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Aeroplane masterbation and big corn  

paulahottie88 29F
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3/18/2020 11:22 pm
Aeroplane masterbation and big corn

On my way back to Bangkok I took night flight from UK. Its quite quiet flight for change. No one sit next to me which is good but also frustrating because i alway hope for hottie. A girl with big boob or a guy with wonder hand that I can flirt and play with if i get bored (and horny). I alway do on long flight.

I find flight so hot. I think much of my horny life now start from my first flight experience many years ago when i am younger and innocent. Im not virgin then but I not know, think or appreciate sex much. Its before I start undergrad and I won scholarship for 3 month english summer course in UK. I was such good girl. Work so hard at my study then. It is my first long flight and I am alone. By good luck, I was sit next to western guy who i thought he is so handsome. He chat to me a lot when flight first start and I like him very much. I feel he is so nice and good looking. I not say much to him cause I am not confident. I just smile and say little things. I not even hope to think he attracted to me. He is just kind guy I believe. I never think I am attractive to anyone. Even now to be honest. But that time I never even did make-up or dress sexy cause i think there no point. Im bit overweight (by asian standard) and my only attractive feature is big breast I believe. I not know my attractiveness at all at this time.

As the filght continue, he press his leg against me. Even then Im not sure his meaning. But I know I like him do it and feel a rush of high go through my body. He not move away so im excite and think he must want me to notice. I dont know what im think but I lower my hand and touch his outside leg for few second. I guess I just want him know I dont mind him press me. At this time I pretend to fall sleep. I move bit closer to him till I almost rest head on his shoulder. Im not sure what im doing in fact. Just follow my instinct. No idea where this will lead. Next I feel his hand press against side of my breast. OMG I can not believe whats happen. I did expect this. Nothing like this ever happen to me before. My breast is big even then and my tight top attract his eyes a lot during our chat so I guess he mean it. But maybe not. Im still not sure if it by accident. Soon he move hand away. Then moment later he touch again and the rush go through my body once more. His touch is firmer this time and I think he mean it now. I shaking with nervous. He continue to repeat this. Every time he press harder and touch longer. And then he stroke a little. Im high.

Once the light go down for sleep we are already press together so close. Im so happy for his attention. I really like be so next to him. He move even closer so Im against him. I not move away. Soon his hand is full on breast. Still I pretend to sleep. I move my arm back so my boob easier for him to touch. He begin feel it firmly, squeeze and massage it light and slow. My bra and tshirt is thin comfortable one for flight and his touch feel so good. My whole body tingle. I never been touch like this before. And never in public by a handsome stranger. I never had this attention ever. Its such a high for me.

He enjoy my breast for maybe one hour. I love the feeling. After that time he stop to go bathroom. He leave and I go also. Im shy and nervous so i use bathroom in opposite direction. I not masterbate much at this time cause Im quite naive. Im conservative girl then and I feel its bad girl thing to do. But now I can not stop myself. When I take panty down in bathroom I am soooooo wet. Soak like never before. Im shock at my condition. I rub my lips and love the feel and the juice. So good. It seem like the blood from my whole body is there now. Next I play my clit for a few minute and its throb and sensitive like never before. I can not believe how amazing it is. I thinking of him and I begin rub so fast. I orgasm soooooo hard I almost cant stop from scream. I never feel that feeling before. My legs are weak and shake. The sense run down them to my feet. My whole body is tingle. It last a full minute. My body is stretch and uncontrol. Then i squirt some juice on to the floor. Im so shock. Now I know what powerful orgasm is. I had lots orgasm since then but rarely powerful like this. It not easy to have. It is depend on mind feeling and be soooooo turn on by a situation and person. Since then im addict to this feeling. I know right person and very naughty situation can do this for me so now i always looking for this kind of happening to achieve this feeling.

After a lot of think in bathroom, I decide take off my bra so he can touch and i can feel better. Also my panty which is so wet is not comfortable so I remove. I wear loose grey jogger and some of my wet can be seen on it. He is happy to see me when I arrive back. He smile to me. And I think he can see i have no bra on now. My nipple is so obvious. This make him even more confident I feel. Soon we are close again. We spend rest of flight tight to each other. I pretend to sleep and he play with my breast, stimulate my nipple. I orgasm by this at one point. I not expect to but i can not hold back the exciting. After the orgasm (which he sense I know) Im shock. This is because he slide hand below my blanket and down my jogger. I have panty so his hand is immediately on my pussy which is still soaking. He rub me and I not stop him. I just continue pretend Im sleep. I open leg wider and enjoy. My legs are shake. He continue to do for over an hour until the light come back on. I love the feeling of his finger between my lips. He is so soft and gentle. He massage it so well. And then he easy find my clit which he rub so well. I guess he is very experience. Back and forward between the two. I crave for him to enter me but we can not. Of course I orgasm again by this. Big obvious one. I learn not to wear light grey jogger on flight again by this happening.

