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First time with girl  

paulahottie88 29F
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1/11/2019 12:53 am
First time with girl

My first time with girl was kinda accident. No plan at all.

I just come to Scotland for study and was quite lonely. After a couple month I make some good friend. One friend I like most though. She is Greek girl. Really fun. Really loud. Shes crazy I think but so much fun. She also real naughty. At this time Im only think in naughty way but she talk and do I think too. We have long chat about naughty experience from past and I love it. Mostly I just listen to her. Sometimes she is so loud in cafe I know other can hearing and I feel so embarrass. But its really make me happy to be with her.

I also feel she is also very sexy girl. She is 23. Not beautiful. But she have wonderful big curvy body which I always find sexy for girl. Much prefer to skinny asian. My boob are quite big for Thai girl but nothing compare to her. She told me she is G cup and I just gasp hehe. At that time I always found some girl very sexy and I even watch girl porn. But never had I thought of sleep with girl. And I feeling the same of her.

At that time we just chat at Uni. Not really socialise. She have her sister stay with her for while so spend time with her. They need to share bed in her apartment so she told me she feel very frustrated cause can not meet a guy. So as soon her sister leave she want to party. She want to go out and find guy. And she encourage me to do the same. Sample local boy. She tell me same as I already think. We are stranger here. No one will judge us. We can be free. And wild. This sum her up so well. Of course I am horny here. I not having sex for over six month. But I never thought to meet stranger. Im shy at this time. And I feel I can control it with my finger.

Finally we organise go out. We will go to nightclub. She told me I can stay with her but her apartment is very small so if we find guy I need to take couch hehe. I laugh and agree. To be honest I not really think i will get guy and dont take very serious.

It's Wednesday night i remember. She is dress very sexy. Tight dress. Big cleavage. Lots makeup. I'm bit shy at this time so Im just normal dress. Black jean and baggy shirt. Very little makeup. She ask me if im going to library hehe. I dont know how to dress sexy I explaining. She will help me next time she tell me.

The club we go to is not busy. Its near her apartment so easy to get home but not very popular. Its fine for me cause Im nervous to go out in new city. We dance together and of course any guy in there notice her. She’s so sexy and every guy fancy that curve. That huge boob. Two guy dance with us. One guy is very handsome. Mostly they are interest in her but I do get some attention from handsome guy friend. After while they buy us drink. And of course handsome guy chat to my friend. The other guy try to chat to me but im so shy. They buy us more drink. After 3 or 4 already im feel drunk. When im drunk I feel horny. And Im less shy. The guy talking to me is not handsome but not ugly. Thin not really my type. But he seem nice. Smile a lot. And he is looking down my shirt some time which my friend had unbutton when we get to club. This turn me on. I open another button so he can see more. Not sure I wanna do anything with him but do feel I wanna him look at me.

After a while look over to my friend and she is get on well with that guy. They are kiss a little. And I can see him brush hand on her breast. She’s happy I can see. After a few more drink we decide to leave. Now I feel so drunk. They walk us home. Im behind my friend who walk with the handsome guy with arm around her. My guy is next to me and I can feel his arm around my back and hand touch side of my boob. Then gradually over it. And grope. This make me so horny.

We arrive at apartment and my friend invite them inside. We chat a little in lounge and have bootle of beer. After a while my friend and the handsome guy go to kitchen and “chat” alone. Then I know they are creep to her bedroom. Im left alone with my guy sitting next to each other on sofa. Im still shy not confident in my english so dont say much. I feel so drunk. Finally I just put my head on his lap. He puts his arm around me again and plays with my breast. Im so horny now. Six month without being touch really make my emotion rise. Then he unbutton my shirt all the way down and my lift it off. Next he undo my bra. I sit up and allow to come off. He look at my breast and I can see he like. He takes out his cock. Its big than I used to and its so hard. I really like it. I lower down again and begin suck him. He slides his hand down my jean back to ass. I like him touching my body. I dont care about shy now. I want him. I want this cock in me. I almost forgot there are another couple in the apartment. I stand up loosen my jean and pull down and off. Then my panty. I can feel my self really wet. His eye is all over my body and his eye light up. I go down on him again. He is big and hard. I Sucking him firmer now. And fast. I love it. Its so big in mouth. I wanna feel how it is inside me.

