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So you would like to know how I got my millions.  

pendipper 99M
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3/8/2020 3:19 pm
So you would like to know how I got my millions.

How did I get my millions? I stole it. And I haven't been caught YET. It took intelligence to get. If you dress like a preppy professional, you look practically perfect. Especially if you can walk in and just ask for it. You have to be a pretty good conversationalist to get away. Now she didn't just hand it over and I didn't just have to smile to get it. She wanted the juicy details of how happy and satisfied I could make her. Yes, I had to tell her about my 8" cock. And yes, I had to tell her, licking my lips meant I wanted to lick her lower lips.

As I said she didn just hand me millions. Now this was an attractive sexy lady. We had a little conversation in which I told her how I could make her happy and satisfied. Well, she was not satisfied with my comment. She insisted on the juicy details of how I could do it.I had not intended to be graphic, but she demanded. She wanted to know how the practically perfect, preppy professional could rock her world.

I started by saying "you (she) can reach down my trousers and grab my 8" cock. Stroke it till its hard. You'll want more won't you. Then unzip my pants and suck on it. It's tasty. I've been told that many times.While you are sucking, I'll undress you. First the dress and then the bra. You'll kick off your shoes. I am going to save the panties for later so I can pull them off with my teeth. You'll take a break from sucking and try to rip my clothes off. I'll say slow down, its a nice suit. You know you are an animal. Your hands are like a machine, you strip me naked in an instant. I say its my turn now. I lay you on your back on the bed and pull your panties off with my teeth. My tongue finds its target.I start licking between your legs and into your lips. I move in the 69 position so I can dig deeper into your honey pot with my tongue. I won't stop licking and giving love bites until you pull me off. You then grab me and pull me off as you have an incredible orgasm and voice as much. Your orgasm is so spectacular that you gasp for air. You cry that you want my 8" dick in you, but I won't let you have it until you beg. You beg and beg until I finally give in. I let you have what you want and you explode again with a giant orgasm. You slowly calm down and rest. That's how I can make you happy and satisfied. She handed me the millions and I left.

And like the practically perfect preppy professional I am, I put the millions in my derby hat box and handed it to the hat check girl. I then headed to the dance floor. Now some girls do not have a natural talent for dancing. But in my arms, all my partners danced with the skill of a ballerina.

Now that was a hell of a day. First to get some sleep and then get up in the morning to play, have fun and prove it wasn't just a story. Its no wonder why all the ladies put PPPP on their dance card and hand me handwritten personal invitations.


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