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Posted:Dec 21, 2019 8:26 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2020 1:14 pm

Would you let your wife peg you?
Of course..yes...now
Nope...not at all
Get me drunk and its a maybe
the bigger the strap the better
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AdultFriendFinder Experiences - the cop
Posted:Dec 1, 2019 5:09 am
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2020 2:15 pm

I bet I am your typical guy on AdultFriendFinder. Horny, curious, wants to chat, maybe ....

And yeah....I still dont trust a lot of people, some say things that end up pushing me away, or even after we meet they eventually get more and more agressive...some just want what they want and expect you to fit...

One of my first experiences ....we chatted...talked about jerking off, getting naked, that i was still new...I even broadcast on my cam me stroking my cock.

We finally agreed to meet. He sent a saying dont freak when I come to the door. Holy fuck, he was in full police uniform. Yeah..for a moment I was scared as fuck, what had I done.

That scare over lol...he took off his gun belt and went to the bedroom. We undressed and he revealed this massive cock, holy crap...I dont think I take that...

We decide to take a shower together. It was great, the water running over my body as he began to run his hands over my body, the soap making our bodies slide over one another.

He knelt down with his hands moving across my chest and stomach and over my ass. His mouth found the tip of my cock. He sucked on just the head. The water coming down on us, it was a beautiful scene. His lips wrapped around the head, his eyes closed as he enjoyed tasting my cock. I could feel his tongue sliding around the head.

My hands went to his head and began to guide him down my cock, his hand pulling my hips towards his mouth. He felt so fucking good, as he licked the shaft and teased my cock. Occasionally sucking on my balls. I moaned with approval as my knees got a little weak...he stopped before I could cum

He turned and face the wall of the shower and spread his ass for me. I ran my hands over his body and soaped up his firm rounded ass with one hand while the other stroked his large cock. I teased his asshole just a bit, fingering it. Eventually I rubbed my hard cock over his soapy ass, the length of the shaft between his ass cheeks until the head teased his asshole. He pushed back against my cock and told me to fuck him.

The head of my cock pushed against his ass and slowly moved into him. His ass was tight, i could feel it wrap around my hard cock. I could hear him moan as I went in him. The water on bodies made the feeling even better. I tried to be polite and arond to stroke his hard cock, but as we began to fuck I needed to grab his hips with both hands and pull him down harder on my cock. is ass was so tight, the head of my cock pushing deep in him. Holy shit this felt good. I could feel the stirring in my balls and my cock starting swell just a bit more with cum.

He stopped me again...the mother fucker...I wanted to cum so bad

we moved to the bed where he pushed me back and started to work on my cock. My hips would moved up trying to push my cock deeper in his mouth. As he sucked on my cock he began to with my balls and just making me insane. His lips wrapped around my cock he wanted everything I had in me. As my hips moved harder against his face I began to grab his head and force him down on my cock. Holding him down a bit longer so my hips could thrust harder into his face.

I came so hard, I moaned, my hips thrust up to him, my cock twitched in his mouth as he took every bit of my cuml He continued to milk my cock, sucking on the head...my cock so sensitive it made me squirm. He licked the head and shaft clean. Looking for any cum he may have missed.

As I lay there spent he rised above me, jerking his cock over me....within a few moments he was shooting his load on my chest, my stomach and cock.

HE moaned with pleasure as he released his load. Then began to lick me clean again.

We dressed, he left....never did find him again on AdultFriendFinder. Shame
Posted:Sep 21, 2019 8:05 am
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2020 2:15 pm

I am looking to some new toys....what do you think I should get....thinking of a prostate massage toy/
Coach's new friend
Posted:Jun 10, 2018 11:02 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 5:21 pm

So I have coached all my adult life. Parents come and go, some are supportive and some are a pain in the ass. It can be great to see them in public and talk away from the field, so when I saw Kevin and Christie at a bar I we chatted while having a drink. It was nice, social gathering of sorts. And thats how we left it. It was nice to not talk about the team or the season and be a grown up.

