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Trying to bring the nastiness back πŸ˜‰  

partygald 38F
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2/28/2017 11:46 pm

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3/14/2017 10:35 pm

Trying to bring the nastiness back πŸ˜‰

This spark was ignited a few months ago when I met up with an old Friend of mine. We used to share a rented apartment waaaaay back when and she used to work as a social escort. We stayed together for a good few years before the lease was up and we had to move out. I also remember very fondly our late night conversations that would literally, run through to the next morning. (I got a lot of sex tips from her) There was even a period where we would "practice" deepthroating bananas and sausages before we eventually bought our own dildos LOL. Damn we were young then 😝

Anyhow, she is married now with a and has stopped escorting. I caught up with her a few months back and one of the things that came up was how we don't normally get Super nasty with our spouses. Ok, what's nasty or not really depends on you, but I think the general theme applies. We just don't, for some reason. And it's not like I would disagree to it if my husband suggests something. Of course there are some things that are just plain No-NOs, like anything to do with shit, or spitting. And I just don't get shoe smelling (like really, eeew). But a lot of it just doesn't come up. I've also had this conversation with the husband and we've had our own theories for why that happens. But that's another topic altogether, so let's not digress too much.

So yeah, coming back to this. We do get into the occasional public fun, and role play, partner swap (were still maintaining an open marriage), i Guess that's as far as we push it. And don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly happy with that. But as far as my own level of nastiness, I've done so much more with a previous partner. Then again, there's always gonna be that someone that brings out the nastiness in you, right? πŸ˜‰

So last week, I thought I'd try to push the boundaries a little. This after our lackluster Valentine's and post Valentine's celebration, the husband has been extra sweet in trying to make up for it. It's been two weeks of him going out of his way to, for the lack of a better word, please me, I figured I'd return the favour. Especially since he's doing all of that despite having a really long work week. We spoke about it the whole of last week and came up with a plan. I told him he could do whatever he wanted with me for the weekend. No issues with respect, or loss of it. Basically, I was going to be his sex toy for the weekend. I honestly wasn't expecting much cos the last time I told him he could play with me however he wanted, we were midway through a romp and he flipped me over to fuck me in the missionary position.

He already had to activate his entire team back to office on Saturday, so he raided our toys cupboard, packed whatever he needed/wanted and we headed into his office earlier that morning. At that point I still had no idea what was planned so I just went along with a fair bit of apprehension and excitement.

We got to his office building and he went ahead to make sure no one was there first. He then crept me into his office and told me to strip, which of course I did. I was told to put on a pair of vibrating underwear (which I bought for myself - note the irony 😜) before I was cuffed to his chair. He also tied my feet together to the legs of the chair. I didn't say a word, but was liking thisπŸ˜‰

He then pulled out his already hard dick and fucked my face while pinching my nipples periodically. I was struggling a bit but it didn't take long before he blew his load without warning into my mouth. He then zipped up, straightened his shirt, kissed me on the forehead and right before leaving his office, showed me the remote to the vibrating underwear I had on. He locked the door behind and just left me there. Half an hour later I started hearing voices of the rest of his team showing up and then they just did their work, not knowing I was seated in his office with the taste of his cum in my mouth, and some drying on my face, with intermittent vibrations on my clit. It went on for over two hours before the voices died down and he came in with water and a sandwich.

He untied and uncuffed me, and I ate and drank while he kept playing with the remote. I ditched the half eaten sandwich and he stood me up, pulled down the already soiled panty, sat me on his desk while he went down on me. I almost came, then he stopped, had me kneel on his chair and cuffed me back to it. He gave my ass a few licks before pulling my panty back up, then left. He came back every half hour to suck on my nipples and even on a few occasions, rammed his dick into me from behind, never more than five or six thrusts before pulling my panty back up and leaving again. He did gag me before that just in case I got too loud.

The last one, he came in pulled my panty down and I was expecting the same few thrusts but felt his tongue on my ass instead. He then spent the next few minutes just playing with my ass, and I guess the anticipation built me up cos that was some of the best ass play I ever hadπŸ˜‹

He replaced his tongue with his thumb while he went on to slam into me from behind. I still had my gag on so I thought there must still be people around. He withdrew his dick, came round front and uncuffed me. By this time he was already nude. He cuffed my hands back together, lifted me down onto his dick while he sat on his chair. I put my hands behind his head and straddled and grinded on him. He sucked on my nipples and literally a few seconds later I came. And it was hugeπŸ˜› I was almost trembling and I dug my nails in his chest and then he came.

We laid there for a few minutes before he told me there wasn't anyone else left and we could leave if I wanted. I laughed and finally removed the gag. I put my shorts and tshirt back on and realised I had his and my cum dripping down my thighs the entire trip back. We got home, and I fucked him a few more times before he reminded me that I did offer him the weekend πŸ˜‰

I did, didn't I. We got up to a bit more mischief on Sunday but I'll end this here. I gotta get back to work😳

partygald 38F
1813 posts
2/28/2017 11:47 pm

Apologies for the abrupt sign off, but I didn't realised that was such a long post.

lgoweb2 56M
25 posts
3/1/2017 5:06 am

very hot

partygald 38F
1813 posts
3/2/2017 4:23 pm

Thanks. I got a bit carried away, and it WAS a very self indulgent post😜Wasn't sure if it would have made for nice reading. Still, thanks for popping by

discreteSteve62 52M
2077 posts
3/2/2017 11:04 pm

It's a fun story. Both of us work at home, so we don't have an office for nasty office sex. So we have lots of nasty home sex instead, and anywhere else we can do the deed.

shakeurbonbons 36M  
196 posts
3/6/2017 9:56 pm

Aammaazzing. When could i get an invite 😬 Always getting blue balled to your posts.

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