I think about this experience for long time after this. At first I was a bit ashame but soon my thinking is more open. I read more about erotic experience and I build my life thinking in a new way. It set me open and free. I always look for more experience like this. And I always be excited by flight since then.

Back to flight of last week. The only people sit close to me are couple across aile. Im next to window and they are in seat opposite in central section. The girl is on inside and guy is on outside closer to me. They are good looking couple I think but not much else crossing my mind about them. They are far away with two seat and aisle between us.

The flight is going to be long and boring I believe. Just in case of this, I take erotic fiction on phone and ebook to listen to. I even have some erotic gif on my phone for emergency. Once light goes down for sleeping time I know I can relax. Stewardess will pass less often and I not be bother too much. I always wear short loose dress on flight cause its more comfort but also in the back of my mind it mean I or someone else can easy access me. I have masterbated on 3 or 4 flights so Im old hand. My dress today is low cut as well for extra attention but I not think im gonna get it this time cause its so quiet.

I put on my ebook and listen to erotic story. Mostly they are not great but I still enjoy them for something to distract me. This one though is very good and start to really turning me on. Its mostly the language that excite me. The story not need to be amazing but if the language and descriptions are good I will get really high. I like lot of detail so my imagination can go to working. And of course its got to be a girl point of view. This part of the story describe the girl bored sit at work thinking about man she met recently. She is at computer and all she can think about is his strong body and big rock cock. She imagine she is at his apartment lying on bed with him. Its hot day in middle of New York summer. They are both naked, tired and sweat. They chatting and she is play with him. Stroking. Licking. Then suck. At work she is rocking. Her leg are cross. She is thinking of this and she can feel the wet in her panty.

It sound not that exciting scene but the writing is so good and its kind of situation I did many time at work. I get so horny by the story I need to prepare myself. I pause the story and go to the bathroom to ready for bedtime. I brush teeth, wash face, and remove panty (just for comfort . I go back to seat. On the way past the guy opposite smile to me. His girlfriend is asleep and he is watching movie. I not think much of it

I slide back to seat, pull blanket over my leg, put headphone back on, restart story and slowly slide my hand down under blanket. I lift my dress and begin stroke my pussy lightly. The story gets more dramatic and graphic and I get more turn on. Before long Im wet and so i slide my thumb inside. I move it around and it feels so good. I do this for 5 minutes while I listen until the drama increase again. I pull out and move up to my clit. I stroke it lightly but now im super horny. I rub harder. Moment later Im ready to orgasm. I forgot where I am for a moment and go for it. I rub really fast and hard and the pleasure run right down my legs and up to my head and then then my groin explode. My hip vibrate and i need to control my body before i fall out seat. Im panting and sweat but i feel so good. As I calm, I continue to rub my lip lightly. Just like I do at home in bed each night.

At this point I look across and notice that the guy is no longer watching film. Its turn off and he is looking in my direction. His eye is closed but I feel like he is not really sleep. I think fuck!! Did he been watch me? I feel the red rise in my face. Anything obvious is only in a minute but that minute is very obvious I feel.

I continue to look at him and after about 30secs his eye open and he look at me. He smile again and i smile back. Again the embarrass rush to my face so I look away. He close his eye again and Im not sure he been awake or just wwake up. Fuck i think he did saw me. His eye open again and then close again. Im embarrass but also a little turn on. He’s handsome and I admit I love to be watch. If he did see me I think he happy to watch judge by his smile. Gosh if only he can be sit next to me. Touch my leg or my breast. His girlfriend fast asleep not know. If he could be rub my clit right now that will be incredible.

I cant help myself but be turn on by him looking at me. I begin to flirt. Gosh what boredom will drive me to do. I pretend I think he is asleep as he wants. I not look his direction. I look at my phone. I scratch my shoulder. Lick my lip. Touch my thumb in my mouth. Lower my hand down to scratch my breast. I not wear bra on aeroplane cause is so uncomfortable (and if someone touch me i wanna feel . Next I pretend to be hot and play with aircon. I undo two button on dress and now more my breast is really on show. Its very open top now. I scratch inside my dress to my nipple while pretending to read phone. I can feel his eye all over me.