The next weekend they asked if I wanted to come over dinner. They had a nice house, large yard, pool, car garage everything you could want. We ate and drank wine and sat around the pool. As it got late Chrisite excused herself and headed to bed. Kevin and eye continued to chat. Kevin left to get us more wine, as he came back he hand slid over my shoulders as he handed me the glass. he sat closer to me and honestly it was strange. But whatever, he was a little buzzed and so was I.

Kevin suggested we go for a swim and began taking his clothes off. He had a runners body that was slim, tight and nice abs. After he dove in he said his wife would not come back out that she was asleep and I shouldnt feel uncomfortable.

I gulped down my glass and undressed. The night air felt great on my naked body and water was cool and refreshing. As we sat in the shallow end and talked he asked why I was single...hell i dont know the answer...he talked about his wife and how he fell in love. He mentioned she was great in bed, so being drunk I ask him for details...you know guy stuff. Told me she was kinky, liked to give head, that she had a beautiful pussy and loved to watch him have sex.

Yeah, that caught me off guard. Of course I was getting hard as he talked about her. But as he talked about her masturbating to him having sex I could feel his hand on my cock. "I have you attention then" he said. I was so nervous, my heart was pounding....I didnt move because it felt good. he talked about who she liked being on her knees and playing with a cock, licking the head and shaft then sucking just on the tip.

I looked at Kevin ...he asked if he should stop...I said nothing. He caressed my balls and leaned in on me, getting closer..i got more nervous. As he sucked on my nipple my cock seemed to get harder, for some reason a reached and felt for his hard cock. Wrapping my fingers around his, just feeling it.

He stood me up and bent me over the edge of the pool, most of my body was out and i could feel his lips kissing my back and ass, his tongue tracing a path down to my asshole. He spread my cheeks wide and I could feel his tongue playing with my hole. Trying to prob my tight little hole.I moaned. It felt so good and I pushed my hips back so he would know I want more.

I could almost cum from the rim job, it felt so good. he reached around and started to stroke my cock again...i wanted to cum so bad. My breathing was heavy.

He led me out of the pool and knelt down in front of me. He stroked my cock and looked up at me. My hands reached for his head and he moved to lick the shaft. His warm tongue sliding on my cock. I look down and watch as hie mouth wraps around the head of my hard cock. He moaned as he slide it to the back of his throat. I closed my eyes. It felt so good, my legs were getting weak. Kevin started sucking on my balls and my cock lay across his face. It was sexy and kinky ...at least to me. I eventually grabbed him by the back of his head and rubbed my cock on his face, smacking his tongue with the head. With one hand he stroked his cock and the other he placed on my ass and pulled my hips to his mouth taking the length of my cock.

Thats when I saw Christie...."Not again...and without me?" she said. I jumped, pulling my cock out of his mouth. My heart racing and scared to hell. "I should go" I said.

"Nonsense, make him finish what he started" Christie said. She sat in the chair and stared at us. Kevin was reaching for my cock to stroke it. Dazed, confused I just let him do what he wanted.

He seemed more vigorous with my cock. It clearly turned him on to have her here. I felt like i was harder as well. Kevin looked up at me, my eyes seing his and he seemed to smile, at least as much as someone could with a cock in his mouth.

I looked over at Christie. She had stripped and was laying there pinching her nipples and rubbing an obviously wet pussy. That turned me on and I could feel my hips starting to push forward so I could fuck Kevin's mouth.

The more I thrust into Kevin the more Christie moaned. I wanted to cum so bad. She moved over behind Kevin and sroked his cock as he sucked mine. She said so softly that she wanted me to cum on his face...all i wanted to do was cum down his throat.
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teacher loves parents
Posted:Nov 25, 2015 1:09 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2019 3:06 pm

So yeah....I teach. A good private school with wealthy parents and very typical . You see parents everywhere you go. Finally one night a see a parent and she gives a hug..now most parents dont hug..this one always hugs. Here hugs seem to last longer and longer each time we see each other.

So anyway...I see her at the bar and she looks good...her hug is a bit more flitaticious. We chat and drink. She finally gets me drunk enough to tell her the truth about her . He is an ass. He hand reaches out to me knee as she apologizes and admits she hears that a lot.

