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On dating and bad decision making  

partygald 38F
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6/15/2014 12:39 am

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7/5/2014 7:06 pm

On dating and bad decision making

The entire time, each time, it happened, I thought, "okay, that wasn't very wise. It can't get any worse right?" Then it does. Seriously. These last two weeks have been...challenging, to say the least.

So I've been single for awhile now (well, officially single, anyways) and have been dabbing back into the dating game. And it has honestly been sooooo damn long since I've been on dates, I think i've officially lost touch. Like, how many dates before you decide, okay. I want to see you naked. Yeah yeah...there aren't any hard and fast rules but, it's been weird. Anyways, of the few dates that I've been on, I'm picking the 2 that stood out.

Guy 1 - The Youngin'
Met this guy at bar while having a few drinks with some friends. I gave myself some time off from seeing anybody since my last breakup and this was the first person I actually piqued my interest. Maybe it was the alcohol. That could be it too So he came up to me, and I instantly saw how young he was. I wasn't interested at first but admittedly, he was quite cute He held a conversation for awhile too so that kinda softened me up and we swapped numbers. We texted and spoke for a couple of weeks, and in that time, there was no mention of our age. It just didn't come up. He was pretty tactful in that manner. Anyhow, I only saw him on the weekends and didn't think much of it, until one fine evening, he met me after I had attended a work party. There was a fair bit of sexual attraction in the weeks leading up to that particular weekend so, again, I blame the alcohol, we met and got a LOT more cosy than how we usually are. One thing led to another and he suggested we go somewhere a lot more private. I'm like, yeah! At that point, it was about 2 months plus since I was last with someone, so. My pussy was screaming for satisfaction! LOL

So we hop into a cab, and he picked a hotel that, uh..i would never have picked. I thought, okay...let's not let that be an issue. (Bad decision moment, just in case you were wondering...). We get to our room, and I got him to strip, which was...pretty damn entertaining, if you catch my hot-bod-physically-fit-with-chiselled-jawline-and-Bradd Pitt-fightclub-washboard-abs drift. So there he was standing nude, and there I was admiring his less than 10% bodyfat physique and his little soldier standing at full attention, I asked him how old he was I don't know why, and of all time. Turns out me using the term "little soldier" wasn't far off. He was, now this is both painfully confusing and deathly embarrassing for me, only turning 22. And yes, he was a soldier, in the army. Ouch. I wasnt sure what to do, but I actually broke out laughing. ANd I blushed. And then proceeded to have an awkward time. LOL

He came a little too quickly. 3 times. First was when I just held his dick (which was rock solid, I might add) and squeezed his balls. Seconds into that, he burst his load on my hands. Second was also, seconds into penetration. And third wasn't long after that What he lacked in endurance, he did make up with in exuberant enthusiasm with his tongue and hands. He still texts me now and then but I told him I wasn't really looking into anything serious. My last bf wasn't that much older than he was when we started dating so. Didn't seem like it was gonna happen beyond the physical attraction. And even that has passed. Plus I had thought I had met someone else a little more...suitable. Or so I thought. Which brings me to:

Guy 2 - Chicken Shit guy
This motherfucker though. A friend of mine downloaded some dating app into my phone right after I told her I was ready to start dating again. So this guy dropped me a message and we started talking. We met up a few times over lunch (he'd drive out to where my office was, which was nice at the time), then it somehow progressed to dinners. As it happened, I thought I could really speak to him. Like he gets a lot of the things I say and likewise, and our conversations were generally, really enjoyable. So this was the one where I was wondering how many dates it would take before I wanted to rip his clothes off. And the more dates we went on, the more I wanted to rip his clothes off. I've even been to his place twice for dinner and managed to keep it under control. Midway through our dating ritual dance, I told the friend of mine who downloaded the app for me, that I had met this guy. She went and did some digging and found his profile on a certain photo-sharing website, and it was quite clear he was married and had a family. So I asked him about it, to which he didn't deny, but said that they were divorced. I was like, okay. No biggie right?

I mean, I was even at his place and didn't find any indication otherwise. It looked like he was living there alone. So that issue didn't last very long, and not long after, I invite him back to my place. Sex was good. I mean, the anticipation of it all, everything leading up to it. It was nice to finally get our clothes off. It was conventional, good'ol missionary and me on top stuff. There wasn't even doggy. And I tried really hard to not let the freak out, least not yet. I figured the pushing him back and grinding myself while seated on his face would and could come later.

