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A Very Hot Day  

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12/16/2019 8:21 am
A Very Hot Day

It was the hottest day of the year and Nick couldn't wait to get to John's house so the two of them could relax on the couch with the air conditioner on and bottles of ice cold beer in their hands. They were walking very slowly down the roads inside of the Indian Shack subdivision, their back packs over their shoulders, giant balls of sweat rolling down their faces, their heads low and depressed, their bodies begging for rest. The subdivision was empty except for a few people who were either crazy enough to think that today was perfect for sitting out in the sun and roasting themselves a tan or dumb enough to mow their lawns. A car passed the young men, honked its horn, and stopped about ten feet ahead of them. Nick picked up his head with what little strength he had and squinted at the back of it. He couldn't tell the make of the car, but he could see that it was silver and small.

But John knew exactly who's car it was. He shouted, "Oh, thank God! It's my mom!"

"Your mom?" Nick said.

"Yeah," John said. "Let's go."

John hurried over to the car, leaving Nick behind without an explanation as to why she was driving this car and not that old red beat up piece of junk she had owned since forever. Nick didn't take offense to it, though, since he would've done the same thing if the shoe were on the other foot.

Opening the passenger door of the car, John looked back at his friend and shouted, "Come on, Nick! Let's go!"

"I'm trying," Nick mumbled, feeling the burn in his feet as he took bigger steps than he had been taking for the past ten minutes. "I'll be right there."

John didn't wait for him. He jumped in the passenger seat and slammed the door shut. Once Nick made it to the door behind the one John had gotten into, he opened it and, immediately, a rush of cold sweet air hit his face, making the car feel the way he imagined Heaven would if he had died on the way over here. John's , Maria was looking at him, a bright smile stretching across her beautifully brown face. "Hey, Nick," she said in that sexy New York City accent she had no shame in sharing with the world.

Nick had always thought Maria was gorgeous, especially for a woman of forty, but when she smiled at him the way she was smiling right now, he thought there could be no one more attractive than her. He smiled back. "Hello, Ms. Sanchez," he said. "How are you doing?" He threw his book bag on to the seat next to his and sat down, closing the door much more softer than John had when he got in.

"I'm fine," she said. "Just went shopping for some groceries and stuff. I saw you guys walking and thought, let me stop and pick you guys up before you die of heat stroke, you know." She chuckled. Nick chuckled, too. John stayed quiet, his head leaning against the window, taking in the cold refreshing air from the vents in front of him.

"I'm glad you saved us," Nick said. "For a second there I thought we were gonna die of heatstroke." He wasn't lying. He really did. But even though he knew he was safe, his feet were still aching and burning and he feared that they would melt off of his legs any second now. "Thank you."

"It's no problem. No problem at all. Just doing what I had to do, Sweetie."

"Awesome!" Nick said, and immediately felt for it. Nick always did that to himself around Maria. Made a fool of himself. And he knew exactly why. It was because he had a crush on her. But even though he knew it was normal for someone to act in front of their crush, he still wished he would stop.

She looked back at the road and put the car in drive. A couple seconds later they were headed down the road toward Maria and John's house.

"So," he said, looking around at the interior of the car, his face getting hot. "I see you bought a new car."

"Well, actually, I didn't it. It was a gift from my uncle."

"Oh, yeah?"

"He bought himself a new car and asked me if It wanted it. Since my old car is all bent out of shape, I decided to take it. It's not in the best condition. The wheels need to be rotated and the oil needs to be changed and there are a few dents on the side, but all that can be taken care of in the shop for cheap. Not like my other car. I would've had to replace it soon anyway. The engine was all screwed up."

"Oh, wow," Nick said, feeling a little bored. It wasn't that he found Maria boring. No, of course not. He could never find her, herself, boring. It was that he found the subject boring. To tell you the truth, Nick didn't really care about the history of the car. He just asked about it because he knew that any self respecting human would have as soon as they got in, and he wanted to be seen, Maria at least, as a self respecting human.

"Yeah," Maria said. "It's unfortunate, you know?" I really liked my old car."

"Yeah," Nick said. "It was a nice car."

