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Last night  

paulahottie88 29F
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10/29/2016 5:02 pm
Last night

Its 5.30 am. I just got home after new experience. I really want to write about it. This is fantasy I been thinking about for a while now and finally got to do it.

I started chat to a new guy online. Australian guy. We had some really good naughty chat and his pics and talking really turn me on. Finally I took risk and went to his apartment. we had good hard frantic fuck. Hes a big guy, fair hair, great body, and I loved him devour me like wolf. We fuck for hours. My pussy was buzzing from it. Hes keen to do anal and I let him. Im happy to let him do anything he want. I love kissing his firm body and sucking his big cock. Its a great experience.

I was thinking about him a lot all week after. I admit I really need that something new. I didnt think I will meet him again. Its just to fulfil itch. But he chatted me and I cant resist. I didnt reply to him straight away but finally I give in. However, I told him I have regular partner so cant meet again. Hes fine about it and says hes happy to just talk. So we chat more over next few days and finally we are naughty chatting again. Its fun his chat and i love his pic. I made myself cum from it. Afterward he told me he has told his friend about me. He even showed them my naked pics and about our night. At first Im annoyed by this but actually after that pass Im a bit turned on. The thought of his friend eyes on me is hot. Afterall Im not shy about this kind of thing. Finally he asks if I want to go to party with them. At first I said no. It sounds dangerous. But after a few days thinking about it I message him back and ask if hes still having party. He said he is. I told him Im happy to meet them for few drink then I will go home. He is happy. He arrange for last night.

I arrive at his apartment at 7.30 and he is there. His three male friend arrive soon after. We have some alcohol drink, listen to music and chatting. Im nervous and dont say much. They are teasing each other and showing off like guy do. They seem nice boys. All aussie. I sit next to my friend and after a while he is hand stroking my leg. Gradually its high up my skirt. I push him away laughing. but actually I dont mind. I like them watching us. Im bit drunk and the more he touch me and they watch us the hornier I get. As we get drunkier the music get louder. We are all up dancing and laughing. there are hands all over me. Not just my friend. All of them. The hands are up my skirt, up my tshirt, on my breasts, my bra is unfasten and I can feel cocks hit against my ass. Hands are even down my pantie. Im really turned on. I know im wet. Everyone has tshirt off. Mine is off too now. Im turned on by these guy see me like this, having my naked breast grope and bouncing for them to see. They are dancing pulling cocks out of shorts. And its not long before my skirt and panty is off too. Alcohol means I dont mind. I can feel hands on my ass. And fingers on my pussy. Inside pussy even. I let them do what they like while i dance.

I think you know what happen next. I sit down on sofa naked and tired from dance. My friend comes over and lifts my legs apart. He enter me and bangs me hard. His friend watch. And then they take turns to fuck me. Its incredible. I can feel others hands all over my body while one fuck me. Squeezing my breast. They place their cock in my hand and in mouth. Its crazy. But Im enjoying. They take three or four turns each. By the end Im sore. I can hardly walk. Im covered in their cum and my pussy is soaking. We party till 3 then gradually people fall asleep. Everyone still naked.

I go to bathroom and clean myself. I find my clothes and sneak out. I find taxi to take me home.

Here I am now at home. sore but happy. I cant sleep cause still buzz.

Hope you enjoy me share this.

luvasian80 39M
26 posts
11/10/2016 2:40 am

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bikeronb738 54M   
594 posts
12/26/2016 8:32 pm

Wow, your boyfriend has already told me this story. But, thanks for your sharing anyway.

LQQK7979 M
444 posts
7/31/2020 10:51 pm

This is a really hot story Paula, sounds super exciting and its such a good feeling to let go and let the men do what they want to your body while you get all the pleasure. Glad you loved it and had fun. Exciting stuff.

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