So anyhow. It was all good until the whole of last week, he got all shifty. He was unresponsive to my calls, and only replied late into the night. He blamed it on work, and I had my doubts, but brushed them aside (again, bad decision making ). We had an argument and I had asked him again, after telling him that I just wanted the truth. It's really not my business if he was looking to cheat on his wife, but I was just not going to be a willing party in all this. I wasn't angry at him, I just didn't want to be caught in the middle. That's it. He kept telling my that he WAS divorced, and that he and I were serious. We were still arguing when I had to leave for HK this week. So all this week, he was texting me and stuff, and I was already thinking in my head, that it's not going to be worth it. Then he called, and asked to meet yesterday, right after I had got back. On one hand, I was thinking it's not worth it. And on the other, I thought let's give this a try. I could be wrong. Ha!

So I got home, rested, dressed up for a night out and met him for dinner. I even tested the waters a little and wore something that didn't require a bra. I figured I'd push the boundaries a little more, right? Ok. So we got to this place where there was an outdoor dining area. All was well. Then midway through our meal, I remember I was talking, and he just went rigid for a second, then excused himself. He told me he had swallowed something funny and had to use the restroom. So he got up, grabbed his phone and keys and rushed to the restroom. Initially, I was even worried about him. Then as I sat there, it had dawned on me. I looked up, and he was nowhere to be found. I gave it a minute of so, then I grabbed my purse, got up and walked towards the main entrance, wanting to ask if any of the waiting staff had seen this guy. As I got to the entrance, two ladies looked like they were in a heated discussion with the maitre' d. I immediately slowed down, turned and passed them by walking behind them. I heard one of them mention his name, I'm guessing they were asking the maitre' d if his name was in the reservation list. My heart literally sank. I had thought it, but never did I think, at one point, that I would have been right. I walked towards the ladies, then turned to take a side exit out looking for the carpark. When I got near, I see his car turn out of the carpark, and unbelievably, drive off. He just fucking sped away.

At that point, I was sooo fucking angry I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. I think I did both. I felt horrible. Still do. And embarrassed. And angry. I stood in the dark in the carpark for a good 10 minutes before the restaurant called. The reservation was under my name. I went back, paid and left. I didn't even touch my dessert (which I am now slightly regretting) So yeah, chickenshit motherfucker. I had half the mind to walk up and tell his wife, or call or even go over to explain. But what's the point. I'll stay out of what is not my problem. It wasn't my fault. What an absolute retard though.

Wow. This was a long one. Um..if you've read it through, well thank you for reading
I'm gonna go to the gym to blow off some steam. Have a good rest-of-the-weekend all!

shakeurbonbons 36M  
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6/15/2014 5:12 am

I had to re read your post - i just couldnt believe it. Guy 2 deserves a dick in his ass. If ur married, just say it. May as well be honest about it, rather than being a dick about it.

On that, instincts should be followed. Its our best self defense mechanisms.

StargateSG1_80 40M
189 posts
6/15/2014 8:25 am

Sorry to hear things got awful on the dates for you. The first guy was at least decent and hilarious enough. Probably, if you would think that the first guy may be young but at least he stood well despite the age. Might not able to let go the age gap. As for the second one, as I continue to read, I got gutted more and more. Hope he will find his casanova days ending horribly someday. Never the less, welcome back after a good days of silence. It's good to see you blog and blow some steam off here. All the best with the future dates.

rm_Apollo13x2 47M
650 posts
6/15/2014 8:51 am

What an unfortunate turn off events. But if you can write it out, I hope it means you are able to overcome that shitty feeling?

frenzwbenefit 53M
65 posts
6/17/2014 6:27 am

Yeah! Everyone goes through this. All the best next time. Maybe you should let your mind think properly, lust does give disappointments most of the times.

TallMature12 56M
3 posts
7/1/2014 7:11 pm

Well , This is what is called hard realities of life ..............
Its good that U have taken the steam out of urself and hopefully U have cooled down since then......................
With my own experience let me put down few more facts.
1) More u expect from others , more frustration u will have.
2) Take life as it comes and enjoy every bit of it.
3) When u r dating , never ever involve emotionally till u have spent abundant time with ur date,
4) U be the king of ur life , u decide what u want and stick to ur decisions..............

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