Maria's house was a giant brick sitting behind a wall of flowers, bushes, and a palm tree. It had two rectangular windows on either side of the freshly painted white front door and a porch that led to a couple of steps which always creaked when somebody walked on them. When Nick first climbed them, he was scared because he thought they would break, sending him straight through the darkness under the porch, but after a couple more visits, he got used to them. Next to the house sat a garage. It was the same shape at the house but, obviously, a lot smaller. It, too, had a white door, but it always stayed closed because Maria always left the car in the driveway.

As Maria pulled into the driveway, Nick put his book bag on his lap. He wanted to tell her that he really loved the house for the billionth time, but didn't. That would've just embarrassed him again.

"All right, guys," Maria said, turning off the car. "We're here." She looked at John. "John?"

John still had his head against the window, but now it was looking down. Slow breaths came and went as Maria smiled and turned to Nick. "Would you believe it? He's sleeping." She chuckled.

Nick let out a chuckle and leaned his head to the side, trying to get a view of the side of his best friend's face, but only getting an ear and some cheek. "John," he said.

"John," Maria said. She put a hand on his face. "John. Despertarse, Papi. We're home."

"Huh," John said, lifting his head. "Huh?" He took a deep breath and looked around at his surroundings. "Huh?"

"We're home. Let's go inside. You can sleep in the house."

"You all right there, John?" Nick said, a funny expression brightening up his face.

"Huh?" John said, looking behind him. "Nick? Holy shit! I forgot you were here."

"Hey," Maria said, sternly. "Watch your mouth.."

"Oh, sorry, Mom," John said, looking like an . "I didn't mean it."

"I hope not," Maria said. "I'll smack your mouth if I ever hear that again. This is a Christian house and you're not gonna use that kind of language here. I don't care if you are an adult."

"I know, Mom. I know. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

Nick fought with all his might not to laugh. He always enjoyed watching Maria get tough with John. It turned him on a lot.

"Good," Maria said. "Now, let's go." She opened her door and got out. She was wearing a brown tank top and a pair of white jeans that really accentuated her double H tits and forty inch booty and as she walked, they jiggled in unison, giving Nick a hard on. He hoped that it wouldn't get as big as it always got when he became aroused, but as soon as he felt the shaft tighten and push the head against the front of his jeans, he knew that it had and all of his hope died. He looked down at his crotch, saw the tent it had made, and heard the trunk open. "Damn," Nick said. He knew that he was going to have to with the groceries and he didn't want Maria to see him like this. Usually, when it happened around her, he would lay a pillow or his book bag on his lap and leave it there until his erection died down. But that wasn't going to work this time, because this time, he would be standing up and it's much harder to hide an erection when you're on two legs without someone knowing exactly what the hell you were doing.

"What happened?" John said, stretching.

"Uh," Nick said, his mind running a mile a minute, looking for a lie, any lie that he could use right now. After a couple of seconds, John said, "Nick," and Nick responded with: "Nothing. I was just...I just forgot we had that damn paper to do."

"Oh, yeah," John said. "Damn. I forgot all about it, too."

Nick looked out the side window and exhaled shakily. Maria was walking up to the house, a white plastic bag in each hand. He dropped his eyes to his crotch. His hard on had gotten even bigger and even harder in the last couple of minutes.

"Yo," John said. "Let's my mom pull all that shit inside before she accuses me of being lazy."

"All right," Nick said, his nerves getting the best of him. How about just putting the bags over your crotch? he thought. Just carry em in front of you and block it from view. She won't notice what's going on. Right? Bullshit. She'll notice. She'll notice and then I'm screwed. Fuck! Jesus God me.

John opened his door, then Nick opened his. Jon walked around the car to the trunk and started grabbing some bags. Nick got out and followed his erection to the side of the trunk, making sure to stay as close to the car as possible so John wouldn't be able to see it. John, holding more bags than Nick thought he could, walked back around the car and up to the house, his head hanging as low as it had when he was walking with Nick just a few minutes ago. Nick waited until John was inside the house, then went directly behind the trunk. There were only four bags left. All filled with heavy ass carts of juice and milk. Oh great, he thought. This is gonna be beautiful. He picked them up, two in each hand, then hung them in front of his erection and, slightly bending over, struggled his way up to the house, looking like a moron who had no idea what he was doing. Which he was.

As he climbed the stairs, Maria came out of the house and saw how dumb he looked. Nick's heart jumped into his throat. "Oh," she said, sounding surprised. "Nick are you okay? Are they too heavy for you?"

