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Hot wife does a very hot boudoir photo session!  

phiemicol 60M/60F  
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1/21/2019 5:23 am
Hot wife does a very hot boudoir photo session!

Hello again! This is T, the lady of the “phiemicol” couple on AdultFriendFinder, recently turned “hot wife” and enjoying it a great deal (as you may have read my other blogs).
Before Christmas, I asked P, my loving husband, what he wanted as a gift. He named a few things but one in particular was to be very special. “I want to have boudoir photos taken of you in various sexy underwear or nude”. Wow, that was very special.

I asked him how I would go about doing that and he said he knew of an amateur photographer who specialized in this kind of photo session. I guessed he had it all planned (though I did not realize then how much of a plan it was!). He told me the name of the photographer was Gilles.

I contacted Gilles via email and we agreed on a date (it was last Thursday). P told me that he would select the sexy underwear he wanted me wear for the pictures. He put them in a small bag and told me there was a note as to the order in which I was to wear them for the photo shoot. Interesting, I told myself!

On the day of my photo shoot, P left for work and I prepared myself. A shower and a clean shave. Some make up (but not too much). And the bag that P had prepared for me with the various underwear he wanted me to wear during the photo session. As he had asked me, I did not look, trusting he had picked those that he liked and made me look as sexy and desirable as possible. I put on the nice white body suit that he had selected as my first outfit and only a loose dress. Off I went.

I arrived at Gilles place, a nice apartment building on Nuns Island. I felt excited as much as apprehensive. Mainly excited I must say. Gilles’ apartment is on the 12th floor of a nice condo complex. Took the elevator, rang the bell with a bit of a twitch in my throat. The door opened. Gilles is a nice-looking gentleman, mid 40s, a bit of gray hair, nice smile. He was dressed in a nice silk pajama. “Hum”, I told myself, “interesting”.

“Hello, T, how are you? A pleasure to have the opportunity to take pictures of you. I saw some of your pictures on AdultFriendFinder. You are a beautiful lady”. I then realized that P had directed Gilles to our AdultFriendFinder account and he had already seen all the part of my body that can be seen and much more. I blushed a bit. He kissed me on the cheeks. “Hello Gilles, I have never done this before. I hope to be a good model”. “I am sure you will” he said with a smile.

A wonderful view of the city can be seen from his place. Large and comfortable. He offered me a drink which I accepted. I asked: “So how do we do this”. “Let us go to the boudoir, as I call it” he replied. We went to one of the rather large bedrooms that he had arranged as a studio. There is a couch, a bed and a chair and various lighting equipment. Several cameras and a video equipment (that I noticed but did not pay too much attention to…much more on that later).

“P told me that he wants me to take sexy and sensual pictures of you in various underwear. Are you comfortable with this?”. “I guess I am. We will see how it goes” I replied. “Where is the changing room” I asked naively. “Well, you can go in the bathroom or change here” he said with another smile. “Let us start”.

He guided me to the couch and asked me to take several pauses. I complied, trying to look as sensual as I can. I still felt a bit awkward though. Then he said: “Take off your dress”. Oh my! I then realized that I had to undress in front of this complete stranger which was an odd feeling since I have gotten naked in front of many men, just before fucking with them. I felt shy. But I took my dress off. And took a sip of my drink. My white bodysuit is very revealing, half cut bra exposing my boobs and a snap on crotch. I kept my heels on. “Wow, you are beautiful. What a gorgeous lady you are” said Gilles. “Thank you” I responded. Then he asked me to go back to the couch. He then asked me to take more provocative pauses. “Grab your breasts and look at me”, “Open your thighs and look away”. “Turn around and show me your ass”. He took lots of pictures, some from a distance and some very close. As this went along, I could feel some sexual tension rising in me. After all, I was exhibiting myself to this man who was asking me to take on the most suggestive pauses in a skimpy body suit. When he was up close, the tension rose. Then he said: “OK, let us move on to the next piece of lingerie”. And with that he poured me another drink.

I grabbed the small bag prepared by P and found a note: “First, your black full body suite, then your red thong, then your purple garter belt with hoses”. That was the “program” he had imagined! It was easy for me to realize that I was going to be exposed to an increased level of nakedness in front of Gilles who will take the pictures. More sexual tension.

Then I had a choice to make. Either go to the bathroom and change and change in front of him. What the hell? He was going to see me naked anyway so I decided to change in front of him. Gilles looked at me but did not stare at me. I took my white body suit off and here I was naked in front of him. Then I put the full body, black, sheer, and<b> crotchless </font></b>body suit on. “P, you devil” I thought. I don’t wear this often but I must say it is extremely sexy and sexual. I was ready.

