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8/25/2017 11:21 am

Biggest cock I ever experience is few year ago while I study in Glasgow. It is near end my first year which was fun time for me. I have always love big cock. It's such a huge turn me on for me. Just the thought of it in my mind is enough to get me excite and even wet. I fantasise about it often. I remember even masterbate about it on airplane before (dont know why long flight make me so horny). I also look for on porn a lot.

I met my big cock guy on POF as like most date / partner I met at this time. Before this I have been working really hard on my thesis for many week as I had deadline I have to meet. I had no time for dating but only for working all day. It was really stressful episode, involve many 3am morning at my laptop. Even I can not feel horny at this time. I'm not even feel like quick masterbate much. It was really crazy period for me.

Once I have completed this work I decide to have short holiday. Not really go anywhere but just stay away from book and study even just for one week. Let mind recover and stress relieve. The first two day I mainly sleep, eat and watch movie. This help a lot and gradually my body tension is release. I remember I wake up late on first Sunday morning after holiday start and suddenly I begin to feel normal again. And of course major part of this is I am horny. Very very horny. After weeks of not cumming I was suddenly buzz.

I wake up that Sunday morning and my pussy was soaking wet. I have no control over her some time. It's clear she need some attention and is not happy to be ignore for so long. I know I can play myself and relieve it a little but in my mind this is not enough. I really really want cock. Real cock. Big hard cock. My pussy and my leg is throbbing at the thought of it. I feel I really need some one to spoil me and to fuck me hard into a new emotional state. If any guy had come near me at that point I would have jump on him. Masterbation is not enough for me that morning. My touching just make me feel more frustrated. And anyway my flatmate is disturbing me so I cant have quiet to enjoy it. I give up quickly and have late breakfast with her as she want.

The feeling lessen a little while chatting with her but not really go away. We chat for one hour then I go back to room and I can't help stay out of trouble. I look on POF app for some guy I can interact with. No harm in look and even some chat might help me. I look for guy who is current online and find one who I think is not bad looking. He is local guy, tall (190cm) and fit looking. I'm not sure he will be interest in me cause I'm just small Asian girl (1.60cm) but I think why not and chat him anyway. No problem if he ignore me. But he reply in a few minute later and of course i'm happy.

We chat for about 20 minute then he ask if I wanna meet him some time. I said yes of course. This is what I want. At this point excitement fly through my whole body. My legs are tingle start from my groin all way to my foot. I need some one so bad and he is perfect I feel. I ask if he can meet in afternoon. He’s so surprise. I think maybe he want to meet one evening later in week or week after. But I can not wait so long. I need some one now. I know my flat mate will go to her boyfriend soon so I got apartment to myself and I know that I not want to be alone this night. I don't want to waste time. I need fuck that bad. At first he say he can't. But I hint to him that I am alone in flat all day and I think he soon realise what I mean cause he suddenly happy to agree. At this time Im don't care what he thinking of me. I just want him. I need him. So we arrange to meet at bar near my apartment in city center for afternoon drink. Alcohol is good as will help with nerve I think.

Our meet is 3 hours away so I still need to control myself. My flatmate is already leave to meet boyfriend and I'm still lying on bed buzzing. But I don't want to cum till I have meet him. I try to watch movie but I get bored and so start watch porn. It's a girl get fucked by 3 big guy. It's too much for me. I watch for 10 minutes and then i need to put off or I will cum. I want to be that girl so much right then.

I have shower and start to get ready. When finish I am still one hour and half early so I decide to go for coffee at nearby cafe. By time I arrive I’m bit calmer again. Maybe the cool air help. When I sit down I realise I’m really dress like slut. I have very short tight skirt on and bare leg. Tight white t-shirt and thin bra under. I keep my coat on in cafe cause I feel bit embarrass. Gradually nerve is taking over and I begin to having second thought. The reality of situation is not easy like the fantasy. My horny is lesser now cause of stress. I shouldn't come to cafe. I'm thinking so much. I even think of cancel the guy or stand him up even. I think just go home and play myself all night instead. Maybe even do sex chat with stranger online as I did before. Its easier. But I feel guilty cause I know he is coming quite long way and must already set off. I'm so nervous now and it's worse cause I know this guy is coming cause he know he can fuck me. I hint quite strong to him to get him to come that afternoon otherwise he won't. I feel like major slut. I’m regret I have no control that time. In the end I finally I decide I better meet him. Otherwise I waste his time. Even if don't sleep with him. I never promise anything. Just hint. But still it in my mind I think. Possibility. By this time I don't have time to change clothe. I will meet him like .