But next his phone ringing. I keep suck and finally it stop. Then it ring again. I can feel he is anxious now. I know its his girlfriend. But Im so horny I not care. Actually it turn me on. I suck him even faster and more firm. And soon he cant hold and cum. All over my face. This is not what I want. i want him fuck me. But I get carry away. I use my hand to clean the cum and lick it into my mouth. He look satisfy and I know he want to leave. His phone go again. And i can hear his friend phone ring in the bedroom. He shout through to friend but he does not reply. I stand up and he gets to his feet. He button himself and then moves towards the door. He say sorry I need to go. I just ignore him bend down to pick up clothes and cover my body. Im soooo horny but what can i do. He kisses me grabs my breast then runs out.

Once he gone I walk to the bathroom to get clean. I will have shower and sleep I think. I walk past bedroom and I see the other two on the bed. I stop inside bathroom and look inside to them. My friend is naked. She is down on him sucking his thick cock. Her body is incredible I thinking. Her huge breast hang on his leg. And ass so big and round stick in the air. The handsome guy is lying on the bed looking at me. Smiling at me. Fuck I so want to join them. But Im much too shy. I want him to look me though. I drop my clothes to the ground so he can see my body. I can feel his eyes up and down me. I pause for seconds. Then I turn to shower. And climb in. At this point I can hear his phone ringing again.

I shower quick. About 10 minutes. I want to play but im scare someone will walk in. There no lock on door. I climb out. I cant help myself im so horny I wanna see what they doing now. I peak around the corner. But Im surprise. Its only my friend lying on bed now. Looking at her phone. Still naked. I cant help notice her huge breast drop down by her side. Im really attracted to her. She hear me and smile to me. She not care we are both naked. Not embarrass.

I ask where her man. Gone she say. Like yours. Back to his girlfriend. I walk over to her and stand next to the bed. Now I can see her whole body well. Its so hot I thinking. She say I not mind him leave. but its not good fuck. Im still horny. Just let me suck him. Put his cock in me. Cum in me then leave. Not lick me out or anything. I can see she is a little upset. I feel bad for her.

I know how she feeling. Im upset too. And still horny. I climb on bed and hug her. She puts her phone down and draws me close. My head so close to her breast. At this time Im still so drunk. And like touch her naked body. I just feel I really wanna grope her. Especially her breast. Also Im thinking I can smell the cum inside her pussy. My horniness is crazy now.

I still cant believe I did it. But I put my arm over her and began massage her breast. I can feel her freeze for a second. And I think oh no what did I do. She gonna think Im lesbian but im not. What if she offended. Get angry with me. But she not say anything. I move my hand up to her shoulder in case I made her feel uncomfortable. Then she say to me. I never thought of sleep with a girl before. I lie still. Then she continue but I would. Try anything once. Then she puts her hand on my head playing with my hair. At the same time I notice her legs are moving open. I cant say anything. Im too nervous. But I think I know what she thinking.

I kiss her nipple. And she not complain. Just keep massage my hair. Now I know almost sure she dont mind. So I move down on her. I know there is cum in her pussy and I want to taste it. I want to taste he juice too. My god Ive never had this urge before but now is all I want. I kiss her body on the way down. Slowly moving so she have time to stop me. But she does not. In fact she open her leg wide. And I move my head between. I can see the cum run from her pussy. There is a lot. I want it. So I begin lick the stuff on the outside and swallow. Then I put my tongue inside her and remove the rest. I can feel it so hot and thick on my tongue. Im so turn on. Her pussy is so big and open. Much bigger than mine. And it so wet now. I feel Ive got all the cum from inside her so I want her juice now. I bury my head in her and suck her lip into my mouth. I can hear her moan. I move my hand up onto her breast. I massage her and eat her for about 15 minutes. Then she says lick my clit. I never did this before so Im just doing what I like do to me. I run my tongue all over her clit. First soft. Small circle. Then firmer. And firmer. Then sucking and strong rub. I can feel her get wetter. More turn on. Then it happen. She explode. Huge orgasm. And she scream so loud. I feel the whole building know it. Her body vibrate hard. She rub my head against her big wet pussy while her hip move uncontrollably. I can taste her juice flow fast and mixed with more cum that must be bury deep in her but now force out and push all over my face.