“OK, gorgeous! Let us get this new round of pictures going”. Gilles then got closer to me, asked me for even more suggestive pauses. “Humm, I’d like you to open your thighs and bend your head backward”. That was obviously going to exposed my pussy in full view. And I got very horny at that point. “Reach down for your sex”. I got even hornier. “Lick your finger and caress your sex”. Even hornier. For a full ten minutes, Gilles took pictures. As he got close to me, I felt an urge to reach out for his body. I was in heat and when I get to that level of sexual arousal, I cannot be stopped.

Then Gilles said: “You can change in your next outfit and we will take a short break”. So I went back to my bag and took out my red thong. The one I had wore when I had my first night alone with Steve and Ray. I love it because it really shows off my ass. I took off the bodysuit, put on the thong and I was gloriously near naked in front of Gilles. We both sat on the couch. “P is a very lucky man” Gilles said. “Thank you!” I said with my nipples getting extremely hard and my pussy now extremely wet. I looked down a Gilles pajama pants and it was obvious he had a hard on. “Do you do that often” I asked. “Not very often. I do boudoir photography for friends. They seem to like my work”. We chatted for a while. I was getting increasingly horny, and increasingly comfortable being in front of this man who was taking pictures of me. Then he said we should continue the photo shoot.

“Get on the bed and lay on your belly, raising your ass”. I did while grinding my sex on the bed. I was getting so hot. Gilles was very close taking picture of my body, my ass, my face. I could feel his body close, his scent and could not help but look at the space between his legs where his cock was bulging. Still he kept taking pictures, every so often showing them to me on the small camera screen. I saw myself in the most provocative pauses taken by this man who has a keen eye to bring the most sexual energy from the pictures he takes.

“Arch your body as if to beg for sex”. He was asking to take on more and more sexual positions. As he did, I wanted to fuck more and more. It dawned on me that I was alone with Gilles with a serious desire to fuck and I did not know if I could resist much longer. Hot wife I was. P had arranged the whole thing. I wondered if he knew what he had done. Probably so. My loving husband had provoked me into this situation but had left me to decide what the outcome would be. Over the past two months I had experienced new level of sexual freedom, thanks to my husband. We had wild parties with other and I had wild parties with two, then three men. My first, then 2nd black men, love with another then two other women. Now I was alone with a stranger….I felt completely engrossed in my sexual fantasies.

“OK, we just have one more set to go” Gilles said. I got up, very languid. Took my thong off and put my purple garter belt with black hoses. I was gloriously exposed and glad to be. Gilles asked me first to pause on the sofa. My breasts were swollen, my nipples hard. Until then he had not touched me but he proceeded to help me with the positions he wanted me to take. Electric chocks went thru my body when he gently spread my thighs, or pushed my back or position my hands on my boobs.
“Go back to the bed”. I laid down. He was above me. “Grad your breasts again and make your nipples hard”. There were already so hard I did not think I needed to do anything but I did anyway. “Grab your sex”. He got even lower, taking shots of me while I was clearly into pleasuring myself. I had begun to moan. I wanted his cock. Very badly!

He was on his knees next to me. His cock within reach. I suddenly let it go and reached for it. I began to fondle it thru his pajama while he continued to take pictures. Then he took his top of, unbutton his trousers and his cocks emerged in all of its glory. I did not resist my desire and took him in my mouth. What a relief! What a pleasure! I almost came at that instant. I devoured him. He let himself be pleasured, having dropped his camera and simply looking at me with a smile. “I want your cock so badly” I said. “It is all yours” he said. Then he started caressing my body, reaching down for my sex which made me moan even louder. His fingers were in me. What a feeling!

From that point on, I just wanted to fuck. His cock is very nice, long and thick, he is shaved (as I like). I pushed him on my body and we got into a 69, him on top. His mouth engulfed my sex while I had his cock in my own mouth. Heaven. The thought of fucking him alone briefly crossed my mind. What was I doing? Simply enjoying the moment my husband had created for me. That thought went away, under his expert caresses and my own desire to eat as much of his cock as I could.
I came. Really really hard. Trashing but not letting his cock leave my mouth. He made me come very long, several times. Then he left my mouth and placed himself between my thighs, looking at me, teasing my clit with his cock. “Do you want it?” he asked. I was so horny that the answer was obvious though I had still some reservation about copulating with him. He places his manhood at the entrance of my cunt and pushed a little. I placed my hands on his ass and pushed him into me. He was all in. I felt a rush of pleasure. He lowered his body to mine and started fucking me with long strokes, the way I like it.

I simply wanted to fuck and be fucked. Gilles is a very good lover and he knew what I liked (more on that later). Long strokes. Sometimes coming out of me. Then re-entering me with one thrust. He played with my boobs. We kissed passionately. He worked my sex so tenderly. Caressed my clit with the tip of his cock which made me come again. What a great sex session it was. Then he accelerated his motions and I received him whole. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me” I said. He finally exploded in me with a loud grunt. Receiving his cum was so pleasurable, warm, engrossing. We stayed connected for a while after his orgasm, kissing, him moving slowly within me.