I look across and he is still watching but close his eye when we make contact. He open again some seconds later. This time I move eyes away pretend I not look at him and think he is still sleep. I put phone down and pretend time to go to sleep. I lift one leg up onto the seat next to me in a V shape. Now I am pointing my body to him and he can see my leg very easy. The blanket is slide onto floor as I settle for "sleep". I pretend I not realise. My eyes closed I slide my hand down again and rest hand on inner thigh of my wide open leg. My dress is up high near my hip. Just low enough to cover my pussy. I stroke my inner leg. Then I lift my dress higher and pretend to scratch my top thigh. I hold it just long enough so he can have look. My pussy is open to his eye and I can feel a rush of high. Im shaking and can feel sweat. Im pretty sure he is looking and can see everything.

After few second I lower my dress and then bend to lift blanket from the floor. I place it over my leg. I slide my hand under my dress again. Gradually I begin touching my pussy again. Slow but obvious. I only pause once when i hear stewardess passing. I take my hand away until she is gone. Once she away I again put hand inside my dress top to "scratch" my breast. Lifting it slightly so more can be seen by him. I massage it a little so he can watch it move. Then I take hand out and slide it back down to my pussy. Now I rub really fast and obvious. I open my eye half way and i can see him watch me. Im so much juice. Now I really rub hard and finally I orgasm. As I do the blanket falls to the floor which i not mean. I pull my dress down at same time press my wrist hard between my leg and press hard. My whole body vibrate. My leg stretch straight and I make a low moan noise. My legs shake as the high go through them. Its incredible.

Then I begin calm. I move my leg back to V position again and continue to rub wrist again groin lightly. Once Im finish cum I pick up blanket and pull it up over my body to just below my breast. My arm is cross below them so it push them up and almost out my dress. I relax and settle to ready for sleep. My body is so tired after two orgasm. I feel so naughty.

He get up a few minute later and go to bathroom. I imagine what he is do in there. I guess he is rock hard and massage his cock. He think of me. And finally he cum a lot. That make me please. When he come back I open my eye and look at him. He smile again at me. And I smile back. Closing my eyes and pushing my breast up high for him to see. Moment later I am asleep.

Some times just be watch is bigger turn on than be touch.

Oh and the corn? Yesterday my mom come back from market with three huge corn on the cob. This morning I clean biggest one. Took to my bedroom and its been inside me almost all morning. . The texture is amazing. Im addict to it. Its my new best friend. But I will eat it soon

Hope you enjoy.

paulahottie88 29F
69 posts
3/18/2020 11:59 pm

Please let me know if you like my blog or ask my any question you like

redduracell 49M
730 posts
5/5/2020 2:49 am

Great story Paula. Wish I was travelling with you in PleasureLand with UpInTheAir Orgasm airlines.

paulahottie88 replies on 5/11/2020 12:01 am:
Thank you. i would love to do hand job for stranger guy on airplane. That would turn me on.

profcoquin27bis 56M
3447 posts
5/5/2020 5:56 am

nice story, i wait for the next text

profcoquin27bis 56M
3447 posts
5/5/2020 6:10 am

when is your next travel ?

1bighammer1000 55M
3552 posts
5/5/2020 6:25 am

Pretty erotic, I would enjoy the show also 😉

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

LQQK7979 M
445 posts
5/19/2020 7:21 am

    Quoting paulahottie88:
    Please let me know if you like my blog or ask my any question you like
Your blog is the best one I have ever read. Every time I read one of your storied I get super hard and have to cum. You're so erotic and I can still remember the pictures of you that you used to post on here. Amazing body and breasts and nice naughty mind

Your writing does it for me every time. Can't thank you enough for posting. It makes me want to write about my hot stories. I know the feeling you express of spontaneous sex and hot sessions with strangers and how it is the best sexual high.

paulahottie88 replies on 6/23/2020 9:30 pm:
Aw thank you. So happy to hear this. Im glad you like to hear of my experiences. I think my body was slimmer then when I posted pics. Ive expanded a lot in the last year. Yes please write about your experiences too .

LQQK7979 M
445 posts
7/31/2020 10:42 pm

    Quoting LQQK7979:
    Your blog is the best one I have ever read. Every time I read one of your storied I get super hard and have to cum. You're so erotic and I can still remember the pictures of you that you used to post on here. Amazing body and breasts and nice naughty mind

    Your writing does it for me every time. Can't thank you enough for posting. It makes me want to write about my hot stories. I know the feeling you express of spontaneous sex and hot sessions with strangers and how it is the best sexual high.
@paulahottie88. I am going to start writing down some of the exciting experiences and adventures I have had over the years. So many wild and naughty things to mention. I am just wondering, if you have an idea of the type of stories you'd like to hear about? Let me know and I will write it out.

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