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Hello friends  

passionately68 80F
583 posts
5/13/2016 2:01 pm

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6/7/2016 9:35 am

Hello friends

I am driving Wayne to Rosarita Beach, in Baja MX for a week and then up to Newport Beach for two weeks. I am so hoping he will relax and I can gently convince him to follow doctors orders. Primarily no salt and no sugar. Right now he is only on an insulin pill but if he doesn't stop sugars he will go to shots. They also found that his esophagus is constricted and he will have to have surgery on that when we return. His knee is shot but he baulking about having surgery, even though he is in pain all the time. He is scheduled for brain scan also but we will attend to that later.
I truly, most truly want to thank all of your that have express your concern to both of us. Offered thoughts and prayers. I am overcome with gratitude to you all. It say volumes about the quality of people I call friends on this site. I won't be able to post any pictures while I am gone or answer messages here in the blog. I will only have my phone and tablet and I can't only answer message in the message center. But I can't even do that from Mexico. I don't have use of either down there. That is going to be somewhat relaxing for me. I always try to answer everyone here and in the Message center. Even little boys that was to "pleasure me" and never read my profile. I answer them and sometimes scold them. LOL
Thank you again every one.
Sending my love to you all.

ltrskr 74M  
5151 posts
5/13/2016 2:08 pm

Good Luck and God bless......

passionately68 replies on 5/13/2016 2:33 pm:
A big hug to you and thank you sweetie.

coachwhip09 67M  
173 posts
5/13/2016 2:16 pm

Best wishes for you both. Enjoy your time away.
Hugs and prayers,

passionately68 replies on 5/13/2016 2:35 pm:
Coach a big hug to you and thank you. I know how to relax but I am trying to teach him. LOL

sixforu69 75M
110 posts
5/13/2016 9:27 pm

I hope he will listen to you while you are gone and get him to relax if possible. I will keep both in prayers and hope and pray for the best of things to come for him and you. you will be missed but the reason I way understandable...Take care and you
also relax as much as possible. xoxo...Jerry.

passionately68 replies on 6/6/2016 1:55 pm:
Jerry, I am back and I give up. He seems to know it all and won't obey doctors orders and I am not his mother. There was something else that happened on this trip that almost caused me to divorce him. I will write about that much later. I still don't have me head around it yet. Just got home yesterday and I am trying to answer all my messages and get unpacked etc,etc.
My love to you honey

1talltxn4u2 68M
11 posts
5/18/2016 12:57 pm

Judy the very best to you and your husband and for a speedy recovery and a safe trip back home...Hugggsssssssssss

passionately68 replies on 6/6/2016 1:59 pm:
Well, got home "safely" yesterday but not sure sanely. LOL Thank you for your sweet message. I don't think anyone is listening to all of you dear friends that are praying.
A big hug to you babe.

mbgolfer 57M  
63 posts
5/23/2016 3:50 am

Best wishes - take care!

passionately68 replies on 6/6/2016 2:01 pm:
That is what I am going to do.........take care of myself. He needs to take care of himself. I give up.

wildwinds50 72M
41 posts
5/23/2016 10:12 am

Hi, I hope that taking the week off and having fun down south helped you relax and for him to feel better. It has to very difficult for the both of you. It is very hard to change habits and lifestyles. It takes time. I hope it all works out. My thoughts and wishes are with you. Hugs, Tony

passionately68 replies on 6/6/2016 2:12 pm:
Tony, what a sweet message. I couldn't access My Blog from my phone or tablet, while I was gone. He is the most stubborn man I have ever known. LOL My second husband was very difficult but this one takes the cake. When you have a couple illnesses that are controllable when a life change you would jump at the opportunity. I just don't understand it.
My love to you dear friend.

sixforu69 75M
110 posts
5/27/2016 8:03 pm

Hi Judy, hope everything is going well for you and Wayne and the rest did wonders for you both. I do hope you will have a Nice memorial Day Weekend and can just relax around the house and enjoy it. I am not going anywhere for I always put out the flags on veterans headstones and am hoping it will not be raining in the morning so I can do so. It has rained off and on all week and Tuesday it was so bad, had a lot of flooding in some towns, but not here. Anyway, just letting you know am thinking of you and keeping you and Wayne in my prayers. Take care of yourself and him as well...Hugs...Jerry

passionately68 replies on 6/6/2016 2:16 pm:
Hello again Jerry. We were in Newport for Memorial Day and we did golf nine holes ( his knee is a mess and that's all he can golf) and went to a bbq at the club house. It was kind of fun but the weather was rather gloomy. Did see some nice fireworks.
Thanks again honey,

sixforu69 75M
110 posts
6/6/2016 8:32 pm

Good to see you are back Judy and not to happy at the results of being away. I can see he didn't pay any attention to you on what he should be doing and not do. You are right, you take care of yourself and don't get down and let him see if he can care for himself, which we know he can't. Whatever that was that got you to thinking should just divorce him, must have been something really bad. If you want to s end to my regular email and not put it on here, that would be fine. I am glad you are back and you take care of yourself. xoxox..Jerry

Slider195669 65M
16 posts
6/24/2018 1:51 pm

Hi Judy, how have you been? Your friend Terry

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