Shit, he thought. This was all he needed. Just great. He was screwed. .

Her tits bounced maniacally as she hurried over to him, her hands reaching out for him.

"No," he said, sweat forming on his forehead, his legs and hands quivering, his body bent over the step above the one he stood on. "I'm good. I'm good. Just, uh, tired is all."

"Here, sweetie," she said. "Let me you." She reached for the bag.

Nick pulled it away. "No, it's fine. Really. I'm all right. Just go inside. I'll be right there." His thoughts were all over the place. He quivered a lot faster now. His breathing came and went hard and fast.

"Come on, Nick. It's no problem at all. Here. Let me take one." She got her hands on two of the bags and took them away from his, revealing his crotch tent. For a second, Nick didn't know if she had seen it. Then she gasped.

"Aye dios mio!"

"Um...um..." was all Nick could say. His mind was completely gone right now and his heart was running faster than it had ever gone before. If it were up to him, he would've rather died of heatstroke than have to deal with this. "Um..."

"Uh, that's okay," Maria said, nodding slowly and sounding as fucked as Nick looked. "It's normal. It's..pletely normal. Uh...Let's just..." She was about to give the bags back to Nick, but before she could, John came outside, saying, "Mom, can I have some of the—?" He stopped behind Maria's giant ass. "What's wrong?"

"Uh, nothing," Maria said, sounding extremely nervous. "I was just, uh, wondering if Nick needed some . He doesn't, though. I was just asking."

"Oh," John said, a suspicious tone rolling off of his tongue. "So are you sure everything out here is okay?"

"Yeah, yeah," Maria said. "Everything's fine. I was just asking if John—I mean, Nick needed ."

"Okay. Well, I'm going to start putting everything away now."

"All right, Papi. No problem. Go right ahead."

"Okay." He went back inside.

Nick said, "Ms. Sanchez...I, um."

Maria turned back around. "All right. Now, I'm going to go back inside and pretend like this never happened. All right?"

"Yeah. Sure, but I—"

"Good," Maria said, turning around.

"Wait! Ms. Sanchez!"

She looked at him.

"I swear, I'm really sorry about this. I just—I wasn't—"

"I know, Sweetie. I know. It's all right. No need to apologize. I'll just—let's just forget it ever happened and go inside."

"Yes, ma'm."

"Don't call me that. I mean, yeah. Call me that. I mean..." She shook her head and threw her hands up in the air. "Never mind." She hurried inside, her fat ass jiggling like mad.

Nick's face had gotten bright red at some point during the whole situation, but he hadn't noticed it until now. He looked down at the bags, at his erection, then up at the house. Holy shit, he thought. Holy shit. He stepped on to the porch, then shamefully wobbled pathetically into the living room and the cool refreshing air which pumped through the central air system at full blast. Maria was nowhere to be seen. He went into the kitchen. She wasn't there either. The counters and stove top were covered in bags, but the top of the breakfast table was empty, so he put the ones he held on there. Oh, my god, he thought. That did not just happen.

Finally, Nick felt his erection get soft and he breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God. Thank God. Get soft. Please get soft. This was probably the first time in his whole life that he wished an erection would just go away without the of masturbation or a hot chick and he was sure that when he looked back at this moment, he'd laugh about it. Bullshit, he thought. This will never be funny to me. Ever.

The smell of cinnamon scented air freshener floated into his nose as he took a deep breath. Just relax and it'll go away. John came into the kitchen and eyed all the bags. "Holy crap! We have a lot of things to put away."

"Yup," Nick said, getting behind the counter. His erection was almost completely gone, but he wanted to play it safe, just in case it decided to come back again with stronger reinforcements.

"You can go sit down if you want. I'll take care of this."

"Nah," Nick said, starting to feel pain in his feet again. "I'll ." He stood there, watching as John opened one of the bags and looked inside. Maria must be just as embarrassed as I am. shit! Why did this have to happen? "Hey, where's your mom?" he asked.

"She's, uh, somewhere," John said, spinning around. "Oh! She's in her room. She said she's suddenly not feeling good. Probably her period or something."

Or something, Nick thought. He sighed. Damn, man. What is wrong with me?

"So you gonna me or what?" John said.

