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Taking a load on your face  

partygald 38F
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1/27/2016 8:53 pm

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1/12/2017 10:02 pm

Taking a load on your face

Um..yea, let's start with that. I was having a conversation with a few people I met at this party last night. The man is away for work this week so I met up with the girlfriend and accompanied her to one of her friend's place for one of those after-party party. (I can't keep up with the terms anymore so I just tag along

It was a pants-less party. When I first told about it, I was a little apprehensive. Was it gonna be "that" kind of party? Cos I only really attend "that" kind of parties with my little circle of friends. It wasn't one of those. So then I started wondering about what to wear. Nothing too skimpy cos I don't want to be sending the wrong message, but also no granny undies right? Then I found out it was themed pants-less and was tied somehow to gender equality and whatnot (I found it a little pretentious, but the girlfriend is in the fashion industry and apparently, they do these things). Anyhow, I decided on a regular cotton gray and pink panty with minions on it

It was actually pretty fun. Quite liberating, to be mingling with no pants on. Then again I always find it fun when I have to take off a piece of clothing . So yea, I found myself in this group of four guys and three ladies (myself and the girlfriend included) seated around the table talking about taking a load on the face. We were going on about it in detail and it naturally went to how it can get into the eyes. I agreed it could be pretty nasty to have it hit you in the eye, and was trying to explain it to the guys that, when one of them asked if it was like getting shampoo in your eyes when you wash your hair. Honestly, I don't know cos I actually don't get shampoo in my eyes, but I told him it could be similar, except the shampoo is heated and squirted from a bottle that's held right in front of your face. I thought that was a pretty good description. LOL

That's a close enough description right? What do you think?

FunPleasurable 56M
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1/28/2016 12:05 am

I have gone for facials too in the spa. Honestly, I really don't know. By the time the ladies put a load of stuffs on my face, I can tell you, they were pretty damn cold. Luckily those that reached my eyes felt like cucumber and even smelled like cold cucumber too.

Eeerrr.... We are not talking about those facial, I am guessing, yeah? 😇😇😇

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akaisamurai 38M
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1/28/2016 1:05 am

Having only shot the shots, one must say this was illuminating. I fully respect even more the ladies who took the shots with eyes open to see the fireworks happen now! Good times and good blog, hope to hear more on cum facials, a great topic of interest ha .

shakeurbonbons 36M  
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1/29/2016 4:17 pm

i've got shampoo in my eyes before... and it stings like a bitch. i can only empathise..

ABBC12356 37M
2268 posts
3/13/2016 1:59 pm


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