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First quick short erotic story
Posted:Dec 16, 2018 1:30 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2021 1:09 pm

It was a sweltering, wet, sticky heat on top of this house that had led me to take a break to sit and re-hydrate. I must have been addled from the heat not to have noticed the woman when I sat down. I may never have if she had not just rolled over and had her bare breasts pointing accusingly at me. Now at this point, I am stuck, if not careful, fired, arrested a good many unpleasant things could happen to me. I must have had quite the look on my face because then I hear "that is not the usual reaction Men have to my Tits" she laughs. You should get down before you fall. Redeem your self for your pervert voyeurism and grab a lady a towel, please? In the meantime, I am going to think of a suitable punishment for your heinous act.
So, I grabbed a blanket and sprinted to her where I immediately draped it across two of the nicest nipples ever. Too late, I realized this put my rock hard cock very near to this woman's mouth and no chance to get away, she noticed. What is that and why is it in my face? Are you intentionally displaying your indecent body parts to a married woman? At this point, the pieces fell into place and realized this is the wife of the building owner. I apologize, Mam, I will go pack up my tools and go STOP! She stated firmly, at that moment her bathing suit slithered to the ground at her feet. Do you mind picking that up for me? And you're not going anywhere till I say you can. As I bent to retrieve she moved forward so that when I raised up it put my face touching the perfect pussy. The smell was of the purest honey dipped cinnamon. I could see that she was glistening wet. She then grasped both of my ears and lifted (Definitely not where I thought she was going was going with that) me up and took my face and shoved her tongue in my mouth. Her tongue tasted of grape and desire and at this point, I could only burn with the desire to make love to this woman. Her husband was in an office about 100feet away but she did not care sh ripped my cock out of my pants pushed me to the ground and the whole time looking at me with smoldering eyes that would not allow me to breathe, she put my cock in her perfect tight wet warm sex. She moaned with delight and the sound was like an exotic animal that mesmerizes. Still unable to breathe well I started to move against her rhythm. She said you just lay there, I do the work. then bodies pressed together she put her lips to mine and said cum inside me as hard and deep as you can. In that mesmerizing husky exotic voice, I lost it and pumped for all I was worth, spilling my seed in her with her ass pressed against me by my hands I pumped and pumped. finally, she got up allowed my cum to slowly run down the insides of her thighs all the way to puddle on either side of me. she took a big drop that had been slowly going and with one finger smeared it all over her lips and licked her finger dry. It looks like it might be an interesting summer after all as she sauntered towards her husband's office. I was up, dressed and on the roof faster than any human could have done that. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see her give her husband a great lip pressing kiss on the mouth. Wow, end part one.
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