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Single use society  

peekabooicu2ucme 43F
4112 posts
5/18/2015 3:48 am
Single use society

Paper plates, styrofoam cups, yesterdays gadgets, plastic bottels and people. We use, we dispose, we don't think a thing about it. And we won't, until its on our . We've created a society of unfeeling, self centered me first users. Where anyone foolish enough to care is crushed by the inability of others to truly feel. We medicate for depression for so many. But what if the problem is that there is a reason to be so depressed? There is no pill to make caring, generosity, honesty, kindness, compassion, trustworthiness, and just good people doing no harm surrounding you. There is no drug that can cure what's so messed up.
Its funny in a really sad way when someones thrown you away and tries to pick you back up as if it was alright to be so callous to begin with. Just like the other disposable things, no one is quite the same when tossed out. Recycled, repurposed, refinished, but never quite who they would have been had they just been taken care of and treated preciously as we all should be.

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jerr51 60M
2051 posts
5/18/2015 4:22 am

So very well said

peekabooicu2ucme replies on 5/18/2015 5:33 am:
Thank you.

citizen4722 62M  
68448 posts
5/18/2015 11:27 am

I sometimes feel I'm still learning my lesson in kindness. I survived a life-threatening experience in intensive care. So, perhaps that was the reason I was given a second chance now that I'm a full-time carer to my mother?

peekabooicu2ucme replies on 5/18/2015 9:30 pm:
Life is all about learning and loving. I'm sure your mom is proud and grateful.

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