"Oh, yeah. I will. My fault. I'm just a little distracted today."

"Yeah. What's been going on? And don't tell me it's the paper again. You never react like this when you forget about an assignment."

"It's just—I don't know. It's a long story."

"I have time."

"But I don't have the energy to tell it right now. Maybe later, all right?"

"All right. Whatever you say."

Nick stepped around the counter and helped John put everything away.

An hour later, they were on the couch, Nick watching some horror movie that John had found on one of the view channels as he drank beer after beer, John leaning on the arm, sleeping, a couple of unopened beers laying next to him. Every so often, Nick would look in the direction of Maria's bedroom, whose door stood twenty feet away from the couch, and wonder if she would ever come out, then feel all embarrassed again. I'll give anything for a chance to go back in time and stop this whole thing from happening. Anything, I swear. I'll even fuck a dude if you want me to, God. Or even a drugged up with twenty diseases if it meant a chance to rewind time. Unfortunately, God never answered his prayer, but he couldn't hate the almighty for that. This was all Nick's fault. Why the hell am I such a perv? Why did I have to look at her like that? Have a crush on her? Why did I have to find her so good looking? As that final question played in his mind, Nick formed a few images of Maria and thought about how nice it would be to see her naked. Wait! he thought. Don't do it to yourself again. What if she finally comes out and you have a hard on again? What are you gonna do then? Die? You should.

After several minutes of watching a dumb blonde chick scream her brains out as she ran away from a masked killer, Nick heard footsteps and turned to see Maria coming toward him, a shy smile on her face. Nick's hearts skipped a beat. Wow, he thought. She was dressed in a silk white robe and her hair was wet and clinging to her brown skin. Nick's eyes were so close to popping out of his head that he felt dizzy. Her body, her face, her hair, everything on her was driving his crazy. He couldn't believe it. After this afternoon, why would she come out here like that while I'm here?

"Nick?" she said. "Can you come with me please? We need to talk."

Nick's heart skipped another beat. She wants me, he thought. She wants me. That's the only logical thing that this could be about. "Um. Um. Okay." He wanted to move. He needed to move. He couldn't move. He just couldn't move. He was stuck. His feet were stone. His dick was hardening again and his balls were beginning to ache. He couldn't believe this was happening. He thought, I must be dreaming. This is unreal. His heart beat was unbelievably fast and sweat began to form on his forehead as his skin heated up.

"Nick, Papi," Maria said. "Let's go before he wakes up."

Nick's head shook without his permission. "Uh, y-y-yeah," he said. "Yeah. I'll be right there.

Finally he was able to stand up and, once he did, Maria looked down at the tent his cock had made in the front of his pants with what he assumed was lust, but also nervousness. This can't be real, he thought. It's a dream. I'm dreaming. It has to be. Pinch me, punch me, somebody please me. Confirm that this isn't a dream. Please.

"Let's go," Maria said, going back to her room, her ass bouncing up and down with every step.

Nick took a step. Then another. And another. And another. And another. Then several more. Until finally he was in her room, watching her as she closed the door very slowly and walked around him and over to the edge of the bed and sat down.

"Look," she said. "I know that you like me. I've known for a long time and I know that it's not your fault. It's just your hormones going crazy. You're a college student. You're young. And it's not easy to look at a woman as hot as me and think you can never get her. Especially when she's your friend's mom. I mean, just look at John. I've read his journal and I know that he really wants your mom, but he can't have her because she's married to your dad and it bothers him. It bothers him a lot."

Nick wondered if what he was hearing was real or just a dream or just a lie. John having the hots for his mom? That couldn't be true. Nick's mom wasn't attractive. She was fat and wrinkly and her tits were just saggy bags of skin hanging off of her chest with almost no weight to them. How the hell could he find her attractive? He thought that he should confront John about this someday. But not today. Definitely not today.

"He likes her so much so that every time he comes home from your house he goes into the bathroom and jerks off for an hour or two just to get it out of his system."

Was that in his journal, Nick wondered. Or was she just taking an educated guess.

"I bet you do the same, don't you? You jerk off to me, too?"

Nick didn't say anything. He just stood there waiting for her to continue, his heart still racing, his forehead dropping sweat like his life depended on it, his palms wet and clammy.

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You young are full of energy and hormones

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