Maybe its the alcohol but her hand...now on my thigh...its making me hard. We talk more and then go our separate ways....yeah...i get home and toss one off.

Weeks later we see each other again...damm i love her hugs....this time she pressed against me and I am sure she felt me get hard....she just does that to me now.

Time goes by and I see her again at a Christmas party. We talk and flirt...hell nothing will come of it but its fun. Her husband shows up and jokes about me taking all her time. Says something about "so thats who your talking about?"

As the night ends we hug...yep..she flet the hard on that time....she kissed my neck, instant hard on...Her husband asks if want to come over for drinks....I think...no...my hard cock would be obvious to him and he would kick my ass...so of course I went.

At their house we drink and chat...they flirt with each other...each time thier kisses take longer the touching gets heavier. She walks over to me...sits down next to me...As I stare at her husband she kisses my neck. and moves her hands over my chest...he just smiles. Eventually I relax. She feels so good...her warm lips kissing my neck and eventually kiss me.

My hands move to her body, pulling her close. she unbottons my shirt and pulls it off and I fumble for the zipper of her dress. Her breasts are gorgeous....nipples taste so good in my mouth.

I didnt notice it was not her pulling my pants off but her husband. his hands were stroking my cock, she was sucking on my nipples as I just lay back and let them take me.

She seemed intent on distracting me...standing up on the couch and staddling my face...her warm wet pussy, my tongue spreading her pussy and playing with her clit. The juices running down her legs and my chest....so wet...I love it.

Her husband works my cock, stroking it for a moment then sucking my balls. I feel his tongue slide up my cock and over the head....his lips warpping around the head of the cock as he plays with my ass

Eventually she moves off of me and sits in a nearby chair...I dildo in hand...she begins to pay with herself and watch as her husband works my cock. His mouth taking my cock deep. The more i force his head down on my cock the more she moans.....she likes watching her husband. He pushes my legs into the air and begins to rim my ass...Hist wet tongue feels so fucking good, I stroke my cock as he fucks my ass with his tongue...watching her masturbate just turns me on even more

Eventually she pulls out a stap-on cock...I dont know if I should be nervous or excited.....both was the answer.

The funny thing was she let him suck on her cock...as she lay there he moved to work the fake plastic cock like it was mine.

I moved over to them and watched for a moment...as I stood there he start to move from the plastic cock to my cock ...back and forth.....she smiled at me....that may have been the biggest turn on.

Fully in the moment I moved behind him.....lubed up his ass and teased with the head of my cock...with a slap of his tight ass I pushed my cock into his fuckhole...as I pushed forward it made him go down on the plastic cock even deeper. His ass was so tight....it felt so fucking good. eventually she again just watched....as her husband took my cock

she reached out to spread his ass and watch my cock move in and out of him....his moans were getting louder....I didnt know how long I could keep frim cumming...

she eventually moved behind me and presed her body against mine. I could feel her nipples against my back and kisses on my neck.. She whispered in my ear how she like my cock and wanteed me to fuck her husband....oh my god...

her body starts to move with mine...i reached for his head and pulled his hair...arching his back....fucking him harder and harder...i could feel my balls swelling...her body on me and my cock in him...I finally released and shot my load in his ass...my moans, his moans...oh my god I came so hard....

Long story short... is still an ass...no his grade did not improve....the sex did tho
My Fist bi experience
Posted:Mar 25, 2015 6:33 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2019 5:11 am

My gf at the time, well we had a great sex life. Always a little kinky. Stopping on the side of the road on long trips for a quick fuck, sneaking into a stores bathroom, a quick fuck at a friends house. We tried to indulge each others fantasies. Hers...see her gay workmate suck my cock.

At first not to interested but eventually in a trusting and loving relationship I opened my mind and told her okay.

It really began with her and I. After a night out we headed back to her place. She would rub my cock as we walked to her door, I would playfully grab for her. As we entered to called her firend to come over. I of course totally forgot about that and proceed to undress her and throw her down on the bed. I love the taste of her pussy. Licking her nipples with my tongue and exploring her body until I could move down and tease her already wet pussy. My tongue sliding over the lips, spreading them apart and then sucking on her clit.