Her orgasm last about a minute and she can barely speak after it. I lick her more. gentle though as she calms down. Still massaging her breasts. She is still breathing so hard. I just want to keep lick her. Its so turn me on. So I do. Finally she begins to vibrate and scream again. Another orgasm erupt. I lick up the juice feeling so happy to have made her cum. Gradually I make my way back up her body. I kiss her breast then up to her mouth. We kiss with passion. I know she is turned on by her juice and his cum on my lips. Im sure she can taste. She say that its incredible experience. she never cum as hard like that before. She tell me Im more wild than she thought. I smile to her and continue touch her sexy body. Massage her huge breast. Rub my pussy against her thick leg. Im so turn on by her.

She flip me over. Smile at me from on top. She kiss me. Then make her way to go down on me. Im so horny by now and the thinking of me having a girl head between my leg make me high. I love the feeling of her tongue on my pussy. My clit is swollen. And I know my gush with juice. I cum really quickly. She suck my clit hard while i orgasm and it blow my mind. I am in heaven. I squirt on her face. She scream with delight hehe.

We spend the next couple of hour chatting to each other. Laugh together. Touch each other. Finger each other. First slow. Then fast and hard. And I must eat her again so i do. We are both in heaven. We both orgasm lot. Until finally we fall sleep with exhaust.

The next day we wake late. I feel her hand on my breast. She kiss me and says good morning. Actually its almost afternoon. We chat a little. Still touch each other. And we can not resist. She finger me and I cum again. I prefer to lick her so I do.

We spend the day together but I feel weird. What does this mean. Do she think we are couple now. Later on I hate this feeling so I decide go home. I think she can read my thinking. She smile at me as I leave. she tells me that although she still want a boyfriend and she still love cock that it was a great experience with me that she will never forget. She then ask If she ever thought to do again could she call me. I said of course. im so happy with this. She say goodbye my fuck buddy to me. I walk home in ecstasy. My clit still throb. We chat on messenger later and I masterbate all night. I think i make break record for orgasm that day. I cant stop think about her for days after.

Unfortunate we never get chance to do again. She left Glasgow soon after cause her sister fall very ill. She never return. Her sister die eventually and I think this change her. She loss her crazy spark. We still friend on Facebook but not chat much. But I'll never forget her or that amazing experience.

profcoquin27bis 56M
3447 posts
1/11/2019 3:19 am

a splendid narrative and a wonderful memory
your text is exciting

paulahottie88 replies on 1/16/2019 9:16 pm:
Thank you

wildthoughts 65M
1115 posts
1/11/2019 6:57 pm

Those fleeting moments at least you both enjoyed it while you could.

paulahottie88 replies on 1/16/2019 9:17 pm:
Yes life is about amazing experience

LQQK7979 M
444 posts
1/14/2019 5:22 am

I have to admit your stories are so naughty and horny it's so exciting how you write them interjecting your feelings at that moment into the story. Its highly sexy and makes me hard every time. Every time I read your blog posts I have to masturbate to get relief from the mass horniness they cause.


paulahottie88 replies on 1/16/2019 9:17 pm:
Thank you

YoungGunNo1 19M
1 post
6/18/2019 5:04 pm

This is so detailed and great. It's extremely hot. I was finishing up but then saw this and go so horny I've had to go for round 2.

paulahottie88 replies on 2/3/2020 7:41 pm:
Hehe thank you. Glad it made you this feeling

BruceWayne983 36M  
38 posts
7/3/2020 1:39 am

This is a great story! You describe your feelings and reactions so well. You two got really unlucky with the guys you brought home though huh? Just bj, came, and left, - how inconsiderate! Although I liked that you got carried away and made him cum even though you didn't want him to And hey, if he'd fucked you maybe you wouldn't have hooked up with your hot friend so it all worked out for the best.

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