I go to bar. I’m ten minute late by deliberate cause I don't want to be first to arrive. On my way I see he already message me to tell me he arrive. I’m almost wish he stand me up. The bar is quite quiet cause it's still only afternoon. He buy us drink and we go to sit in one corner. I'm nervous and say little for first 30 minute. I try to keep my coat on but finally I have to take off as it’s warm room. I can feel his eye all over my body as I do. I feel expose. I cross my leg. But I feel my nipple stick out from tshirt so obvious and nothing I can do to hide. Added my t-shirt is so low cut. Its obvious my mood when I got dress. But now I'm too stress for this mood and feel so awkward.

I'm not sure what gonna happen now. But as time pass I calm and even realise I like him. He is not amazing looking but he is quite quiet, kind and funny. I feel safe with him. In bed I want guy to be crazy fuck my brain out. Hurt me a little. But in public date I like calm and nice person that not stress me out make me feel safe. I relax with him and after while I even like he keep looking at my body. My leg. My tits (sorry I love this word hehe). I begin to chat more easy and smile and laugh with him. He is gradually more confident I realise because he start to say more naughty thing. He even talk about my body. Praise me. But I know he is fitness guy so it's his favourite topic. He compliment my leg. And i can see him looking down my t-shirt. He even touch my stomach to test it’s flat (it’s not hehe). Then he lift his hand to brush my breast a little. I’m sure he mean it. He’s confident as a guy who know he with girl who want to fuck him. Im turn on by his touching. Without think I touch his leg too. Then draw my hand away nervous. We chat more and he is touch me more and more. Sometime he even stroke my leg. Sometime my arm. And even breast. Always just quick brushing as a guy who is confident but not 100% sure. Probably cause of my shy nervous state when I arrive. I can see he is getting excited though. Cause there is bit bulk grow in his trouser. After I notice it once I can’t stop look at it. Gradually i’m get horny again. I start to remember my feeling from this morning. I start want this bulk. In crazy moment I put my hand on it. I can't stop myself. At first I feel gosh what am I did. I'm like primal savage. I am also aware this is public place. But now I don't really care. My horny is back fully and I have no control. He look at me surprise but happy. I touch again and start to massage him. I can feel him grow. And grow. And grow. It's not full hard but it's still huge. I can't see or feel clearly but I know this is size I never try before. And that turn me on even more. Im buzzing so bad now. This is more than my dream today. I get so lucky I feel. This is what I want all morning and more. I go to rest room to cool down cause I know I'm too excite. My face is red and overheat. I sit on toilet and pull down my panty. I am soaking wet. My panty is soaking too. I feel I can't put them back on cause they are too wet and might start smell. So I put them in my handbag and try forget about them. I rub clit a little to relieve some stress then I clean myself and go back to him.

He is a little calmer now I see but i'm definitely not. I'm still think about that bulk which is still obvious. I still want it so bad. We chat a little more and finish our drink. He's very confident now of course as a guy who just had cock massaged in bar under table. I can tell this cause he put his hand on my leg. They are not cross now but a little open. He see this and he know he can explore. I don't mind. He run his hand up my inside leg until he know i'm not wear panty. I can see his surprise on face. He even must feel I'm wet. I know he must think I'm such slut probably think I turn up to date with no panty. But how can I explain it's not the case? Anyway now I don't care. If he judge me and never speak to me again after this day it's not gonna affect my life. As long as he do his duty. He is stranger and fulfilling need. No one I know will find out about this. This is my secret life in Glasgow. He ask if I want another drink. I say no. I suggest we go for a walk. I think he know this walk gonna end at side of my bed.

I take him long way home so it's not too obvious. We detour through a nearby park stopping in quiet spot near river. He stand behind me, cuddle me. Its bright day but he don't care now. He got one hand massage my breast. The other on my ass under my skirt. Thankfully there is only tree behind us. I can feel his bulk on my back. I think this might kill me with this thing but i want to try it anyway. I can't wait any longer. I might explode there.