Then he left my sex. “I am going to check the pictures, stay here and relax, I won’t be long”. I turned to lay on my belly, completely languid and sexually satisfied. I slightly opened my thighs and I could feel his sperm dripping a bit from my cunt. I heard him at the computer but did not bother looking at what he was doing. I just stayed there. I was in lust. Still horny. I reached down and caressed my clit. It was so hot! I though about going home to P and telling him what happened (we are always very opened with each other, though it would be the first time I would have to tell him I had gone to a stranger’s home and fucked with him on the 1st date). I still wondered if P had arranged the whole thing knowing what I would end up doing? May be or may be not. I was a bit in a daze.

I almost fell asleep. When I shook out of it, I was ready to get up when I felt a hand on my back slowly going down between my thighs. I had not intention to resist. My hand was still under me on my sex. I felt fingers joining mine and gently pushing them in me. I had Gilles fingers in me with my own. It was so arousing. I moved my ass as we jointly fingered me. Gilles’ other hand caressed my back. And he kissed my ass. Lots of kisses on my ass which made me moved my body even more. His fingers explored me, made me explore my sex. And I came again. Sweetly and gently. I wanted his cock again. I did not have to ask.

He arranged several pillow underneath me so my ass would be raised and my sex exposed and offered. I did not resist. I wanted his cock. He placed himself between my thighs that I had wide opened. And he penetrated me. Oh again, the sweet sensation of Gilles cock invading my cunt. And again he worked me perfectly. Pushing his manhood to the depth of me. I simply received him, passively but not without moaning, rolling my hips. I decided to simply let him take advantage of me and he did. “Do you like it” he asked. “Oh yes, I love your cock. Keep fucking me. Do what you want with me” I said. For long minutes, he came in and out of me. Slowly. Sometimes more rapidly. Sometime simply keeping the tip of his sex at the entrance of mine, then plunging inside me. I was fucking him, he was fucking me. He then accelerated his rhythm and I could feel he was ready to come. I again massaged my clit and made myself come as I felt Gilles come into me for the 2nd time. We both moan loudly, thoroughly enjoying the sexual coupling we were engaged in. He crashed on my body, still in me. What a hot session it was.

Then he disengaged, and we cuddled for a while. “I did not expect that the photo session would end up this way” I said. “Me neither although P had told me you were such a hot woman. I took some great photos. Do you want to see them?” “No, I will look at them tonight with P”. We continued to kiss and cuddle. Then it was time for me to leave. Gilles told me I could use the shower if I wanted to, so I did. I came out of the bathroom naked and Gilles grabbed my body. I could have easily fucked him again but I had stuff to do. So I dressed. We hugged and kisses. “I would love to make love with you again” Gilles said. “Me too” I replied simply responding to my own desires. Then he handed me a USB key: “There, all the photos I took are on this. You and P enjoy them”. And I left.

Driving back home, I had so many thoughts and feelings. Why had I fucked with this handsome man? Why had I not fucked with him again? What was I going to tell P? Mellow, sweet, languid feelings. At home, I did a few things then plugged the USB key to the computer. Lots of pictures. I looked at some of them and they were beautiful. Gilles had captured the essence of my womanhood, sensuality and sexuality. Did not explore the entire set of files though.

When P showed up that evening, I embraced him and kissed him. “Oh, did you have a nice time” he asked. “Yes, I did. But I have to tell you, I fucked with Gilles”. He smiled and grabbed me even tighter. “You did! You are such a hot woman and I am so lucky to be your husband”. We had a light supper and P said “Let’s go see the results of this photo session”. He took me to our large bedroom (the site of our most recent and wildest orgies with others). We got naked. For Christmas, we have bought another large TV screen for our bedroom so he plugged the USB key in it, we snuggled and he proceeded to play the set of pictures. Being next to him, after having fucked most of the afternoon, simply revived my sexual desire. I grabbed his hardening cock as we looked at my pictures in various state of exposure. Then he said “Oh, what are these video files”. He clicked on one of them….oh my!

Gilles had video recorded the entire session and had put those files on the USB key. The entire afternoon started to show on our screen. I was a bit awkward. I was also excited. From my arriving in the room, pausing in various outfits. Then P changed to another video file. It was when I had grabbed Gilles’ cock just before we got into a 69. The angle was a bit odd but it was very explicit….I could see myself sucking on Gilles’ cock with what was a lot of enthusiasm!