It was at that moment the door bell range. She says its him. She answers the door naked. No pretense on the situation we were horny as hell and we all knew why he was here.

He went straight for my hard cock. On his knees his hand moved over my body as the other hand stroked my cock. My gf moved behind me, pressing her naked body against me. The feel of her nipples on my back and the heat of pussy was incredible. She began to stroke my cock as he sucked on the head

My new friend worshipped my cock. Licking hte shaft, sucking the head. She would pull his head down my cock making him take all of it down his throat.

Eventually she moved to the bed and played with herself as my gentleman friend and I played a little more. He grabbed my ass as I began to fuck his mouth. It was a turn on to her playing with her pussy while he sucked my cock.

I pulled my cock out and teased him with it. Smacking his face with my cock. Asking him if he liked the taste of my cock.. I would then let him wrap his lips around the head and suck just the tip. It felt so fucking good. The more I fucked his mouth the more it turned her on. She had her dildo working her pussy hard and it was dripping wet.

We moved to the bed and I begged for her to sit on my face. They not took turns sucking my cock. Her wet pussy dripping down on my face. He hips rubbing the warm wet pussy on my face as I used a finger to play with her ass.

He was sucking on my balls while she stroked and sucked my cock. i could feel his tongue rim my ass. Holy crap it was good. She was moaning...turned on my by my lips on her pussy and watching a guy suck my cock and rim my ass.

If anyone responds....I will write more
Posted:Dec 28, 2005 8:48 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2008 1:59 pm

We moved from the hallway to the bed. Laying her out on the bed my bod moves over her. My tongue tracing a path down her neck, over her niples. Circling each nipple with my tongue. My lips kissing them, my teeth pulling on them. Rubbing my face across along her beautiful breast. My lips move along her body, down and across her stomach. I can feel the heat commung from her pussy.Her legs sprad inviting me to continue down. My lips move close to ther wet pussy but do not touch. I blow lighty against her. My tongue slides along the inside of her thighs, moving back down toward the ultimate goal. My tongue reaches out and spreads her wet lips, slow and deliberate. My hands reach up to caress her breast os my tongue pushes deeper into her sweet pussy. Pincher her nipples my tongue finds her clit making circles, flicking it jsut a bit. One hand moves down to spread her lips farther apart. A finger sliding into her.My lips pulling on her clit as two finger move into her. I pull the fingers out so her can taste her wonderful pussy. One hand spreading her apart the hand taps hep pussy, a light spanking, signaing better things to cum.
story time part 1
Posted:Dec 26, 2005 10:32 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 5:22 pm

It started simply as cyber sex. Simple words typed on a line and sent across the city to my cyber friend. Eventually it tuned into cyber sex. Talking into the phone and listening to her use a vibrator. Sometimes just a story, sometime directing her what to do. And of course we decided to meet.
Instant attraction. My cock was hard just looking at her. She leaned across the table and whispered she was wet and my to touch her. We left straight back to the apartment. The clothes came off instantly. I came up from behind. Our skin coming in contact. My hands puled her close and started to move over her body. my hands moving across her breasts, each finger siding over her erect nipples. My lips kissing her neck. Her hand reach around to feel my cock and rub the precum on her ass. One of my hands moved between her legs feeling the warmth and especially the wetness. I took my hand from her crotch and rub my wet fingers on her nipples. Turning her around I pressed her against the wall and made small circles around her nipples with my tongue.
She knelt down, kissing my chest and stomach. She took my cock in her hand gently stroking. Rubbing the head across her face, over cheeks, her lips, and back. Her other hand ran over my ass and up to my balls. Her tongue start to trace the head of my cock and down my shaft. Slowly she slide her mouth down my cock taking me deep while pulling on my bals. She amazed me by keeping her self down, allowing her throat to adjust. After licking my cock, making it wet and sucking on my balls, She looks and tells me to fuck her face. Her against the wallI started to move back and forth.pushing my cock into her mouth. Looking down at her beautiful face with my cock going in and our I could tell she was rubbing her pussy. Sudenly she grabs my ass pulling my cock into her mouth..........

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