We walk to my apartment and I let the door open. The apartment have no lounge so I take him straight to my room. Normally I would offer drink but I didn’t even think of this now. He sit on bed and straight away I knee down in front him. I need to see this bulk right now. I almost forget its attach to person hehe. He lean back as I move his leg apart and start undo his jean. Together we pull them down and short at same time. They are round his ankle. His big cock fall out in front of my face. It's not really hard at this point but it still huge. I just look at it for seconds. Then I play it between my hand. Massage it. And then finally I begin kiss and suck it. In seconds it's hard and suddenly it's crazy huge. By far biggest I seen in the real life. And touched. Only once before I touched one close to this size. It is in a nightclub during holiday to Phuket when I was 19. I am with two friend in bar area and bit drunk. A couple of farang join us. One I remember is tall, young about 25 year old and quite good looking. He is just wearing short and t-shirt like he came straight from beach. I think we all quite interest in him as he is funny and handsome. To be honest this is what many Thai girl want when go to place like this (we don't go cause we like to sunbath on beach hehe - we already have tan). At that time I realise he like me best cause he gradually move over so he is next to me. Although I'm least attractive of three of us I got biggest breast (by far) and Im wear low cut top. I know guy like this. Especially drunk guy. I can feel his eye all over my tits. Even brush against me a little. After a while they leave us and now I’m very drunk cause they bought us so many shot. I go to restroom to pee and fresh myself up. After I come out I meet him just outside. I'm happy to see him again. Although I feel he follow and wait on me. We are in dark corner of the club. Lots people around but can't see much as its busy and little light. As i pass him he pull me toward him, one hand round my waste other hand grope my breast. He begin massage it. Im wear only thin bra and I have very sensitive boob so the feeling runs all through my body. I freeze with surprise. I'm offend a little but I admit also little bit turn on. He kiss me and I resist a little. He take my hand and pull it down towards his hip. I release he has pull his cock out his short and he want me to touch it. I look down and can see it. It’s so thick and long. Its swing next to my hand and hit against my hip. To be honest I am impress with it which I guess is his aim. I never seen one this size before except in porn. For 19 year old girl who very curious about sex it's a weird emotion. Shock, fear, and also a bit turn on. I know he is not a good guy. Probably worst kind of farang to be honest and he probably think all thai girl are . But I admit he is attractive to me. And his cock is incredible. And I fantasise for years about experience this size. I don't know what go through my 19 year old mind but i move my hand to it and begin to massage. He get hard very quick. I can’t stop look at it as I play it. Wank it slowly. The moment last only a few minutes. But it seem so long time. Then my friend come looking for me. They see me and of course are in shock. One pull me away so hard and she is so mad with me. She shout at me all that night until we leave. Call me a . On the way home she walk far in front and barely talk. My other friend stay next to me and just wanna know how it feel hehe. She was intrigue too. Saw how big it is. After this she is desperate to find farang boyfriend. She go back to phuket a lot so I think she already had. The next day no one ever mention it. I think this is first time they see I have this naughty side. They will never know just how naughty some thing I have done though. They still think I'm sweet girl overall hehe. They don't know my secret life.

Back to my guy in Glasgow. I sucked his cock for maybe 15 minute. I was enjoy so much I didn't want to stop. Some girls I know don't like to do it but I love it. Especially if it's really big and hard like this. It's a huge turn on for me. This one I estimate is over 8 inch. I can only get it half in my mouth. I feel my pussy is streaming with juice just by pleasure it. I love his moaning and his massage my head while I licking his hehe. Im sucking hard and fast and I can tell he love it. I have lots good experience of how to do blow job. And my practice is working well. He’s moaning so much. At this point he say “not make me cum. I want fuck your cunt”. I find this word so erotic at that time. So primal. I know it's very bad to use this but it's perfect for my emotion at that time. Pleasure shot down my legs at his word. All I can think is I want his huge cock in my ”cunt”. So I stop and I climb on him.

I pull my tight skirt up round my waist. I lower onto him slowly and I can feel my lips being stretch wide like never before. I slow slide him in my soaking pussy but I can only go half way down him. But the feel is incredible. A bit sore from stretch but also pleasure too. Slowly I begin bounce on him. It’s amazing. I want this feeling since this last six hours. Slowly I get use to the huge size and my pussy begin to relax. Its great feeling but what i really want is for him to get on top of me and take me hard. Fuck me like wild animal. Like I'm little doe deer been caught by big wolf. Pin me down on bed, pull my leg apart and bang me hard and fast.

