, but we also spend a fair bit of time apart, doing our own things. The weekend, well, we got on each other's nerves a fair bit, but overall it was good.

Anyways, on the way to work Monday morning, inching ourselves through traffic, our conversation went back to my trip in Bali. He's trying to understand. He still doesn't fully agree with it, but at least he's trying. I was telling him about some of the things that we did there, and the reminiscing got me a little excited. I tried not to be too obvious and played it off, and we got to talking about sexual preferences. It wasn't a long conversation, but by the time we got to the office, we had got each other a little horny. I at least was, and couldn't stop thinking about sex in all forms the whole day. It didn't help that we were sexting each other too It got to the point where I suggested a quickie over lunch but he had meetings, so I ran out on my own. It was a fairly unproductive day for me

I was working myself up so much that day in my head, I kinda soiled my panties. It was so wet I had to take them off. I texted him to tell him and he asked if he could have them. I've never understood how that can be arousing, and actually have readily admitted that I thought it was quite repulsive, to me. But I also understand that to each, their own. So not for the first time, I placed them in an envelope and passed them to him together with a few documents, to him in his office. I left office early that day and went home, and was in the shower when he came by. He was stripping outside the bathroom when I noticed that his briefs were wet in front as well. I think this is one of those things that I find funny and disgusting at the same time. Like really? You spent an entire day in pre-cum stained briefs?! LOL Yes, he was scrubbed down before we had a satisfying few rounds.

SO yeah, preferences. I guess if he can try to be okay with me running off for a fuckfest, I can try to understand his little panty fetish

Speaking of fetishes. I think our little game of fucking and/or going down on the other while he/she is having a call has grown into a fetish. I suppose "fetish" in this case can be defined as something out of the ordinary sexual habits that most people have...? Ah anyways. I gave him a bj when he took a conference call at my place one evening last week, and last night, he bent me over the couch and was humping away when I was on the phone with a friend of mine. It was quite funny, when I think back on it, but I don't think my friend appreciated how distracted I was. LOL

Oh! One more thing I wanted to add - last Saturday morning I was up really early at his place and decided I'd make us some breakfast. I needed some eggs for that, and there was a supermarket a few minutes from his place. So I threw on a pair of exercise pants and tank top and went. It was early ona Saturday morning, and I figured there won't be a lot of people around so I didn't even bother with a bra. I was wrong. There were loads of people out and about (rather surprisingly, to me at least) but I managed to get my eggs and was on the way back when I heard someone calling me "Ms ____". No one I know calls me that formerly. I turned and I see this guy across the street with his (13 years old, I later found out) waving. I vaguely found him familiar so I smiled and waved back. He came jogging over with his sons in tow and introduced himself. Turns out, he is a parent of a I used to teach, when I was still teaching.

I'm amazed he even remembers me, let alone my name. His first , who I had taught, is already in the army, and he introduced me to his second . It was pleasant, and cordial. What was quite uncomfortable for me was that his , who was behind him, kept staring at my breasts. LOL You would think that with the internet so available to everyone, he's be a little less....gawky, seeing nipples poking through my top. It was barely a 5min meet and greet kinda conversation, but damn that boy could stare. That was a little weird.

Dang....there was something else I wanted to post with regards to different people having different perceptions on a similar event...ah well. WHen I remember then. Happy midweek all. Til the next one. Thanks for reading

shakeurbonbons 36M  
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8/19/2015 11:09 am

Pre-Cum-stained underwear/panties --> both of you were equally horny. But i wonder how you make thru the rest of the day commando - and still wet... Ur dress/skirt/pants werent soiled also?

I guess you made the little boys day with your pokies! i'm sure it would have my day

hpgeek5 53M  
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8/20/2015 5:08 am

Of course he would take a long look. It is the difference between watching a video and seeing it in person. I will take in person every day. Perhaps you provided him with a nice visual for his next masturbation session...

rm_Apollo13x2 47M
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8/20/2015 7:12 am

I was told on days like this, a black skirt is the best because the stain will not be that obvious

ABBC12356 37M
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3/13/2016 2:07 pm


discreteSteve62 52M
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4/7/2016 3:10 am

I can look at porn if I want to. I can see my wife naked by having my eyes open at the right time of day, or by asking if the time is right. But it's still a turn-on to see a sexy woman in person. My wife sometimes gets a thrill checking out women too -- more often than from men, actually.

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