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Would you wear someone else's underwear?  

partygald 38F
2616 posts
11/29/2015 8:49 am

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1/31/2017 3:40 pm

Would you wear someone else's underwear?

Not figuratively too, but literally.

A few weeks ago, the man and I got invited to one of our friends' place for their 's birthday party. I remember it being a gloriously sunny day so we decided to ride on his motorbike to this party. Of course, being typical weather here, it was clear and sunny right up to when we were 5 minutes out, then it rained so hard I had marks on my skin from the raindrops slapping into me. We didn't stop cos he thought it would be a better idea to rush there, as if beating the rain was ever possible. Anyhow, we got there completely and utterly drenched.

Our hosts were kind enough to offer us a set of fresh clothes to change into. The only kick in the teeth was, she was of a smaller build than I was. She passed me a few dresses and I could only barely fit into one of her "long" dress, which kinda ended slightly below my knees. I didn't even bother with the bras she passed to me, and the only panty she managed to scrimp up for me that could fit was a light pink g-string. I was really going to just go without, but we were going to be seated in the floor at some point (at least I was expecting to, given the nature of these parties) and a ' birthday party really isn't a place to be flashing anyone. After much deliberation, I put on what I could and joined the party.

Towards the end, the husband-to-be actually commented that he was surprised they found something that I could fit in, and even more surprised I actually used the underwear they gave us. He passed on the underwear give not him. Which kinda made me think about what I was trying not to think about in the first place - actually using someone else's underwear. I know it's clean. And it's not like we're even that kind of friends (the one with benefits ). It's somehow, for the lack of a better word, icky, isn't it? Clearly it's still buzzing around in my head...

So, would you use someone else's underwear? I suppose it would be safe to assume, if you're going to answer the question, that the situation is similar

740snowman 50M

11/29/2015 9:05 am

I think I would pass on them l o l

rm_Apollo13x2 47M
650 posts
11/29/2015 9:36 am

Did you return the underwear unwashed? Cause someone might be smelling that underwear right now ....

Acuriouscat48 57M
2220 posts
11/29/2015 9:54 am

Probably go commando lol

partygald 38F
1813 posts
11/30/2015 4:11 am

    Quoting  :

They were clean and I did know the person, although I wouldn't say we were THAT close. But yea, the best out of a lousy situation

partygald 38F
1813 posts
11/30/2015 4:12 am

    Quoting kantarii:
    I have my own pantry drawer I wore my ex wife's panties on occasion when we were married .... Just to be kinky with her she always raided my bras
That must have been a really convenient relationship

partygald 38F
1813 posts
11/30/2015 4:14 am

    Quoting rm_Apollo13x2:
    Did you return the underwear unwashed? Cause someone might be smelling that underwear right now ....
I washed it and offered to return it to her but she didn't want it back, mainly cos I had worn it, but also cos I stretched it out. Real good LOL
So I'm gonna think it's the latter that's the main reason and not the former, and try not to get offended

partygald 38F
1813 posts
11/30/2015 4:14 am

    Quoting  :

See, I'd say wearing someone else's trunks would be the same thing.

pal334 66M  
41265 posts
11/30/2015 4:33 am

I think not, I would rather go commando. Just does not seem right

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08540Tantrafun 56M  
1072 posts
11/30/2015 9:04 am

It is kind of funny if you think about it. A swinger who has no problem locking and sucking another person find fit gross to wear their underwear. Another thing is hair. we love them on others head. we like to run our fingers through it, play with it smell it etc. The minute it falls it becomes radioactive. A friend once freaked out because one of her hair fell into her plate.

"Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”― Immanuel Kant .

shakeurbonbons 36M  
196 posts
12/2/2015 11:59 am

Fuck no... Haha

mrhd1 80M
4049 posts
12/27/2015 2:50 pm

Love to suck your perky nipples

ABBC12356 37M
2268 posts
3/13/2016 2:00 pm


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