After a few minute I climb off him and stand before him. I remove my clothe and he sit up on bed to look at me. He put hand on my waist and kiss my breast. My pussy is throb and now he lower his hand and rub my inside leg and lip. I know his hand must be wet. He pull me closer and begin suck my breast harder. I can tell he really like them. He suck and grope them for five minute or so. He pause to tell me “your big tit get me so hard”. I can see this. He suck my nipple again and squeeze my ass. I can feel his hand reach lower between my leg and pull my lip apart. He massaging my wet lip with his long finger. I love it. I tell him “fuck my cunt hard”. I dont want him doubt what i want.

He bite my nipple then pull me to the bed face down. I open my leg wide for him. He squeeze his cock slow into me. It's so deep. I know he not fully inside me but still it stretching me wide. I want to feel the whole thing but I'm not sure that will be possible. He begin fuck me slowly. I feel helpless. I can't move. Gradually he speed up. I bite the sheet to help with pain. But it’s not work and I'm moaning loud. He know he hurt me but I not let him stop. Slowly the pain wear off and I quieter. He sense this and he begin bang me harder. My pussy has really relax now and though it's sore it's good feeling. He begin fuck me really fast and finally I cum while he is still bang me. I don't think he even realise. He just keep going through my orgasm. After it finish I’m so relax and just continue enjoy his fucking. I ask him go deeper and he does it. Now I feel he has filled my whole body. He stretch me so wide. I just lie there enjoy being pound from this huge cock. I feel he is so big and hard and I never felt anything like it. I thought he might cum quick cause i'm so tight for him. But he manage to keep going. And going. Fast and hard. The pleasure and pain is now incredible. I cum again. I think only huge hard cock like this can make me cum this way. I just happy to let him keep going till he's had enough of me. I'm now very satisfied from my morning emotion. Finally he pull out and cum all over my bum and back. It's even in hair. He's so arouse he cum lot. And i can feel him rub his cock between my ass cheek. No way it can fit in there. But I like the feeling of it against them. I can barely move I'm so fuck. Just what i needing. He’s sweet and get tissue from table and wipe cum off me. He lie next to me on the bed and we stay silent for few minute just looking at each other face smiling. Both exhausted. I'm happy. After a while we chat and I begin play with his cock again. Its softer but still huge. I told him any time he want he can do that to me. And I mean it then. I feel at that moment if he can be my regular partner I will be luckiest girl alive. He just smile to me and say he love to. I'm still obsess by his penis that I can feel is perfect. I move down on him and just look at it. Then I stroke it and kiss it. He moan again. I like his moan. And I quite like his cock bit softer. I can fit more of it in my mouth. I suck him off again. He moan a lot so I know he is enjoy. I’m happy with this. Finally he cum in my mouth and I get to taste his juice. All of it. Drunken down.

He doesn't stay long after this. He need to meet friend that night he told me. I'm sad cause I want him for whole night. Even if I feel I can't let him inside again cause Im sore. For two day after this I'm in pain. Its amazing experience but I think my small body can not cope with it. Even though I'm sore I still feel it worth it. We meet only one more time after that. He never message me for few week then suddenly he did. I’m bit annoy he take so long but I want him again. We meet not as date but come straight to my apartment for fuck. It’s not as intense this time but still good. And again sore for days after. I think he just think of me as easy fuck by this time. Wish I guess I am. I don't mind. It's my own doing. I didn't expect anything else when I first contact him. It was a need I had that day. I just didn't expect him to be such a great fuck. But it not like I fall in love or anything. Well maybe I did. But only with part of him. I message him again weeks later practically beg for his cock but he not reply. Shame I didn't get to experience that cock more.

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Happy to read comment

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A very nice story. Both hot and sexy, so come chat with me on kik rrum78.

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wow that was a hot sexy story

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Very hot description

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love it.. pls continue.

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Not only are you highly intelligent and sexy you are one very hot lady! It sounds like you are an amazing fuck and have great sensitive nipples. We should play sometime!

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Very Erotic story Made me rock hard and think about fucking your cunt and arse and cuming in your mouth x

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Such a excellently compiled story, loved reading it and got super horny. Miss your writing

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Wow cant believe how many views this post has got

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