I have seen a lot of pictures of myself fucking other men (or of P fucking other women) but never a video…with the sound. As I said already, I get to be very vocal when I have sex. I could hear myself sucking on this man’s cock and moaning at the same time. Then I got into the 69 with Gilles on the screen. The angle of the camera showed me sucking on his cock while he sucked my pussy. Then Gilles places himself between my legs and he penetrates me and we fuck. I was mesmerized by the sight of me fucking this stranger while being in bed with my husband who had arranged the entire thing.

“Well, did you like fucking with Gilles?” P asked. I was so horny by then. “Yes, I did”. Then P made me take the doggy position, my face turned to the TV, and he simply entered me. There I was being fucked by my husband while watching a video of my sexual encounter with Gilles. P got into a rhythm while we both watch the video. The moment Gilles first came in me, my orgasms, all that heighten my own horniness at that moment. Then the video cut to the time where Gilles came back to the bed, placed pillows under me and entered me. It was even hotter. “Did he fuck you good” asked P. “Oh yes, he did. Fuck me now” I was able to say. I watched myself being penetrated by Gilles while being pounded by P. I reached between my legs and made myself come.

Then P got into the same rhythm as Gilles on the video. Same long strokes (P told me later that he had told Gilles how I liked to be fucked!). When Gilles entered me on the video, so did P. When he pulled back, so did P. It was as hot as it could get. I could hear myself on the screen receiving Gilles’s cock and moaned at the pounding I was receiving from P. Then the moment Gilles came in me. I came at that time from caressing my clit. P continued to fuck me. The video ended. P continued to fuck me and he finally came in me. A long orgasm and a lot of pleasure from receiving his seed. I collapsed on my belly while P continued to enjoy my cunt. As it turns out, this was the first of several copulation we had that night. I could not believe the amount of sex, sexual pleasure and sexual arousal I had experienced in one day (though I have had lots of sex in one night with several men). This time it was special because it was the first time I could see myself fucking with another man and hear myself coming.

Once we were done fucking (we did that for a long time), P explained to me the entire story. He had had the idea of a boudoir photo session for a long time. During one of our previous party, he had talked to Melanie (Steve’s wife) about it. She had mentioned she had done one such session with Gilles. A session that had started with a photo shoot and had ended in a fuck fest (just like I had enjoyed in the afternoon). Gilles was a gentleman who was respectful and would not force the “issues” so to speak, but rather would create sexual tension and would simply let the woman decide if the session would go from simply taking pictures to much more! P had contacted Gilles, directed him to our AdultFriendFinder account and Gilles had commented on my pictures, saying that it would be a pleasure to take pictures. Gilles also said that he found me very much to his taste and if things went further, he would love to fuck me!

What a devil my husband is! He has awakened the hot wife in me. Though, he also has had his share of adventures with Melanie, Joy and others. But that was the first time he purposely sent me to a stranger’s home for pictures…and getting fucked if I wanted to! I must say that I had loved the experience. But much more, seeing myself fucking Gilles on our big TV screen while getting pounded my P. THAT was so HOT!

The next day I called Melanie. (Melanie is one of P’s preferred lover, Steve’s wife (a man I met alone with Ray, my 1st hot wife encounter) and also the woman who has initiated me to sex between women). I told her about my session with Gilles and she laughed. “Did you like it” she asked. “Oh yes, it was great. Gilles is a really good lover” I replied. Then I told her how hot it had been to see the video of me fucking with Gilles while I was fucked by P. Melanie thought it was so hot too and that gave her a very naughty idea. “Why don’t we invite Julian and Andrew to Gilles place, and may be the man you met at the bar before Christmas and we fucked with the four men but ask Gilles to video the entire party. maybe we can ask Joy if she wants to join us. Then we get together with Steve, P and Ray and Joy and we all watch our porn show!”. Again, wow! That was a wild idea but one that created a lot of desire in me. I shared the idea with P and he said he would love that.

So now we are planning this new “party” or parties I should say. First, get together with our “men toys”, get it videoed. Then will get together as three couples and watch the show. I still have the business card of the man who made me come at the bar and who I masturbated under the table before Christmas. We shall see if he is game. If not, no big deal because I am sure Julian, Andrew and Gilles will like the idea.

When it happens, I will make sure to write about it!

As for the photos and the videos of my very hot session, we are keeping them for close friends. For now 😊

gowandahotwife 64M/53F

1/24/2019 3:33 pm

Very sexy! Perfect hotwife you are!!

Frankiesam98 41M

8/21/2019 9:54 pm

Such a sexy story! Are these all true???

phiemicol 60M/60F  
79 posts
8/22/2019 4:06 am

Yes, all these stories are true

HuttValleyboy67 54M  
544 posts
11/2/2019 12:33 pm

    Quoting phiemicol:
    Yes, all these stories are true
great story, will give it a read again!!

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