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3/31/2021 1:15 pm

I was notified by some third party that AdultFriendFinder members had had their accounts and passwords HACKED some time ago.

As this is a casual pursuit and hobby, I dismissed it until I got around .

Today I am getting around to .

notified me that last night while I was sleeping, a HACKER got into my account and the IP was from Russia. That figures... are streaming network online websites that originate from Soviet Moscow.

You have been warned. If you have not changed your password on this site in the last year... I highly suggest you do so immediately, and make the new password harder than a dictionary word or a<b> famous .

</font></b>I noticed I had been locked out of several of my online social media accounts. WHAT would a RUSSIAN want with my adultfriend finder account? Well... seems they are using american older accounts on social sites use in election interference.

Usually, a website will at least notify you if your password or info has changed.... this potentially prevents hijacking your and online single site info. Anyway... right now I am in process of reversing "Ivan's" little pranks.

I suggest again... you your important website logins and account info, and step up your passwords.

You're welcome.

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