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AFF Experiences - the cop  

playtime1909 50M
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12/1/2019 5:09 am
AFF Experiences - the cop

I bet I am your typical guy on AdultFriendFinder. Horny, curious, wants to chat, maybe ....

And yeah....I still dont trust a lot of people, some say things that end up pushing me away, or even after we meet they eventually get more and more agressive...some just want what they want and expect you to fit...

One of my first experiences ....we chatted...talked about jerking off, getting naked, that i was still new...I even broadcast on my cam me stroking my cock.

We finally agreed to meet. He sent a saying dont freak when I come to the door. Holy fuck, he was in full police uniform. Yeah..for a moment I was scared as fuck, what had I done.

That scare over lol...he took off his gun belt and went to the bedroom. We undressed and he revealed this massive cock, holy crap...I dont think I take that...

We decide to take a shower together. It was great, the water running over my body as he began to run his hands over my body, the soap making our bodies slide over one another.

He knelt down with his hands moving across my chest and stomach and over my ass. His mouth found the tip of my cock. He sucked on just the head. The water coming down on us, it was a beautiful scene. His lips wrapped around the head, his eyes closed as he enjoyed tasting my cock. I could feel his tongue sliding around the head.

My hands went to his head and began to guide him down my cock, his hand pulling my hips towards his mouth. He felt so fucking good, as he licked the shaft and teased my cock. Occasionally sucking on my balls. I moaned with approval as my knees got a little weak...he stopped before I could cum

He turned and face the wall of the shower and spread his ass for me. I ran my hands over his body and soaped up his firm rounded ass with one hand while the other stroked his large cock. I teased his asshole just a bit, fingering it. Eventually I rubbed my hard cock over his soapy ass, the length of the shaft between his ass cheeks until the head teased his asshole. He pushed back against my cock and told me to fuck him.

The head of my cock pushed against his ass and slowly moved into him. His ass was tight, i could feel it wrap around my hard cock. I could hear him moan as I went in him. The water on bodies made the feeling even better. I tried to be polite and arond to<b> stroke </font></b>his hard cock, but as we began to fuck I needed to grab his hips with both hands and pull him down harder on my cock. is ass was so tight, the head of my cock pushing deep in him. Holy shit this felt good. I could feel the stirring in my balls and my cock starting swell just a bit more with cum.

He stopped me again...the mother fucker...I wanted to cum so bad

we moved to the bed where he pushed me back and started to work on my cock. My hips would moved up trying to push my cock deeper in his mouth. As he sucked on my cock he began to with my balls and just making me insane. His lips wrapped around my cock he wanted everything I had in me. As my hips moved harder against his face I began to grab his head and force him down on my cock. Holding him down a bit longer so my hips could thrust harder into his face.

I came so hard, I moaned, my hips thrust up to him, my cock twitched in his mouth as he took every bit of my cuml He continued to milk my cock, sucking on the head...my cock so sensitive it made me squirm. He licked the head and shaft clean. Looking for any cum he may have missed.

As I lay there spent he rised above me, jerking his cock over me....within a few moments he was shooting his load on my chest, my stomach and cock.

HE moaned with pleasure as he released his load. Then began to lick me clean again.

We dressed, he left....never did find him again on AdultFriendFinder. Shame

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